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Tuesday, Nov. 1L 1919. 3 3
I Nations Should
Sliare League's
Tasks Equally
Future of Leaque Dark
Unless Such Is Case,
Says A. J. Balfour.
London. Ens- Nov. 11. Arthur X
Balfour, former foreign minister and
bow lord president of the council,
opening the league of nations cam
paiga today, declared that the future
of the league iaM be dark Indeed
unless all the powers, and particu
larly Great Britain, were prepared to
take an equal share In the burdens
the league cast upon them.
Jkln- China Not. 11 (Br the As
sociated Press). Official dental Is
slven reports that the Chinese gov
einment cvuemplates opening- direct
negotiation with Japan over the re
storation of Tslng-Tau. The Chinese
attitude Is that China's claims
should await decision by the league
of nations.
Ineligible Because of Oppo
sition to War, Solons
Decide, 309 to 1.
"Washington, D. C, Not. II. -After
denying Victor I Berber. Milwaukee
.socialist, a seat to the boose of repre
sentatives, holding he was Ineligible
for membership because of Us -apportion
to the war. the house late Mon
'lay declared that the seat was vacant,
holding that Joseph P. Caraey, Demo
Tat, who contested Bergefs election,
did not receive a plurality In the elec
t on last year.
The house directed speaker Glllett
to notify the Wisconsin governor of
the vacancy la the state delegation so
;nat a special election may be called
choo&e a new member.
The vote to unseat Berger was l9
to 1. representative Voigt, Republican,
Wisconsin, being the only member to
Mipport the Wisconsin Socialist either
uunrg the debate or on the roll call. !
House la In Uproar. !
Consideration of the right of Ber- j
rt?r to a seat proceeded amid some-
nat of an uproar in the nottSe cnam-l.-rs
and with crowded gaHcree. Po
guarded the entrance of the men's
-a'ler Berger's wife and nephew
v ere in the public gallery until short
- before the roll call, but Berger
'intelf, after alternating during the
t.i.t between the chamber and the
i. c:- left as the vote began.
Explaining his activities, speeches
,d articles, but making no defence.
i.cprr attacKea tfie legislative orancn
't the government and then turned
members of congress whom be
"rubber stamps of the admin -Fi"at.on
Texona Jala In Debate.
Th's drew from representative
P.aton Democrat, of Texas, the de
'..;ru mat he confine his remarks to
t own activities in connection with
he u ar. Berger charged that his ex-
i on as a member of congress
v ould be a cut and dried affair be-f-
I am a Socialist and opponent
i v, &r and profiteering"
I tike back nothing I said In my
i hes and articles," he told the
-'-.se, "and under the same circum-.i-
ces I would say and write It all
n-. -r again, only I would make It a
-r a deal stronger"
representative Eagle, Democrat,
is, aenounced Berger and all
. ;he-ated Americans and the house
se and cheered.
Madison, Wis, Nor. 11. Governor!
' r i r n.A a v f-w 1 aA m Tisirlril
fm the vacancy in the Fifth -and patriotism of the Mormon people.
v t he house of represent- Wire drawing was begun in Massa-
ves rezusai to seat Victor U. Berger, cnu setts in IBM.
Complete Returns Show
Vote on Ratification of
TJ. S. Dry Amendment.
Columbus. O, Nov. 11. Ohio last
rueaday voted against ratifying the
federal prohibition act by a majority
of (41. according to complete official
returns received today by the secre
tary of state. Tile vote was:
For ratification. 'S9.879.
Against ratification. SfUtt.
Secretary of state Smith announced
that some errors are apparent in the
complete official vote and that the of.
NEGOTIATIONS WITH JAPAN ; flcU1 returns from nine counties will
be sent back to county election boards
for correction. He also announced
that the official figures from 21 coun
ties would have to be verified.
James A. White, manager of the
Ohio dry federation, has asked for
a recount of the vote.
Religion Libeled, States Distinguished Service
Smoot; Ashurst. Arizona,
Alsp Praises Mormons.
Washington. D. C. Not. 1L Prais
ing Us Integrity and patriotism, sen
ator Smoot, of Utah today In the sea
ate defended the Mormon church and
Its members and protested against
what he termed the libelous pub
lished attacks on that people.
I protest against the libelous mat
ter that has been published about the
country, said senator Smoot. "The
Mormon church has nothing to con
ceal. I want the people of the United
States to know that so far as polyg
amy Is concerned, it Is dead and
these scandal mongers in the future
must find something else tj write.
Senator Smoot declared he was not,
in the senate, a representative of the
Mormon church, but the representa
tive of the people of Utah, whom, be
said, "have been so foully misrepre
Senators Ashurst. Arizona. Thomas.
-Colorado and. Henderson, Nevada,
joined with tha, Utah senator in
praising the integrity, thriftiness
In Commemoration-
One year ago today was flashed around the
world the glad tidings that the armistice had
been signed marking the end of Prussian autoc
racy and military domination.
Today we commemorate that glorious occa
sion. We pay homage to the fallen dead, who
have not died in vain. liberty shall be perpetu
ated and accentuated on down throughout the
We, as one of El Paso's financial institu
tions, are keeping up with the progress of the
times expanding to meet our growing demands,
ever searching out new processes whereby we
may better serve our patrons.
& Trust Co. Q g)
Mesa Ave. at Texas. Phone 7600.
Cross Awarded Nogales,
Arizona, Lieutenant.
New York, Not. 11. The American
lying club last night announced the
following officers had been awarded
the distinguished service cross for
"extraordinary heroism in action In
Europe." Lieut. Arthur E. Esterbrook.
Fort Flagler, Wash.; Lieut. Ora K.
McMurray, 4th Aero squadron, and
Lieut. Ralph A. O'Neill. Nogales. Ariz.
Any former service man. soldier,
sailor or marine, upon re enlistment, is
allowed the privilege of naming the
station to which he would prefer to
go. Assignments are made accord"
Following is the record of enlist
ments Monday through the loeal army
recruiting stat.onc Clarence Romero,
Gallup. NT X-, for one year in the med
ical corps; Cornelius F. fTEeefe, Kl
Paso, one year as sergeant in the
coast artillery.
Jesse E- Bunch. San Angelo, Arson
J. Cain, Lubbock, for three years each
in the motor transport corps. 0"Keefe
was formerly a second lieutenant in
the cavalry.
All were sent to Fort Bliss.
Enlistments Monday at the local
naval recruiting station follow: Rob
ert C Stratton. of Lowell. Ariz, and
George W. Fowler, of Douglas, Artz
as apprentice seamen for aviation me
chanics. The former served one and
the latter two years In the army. They
were sent to the Great Laices station.
Boy Is Sent
To His Home
In California
Frank Hudson Sees Enough
of the World for the
Time Being.
Frank Hudson, youthful Callfom
lan who has Just passed bis teoth
birthday, has -soon the world" and Is
now homesick for his home In the
suburbs of San Francisco. Frank
"rode the pumpers into El Paso
about two weeks ago and would have
spent several cold and hungry nights
had it not been for a kind hearted po
licewoman, Mrs. Emma Webster,
county probation officer, and the As
sociated Charities.
Frank was found sitting on the
street curb and "lookin awful lone
some'' one night last week by a pa
trolman. The lad was taken to the
police station where he told a pathetic
story of now somebody bad told him
how easy it was to steal a ride of a
ireignt train and now ne naa uoaraea
a train In San Francisco and rode all
the way to Tucson, Ariz., almost with
out a stop.
Frank said he remained at Tucson
only a short time. The town was too
"quiet," be said Anyway he boarded
another freight train and landed in
El Faso dead broke and hungry.
Frank said that he was about ready
to give up when the tender hand of
the big policeman touched his head
and asked him to follow htm to the
The first thing that Frank wanted
when he got to the police station was
something to eat. and he got it lira
Emma Webster later got into com
munication with the child's parents to
San Francisco and Frank was turned
over to the Associated Charities to
await advice from his parents.
Secretary Gwin was Informed Tues
day that transportation has been for
warded for the child's return to San
Francisco. Frank will leave late this
afternoon and says that he has had
enough of "seeing the world."
Article 10 Reservation
Unacceptable To Wilson
Is Upheld By Senators
Washington, D. C Nov. 11. The
fight over article 10 of the leasee
uf nations covenant neared a conclu
sion Monday In the senate, with de
velopments promising adoption of a
reservation wholly unacceptable to
the administration.
During the day the reservatloa
drafted by the foreign relations com
mittee almost identical with one
which president Wilson has an
nounced he would regard as a re
jection of the treaty, weathered all
attempts to alter it, and rallied a
support which snd to insure itt
final acceptance.
The reservation provides that un
der the article, which pledges member
states to preserve as against exter
nal aggression toe territorial integ
rity and political independence of all
other members, the United States
ahall assume no obligation to use Its
naval or military force except oa ex
Dress authorisation of congress in
every specific case.
Th. ritati which summed UD six
months of senate discussion of the
William H. Hart, of Chicago. Ill, en- i .k , r.-hrf a hlrh oltch of bit
tered the service as an apprentice I ,ernes several times during the day.
seaman for baker. He was sent to I
San Francisco for duty.
Would Tear Up Union
Cards Before Strike
Columbus, O- Nov. 11. Dclaring
they would tear tip their union cards
before they would strike in defiance
of the government. 132 coal miners,
employed at a stripping mine near
Hopedale, Jefferson county, resumed
work before new came of the misers'
organization's decision to recall the
strike order, notifying their union of
ficials not to send any farther In
structions to walkout.
Washington. D. C, Not. 11. Presi
dent .k'iisoa wii nermitted to stt hd
for an hour today, the tint time be
bas got out or dm since ne return to
from hla interrupted weetem tour s!t
weoks &?o. The n resident was placed
In a wheel chair and was wheeled
slowly around the top floor of the
white house.
Chicago, IU, Nov. 1L Chairman
Will H. Hays today Issued a call for
the Republican national committee to
meet at 11 a. ss Washington. D. C
December 10 to fix the time and
place for the next Republican con-
Tmhlln. Ireland. Nov. 11. The of
rirea of the Sinn Fein parliament
were raided today by the authorities.
Nine persons were arrested. Those
taken In custody Included John
CTMahony. John Hayes and Frank
Lawless. 8inn Fein members of the
British house of commons.
Many documents were seized by the
Phoenix, Ariz.. Nov. 1L It was an
nounced today that on Thursday
Judge J. M. Stanford In the superior
court of Maricopa county would bear
the trial or the quo warranto pro
ceedings against Capt. Walter In-
galls in the action to determine
whether Capt: Ingalls. an appointee
or tiov. uampoeu, or joi. wnaries iv.
Harris, of a former administration. Is
adjutant general of Arizona. The trial
is to terminate a lontr line of local
processes caried on in the superior
court for tne past seven months.
Yuma. Ariz, Nov. 11. The secre
tary of the Interior has authorized the
United States reclamation service to
ventlon. Apparently the fight for the ' purchase one Ruth dredger, to be
convention will be between Chicago uiea ln connection with the Irriga
and St. Louis.
Washington. D. C Nov. 11. An or
der forbidding an advance In price
of raw fertilizer materials over
prices of October 7 was announced to
day by the department of agriculture.
Materials affected are sulphate of am
monia, dried blood, tankaa-e. fish
scrap and cotton seed meal.
Tells How to Darken Gray Ilnlr With
a Home-Made Mixture.
The Auction House
Joieey Williams, the well knows
American actress, who was recently
playing at the Imperial Theatre in
tlon work on the Yuma Intention
project. Arizona-tuiioraia.
This machine Is a patented article.
ana wui cost approximately i 1.019.
F. D. Richardson was transferred
Tuesday from toe El Paso navy re
cruiting station to that of Clorts. N.
M. He Is to take charg' of the sub
station at Clovia.
In his 14 years' service wHh the
nations sea forces. Richardson has
been to all parts of the world. His
trade of electrician was learned la
the navy. His rank at this time Is
that of first class electrician. Upon
a recent examination by a board of
three officers, be was recommended
for promo-ion aa a chief of the elec
trical service.
. . 7 , ' , , preme council toaay received the re
statement about gray hair and bow I ply of the Rumanian government to
321 Eajt Sam Asteaio St
to darken It:
"Anyone can prepare a simple mix
ture at home, at very little cost, that
will darken gray atreakeo. or faded
hair, and make it soft and gtouy.
To a nalt pint water add 1 osau
of bay rum, a small box or Bar bo
Compound, and ounce of glycerine.
These ingredients can be bought at
the allied note of October 2. It will
be communicated to the various allied
T-or. Mr-aa Are. and San Aafenlo St.
Prlrate Braarh Birhanae
MH t Pfrnne llnlw-m rn-x-Hrtty Filled-
"Jack FrostWe
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Helena. Ark.. Nov n. lu '-, J
M. Jackson, of the Philips county dr
cu't court, today sentenced to electro-
ratfnn at T f . 1 1 Rtwlr 11 nwta r.
anv drua- store at verv little cost o-"cent'- convicted of murder In the
any drugtrlst can .rat It op tor yea. I f ? -fnSJffr i.3
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Had Not Shaded .
Since Civil War,
Planer Removes 'Em
H AWARD, Calif, Nov. 11. For
first time since the civil war.
Henry C Boylston. of this city, has
trimmed his whiskers. However, It
wasn't his ault.
Whet Boy '-ton's detachment of
I the Confederate arm surrendered
I he vowed he'd never trim his whis
kers as long as he lived.
He was planing lumber with an
automatic planer, operating with
rotating knives. Lengthy whiskers
tucked in his vest, he bent over
the board, but he bent too far
The whiskers caught ln the knlvep
and with a yell of pain Boylston
bid good by to bis hirsute adorn
ment. It was tbe first time since
186S bis chin had seen tbe day
light. A clean shave at the barber shop
finished tbe Job.
The United States etvll service Mm-
mission announces an open competi
tive examination for storekeeper, for
men only, on November IS. at El Paso,
to fill vacancies ln the motor trans
port corps in tbe position of stock
keener at Camp Boyd at S120t per
The duties are principally the re
ceiving, checking and storing of auto
mobile parts and sundries.
Applicants mast nave bad at least
six months' exner.ence ln an army
warehouse, or six months' experience
in the army ia a position which en
abled them to become perfectly fa
miliar with automobile parts and tbe
use thereof, or six months' experience
In a commercial warehouse handling
automobile parts.
Ap;licanta must have reached their
20th but not their ESth birthday an
niversary on the date of the examin
News received Tuesday by the au
tomotive trades and highways depart
ment of tbe chamber of commerce,
stated that the transcontinental truck,
which will head the "Ship by Truck
parade at t oclock Thursday after
noon will arrive sometime this after
noon or night.
The head of the parade will st?rt
from the chamber of commerce. The
trucks will proceed east on San Fran
cisco to El Paso, south on Bl Paso o
Overland, east on Overland to Camp
bell, north on Campbell to San An
tonio, west on San Antonio to Oregon,
north on Oregon to Texas, east on
Texas to Stanton, north on Stanton to
Mills, west on Mills to Oregon, north
on Oregon to Franklin, where the pa
rade will disperse. A squad of mo
torcycle officers wiU lead the parade
Texas Miners Will
Obey Return Order
PRT WORTH, Texas, Nov. 11.
Bituminous coal miners of
Texas will obey Instructions of
their national officers to return to
work, as soon as the formal order
Is received, according to a state
ment made today by Ed. Cnnnlag
ham. a state miners' official.
j Washington. D. C. Nov. 10. MAJ.
Arthur P. Watts, infantry, has been
transterrea rrom Taaoma rara. D. c
to SI Paso. Capt. William B. Wright.
Ninth" Aero squadron. Rockwell field,
has been ordered to Fort Bits.
New York, Nov. 11. Pvt. Carl
Johns, S14 Texas street. El Paso,
Texas, baa arrived from overseas.
Army's Youngest Officer
Is Coming Home Tuesday
Lieut. H. W Butler, youngest offi
cer la tbe United States army, will
return to his home in El Paso Tues
day. Lieut. Butler Is the son of Mr. and
Mra. W. M. 'Butler of Austin Terrace.
Mr. Butler is vice president of tbe
Texss Bank Trust company.
Tbe young officer la new only
years old. He received hla commis
sion at the Presidio, Ssn Francisco,
a year ago last September. He Is a
second lieutenant. He has been ata
tioned for some time at Hobo ken. N. J
port of embarkation He has -been.
In charge of the dismantling of ahlpa
taken over by the government.
Lieut Butler was on tbe general
staff several months at Camp Mill
and was also prison officer there for
quite a while. Lieut. Butler la also
an athlete. He weighs 1SS pounds.
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Cologne, Germany. Niv. 11.
(Havas) Cardinal Felix Ton Hart
r ann, archbishop of Cologne, Is dead
at bis residence here.
Doctor Prescribes
B.D.B. for Banker
Wrtte MRJ. Bawen. Cutuer Firftt N&UuUs
But. Tnej City. Temm.
Tbe wont cue f Brxema I bcltei-
aaywe ever expenoored. Wu aetusx
t9e wild Semt for mj dieter H rrc
ai iifcd Tkn D. VIrlwu relief
tnm the enr 8nt app.tr.iHm "
Aayose MiTeris from -dim tTeoWe t! et
eere ckMld iaresticite t odc the ncr-u
of D P D. Try it tod We cvnutM turn
first bottle. scflOCftaJ tUOA.
IML Iottan for S&n Disease
Heu EcJiarl. OruKcUra.
Sunset Paint Co.
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PW 2SS1.
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