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c n p Tn pi m Lmdy wmas-
Befriended By
H H NV N IIIINi Motherly (hie
Wood and Lowden Men
tioned as Candidates at
Informal Meeting.
Chicago, 111- Nov. 11 A formal
statement was to be Issued today bj
Will H. Hays, chairman of the Re
publican national committee, tor a
meettiuc of the committee In Wash
ington December 10, to fix the date
and place for the national convention
in 1920.
This information was learned from
authoritative sources last night fol
lowing an informal session of 15'
members of the committee.
Steps toward fall participation of
the party and informal gossip tn the
corridors mentioning most promi
nent. y the names ol Maj. Gen. Leon
ard Wood ami uov. Frank o. Lowden,
of Illinois, as Dresdentlal doss i Dili- i
ties, were the outstanding features of
onaay s meeting.
The committee elected Mrs. John
G. South, daughter of the late sena
tor William O. Bradley, of Kentucky,
head of the women's division of the
party created Monday. There will be
4 representative of the women's di
vision in every state and in addition
a national woman's cocncQ of 100
members. The council will hold fre
quent meetings and act In an advis
ory capacity to the women's division,
Mrs. Medill McCorxfilck. of Illinois,
first chosen as hed of the women s
division, could not servo because) of
ill health.
Few Drops of "flttiom," Then
Come Lift Off No Pain!
Pan Germany no Longer
on .Koute for Crack Ex
press Trains.
London, tg Nov. 11 Prrassla win
no longer be a "port of call" for the
erack European express train, ac
cording to a dispatch printed in the
London Dally Hull from its special
correspondent tn Berlin.
A map recently ptoMbhed shows
how Prussia will be eat ont of the
big International railway spates un
der a new traffic scheme, writes the
correspondent, and German officials
are decidedly worried, .because, as the
writer quotes one leader:
"Germanv must hnv. tv. K...
cheapest and most efficient railway
system In the world. It Is our only
Then the correspondent continues
to explain:
"The Orient exnresa. vi-mnM
knows. wiH ran henceforth through
northern Italy to Venice. Trieste and
thence via Belgrade to' Cntmt.i ntltu.nl
the worst part though. 1 set so lone-1 ttrou pan-Germanj: that is, via!
some that I hate tor the work to end l Vienna and Bndaneit n5L ft tSSi
resi jeeoers. tne HamourK-Berlln
Hard Working Person
Finds Friend and Shelter
on Her Way Home.
Another of life's little tragedies 'a
the lone woman. Tort can see her any
time after working hours, hurrying
to her room. She is a good woman
that's why she is alone.
The lone woman Is best personified
by one woman In El Paso who works
In an office. She Is not pretty, cer
tainly not ugly. Late each afternoon
she g-oes from her office to a hasty
dinner and then home to what?
Recently she was walking wearily
along on North Oregon street when
she tottered.
A motherly woman was sear and
went to her assistance She wss seined
into s store. There she recovered from
(be faint spell on her face was a tlrd.
boneless look.
"Too work too hard." said the
motherly woman." Take a rest."
"1 can't rest: I'v sol to work and
I'm worn out" she said. "That Isnt
Beauty Chats By Edna Kent Forbes
when I have to so to my little room
alone. 1 want companionship and
pretty things like other girls."
The truth of tier statement regard
ing her finances was testified by her
clothing, an neat bat cheep worn
kid gloves bad been carefully patched.
tier saoes wore me eermaen sort.
Today's Mail
F3RABBLLH Ton have my sincer
est sympathy. For there ars a
few things mors uncomfortable than
self consciousness, and yon have this
to a painful degree. The best way
to overcome It Is to go out in com
pany as much as you possibly can
and to continue trying to forget your
self. As 1 have trequently said la
this column on this same subject,
the way to do that is to make your
telf extremely interested in the other
person. A simple if not a very original
way to do this, would be to ask the
other person questions about him
self. Tour Intelligence will tell you
which subjects Interests him most.
and once you have started him on his
bobby, yon will not have to do any
thing but sit and listen.
Heartbroken If your skin Is as bad
as you describe, the best thing for
yon to do is to see a regular physi
cian. Meantime use a cream contain
ing olive oil or almond oil as a
dally massage.
Anxious J. C. You should weigh
between lie and US pounds. You are
neither a blonde or a brunette, but an
in between type, and you can near
the colors becoming to either. If the
neck Is dark, it Is quite possibly
Irritated by the friction of yoar col
lars. Use cold cream on It frequently.
It sometimes happens that the dye
warn the clothe rubs Into the neck
and discolors the skin.
Toots You sheuid not consider
your size a BanuH-ap. The very smal,
irl is almost narrersally popular, li
you kw how to bring out youi
O'pe. yon can sake your "petlleness'
a decided, advantage.
Rath I nave a vague recollection
that I answered your latter some
weeks ago. However, several tetters
emailed to me jave been lost in the
mails recently and it Is likely yours
was among them. Answering your
ooestfoas 1 Do cot try to fatten
vour ankles. SBsa ankles are a mark
of beaaty. (S) Bob plain white vase
line into your eyelashes every night
to boss uem grow, trace a mo Din.
clip them back; and In six months let
them grow again, . ( If you are
average height yea are not too much
under weight.
Black Hair You need hair tonics
rather than dyes If yoar hair is
turning gray at yoar age. I will pubr.
Use a formula tomorrow. lee rabs
are perfectly harmless for the bast
and will help make flabby -muscles
firm. You should also nso a mas
sage of cocoa butter.
G. W. Ton can obtain, crude oil
at drujr stores and at paint and furni
ture stores. Use it as a massage for
the scalp and pat it on as hot as yor
ran stand it.
Vienna and BerHn-Oderberg-Buda-
le express, orop out.
"Bat also Germany's famous Nord
express (the Russian and far ear. ex.
press) will bo longer run via Co
logne and Berlin. Indeed, it win
towch Stuttgart, and thence ran via
Jb Rxatmd n. S. Patent Office.
had been half soled and yet were neat Prairo. bat It will not be the Nord
and well Bhlaed. probably by herself, express, and Its feeders, the Frank-
Her skirt and short coat were worn
on the edges and had a shiny Iootcipresses will disappear. Again, the
A tiny bottle of "Freesone" costs so
little at any drug store; apply a few
drops upon any corn or callus. In
stantly It stops hurting, then shortly
you lift that bothersome com or cal
lus right off with your fingers. Truly!
No humbug!- Adv. I
Her race was homelv bat showed her
chief characteristics as purity of
thought and Iron wilL
My people are dead and rve lest
got to work." she continued. "I haven't
been In SI Paso long and I don't know
anyone. I cant afford the pleasure
other girls nave."
Not a complaint, as she voiced It
but merely a flat statement of fact.
The motherly woman sighed. Then she j
fort-Berlin and Hamburg-Berlin ex-
spoke: "Come spend the night at my
noma, rou ve found a mens,"
Members of Manchester Grove,
Woodmen Circle No ISSs. are request
ed to be present at the meeting Wed
nesday afternoon at to K. P. ball
for business of importance.
Eugenia Perkins. Clerk. Adv.
Take "Cascarets" for Your Liver and Bowels and
Wake Up Clear, Cheery, Fit Don't Stay Sick!
Tomorrow the sua win shine for
you. Everything will seem dear. ros
and bright. Your system is (tiled with
liter and bcwol poison which keeps
lour skin sallow, your stomach upset,
jour head foggy and aching. Your
meals are turning into poison, gases
ar.i acids. You can not feel right.
Don't stay bilious or constipated. Feel
splendid always by takiag Cascarets
occasionally. They act without grip
ing or inconvenience. They never
sicken you like Calomel. Salts. Oil
or nasty, harsh Pins. They eetBO
little, too Cascarets work while yon
sleep. Adv.
once well Known German route to
uopeutagen waleh was the quickest
and best route from London) Is to lose
ita monopoly of the fast sea route
irons Lnaon direct.
lastly, the Swiss express route
along the east bank of the Rhine
(CoJogne-Fraakfort) give way already
to the Bolgtan-French route. Brus
It is partly with the hope of sav
ing some international traffic (as a
JfrasKTort official exnlained to me
i today) that Frankfort has started Its
import xatr, wnicn will be neM twice
yearly. Frankfort's magnificent sta
tion, once one or tne nnest :n tne
world and possessing perhaps the
best restaurant, is threatened with
decay, whereas Stu Heart Is busily
considering plans for enlarging its
accommodation to welcome the Nord
i express, "it Is osr only chance.'
' "At this moment German railways
are the terror of travelers. It is &1
7 meet oseless- to buy a first class
ticket, for the attempts of the old
I railway officials to tarn ont passes-
gors with third class tickets are met,
as often as not. with the reply. "Have
j wo had a revolution or not? Very
; well then.' A true story Is told of an
T attempt a little while ago to persuade
t a third class ticket bolder to leave
a first class carriage on the eastern
i route. Re produced a medical certrfir
I cats to show be was lame and-conM
not. travel third class. The official
was not satisfied and finally the
question whether the man should stay
la the carriage was solemnly put to
the vots of the occupants."
S Paso HoraU Magazine Agency.-Adv
Bulbs: Hyacinths. Tulips, Narcissus.
BJ Faso Seed Co. Phone JU. Adv.
Gra Hrnatr!rwa4 N Oregon
Allen Arms -O. Ph. 676. Adv.
J WA-VT to write a letter.
OR TO Van Haselen.
OR TJIK president
. . .
OR THE hoard of commissioners.
AXD I want to ask them.
WHO IT was.
. .
THAT ON Sunday. ,
. .
THEY HAVE concerts.
AXD THE balcony Is dirty.
ASD I want to tell them.
THAT FOR many years.
IX EL Paso.
THE PEOPLE have sever had.
A SYMPHONY orchestra.
AXB WBB5 they have oat.
THBY SHOULD have a clean ball.
TO BEAR it in.
. .
1 ASD WHILE we're abeat It.
I WAST to ask.
WHY THE wash rooms.
IX THIS new courthouse.
By K. C. B.
ARE SO ill kept and dirty.
AXD WHY the walls are marred.
AD WHY the liquid soap.
IS JfOT In the containers.
AST) WHYcthe containers,
ARE ALL mere junk.
AJfD WHY somebody.
IS NOT responsible.
AND IF the janitor Is
TTE3I WHY not Are Mm-
IF HE fa 8s.
TO KEEP the place clean:
IT'S A shame.
FOR A courthouse,
THAT cost a lot of money.
TO be treated so badly.
ALL PTJBLIO wash rooms.
AXD THE buUciar.
IS VERY -new.
WHAT WILL we have.
Wii'u IT gels oldt
IF AVYOXE can answer. .
THAT IT will be remedied.
FLL SAT for the taxpayers.
i ' ' '
it THAX1C you.
Trade Mark Registered
Looks and tastes like a rich old vintage. Its rare flavor comes from
luscious grapes, berries and other iruits3 delightfully blended with
Oriental spices. Absolutely wholesome.
New and Entirely Original v
Aprinectar Berrynectar
Clareta Portona Vinuva
Mexican Hot Loganectar
In bottles, kegs and barrels.. See our display at the "Made in El Paso" Show.
Empire Bottling Works,-Inc.
El Paso, Texas.
Originators of Better Beverages
THIS should be a lucky day, ac
cording to astrology. The sua.
Mars and Jupiter are all. in beneflc
Wttls this coaflffurattoa prevaBs
there should bs a strong impulse to
ward all coca tractive activities.
It Is a most favorable time to vn
tare Into any new business or to seek
better connections.
Under this rale polities ars esse
etaUy well directed. It is a fortu
nate time for those who hive ambi
tion. Better aspects govern all that per
tains to the recent war. Adjustments
and reorganizations are subject to
good conditions.
There is now a belter condition for
financiers and bankers who desire
to gain the public confidence la their
plans for national welfare.
Building, whether it h slm-iiiru
for public or private use is aaats
subject to encouraging conditions that
promises much for the spring.
Mars culminating in 7S
west longitude sives wsrniiu- nf
.danger to rulers in that part of the
As Mars is on tTi a ffin nf b
fourth house in the horoscope of the
national capital astrologers forecast
fires and tornaooea Incendarfana is
encouraged by this aspect
The stars that made it possible for
men to fight In the recent war are
still powerful In their Influence, the
eeers declare and for that muan
riots and outrages In which yonng
man of military age take part are to
be expected unless wise care is exercised.
Since the seers declare that the
WOrld mind ! ntlll .-!? thv amnfc.-
sise the need of constant care In safe
guarding the public against evil aad
malicious propaganda.
Persons whose hlrtbdata it 1. fcrari
tne forecast or a busy year. They
should avoid chaneea
Children born on this dav mav be
exceedingly clever and original. These
Scorpio subjects may be too fond of
travel tor tneir own good. Copy
right 1S. by the McClure Newspa
per aynuicaiB.
"All Cars Stop At The White House"
Splendid Opportunity
Sale Values In Baby's Needs
The Uttrrl Fleer Layette Roots k gt owe?
to tiny wearables (or baby. Here baby's
need can be foead m cosiplete awoitoents
tad bow dwrkg die NOVEMBER OP
PORTUNITY SALE at drastic price re-rkebos.
$535 Blankets and Quills
For kfants' beds, toe 36x54. The blan
kets are wool aad the qeSfct wool filfei
Pkk aad Mae trsaaed.
Third Floor.
75c PiUmss or Baby
Size 1314x17. These are cowed wkk
pretty soft Husked materials aad filed witlt
Ise t floss.
Third Floor.
50c Flannelette Banotc Cook
Made of fine wiuie flannelette. The spe
ck) price 29c k lew tbac the cost of the ma
terial ajoae.
TXfrd noora
$1.40 Knil Crib Sheets
AraoW's gooab aad ant every noAer k
well actpaarted vritb the wearing qen&ies
aad excellence el tbese fine sbeets.
Third Floor.
$1.00 "Hygeia" Mattress Protectors, size 18x34 reduced to 79c
$1.00 "Turknitf ' Bath Blankets, size 42x45. reduced to 85c
$3.50 Nursery Chairs, "wicker in natural color, reduced to $2.98
TMrl ftoev
$25 to $27 JO
Jmwt CbU'
Dreaa $1938
$25 mi $2730
Junior Gwfa
Coats $1938
masts that mass ap the backbone of
the Asseriean navy.
west Orange youths drift here
vaea the place is less crowded and
allow their UBaglnatloas to follow
the ootboajMi rineeas of smoke aad
people a world of roauaee which they
swear by their n carta they win some
day stake their own.
Curt! A Co. buy Libert Bends Adv
' orrrspoaeeatsi
Losas A Bryan. CMeaco, Stw
tork. Paine. Webber Co. Bos.
ton. Duhfth.
317 So. Brecon St. Ph. Mat.
St- Rrsjts Betel.
teftXat. Sorptas mm IrrH- tsw.tica
tarerrst PaU oa Savtasa areeno.
C R. HerrbiM Pre.
"seepa Wasffa, Vlev-Pres.
C M. Basselt. lre-Prs.
Geo. B- Fiery tashin
K. W MrAfre tin Casbei-.
& M. Btkeltrr. A-t I abiT.
I Travel ette
THBHs Is probably not a dinkier
i. street car in all the world than
that which wabbles uncertainly atose
me line which leads to Eagle Book.
Yet unpretentious as it is this ear. is
the complete rolllnc stock on Its sys
tem, as Institution, and a thing' dear
to the heart of the people of West
Orange. Since West Orange Is the
home of Thomas A. Bdtson who does
not oomntats, and of great numbers
of Important people who do commute
into New Tork, and since It Is one
of the favorite fringes of the great
metropolis, and since Eagle Rock is
the local Pikes I'eak, one really con
fesses steiseif provincial who does
aot know aboit 1?
A sheer tower ol stone Is the rock
and roundabout it is a railing that
the dizzy may not suicide. Sunday
afternoons finds it clambered over by j
a thousand couples who visualize
from it love's youug dream. Likewise
they look aenss the meadows and
see In the distance the harbor of the
greatest port tn the world, where
huge liners -ind freighters come and
go beneath thut n.onument which the
French set thre as a goddess with a
torch In her iand Further up the
river are lik-i'v to b.- seen a fiock
oi huge iron.-l.tds with their spider.
This Company eaters the slock-seffiag stage vnth a fist of property, proemctioa
aad potential assets tnat ranks it
before the people of ike Southwest today. A 2X00-lrrel wefl aow delriag to
pipe Hae; equally large aad sure production to Block 97, -where aaotW vwH. with
oar own rig. is going down, bat
We have ten GOLDEN ACRES in Homer Field, witbia a. few tnasdred feet of, and
about midway between two weBt, each of wbcb is sow ptocfeciag
Get our prospectus; see tke list of twenty-five tracts in
tmraett, BuH Bayou, IJesdeaioaa aad Homer. It
aiifieldt Bwk-
Investigate our claims! Weigb the integrity of our officials! Then you mast,
perforce, buy some $1 par stock.
A Dividend-Paying Company From the Start
zation, One
Order Direct or From Any of the Following Brokers:
J. 9. Curtlss A Co. Torn B. Johnson.
Dunbar Jt Company. J. R. Msffett.
V. O. Gresery. Southwest lavestseent Co.
Hatfield Bradford. James I Stephens Jt Co.
iBvettauai Bankers
PHONE 1314.
'Production From the Slarf'-

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