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Those Who Year Ago Welcomed End Of Hostilities
As Beginning Of An Era Of Peace And Prosperity
Noxv Confess disappointment And Dtsdllustonment
1 17 ASHING TON. D. C, Not. 10 With
Tf the currant wek w paas the
first anr.IverM.ry of the armistice, and
tnis mile post will naturally excite
"-any comment. Beyond all alee it
n Inevitable that the pobllca of all
-he nations, which one year ago wel
omed the cessation of hostilities with
: . concomroitant surrender of Ger--any,
as not merely an end of imme
..te horror, but the beaitwinK of a
period of peace and prosperity, will
. onfesB alike to disappointment and
iHsillusionment. At the end of a
ear of socalled peace, war is still
-om? forward In many portions of
Europe, new disputes have arisen in
'lace of the old issues of a year ago,
:nd, technically at least, the condition
"f peace between Germany and the
i -lited State? has not been restored.
Confute., nmvr BrMent
When ore seeks to analyse the
- entg of the past 12 months. It la
.ipparent at once how confused and
onfusing the circumstaces. big and
j ttle alike, have Men. A year ago
we m America celebrated a false re
port of peace with an enthusiasm
I ardlv paralleled in our history and
-iA preserved a surplus sufficient
to make the arrival of the victorious
ieings the signal for sn even greater
' ut hurst.
in that hour it was the belief la
America, if not in Europe, that the
n'ULarv decision in the case of Ger
many, which vad preceded the actual
a rm jstie. woul i supply the oppor
tr.pitv for a settlemerit, not a mere
-.rttlement of the single Issue raised
the German attack of August,
Year After Armistice Demonstrates War Itself Settled
Few Issues Other Than Great One, That of German
Domination, but World Should Not Forget That
Achievement; Before-War Conditions Impossible.
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1914, but of the innumerable issues
stirred in the coarse of the war.
The phrase "making the world safe
for democracy" had been accepted
with something of a literal Interpre
tation and the people of the United
states looked forward to a peace con
ference as calculated not alone to re
store Immediate peaoe. bat to elimi
nate causes of war. dispose of those
issues out of which conflicts had
risen or threatened during the
troubled generation which had pre
Whole Nations Were Exhausted.
Exactly what the Europeaa emo
tion at the same moment was. it is
exceedingly difficult to say. The ex
haustion of the war had reached a
point hardly equalled before in his
tory, and Individuals, not classes of
society, but whole nations had been
so racked with the strain of more
than four years of conflict. Enthu
siasm and eren expectation such as
there was in the Uaited States, cer
tainly was not to be found in Europe,
but, by contrast, there was a certain
.emotional outburst.
1 Looking baefctmrd over the
coHrse of the hut year mueb that
was obscure in Xevember. 1018,
becomes dear. In the first place
we are all now painfully nnnrc
that the war so thoroughly up
rooted tnsritntiens, habits, sys
tems, that the chanee of a re
turn to the before the wnr condi
tions vraa Impossible, not alone
MUtfeaUr. bot economically.
On the political side two of the
great empires of modern history, the
Hapsburg and the Romanoff, had bees
destroyed, blown into fragments and
between the rragmenss mere naa oe
veinned hostilities, ancient and new.
which continued and seemingly win
continue long to plague ana to pux
1a A third and even more powerful
empire, that of the HobensoHerns. had
crashed down, alter military ueieas.
and for the moment seemed likely to
dissolve into another Russian chaos.
The task of those upon whom the
duty developed to make peace was.
therefore, a thing entirely different
from the problem which might have
been posed, had Germany been de
feated in 114 or eren in 1914, while
the Russian and the Austro-Hun-garian
empires still stood and the
German empire, itself, had not under
gone the disintegrating strain of four
years of conflict
Peaee Decisions Assailed.
The decisions of the conference of
Paris have been universally assailed,
attacked alike by the representatives
of progress and reaction, by the lib
erals aad the conservative, bat they
have been mere bitterly assnllsd by
masses of men aad women, who with
out profound convictions looked to
Paris for a real settlement aad find
thimlTM saw confronted ta each
day's news by the inescapable fact
that more problems remain unsettled
than w
found Itself in a minority only the
other day and narrowly escaped resignation.
Meantime, wane, domestic unrest.
Hoi water
Sure Relief
'ere reooenixad to exist a year
ago. The largest indictment or pontic
men of an nations, that one encoun
ter's today, is based upon the fact
that they have (ailed to achieve any
complete or approximate settlement,
that the great questions which were
set before them a year ago, remain
unanswered today.
Out of tbla situation baa grown do
mestic unrest la every nation which
fought. If the Germans assail-their
own leaders for having consented to
fatal terms la the peaee of Versailles,
the French, the British aad the Ital
ian nannle. and for that matter the
American, assail their representatives
for a fsilare to dispose oi toe wanes
raised br the war in such fashion
that peaee or even approximate peace
would be assured.
Bitter Befeate In America.
Today in America we are engrossed
' in a bitter muuou hbh. over
single detail In thw sex e settlement.
our whole legislative and eves our
executive departments have been en
gaged for nearly six months la a de
bate which has not yet terminated
and must terminate before there can
be peace la the world. Ia France the
debate, H sow ended, has been not
less scute, while the British olntstrr
, which brought back the most profit
i able peace terms ia British history.
The Day of Victory
Tuesday, November 11th
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political and eves more economic, has
postponed a return to peace in four
great nations who In alliance de
feated Germany, a multitude of riv
alries have broken oat between newly
liberated peoples, between the recent
allies and between the great powers
and smaller races. Back of this lies
the ever menacing shadow of Russia,
where. If results are the measure,
western statesmanship ha failed most
conspicuously aad completely. Not
many months ago it was estimated in
the British house of oommons that
there were 28 wars actually in
progress and the number baa nardjy
decreased since that time.
Wars Still In Progress,
Each newsoaser brln&re fresh re
ports of the fighting on at least three
rronts tn Kuaesa. Italian ana Jugo
slav troops lace each other in an
armed truce on the Adriatic about
Plume and Serb and Rumanian troops
are mobilized against eaca otner in
the Banat. while Rumanian soldiers,
in defiance of allied mandate, con
tinue to occupy Hungarian cities aad
provinces. Never was the situation
ia Asia Minor more .critical than to
day, while the westers nations re
main deadlocked over the ultimate
disposition of the last remaining frag
ment of Turkey la-Europe, the Thra
claa hinterland of Constantinople.
In all this chaos and confusion it
is plain that certain facts have been
established. Rightly or wrongly, it tat
plain that the people of France, Groat
Britain aad the United Skuas will not
consent to figfct aVnew war to restore
order In Russia, they wUl not supply
the troops to expel the Italians from
KHMnMk ap tn Rumanians from Buda
pest, they hesitate even to furnish the
troops necessary ix were is w m.
fair election la portions of Germany
to determine whether the Inhabitants
shall remain Caiman or pass to Po
land, to Denmark or to Belgium.
Wilson's .Principles Kepuotafea.
store than tbla. the course Of the
United states has ajrasat amounted to
a repudiation ox na mssumhsu
nle mncsatest bar nreaident Wilson la
Europe, that America was henceforth
to emerge from her Isolation aad, In
association with the other liberal
powers, estanosa a league ox uauons
aad contribute to the clotting of Its
decisions with adequate authority.
The ratification of the treaty of Ver
sailles in Washington; without amend
ment seems certain, but the reserva
tions, whose adoption seems equally
certain, aenrrre tno treats' ei man m
Its moral force itn drveetlue It of all
guarantees of (an American char
acter. .....
In sum. then, a year wmea naa 101-
lowad ilia slcrainer erf the armistice
has served to demonstrate that the
war Itself settled 1 w otaer issues
than the one great Question, that of
German domination. The immediate
menace of German -warss supreme ry
baa been temporarily aboiisaed, bat
unfortunately there are still lacking
even the most striasious evwjraces
that German defeat has seen followed
by any change in Genaan purposes.
What the German means to do, when
k. artM mi hie feat na-aln. what asarlt
he win display, whether he win turn
from his old gods or continue to wor
shra them with sew zeaL la a matter
OI propnecy omy.
rfnewafntv TT.Ire ttlemrnt.
Aad this uncertainty has paralyzed
settlement, real sexaemeac. it ex
plains the new, struggles for alliances
ari comDimtuous wmwt.
mill, wtiv rieemiana of the confer
ence of paris. Just deeJsteBS. have not
been applied- n uermaiiy is
Mi Va rh. afatv ef France win
denend upon the coarse of Italy
..j tr vmivb msarrela with Italy,
i v -tM wtra Tb Ualn and tha
United States in forcing Italy out of
Flume, no turns; is more movitaa-s.
than that Italy will stand with Ger
many la the next conflict with fatal
consequences to Erase.
That peso which was to be a
"healing peace.- a rtgaaeoas settle
ment, a guarantee against future war,
waa made well stefc impossible by
the absence of any clear proof -if Ger
man purpose. If or was thr- any
human method of fathoming fAtrmaa
purpose, peace had to be eoastiuett
on the basis of an insurance asmlsat a
repetition of the past, but that insur
ance precluded precisely the elemeat
of "heeltne wbieh was required to
arrive at the results sought by presi
dent Wilson.
Rosstsn Restoration Distant.
And If it were impossible to deter
mine as to Germany, what process of
divination could or can disclose the
fotttrs of BnseiaT Despite temporary
progress by armies believed by the
westers poMles to represent the hope
of restoring sanity and prder ta the
aav state. It still remains patent tiat
such a restoration is a thing of the
distant future and again there Is pre
sented the possibility' that there may
be a combiaauOB between alar and
Teuton or aa ultimate aggrandlse
aseat of the Teuton, which win carry
instant and deadly peril to every
It Is fashionable nowadays to blame
one statesman or alt statesmen for
this condition of world chaos and an
archy which exists. In the United
States, with ever Increasing vehe
mence, president Wilson Is denounced
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as responsible in some way for the
European anarchy. Yet it seems to
me that the severest indictment that
can be justly framed will only charge
that he went to Europe advocating a
metnod or settlement, wniea was mo
mentarily accepted by nations and
peoples having no method to offer
themselves and through policy or oth
erwise, subscribing to the president's
It may be that a league of na
tions was alrrays Impossible, was
totally Impossible In the circum
stances existing after tee Cerman
defeat, but there has never been
any alternative offered and those
who most bitterly perceive the
limitations of the president's
seheme, still confess to sec in It
the single present hope of eseape
from the vfeieus circle ef conflict
breeding; wars and aeitlements.
In a sense every one of the larger
problems which were presented at
Paris have proven themselves insol
ubie throusrh centuries of Europeaa
history. The congress of Vienna
nearly broke up as a consequence of
disputes over Poland. In the same
assembly the Saar basin, now the ob
ject of world discussion, was. In lar
ger Dart, assigned to France once and
withdrawn on second thought, after
Napoleon had come and gone. The
Balkan rivalries were bitterer
years ago, before the Turk came and
temporarily abolished them, than at
this moment, while even the Romans
were unable to manage toe myrian
difficulties, which are tha Adriatic
disputes of the present hour.
A rear aa-o the hor that war mak
ing disputes from the Scheldt to the
Beresina could be solved at the peace
conference was general, but neither
the hope nor the disappointment
which has followed its disappearance
seem to me to have been fulfilled.
Similarly the hope that an exhausted
world could Immediately perform the
gigantic tasks necessary to reestab
isbinjr order, noliticallv or economi
cally, will undoubtedly appear to the
future to have been a mirage rather
than a well fouaded conception.
Defeat ef German r Important.
By contrast it seems to me that a
year alter the armistice ws have per.
haps touched and even passed the
lowest point In the inevitable pessi
mism. The real results of the war
may henceforth become clearer aad
clearer until it becomes undeniable
that If the defeat of Germany did not,
as some men and women momentarily
noped. open the short way to estab-
Uehing heaven on earth. It no less
contributed to making the earth more
toieraoifl lor numan neine-a
The defeat of the German mast ua-
questionabiy seem to toe future
great deliverance as the defeat of
Spain, when that nation sought to
fasten its equally fatal system, po
litical and otherwise, noon Some.
The independence of the several tribes
ana races or Europe and of the world
was reestablished sad to tha free neo-
ples millions were added. The most
obvious ana unmistakable evti. tno
most monstrous peril which bad
threatened mankind in half a '
sand years was broken perhaps per-
saaneaxiy. at least in suen isaaioa as
to insure that the ftsrbt to tkraaarvn
human liberty will not only continue,
but continue with the added strength
ous i-o a earning victory.
Aettsal V feiwi v srersrsrtfes.
The world went to war tat snw tt-
seir from German tyranny ana Gor
man domination- In this it waa stuc-
cessfuL althousrb the atrusEarl was
long and the- issue in doubt until the
end. Germany beaten, the world for
moment dreamed that the vietorv'
could be stretched to cover lnauranoa
against an inture perils, a guarantee
of peaee. a protection against future
V, R V- mm An mm hm . u S4-
I later and supplementary purpose has
appointment at this has brought with
ft forge tfulnesa of the actual victory
In the main struggle.
A year after the armistice It Is
plain that many questions out of
which wars may arise, win survive
the settlement of Parts, It Is possible
tuai certain circumstanoes m too set
tlement, itself, may provide tha occa
sions of later ware. The German de-
zeat earned with it no automatic ad
justment of the rivalrr of the aav
aad the Latin on the east shore of tha
Aurtatie, it aid not affect la the
smallest degree the civil strife or po
Irtical asd economic suicide of Trunin
There are still millions of men and
women in Europe who would rather
engage In a new war thaa accept that
alien nationality wbicb the Paris
fersnce established for them.
Human Xatwre Xrtf Vodiflea.
Nor Is It less true that tha British
ana rrencn, who died In loral aad
generous rivalry la stopping German
auucjcs in ricaruy zu montns ago, are
today quarreling over the frontiers
of Syria, while the same Italians who
cheered Mr. Wilson tn Rome as a
saviour of the world, not a year ago.
are tooay aeno treeing mm with a
frensy at least as mad. The Euro
pean police, who had to rescue Ameri
cana from embraces which threatened
strangulation on armistice day. at
least m certain comers of Enron. ar
equally busy guarding Americans from
assassination, uereaung tno tier
mans has not in men or nations vis
ibly modified human nature abolished
Jealousies, angers, dislikes. Even
worse, all the splendor of natioaal
unity and mutual sacrifice for a com
mon cause has not mads Frenchmen
permanently lav aside domestic feuds
or Americans forget old political animosities
wherefore. It Is plain that the
eemlag ef the first anniversary
of the armistice will be a algnal
fer such btttrrnesa aad not a lit
tle recrimination. But by con
trast, it seems to me that eaeh
succeeding anniversary may well
Prove to brimr, with a broader
perceptive, a better appreciation
of the actual achievement of the
war. Much that the contemporary
world momentarily expected will
be djssalesed as a natural esnse
aueaee ef the strati, of the years,
then recentlyi far the rest, I be
lieve each deeade will demon
strate more dearly bow great was
the danger from whleh we all es
caped, when at last Germany sur
rendered cm November 11. latg.
The real measure of the vicicrv Is
to be found, not in readlno- tha urmi
of the treaty of Versailles, bat those
or tne treaties of Brest-I.ltovsk and
Bucharest, documents which ware to
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have served as' tin models for that
subsequent peaee of Paris to he writ
test by the good German sword. The
world today tends Vi forget what the
German was gotac to do and to eon
fine Its attention to what the con
querors of Germany ha.se net done.
It is easy now to forget the mo
ments the world lived through be
fore too Xarne, is the first days of
the Verdun attack, ta the terrrble
week when Lodeadorf drove forward
from St. Qnsntia. to Montdldler. but
wits any aisappototmenia
i may come now in perceiving
the limitations of the victory. It
seems to me there must he some
thought for the greatness of the actual
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Ban stego to El Paso, nearly too
, miles.
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mts attack during the battle oi
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ie fi- effects of tha po-sn.
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