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; Reception at Home of Rabbi Zielonka; jj Calderon-NdTVaeZ Bridal Party, Sept 11
i ur. ana mrs. mcuau Keceive triends
LONKA and their son, David, were
.t home on Thursday, on the occasion
of the celebration of the Jewish New
Year, to their friends The receiving
flours wero from 3 until 6 in the
afternoon and from S to 10 in the
tvt-nmy. During- these hours more
than 300 hundred guests called to
wish Rabbi and Mrs. Zlelpnka and
their son a happy new year. The
reception was a charmingly appointed
affa.r with robes, carnations, ferns1
and trailing; vines employed in artis
Thursday evening Rev. George
McCall, pastor of Central Bap
tist church, and Mrs. McCall gave a
charmingly appointed reception at the
new parsonage on Montana street
formerly the Dan White residence.
for the members of the congregation J
and for six young girls who are leav
ing in a short time to attend Baylor
university or Baylor Female college
Miss Mabel McCall, their attractive
daughter. ir. one of this coterie of
girls and others include Miss Ruby
ermiUion, Miss Mildred Vermillion,
t.c decoration in the reception rooms., Miss Lois McChesney and Miss Marie
which arc most artistic in furnishings
and hangings Dainty refreshments
were served and the group of the
younger set assisting the hostess in
the afternoon included: Miss Delia
Jacobs. Miss Hilda Hess and Miss Mil
dred Lefkovitz. Those assisting in
the eveninc included: Miss EIsIp
Goodman, Miss Gladys Scbatzkey and
M'ss Ray Rablnowitz. Numbers of
Hatchell. The reception rooms of the
parsonage were decorated with
r lowers of the autumn season, quan
t ities of cosmos sent by Mrs. S. T
Turner, and the colors of both Baylor
university and Baylor college An
other beautiful gift bouquet was sent
bv Mrs. Edgar Kayser. Receiving the
quests with the pastor and his wife
were their daughter and the other
the young people were present !n the fIrte cmPrIsinS the group who will
Punch uas served from two nunrh
howls. One of the punch tables was i
evening to join the young son of the
family and dancing was enjoyed by
Petrograd, Russia, has a policewom
an armed with a loaded rifle stationed
on eerv street corner.
Save Your
It Is the timt of year when
roar baby Is liable to have
bowel, trouble. Avoid this by
putting it on-
none 3 to. Office. X. Orrcon
EI Paso Dairy Co.
decorated with whitp and e-ren th
colors of Baylor university and one
Of the tables was decorated wit!
white, purple and sold, the colors of
Baylor collece. The irirls who servprl
at the universitv table included those
who are pome to the university and
th girls at the college table included
the students who will attend the col
lege. JHore than 300 gruests called
lug, tut; evening. . program oit
musical numbers were sriven. which
were very much appreciated. Includ
ing: Readings. Miss Ixis McChesney.
Piano duet Miss Ruby Vermillion
and Miss Mildred Vermillion.
Piano and violin duet. Miss Mabel
McCall and Miss Lois McCall.
Tbe Sunday school orchestra. In
cluding Mrs. F. Iff Rnrralc Mr nnri
Mrs. Clay Miller, Anna Hawley and
B. D. Scott crave a number nf :oIm-
tions and another which added inter,
est to the program was given by a
young musician, Edward Schenck,
who recently came to this city from
Atlanta. Georgia. Master Schenck has
soprano voice and plays his own
accompaniments either on guitar or
t --I
Uteres anAii
m Makm
It's Easy, but it Must be Made RIGHT
Use good, Sura water. In. a coffee-pot scrupulously clean and boll
Jostenonsh. Merer warm up old coffee. Dee Just enough fir each
PEfJfCH LUiUKT coffee. It wilt please you better than any
ir-. .C'?" ?.raB: aboot K . tf wo didn't know yotfd
stick to FRENCH LUXURY after your first trial can?
It's the flavor:
KSH-RepubKc Coffee Co.LS
I Saturday's Calendar
In Local Society j
MEETING it 1 o. in it Asbury
Methodist Episcopal church of
Wade Hampton chapter of the United
Daughters of the Confederacy
Mrs. Harry Greer will direct a mu
sical program to be Given at the
base hospital at Fort Bliss In the af-1
Week end dance at the Country club.
Week end dance at the Khaki dub.
Chaperons will Include members of the
, College Woman's club.
Swimming at the pool In the T. W.
C. A. clubhouse without Instruction,
i for adults. 9 to 10 a. m.
i Swimming, without Instruction, for
; children. 1 to II a. m.
i Miss Annie Harper will entertain at
1 1 p. m. at the Harper home on Bliss
' street honoring Mrs. Onan Bwing.
I Cornelia Branch stone chapter. Chil
dren or tee confederacy, will meet
at 3 p. m. at Asbury Methodist church,
in joint session with Wade Hampton
chapter. United Daughters of the Con
federacy, In celebration of admiral
benunes day.
Meeting at 4 oclock p. tn. of tie
physical training committee of the
Y. W. C. A. at the X. W. C A. club
house. Tea and shower In the afternoon,
from 4 until S oclock. given by Mrs.
I. F. Gamble, honoring Miss Edna
Earl Douglas. '
Mmi Curl. co-dUeovertr of radium, haa
boen elected a professor of radiology at
Warsaw university.
inner sets
THE stunt party at the Khaki club
1 Friday night was considered
huge success. Pranks and laughter
filled the evening. All the soldiers
and girls. In costume, paraded before
the Judges of the evening, who In
cluded Chas. W. Pollock, Mrs. w. G.
Roe. Mrs. J. G. Barada and Rev. and
Mrs. F. M. Johnson. Jr. After the
grand march, the contestants all came
to attention for the "review.- and
prizes were awarded for the cleverest
The first nriw fni- th mn
Mr. Roe. df the M. T. C . 'the king of
- - " wtu, who wore unristmas
tree ornaments ax a. mwn an .
uiapou m a orown velvet portiere. He
ma presented with an order for a silk
7"" oy a ary goods store.
unuutunie, in a pink silk eve
nine gown and KlgjV -I..
won the second prise, a kodak,
donated by another firm. Al Bruno.
Of the Seventh field aie-nal hill.ll.
as "the queen of the surf." In a dainty
taffeta bathing suit, won a pair of
silver backed hair brushes, also do
nated. The prize winners amnnir th hh
were, first. Miss Fanny Aronson, as
Si. Hopkins; --second,- MV.LuenT. enS c'rS n?u.
LeClere, as "the vampire;" and, third. I
Miss Pearl Newman, as "the groom."!
mere- was a "bride," too, from the I
9Sth aviation squadron, but thel
f V. In a EUlt of army "fatigue I
"",liEO aua wun a iiery red wig,
drew all the aDnlause.
The Judges stated that their choice I
In every case demanded not only that I
the costume be generally good, but
" vure oe a Louca oi sumer about I
It. Since this was "Stnnt nlfrht " Giv. I
eral other girls were singled out fori
auuorauie mention as Having unusual
ly attractive costumes, among whom
wore -hiss iium xiosserman. who camel
as a Syrian dancer? vtu tttI
Vaughn, a dainty "Little Bed Riding I
Hood." and Miss Marcia Glover, as a I
"little tot." Charlie Chaplin thel
"ypsy giri ana otners received words I
of praii. too. While the "queen oft
the surf" and a 'cov nnni. t.- -1
"v .iiutw engineers, were serv-l
ing not chocolate and wafers to thai
guests, the War Camp Community I
girls' orchestra repdered a musical I
Program. With the exception of one!
vioiiumt, wno came as "Kip Van
Winkle," the girls of the orchestra
were dressed as little country glrta,
in blue checked pinafores and son-bonnets.
The rest of the evenlstr was Hun I
oacins, members or the Sev-
i Mrs. Arthur P. Watts Entertains
! With A Bridge Party Given At Ysleta
Piece Sets. (?-P' Piece Sets-
Never in history have we ever offered the public such
bargains. We are discontinuing these two patterns.
They are slightly imperfect. The sale price of these
sets are cheaper than we could buy them from the fac
tory at the present market cost.
32 Piece Set, Rosebud decora
tion; regular pnee $6.00;
50 Piece Sets. Gold Floral dec
oration; regular price $1150;
sale d"7 in
price. .
50 Piece Set, Rosebud decora
tion; regular price $15.00;
Piece Set Rose
Bud Decoration
Regular Price
$26.00 Sale
i a in.
100 Piece Set Gold
Only. Floral Decoration
Kegular "frice
$24.50 Sale
100 Sets
to be sold
at these prices
China Palace Co.
Retail Department
116 E. San Antonio St.
319 Phone 369
tained at cards Thursday after
noon at Folx's at Ysleta for a group
of friends. Roses and autumn flowers
on piano, window seats and tables
were the blossoms of decoration and
the tally cards featuring the autumn
motif bore designs of autumn leaves
in crimson and gold. Punch and con
fections were served during the bridge
games and at the close of the games,
enchiladas with hot coffee were
served. Mrs. Milton S. Graves won
first prise and Mrs. Albert Long the j
guest prize. The guest list included:
Mrs. E. W. Mitchell. Mrs. Christine I
Hoxle Fraxar. Mrs. Milton S. Graves. I
Mrs. Louis Foil. Mrs. a P. LansCen!
and Mrs. Albert T-nc- nrt Un rwk I
Carr, who motored down from El Paso I
iu oe present.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Saint Joan
Graves gave a pretty courtesy during
the past week, honoring Mr. and Mrs.
Robert I Dorbandt's house guest, Mrs.
Josephine GIffen. of lavmHi r-ailf
The great living room of the Graves I
name, e.1 .wiao. was decorated with I
roses .from the flower gardens. A I
salad course was served. Mrs. Mitchell I
won high score In the hrfdp cmA I
present were: itrs. Josephine I
wucn, -r. ana irs. itooert ! Dor-1
bandt Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mitchell. I
as ijuc .Jiiiciieii miss jctnei Mttrrn.
ctl ana orman UlaTK.
Claudia Roberta Parrish celebrated
her fifth birthday anniversary Tues
day afternoon from 4 to ( p. m, at
ine noma of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
C W. Parrish. Despite the inclement
weather the party was a very pretty
one. xne a eco rations were ping and
green, with a pink birthday cake.
Potted plants ' were used throughout
the rooms In decoration. In the
blind fold game of pinning the eyes
of a large pumpkin the first prise
was a warned to Jennie uook. the sec
ond prize to Cleo Cobb and the third
to Victoria Williams. The little
hostess received many pretty gifts.
The guests were: Elisabeth Owan
Verna Swartx, Jennie Cook, Betty
Blerhorst, Victoria Williams. Alice.
Brunner. Cleo Cobb. Vetna Wood and
Patricia Gougb, also Mrs. Rettha
Anderson, Mrs. George Brunner, Mrs.
Ia. C. Cook. Mrs WMn Cnr..- Tfl
llam3 and Dorothy Parrish.
A pretty courtesy for a bride to be
will be the tea and shower which Mrs.
L. F. Gamble will give Saturday after
noon from 4 to f oclock. honoring
Miss Edna Earl Douglas, whose en
gagement has been announced and
whose wedding will take place in Oc
tober. Miss Annie Harper will entertain
Saturday afternoon at t oclock with
a miscellaneous shower for a recent
bride, Mrs. Onan Swing, the former
Miss Ruth Gardner, whose marriage
occurred a few days ago. The courte
sy to Mrs. Swing will be given at the
Harper home on Bliss street.
About El Pasoans.
Dr. J. W. Cathcart. who was re
cently operated upon at the Mayo
institute, has returned home and is
again able to be out.
El Pasoans Away.
Mr. and Mrs. IL E. Thoeiason have!
one east for a visit of a few weeks. I
H. T. Ellis sends greetings to I
friends In El Paso from New Tork.1
where he and Mrs. Hills went to at
tend a meeting of the National Ty-I
pothetea, an organization of employ-1
ing printer. They expect to visit the I
xnonsana islands in the at. Lawrence I
oeiore tney return.
Hnlargrd Kodak. Pictures.
Did you know that little kodak I
picture you like so ranch ean be en
larged? Sure. See us. We will en
large the pictures you like beat tol
too sue yon like nest.
Gapdara Sft the lVlcwjm Adv.
I A Belled Suit With Newll
The pav of cooks in China averaa-ea
J1S monthly. '
New Charge Accounts Solicited
Return Service Men Join Ame rican Legion
J KC eatmore $
At The
l at weddisg ct Guillenno Calderon and Miss Maria Luisa Karvaez, which took place September 11, at the Holy
Family chapel at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Calderon is tie vonno- Aanehtrr nf Mr .r,x txt. n.t,w.t . -c-t t. I
Mr. Calderon is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Melchor Calderon of Prospect avenue. They will make their home after
Weird Costumes and Much Merriment I
Feature "Stunt Party" At Khaki Club I
all and Winter
MiEinery Sesisoii
Formally Opens in
Economy Basement
This department Las recently undergone marvelous improvemenb and many csangei
haye been made to tare for its ever increasing patronage.
We ask you to viit this interesting section and view a glorious display of smart
new milliner' at very conservative prices.
Newest styles, quality materials and reasonable' prices, are the attractions re
sponsible for its popularity.
Glorious Hats are Special Sat
urday at 10.05, f 7.50, 5.08,
4.08 and 8.08
The Children5
Is simply aglow with smart Fall and Winter Hats for the little folb and.offers for
Lovely .$8.50 Tarns for 1.08
of s9k velvet in black and colors.
Children's Shoes
for Play and
School Wear .
Main Floor.
Sturdy, comfortable footwear that wffl stand the trials and hard knocks of lively
Children's Elksfein Shoes
Soft tan aad smoked elkskin. with a heavy flexible sole, comfortable, roomy, foot
form shapes, button and lace styles.
Sizes 5 to 8 at f 230.
Sizes 8 1-2 to 11 at 18.00
Sizes 11 1-2 to 2 at 13.50
Children's Dress Shoes
in aH black, black and brown combinations and black and white combinations,
are very dressy shoes for the little folb in both button and lace styles, small size
begin at $Z50 up to $5.00 for misses" sizes.
Shoes, First Floor.
"The Store of Service"
See Our Regular Adv., Back Page, Telegraph Section
El Pasoans Returning.
Mrs. Lao Cal has returned tn lir
home after a visit of tfcre months
spent in California,
Mrs. Florence Wttlf1n nn4 hahv
Lane, have arrived from California,
where they spent the summer in Lone
Beach. ;
Mrs. W. EL Ward has returned to the
Citr from Lonr Rmjh anri nthr r.it.
fornia places where she spent the
Mrs. Frances P. Well, who has
spent the past five months In Cali
fornia, visiting at La Jo 11a, San
Diego and Los Angeles, has returned
to her home, 1521 Mundy avenue.
Hm weekly minimum wtt or domestic
servants in Oregon ! 91 LSI.
"Americans are eating more bread and less of the higher priced
foods." states Julius H. Barnes. U. S. wheat director. The reason
is plain: Wholesome bread like
Odom's Transfer
TflAT the belted coat may find new g
lines is illustrated in this model IH
with Inserted pleats, that sire anf
original note to ths coat which
fastens a trifle to one side In a way
remindful of a Russian blouse. Rasp
berry velour and sealskin develop this 3
nun. iuo narrow oeii is crossed in 1
ironi. wnere it fastens with black
bone buttons, which are also used in
larger sixe on the coat Th kirt
plainly gathered to a narrow belt
which fastens with a eunmetai
buckle The hat of raspberry velvet ' H
Supplies the demands
the - Waon
Powell's Home Bakery
I Phone 163
1018 E. Boulevard. 1
H LOOM, ffi- Rm.
,Rl jxpl.inlnt oar iji-
BY mall. 4 cOTnTM-.nnrt
oa Sprint, AcgtiL
"I" i Bryan. Chldtro. X.
ebber A Co, Bo.
Vork. Paine,
ion. Dntnth.
317 No. Orecon St.
St. Reel Hotel.
Ph. 5131.
Use Herald Want Ad3
iiiiiiL;--i,:i:,iiii.diiiiimUiimiiimrmimimimiiii..Mu.i i.m..iim

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