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Eeactionary Element Is in
Ascendancy at Budapest;
May Mean Monarchy.
Vienna, Austria, Sept. 5. (By the
Associated Press ) . Austria Is watch'
-ns the trend of events In Hungary
"with growing apprehension. The fu
ture of that former part of the ,dual
monarcny, it is rreely saia, must havo
a grave bearlsir on Austria's future,
which Itself is admittedly uncertain.
The present ascendancy of the reac
tionary element is feared here to point
the road to monarchial government
either by the reestabllshnient of Hun
gary as a kingdom, or the fruition
of the reported Rumanian scheme for
a duel Rumanian-Hungarian empire
under a Rumanian king;
Itoyallst Elements Active.
The activity o the royalist ele
ments of Europe, outside of the im
mediate house of Hamburg, is indi
cated by reports from apparently
good sources that approaches have
recently been made to a certain high
Dealers Doing
Big Business In
War Medals
No Law Prevents Sale o
Decorations to Sham
Veteran Heroes.
'Washington, D. C-. Sept. 5. Be
decorated hero for SS!
This Is the insulting proposition
which dealers in socalled military
goods in Washington and elsewhere
are making to the manhood of Amer
ica. They will sell you a crolx de
guerre for So, or the coveted medaUle
militaire for 12. and. If you are will
ing to pay a comoaratively modest
price, they will obtain for you almost
any decoration given by this or any
xoreign government.
Easier than Whisky.
While thousands of men who spent
months or years In service, many of
them eivlnc their blood or a leg or an
arm in action, are wearing tnese med
als as a proof of courage and. patriot -
tnousanas oi otners are wearing
I thera who did nothing more heroic
than plank down a few dollars. What
satisfaction these bogus heroes get
..rrmaire with lh Intimation that be ' out of wearing their decorations is a
would be acceptable xs either. king or. question which no one seems able to
emperor of Hungary. answer. ut tne laci remains mil
iw-nnfifip to Information here, the brisk business at a good profit is be-
frtt-r-nmiBe elections in Hungaryl Ing done in war medals of the United
ocint strongly toward a monarchial. States and allied governments. And
sa-oess. these medals are not sold, as you
It Is said openly that the Human-1 might expect, exclusively in third rare
.ar.s are diligently assisting this stores and pawnshops. A Washington
movement as appealing to meir own. military shop, which is located on the
ambition of union of the two coun- leading retail street, charges high
German Note Ailempis
Tn Imdifu Scuttling of
i,. , , c fl I approach back doors and speak in a
SllttlS at Scaba tlOW I whisper But be can buy a "decora
ijnio ui ! tion for bravery-as easily and openly
prices, and caters to what is commonly
called the better class of trade, is
selling medals every day. And there
is no secrecy about the business. To
get a drink of whisky tn this town a
man must Know , certain passworus.
Versailles. France. Sept. 5. Barom
Kurt von Lersner. the German gov
ernment representative here, sent to
lie French loreign oirice ianrar
a note in which an attempt was made
to 1t.stify the action of the Germans
-n scuttling their warships at Scapa
Flow last June.
The German delegation appointed to
deal with the subject of the exporta
tion of German dyestuffs has reached
Divorced Persons Now
tion for bravery" as easily and openly
as he can buy a pocket kntte.
Department Helpless.
The war department is fuHy aware
that this traffic in military decora
tions ts being carried on. but officials
say that they are powerless to pre
vent It The secretary of war was .re
cently apprised that American war
decorations, including both medals
of honor and distinguished service
crosses, are being manufactured by
private concerns in this country and
old to the public He replied by say
ing that he already knew of this prac
tice ana deplored it, out mat mere
Hf.. Arf.. In Ai.rlrir, was nothing he could do to stop It, as
May Marry in SiUSma : there is no law at present under
Sept. SWIthlnl ""'.e'l?er . , k " " ,U .
Vnna AnBtrifl-
"- last few weeks more than 109
lispensatlons have been Issued for
the marriage of divorced persona
This was virtually impossible under
the old order. The dispensations have
been granted under a constitutional
clause of lower Austria permitting
such action.
Complimentary Dance.
The Fan and Winter Dancing Sea
son onens here tomorrow night- See i
our display advertise nent in Herald, contempt for such undistinguished dis-
tomorrow lor lull details. junctions.
wearer of a medal can be punished.
There is now, a bill before congrets
which, if passed, will prevent the
wearing of any official decoration by
any person not entitled to wear 1L A
heavy penalty is provided for the vio
lation of this act. But this bill does
not provide for the punishment of
manufacturers of such medals. And
so far it is merely a piece of paper in
a pigeonhole, while the dollar heroes
are multiplying like rabbits and in
the hearts of the men who won deco
rations in service is growing a great
OLD Mil PLIi ggTPlW lCcp JW . Jk IKr wstl3
1 1 1 f 1 1Q I ! l! ! 111 r- . 1 J obligation to mats
UUUltl IBiUUi UU j Cor. Mesa Lve. ..d San Anion!. St. Private Branch Exehaarf. COO. M.ll and Phase Order. Promptly Filled. j purchases. J
i!fB A Fair Question I !
Both Pending Bills Make
Badical Changes in the
Washington. D. C Sept. B. Con
gress now has before it two bills in
volving the principle of universal
training; one from the war depart
ment and the other known as the
Kahn-Chamberlaln bill. The details
of these measures are comparatively
of little Importance; but the fart that
each recommends brief periods of
general military Instruction Is the
first step towards the adoption of a
sound military policy for the United
It makes little difference in princi
ple that the war department bill pro
vides for an army of S10.000 men to be
enlisted regularly and for a training
The Modern Cafe.
El Paso's largest and most metropol
itan cafe.
Downstairs in the Mills Bldg. Adv.
Are Slade In France.
The war decorations are made In
France, where it is possible to buy a
French war cross for six francs, or a
little over II in our currency.
. - , -. , i I ii axuiuue OA a ggva many meu
SCXlOOl SnOeS at JjeXner S. j who were honestly decorated la exem
Advertlsement. I PHfied in that of a lieutenant of the
j marines who spent two years on the
ifuai um was in loo- uguuiig
I Saturday
Veal Shodder Roast, lb... 15c
1 Beef Shod o'er Roast, lb. . .15c I
Beef Shoulder Steak, lb... 17c g
Beef Round Steak, lb 25c j
1 Beef Loin Steak, lb 28c g
Beef Slew, H 12c 1
Veal Stew, lb 10c
I Veal Chop, lb 20c
I Sanxage, lb 15c i
g Hamburger, lb 15c B
The Economy!
Meat Market
HIT uic irii
?i B1leau wood. He was cited three
s times for bravery and decorated, but
H he says that he is ashamed to wear his
! decorations on the street, because he
s does not care to be suspected of hav-
tn purchased them,
sp The truth of the matter Is that even
St before this business In bogus heroes
was stanea, a good many Americans
harine the funny bone well developed
dm not take tneir decorations very se
riously. A Medal for Everyone.
They say, for example, that when
king' Albert and queen Elizabeth, of
Belgium, visited the American head
au arters In France, thev handed out
decorations with a generosity that
was hard to appreciate, for some of
the men thought a medal was a
proof of bravery. Queen Elizabeth is
said to have bestowed a Belgian war
cross on a lieutenant for the heroic
and graceful way in which he took the
position of officer of the day during
a dress parade. The orderly at Gen.
Pershing's headquarters was decorated
for the snappy and efficient manner
in which he saluted the royal couple
It is even said that the cook, or some
one else In connection with the offi
cers mess, was decorated for making
such a successful appeal to their
majesties palates.
These instances are not cited in dis
paragement of the holders of all for
eign decorations, for the vast major
ity of such military honors were
merited and earned. This is especial
ly true of awards of American deco
rations. The awards of our war
crosses and medals were made only
after a careful investigation of each
individual case, up to tne present
time tnere nave been &&w distin
guished service crosses awarded; 1206
distinguished eervice medals and 78
medals of honor. Approximately
1C,0(K) foreign decorations have been
oesiowea upon Americans.
Pershinf Host Decorated.
Gen. Pershing, of course, is the most
decorated man in the American army
an-i. if be tried to wear all his medals
at once, be would look almost as
splendid as one of the medal trays In
a military store.
His decorations Include the British
grand cross of the Order of the Bath,
the Belgian grand cordon of the Or
der of Leopold with croix de guerre,
French Legion of Honor (grand
cross), Greek Order of the Saint
Sivfor , Italian grand cross of the Or
der of St Maurizlo e Lazzaro, Jap
anese Order of the Rising Sun, grand
cordon of the Order of Prince Danllo
of Montenegro, Oblitch medal of
period of but thre months for youths
of 19 years as against a much smaller
standing army and a training period
of six months for youths of 18 years.
The important thing is the recogni
tion of the need of thus preparing the
man power of the country for use in
an emergency and of the justice of
preparing the young men who may be
called into military service for the
service they are to render.
Hadlcnl Chancres Planned.
Each bill contemnlates manv radical
changes in the methods of Instructing
and training the men in the camps.
The congressional bill would require
the course of training to "include
vocational training in appropriate
trades which may be necessary In
time of war and useful In time at
peace, to such an extent as may be
practical." It Is intended, secretary
Baker states, that the principles
wnicn ne expresses in a recent num
ber of a popular macazlne shall tx
applied to the proposed regular army
of 510.409 men for their training and
The advocates of both bills insist
Don radical chancres in the nolicv
wnirn nas prevailed in regard to tne
army, me oio laea or armies eoes
back to fuedal days when the klnsr
summoned nis oarons to onng tneir
retainers to fight at his pleasure. It
became then the "king's army" and he
assumed the power of life or death
over his vassals. His word was the
law. The war In Eurone vut an end
to any such idet and It now lies burlel
with the doctrine of divine right of
Kings never to rise again.
Ttto ATI Onen.
In this country the armv became
me army ox tne nation; its commander-in-chief
was the president but he
had no right to use that army for anv
purpose whatever without the consent
and direction of congress. But simi
larly enough In this democracy had
snruntr ud an armv run lrfrc-ftlv on the
oia ieuuai system, it was a praxes
slonal army with manv of the necu-
liarltles of that system; but It is about
to go.
Upon the action of the nresent con
gress in great measure will depend
the policy of the future. Two ways
are open. One Is the pre-war days
witn a smaii oia ume regular army
and a large body of national guards
men more or less well trained. The
other way is not easy; but the results
are better.
The willing acceptonce of the se
lective draft act shos the Americans
ready response to the principle of fair
play; and the same principle will
mk acceptance of universal service
a natural and easy process for the
American nation.
Savings Deposits' Made on or Before
September 6th, Will Draw Interest
From September 1st
American Trust &
Savings Bank
4 Interest Paid On Savings.
Montenegro, Order of Cavallere dl
Gran Groce del S. S. Maurirto Laz
zaro, the oldest and highest military
orier witnin tne gilt oi tee nanan
government, and the crolx de enerre
of Czecho-Slovakla.
Gen Peyton C March, chief of staff.
Is the next highest In the number of
decorations. His Inclnde the errand
cordon of the Order of the Risin Son
of Japan. French grand cross of the
Ieglon or Honor, the Belgian grand
cross oi tne uraer oi tne jrown. ism-
lsn grand cross of the Order of St.
Michael and St. George. Greek great
cross of the Order of George I, Italian
grand cross of the Order of St. Maa-
rizzlo and St. Lazzaro.
The somewhat promiscuous and per.
fnnctory way In which foreign gov
ernments deal out decorations bad
already cheapened them In the eyes
of Americans gifted with common
sense snd humor, and the present re
tail Business in nign distinction win
nrobablv nnt ona hiotr "cTnrv of war"
aeiiniieiy in tne aiscaro.
Mai. Gen. Edwards
Refuses to Enter Politics
Boston Mass- Sent. 5. Maior gen
eral C K. Bdwards lias been asked If
he wonld allow his came to be nsed
in connection with a political office
In Ohio, where he lived as a boy and
received his appointment to West
Major John . Hyatt, morale offi
cer of the Northeastern department,
who takes charge of the personal
mailers oi ine general, sara:
"The general Is not In polities.
Many offers have come to him from
various Dlaces. but it ought to be dis
tinctly understood that he Is an army
officer and wants to give his whole
time and thought to this profession.
Home. Italy, Sept. 5. Bolshevik!
and Spartacist propaganda is being
pourea into xtaiy tnrougn ine exirame
radical Socialist Italian organs, which
have a large circulation.
On the eve of the recent general
strike a special edition of the Avantl,
the most radical of all the revoln.
tionary Journals, was published. It
d raised the work of Lentne and Trot.
zky and laudeo tne spartacist move
ment in Germany. It had larare pho.
tographs of ail the Bolshevik and
Spartacist leaders in all the countries.
Dallas. Tex.. Sent. 5 Invitations
to attend the reunion of members of
V. flflth dlvlalnn In TlT1a niTiA
1 11 will be sent to Brig. Gen. U. G.
j McAlexander, commander of the lMth
(all Texas) Drigaae. and Brig. Gen.
I J. P. O'Neill, commander of the 17tth
brigade, hoth or the 90th division.
Plans for the reunion of members
of the division, which Includes Texas
and Oklahoma troops, were discussed
here recently by members with MaJ.
Ike Ashburn. also of the 30th. No
elaborate program Is planned, accord
ing to MaJ. Ashburn, but special fea
tures for 90th division day at the
state fair will be taken up with W.
H. Stratton. fair secretary.
Tons of Cabbage May
Decay Unless Rescued
by Kraut Factories
Greeley, Cola, Sept. S. Unless
Kraut factories rush to the rescue
oulckly tons of cabbage are doomed
to decay on the ground in this district.
According to cabbage shippers the
I'nion Pacific has refused to furnish
any more refrigerator cars, iced or
not iced, for cabbage, potato or onion
loading in Weld county.
Need of cars for fruit shipments
and lack of ire. due to the burning of
icehouses and plants in Denver and
Ogden. Utah, are the principal rea
sons. Cabbage dropped from J1.10 to J1.15
a hundred as the result.
Extra Special
$2 Silk Hose 1.29
rHEN you can buy Onyx pure
jilt thread hose at this price
you should purchase a season's supply.
While these are known as "Factory
rejects' the imperfections are so slight
the looks or wearing qualities are not
These come in colors of black, white,
cordovan, nary, and brown. They
are made wkh full fashioned leg.
spliced heel and toe and double garter
litle weh.
Every pair k Onyx make and well
worth 5Z.0U. 1 hey are an extra
special for Satur
day at
Toilet Article's
Saturday Specials
Milkweed Cream, Saturday special 79c.
Sapo de eastUIe soap, Saturday 27c
Lysoi, Saturday special at 39c.
Smirnoffs shampoo, Saturdav 3tc
Carmen faee powder, Saturday 39c
Danderine, Saturday special 29c.
Lady Dainty Hair Brushes, Saturday 59c
Rubber Gloves, Saturday special 69 c
Long handle bath brushes, Saturday 39c
Emery boards, Saturday special, pkg. 8C
Witch hazel, Saturday special 39c
Peroxide, Saturday special at 19c.
Rubiioam, Saturday special 21c
9 To I
Saturday Specials
Daggett & Ramsdale cold O Ob
Cream, 9 to 1 special OvC'
Woodbury's soap, 9 to I V f
special at & C
Lilas de France toilet water, "JCr.
9 to 1 special I Z
A final clearance of women's neckwear,
collars, collar and cuffs, net guimpes
and materials suitable for either dress
es or coats. Values up to T. ff"
$1.00, Saturday at 1 V C
A large assortment of women's free lisle
hose with double garter tops, spliced
heel and toe. They come in black, white,
gray, brown and navy in a full range
of sizes, values 65c, Q J"V
Saturday at tJ7C
Sheer handkerchiefs in white with hand
blocked designs in colors. Many are
hand embroidered. -n r
Each 15C
These come in black and colors, made of
excellent quality material in different
shapes and fitted with coin puree and
mUror. Exceptional JQQ
French ivory mirrors, round and oval
shapes, solid backs, each one has a slight
imperfection yet they have every ap
pearance of perfect stock. g 11 f E?
Special at
1 ounce perfume bottles with ground
glass stopper and fitted with French
ivory holder. Price, ?
each 5UC
A good quality linen paper, packed 24
sheets paper and U gilt edge cards with
envelopes to match. These Sf
come in white only. Special at C
Street floor.
Will you come tomorrow and buy your fur coat
or set of furs at present savings or will you wait
until later and pay considerably high prices?
WE believe you will be down Saturday morning bright and early and
select your fur coat or set of furs. Tomorrow is the last day in
which to buy furs at present prices.
Fay 25 Per Cent on Any Fur
A S a feature for the final day of Annual Fur Sale, we offer you this attractive proposition.
you can select any fur or fur piece and charge to your account or pay 25 of the price.
We will reserve the article for you in cold storage until later,
This opportunity will make a good saving on a fur coat or set of furs. We do not see why any
woman in El Paso, who expects to buy furs, needs any urging to be here bright and early to-'
morrow morning.
Hew Fall SKirts
SEPARATE skirts will be largely worn this season. Many beautiful Fall blouses to say
nothing of fur coatees makes separate skirts an important part of the Fall wardrobe. The
following skirts should interest you.
Fancy wool plaids in plain box pleats, knife
pleats and accordion pleats are offered m a won
derful range of color combinations. These range
in prices from $7.50 to 525.
Beautifully tailored silk poplin skirts have ar
rived and will be displayed for the first time to
morrow. These range int prices from f1J6 to
Tricolette Paulette skirts combined with georget and satin of
. fer a solution in skirts that are unusually stylish. These range
in prices from $10.50 to $29.56.
For the business woman, wool tailored skirts in all wool serges,
wool poplins and tricotine will supply what you need at prices
ranging from $7 50 to $29.50. y
Satin skirts and fancy silk skirts are included in the special
skirt display tomorrow abd we bebeve you will be interested in
the beautiful selection we show.
Whatever combination you decide upon for your separate skirt
md blouse combination will be found here. Chantilly bee over
flesh chiffon has been revived."
Ecru and white net is the medium for many novel ideas.
There are lacy, frilly styles, and others simply tucked.
The tabfier front, slipover and the buttoa-down-the-baek are here
for your discrimination.
Again this Fall the beaded and embroidered georgeis, crepe de
shines and plain tailored effects are here for your selection.
Prices on blouses range from $lo to $100.
5lh Floor.
In THe Girls' Own SKop
IpOMRROW is the last day, you w3I have an opportunity to save
from 25 to 30 on girls" fur coats and fur pieces. You can buy
these furs now and we will hold them in reserve in storage until you
are ready Li them.
Final Day Gingham WeeK
Fall Gingham Week has been a wonderful aewcea in the Girls' Own Shop,
ud there are some unusual values for the final day.
Three Special Lots Of Gingham Dresses For Girls
Of All Ages
Gingham frocks for girls of all ages certainly has the preference this
lea son. El Paso mothers realize the economy is wearing ginghams and
the girls appreciate the real style these dresses have, for tomorrow we
offer snappy plaids, pretty stripes, solid -colors and neat cheeks that are
truly fashioned into youthful style. The three special lots are as follows:
Gingham dresses for kindergarten tots at
$1.25, $1.50, $1.95, $2.95, $3.95 and up
to $5.95.
Gingham dresses for girls at $1.95, $220,
$3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $420 and up to
Gingham dresses for the junior miss at
$3.95, $5.00, $5.95 and $720.
ale of SmocKs
THESE smocks could not have arrived at a mora op
portune time because smocks will be largely worn
for school. These are exclusive "Joan of Arc" styles.
This shipment comprises the surplus stock of the manu
facturers. We bought at a considerable under price.
There is a wide range of choice in materials, styles and
colors. Sizes 12 to 23 years, values range to $6.50,
sxtra special gf) fig
Saturday at 2?
4th Floor.
Saturday Savings In
THe. Downstairs Store
37 E begin the Fall season in the Downstairs Store with a greater volume of merchandise and
lower prices than market conditions will justify. The following items represent substantial
PAIR 50c
These soeks come in white
mercerized lisle with fancy
rolled tops in colors. Slightly
imperfect. Saturday special
3 pair 50c
These sweaters are all wool
with angora collars and cuffs
and give you a wide range of
choice, rhese have large col
Iars, pockets and finished with
belt. Come in blacky navy,
buff, turquoise, rose and green.
Saturday special at $4.83.
These vests are made of mer
cerized lisle, summer weight,
low reck, no sleeves, and
slightly imperfect. Saturday
special 21c
These are silk caps, lace trim
med and come in pink, blue,
maize, lavender and white.
Saturday special 45c.
New Fall styles in georget
blouses gives you a wide range
of choice. These are beaded
and embroidered and come in
white and flesh with limited
number of colored blouses in
the lot. .these are Saturday
special at $4.73.
New Bilk blouses In crepe de
chine and sworget. Many eoss
in embroidered effects and
tailored styles. Saturday spe
cial at $425.
Fnll length hose made of fiber
silk, come in Mack, brown,
gray, blue, pink, champagne
and rose. Slightly imperfect.
Saturday special at 49c.
These are sample hose in lisle
and come black', navy and gray
and a full range of sizes. Sat
urday special at 35c.
FOR Saturday's selling, we offer two most unusual values in
women's Fall boots. There is a big range of styles in various
leathers, also cloth and leather combinations. Prices are just
about half what you would expect to pay ior such stylish boots
as these. Two prices are:
$2.85, S4.S5
Downstairs Store
Genuine pure glycerine soap,
transparent, deficit e 1 y per
fumed. 4 cakes for 25c
Fine Art Toilet Soap, three
odors, special 3 for 25c
Luxor Complexion P o w der,
white, flesh, rose and brunette.
Special Saturday 50c
Luxor Rouge in handsome mir
rored container, special 50c
Luxor Lip Sticks, rose and
dark, special at 25c
Luxor eyebrow pencils, brown
and black, special 25c
Downstairs Store.
The Fall Season In
Men's Fur
nistiing's THE Men's Furnishing
Department on the street
floor is now showing a wealth
of new materials. The fol
lowing will be specially dis
played tomorrow and men.
who are interested in correct
styles, will be interested in
these items.
.A new Sehoble hat especially
for young men is the Del
Norte. This is a very snappy
style, exclusive with us, and is
shown in a full range of new
Fall colors. Price $5.00.
The new Fall Stetsons are in
snd as in former seasons yoa
trill find hers an unlimited
choice in new shapes in favor
ite colors. .Stetson prices be
gin at $7X0.
New Fall arrivals in sQk shirts
in crepe de chine, jersrys and
broadcloths are shown in a
wide range of choice at $12-50.
Besides these are new Fall
sQk shirts shown in a good
range at $70.
Medium weight union suits for
mid-season's wear shown in
short and three-quarter length
sleeves. These are just the
under garments for these cool
mornings. These are priced
at $2.00.
Black and fancy colors in new
weaves in knit neckwear wili
interest yoa. There is a bij
selection to be shown at $3.50,
also higher grades.
Special elevator errlee eon
Beets tills department and tae
3Ien'i Clothing Department
on the Sad floor,
Street floor.
We BttH assist you in out
fitting the School Boy.
f UR Boys' Department is a
source of real economT.
We have already been favored
largely by El Paso mothers,
who realize that school suits
and school furnishings sold in
our boys' department represent
the best values they could pos
sibly buy. The following items
will assist you materially in
outfitting the school boys most
Boys new Fall suits, made of
sturdy rnaterials with two pair
of full lined knickers, waist
seam model, belt all around.
Sizes 8 to 1$ years and are
$130 values, special for Sat-
aTy SfiO.SO
BOY SUITS $14.50
Boys' chooi suits with two
pairs of full lined knickers
made of FaH weight, fancy
mixtures. These are waist
seam models' with belt all
around, slash pockets and come
in sizes 8 to 16 years. Spa-
U $14.50
A large assortment of Kaynee
Moose, Bell and Boy Blue
make and made with collar at
tached or neck band style.
Sizes C to 16 yrs. S3 fff
Special price, OJ C
These are made of durable dark
and light brown of a good qual
ity corduroy, made to with
stand rough wear. Sizes 1 to
Special price,
We continue tomomnr the
apecfal prices on fcoyn romp
ers at Toe and bora mtk
suit at and 81.93.

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