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Senate Democrats Launch
Plan to Invoke the
Cloture Bute.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 12. A
vement to limit senate debate on
he peace treaty by invoking the
- loture rule was Inaugurated today
oy Democratic leidera. A petition for
ioture, requiring- but 16 stent turea
foi sub-issior, -tt8 circulated by the
aiminletration leaders and soon had
"orf than double the necessary nun-
Some Republican leaders said the
uuld supporr the Democratic cioturt
: opoal, which bad been circulatec
i.'ter consultation between leaders o.
':b parties
Effort t OHetract Pact.
The petition said that there was an
'i.fDrt to o struct the treaty by undue
tlidtf and acked that the cloture
-.(, iin-.t.'-p each speaker's time to
T hour be livened.
When tii1 petition would be pre--tJ
was r-ot determined by the ad
" .MStraticn leade"
Adopnop of cloture requires a two
:li.rd vote While all of the signers
f the Mature petition ware Demo--a:,
senator Underwood, who clrcu-T.:r-d
the petition, said It was assured
jf considerable Republican support.
It w&f explained that the clotura
- r-osal. if presented today, could not
une to a ote before ceyt Friday, be
.K required under the rules to He
r for two days.
ci,rn OFFERS.
Herald Magutne Asvncy.-Adw
U.S. Delegates
Soon To Leave
Peace Parley
Conference About to End
Work; Rumania Evasive;
Still Defies the Allies.
Paris. France, Nov. 12. The Ameri
can delegation to the peace confer
eace has Informed the supreme.coan
cil of Its Intention to leave France
daring the first days of December,
according to semiofficial Information
from the French foreign office.
The British peace delegation has
also expressed the same desire and
the the genera impression In French
conference circles is that the confer
ence will conclude lis work by the
end of this month.
Rumanian Reply VsLsatlsfaetorr.
The reply of Romania to the allied
note recently presented, in which it
was again demanded that Bangary
be evacuated, is reararded in Deuce
circles as wholly unsatisfactory. The
note, which was considered by the
supreme council today, is character
ized as extremely evasive. The Ru
manians indicate a willingness to re
tire to the river Theiaa. but decline
to resoect the erielnal armistice lines
and also decline to comply with the
an iea request mat tney name a mem
ber of the Interallied commission to
compile the value of the goods seized
Hungary By the Rumanians
For Ail Occatstat.
Dreas, Work er Piny
Kid, Heary Leather, WmI or
Gloves For Every Kiss: of HaeeL
10c to
"Walk a Block aad Save the
The Berg Co.
304 East Overland St.
Es-Sarvice Men Put Ban
on Politics; Endorse
Universal Training.
Minneapolis, liim-, Nov. 12. The
first convention of the American
iiegion Tuesday etartM pronounce
ment of Its policies by adopting a
resolution declaring the organisation
to be "nonpolltical" and demanding
the deportation of Victor L. Berger,
of Milwaukee, as "a disloyal citizen."
Endorsement of universal military
training with a small standing army
and no compulsory military service
in time of peace, was voted enthu
siastically last night by the legion
convention. It was recommended that
the national cltisea army be under
local control and administration, sub
ject to general national regulat.ons.
Bar relltfcfans From Office.
Holders of public office or candi
dates are barred from office in the
legion by the amendment to the con
stitution adopted, declaring that the
legion win taae no part In politics.
A minority report permitting po
litical officers to be officers of the
leicion was defeated by an over
whelming viva voce vote, but the roll
call vote on the adoption of the "non
Political' resolution showed a ma-
Joritv of aboat 1M ef the t4 votes.
A certificate from the French gov
ernment for the family of each Amer
ican soldier killed in France was pre
sented to the convention with the
statement that the; French govern
ment requested the legion to deliver
these certificate, to families of slain
veteran with appropriate ceremo
nies on Washington's birthday, Feb
ruary 22. U20.
Camp Caster Commander
Transferred to San An
tonio Post
Washington. D. C, Nov. It MaJ.
Gen. William H. Hay. in command of
Camp Custer, has been ordered to the
command of Fort Sam Houston.
Ma. Gen. James G. Harbord, Gen.
Pershing's right hand man in the
A. EL F., is now on his way from
France to the United States, will
stay in Washington as assistant to
Gen. Pershing for a brief time, and
then will proceed to Camp Travis to
take command of the Second division.
Maj. Gen. John Biddle. commanding
iue oecunn division, nas oeen ordered
temporarily as aide de camp to the
this amount can be deducted from
the total of the renarations to Ru
mania. The note is held to Indicate
continued defiance of the supreme
Annrsves Smrrai Reoort.
The council arjoroveil the renort of
xne conrmissioo wmcn aarl investigat
ed conditions In Smvrna. Referring
to the incidents whih occurred dur
ing the landing of the Greek troops,
which were declared to have been
caused by lack of precaution on the
oart of the Greek military authori
ties, the Greek authorities are asked
o insure that order He maintained
In the future and that there be no
recurrence of similar incidents.
It is nointed out that the military
occupation of Smyrna by the Oreeks
must be understood by them to be
merely provisional.
Phoenix. Aria. Nov. is. Richard
Harvey was Tuesday held by depart
ment of Justice agents on a charge of
impersonating an officer a ad illegally
Wearlnir an nftlnor'a mitfAnit SVCfMala
said Harvey had beej reported toH Hedtlers at the national assembly
them as as having worn the Insignia
of a llenteaant colonel. They said he
had been a captain in the quartermas
ter's department of the United States
army in France, hut had been dis-
argea rrom trie service.
prince of wales
Lieut. Col. John F.
termaster corps, San
peen-oruereu to tne
Madden, quar
Francisco, has
nsu-wmnu 10 tne itn infantry. -.-.loa-v the navy Is establishing
omecT corn. iVn'li. ?5!
station xor tne iurxner nouy o.
Must Know Air
To Fly Ship
Or Shoot A Gun
Naval Officer Exposes Se
crets of Value of Aero
nautical Knowledge.
"A thorough knowledge oX upper
air conditions fa esaelnttal to modern
day flying,' said Lieut. Commander
E. A. Rlchtenstela. who has Just re
lieved Lieut, a P. Tracht as naval re
cruiting officer at El Paso, so that
Lieut. Tracht may taka a, rest, after , ln8.
almost four years of arduous work Gen. Dickman received his appoint'
e th- Ei Paao station. ".. '.eSr
, west r-oini in June, is. Be end-
"The United States navy appre- n,tea as a second lieutenant of eav-
ciated this in the flight of the HC! airy June 11. 1881. He was assigned
boats and In working with the British i
dirigible, tne K-
HSLmJKKSf ,T -eouM. th? Eighth cavalry in May. USS. In
r.."."?.,nr:r ZZm the M- i!" colonel aad in
sible weather conditions.
"Determined to oseep oar m
Army Officers Hope to
See Gen. Dickman
Given a Promotion.
Army officers in El Paso expressed
the hope Wednesday some means
would be found of giving MaJ. Gen.
Joseph T. Dickman. department com
mander, the promotion to lieutenant
general to which fee waa recently
recommended by Gen. John J. Persh-
Moneta, Wyo.. Nov. IS. "Sold." de
clared A. Kanson. founder of this
town, when John Goodman of Sho-
"whole works,'' including it lota, an
13 room hotel, a five room cottage,
two other dwellings, a large barn,
an ice h-uise, a railroad eating house
and a miscellaneous asaortmeat of
shani offered iia.sae cash for title to 1 outhouses that has been aocuraulat-
the entire town, which Kanson held ing during the ;o years that Moneta
Goodman receives title to the has been on the map.
In ISM be
were waa promoted to first lieutnant aad
to Camo Custer, 'i. ia .,-.it. ! i- ,.- i.r.mniinn and lr. ' lnen lo captain, tie was assigned to
of the medical corps at Otlsville. K T.
nave been ordered to Whipple Bar-
ruvus. api jonn Archie Matson
First Lieut. Julian Carter Hardle.
Lieut. Charles St Smith, formerly
connected with the provost detach
ment here but who was discharged
October ll.wtll leave thla afternoon
for Washington, D. C. Following a
visit there he will go to his home
in Linco'.nton. X. C. Lieut. Smith
plans to return to El aso in the future.
There is a bit of folk lore that ears
cannot be batched if they are carried
across running water.
Foe Built 810 U-Boats Up To End
Of War; Expected To Make Britain
Quit In Five Months, Says Capelle
Rummage Sale.
Rummage your house from cellar
to garret now. First Pres. Church.
Ph. UM tar auto to call for bundles.
D ERLUC, Germany. Nov. 11. (By The
1J Associated Press.) Vice admiral
Edsard von Oapelle, farmer minister
of the navy, was bombarded with
questions Tuesday as to why the sub
marine campaign was tmsuecessxai.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
For tJrsss wear. 10 in. nigh.
Look XV HetJ.
10 k. nji.
Cuban Bed.
A snappy street boot of a real $16.00
If your feet are trooble makers, bring
tbeai ib aadWe wiB pacify them. We
Lave an expert ardi fitter wbo wiQ
relieve yom feet troubles.
Formerly Lemer's.
229 Shi Arto-ia St 1&5 Mea Aa.
stfbcommlttee's investigation iato the
war. having railed to get much mror
matton as to why the submarine cam
paign was not avoided, changed their
tactics to questioning the former min
ister of the navy on submarine con
struction. A summery of his contri
bution to U-boat construction was
read by von Candle at the start of
the session.
-KlKfct hoadred and ten sub
marluea were baHt before aad
during the war, said the farmer
minister of the navy. "Of these
-15 were constructed before the
war, 1W were built during the
aamlaistratssa of admiral van
Tinrtts, and 3B9 were buHt by me
fat tke two an a half years I was
in efflee.
"I took office in April, lilt, and la
the nine months remaining in that
year I ordered built at u-baata. In
11?. I ordered 229; and In the nine
months I was in office In 1918. 1
ordered 224."
"Whv was there such a discrepancy
1 between 151 and the two followtng
! years." demanded herr Gothein. Von
Capelle replied sharply: .
Had to Repair Damaged Beats.
"There are a number of reasons
why so small a number was ordered
in 1916 first, the relchstag took an
overwhelming stand against the sub
marine, and I could not start to build,
because 1 saw myself in opposition!
te the government; second, I ban
been out of the naval service and was
unaware of the- technical Improve
ments In U-boat building : and third,
the Skagerrak battle caused serious
damages to our boats.' Their repair
held up the construction of other
Germsny had decided to Uve up to
Internationa law "and not sink mer
chantmen without TCarnin, said von
Capelle, but he raid he thought that
In the fall of 1915. the admiralty had
Issued a second order to ?ttack Brit
ish ships because England, "poisoned
against ns,' hr.d rr.ade the work of
C-boats very difficult by mines which
covered the er.t.re North Fea. There
was a demand for mine searchers,
torpedo boa's and motor boats, which
reduced U-boat construction, he
Aafca Object of t-Boat War.
Herr Smaheimer attempted to elicit
tne exact purpose cf tne submarine
campaign a?air.st England.
peile replied
"Jack will have the opportunity to
become a weather shark, ana ine
May. 1917. he was promoted te hr.
dier-generai. which is his permanent
rank unless promoted by a special
act of congress.
Gen. Dickman was born in Ohio
in October. 18S7. Ha wears six stars
on his world war service ribbon. He J
aiso wears 1Z outer ribbons for wars ,
engages in ana nonors conxerrec tie
: , .' . , .ubc in a Honors coiuerrea.
knowledge he gains wll lhave a real commanded the Third division
commercial vctme un- ww. "7 Chateau-Thierry.
A UCUCUUVU. UM11.UU .w aw... "
thla knowledge in the near future.
The dirigible freighter will wireless
in. "Where are best conditions, New
York to Parlsr and the United States
navy meteorological stations will
answer giving th heights of favor
able Winds and best courses, so that
the dirigible can make the trip with
the least expenditure of fuel and
strain oa the airship.
Aerial TTaine. Managers i
"Thi. arelal traffic manaaer of the
future must have a large staff of
wahr MSttrfi and tenen them Will1 foreign Office,
depend the safety and efficiency of
tne world s air xreeis.
'AU naval bases will be equipped
with experts as wall as the ships
used aa air craft tenders. Dirigibles
and large plaaee will carry their own
weatner man to interpret lntormation
by wireless.
"Another important duty of the
high altitude weather man win be
In connection with the long range
guns. The shells of the German's
Big Bertha traveled at a height ot
80.0c feet and for a distance of 50
miles. Direction and aceed of winds
are the most important factors in the
pointing or such a gun.
Air AUeeta Big Guns.
"In the navy exaerimenral stations
the pilot balloM is need to determine i
directions and apeed of the air cur
rents, xae pilot balloon is about 15
inches In diameter and is filled with
Von Ca-' nyaroger.
as soon as it is set tree, notes are
Mr believed we eoald feree taken on every, movement It makes
England a nub If peace' with- ln u" rise, when it gets a good dia
in five months.' ! tance up It is necessary to follow It
to make feeding of England impos-1 a Theodolite. The movements in dear
Changing Gooemmenb
Quite Hard On The
German Archives
Berlin, Germany, Nov. 11. The al
ternating fortunes of Spartadsts anu
Majority Socialists last winter, with
their inevitable occupation of public
buildings, have had a diatressrinalv
demoralizing effect on the German
foreign office, according to the ad
missions qz minister nermann Meui
Ier. "Through the changing military
occupations numerous documents
disappeared." declared Herr Mueller.
"Some have been totally lost, while
others have been recovered months
later. This naturally has lnterefered
with and delayed out routine work.
Inquiries and notes that should have'
been answered months age are only
now being attended to."
Among important mislaid docu
ments was a note from the Czecho
slovak government annoanclne that
German private property would not i
o violated or seise a. sent last AsriL.
together with a recommendation
from the Savon premier that It be
given immediate publicity as many
German corporations would be inter
ested in this information. The con
tents of the note have not been made
public until now, and only when the j
aaaon premier rtgiHtvea a com
plaint with the foreign office, which
step caused Herr Mueller to send an
ar-ologetie explanation to the Saxon
si hie and. therefore, rrake lmpossi- weatner can De followed te a height ."'
ble the reaching by England of her; of S5.M0 meters, over 2 miles up. 1 D . JIn fn ftp WnrlA
goair- asked herr David ! These balloons have a very short. ; IS JJ&St IT Utj I II I IK YY UILU
hope in "tne navy uen aww nita, lor inry sre raxeiy
' Burst:
"There Tras
kept froT. Emrtand." replied ven Ca- about ze.eaa meters, due to th fact
ci:e sarcasticailv. "We should have uyarogeu eapanas as Tne at
been more suspicious of England." mosphere becomes less dense, and
j stretches the rubber bag over the
DOTS jivst BE is -tears safety mars:.
old to joi.'V x ATT : xmics aiso ueea.
The fo'iowinir self explanato.-v tel- f1"?!;"" aaow tempera
egram ,'rorn the bureau of naviga
tion, na department, Washington.
D. has jutt been re-eived by
Lieut. Com Emi! A. Lichtecstein, iu
charge of the El Paso naval recruit
ing station '
"Until further instructions, the
mlnimnm age for enlistment will be
lb years except m specific cases
where recruiting officers have prom
ised aDPlicants enlistment in the
ravy upon rcachina the ase of 17 and
j having the consent cf their parents
or Fruariians. jc is airectea mat no
fcrther promises of th above nature
be made and that every care be exer
cised asainft enlistments below IS
WheenaJe Grocers and dbtrifcaiere it
the faawea r night AsluiasMe Tires
protect their numerous check bar trass
actliiBs by aseaas of Ur Todd Trotecto
araph System of Cheek Protect! on.
wBBmaaso chekkal wbsb nr-
nished br
Hotel HMg.
El Pass. Tex.
m. ests
Belter be
gale thaa
Published by special permission ef
II- A. Sena
Our system of rkictstraUoa prereats
cs from -el.irg caeca to basks for
the use of depositors, va sell fat aery
proof checks to baaka for their wa
Be cniy ae to ettsteowrs direct.
restore vitality and enerjry by pnri
fyin? iid enriching the blood. 1'oa
can svn fte its strenKthen-ng'. In
'.ipTor'it.n Tl'ff't Price dc Adv.
Maaa. Mov. It. Chinese
is the best way ln the
aorio, take it tram ur. loa &aan.
Chinese woman physician, and the
"oldest old maid in China." Dr. Kahn
is here for the congress of mission
ary workers.
Name "Bayer" is on Genuine
Aspirin say Bayer
ture. humidity aad barometric, pres
sure are sent sip aa kites. Iawstm-
tion U also mads in planes and men ,
enroled in this service get the op-
poriuniiy u iravi ua woria above
the clouds in person as well as theory.
The school for aerologiets or at
mospheric experts will be at Penaa-
colao. Florida. Students are being
wnuna irom civil lire as well as
from the navy."
Shot Fired Ai Former
Austrian Commander
Basel, SwitMrlaad, Nov. It. Buda
pest newspapers announce that a re
volver shot was fired at admiral
Horthv. former eominandertnM? nf
the Austro-Huagarlan navy, but that
the bullet missed its mark. The as
sailant was arrested.
The following rasa enlisted Tuesday
for naval strvtce: Herbert & Wood-
do nt ion by Americans of Celestial
marriage customs, which include a
simple courting system, would bring
these benefits. Dr. Kaha says: .
Solution of the motherlnlaw prob
lem, as parents may not live .with
married children.
Disappearance ot oM maids, aa the
oldest maid in the household must
always be the first married.
A decrease in divorces aad aa In
crease ln the birth rate.
F. C Foster, a foreign missionary
for the Baptist church, who spent
three vears in the Orient, opposing
the Chinese idea, said:
"Every Chinese father is a mon
arch in his own home. He keeps ail
eye out for a girl for his son and
whea the time comes simply says.
"Son. this la your wife.' j
"The yourr man may never have
seen the young woman. A woman has i
no social opportunity 1st China There i
are no divorces In China because the j
women have no status. Chinese wives !
jimmint to little In fir households 1
and are made to feel M."
Dave Crockett A U end ins
Oklahoma UnieeraUyu
iiiiiiiiwi ii iinnmrr "riiii"rii,iTiiriim
nffiHIHUWlrlWfjraa lHHIIIIIls1llr?sTsTe,IMII"isTaMIMIIi
The best lubber peek made.
Our price iadaaisg attached
On half soleing shoes
We use Number One grade
Sole Leather.
Oar prices are reasonable.
Try us, tt will pay yen.
518 X Staataa St, EI Paso, Tex.
Levy Grocery Company!
All Others
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Don't Jfnfc
e a
4IS-43a Eut Sen Antonio S
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' Bars Idui oap
" I needa . ra
.". Supreme Cra.
eit Pteana, lb. ,
torts aad Jair. Csffee, lb.
-ry Beet J'en berry Coffee, lb
'srnn, lahettl or Termlcelll
. .25e I lb. Asparagus
. 2Se New York Ckeese. lb..
. 3e La me 8Mlb Olives, pt.
-23 Large Iffl Flekfes, dos.
- .a5e 3 lb. Seaerkraut
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.SOc Catfish. Ib.
At tbe Foot ot XL FvankHn
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NOW and share la the prosper
ity the city vfHi enjoy when oil
is found.
Investment Co.
Selling Agents
Mesa Ave. Bl Paso, Texas.
Norman. Clkls Vn. I a
descendant of David Crockett, famous J
"wish niiuier, is one or me lvvv atu-
aents wno are attending the t niver-
silv oi lit noma.
Insist on "Bayer Tsblets of Aspirin"
ln a "Bayer package," containing
proper directions for Colds. Pain.
Headache, Neuralgia. Lumbago, and
Rheumatism Name "Bayer means
genuine Aspirin prescribed by physi
cians for nineteen years- Handy tin
boxes of IS tablets cost tew cents.
Aspirin is trademark of Btmr ifan-
; ufacture of Monoaceticacidester of
Salicylicpci-l !
ward and Frank O. Corahs. Oliver oitv.
as apprcstuce acame.i xor avia- i
tion mechanics. John i. Collins, New !
Tork. aa shin's cook, fourth class. !
.according to uuorraaiton receivea Tounr CroTrott's i ..
at El Paan naval nrrsitinr n.tlon . "??.. "-ro5lt.u sTiven name also
stands second to San Diego. Calif, in Okla.' He .. . .?v r?.J .JS SZJS
the drive for recruiu on the western I iTan (n ,h. f. Sv,"Tf5
division. On a papulation basis, it is'"0,3 I 'Is tne "VT dffrln
ii n', . aii. w vau pirn.
with Denver ta the lead. The drive
will be en unto the first of the year.
Paris. France, Nor. 11. An electron
riot wun ravwsnuenary zeatures oc
earrad today ia the small industrial
town tt Oeetas. department of Aln.
where extratBlsts are numerons. The
Tounr Crockett nosseasee a. eelly.
ui nis ancestor, tne outt of a long
rifle, which was presented to the In
dian fighter for his services in the
Mexican war.
Deulschland Aids Kine
George's Sailors' Fund
l,onflon. Eng.. sor. j;. Tha
ReDUbllcan candidates ware received 'carry a commercial cargo to America
with akoota -of "lt live I4vatas aad I through the British blockade, is now
revolution." -xag live tbe I doing duty la the Thames as an aid
Bochea" T)om with the army and
the bourgeoisie,'"
The Repeal toaus were threatened
with death aad besieged ia the town
Hall by the turbulent elements. Red
flags ware carried and tha revelation
waa acclaimed by tha beetegers.
It's the neglected coH, cough, rmy OFFICERS PLAN TO
leiwer mroat or tonsils, that BUED APARTMENT HOUSE
.J I.i a Iff .
ucuuiiaie ana leave Uve OOdy Army officers stationed t Fort
to king George's sailors' fund. The
ruomanne, wnirn was converted Into
the commerce restreyer T7-15S after
the rnlted Staeea entered the war.
vas to have been broken up by the
xxniisn upon its surrender after tbe
armistice, bot Horatio Pottomley,
editor of John Bull, aad Pemberton
Billing, former SI. P.. secured it ss a
war exhibit. It will later be p'aced
permanently in the British museum.
ri tnnearl 1 E" ; are proposing to ooaatruct
--j.uiii.ii ivr .Eiiuu) KUIB apartment bouse near the poet, it was
dlSeafK , Wednssssay.
ui5C15eS. The coat will a a ant ITteee and
, will be sabaerfbed to ea a share basis
, ny tne commissioned personnel of the
' post who desire living quarters other
than those no provided. The plan is
the result ef high rests near Fort
Bliss, it is said. .
should be taken at the firstsirn
, of lowered resistance, colrl or
j cough. The energizing virtues
: ot scares bring essential
nounsnment and help to
the weakened system.
Gioe Scoff 's a trial
Scott Soiree. Btoomfieid. . J.
. . .SOc g
for -c ,
Mosey to Loan
Good improved property.
202 N. Oregon St.
First Step k Treataeat Is a .Brisk
wgaHrs With Catetabt,
Pm&M ami Reised Caleael
TaUets riat are Naasea.
less, Safe and Sure.
. Doctors have found by experience
i that no metlicin f n- mm. , t
arms to the tkvtii ca'alry
. L ; B- Meyer, formerly debarka
tion officer for the northeastern de
partment at Boston. Mass.. passed
through n Paso Wednesday ea his
way te Hoachoca, Arts, where he has
been assigned to the Tenth cavalry.
T.. ranrenuonaj ana voca
tional otflear of tha nftht
J""""' ? " was relieved of his ' Ji'"' no meuicine rbr colds snd In.
- ' w 1 n.llUl Bli.dr. . tm n..il, Ufl DBnflBBM DWM In, full
A Lazy Liver
Cnusee a great deal ol trouble hrl
lousness, constipatioo and sick
headache Do not put up with it;
correct it tt once by taking
Mood's Pills
Bade bj c. l Hooa Co., Uwtll, Maw.
ir irTsiiiiTi
ins so Jaeiato Sr.
debarkation r.
acooropaaled by his sob. T. C. Meyer.
Sevenleen-Y ear-Old
Bride Held As Bigamist
Dayton, Ohio, Nor. 12. whether or
not Vera Davies Jones nr.t(V tv -
, old bride, is to be brought back here
I fpr prosecution will be determined bv
the local authorities following the
decision of the case against her in
judge Sullivan's court in Chicago
I where she Is held as a bigamist
I Several months ago she was mar
ried to Ross L. Jones, a youth from
I her home village near here. She soon
'got Into juvenile court here after an
, alleged escapade with two prominent
i business men. While a ward of the
court here, it is said. ith. ..nt ,n ru.
fiance and marrici Howard Mellen- I (-".irTtabs oilv
effectiveness until the liver la made
thoroughly active. That Is why the!
..... icp m m, treatment is the new.
nausealess calomel tablet called Calo
tabs. and which are free from the
sickening and weakealag effects of
the old style calomel. Doctors also
point out the fact that an active liver
mav go a long way towards preventing
influenza and is one of the most im
portant factors in enabling the patient
to auccessfully withstand an attack
and ward o'f pneumonia.
one Calotab on the tongue at bed
time, with a swallow of water that's
ail. No salts, no nausea nor the
slightest Interference with your eat
ing, pleasure or work. Next morning
your cold has vanished, your liver is
active, your system is purified, and I
you are feeling fine, with a heartv
appetite for breakfast. Prugsrist ei!
r:"i!l.il ea eri p-
fo'r .r"PPa"n'5"""-? , 'f haS F ! """ tolXvrrtuSYt
1 , J,. h,, n; ' e prc"! !h" 1 v -'o "ot find ti.e-n del'phtf.,1 -
$15.00 First Cost
and a minimum upkeep.
This is practically the whole story of how to add
a big item of comfort to any home. Here it is:
The "American Beauty"
Radiant Twin Heaters
Here is a solution to quick, exotromical heat when and where
you want it
Sometimes tbe heatiaw service is
not sufficient, sometimes it
gives out entirely.
Sometimes it is hardly economy
to operate a full beating Systran,
furnace or even base burner.
On chilly evenings, on chilly
mornings and blustry days when
a bard El Paso wind is blowing
against any side of the bouse
you need tie 'American Beauty"
Radiant Twin Heaters.
In tbe early morning after dos
ing tbe windows to wans up the
room qukkjy for dressing;
To beat tbe bathroom;
Warm any part of tbe bouse
where there isn't enougb beat;
In flats before the steam i
turned on and after it is turned
Ia fact, anywhere there b an
electric light socket, you need
aa "American Beauty-' Radiant
Twin Heater.
WHAT everybody in El Paso is seeking, home comfort. There
is nothing that helps quite eo much chilly and cold days ami
nights as real warmth. Now and in the severe winter days, other
heat than the furnace or stove is needful to take tbe chili off the
room when there is no fire; to give additional warmth when the wind
ia blow lag bard against the north or west windows; to warm the
room in the early morning after the windows are dosed aad before
dressing; to heat op the bath room; to give warmth is any and every
part of the house where thee isn't enough. That is tbe leissisu or
Perfect and Perfection Oil Heaters.
In homes of moderate means aa well as in homes of wealth, if s so
cosy to circle aronod these heaters with their warmth and glor.
knowing that the lamp cast smoke. It is a comfort to feel that the
beat can be carried right into the place where it is most wasted, or
where tbe chill and draft come from.
Fireless Cook Stove
Wkh the early approacri of Trtanksgrving a Tbcraiatjc Fire
less Cook Stove will be a KrecKajacX avettiajriit, Even if
your TriariiagTvirnT "turkey is a chicken, dock or other fowl, it
will taste better for having been cooked in a Thermatic Fire
less Cook Store.
I 1 7 San Francisco St. Tel. 1040.
He it easy three rJars aU, hat a wry hiaMiy aa! arnriiiiHg yooar
ster ffis Base b NUMBER 7, s4 yea wl thi Urn at 616 EAST
SAN ANTONIO STREET (is the W XcsWcUe Saathstg). He
waat ts see Us.
19 Bars Crystal White Seep 59c
EsgHsh Waiwrit (fresh steeJc) 3Ss
1 Ib. Sett-fine's Ceffee 52c
Dearer MaM Batter !3c
Fresh Mackerel 2 for 3Sc
8 Km. Show Drift 52.49
Swift's PreawHH Haas (Stare Me. 1) '. 37e
1?c g
34 lbs. Crease ef Wheat 1 Lars: esnu Helmet Tomatoes.
SiJB Patkrw Beat Cera .77
Cum. Brwthese Bnse Label Tail earn Hebe
""L S Ms Beaa.
8 tri 3taaipeasi V.Iley Ptmat Batter
The Stocks Groceterias
"There Is One Near Yea."
N. 1m N. Ores.
No- 21118 East BtMrrcvari.
Me. 3-812 N. PieaW
(Frrt Feists).
Na. 4-3525 Haeea (Alia Vista) (0M McMkklc BWg.)
Free Defirery inm State Ne. 1 Ph. 31S 2122.
Ne. 5-43 E. Neva4a
N. 6 Texas ane Ahjaeaa
(ItasBsner Conrt.
No. 7 619 East Saa Aatocio,
Sunset Paint Co.
497 Taut Street
Phaae 2851.

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