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Phoenix Shows
Great Growth In
Past Five Years
Copyright. 1918. by
MeClure Kwspapr Syndicate,
Criticism and Citizenship
Speakers Tell Rotarians of
Rapid Progress in
All Lines.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 11. Secretary
Only One Woman
In Ten Wears
Cotton Hose Now
Silk-Wool the Latest and
They Are Not Luxuries,
Though High.
w .re are the cotton hose of rester-
A. ordmg to a shoe salesman, who
.. frs dozens of pairs of women's
tet, only aboot oe woman in 10
n v wears cotton hose Tbey wear
-ilk, or, if they are very much up on
'.hh'fn they wear all wool hose,
t i-i must know that these are the
-at 0p in fashionable hosiery
X'.w int that sensible?" exclaims
- randmother, who remembers when
1 r-. inir night was spent knitting
am worsted stockings for her eight
in Bat it isn't because woo
- 'oii ss tre sensible that oung
' n w ear them. In fact, irianufac
i.rer hae woven a Joker into them,
iranj are dropst itched and are
ij.po-t-d to be worn only with lew
. f'-rds Beside the all wool then
t ,f silk and wool mixture
t ai-a f igc of wool hosiery over
1. iiTt no luxury tax on them,
i '-pire of me fact that they cost as
r a-- the pair. Shops show
" all silk hose as expensive as
: - " j. pair. This sum buys all
I i: ilk ones, with hand drawn
u:k ar-d hand embroidery in black.
! ffh price of cotton, or the niph
-L-. k u-- tbf mgh street car .steps.
- i.e high colored shoes, or the high
'-s. or something, has created such
' Vmand for silken hose that the
j citron is not will they sell at the
"f the'r former price, but can
ti -s secure enough to supply the
J problem nf gett;ng any stock
j i reasonable price la a serious
s lk uit1! cotion tops are 12.
Harry Welch of the chamber of 50m-
merce and c&ahier William H. Thom
son, of the Phoenix National bank told
of the growth of Phoenix. Five years
ago, they said, the city was rated at
23,000 population, today believed to
approximate 40W04. Two years ago
the local banka had (1 '.317.0M de
posits, now Increased several mil
lions, thongh there have been heavy
drafts for the handling of the cot
ton crop thst will stiffen muIli
reserves 4,000,060 more before the end
of the year.
Incidentally, Phoenix and its tribu
tary sections have invested $ 1.552,
150 in Liberty bonds. The county's
assessed valuation has gone in two
years from t79.90O.0O0 to S08.000.00u.
The valley acreage in cultivation
within five years has risen from 123,
000 to 300,000, with a corresponding
rise In the value of agricultural
products from S12.000.000 to 140.400.
uoc. This great growth has been fi
nanced very largely from within.
mainly by the city's banka
I Phoenix now is in the midst of a;
hntMm. nmo-ram thai wit h.bII a
; the year an expenditure of at least
1 inuring tne past month the
Building permits showed an average
dally building expenditure of more
than SiOOO
all silk, from $3 up, mostly up. Fancy
lore. hope, to wear with pumps bear
ing Sioo cut steel buckles, cost around
lloO. they say.
Farmers and nrodnoa dealers exe
cuted boycotts against districts
where the committees had posted
lists of "normal prices." Residents
of these districts were forced to in
vade other sections of Paris where
they found prices out of sight. So
the committees went out of business
ana prices went oscic
fllli -roiflixiai into them by craftsmen who
Iff ix" raUli aaw tiat Style is rather useless
vlkl unkssitrecoupfed with Durability
I uj I
" T it F r m
trencn rmaitfnce Scientific Use Found For Common
Lommittees Disappear , nj y
Paris. Franca. Nov. u -The nor- SfirUO Of The AYlZOnCL DeSBYtS
mai price committees, wnicn came
into beina- with ,nidohl- tr,imnM. I UautL Am. ov, il-wt
inr three months an and nmmW I JL commercial value has been fonnl
' I? T1"1 flown the coet of living to ( jn the ocatillo. vtachman's whip;
x-u wilu a. erua, nave quieuy ,
iFsKnmu out, or existence.
Eight band red roses are required to
maae a taoiespoonrm or pertnme.
Bs0sc Pasters
IVall- Board
Ftooc CoTcxiac
Indastnal Pveta
Box Board
paper Boxes
-r Containers
ears from now
You can jtidge tfae quality o ready
rooting only after it has been tested in
actual ase. When you buy it, you must
rely for year selection upon fee experi
ence of others and the reputation of the
The ideal of The Paraffinc Companies
is to raeke Malthoid and Ru-bcr-oid the
best ready roofings that can be made. The
Company has succeeded, as has been
proved thousands of times under widely,
varying conditions of climate and use.
If you roof your farm buildings or
home or factory with Malthoid or Ru-ber-oid,
is tea years from now you will know,
why it has become the recognized stand
ard of ready roofing. Malthoid and Ru-ber-o4d
are made to last They will not-dry
out or rot and they are particularly fire
resistant. If painted every two or three
years, they will give good service indefi
nitely. Malthoid and Ru-ber-oid have met
successfully every test of time and service
to which they have been subjected.
Hie repaUtioo of the FzrsiBiK Companies
stands kick of Malthoid aad Ru-ber-oid. They
axe the best ready roofings that we know how
to make.
San Francisco
candlewood, scientifically known
as fououTerla splendens, a plant of
columnar green stalks, with flaming'
ted flowering found on tens ef thou
sands of Arizona acres, generally
where foothills break upon the rocky
detntat deposits that lead down to
the plains. The plant has had no
practical use in the past, save
fencing- by Mexicans, the resultant
tfedge most beatiMful in the time of
flowering. It is of slow growth, the
average matured plant probably hav
ing a life of 40 years, till its growth
is such that it is blown orer by the
wind, for its roots are smalL Some
lant hare been found even 16 feet
i height.
The first utilization of the ocatillo
now is in progress at Salome, a sta
tion on the Arizona California rail
road, 90 miles northwest of Phoenix,
ic a district notable for the growth
of the desert shrub. For a year the
Ocatillo Products company has been
experimenting on processes for ex
tracting the gum of the plant. Though
a relative degree of success was
secured by the solvent method, by the
use of distillate or gasoline, this plan
has been rejected and distillation has
been adopted as most effective and
most economical.
However, odd It may appear, resort
has been takes to a distillation fur
nace originally designed for the
handling of lignite coala. Such a
graduate oven or retort now is
being completed at Salome by its In
ventor, a M. Darling, of the United
States bureau of mines, who has ex-
rerimtatsd enough to be sure of bis
ground. The material, chopped into
half inch pieces, is subjected to a
heat of 1440 dsfcrcea, Fahrenheit and
the volatile matter collected as
formed. Behind is left only charcoal,
this oL notable purity. especlsJUy well
suited for medicinal uses. .
The distilled material precipitated
has maay tlimisli of valne. Host
important Is a heavy gum. a veritable
lubber, that already has been tested
for many uses. Xt vulcanizes as does
rubber, bat hangs to fabric batter. In
Los Angeles it has been used for
automobile tires and found marvel
ously good, though rather too expen
sive for the purpose. Success was
attained is Indianapolis, in its use
for weatherprooflng army equipment,
it being found rather better than rub
ber. It makes an excellent insula
tion material. Especial high value
attaches to Its use In waterproof lag
concrete, sue me seeaea m tne nu
ing of concrete ships. This use is
not new. However, far South American
Indians use a similar cuar for mak
ing tight the v reed "balsas- la which
tnev navigate the Andean lakes.
Beside the guxa. distillation yields a
VDoa percentage or. wooa ajconoi.
creosote and several wood acids.
Among; several special chemicals
separated is retane. a new consump
tion cure.
Mr. Darling believes that value also
will be found in the creosote bush.
Larrea liexirana, usually misnamed
"areasewood." This plant is the com
monest of all Arisona desert shrubs.
It has dark green, waxy, agreeably
-iromatie leaves and uaewebtedly eoa
talrs oils of commercial ess. ,
The ocatillo enterprise is heart
y D. M Beektal. ef Las A Mel ex.
with him being -associated W. U.
Jones and C. I. Hsrphy of Indiana-polls.
American A dor Makes Hit
In Britain Bang Neutral
London. Eng., Xov. 11 In a land
where comedians score through arti
ficial eyebrows, paint smeared faces,
ludicrous trousers and "adventitious
aids" to funniness, Walter Catlett. of
8an Francisco, has made a great hit
oy Deing nis own aroil sell.
Real comedians have been going
their laugh provoking way in Amer
ica for years without a single borrow
ing from the box of trlrks of the
circus clowns, but the men a ho stand
at the top here pull so heavily on the
paint pots and property man's stock
that Catlett is ha'led as an innovation.
And what a lot of good publicity
stuff there Is connected with their
"new" comedian. British papers re
count a score of interesting items
that keep the American before the
public eye. He looks like Wilson. He
wear gigantic horn rimmed glasses,
his oniy "prop."' He broke into the
s'age from a church choir at the age
of eight. His mother has been pres
ent at every first night until the
opening In "Baby Bunting" at the
Shaftesbury here He tries to be funny
without vulgarity, another Innova
tion on the British or continental
Altogether. London has taken Wal
ter to Its heart, and It must like to
read about him as well as see him
on the stage, for the dramatic
editors continue day after day toj
find room for publicity regarding the
Suit Case With $1700
Kicked About Public Park
It is the plain, public duty of every
citizen to criticize proposed government
measures believed to be harmful.
Swift & Company is in a better position -perhaps,
tha'n others, to understand the
meat packing business in all its relations
to public and private interests, even
though the others may have been
giving the subject a great deal of sincere
Swift & Company is convinced that interference
with its legitimate business function by governmental
agencies, however well intentioned, would be an injury
to every man, woman and child who wants meat to
eat, as well as to the men who raise the meat and
to those who dress and distribute it
Maximum service that cannot monopolize because
of keen competition and lack of control over sources
of supply is furnished at a minimum of profit a frac
tion of a cent per pound from all sources. 1
Therefore Swift & Company is taking every legit
imate step of citizenship to prevent such interference.
These advertisements are intended to help you,
and to help Congress decide what is best to be done.
Mistakes are costly and apt to be harmful in these
trying times.
Let us scad you a Swift "Dollar."
Address Swift & Caeapaay,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, HL
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
El Paso Local Branch, 217-19 So. Kansas Street
J. S. Thompson, Manager
I sw ira m 1
km earn fss labob
2. a 4 CUTS IWI g
iiiiliiiitiiiiffiiiniiiritiTrTriiin mi nnl 1
High Cost Of Lioing
Increases Shoplifting
Boston, Mass.. Nov. 1!, Ttas Malt
Teaching Ideas Wronq,
Says Woman Doctor
Xw York, IT Y.. Nov. 11. Dr. Wil-
ma or mis city, in-a recent ad
dress on "Reinterpret tion of Child
hood," before the International con
ference, of women phrsldans, severely
condemned present methols of child
labor Bhe said in part: "Education
as It Is now. Is at best a tangent shot
from the actual necessities of life.
The syllabus osed in instruction of
children today throughout the coun
try. Is essentially the same as that in
use one or two centuries ago. Edu
cators everywhere most bear in mind
that the child Is not an adult, either
In physic ue or In mental build. The
child Is different from the adult. Its
habits are different: Its structure Is
dlfflrent. No wonder that those who
are trying to train the children as If
they were adults are so poorly paid."
Austin, Texas. Nov. 11. Approxi
mately 500.009 acres of Texas state
lsnd will be offered At the next sale,
which comes January 1. 1920, accord
ing to J. T. Robinson, state land com
missioner. Bids received for land at the sale
on September 2 ha-.e not all be i dis
posed of, but $15,781 33 l as been ac
cepted as first payment This first
payment is one-fortieth of the value
of the land. But all tracts of less than
SO acres are soH for cash, and full
payments agjrrefrting J5.85JJ 66 re
main to be dippos'vl of, and the de
partment ha r''rtM $"4 ' 3 1 T-2 of
fered as fir:t I'j'.Tf' 'j'i'-'UCOtJ?
TM 1
Cleveland. Ohio. Nov. lL Battered cost of llvtns; la driving many wi
and dilapidated, a suit case was j to shaelifttng. according to depart -Kicked
around Rockefeller park all I meat store officials, corroborated by
municipal court recoroa.
"Shoplifting is on the increase all
over the country." the head of the
protective department in ene of Bos-
day. It was In everyone's way. and
everyone who came, along; save it a
Then Bern ice Brerer and Virginia
Oltoe esme alosar. Woman's curiosity
led them to open It. There was some
clothing and $1S in liberty bonds
and S2M cash.
Rev. Ll D. Woodruff, claimed it at
police headquarters, having lost it
from his automobile.
Cold Storage Company To
Heat The Historic Hall
Boston. Mass.. Nov. 11. Historic
Faneull hall is to be heated by a cold
storage company. Mayor Peters an
nounces the awardlaa; of a contract,
wi thing advertising, to the Eastern
Cold Storage company, to best the
hall for three years at a cost of
(3000 per year. Be stated that there
was no other concern with which the
city mhTht make a contract. There
are no heating facilities in the hall.
vMvWvWvvv - - - -
The Quick Way to
Stop a Cough
1U larae-made srrsa den sas i
4 work ta n, berry. KasHy pre- X
T pared, asd sates abesi S2. A,
1 . . . . . - ................--
'I1 '"' r." 4 '.'w ? . i" rifvyfv
Ton marht be surprised to know
that the best thine you Ban use for
a severe cotsrh, is a remedy which is
tried. ITsneDT stags the ordinary
otragh or chest cold ia 21 hours. Tastes
pleasant, too children like it sad it
pare and rood.
Four 2 ounces of Pinex in a pint
bottle; then fill it op with plain eraau
la ted sugar syrup. Or use clarified
molasses, honey, or com syrup, instead
of sugar syrup, if desired. Thus you
make a full pint a family supply
but costing no more than a small
bottle of ready-nude cough syrup.
And as a cough medicine, there is
really nothing better to be had at any
price. It goes right to the spot and
gives quick, lasting relief. It promptly
heals the inflamed membranes that
line the throat and air passages, stops
the annoying throat tickle, loosens the
phlegm, and soon your cough steps en
tirely. Splendid for bronchitis, croup,
hoarseness and bronchial asthma.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of Norway pine extract, famous
for its. healing effect on the mem
branes. To avoid disappointment ask tout
drumrt for ounces of P.nex"
with directions and don't accept any
thine ele. Guaranteed to c:ve abso
lute tat.sfaction or money refunded.
ton's largest stores said in discuss-
ins tne prooiem.
"The displays are tempting, the
pocketoooks are too lean for tne ex
tremely high prices: the result Is at
tempt at shoplifting."
Women by the dozens have been
haled Into the municipal court in the
last few months charged with shop
lifting all the way from cheap Jew
elry to expensive furs. To curb the
increased tendency toward shoplift
ing Judges are imposing; severe pen
alties. "A good part of shoplifting ia done
by the woman along toward middle
age wno likes to get something for
notning. ears one ox Boston s detec
tives, expert in apprehending the
"The oung, beautiful airl who
loves finery and wants to adorn her
self but can't afford It Is. contrary
to expectation, the least offender
Once in a while she is tempted to
feteal. but she usually reforms."
Men are shoplifting quite a bit, too.
but valuable furs and fur coats are
their specialty, while the women are
aiming at expensive silk stockings,
gloves, veils and, above all. shirtwaists.
$31,985.24 IN SEPTEMBER
Austin. Tex.. Nov. 11 Interest re
ceived upon staX funds nuder the
new depository la.w during September
totaled 31,ftS5 24. or more tban
enough to pay the expense of main
taining; the state treasury for as ec
tire year, aceordlna; to state treasurer
J. W. Baker.
Tbe appropriation fonAhe treasury
for 190 ff-as 130.675, lad included
salaries for additional pclarlcaj
si stance
n lssSSs'sasntssSisFe"
fmLX MntT Crndkfeffl t . rr. l K z9
I Coarse Hair
feaaasf! sod's; to sjaaajeiy ana'
1 Nelson's
S Nelson's is tfje original and genuine
a Hair Dressing that has bean said and
recommended hy druggists for over ao
r:s, and is used tr? trie most psrhat
people everywhere. If your hair is
a enae and curly. Neaoo's will make it loft,
e arOar? and sssy to names. Get a box ftom your
Snig Bors toiy.
; Nelson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
ssessaisssa sBaesgw eMSsalH
jjj j rtELSCSS 1
IS : huBiSifflMiftssi iff
g a SfFfeSifJE p. I
TK uttaur tJxrsfj pgtgay t&a tort
in fucH Than'i Hmr Br-
ooccac. ' Li m mntri beJ-cDv-
TJts, tlUS J'lWtUIWWmt t th JJ I
tten, Kid b mm to I
Iii One Night While You Sleep,
Mustarine Ends Sore Throat,
Cold on Chest, Pleurisy
Quckctt Pain and Ache Kflkr a
Earik Neuralgia. Backache,
Headacbe Goes fat 5 Mantes.
The minute you r-ih on Begy's Mus
tarlne for anv Diin. ache or sore-
n carrying out the previa- jaeas you'll know that all the misery
ions of the depository law. Mr Baker
said that he has found that he can
dispense with two I1SSA a year clerks,
and thus bold actual expenses to tz,
765. Thij appropriation includes burg
lary Insurance, postage and all ex
penses of the department.
Tbe constitutionality of the depos
itory law Is being tested in a suit
now pending;.
A 'stin. Tx. Nov. 11 Pub'lf wafers
of Texas are the property of the state
wh'ch has authority to dispose ol
them In Kny manner It pleases, ac
ccnimi; to an opinion of the attorney
general, based upon a decision of the
V ni ted States supreme coatt. And tbe
Texas law prohibiting the issuance
of licenses to fish to any person ex
cept a citisen of the United States
dofj not conflict with treaties be
tween the United States and other
j The Picez Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind
Un-r.an railroad In China Is
notable for the nuTioer of
i Joti nut Ler?te.
and agony has started to go. It is
very penetrating and won't "blister.
Any druggist anvwhere will recom
mend it: praise it; guarantee it. He
will teH you (hat a small box of tv
wonderful discovery will do the work
of SO mustard plasters,
TonsllitK bronchitis, pleurisy and
deep-seated coughs po over night.
Rheumatic sufferers Joyfully pra'se
It for th wav it s-eedi!v Rtop the
agony and reduces the swollen lolnts.
BegVs Mustarine fa the or! 5 ma
mus'ard plaster subtu jte tnnde o
good hotit-st. yellow mustard not
cap substitute) corrblned
other pain destroyers and is highly
recommended y many physicians tc
reduce the swelling of trout.
After all other remedies haTS f.illtd
thousands have ovrcone the muen
r iued by sore, brfrnin feet, c-rn;-tijmons
and callou-es Ue Mus'anr.c
for ohtlblains and frosted ffet. b'lt -j'
't's Begy's in th yellow box. -
Ujy fjl Cstarrh and Deafness
Berkeley, Calif.. Nov. 11. An
tensfe course by the rnivrs!ti
California plans to re-Jjce the high ;
cost of Christroap. '
Women are enrolling in tbe appued t
arts course here for this purpose The ,
work includs the rrak nr of a!I ni
ner of Chnstnv.s kn -k kn.uku. Clot 1
furnishings, h furnffh.p-rs,
ttire framts and th- !.rft a' ih
to Sdt-a c tvdc'.: s : "high vosi 1
1 Cltc;aUL"
J catarrh. :ha he cuM" hear. Arch-
ot : bald McS-' ill a r "Ky res. den-.
td it Hlosser - .1 . rrh Reiredv
oIJ it dr t p'l"-. . ",d report? ;nnt
Tt r: - - !-.ng restored cu'
he got rid of offensive ritiTh
T Mere wa ver deaf tii t. - i
rmed fnated her 10 r-.r a ' -c
t ck.ng in n-xt roon No tr f
d-isir" . w oderf'il -l!e'
lltasr. rr.rj rated Vi,: ' a
it aiy :-- drug tor- a r

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