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Friday, Sept. 26, 1919. 3
r i
Americans On The Ehine
Plan To Restore Boy
To Mother.
Pxrts. France. Sept. 26. Joseph
Fr-ner. a 13 year old Chicago boy,
who was taken to Germany by bis
rather in 1914, may be restored to his
mother in the Illinois city, as a re-G-jJt
of his adoption as a mascot ay
one of the American units at Coblen?.
The boy's mother is Mrs. Emma Frtn
ser, of 38 Dearborn street. South
He was brought by American mili
tary police the other day to the office
of Capt- Pa ale E- Peck, formerly dean
r t Grtenell college, Grinnell, Iowa,
and now head of the home service ,
work of the American Red Cross In
:3rope. Capt. Peck learned that in
SlD the boy's father died and the
trother remarried. Early In 1914 the
stepfather. George Fringer, took the
boy from Chicago to Germany. Then
ame the war. The stepfather entered
- he Germ.tu army and was killed. For
o time the boy made his home with
relatives in Berlin and then drifted
lo coblenz where be attached himself
co one of the regiments. The dougrh
ooys helped him in writing a letter to
- is mother, who responded Immedi
ately urging him to come back to her
at once.
tVhen the regiment left for America
several unsuccessful efforts were
T-aae by soldier friends to smuggle
the bov aboard the transport, but each
'me he as detected and set ashore.
F.aallv fee was sect oack to Paris- The
Tied Cross took up the boy's case with
' American passport bureau and has
ccjred proofs of identity that will
enable the boy to start for heme and
n oiher shortly.
Ma' K. G. Moees and 15 men from
e Eighth and Ninth engineers left
"iday for Oeming. X. M., to salvage
arap Cody.
ratea; prompt service. El Paso Herald j
Magazine Agency. Adv. 1
Mrs C'ark's Cafeteria, 203 Mesa.
President of Soldier Settle
ment Board Asks Day
In Court.
Santa Fe X. M-, Sept. 26 Edward
Everett Young, president of the sol
diers' settlement board, will ask for
his day in the federal court, as he
was out of town when federal judge
Colin Neblett. on petition of United
States attorney Summers Burkhart
granted an injunction against the
board, the state treasurer and other
officials, restraining them from pay
ing out money derived from federal
grant lands for the expenses of the
board. Mr. Toung was in Taos coun
ty at he time and no service was had
upon him, and he therefore maintains
that he still has a hearing coming.
Together with attorney general
Askren he has formulated a new re
ply to the contention of the United
States, pointing out that the expense
bills Incurred in trips to Salt Lake
City and St. Louis were definitely
and specifically for the reclamation
of the lands granted the state by con
gress and therefore a legitimate ex
pense to be charged against the In
come from such lands, and that even
if the court should not consider it
such a legitimate expense, it would
not militate against the expenditure
of the 330,000 appropriated by the
state from land funds for the sol
diers' settlement board, whose main
function is to seek means to improve, 1
irrigate and Increase materially, the
vaiue or ine tanas grantea tne state
by the federal government.
enotua tne aecision oe still adverse
and the injunction be made perma
nent by judge .Neblett, then an appeal
will be taken by the state to the cir
cuit court of appeals and if necessary
the case will be taken to the United
States supreme court for a final de
cision on the clear-cut Issues presented.
American Graves Cared For Well
Elyio Gonzales and Xemeca Ajroerre.
Julio Avias and Maria. Avliga.
Dolores Garcia and Just la Leyra.
Put That LazyDollar To Work 1
Have yo a Lazy Dollar lying in the House or in your
Did you ever realize that it could earn interest for
you instead of just hanging around? -
A DoHar isn't worth a cent except for what it wiH
do any more than a man is worth his salt if he
won't wort
You must keep that Dollar working, just as you have
to keep working yourself, if you expect to get ahead.
Ability is "Made" by making capabilities get busy
Money is '''Made" by making money work, by putting
Idle Dollars where they will earn dividends.
Start 'a -Savings -Account "With 'Us.
We pay 4 percent interest on Savings Accounts, i
I American Trust and I
1 Savings Bank
1 El Paso, Texas.
r -n
rESB photographs of American
graves In France, where sleep the
American soldiers who gave up their
lives for liberty, were made by Ueut.
VT. X Mason, aide do camp to MaJ. Gen.
Robert I. Howze, district military
commander, while he was in France
and show that the graves are all well
cared for and marked.
Tn the past few months I have
read a great many articles in regard
to the condition of the graves kept In
France hy the A. E- FV said Ueut.
Mason. "Many people have the idea
that those men who have fallen are be
ing1 neglected. Snch Is not the case.
nd these photographs prove It. I hope
publication in The Herald will go a
long way towards stopping this sort of
talk and will make the minds of some
of the relatives rest easier.
"These pcotographs were taken by
me on the 10th of August and are
scenes of the A. E. F. cemetery at
or near Be Ilea u woods. It contains the
graves of men of the second and third
a i visions who ieu during tne opera'
tions In "and around these woods.
"In the pictures you can see that
each grave is marked by substantial
wooden cross, giving the man's name.
ranK, organization ana serial number.
It will also be noticed that Gorman
prisoners are used to keep the ceme
tery in good condition.
"When I was there the grass had
not yet come up, out the enure ceme
xery was in a ciean. neat condition.'
You are Looking for a
Thrill and Inspiration,
go out to Austin Terrace to
morrow, get out of your car
and walk around. Look at the
marvelous panorama laid out
before you. At the south end
of the property the magnifi
cent El Paso Valley looks like
a landscape by one of the old
masters. To the west lies the
main part of the city; this
view will thrill you with civic
pride. To the west and north
lies old Mount Franklin in its
majesty, constantly changing
its color like a chameleon.
Austin Terrace is where
you will eventually want your
home. Why not now?
James L. Marr
& Company,
Wiley E. Jones
Denies Charge
He Was 'Drunk
Under Influence of Liquor
March 20, 1917, Gov
ernor Alleges.
Phoenix, Ariz, Sept. 2C. When In
formed of the contacts of an aMl
davit by Got. Campbell, making the
sensational charge that attorney
general Wiley E. Jones was under
the lnflnence of liquor on the night
of March 20, 1917. the attorney gen
era! leaned a statement saying
"1 am astonished that the governor
would make snch a statement in ref
erence to 'Influence of liquor.' as It
Is absolutely untrue.'
The governor's affidavit was filed
in the famous Campbell-Harris case.
wherein the governor is seeking to
oust Charles W. Harris as adjutant
general or Arizona.
The matter arose after the filing
of a memorandum in the superior
court by Louis B. Whitney, assistant
attorney general, in wnicn he states
that on the night In question Jones
and Will E. Ryan, the governor's at
torney, were at tne executive orxice,
it being the last date when the gov
ernor could veto bill No. 10. then
under consideration.
The Whitney memorandum alleges
that Jones told the governor that if
oe signea tne diu it would perpetu
ate Harris in office.
Claims Memo Is False
The governor, in his affidavit.
t&tea tfaa.t the lanrtun .if ih. mmk.
New York. SeDt. 26. Mare than lifts " orandum is "absolute! v fI that
enemy aliens, the majority Germans I he had been advised that adjutant
wiiw were miernea in tnis country
during the war, sailed for Rotterdam
toaay on tne transport Pocahontas.
With 1600 names on Its rnstrr th
.1 Paso chamber of commerce claims
the largest membership in Texas. In
a report just sent to the chamber of
commerce of the United States by
curwn du ncii or tne cnamoer said
this was an Increase of 1200 since
last Marcn.
The recent membership campaign
added 500 new names. These were
won from a prospect list of 1400.
Since the campaign a follow up sys
tem is being used in an effort to get
as many more of the 1400 as possible.
A total of 50 junior members were
obtained. These are all charter members.
Comet" Man
Faces Charge Of
Criminal Libel
Grand Jury Indicts C. H.
Griffith, Who Issued
Local Sheet
C. H. Griffith, editor of the Comet.
which was Issued intermittently for
several weeks in El Paso, was indicted
on a charge of criminal libel by tne
grand jury Friday. The Indictment Is
the result of articles which recently
appeared In the columns of the Comet
and In which the character of wall
known El Pasoans was attacked.
The sheriffs office reported at l:ta
that Griffith had not been arrested,
but he had already been telephoning
to arrange for bond. Just how the
news of his Indictment had reached
him was not known.
Once during the career of the pub
lication ox nis paper, unrxitn was
brought to the eltv from A rruxAhrm.
down the valley suffering from severe
brnlses about the face as a result of
a ugnt.
The grand Jury adjourned at noon
Friday, after a session extending over
four weeks. Thirty-five Indictments
were returned during the session. It
was stated at the office of the district
1500 Foe Aliens, Mostly
Germans, Sail From u. S,
Washington, D. C. Sept St. Stor
age of the usual "seasonal require
ments of meats" Is permissible under
the food control act and does not con
stitute hoarding, attorney general
Palmer said in a letter sent today to
former Gov. W. R. Stubbs, of Kan
sas. The department of justice, Mr.
Palmer said, has no intention of in
stituting prosecutions in such cases.
On Beard President Wilson's Special
Train. Sept. 26. Albert Rathbone, as
sistant secretary of the treasury in
charge of the farm loan bureau, has
been commissioned by president Wil
son to act for the American govern
ment in the financial rehabilitation
measures to be taken in Snrope
growing out of the peace settlement.
It is understood Mr. Rathbone will
be associated in an unofficial capacity
wtth the reparations commission,
which is set up by the peace treaty
to have charge of rehabilitation
measures and of the collection of
Germany's indemnity.
A Mexican Ining fle miles from
Cp.nuMMo w-is kiTt-d Thur'dav hen
t! e 1 rt r ( f r.f hn limine fell in.
He is (.ep u'.r-o KUJ'"U.
general Harris had made the statA.
ment that the bill would give him a
life job, and had consulted Ryan
aoouc it ana tost Kyan nad assured
him that the enactment would not re.
move the governor's right to remove
any subordinate officer.
The affidavit then states that he
asked the attornev eenerai if tho bin
would perpetuate Harris in office, and
iuiu ujr jones mat II any at
tempt was made to construe that act
he guessed that the attorney gen
eral's office, with the help of Brother
nyan. wouia oe aoie to see tnat. tney
did not get away with It." and that,
relying upon such assurance, he
aimed the bill
The document then closes with the
statement tnat "deponent well re
members the circumstances snri .
members that due to the fact that the
attorney general was then under the
Influence of liquor, he would not
have acted upon any suggestion of
the attorney general or any opinion
given him except as In the cae the
opinion did concur with that already
sires in m Dy attorney rtyan.
Members of the El Paso chapter
ui iu American ijegion win meet to
night in the local headquarters In
the basement of the chamber of com
merce building. Owing to the mem
bership drive, which has resulted in
the addition of many new members
to the chapter an entertainment pro
gram will not be given tonight. The
regular order of business will be car
ried out, however.
TnmTY-FOTjnTn district court
Jndse W. D. IIott. PrcK.dfnj;.
State vb W. T Salisbury, theft of
automobile; found ruilty by Jury and
sentenced to two vears in the state
Annie Lui Dav vs Harry J Day,
divorce; filed
State s. John Wittp ttwt of au
tomobile: pleaded -roUty and punish
ment assessed at two years in tne
K B Creel, formerl wrh the real
p;tate f rm of .Tame I- Mnrr & Co.
j has eon1 r o 'h Joiin W Phillips
JRealtj comjav. ;
i flit rKJirJLJ,KL
Cor. 3Jea Are. and San Antonio St.
Mall and Phone Orders Promptly Filled. Prlfate Branch Ex eh ante 2200. I
us Millinery Values
As a filling close to our Fall Fashion Week, toe
offer values in millinery lhal are entirely out of the
IGHT at the beginning of the season, due to the alertness
of our buying organization, we are able to offer stunning
new Fall hats at what are really end-of-the-season prices. There
are 150 of these hats, the Fall sample line of one of the fore
most millinery manufacturers of the country. Being pattern
hats, there are of course no two alike. Included in the offering
are large dress hats, made of chiffon and Lyons velvets, combined
with gold and silver cloth and silk duvetyn, with trimmings of
ostrich, burnt goose, blondique and English pheasant. Also
offered are smart small hats, for wear with tailored suits show
ing embroidery of silk and wool and fancy leather ornaments.
The hats have been arranged in four special groups and will be
fifth Floor.
Group No. 3
Hab representing values up to $35.00
are offered at
See Special
Window Displays
on sale Saturday as follows:
Group No. I
Hats representing values up to $50.00
are offered at
Group No. 2
Hats representing values up to $4 0.00
are offered at
Group No. 4
Hats representing values up to $25.00
are offered at
Sat. Coat Special
$34.50 and $3950 Values for $29.50
Hera is yoar opportunity to effect a substantial
saving on your new Fall coat. This is a big collec
tion of new and fashionable coats. Tne materials
are silrertone and wool vekmr. fabrics much favered
this season. Many models have far collars, but H
you want a plainer garment, why we have that, too.
Regular values are $3430 and $39J0; the special
prtoS.tunUy 29.50
Fifth Floor...
All Wool Sweaters $750
A sweater is the ideal garaift for the first coo!
days of FalL Tfcete are seek sriee ones. They are
all wool, made with sailor collar and Tuxedo -front.
Come In all colors. s v
Priced for Saturday at tp J?
Blanket Bath Robes $4.45
A. warm bath robe is needed right bow. These are
Beaeon blanket bath robes, in a variety of colorings.
tlt $4.45
Fifth Floor.
Parents oho have been dreading ike high prices, for boys' Winter Clothing are afrited to by the Pop-
alar Boys Store. Dependable quahty, altracUrc st&es. real valaes.
This means a saving of about 25 to all thrifty
parents who bring their boy or boys here for these
excellent suits. There are about 200, of them in
new Fall and Winter style, with belt all around.
.Every suit has two pair of trousers, fully lined, all
seams taped, which assures doable wear. Come in
Hue, brown and gray mixtures, gift
sizes 8 to 17 years. Special price tJ m. JbttJ J
Knit union suits for boys in Fall and Winter
weights is a complete assortment. Ribbed cotton,
cotton and wool and silk and wool. Priced accord
ing to size and g O fj(f
quality from 51.00 to it? J
SHpover or coat style in all the popular colors, the
Jdnd that -will please the little fellow, g O Q
sizes 21 to 28. Specially priced at $? ZZj
BOYS' SUITS $18.50
The exeeHecee of fabric and tailoring and the smart
style of these suits make them worthy of special
interest to mothers of boys. New styles, tailored of
all wool fabrics in gray, brown and green mixtures
with seams strictly remlorcea ana anrsoiy unci.
Sfaes 9 to 18 years.
Specially priced at
A material that wiH give a remarkable amount of
service and the style is one that is liked for the
little fellow 5 to 10 years. - " gjj f r
Specially priced it q)Ui ZO
These are made of overcoating in fancy mixture,
excellently tailored in smart styles, eaae hi brown, -green
and gray, all fined throughout with plaid fab
rics. Sizes 2 to 8 and for the bigger boys 9 to IB
rr $12.50
MACKINAWS $7.50 AND $9.00
Tailored of splendid quality foiV, warm Mackinaw
doth in bright patterns, with convertible collar and
roomy pockets. Sizes 6 to 9 years, priced at
sOto 20 y-, $9.00
These coat sweaters are of heavy rope knit, made
with large shawl collars and two sockets. Gome is
maroon, navy blue and gray, sizes 30 to 3$ eheet
measure. A limited quantity g O Q?
at the special price of tpOt JJ
4th Floor.
fk GAIN" Saturday, we will
offer high grade white
FreaVfe ivory at half price and
less. Every piece offered is of
high quality and substantial
weight, while sizes and shapes
are both highly attractive and
thoroughly practical. Included
in the assortment yon win
find hair brushes, combs, buf
fers, jewel boxes, pin boxes,
trays, hair receivers, puff
boxes, perf usie bottles, picture
frames, vases and manicure
implements. Values range to
5150 and higher; you have
. at
Street Hoor.
"Ottle Miss El Paso
For Saturday
Women's, fur trimmed JuKet
house shippers, leather sole and
heel, come in black and brown.
special, per pair
Cretonne "Comfy" slippers in
colors brown, blue, gray, old rose,
purple and green. g O
Price,' per pair Cp &
Misses' and children's imported
Japanese silk slippers for bouse
wear at the special prices, per
pair of 75c and $1.00.
2nd Floor.
The Autumn season is now fairly inaugurated. The tang of cool
ness in the air o" mornings speaks eloquently of days near at hand
when warm clothes will be indispensable. With this thought in
mind, permit us to direct your attention to our uneqaaled stocks
of girls' ready;to-wear. 4th Floor.
Saturday Specials
For the little tot of 2 to 6 years, we offer a small line of woolen
sweater coats, betted raodels. gO Q
Saturday special at P '
An exceptional lot of sweater coats, knit to wear well and hold
their shape. They have a world of warmth. Colors are hunter
green, gray, cardinal, Copenhagen, rose and gold. Some are worth
up to SS JO. Sizes 30 to 36. tS9 G
Saturday special at tp jr . S J
Coats for misses of 2 to 6, made of plash, corduroy and wool mix
tares. They are mostly sample garments that fa Q S
are worth a great deal more than the special price of tj Jm SU
Saturday in Downstairs Store
Saturday Specials
Mum, Saturday special at 19c
D. & R. Cold Cream, 30e size.
at 33c
Witch Easel Soap, per box 25c
Willow's Lotion, special at 21c
Thais Face. Powder, Saturdav
at 98c
Mary Fuller Xafl Polish at 35c
nanderise, Saturday special
I'""---- 29c
lzztas Touet Water, special
9 To Specials
Xadmeia Cream, j f
9 to I special at 0?C
Xnfti, Xo. 3 Size, f v
9 to 1 special at 1VC
Dr. Lyons Tooth Pow- f f
der, 9 tel. at iVC
. Street floor
These sweaters come in coat style with gray Angora
collars and cuffs. Colors are buff, Copenhagen, rose
and green with color matched
buttons. Special at tJ'-yn
Slipover style sweaters with large collars; colors
black, myrtle, turquoise, rose and
These come in bandeau style, made of flesh color
brocaded batiste, front and hack f (Hi
magenta. Priced at
Many beautiful embroidered and beaded effects as
well as plain styles. These come motly in white
and flesh, but some colors. 'js ay
Special at .
These union suits are fleece lined, long sleeves,
ankle length and come in sizes o
from 2 to 12 years. Special at O C
These union suits come in three styles; high neck,
long sleeves and ankle length, Dutch neck, elbow
sleeves and ankle length; low neck, no sleeves and
ankle length. All
sizes and fleece lined. Price
All charge purchases made tomorrolD Kill be
entered on October accounts.
Made of pretty figured kimono flannel in floral pat
terns. Collars and cuffs are (C& O AC
silk trimmed. Special price .jrG?
Pretty, practical dresses for girls from 6 to 14
years. Made of good serge, in navy, brown, green
and burgundy; have areolar and sailor eoQars and
are neatly trimmed with braid and buttons. Abo
offered at this price are pretty dresses in ohenhcrd
checks, finished with black piping. J? A 5
Exceptional rahies for Saturday at y. CjJ
Toilet Articles
Fine Art ToSet Soap, assorted odors, 3 for 2jc
Certified Soap, containing pure extract of witch
hazel 15c
Stork Castile Soap, extra special at 15c
Tooth Brushes, extra special at 10c
Cloth Brushes, extra special at 15c
Luxor Rouge, extra special at 50c
Luxor lip sticks, extra special at ise
J"o phone oraexa.
tra Spec'!
Oulin? Sleepers 75c
Outing flannel sleeping gar
ments in sizes 2 to 7 years.
Made of pink or blue striped
outing flannel. A value that
will not be offered again any
time soon. Extra f
Special for Saturday i jG
Outing flannel gowns and
Billy Borkes for girls in a very
liberal assortment at J 1-23,
31.50, $200 and up.
4th floor.
Lighthouse Cleanser
Limit 6 cans to a c-tomer.
Buy Unit
We continue Saturday the spe
cial display and sale of knit
underwear. Our Fall stocks of
knit underwear are now com
plete and embrace everything
needed in both separate gar
ments and union suits for men,
women, boys and girls. Special
mention is made of Munsing
wear and Merode "Hand Fin
ished ' knit underwear. We
carry complete assortments of
these two famous mikes of
knit underwear.

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