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Hopes of Extending East
land Held Given Set
back in Tests.
Three outside wells that have bMB
wa tc h with great hopes of their
I "ovi.ig to be extensions of great
o!s or possible opening of new
aes have proved disappointing' In
- wilt, of product. on. The Aridzone
j r . .en or Kfncaid well north of Cast
if reported as making
. .'iDout 75 barrels. The Lewis
..: ot Hail and associates northwest
i Lesdemona 1? making only about
"r- barrels. The MtdKansas company's
1 .11 well in extreme northern Steph-
- county Is rt-portPd as swabbing 15
t barrels of oil mixed with about
-t tfn.es thai amount of water.
- ..h leaks through the casing from
. ' Texas, spt. :2. Carbon at
nas an oil boom.
The Connellee well is steadily in-
rea.ng its flow and numerous now
i Tricks can be seen around it. This
ell is but eix and a half miles north
"f Carbon.
The A. M. Gilbert hac a new loca
tion four miles south of Carbon and
.turn a few days drilling will com-
-ice at this site
Ijcss than six miles from town the
T. i. company's Maxwell well is to
c.-ni below 2006 feet.
The cltisens of Carbon argue that
t-e.puse large companies are plan
r mgr to carry on extensive drilling
iterations in this vicinity there is a
E-tat possibility of finding produc
t or. Therefore, the little town of
i irbon ,9 entering Into the same and
13 rapidly eett.ng- the oil -boom spirit.
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Increase Shown
In Production
In Oil Fields
Good Gains Reported in
Ranger and Northwest
Burkburnett Pools.
According to reports of last week's
production of oil in north central
Texas oil fields, the dally average in
crease over that of the week previous
was around 7000 barrels. Northwest
Burkburnett field and Stephens county
showed eachva daily average gain of
about S54.S00 barrels, of which the
Ranger or southern field produced
field produced 155,(90 barrels, and
155.500 barrels, and Wichita Falls, or
the northern field, produced 99,000
Burkburnett field is credited with a
dailv average for the week of 87.000
barrels,. Ranjrer. 2.000: Electra. 18.-
50": SteDhens county. 43.500. and Des-
demona, 48.500. Iowa Park. Petrolia
ana iiouaay in toe ,vicmu fail, iw-
ritory and the Moran and Strawn
pools and wells of Brown and Cole
man counties produced the remainder.
las Cruces, N. M.. Sept. Si. The De
troit basin in uona Anna county, is.
M.. is attracting the attention of the
oil men.
Oil has been found in many deep
water wells in this section.
The following companies are now
preparing to drill in this field: De
troit Oil corporation, Las Cruces. X.
M: El Paso Detroit Oil Co.. El Paso:
Flat Lakes Detroit Oil corporation.
Las Cruces. N. M.: Cabillo Oil and
Gas Co., Las Cruces, X. M.; Sierra
Detroit Oil Co., Las Cruecs, N. M.
Pecos: Eureka Oil Co., El Paso.
Frank Hitchcock. Doetmaster gen
eral under Taft, is in the game with
xi. u. mirsum as an associate, rne
Standard Oil company has had several
representatives on tne ground.
Shreveoort, La . Sent. 22. A new
pipe- line is to be constructed from the
Homer field to Mind en. La , a dis
tance of 2ft mllMt WBpt-o 11- Trill vn.
j nect with the Louisiana and Arkansas
railroad, which has a branch line into
IShreveport, This is the latest plan
of Wade Hampton of Oklahoma City,
who recently purchased SS acres of
land in Claiborne parish and ZvQO acres
I fn Union parish, paying as much as
$$ wo tor some or tne acreage,
j This will give the Claiborne dis
j trict its third pipe lice, the others be
' ing the Standard Oil company's line
j and the Louisiana Oil and Refining
company o ime, ooin now unaer con
San Angelo, Texas, Sept. 22. Drill
ing will be resumed on the West
Texas Production company's well on
the J. T. Hamilton ranch. Coke
county, at an early date. This well
was shut down at a depth of 1050 feet
five months ago. The drillers have
kept a 1I!4 Inch hole. The well Is
about two miles southeast of Black
well. This same company will resume
active operations on its test on the
G. A. Wilkins ranch, two miles west
of Bronte. Coke county, this week.
Operations were brought to a stand
still at this location on account of
the delay in receiving the 15 inch
j8ing. which has now been set ai
210 feet
Graham, Texas, Sept. 22. The
Texas company is arranging to have
Its Graham and Arnold wells shot
during the next 1ft days. Both wells
have been makiner considerable oil
I for some time. These wells will be
the first to be completed and shot in
Young county.
Drilling has been started on the
fW. L. Donnell No. 1, of Lanford.
j Staley and Chenault, IS miles aouth
i west of Graham. Three wells are al
j ready drilling near this site, and 15,
t are drilling about four miles south
of It, Just over the line In Stephens
of the black lime and spraying oil
A Tiff ITSR ThaA w1ta o ra chut Hnwn
1 waiting lor pipe line xaemues.
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Turney Well, of Barclay,
Gets 1500 Barrels at a
Depth of 3500 Feet.
Ranger. Tex, Sept. 52. The Turner
well of Barclay et al is flowlnr at
the rate of 1500 barrels from the 352K
foot sand. This well Is west of the
Albers Oil company's lease.
The Prairie Oil and Gas oompany's
Roper No. 11 is in at around 2300
feet. No estimate of production has
been made.
The Southwestern Petroleum com
pany has completed its well on the
Brooks Heirs' property, north of the
Turner tract. It is making 500 barrels
of oil from a depth of 3SS0 feet, -roe
drill struck production in the broken
black lime and made around 1M bar
rels an hour for the first four hours,
but when drilled to 3380 feet thepro
duction decreased. The operators be
lieve they will have to drill to the
3500 foot level before they will en
counter the big pay.
The Humble Oil company's E. a
Davis No. 2 is making 1500 barrels
from the Dnke sand encountered at
2700 feet.
The Ed. Putty No. 4 of the Crosbio
et al, is making 250 barrels.
ThrM mitAs southeast of Putnam
the Peek well was given a second
shot last Sunday evening. The well
nromlsea to be a good one when
cleaned out.
nlrla R.nt Oil activities
are at a standstill on the east side of
the Cyril field owing to me iac. ui
sufficient storage facilities and pipe
line connections. All of the tanks ara
full of oil and everything is being
done by the producers in the field to
relieve existlne cosditlona.
On the Cyril side of the pool con
ditions are little better than on the
M.t- ma unat tanltR are already foil
and the remaining tanks are rapidly
filling. At the laao .o- z every un
is full and the oil is flowing into the
slash pits.
MnoknZM. Okla Sent. 22. A 1200
barrel well has been drilled in by the
Tnnu4intlnental oil company on the I
sanio land. 19 miles west of Musko-
gee. The oil Is coming from a sand
encountered at a depth of 175S feet.
On the Deneer and Jameson lease
near Henryetta a new gasser nas
been completed. The well is nowing
at the rate of 2,000.000 cubic feet per
day and opens up another field near
the Henryetta pooL
The Bvan Petroleum corporation, of
Bartlesville. Ok la., has spudded in
the first deep test in Crockett county.
Texas. It is on the Roy Henderson
ranch 25 miles soutneast ot iiarn-
hart. . . .
The derrick stage nas been reacneo.
according to a report from San An
gelo. on three other Crockett county
locations, on the ranches of Judge
Charles E. Davidson. Robert Massie
and F. F. Friend.
Wichita Falls. Ter, Sept 22. Naber
Brunage has completed his well in
block SS with an initial flow of 2008
barrels. This Is one of the best com
pletions of the past 10 days.
The Chenault Rowe Oil company's
Nos. 2 and 4 Taylor, block $7. are on
the sand. The wells will be com
pleted as soon as it is possible to erect
sufficient storage tanks.
The Diamond Oil company's o. 1
Eisea, block 88, is on the sand, and
casing is being set.
""2F,.!t5K I'Iw
deep test wiU go down soon in the
nortnwesi pan ot uwkb couou,
miles northeast of the Wright well in
Montague county. The MeBond Oil
Syndicate of Oklahoma City is sink
ing the weU. One hundred tons of
coal are already on tne grouno.
People Are Camped Every
where, Their Goods Piled
Under Tarpaulins.
Jakehamon. Texas, Sept. 22. Prep
arations bs people who have made ar
rangements to engage in business
here present a spectacle not unlike
the day preceding a run Into Okla
homa when that territory was opened
for settlement.
In every direction from the town-
site there are stacks of goods cor
ered by tarpaulins. Piles of lumber
and lighter building materials are on
every hand. A few of the more ven
turesome "sooners" in town have got
onto the edge of the townsite. but
that Is being prevented so far as pos
sible. Several hundred merchants
and business men are there with
stocks of goods. There are hotels in
tents and shacks and boarding houses
in like temporary structures. A bank
will be opened with a tent for a bank
building, but the steel safe will be
Arrangements are being made by
Hamon & Kell to secure Impartial
treatment and recognition of priority
claims among men who seek the
same sites. Save as to corner loca
tions in the business district. It seems
likely that everybody will be able to
get approximately the sort of loca
tion wanted. A line of Investors
formed very early this morning in
front of tire townsite office and the
first day in Jakehamon is a busy day
for the town. It is the oil field in
terest that makes for the rush to get
locations, as this Is the only town
that will have a railroad in the Hoe
Creek field.
Stockholders of the King S OH com
pany are receiving their second divi
dend checks of 32 percent of the stock,
making a total of 42 percent paid
thus far on their investment. The
King S company has 2 more wells
on the sand and haB five others drill
ing, which are from a few hundred to
15ft feet in the ground.
Lack of pipe line and railroad
facilities has somewhat hampered pro
rnt TtrctT VC1D AI Mnrnonn
""' "1JU"UUU,U'U
' Machinery of the Olean New Mexico
Oil company's deep test well near Ala
mogordo, N. M, In the Tularoaa Basin,
is in transit from Pennsylvania. The
gasoline engine to be used Is 140
horsepower with a reversible clutch
adapted to drilling as much as 400
feet. By using a gasoline engine it is
claimed only three barrels of water a
day will be used, against 40 barrels
needed if steam power was used.
The Pullman Oil and Refining com
pany, composed largely of army of
ficers and civilians of El Paso has
decided to build Its 2000 barrel re
finery at Dublin. Erath county, Texas.
xne cnamoer ox commerce wi iuvnu
has donated 40 acres for a refinery
site and the company has entered
into a contract to commence construc
tion work on the plant within 00
Austin. Texas. Sept. 22. All oil
companies operating in Texas which
fail within the next ten days to make
a report to the state railroad commis
sion as to their organisations and
other Information required under the
law. will be subject to a penalty of
S5000, the commission announced to
dav. So far. the commission has re
ceived reports from only 1080 oil com-
j panies.
According to a Biuffdale. Texas,
report the Tidal Oil company's Toler
well over in Hood county has struck
a sand at 000 feet which is producing
around 3,000.000 cubic feet of gas
daily. It is being discussed as to
whether this Is the same sand found
at 380 feet in the Sinclair well at
Granbury. The latter well did not
produce as much gas as the former.
Baylor university at Waco, Texas, is
offering a course in oil chemistry,
something new added to its chemistry
course. It is claimed that institution
equipped its chemical laboratory dur
ing the summer so that oil and fuel
tests could be made.
L. B. Bestley has commenced con
struction on his 20 ton custom mill
at Organ. Dona county, N. M, and is
said to have 10 or 12 men employed
at that work. The plant is expected
to be in operation before the end of
the year. The leaching process is to
be used in this mill.
Rudolfo Cruz, mining man of El
Paso, formerly of Chihuahua. Mexico,
when in El Paso a few days ago, said
that he and. his associates had two
wells drilling in the Ranger, Texas,
field. He saiil one well was down
about 1000 feet and the other 700.
Home Oil Co.
A 13'r dividend has been declared
by the trustees of the Comanche
Home Oil Company, payable tic
tober X, 1919, tr. shareholders ot
record on the book of the roni,
pany on SelemDi.r "ft, 1910.
All persons holding certificate!! not
transferred on the books are re
quented to forward name to the
office. l!0f Amicable Building.
Waco. Texan, for trannfer before
that date.
Comanche Home
02 Company
J. -VI. Mil KCV, President.
Salvation Army
Drive Plans To
Be Made Tues.
Team Captains Will Meet
at C. of C. and Study
Maps of Field.
When the Salvation Army starts out
September 29 to raise T 50, 00ft for home
service work it will conduct its cam
paign Just like a regular army ap
proaches its objectives. From the
commanderinchlef down the army of
solicitors will be organized and drilled
for the work in true tactical style.
Saturday afternoon at a meeting
of the campaign executive committee
in the directors room at the City Na
tional bank the general plans for the
drive were arranged. To begin with
it was explained that tho money raised
would fce spent here. The drive is to
start September 29 and end October 4.
The highest officer of the army is to
hi Mai. Tl. F. Burcres. His chief of
staff will be Maurice Schwartz. The
adjutant will be Herman Andreas and
Norman walKer will n ataeaecamp.
Mrs. W. It Brown win have charge
of the women s auxiliary corps.
Th team cantalns will meet at 8
o'clock Tuesday night at the chamber
ot commerce and study maps of the
field. The men will -attacK" the busi
ness district and the women will work
in the residence districts.
An organization dinner will be held
Monday, September 29 to distribute
pledge cards, army brassards and field
equipment, two prizes will be or
fared to both the men's and the wom
en's divisions. " One will go to the
team raising the-most money and one
to the team getting the most contrib
utors. The last .dav of the drive will be
aongnnut day. when the women will
sell doughauts and coffee in Pioneer
The following men's team captains
have been selected so far: Crawford
Hat-vie. Geocge W. Thelsen. Sol I
Berg. H. T. Bowie. Jack Sheehan. W.
W. Carroll. Bd Lachman. Tom Coui-
ens. Horace Broaddus. John M. Wvatt,
H. T. Ponsford, W. P. B. MoSain. S.
Sllberberg. Del Richie. A. E. Sweet,
Louis Horowitz. Robert I. Hollldar.
A. Courchesne, Norman A. Ferguson,
Claiborne Adams. Frank Bait, L. M.
Lawson. A. H. Ji turner. Frank Alder-
ete. Rev. H. A. Wells. Julius -Wild, a
If. Palm. R, A. Ramey. George Ryan,
L. A. Folx. Tsleta: J. E. Bowen. Clint;
John A. Thompson. La Tuna: Mrs. H.
1L Bailey, Canutillo.
1 Bedtime Stories For The Little Ones
hrBAR me
There must be some-1
nin.K me matter, saia unci
Wiggily Longears. the bunny rabbit
irentiffmAn h. ,1-.. ...i
Bis hollow stump bungalow one
morning. "Nurse Jane isn't here to
get break fas tr
That was very mash like a surprise
M"i. xor you see - urse jane, tne
uressrat laoy housekeeper, was
almost always up early. And when
Uncle WissBy, .came hlppity-hop
oown stairs on his red, white and blue
striped rheumatism crutch, this time.
there was no jMIss Fuzzy Wuzzy
broiling the furnip pancakes, and
sprinkling rose leaf sancc over them,
or baking-some carrot shortcake with
sassafras, trtmminc for the bunny's!
"I wonder wjiy Nurse Jane isn't up
yeti- thought Uncle wiggily. "I think
I'll call her down stairs." So he gave a
Jolly shout and asked:
"Is anything tho matter. Nurse
-tea," answered the musk rat lady
housekeeper, T think I have the
epizootic. I can't get up, I can't cook
your breakfast, and you'd better go
for Dr. Possum."
-I win," said Tncle Wiggily. and
away ho hopped over the fields and
through the woods to whom th.
animal doctor had his office.
-x it d rig tit over to see Nurse
Jane." said Dr. Fossnm to Mr. Long
ears. Tou go back and get yourself
some breakfast. You may have to go
to the five and six cent store for
medicine." .
So Uncle Wiggily hopped back to
bis hollow stump bungalow, and,
after telling Nurse Jane that Dr. Pos
sum would soon come and make her
better, the bunny rabbit gentleman
got his own breakfast.
He fried himself a piece of lemon
pie with cherry pudding hemmed on
around the edges and by that time
Dr! Possum had come.
"Ho! Hum! Let me see." said the
animal doctor, as he felt of Nurse
Jane's nose. "It's quite hot." he went
on. "It needs cooling. Ice cream is
What She mUSt have " TlW k-wniv- wk.n
a dog or other aittmal is ill, their nose
kois not. wnicn snows they have a
"Ice cream foe Nnrs Jaiwr jrr-
clalraed Unele Wiggily. Til hop right'
over to the eight and nine cent store
and get her a oig dish of it"
-torreex.- saia vr. fossnm. Tho
sooner she has lee cream 'thA httA
shell be." f
So OVer the field, and Clifvinirh 41.
woods bopped Uncle Wlmrllv Lonxr-
eafj.- and soon he was at the ice
cream store. BiUIe Wagtail, the goat
boy. was w.orklng there, for the sum
mer vacation, and hi. nut nn -i ti
chuck of Ice cream for Nurse Jane.
no due it in one nt tho. naaiahnoM
boxes with a pink string for a handle. 1
that ice cream. Unele. Wisrrilv." .aid
Billle. "It's a hot day and the cold
cream will melt fast. And I hope It I
doesn't freeze youf paws." ;
-i nope so. too,- spoke uncle Wig- ;
gllV. "Bnt T rinn't Tninit if mv n,va
are a little frozen. :as long as Nurse
jane s nose is cooled.
tx 1 nele Wiggily started to hop
That is what Mrs. Cope
Says About Tanlac
troubles are ended.
"In all my seventy-two years I have
never seen the equal of Tanlac." says
Mrs. Mary C Cope, of ITX. Hicks
St-, Los Anseles, Cal, recently.
"During- the past six years." she
continued, "I had so much trouble
with my stomach that I couldn't eat
anything- without bloatlne up with
Ras and feeling miserable afterwards.
I was so nervous and rundown that I
could hardly rest or sleep at night
and simcly felt miserable all the time.
"I -had read about Tanlac helping
oiners ana aecided to try it myseit
and it has certainlv proved to -e the
81trlu&ML 25.'.Ji;T.e-.
inc as well alreadv as t ever did. Mv i
Lstomach is in fine condition and I can i
tired, nervous feellnc has all left me I
too. I sleep like a child every night
, and feel strong- and well all the time. I
1 1 am clad to recommend Tanlac and j
I hope tm experience with it will cause I
l other sufferers tn try it "
5 AU druggists sell Tanlac. Adv i
Longest is Jefferson Davis
Road, 1132 .Miles
in Length.
Austin. Texas. spt- 22. Desig
nated highways of Texas now reach
15.425 miles, which is Just about the
mileage of the Texas railroads. On
many of these designated highways
actual construction has been 'done or
will shortly be under way. according
to Information obtained from the
state highway department. No fore
ra.t Trill h. ventured bv "the highway
department as to when any of these i
highways will be completed, but It Is ',
anticipated that many of them wUl be t
The longest road In the system Is in
Jefferson Davis highway which is 1132
miles, running from a point in Fort
Bend county, about 45 miles from
Houston, to El Paso, winding along
the Rio Grande. It will be several
years before this nignway is com
pleted in its entirety.
The Bankhead highway. Texarkana
to El Paso, runs through Dallas. Fort
Worth and down the Texas and Pa
cific, is 919 miles In length, and from
all Indications will be the first to be
The Meridian highway, which Is
755 miles in length, runs from La
redo, via Austin, Waco and Fort
Worth to Wichita Falls and continues
through Oklahoma, to the Canadian
The Central Texas highway Is 7U
miles in length and runs from Pales
tine, crossing the state to Farwell
into New Mexico. Several sections of
this highway has been completed.
WOMEN HELD IN $1,000,000
St. Louis. Mo.. Sept. 22. Mrs. Fannie
Antonie, 26. was arrested Sunday on
a warrant issued in Kansas City,
charging implication in the theft of
81.000,000 worth .of Liberty bonds, ac
cording to secret service men making
the arrest.
Mrs. Antonie was said by officers
to have come here with Walter 1a
Major, of Kansas City. Mo, who, with
Mrs. Pauline son Myre, was arrested
Saturday. At that time, the secret
service m'en say. Liberty bonds
amounting tq 881,000 were identified
as stolen fr4tn 32 banks throughout
the country within me past six
months. '
sack to his hollow stump bungalow
i L '.zz
tne other, as fast as he felt chilly.
I ah of a sudden, when the bunny
, , mm hohlnci it
Jumped the unpleasant old Skuddle-
One moment!" cried the Skuddle
nwgoon. "I want you. Uncle Wig
gily. I haven't had any souso today
andJ.aeed some Walt a minute."
"Ota, I can't stop, if you please,"
saM the bunny. "I must hurry home
to Nurse Jane, and
TTou must stop!" howled the Skud
dlCmagoon. and he caught the bunny
by the ear. And. of course. Uncle
Wiggily had to stop. And there be
stood, while the Skuddlemagoon held
him by the ear. And the box of icw
cream in Uncle Wiggiiys left paw
made him feel so cold that the bunny
hanged it to his right paw. And
then, pretty soon, his right paw be
came cold and he changed the box of
ice cream back to his left paw. And
then, pretty soon his left paw was ;
getting colder, and he changed the
Dox of ice cream nacK to nis ngni
paw, and then, pretty soon, Ms right
paw got cold and he changed the iee
cream back to
"Hold on there!" suddenly cried the
Skuddlexnagoon. "What's all this
fussing about, first boldinsr that box
In one paw and then the other? Hero,
give it to me! Ton make me nervous
to look at your
Then, very impolitely, the Skaddl
magoon grabbed the box of ice cream
from Uncle Wiggily. And by this time
the cold of the ice cream had pretty
well soaked through, and the. box was
freezing on the outside.
And as soon as the Skvddlemagoon
had It in Ma paw and he felt the
freezing cold, he let go of Uncle Wlg
gllys ear and howled:
"row! Wow! Skew! Bow! Ob,
this is no place for me! I didn't know
freezing cold winter was coming so
soon. I must run home and get oat
my fur coat." And away be ran.
dropping the box of ice cream.
"well. I'm glad he's gone." said
Uncle Wiggily, as he picked up the
box. "I was afraid for a moment
that he might bite my souse." Then,
as Uncle Wiggily had fur on his
paws which were Jike mittens, he
didn't mind the cola iee cream very
much, and he soon hopped on with it
to Nurse Jane. And before noon it
had cooled her nose and made her
all better.
So this teaches us that tee cream
has Its uses. Copyright, 1919, by Mc
Clure Newspaper Syndicate.
What formerly was known as the
governmental and civics department
of the chamber of commerce has been
renamed the governmental research
and city planning department. The
department will cooperate with the
new city planning- commission.
tlv ncVK HOTT.1.
AJJRS. POKE EASLEY and husband i
were shopping in Tickville Sator-1
AUas Peck says if a person hasn't
got his mind on one thing he has it
ion another, and if it is on the wrong!
thing all he has to do is to chance 1
his mind.
cn -n;.i . v . .
"" r."Ma! "- appointee to
0 down the toad a mile or two to-
morrow morning and ride in with the
-, j A v., . . ,7,., " t
mafl carrier, and help him cluck to hi?
se rurmsmng
4 quart Gray Enamel Tea, Kettles,
strong wire bail, wood Q
fcandle, S1.19 value OO C
17 quart Gray -Enamel Dish Fane,
heavy quality, seamles, QQ
J handles, ,L2S value. . . aVOC
6 quart Gray Enamel Milk Kettle,
bright tin eoTer. 7C
UK value i DC
Zinc Double Wash Boards, rein
forced back. 50e oj"
value OOC
Glass King 7Q
Wash Board 7l
3 quart Gray Enamel Coffee and
Tea Pot. AC
bright tin cover
6 quart Gray Enamel Sauce Pans,
strong handle, bright AQ r.
tin cover, each frlC
September SaJe of Blankets and
Comforts offer special opportuni
ties to secure reliable bedding at
remarkably low prices.
Galvanized Iron Ash and Garbage
Cans, size 24x15, J-J QQ
$2.50 value ifHtZfO
White Enamel Dinaer Pistes, pars
white glaze, bine rimmed "I C
border, 25e value IOC
8 Bail Croquet Sets, colored
striped handles and t0 -t
stakes. jjJSD values.. 6ilJ
10 quart Green Japanned covered
Slop Pafla. OQ -
SLO0 value Oi7U
Varnished Hardwood Coffee Mills,
e teel hopper and grinders nr
50 vahte OOC
Women's Bungalow Aprons, made
of best quality chambray, fast
color, pink, brae and "grden, belt
and pocket, white bias trim.
S $1.49
TBe only honest short cut to
wealth la OIL. Write for the liter
ature of an honest company.
Las Cruces, X. 3f.
New Way to Curl Hair
Fine for Outdoor Girl
Tb aflmttte method of evzttsc the
2iair is tka proper thlsc beforo rotac mo
tortnr. boating or xolfin or brkdBlfm In
any onttloor opart or nerds-. Tbls will
not only gtwm the hair the most bcavttfial
wavy and certr appomtmaeo ImastMbte.
bat wted or hat will sot tafe tho cvrl
oat. Tbo ewrUneso ts quickly amoirod
and lasta ranch toncer than where tho
wavteg tones ar aaod. BcsMea. tho hair
win b bricfat and lastrons. Instead of
dull and doad lookinr- Wbon contbod oat
U will bo aa nice and flatty as If It had
jost been stempooed.
Jost set a bottlo of liquid oilinerino at
any druc store, follow tho accompanyipg
directions, and yon will bo simply de
lighted with tho result. This product is
of coarse perfectly harfnleas and there is
Mthlnr - sticky. Creasy or unpleasant
aboat it. AdT.
TTse Herald Want Ads
Bargain Basement
Telephone 6900 IZtrr
Tradbg Sf3Bs SUM)
Stamps . C llaovcrland St. At Stamtoa jDozea
Be Young In Body, Mind and
Looks Despite Your Years
How often you have
wished that you could - -sfe
J-J..1 iiT i - Ti
muuige in uitj. strenu
ous exercise of out
door sports with the
vigor and enthusiasm
of youth! But the
end of the week finds
you all in you are
tired, listless and lack
the energy togo outf or
a vigorous walk or a
rtund of the links or
sny other exercise that re
qjures much physical exer
tion. Many a man, even in
his middle forties, has a
vague feeling that he is
"gettin-j old and right
ata timewhenheshoold be
at his very bestrhysically.
in the sense that JtEe years
are pressmz heavily noon
him-but in the sense that W'&&Fr ra"fLmco ,??r
his vital forces are wastimr S-JUJ 5? n?t ve NatIirc. 4 toe
help you
aneeef a
aayfasterthan Nature re
places the worn oat tissues.
LYKO u add in oririiul p.clc
CM Miiy. l.k. pKtur .bo..
Kslua. -II a.bctitut.1.
Gray Enamel Doable Boilers ar
Cereal Cookers, strong nveteJ
handles, bright tia covers. QO
JL25 value ZOC
Plant White Porcelain
Plates, first quality.
25e value
White Porcelain Dinner Plates,
pink and gold rose flower c t
design. 25c value.
Good Parlor and House Broom",
made of best broom corn, OQ,
4 strings, 75c value OwC
Xo. 2 Heavy Galvanized Was;
$L3S value . . .
Opaque Window Shades, heavy
muslin spring rollers, JQ
color dark green, each.. OI7C
It's a savin? proposition to pur
chase shoes for present and fa tore
wear, despite the fact that shoes
are high. We are selling all our
stock at cost.
Girls' School Dresses made of best
grade of Gingham neatly trimmed,
au sizes,
$?.50 value
Children's Kibbed
Cotton School
Hose in black
and white, per pair
Women's Cotton
fast black,
Hose, seamless.
Best Quality Outintr Flannel, pink
I and bine stripes and cheeks. 3Jc
Bleached White Turkish Towels,
me 14x29. i ol
Special ls"gC
Women's House Dresses made of
standard quality percale gray and
dark ground, aeat figures, pock
ets and belt. ?ft
J2D0 value
Any kind of
you 'wish we can make in
our Factory.
Tuttle Paint and
Glass Co.
Use Herald Want Ads
B Order from t any QU H
-H Shares yon ace advertised JH
H and yon it HI jcet prompt and H
S efficient aerricc. H
E Southwest Invest-
I ment Company 1
B J. C Lane Sfcr. flj
H Licensed It raker, Member jSJj
flSj El Paso Stock Exchange. OS
JH 111 X. Oregon St. jH
J EI "Paso, Texas. Phone IBS Bfl
ThoBsaBds yes millions of people find
themselves in this condition early tn life. And
there is no excuse for it You can check that
y grow om iou can carry yonr
can. The best awiitinfr yon can find-auist.
sessd. constructive character is in toe use of
The Great General Tonic
It enriches the blood -ffffetty itrcmUte. heart liver and
tJdneyi to oomal activity brias. back your pen. panes
and meaUl vteor-duue. sway that tired, worn-oat feel
ii and repbees it with a spirit of buoyancy
LYKO if a distinctive Brep&ratno. aoentincally cor.
rect m its eovubkiation of smheis-U insredien ta. and there's
Dothinemereinvigwatiiii.raorestrenghenmir'r more re.
btniding-. Speaalb' beneficial for invalids, convalescents
and rna-dswii people of sji cuaiiliom. Get a bottle from
yourdravsist today tomorrow you wll fl better for it
Ljko Medicine Co.

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