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inns i s.
Open Season on Americans
Declared For Bandits,
Charges Rep. Gould.
Washington, D. C, Not. II. In of
fering Saturday & resolution direct
rz the state department to take lm
m t d . a t e le ps to ha vm the Mexk n
brnment r ". burse the Ai ricans
who paid $ I SO, 000 ransom to bandits
iot release of Wm. O. Jenkins, Ameri
can consular agent at Puebla, Mex.
representative Gould Republican, New
Ycrk, chprged that the state depart
: ,ert, "in open and onicai rejtudia
'ion of sacred governmeni obUgaiio.ts
iu pru(.ec. the uvea, liberty and prop
c oi us citizens, has declarea a.n
.cn'season on Americans and its of
ial representatives for bandits and
rebels in Mexico.
RenolBtioas Rrferred.
Another resolution by senator Kin:,,
L.-mocrat. Utah, would ask the s.ate j
pa ment to report whether the i
Mexican government had been re
f d to reimburse Mr. Jenkins for
h amount or the ransom. Both
rtrclutions were referred to the com-
1.1 Ttt-.
Representative Gould called atten-t--
to the exchange of notes this
rrnt was warned that s radical ' recent demand of the state depart-
i inse of policy toward Mexico might . ment that Mexico omit no effort to ef
loiiow should Americans In Mexico ' feet the release of William O. Jenkins,
- i t nne to bp unsafe. In reply, be i even though it be necessary for the
t j ,i thA Yf iro n ovramMt hat UTima cnvrnmenl to DHV the I"M1-
-jr-ested that Amenoinj concentrate ;
ii the populous centers of Merico ;
where protection could be aflfcrded J
- r . !
raiiJnSMTflSM-mM. I
of rn f ,, Mx-
of tbe ren'T- nf the M'
orfrrent w'eh T bve nnoten
t" r -e t pt "o.-i t11! 34 ot-a"-es
rH d'.-rs tr!"ited hv Mexico
c- -.-.T-jrri-i ei-er fo reK o-
r,.- h-d' -i the tt Of
p ..v-i r.- ts i-.eiHntf environs."
i.i t-e f--o such rnr "
r-f -e ' "f-i tVie 'ee of s w T" -
Me cnrprrntflt, h-t
--r, fV fnrtl-rt ff fi
T"!'. C. fin
. r;r nT 1,
) - p .;t,nT1t eT .ttT,".
r . - 'neret of telr own srov-
Don't Wait to
Be Bilious
Keep well. Whenever your appetite
beeins to flag, or a
sour stomach ani
a coated tongue
warn you, take
Little liver
Fills and the
trouble will
Good for man, woman and child. For
your health's cake stick to this old;
tried and true remcdy.Porely vegetable.
Snail FBI Snail Poie Stnril Price
great nerve and blood tonic fot
Aeemla. Kiteunatis, NerreasBessv
Stecyleiaaegs and Fesmate Weateesfc
fttlilM an. hit llf iHtn sn&Srs6
i &na a aaa i
the world's
There are saaBy great days t U wtM! Mitory.
There am many taportant days hi the history
the United States. But the greatest of aU the 1
world's days is VICTORY DAY November Breath.
That day definitely detexsriaed that the tide oi
errilizatkm shook! not U tnraed back five eestariei.
Let that day be the beginning of bigger things lor
yon of better Ihana of wiser thiaga. Aad eae of
the wisest things yon can do will be to let us haaso
vonr fatswaaca.
Douglas C. Crowell Agency
Milk BWg. FWcs 88O0-8&0I
Building Brick
We haoe an unlimited quantity of Hard-Bumed,
Wire-Cut, Common Brick f0T
Immediate Shipment
The Best Brick in the Southwest
Rough Texture Brick k varied shades.
Fvetxick and Fire Clay.
Red. Browa and Buff Plowed Brick.
Hollow BuMngTik.
Wilson's Kin
Pay Indemnity
Widow of EJF. Welles Is
Claimant; Mexico to Pay
No More Ransoms.
Washington. D. C Not. 1L Claims
for Indemnity against Mexico for the
murder by bandits of Edward Free
man Welles, more than four years
ago, was filed Monday with the state
department by his widow, who Is said
to be a distant re la tire of president
Welles, a Harrard gradnate, well
known in Mexico, was lined op with
others- and shot by bandits along the
line of the Veracruz-Mexico City rail
way. after a train had been dynamited
by bandits.
Repeated petitions to the Carraasa
government, it was said, were met
with promises to pay if the widow re
frain from pressing her claim through
ine American state aeparunenc
Wont Par Katmom.
Mexico will pay no ransom for for
eigners Kidnaped oy Mexican oanaiis.
This position of the Carranza govern
ment was announced in a note from
Hilarlo Medina, subsecretsry of state
for foreign affairs, to the American
cliarge at Mexio City, in reply to the
som to the bandits who captured the
American consular agent,
,,. . , rkiBe that
state thoroughly foi local concerns
and those of Arizona, according to
Information received by American
consul E. A. Dow of Juarez. How
ever, when term and condition are
made especially attractive the mer
chants sometimes buy from San Fran
cisco and Los Angeles.
A monthly steamer service from
Guavmas has been established which
operates on a freight rate from 1Z
to $15 per long ton. on shipments
Into western Mexican ports.
Eastern houses are selling direct to
the Sonora merchants certain pro
ducts, such as photographic supplies,
stationery, and mens' clothtng and
riirnlshinsFS. Chicago mall orner
houses also do a larger amount
SURRENDERS TO FEOfcKALU C?' fomia, near Magdalena bay.
SUIUUJiuiiu " The state of Sonora is onraniilng a
San Antonio. Tex. Nov. 11. Oen. , mji tta force of 250 men for opera
Miguel Hernandez 3nd 200 members tions against the Vaquis. this action
of his force have surrendered to 'taken under anthorlzatlon from the
Mexican federal fro ops at Indapora- I nat'onnl government, which will pro-
xthnomn Mex.. It was an- vide arms and eonlnment and which
non'need here by consul Gonxalee delwir ma'ntain the force In the field
i. Marts. .Gen. Hernandez, who has! At the head of the state troops gov
i been operating lnaepenaeniiy i
southern Mexico, was pruiu uiu
ht nromlse of loyalty to the Car-
I ranza government, de la Marts stated
His men were inoyciw
eral army as has become tbe custom
in handling Independent k, of
meji forces cantered. A consloer-
iable amonnt of equipment and about
. 200 mounts were also taken, the re
' port atated.
! Mexico City. Mex.. Nov. 11. Vir
ginia Salinas Carranza. wife of Presl
i dent Carranza. of Mexico, died Son
i day afternoon at Queretaro.
Senora carranza has been' In for
t four months.
I Children in India have to learn the
multiplication table up to 40 times 4.
land this is further complicated by
'the Introduction of fractional parts.
greatest day
Governor Plans Industrial
Development of the
State. -
Hermoslllo. Sonora. Ilex, Nov. 11. The United States senate rabcora
One of the great St. Louis breweries j mlttee Investigating Mexican affairs
is reported to be behind plans made
for establishment here of a eeetod
brewery, the product of the Cerveeeria
de Sonora not being considered large
enough to supply the west coast, since
the United 8tatea Is to be cat off as &
soorce of beer supply. A concession
has bees secured and at least JIM. 000
Is to be spent In early Installation of
machinery broneht In from the United
The new state sTovernntent is continuing-
the policy of Industrial ex
pansion Inaugurated by former gov
ernor Calles. Machinery costing
(6.096 has been ordered In New York
to enlarge the shoe factory of the
Cruz Galrez school of this city, an In
stitution started by Calles to provide
a home and manual training for ne
orphans created by the long continued
warfare that has been known in this
state. The shoes produced are con
s dered about as good as those Im
ported and are much oheaper.
Big Orders nerelved.
Orders on hand Include 60,09 pairs
from the Sonthern Pacific company of
Mexico 12,000 pairs sfrom the com
mercial department of the Cananea
Consolidated Copper company and 11.
i0 pairs from the Mocteznroa Copper
company, of Xacosart The factory
now ts nanaiing icatner iroro onrro
hides, fonnd available for hand bags
and simitar art 'cles that have a ready
f' Harness aim Is made from this
leather, for which there has been
slaughter within the year of at least
C0A0 animals in northern Sonora.
The mysterious Island of TIburon Is
being explored by an expedition head
ed by Antonio G. Rivera, of Hermo
s llo. with a number or Certs Indians
as guide. There also will be visited
the nearby Isla de Paios fDack
island). On both It is understood are
very valuable deposits of guano.
Land Permit Isned.
Former governor P. Ellas Calles, In
his new canaeltv of minister of In
dustry and commerce at Mexico, has
issued a nnmner or permits lor ex
ploration of northwestern Mexican
lands for netroleum. One itros-ectlng
corporation, largely capitalised In No
gales, Sonora, Is the "Campania Ex
plotadora de Ponora. Socledad Anon!
ma." It will look for oil In the Altar
b-sia. To the sovttrward, near gl
Alarno and Carrlzal. deposits or as-
pheltum have been found, as well as
coal in the vicinity of Todos Santos
jiv. Asnhalt also Is said to have been
ernor rie la Hnerta has placed Gen.
Fr-n Cisco Msnsa,
Gen. Ramon itnrbe has sent to Mex-
'eo his resignation as governor of
Sins'oa, that be may accept appoint
ment to the military command of
troops In 81 Rata and Kayarit. There
appears to have been prior apnolnt
ment of Oe. Mateo Nanez aa military
end In fiinaloa. inreoedlng Gen Joan
Carrasco, who wBl seek election to
tb governorship.
The export dvty on cattle has been
raised at the border to 30 pesos a bend
for three year olds and 18 pesos for
two year olds, wh'le export ot young
er animals is prohibited.
Can Antonio. Tex Nor. II.
David de a Fnenta, a soldier of Mex
ico, who was completing the forma
tion of a regiment of his countrymen
. f t, niij hi k. '
world war when the armistice was Dlegnex, federal commander of the
signed, has returned from New York aai-rison st Chihuahua, had been dis
and Washington, where he went In patched with a strong columr to meet
the Interests of a plan to unite the ! vu an attempt to halt the lat
varions factions In the republic toi ters reported advance oi. Chihuahua,
brine- about an end to the civil war 'that other -federal forces from
la Mexico. It ts announced by La i
Prensa, of this city, that Gen. de la
Fnenta will go to Los Angeles, Calif,
to discuss bis plan with Mexican In
terests and Americana there who have
Investments In that country.
coXDtnoxs ct nnixABA
Mill workers of Orizaba have sent
request to all the mill workers of
Mexico demanding moral and mate
rial aid so as to hold out In their
fight against the owners. Tho groups
of aalll workers of the federal district
oa being requested to do so and after
going over the matter, decided that
they did not believe justified the at
titude of discontent of their eamnan.
Ions of Veracruz and therefore they !
could not go on a strike of svmnathv.
seconding other textile groups of the
country. The situation In Orizaba Is
aritleal. the Intervention of the mili
tary authorities having been neces
sary to keep order and avoid any dis
turbances on the part of the moat
radical la their protests ot discon
Mexico City. Mex, Nor. 11. Senora
Carranza, wife of the president, was
boried at Queretaro Monday. At tho
president's wish Interment was In Las
Crac cemetery at Queretaro.
Ail the government offices were
closed Monday. President Carranza
ha received hundreds ofnessages of
condolence; among them many from
members of the diplomatic corps.
It la expected president Carranza
will soon return to Mexico City, and
rearune bis duties, broken off weeks
ago when his wife's health became
so bad a change to a lower altitude
waa necessary.
Money to Loan
Good improved prop
erty. A.P.CoIes&Bros.
202 N. Oregon St.
Glvo It a trial and get results.
Others have wby not you. Writ
far booklet.
Address Box S5T0.
Btsbre, Arizona.
Fall Committee
Will Soon Visit
Border Districts
Committee Will Stay Here
a Few Days, Then to
Go to California.
j will pass through El Paso November
j 28 on its way to Los Angeles, where
- u will hold the first of Its border
hearings, according to lodge Dan M.
Jackson, secretary of the committee
The, commits n.hbl. .ill t
The committee probably will stay here
two or three days on Its way to the
coast. Daring these three days a
place for the hearing here wtll be
In Los Angeles the committee will
hear the evidence which IS or more
witnesses from the west coast of Hex
loo have to offer. These witnesses
have been waiting In Los Angela
about three weeks. It was learned
Monday and the committee dealt esi
to bear them as soon as possible so
they can return to Mexico. j
On the way back from California
the committee expects to stop two
or three places along the border In
Arizona and New Mexico and finally !
complete the investigation here.
It has been learned here that the '
attorney general of the United Stater ,
will designate Ous T. Jones, special !
agent In charg of the department of
justice here, aa chief investigator for ,
the Fsll committee. Mr. Jonea has '
worked along the border for the gov- ,
eminent for years, all the way from ,
Brownsville to San Diego. One of !
his duties will be to prepare a '
"Who's Who" of border characters.
lnn, newspaper oorreapondents
will accompany the committee oa its
Francisco Tllla, with f moo, re
cently was moving toward OJInaga
Chihuahua, oa the international bor
der, to obtain new elements of war
while the remaining men of his com
mand hid la the mountains of south
ern Chihuahua, according to Gen
Francisco Gonzales la aa lntervlea
printed In Mexico City newspapers,
copies of which have arrived here.
Gen. Gonzales arrived in Mexico
City last week en route to Tamaoil
naa, of which state he has been ap
pointed governor. Until his appoint
ment he was commander of the Car
ranxa garrison in Juarez.
Villa, according to uea. Gonzales,
was last reported passing south of
Saucillo in the district or Camargo
He also said the Galeana district was
pacified and industries reopening. In
autfeern Chihuahua, according to
Gen. Gonzales, raining activities have
been renewed through successful
campaigns ot federal soldiers.
Three bandit groups, comma nded by
Julio A Vila, Lorenzo Valoe and Enla
lio Gutierrez, were dispersed by fed
eral soldiers anaer .ganeraia Ceaaxet
Castro and Pedro Favela. recently, as
they were preparing to attack Tor
reon. according to press reports
reaching B Paao.
According to the reports the lhre
bandit leaders had united and wen ;
preparing to launch their attack wnei I
tne lea era la learned tneir puna. Be
fore toe bandits could move on the
city the federal troops arrived and
dispersed them. The bandts did not
A San Antonio, Texa.. dispatch 8at-
urdar night reported that Gen M. M
Jimenez and Camargo had been sent
to reinforce Dlegnex An earlier San
Antonio dispatch asserted Villa had
appeared at 8an Diego, near Rio Con
cbos, with 1000 men and waa moving
on Chihuahua.
put the
in oMUIvhi II
tW Victory IrC a Joint
Njjif FJ Saving's Account
1 W W American I rust U
A ffl (El Saving's Bank fj
VI Vt Capitd ad Sutpim - SJWfiOO.w' Rece Over - $3.000000.06 If
lassaaaaBBBasaaaiassaBnaSBBaaHBaa ,h iwaaisii l Jllll liBlfM tj."., illWiarjMSSBaBBMWaM
According to an article under a
Mexico City date line and published
in a recent Issue of "Orlenlacion." a
newspaper published In Sonora. Mex
ico, there had arrived in the national
capital of that country from Ger
many the largest commercial dele
gation that had ever visited Mexico
The article said that that delegation
would travel over Mexico aad open
agencies all over the country for the
sate of German manufactures, and
would guarantee to undersell 'Ameri
Any International size you buy is bound to be superior QUAL
ITY FOR QUALITY and PRICE FOR PRICE to any foreign made
The weekly pay roll in our Factory keeps El Paso money in El
La Internacional Cigar
mX I A menomJiiU Wc. fof example, he a jd mxmmt. an arfncA each J Jffljt
' comA mv the r.eccMk oaari pneetiagt beftre the actmml cmn be inwt. Jpf j
J ' A We AeM be gtW to fcB Job more oooerf ihe tmi Mmgt account plan m Jetafl if )
JV ' ' trtqaetL 1 j
cana- As inducements the delegation
that1 s"ixamonthl credit wodMo-
tended on orders which could be filled
st once for alx boats were ready to
ply between Hamburg and Mexlcaa
oris with goods of all kinds which
had been stored during the war. The
dt-icgatlon was also reported to have,
said that the Hamburg Bremen line!
ould bare boats plying regularly
between those two German porta and
Bl Paso Herald Magazine Agener.-Adv
Koaales. Ariz. Nov. 11. Yaoul la
, dlans recently looted the Gotaras
mine, between San Javier and Tonicht.
Son., according to advices received
here. The redskins had previously cut
the telephone wire to Torres and San
Javier, where Mexican federal troops
were Quartered. The raiders left
note addressed to Americans warning
that next month the Taqnia would
start a "campaign os assassination.
and blaming the ' ai ranza government
for provoking such
Deliveries to
All Parts
of the city.
Tuttle Paint and
Glass Co.
International Brick Co,
El Paso, Texas
PHONE 4400.
a sirrsriiitWM'M i

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