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AUt ships, large ones and small ones,
suspenoed in formation from
the celling of the ball room at the
Country clubhouse were the decora
tions on Monday evening for the
dar.ce and sapper given by the offi
cers of the first bombardment group
of the Aviation corps. Everywhere
about the ball room were parts of
airplanes and farther decorations
were American Beauty rosea. Vari
colored lights were thrown on the
dancers and the effect of the Hints
oi er the swajlng airplane was very
charming. An elaborate sapper was
served during the Intermission, the
table for the service being decorated
v.th quantities of American Beauty
loses. . . - ...
Those who were In charge of the
details ior the dance were Capt-
ecil Se.iers. Lieut. D. I Bouquet
n.tl Leut. F. G. Atwater
Numbers of pretty frocks added to
'ho charm of the party.
Mrs. L. A. Walton was gowned In
lijalc satm draped.
".:r. Taicott Smith, the former Miss
Elizabeth Glover, a recent bride, was
irokeJ in georget of apricot tints.
Mrs. J li. Clark, wife of Capt.
"a--"-;, of the a.r service, was attired
ir. white reorget, beaded with gold.
Mrs. Francis W. Clover was
gowned in a loe!y model of jet pail
ie'tes . . .
Miss Harriott Kowze was frocked
in azure L-lue taffeta.
Miss Burtrara Orndorff was
frocked in a pretty creation of blue
taffeta and Uirs Alzlna Orndorff
v. ore a d.:nty model of peachblow
sat n. .
Mrs. K. B Edmunds, wife of Capt
j.'imund. of the sth cavalry, wore a
Frenchy creation
jlirnpriP Decorations and Roses
m I
mm A f It
Feature A Dance By Air Utticers
if blue taffeta
n,ith tnnchxs of lavender and silver.
One hundred and fifty guests en
joyed the even-ng
El Pasoom Returning.
MaJ. A P. Watts has returned from
Washington and the east and has
again resumed his position as zone
transportation officer.
Mrs. Alfred Kraft has arrived in
the city, after an extended, visit to
New York City and other eastern
!olt ts She is at present a guest at
Hotel Fisher.
Mrs. H. K Deady has returned from
a lengthy visit to New Tork. Bridge
port, Conn., and other places of Inter
est in New England. During the sum
mer Mrs Deady was a guest at the
beautiful home of friends in New
port, Long Island, Dr. and Mrs. Deady
have purchased a new residence on
Montana street, where they will make
their home.
Mrs. Clara Tepfer has returned from
a v sit of two months spent in the
Pacific coast. She is at present a
guest of Mrs. J. W. Brady. Lieut and
Mrs. James Garaa, the former Miss
on October 15 and will remain there
six months belore proceeaing to um
na, where they were to have been
stationed prior to receiving the order
to remain in Manila. Lieut- and Mrs
Garza went to Manila by w ay of Rus
s'a and northern Japan, stopping also
in Hong Kong fir a visit.
Wednesday's Calendar fl
Of Social tfensl!
Miss Mary McCamant, Niece Of Ma. T. J. McCamant
MKETl.NG of the music department
of the Woman's club at S oclock.
Mrs. Warren Small will have charge
of the program. (
Annual luncheon at the El Paso ;
rp.ier.ition of Women's clubs at 12:30
oclock at KhaklVrob No. 1.
Wedding of Mfts Annie Laurie Oden
and Lieut. Andrew Jensen. t
Beginning of the Rummage sale to ,
be conducted by the women of tne
congregation of the First Presbj -terlan
Members of the Dove Shrine No. ".
of the White Shrine of Jerusalem will
trive a Casserole supper In 1. O. O. F.
hail at 30 ocot k
on Thursday but has changed her
plans and will remain in Amarlllo
until the latter part of the month.
Mrs. V. L. Bean and daughter Vir
ginia, who left a few weeks asn for
New York, by way of New Orleans,
are happily located at Central Park
West, and enjoying the many enter
tainments offered in New York Miss
Virginia is being coached in violin
by Francis MacMillen. who recently
returned from France, decorated foi
braverv Mr. MacMillen coneertized
abroad after the armistice was
;ined. He is encased to give five
on.-erts In New York this season,
and ranks with Blman as an artist.
El Pasoans Away.
Miss Ethel Brown, who has been
letting friends in Dallas for the past
few weeks is at present the guest or
Mrs. Avery Turner In Amarlllo. Miss
Brown was expected to arrive home
Hospital for Women and Children.
St Mark's. 1001 Nevada. Ph 6080 Mire
Emily Dana Green. R. N . Sunt. Adv.
a Uut Kntovnhl Breakfast.
Eat breakfast her tomorrow I
Whether it la just a enp of onr special
coffee and hot cakes or a generour
meal you will be highly pleaced will
our service and prices.
Modern Cafe Dowimlatra Mills Bids ,
Mrs. W. J. Peck, A Visiting Golfer
IggWBaJift ( ejas """ mmWW wawV
s, i -it . ilbbpp""-iHGvB--1 - . v- 'HaaaaasnHnBsB
law? 4 jpmeb mmt wfingnsBiHHBOk BwiS-raflun-iw
I I-'- B?Xi E'rK j3rWBHKHIIIIBHI. UWI ' ll III I lllli . HI II I 1
' i isgffHflM" ri nr rwaMirTaMsit iMwiiii i i i i iiiiii i win I hi i 1 1 ail warn n
I - . , l . i ,i . -M
evening at .3 oclock by a coitm.f.'t
composed of Mr. J. H McBrociT.
chairman and Mrs Carroll Helmice.
Mr J J Crawfn-'! Mrs. Knno Doer.
ard Mr F E Hvint.--. After th- sup
per there v-ill be se.rn three mlnu'
apeecr.es hv the following: A. H An
derson T "L. Campbell. E. B. Elfer
(1 C. Franklin. W. Vn Long. J. i
McBroom and Leonard Worcester. J
' jf- J J Kater will sing a-corn-pa'n:ed
.1: the planobMrsFTf yd Poe.
Two th.rd of tne police force In
Fet-o4rad tre women, all of whoi
wei- lo-.s '''" cjats and dresses wit .
a oailse'on ih- r t arm o'.rr
the '.etter't "G patrol In coup.es am
carr loaded riT.es
Help Ytrar Digestion
ten seM-Oitrtaeea, reue-ro vao
igestiea witii
HS. PECK, who lives in New York, it the diagbter of Mr. and Mrs. B. S. wtnn. we iras rro m
spent her girlhood days here.
Miss Mitchelmore Becomes Bride Or
New jersey Man, Father Officiating
1 spent her girlhoc
--- - . I
BBHSKsZSMBHizaaEjasasasasssasasasasM---i -TWrS. -Tsasgg
tan -rgn-w-Wvi w n w ff.lnl.r TT Tr luFdliir
tura Presbyterian church, offici
ated at the wedding service at
oclock Sunday morning, when his
Aanrhter. M.ss Sara Vera Mitchel
more, became the bride of Thomas B.
Williams, of Newark. N. J. Tne cere
mony took place at the Mltchelmoro
aesraence, acos iuor ,"6"- j -
nride was very attractive in a dark
bine cloth tailleur wit hat maicnma,.
and her arm bouquet was of roes
tinted carnations. Immediately af
ter the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Wll
t. ift for Kawark. where they will
make their borne. Mr. Williams served
during the world war in tne army
and was stationed here for some time
with the Eighth tr. s. engineers. He
resumes nis lonner
insurance company in IewarK upon
his return there.
in miiwi hi i , .uu. .
. rrl. c... in tum the
party and ahowe' on Monday evening
at tne nome u aw ' .
Mrs. S. H. Harless. Mrs. Klunk is hers
from her noma in -liyI"-Vii, -visit
to her parents. The Sfll
rooms ware decorated, for the party
with red and white carnations ana
white chrysanthemums ana a two
course supper was served during tne
evening. in "
towels and tied a comfort far tne
bride to be. Each guest wrote her
tavonte recipe " ir.Jviw
eoted to Mies Critchett in a 0inU
bound booic mrm. u
Tinnnn ste-vens. Mrs. J. V
Critchett. Mrs. U W. KpW
Mrs. Kltner n-rcj. - -bostsss
in raving ni"1"
and the guests list included: Mies
Critchett. Miss Nora BdmumSson, Miss
Itayma Edwards, Miss LoU BnahosK.
MisVEra Burton. Mi Anna Hajley.
Miss Virginia Cooper, Miss KatHne
Glenn. Miss Emma Wlndberg. luss
MlMred Huff, Miss Orace Fie Miss
Sybfl Bhedd. Miss Loul KlioMiss
Kate Krauae, Mhjs "JJ."
Mrs. R. J. Halt Mrs. Allah Mae Dan
er. Mrs. Jack Konaa. Mrs. J. W. Mom.
Mrs J. Ritner Krlechbaum. Mrs. Mar
garet Klnnon ouj, Vlsz
ColdweU. Mrs PhU Warren and Mtes
rTr. 7 . . . a mn rjrtff Mrs.
" "l'.- 'ir a Vrosn Of
... . i nraaalVA erS-
a vsry qw. l 'i"",., mr-
mony took p. ,r t k
lng.vmber . whsn,- Bby
haeaoM the bride of W. J. GflgW
FeTof this city. Rev- 3
of tb. Baptist church. ofHctated at
dmm Dean 'iinB .,4..-
roannflt daughter of an old Virginia
IJUDU7 BOO JEM v a - - -a
has loot returned from ovTe,
t. - .u. mmminlai. as
wncro sei -su " -- -
first lieutenant in the motor trans
port corps, is the eldest' son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. F. Fepan. of Richmond ,
TJ. 1 w,nWT rTtntlAffMl vlth t
The Texas company, of which Ms
father southwestern s u peri n ten- j
dentn. Mr. and Mrs. Gngse-Fesran
Will U3 Ml UVI1T " IV" " I
parents at 4531 Pershing- .Drive, Rich- ,
mona ierrco :
the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. B. I
necitoam. .m wuihui u-.m bvww.
Mrs. Lilian Beckham Harkens and
narry 0. Anuviwn, truLit ui -w
were united in matrimon, Rst. J. J.
Golden officiating Only a few rela-
Uvea and friends Fere present. The!
room was beantifully decorated with
chrysanthemums and ferns. The
bride wu gowned in embroidered net
over cream satin, while her bonquet
-m wi4.'. .aaa. nrmt Miinla 4H
have apartments at Palme Cotftt.
K tC W
Ou 0 Tou'n Visitors
H. !. Coleman, of Prescott, Ariz., Is
at the Paso del Norte.
A. R. Kearns. of Cananea, flonora,
registered at the Paso del Norte Mon
day. Mrs. C. A. Ksrber. of Elgin. I1L. ts
the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. J.
W. J. Crocker and wife, of Pecos,
1 Texas, were arri a!s at the McCoy
1 Mondav.
C. B. Vesper and family, of Mes
qulte N. M.. registered at the McCoy
Monday. ,
P. A. Cressev and wife, of Parral.
Chihuahua, were arrivals at the Shel
don Monday.
Mrs. J. O. Tinnln and daughter, of
Toyah, and Jama Halrer, of Fresidlb,
were west Texas arrivals at the Paso
del Norte Monnay.
Arizona arm Els at the Sheldon
Monday werr H.trrv Graham and S.
Racmer, Ph r..x ? A Gardlnier,
Douglas: D. .-iiaau. Yuma.
West Texan.- r-astered at the Shel-
Crai(.'hTd, Alpine: H. Robbins,
-.i-agosi, r. M'tchelT. Marfa. I
Ir- A B Kali and her daughters, ;
Mis. C. ''hase and Miss Jouett Fall, i
. r-- ,n r iv fr a visit and are ij
- - .- I1 ' 1 Pa-o del Nort I
' . - at the HeCov 1
Mrs. Eubanks and Mrs. ColdweU Are j
Hosts At A Charming Luncheon Party
Dissolve easBr n tongue u
pleasant to take as candr. Reey
yoer stoffiich sweet, far KJ-eioJds i
uane ey ecorr a sowm
Give them pleasant-to-take,
hejplui DC. iJeu s rme-1 m -Honey
: -nHILDREN romp arotmd n'".
) i pby and become overheated. ..
V-f- cold often results. It shoald not
I be Wiected one instant. Give tnerr.
n. ii,t:'. p,n.Tar-Honev. It is verv
pleasant to takf and its ingredw.u are
! sure to ease the tkkling threat. It
helps in relieving vntauon ana pr-icsjn
congestion Clear the air paSP-
Take Or. Bell's Pice-Tar-Honey
yourself for that heavy cold. W Hat it
does for thousands of others it '.r
boiibtedJy wSl do for oj
Att Augjists. 30c, 60c $1 Z'J
hotel Monday were: F. M. FarreL,!
Clifton; A. Roos, Tucson, N. W. Park, t
s IT Rowman and E M. Montfort. t
"on1- . , . ,
Kew Mexicans registered ai me
Regis Monday were:- Jen. Fuller. Co-
Wsrt D. Parker and O. K. Parker and
wue, xiacniia.
1 m?J J. r ElTBANKS and dausl-t?r.
M Mrs. Batard ColdweU. gave a Amon
nrettiiy appointed lun"heon- toaay ai
11.. t r-. r tr tfhn arricAd . t the
Sheldon Monday were' J. A. Harvick.
Olsna; G. R. Roberts. Magdalena; Geo.
SUgn. CuUer; Prof. R. D. Jackson, Al-amogordo.
VT. w. u. vrruiu, wno idi
past two weeks been visiting his
daughter. Mrs. CUods Lawrence, 511
i - - - - - V. niHTiia tM ll I.
home at Corpus ChrMtL
Mies Alice Brand, of Shanghai.
China, la the guest of her brother.
WlUtam A. Brand, of the Immigration
service, and Mrs. Brand, of this city.
Hiss Brand Is an English girl who
has spent much of her life In China.
Mr. and Mrs. a T. Lemen have as
their gaest at their home. M1& East
flouievaru, jars, onms u""'u" -"
law. John W. Steels, of Pennsylvania.
Hr. Steele la en route to California
for a visit ana will npon nia m
to his home stop fas El Paso for an
other visit to Mr. and Mrs. Leroen.
- .i very '.nterf.'.lng eent.
, who nave rewri-u
-re.rs tre luncn.on are. Ji-
-,v,. vir E H. Yale. Mrs
1 oclock in honor of Miss Rutn jjffersr-n I' ma. .Mrs. jonn .
CrKch.tt whose weeding will f-.Jh ?kZol
at the end of the week, for J,rs. W i'-IJ '- K N'ooke. Mrs. C. A. Sor
ham Collins, a bnde of the auturr.n , llr- Frank H. Bait. Mrs. O. A.
and for Mra T.itner Kreihbaum. The Critchfitt. M.-a E. C. Hitehcoek, Mrs.
luncheon of Mexican dishes was K:ven glit MrrH.a?urShkl Mrs U
at the EuJanks home on Montana T K 0jer- iIrs. j a Potter. Mrs.
treet The recentlon rooms were c,.3 Rader and guest, Mrs. Spencer
bnsht with orange tinted chr5 an- V Jgt a. .F. ScoUen. Mjc
themums and autumn fo.iage ana a Swift. Mrs. f. H. Tietsort and
Japanese bowl of chrysanthemums - w. p. B. McS-in. Mrs. V.
were need in decora-ion for t0'' ERaggio. Mrs. Julia A. Sharp. Mrs.
for the luncheon service. Mrs. Euhanss 3UnUOr. Mrs. Matilda Burroughs,
and Mrs. ColdwelVs ""J"?., ;iirs? Hinden Butler. Mr, R. p. Car
Miss Critchett. Mrs miam Collins. . DaushdriU and
Mrs Kre.chbaum. Mrs. Thornton rm on ra Mrs. S. J.
Sardls Mrs. rgarct Klnnon Stev-.ru,lrs a Be; Mrs. H. C.
Krauw. Mrs. Clyde Teague and Mrs- i 11 Mr, Ollie P. IuX!
Charles Klunk. i Mra" uPeter-nan. Mrs. Ponder a
ber, of fe-rralions Ub ' B & Jfc"
mSntor the annual luncheon Eivl Ronald.
T. the PiK. J" to ta. 8ure will be aerved at the Tbrst
at"ll 1chSNe-W PrwsSSrian church on Wednesday
Keens the Family Vell
,i m the lirer reica-n :aac aisa Po-
Do-Lax so easJy and tqi: T-J o rs
bife-flow started and removes pcisrzja
waste from young and old cvtezoa i -.
I a- a - comfortable Unlive. 60c.
ft L"w .wii sa4
Odonfs Transfer
1 Pound
14 Cents.
VlW U III i W 1 wW
Hot Bread
bake the kind oj Bread.
that makes Mother stop baking
406 San Antonio St. 406 San Antonio St.
- g-r-i ...rmmJ :"'.lc

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