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iedtime Stories For The Little Ones
O.VCE upon a time, when Uncle Wltr
lly Lonaars, the bunny rabbit
Kc rule-ran, was hopping tbroagn the
v ods. where the leaves were nearly
an or; the trees because tt was win-
t"r, he heard a voice crying:
"Oh. dear: Oh. dear! Now look
v it you've doner
ncie wiBgily crouched down in
' dried leaves, not wanting to be
-en until he could notice whp It was
that had cried so loudly.
'For it might be the Pip or Skee,"
St. d he.
However, as the bunny looked care
fully out from his hiding place he
fca-v Jo! lie and JiilSe Longtail, the
to mouse children. And Jillle, the
little girl mouse, seemed to be in
trouble. '
' vrhat's the matter, JIllieT" asked
I'n-lf Wiggllr.
'Oh, Jollle's teasing me!" answered
JHIie 'Ho took my little doll, that I
trade out of a corncob, and he threw
h-r up on top of that stamp. I tried
tr sat her down, bot 1 can't! Boo,
hoo1" and Jillle cried some more
You shouldn't have thrown yonr
sister's doll np there, Jollie." said the
La-.ny rabbit. "That wasn't at all
kind of you."
"I know! Tm sorry I did it"
squeaked Jollls Don't cry any more,"
. - told his sister. 'Til get the doll
dorn off the stump for you."
But th s was easier said than done.
V1. - pii JoIIie tried to scramble np he
r -nd the side of the old stump was
sc smooth and slippery that he
c.ildn't ret to the tap.
I sties I 11 have to knock It off
-ha Ftick." said the mousie boy.
T it vtcn he tried that, not being
e to see the doIL as the stomp
.5 richer than his head. Jollie had
I better luck.
"Oh. ni aerer Est my doll!" cried
Jillle. .
"Tea, roe will! ril get her for
rear promised Uncle WlsgOy. He
took the stick Jollie bad been using,
and poked away at the top of the
But Uncle Wlgsfl had not much
better lock either. lie couldn't see
to get the stick on the corncob doIL
"Oh, dearr sighed J 11 lie again. TH
never see my doUie any more!"
"Tea, yon shall!" cried the bnnny.
giving his pink noae an extra twin
kle. "If I can't reach trp. or poke
down yoar doll, I'll Jnmp on top of
the stump, and toss her on a soft
bed of dried leaves."
"Can yon jump on top of that
-tump. Uncle Wlggily?" asked Jollie.
"You Just watch me!" spake the
bunny, confident like.
He arave a little ran, took a hoc
and a skip, and right np on top of
the eturao ha Jumped. Joule and
Jillle expected to sea him land safelv
and stay there ttntn be could toss
down Julie's doll. But Instead. Uncle
Wiggily, all of a sudden. Just van
ished and disappeared from sight, as
when von dron your nentfr down a
crack in the board walk.
"Oh. did von sea that?" cried Jillle.
somewhat frightened.
"Tea" answered her brother Jollie
"I wonder where he went? Oh, Uncle
Wiggily! Where are you?" called the
little mosaic hoy.
"Down inside toe stump," answered
the voice of the bnnnv rabbit, comlne
faint and far awav as if be might be
in the cellar. "The stoma is hollow
and I tell inside. Tm here now and
yoar doll's here with me, Jillle." j
"Oh. can't von tnrr vt ontV aVI
Tm going to try." answered the
Jollie and Jillle Longtail heard
fanny noises inside the hollow stump.
Kabibble Kabaret
errrifM. R. rruruoml Maiam fterrka. tot-M&tm 0. a. Ma OCaa.
Bivw Ncrr?-VT uiojt tncs up jwcu of ycur. haae
Uncle Wiggily made them aa he tried
to Jump ut, bat he couldn't leap high
enough. w
"It's no nee!" sadly said Mr. Lone
ears from Inside the stomp to the
mMMle fihlMren anfside. "I can't get
out. Better go and tell Nurse Jane
she'll never see me again."
vwi rt.or! Oh. dear!" sadly
squeaked Jollie and Jfllle. And. they
thought It was their fault that Undo
Wiggily was down Inside the stnnrp
Tm not saying whose fault it was.
"rth Ar." eHerf Jnllln amis, and
lost then along came Mr. stubtait the
kind bear father of Keddlo asd
"What's the matter?" he asked the
two mouse children.
-Oh. Uncle Wiggily went down in
side the stump after my doll, and
now he can't get out!" sadly said
Jillie. , .
"Oh, ho! I gness I'll have to help
him then." said Mr. StubtaU. Being
big and tall, he could look right down
Inside the hollow stomp. And be did
th!e and saw Uncle wiggily at the
ooTTom. Ana men ur. oiuniau put
his big. soft paw. like a sofa cushion
down into the hollow stump. Uncle
wiggily hopped np on tne oear gen
tleman's paw wltb Jillle's doll and
he was lifted out as nicely as you
please. Mr. Stubtail had saved the
bnnnv fin never after that did Jollie
toss his sister's doll up in the sir
And if pussycat doesnt eat np all
the honey cakes when the puppy doe
comes to play tag with the rsg doIL
I'll tell yon next of Uncle Wlggily"s
first slide. Cony right. 191. by Mc
Clure Newspaper Syndicate.
SI Paso Herald Magazine Agency.-Adv
If Thin and talis
Try Bltro-Phosphate
'while axeeastre thlnneai might ee at
tributed to vmrteoa and sabtl eaeaea
different tadlvtduaJa. K Is weD-knows
(set that tha lark of phoaiHMtlses ta Ike
baoan system is very largely teipsuilMti
for thil condition.
It seema to be wen established that thai
deflettaey in pfcaaphereea T saw be
met br the oaa of mtro-Pbospbate. whwh
can be obtained from sny good drnzxut
In convenient tablet form.
In assy lastanees the asatmUatJen
of this phosphate hy the aerve tlaeaeacoa
predecee s welcome ehaage oenre ten
sion OMPPWI - - ... . . --
"pisce weskceas and lack of eoercy ana
t&e wnoie ooay i -
abrupt act-lea beeomlaf enveloped te a
flow of perfect health and heaoty sad the
will and strength to be trp sad doing
CATJTION: While Bltro-Paoephate tl
onasrpeaard for the relief of oerroaaneaa.
do not desire to pat oo fieah akoald oaa )
. tAtr at-nefwtnctna foods, i
rill, wa u -'
jMIMIwaM 11 TMawiftaalalimaaF
Texas Petroleum
November 18th
The Closing Date
of this SENSATIONAL issue
Every pieee of news from the sensational oil fields
of Louisiana only add to the attractivenessof
The Allies Made Good Their
Word to the World
Mansfield. La., Not. 10. The Nab&r
ton oil field, beffinntag J act a few
rr.iiee east of this citj mad coattaoUBfi
on to , e celebrated Bull Svm tSte-t-ict,
which has been brlactne In
v. elli that ran up around lt.tOt nar
rcls. Is unique in oil field htetorf
Nabarton fteid has a record of grand
total of more than 800,00 Initial pro-
fl ti rt I nn nrl Vatf th Anfrflidlaw Barld
until recently at least, knew absent
notninfe aooot
Thla la attributable to the fact that
some of the big coznpaaiea came In
some aeren rears ago and jn!tly
secured leases on eereral thonaand
acres, at almost nothing an acre and
w.th practically no prorfalons fo
dril.Ing: They sank a hole here and
here, found oil and let It be knows,
or, acordlns to the moat responsible
men In this town and samrandlnie
courtrv. annoncced a "duster." It is
r.o Jceable. however, that theee "dnat
ctill contain very expensive caa-
r and wear caps of steel tightened
.iorn so thai only a sledge hammer
vr "1 remove them.
The consequence of this policy has
ben. that whereas these big com
panies have thousands of acres under
) and refuse tp return them to
te land owners, there Is not at this
tir e an average of one well to every
4" acre undtT lease. These facts
fi-i'ip to light now after years of
rou-t In the tnintis of prospector for
new fields, has created an Interest In
this section which is fast developing
irto mad rush, and orices for leases
ar Tountine" everv day.
There was a ver aad outlook tost
a fw weeV aru wn It was realized
tvr the heavT rains of the summer
almost totally desrroved the cot-tr-
cr-.n Storekeepers who bad been
r,r,,, flarvs wre hegi,i"
to wonder how they wonld collect
the- ever inrrpfl'n" spco- and tn
had msny a seasion In the private of
fice with the view of making the
(VMor cut down expenses and rustle
harder to deliver at leaat a part of
tr ron.
But the atnmsohere Is clearing trp.
T ee came Trki-?s are leaping their
.arE at ereater profit than they
(mild possiblv hone to gain from s
cr.-m c-op. no matter how bumper.
Th nerro is new pay lag his Mils and
wrh coTrpIscejscT' hr looking forward
t0 the enlovsjissst of .thst oil royalty
t. wlt nermff hbst Ss.ltve ftVe white
f!Va The fieiJ 3rt of It all If1
tat there are nere arlot of dreams
that re riming tre dav bv day.
One old neevjo otod h'n wife both
r -w rr?fnr 'nv the a1e. snnthln"
shadows of the rlne old age of St.
lpad the'r holdings a short time
Kack. and a f w weeks ago two eom
p'ftlons on thr land were hrou-rht
in. one for FOA and the other for
-cr-) J-.els a dav. These venersb'e
olv firm now wonderluir through thfr
a rfivg. dared by the srn weaH
of 5"nrvn tnroms a dsr. They do not
evn -vet re If re the iotenv of an
rn-d-T henpf "nd they continue to
fwTl tn the TUfte eah.n that h been
fV-eir home for ortv ymnrn. FYom El
?ae Morning Tlrftes. Nov. 10.
With two ten-acre tracts right in the heart of the
field, naturally intense excitement surrounds our
Leases are advancing in price daily and an Okla
homa operator is quoted assaying:
"Your property is worth one hundred and fifty
This in addition to our Ranger and Desdemona hold
ings makes Texas Petroleum one of the most at
tractive issues ever offered the public. i
REMEMBER- While we announce the closing date
as the 18th, we may be sold put before that time.
Never before have you had the opportunity to share
in a company vith such, possibilities. THIS stock
should reach a price of five times its capitalization
within 90 days after the closing of the books.
TOUR time 1b limited to buy. Bead yonr order NOW.
Capitalisation $300,000.
Texas Petroleum Co.
110 Sheldon St
El Paso, Texas.
W. L. Eicdel
Easter & Co.
J. JL Moffett
Barman &. Barmaa
Southwest Isv. Co.
X. G. Bwdkt & Ca.
D. W. Hsffnun
Mincing & Co.
Hatfield & Bradford Doaglas, Ariz.
Litrosn Bios. Texas 00 lavetteest Co.
HatfieW & Bradford Texas 00 Exchange
Griffith Commissi on Co. Tom Jobbwb
C C Does J. J. J ooi
McGhce Investment Co. Denver, Colo.
Hbm saw saw asaPsl bbVssPbV bsvbbVbsV ssbl
awawK xfxilf awV:awViF ewawaxmxrfTawaKric awawJrSi BawV awawlra9 awawVlBwawaawawiB
WasEaK SS Sa a?-SM lm! M M mBta sS5 BB SbbwswswS'S'"
The Oceaiv Today Has Made Good
Its Word to the Public
It's .TKe flundred Per Cent Dividend Company
The. officials of Ocean Oil and Refining Company announce thai plans arz now in progress for
ihe ereclion of d refinery to he under the same management.
The production from Ocean and Ranger-Central now amounts to about 10,000 barrels daily,
and this uiill he very much increased in the near future.
The management takes pleasure in staling that J. A.D. Smith, formerly President of the Lone
Star Refining Company, vAll he at the head of the new company; that G. A. ornicer, General
Agent of the Lone Star Refining Company, will he associated in the business, and that C. F. John
son, formerly General Sales Manager of the Lone Star Refining Company, will also be associated
in the new enterprise. Each of these gentlemen has had not less than ten years' experience in the refin
ing business. Their success in the oil business has been phenomenal.
The new Refinery and Production Company will be wider the same efficient management as
Ocean, Ranger-Central and Homer-Union, but it will be a separate and distinct company. It will
be both a producing and refining company. In a very short while slocl will be offered to the public.
Phone 74.
El Paso, Texas.

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