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Friday, Sept. 5, 1919.
Figures on Decrease Are
Not Without Encourag
ing Features, However.
According to statements and fig
ures -published In recent oil Journals,
wells in the Ranger, Tex., field is 14
wells In the anger, Texas, field is 14
percent per month. This calculation
is based, it is claimed, upon an aver
ager decline of all wells in the field
from the time of completion to the
present time. The Ranger field proper
is considered in tne estimate.
According to the figures of 14 per
cent monthly decline the life of the
average well In Ranger could be only
about eight months. As many of the
wells there have been flowing ever
since the existence of the field these
figures mav be misleading. The heavy
rate of decline ia mainly the rapid
falling off from the Initial production,
when the gas pressure which causes
the flow Is strongest. It is claimed
that close analysis shows that the
Ranger field sella show an average
decline of 40 percent in production for
the first two months, and this is what
runs the average rate per month up
to M percent.
In this connection the Oil Weekly
for August 30 says:
"There is further encouragement,
however, in the fact that many of the
Ranger field wells are making their oil ,
from the first nay, or even from the.
lime above the socalled Gordon sand
Poteet and Wright Come in
With Big Production
to the Northeast.
Eastland. Texas. Sept S. The
Eastland oU field has been greatly
extended In the last ten dars. The
completion of the Root. Hupp & Duff
Poteet No. 4 and of the Ranger-Hock
Island well on the Wright tract,
the sensations. The Wright
Morale Of Army Officers Lowers;
Men Say Government Meets Increase
In H. C. Of L. By Reducing Their Rank
instances a feeling that there has
been a lack of gratitude shown In
demotions, are combining to lower the
morale of the commissioned person
nel of the United States army, accord
ing to army officers In this district,
who are agreeing with a memoran
dum recently issued by MaJ. Gen.
William Haan, chief of the war plans
division of tee general staff, copies
of which have reached El Paso.
Moreover, so impressed has Gen.
well came in with a production of ' Peyton C. March, chief of state be
5000 barrels of oil per day. This well
is situated four and a half miles
'HE high cost of living, low salaf- who could not make as much In civil
ies for army officers, and In some
northeast of Eastland.
Directly north of town, a distance
of four miles, the Poteet .no. 4 is
situate, a mile west of the Eli Per
kins tract where Root. Hudd & Duff
brought In the famous Perkins
gusher two months ago. This well
got 800 barrels per day for seven
days from a sand about 100 feet
above the hie oav. Operators from
every part' of the field watched with
interest the settine of the six-Inch
casing- and wondered just what the
outcome would be. when completed
this well made 9000 barrels dally and
greatly encouraged operators ami
inc In the snrroundincr territory.
Eight miles north of Eastland the
Hueco-Ranger Oil company's second
wen on the Hoiieman tract is raaK
inj? 800 barrels at a depth of 1900
The lime wells have shown the best I This well is an offset to the
Tenacity of any producers from the1 well the company in partnership
wild iua nci tuico vii wtuimuj
brought in a couple of weeks ago at
depth of 18f6 feet with an initial
lower strata, possibly due to the fact
ihat so few are producing from the
line in comparison to the total num
ber of wells In the field, and this
horizon is therefore not heavily taxed
at the present. Wells that are show
ing their oil from the upper stratum
m the Bend series have the prosnec
Df netting renewed life from deepet
lirillintr. and eten those from the low
est depth in the Bend may be further
revived br giving theatznent of nltro
slcerin. or putting them on the pump
after their flow has. stopped
production of 1200 barrels daily.
The Empire Oil and Fuel company
has the six-inch casing set in its
Peoples' well one mile southwest of
the Poteet gusher at a depth of 2279
feet. The drillers say that a show
ing of oil and gas has been encoun
tered on top of the line at this
When It was bat a theory that the
Poteet tract might prove that the
western limit of he Bastland field
was a long way from the Balentine.
Alberts and Perkins gushers, roanr
IN THF WFRT TFYAQ FfFT n 1 operators started wells in the neign-
1 borhood of the Poteet tract The
According u tne oil we'Kiy mere i bringing In of the No. 4 greatly en
were "95 wells actually drilling, "8 j couraged the development and the
r'trs completed and ready for opera- wells have been going forward rap
ion and 96 locations In various west-diy Among these tests Is the
Tea- oil fields on August IS last-jstates oa corporation's Tobe Mor
Jhe distribution of these Vy counties ton Na wh!ch ls now proancing
" 1 ' ' 100 barrels of oil In the turner nav
1?ca" sand The operators expect the drill
jugs "ons , nieree the taitr oav at anv moment
1 I .... J 1 whB I k.
' ! well will be one of the big gushers
I of the district. The well Is situated
c : half a mile west of the Poteet So.
4. This company has three new lo-
County. Wells
Hrown It
Coleman 17
Callahan . 14
Coke 5
Comanche 27
Concho 2
Tastland 325
Erath 24
Hamilton 10
Iron 1
.1 ones 3
Yampasas 9
McCulloch - 9
Mills 7
Nolan 5
Palo Pinto ?
Parker 2
San Saba 1
Shackelford 12
Somerville . . 1
Stephens . ,.2G
Tavlor . .i ..... . 7
Tom Green 2
Totals 745
. 1
cations and is moving in materials,
for three derricks that are to offset
the Hueeo Ranger well on the Hollo
man tract.
Root. Hupp & Zrafrs Poteet No. 1
is drilling at 32S feet. The No. 2
is making 12,000,000 cubic feet of gas
at a depth of 140S feet. No. 3 Po
teet is drilling at 2M feet: No. 5
Poteet is a rig. So. 6 is spudding and
No. 7 is a rig.
Northwest of the Poteet tract
these parties have a well on the Ray
Connellee lease which his drilling at
2SO0 feet. On this same property
the North American OU company
is drilling an offset to this well on
tne south stae.
On the Barnes tract the McDonald
1 . OIT company is drilling at JUS feet.
. . i JNormwesi or tne noor. nupp ana
Duffs Roy-Connellee well the el
9C Paso-Ranger is preparing to sink a
come with the statements made In the
memorandum and with constantly
lowering morale ot army officers .that
he has ordered an Investigation made
in every division. The probe is being
made in El Paso now.
12: Vrrcrnt RcKlgned.
One of the effects of small pay and
demotions is that many officers are
resigning as rapidly as possible. Be
tween the signing of the armistice,
November 11. 1912. and August 12,
1919. the number of offlceVs who have
resigned Is 12s. On October J1..1918.
there were 10,403 officers in the reg
ular army. It thus appears that 12.2
percent, or practically one officer In
eight, has had his resignation accept
ed In the past nine months.
The unpleasant fact pointed to by
the conditions, army officers say. Is
that after every man has resigned
who Intends to do so. only two kinds
of officers will remain. These kinds
are the officers who have been with
the service years and are trained in
no other line or the kind of officers
At The
life as they can In the army.
Regular Quit. Inc Ton.
The memorandum, however, shows
that out of the 1266 resignations 1&
were from officers who were In the
army quite a while before the war,
so apparently had chosen the army
astheir life work. .
One prominent EI Paso officer said
Thursday. In explaining many of the
resignations: "Increased rank daring
the war meant increased pay. Now
that the war is over the cost of living
is even higher, but demotions are
coming and with them much less pay.
Civil opportunities offer greater In
comes than most of us have In the
army. During the war we said: There
Is a war: we can stand anything In an
emenrenry.' Now the war Is over.
Unlike our brothers in civil life, we j
cannot strike, it would mean court
martial. There is nothing for many
officers to do but resign.
Moving: Expensive.
"Moving Is one of our chief ex
penses. An officer with a family must
pay from $150 to $300 every time he
moves and he has nothing to say about
it He. doesn't get it back. No allow
ance Is made for It. You would be sur
prised to know how many officers,
some of them high up, are In debt.
"We feel provision should be made
for these conditions if the govern
ment expects to keep as high class of
men in tne army as you can rind In
civil life. If something Isn't done,
you'll soon find the best educated and
tts trained army men back in civil
The war department, after the In
vestigation is completed, plans to
make recommendations to congress
for legislation solving the problem of
welL Ballentlne
The States Oil corporation's test on
the Turner tract is producing 450
barrels of oil and some gas.
The Eclipse and Gillespie Oil 'com
panies wells on the O. J. Cotton tract
south of the Wright tract are both
producing oil in an incompleted
The Prairie Oil and Gas comoanv
is drilling at 1900 feet on this same
The Texas. -Oklahoma and the
Goode Oil companies and the Chap
man and Scanlan & McCootrie are in
the biff lime. The Mook well is
cleaning oat after two shots, which
were given it last week.
un the Ferguson tract east or the
W. T. Turner tract, the Humble Oil
company ha a well making 500
barrels per day and four rfjrs ud.
This company Is drilling two wells
and has a rig up for a third test on
the McCord land. On the Scott prop
erty this company has a gasser in
Its No. 1.
The Magnolia Petroleum comoanv
Is drilling at a depth of 3100 feet
on the J. N. Turner tract. On the
McCord tract this company has a
new rijr up.
The Jackson Oil company has
moved the boiler back and is pre
paring to complete Its well on the
Cook si e tract. The well is now
spraying oil and making '6.tM.006
cubic feet of gas.
on the Scott tract the Texas Crude
at a depth, of 1S09 feet. South of
tma the Axitex oil company is try
ing to poll a liner caught In Its hole
at about feet. The drillers will
shoot the well when the liner is removed.
Phillips Oil company's test on the
Allman tract is making 1,000.000
has the drilling, TT x 7 o .
Stalk Others; $1 Each
Chardon. O-. Sept. 5. Be trie Und
ley has a pet crow, and everywhere
Bernle goes, along goes the crow.
Bernle likewise totes his shotgun, and
while the crow caws plaintively Ber
nle pumps the shotgun at the crows
attracted by the calls of his pet Ber
nle gets a dollar a crow bounty and
recently cashed In on thirty-seven
dead crows.
Tulsa, Okla.. Sept. S. The following
completions have Just been made in
the vicinity of Tulsa:
Pomeroy and Hamilton have com
pleted a well on the Besser land, in
the southeast quarter of section 54-20-9,
- Kevstone district. Pawnee
county. This is heir fourth com
pletion on the property and It is
making 73 barrels of oil per day.
R H. McDowell ha a S.ftOO.000 cubic
foot gasser In his Initial test In the
southwest quarter of section 12-13-15.
Muskogee county.
The Gladstone Oil company's Initial
completion In the Cement district is
making 200 barrels of oil at a ueptn
of 2349 feet.
Ruben and Baron have completed
their second well on the Watashe
property, in tha southeast quarter of
section 30-18-19. Cr-k county. The
well In making 60 barrels.
In the southeast quaretr of section
36-18-19. Creek county, the Texas
company has a 40 barrel well In Its
fourth completion on the Tate land.
The Henry oil company has its tnira
cubic feet of gas at a "depth of 34M I completion on the Adams tanf In sec-
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numerous as expected. However, we have big plans for Fall
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feet. There is a showing; of oil in
this well.
The Raaeer Rock Island corauan?
has a derrick np-fora second test
and a location for a third test on
the Wright tract. In the middle of
this tract the Gladstone Oil eomnany
has a well making; 496 barrels in an
in com pie tea stage. unapman nas
well making; 104 barrels sooth of the
Gladstone well on a 40 acre lease.
The Ardizone-Braden Oil company
on the Kincaid property ls down to
a aeptn or zivi xeet
The Caldwell Oil company is drill
ing at oe leet on tne iiimer property.
The Great Southern Oil company
nas drilled by tne lost string or tools
and is straight reaming at a depth
or J485 reet- mi well is on the
Bamnsardner tract.
The Ranger-Cisco Is drilling in the
southeast corner of the Miller tract
upon which the Mother Fool Oil
company has been compelled to
abandon its test. This well was
drilled to a depth of 3506 feet and
after being shot at this depth with
no result it was abandoned.
East of the Connellee tract Cos
den is drilling at 2440 feet on the
Barber tract-
lion is.14-12. Been district. The
well Is producing 744 barrels of oil
In section 24-24-9. Keystone dls
trice. Pawnee county, the Pomeroy
and Hamilton people have a 24 barrel
well In .heir second completion oa tne
Richards land.
Newbert and Kinc have a well mak
lnr 104 barrel oer day in their eighth
comrletion n the Taltnar land In the
northwest quarter of section 14-27-1S,
flfl ita county.
Guffr and Gillespie have com
pleted a third test in the norhwest
quarter of section 34-22-14. Osage
county. It is making 75 barrels.
Santa Fe. N. M Sent. S. Incorpora
tion nanera have been filed by the
Home Oil and Gas. company, of Santa
Fe. The capitalisation is $75,044. with
shares at 214 each. The statutory
agent is William J. Parker ua tne
incorporators are A. C Koch. J. B. C
Lopez, N. S. Herrera and Manuel Mar
tinez, of Santa Fe: J. G. Borrego. of
Chamita: J. C. Garcia and O. T. Ks
pinosa, of Velarde.
Abilene, Texas. Sept. 5. The Fort
Phantom Hill Oil company's No. 2 Joe
Scott, sitnated 15 miles north of Abi
lene, got a showing of gas at between
1244 and 1504 feet. Drilling Is being
carried deeper and the operators be
lieve that tney wiu encounter an ou
sand soon.
The Sears test, seven miles north
west of Merkel. is drilling In black
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Eastland, Texas. Sept. 5. Ocean Oil
and Refining company's No. 1 well on
! the Brooks estate gaged 1444 barrels
i of oil into the pipe line yesterday.
The oil Is flowing from ths shale slate at 210 feet.
I and slate nn tun nf th Hi.l- lhn i The Bland test west Of Merkel is
So far no oil sand has been encoun- drilling with both night ana aaj
s. tared. The flow is slowly increasing "hilts.
' ii t i. , . . I AtllMAn nd York's tear on the Him
l! The drillers were unable to drill. llt01n'r5t s " .i1
! deeper today on account of the strong! JfJ&nenV
. nrnmr. .hki. b.n, kinni.? 14 miles southwest or Abilene,
s the boiler not """iare shut down for casing.
tvSi.ij!! r..t ,. Allison and York's No. 1 Hale is
S' ,nf ie? Viff " waiting for an underreamer at 1140
. f.r i. to E0 throDh " feet Nothing but bard formation has
lime to the sand.
g! The well ls making the best flow of
i on or any or tne Ranger wells at
Hj this depth.
g stock ox Tne street
Wichita Falls." Texas, has an ordl
H nance against selling oil stocks on
rr that city's streets. An oil stock sales-
I man sold stock on the streets to get
1 arrested and thus make It a test case.
! been encountered In this test.
Booth or Merkel tne Kuiman test
was spudded in last week.
Tulsa. Okla., Sept 5. The Gladys
Belle Oil company has purchased the
holdings of Alexander and associates
In Okmulgee county amounting? to
approximately 2500 acres, including
some of the richest land in the Beggs
district with 600 barrels production
We Allow 10 Discount to
All Ex-Soldiers
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206-10 San Antonio St
EI Paso, Texas,
axxcovcu aim vuue iuud i i a icai case., . .. , .
He was fined 125. He appealed thelfj'1-. T d'j, E?ae 'or the
consideration of SI. 000.000.
The Gladys Belle Oil company Is one
of the most successful opera tin? con
cerns In the mldoontlnental field.
Bonham, Texas, Sept. S. The drill
ers of the Telephone Oil and Oau eoxn
panv's well about 21 miles northeast
of Bonham encountered a showing of
oil at a depth of t4 feet. No estima
tion has yet been set on the produc
tion. If oil lies a- this shallow depth In
this vicinitv. it will mean a seat ad
vance In nrlces of oronerty and leases
and the probability of many new oil
operations for this territory.
"leases nouriLi; is rntrfB.
Waxahacbie. Texas. Sept 5. The
Shamrock Oil comoany of Waxa
bachle has Just sold 1S.S00 acres of
Its lease near A mar II lo.
Only a short time ago this company
purchased 37.000 acres of leases near
Amartllo for the exact price that It
has now disposed of half of the lease.
Santa Fe, M., Sept. S. On Sep
tember 10 a conference will be held
by the state corporation commission
and railway traffic managers to con
sider freight rates on wheat into the
Rio Grande valley. The New Mexico
Millers association will be represent
ed at the conference.
sr ww . TF n oft
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