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The Mystery Of The Sailor And His Clothes
- O By
Take tablets only as told in each "Bayer" .package.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" to be
renuice most be- marked with the
"Bayer Cross." just like your check
must have your signature.
Always look for the "Bayer Cross."
Then too are retting genuine Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for over;
eighteen years.
Ia the "Bayer" package are safe.
aBd proper directions for Colds, Head
ache. Toothache Earache, Neuralgia,
Lumbago. Rheumatism. Neuritis.
Joint Pains, and Pain generally.
Handy tin boxes of twelve tablets
eost bat a few cents. Druggists also
sen larger "Bayer" packages. Aspirin
is the trade mark of Bayer Manufac
ture of Monoaceticaeidester of Sall
cylleaetd. Adv.
naval Rrenutug uuictr, fca Paso.
SHIFTEia seas and changing climes
have taught the sallorman every
angle in the combat with weather.
Trained to face nature in the open, he
la ready for her vagaries whether
they be of inland like peaeetulness
or the storm tossed waves of an ocean
in all its fury. He knows how to
dress to meet every condition.
The "gob" likes the cut of his
clothes, and there is a roll and Jauntl
ness about him at all times that pro
claims his calling. Fashions 1 come
and go and orders may change the
habiliments of the army man, but not
so with the man of the sea. His are
eternally blue: the patterns never
varies and tradition still holds her
own in men- making.
Tears ago. In the days of wooden
sa fling- ships, when seamen hftri ta
climb masts, and dangling on the
stretching yards had to reef and furl
in ail weathers, convenience and cus
tom ordained the bell shaped lower
ends of the trousers. Time and the
changes In construction of ships have
never wrought a change.
SHU Wrnr. Black "Tie."
The sailor also dings to his stlk
neckerchief. Draped aroun-1 his low
necked blouse and tied across Mb
breast. It lends a distinction that be
longs to the sea. Latter days have
made obsolete the wearing of a white
lanyard about the neck hut the silken
kerchief still remains. Tradition tells
that the custom of thus wearing the
necKerenier originated with the Brit
ish qx. as a mark of mourning for
I Homes Choose It I
Women who take pride in well
managed homes won't tolerate
an electric kon that constantly
gets out of order.
They know the trouble it costs.
Ironings delayed, clothes not
ready when expected, the whole
household routine disturbed.
That k why good housekeepers
cheerfully pay a little more for
Beauty. The little extra it
costs is repaid many times in
better work and freedom from
In the homes whose management
you admire, you win surely find
the American Eeauty. More than
2,000,000' users have proved it
"the best iron made."
It is shaped for fast ironing. Note
the nose. It does quickly the
tucks and ruffles so difficult for
the ordinary shaped iron. The
flexible cord is protected for hard
service. Weight and balance are
just right. The smooth mirrored
surface glides effortless. You
finish cool and fresh.
Get one today. There is a lifetime:
of good, dependable service in it.
encan Deautv
Sold by Electrical. Hantaan, and Department 5fem. and Electrical Companies
Afcznnfacttzrcd by
American Electrical Heater Company, Detroit
KmkmtCmmUu liM mtEUctrifl Htmtbtt Dtviett
that historic sallorman, xrd Nelson.
It has never been removed.
Curiously enough the sailor gives
a good deal of attention to this part
of his costume. Early mornings, or
just before the call for shore leave is
soundej. there is heard about the ship
a flapping that sounds like waves
striking the side. This Is Jack get
ting the wrinkles out of his neck'
The sailor is also a trifle fussy
about his hats. He has three of them.
No one can exactly explain the mys
terious balance a seaman acquires in
nerchina the circular oancake can on
his head, at almost any angle. This
cap Is ornamented with a band bear
ing the name of his ship or station,
or simply the glided Inscription U-
6 Navy." He is always buying a new
one, for the sailor, who is alleged to
have a girl in every port, must have
souvenirs for the pretty maids he
meets, particularly the girl he leaves
behind him.
The sailor also has a knitted cap
for winter wear, one that can be
pulled down over his ears or arranged
to cover nearly all of bis face some
thing he needs tor the watrh from
th atitna nil at It shield him from
the wind as he scans the sea from tne
crow's nest.
But of them alL It fa his little whits
hat that he loves the most, nm tne
same skill snd nonchalance he
perches this on his head always with
the appearance or. out never actually.
falling oft. This hat he can wash.
Inside the top there is a little string
by means of which be can hang It out
on waan aay: mis ne cane a atop.
Here Is wnat a aauors wararooe
Includes: Overshirt, two undress
immm dress lurroer. three white
undress summers, oiae trousers, iwr
whits trousers, dungarees (overalls)
Jersey, overcoat, rain domes, two
fini Hlrt two earh light and
hcry undershirts, two each light and
Haava rfmtn one blue cap. two
white hats, watch cap. two salts of
pajamas. Jack knife, leggings, neck
erchiefs, gloves, fou rpairs socks, two
pair snoes. ruoner poota. mnna.
two mattress covers, shoe brush and
blacking, pair blankets, towsls and
one pa'r gymnasium shoes. Quite a
trousseau lor us young man wwra
to the sea.
T n.l Snm rva ror II All.
rrr- week he must unpack Ms
sea back.- nnlash his nammocK. open
im hia rfittv bar and. snreadlng all
his dress possessions oui on uvea.
submit to a scrutinising inspection.
Innovations, in dressing ine men,
wm made to meet war conditions.
For those on submarines the navy
mniillM a 1-IaM fittinST WOOlen
nit thnt mmnletelv covers body ana
len. Over this is worn a weather
proof suit with a hood. Boots are
aim nrnvidad For the men on de
stroyers anotner variety oi urow
la nud tan I iM ailll BIHT CHEUH9 1V
made for those on the larger ships.
These are shown In the accompany
ing Illustration.
inm r wm miiinra ciniuea vh was
rfaa nt aerrlee. eoes Si OS worth
f j.tntMna - tTnda 8am figures it;
whith means several times what the
same SIOO could buy in civilian uw.
The clothes bag contains the fonow
items: Blankets, rubber boots, shoe
brush, three distinct kinds of caps,
underewar Clight and heavy), woolen
gloves. Jack knife, woolen Jersey, two
suits of the blue uniform and four
suits of the white, leggings, necker
chiefs, overcoata, two pair shoes, pair
of gym shoes, plenty of socks, two
towels, bathing trunks, whisk broom,
hair brush, comb, scrub brush, salt
water soap, thread and neddles. but
tons, and handkerchiefs To this are
added many things which a given
the recruit temporarily for hla use
while at the station or on board, such
as ponchos, fleece lined pea coats, etc.
Warranty Deeds Filed.
Ttaniavard between Magnolia ana
Poplar Henry P. Long to John w.
Phillips, east H of lots 2( and 17.
blo"ltV!. -v3etts addition; con
sideration, lit.
Travis r.e. between Lamar and
Travis Marr Brothers Investment
company to Laura Oden. west . feet
Of litM and east 35 feet of 18. block
M. Ooverntrent Hill addition; con
sideration 43". . . ,
ummMi Place . between Dunne
Boulevard and County road Annj M.
Tebln. lots 15 and 17. block 1. ToMn a
second addition: eonsiaersiHjn "
Golden street, between Louisiana
avenue and Florida avenue r ri.
Griffith to A. J. sianan. iois w mo i.
block SB. Manhattan Heights addi
tion; consideration ISO".
Bulldlo remits.
J. F. Flke. frame shed to cost $225.
at 3418 Aurora street.
J. E. Hllguett. five room- brick
bungalow to eost S3500 on lots 42
and 42 block 38. Manhattan heights
Florentlno. adobe house to cost ss.
on bock 28. Magoffin addition.
Charles Strasser. rock house to
cost $2000, at 2802 Hamilton street
Felix Bros., repairs to cost 2400, at
Stan'on end Ninth streets.
I H. Crt'se. stone caraee to cost
j:00, at 5802 Louisville street.
A. A. Lawler. brick bungalow to
oest JtOOO on lots T and 8. block 22.
Manhattan helgts: two brick bunga
lows to cost tio.poo on lots zs and
32, block 4. Manhattan heights; one
brick bungalow to eost 25009 on lots
IT and 18. block Manhattan heights;
one brick bungalow to eost 34500 on
lots S and 8 block 83. T.nnt FT Paso i
two bungalows to cost 27000 ea lotsi
, Large a.d OilPH Sold By AH
Best Buolpped MflMfals! Le-rM,r-
Jj b
JJi xx-
HL -
h y
11 I Qeaa Broast
' 1
srore awatkfaclerr or
JefectiTe eb any wsj fcae
Jealer ii aatsorized to re
place wiui a new brooa or
refund the pen&aK prke.
are made IN a dry cJBate FOR a dry cfaate
They da not
J rfTiiil
iy ah I
g Mer- f
f the I
rest. I I In in i i i
X &
1 p
I sal
Glenn Broom Mfg. Co.
Receives Tombstone In
Place Of Expected Booze
Santa Barbara, CaML, Nov. 11 Erect
another monument to John Barley
John Anderson, of this city, attend
ed an "unclaimed baggage sale la
Seattle, Wash, recently, and there
parted with Wo for a eaekase riving
every indication of containing better
than the 2.TS per cent, it had saw
dust "In everything."
He had It shipped here. When It
arrived thirsty friends gathered for
the grand opening.
The package contained an excellent
tombstone, for which Anderson said
he had so crying need.
1L 12. 13 and 11. bock 13. Bast EI
Paso. ,
Glldden Stores, addition to cost
21PM, at 418 Mesa avenue.
Held Bros- warehouse to eost
SU. at Mills and Laurel streets.
Magnolia Coca Cola Bottling com
pany, brick garage to cost S13M. at
10S1 Myrtle avenue.
vv. H. uarom. six room bunenlow.
to cost UvM at 147 Bliss street.
Auto License Transfers.
3S14J9 Walters & Durham to Julian
Gonzales. (11 Bast Third
street. Ford.
391615 Franklin Motor Car Co. to
R. J. crlssey. Franklin.
4tS2 W. H. Holltngtr to W Paso
Brewing Ast'n. Oakland.
4S473 Walters & Durham to M. E
Van Every. Fabens. Dodge.
4M71 Mrs. a F. Leery to Walters &
irarnam. Liberty.
31(47 Walters & Durham to Cant.
W. R. gtlckman. Fort Bliss.
212SM Buqnor Motor Co. to S. D.
Bassioro. s Texas. Ford.
31.16 Byars & Co. to L V. Williams.
:is a. Oregon. Ford.
4473 D. P. Wllbanks to Spencer
jtenneuy, los Angeies street.
237973 E. A. Kaster to Juan B. Baca,
401 S. Stanton street. Ford.
3438(3 U. S. Plunkett to Lone Star
Motor Co.. Stodebaker.
391(14 Mrs. Hy Schults. 2100 MyrUe
avenue, uick.
391845 Franklin Motor Car Co..
391(18 J. L. Fitzgerald, Buena Vista,
Texas. Bssex.
31(47 Walters & Durham. Hudson.
tl48 Walters & Durham. Buick.
31(4 Karl Fischer, (li Noble street.
3915W-Byars & Co, Ford.
Births Recorded.
Chae. and Blsle Bdgerton, October
31: boy.
Jose and Flora Lopez, October l;
Juan and Pablo Loya, October 19;
D. and Emma Breeding. October 31;
Catarlno and Jepflaa Eerna, Octo
ber 24; boy.
Also and Fetra Cortese, October 28:
Jesus and Maria Amandarix. Osto-
bir 21; boy. ,
Parlor. RpH Room
L fm and Bath I
I aiflaaflfilsl I -dining room, living room, attic into II
HBBTV i-iB JS every room a renectma ltl ii eater
jm i j, carries cozy comfort. Anywhere or 9
nB aBflH 'mC 'l VCS tMlt nee'e extra B
yVy k. 8 &mtt3ti Heats ten hours on a gallon el Mag- I
f UiiPi HS dy in use. Buy yours now for S
ulpVb IBn Dealer Note The MagnoHa PeUaatmn Co. dia B
j tributes the Perlectieo le j Ini nlMj
l BaaTv BlaBaalaaaaV

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