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X Pasa and western Texas, fair and wanner tonight;
Haw Mexico, fair, warmer east portion; Arixeaa, fair,
continued cold, treat aoath central portion.
Mexican bank note, state bSh, 630c; pesos, old,
34c; new. 45c; Mexican gold 50c; aaciouks. 30c; bai
silver, H. i H quotation, $1.26; capper, 20Vi21c;
grains, higher; livestocks, higher; stocks, higher.
Mexico Buying Munitions In Europe
One Large Order For Munitions Placed by Caxranza
Government at Liege, Belgium; American Charge at
Brussels Protests Against Shipment, Alleging Yio- .
lation of International Arms Convention.
Zapatistas and Felicistas
Join Forces For Cam
paign. O&xaca, capital of the Mexican state
nl the sue name, la threatened with
.' : attack by Zapatistas and Felicistas.
... -ordlng to an article appearing in
r eelstor. a newspaper of Mexico City.
Many residents have left the cap
i.al. following the withdrawal to the
. I; of over 4000 federal troops from
i6 outlying region, It la reported.
Eustaeio Vaaques, upon learning;
:he rebels concentration at El Car-
, :.. near the capital, ordered all the
r . lgbboring garrisons to retire to the
i upltal city.
Laredo. Tex, Nor. IS Mexico City
advices received here reported a nw
imi aboard a launch bound for Toapa,
state of Tabasco, resulting in the,
murder of a paymaster. Alberta1 Bests.
and other officers and robtiaij of "a
.arge amount of guiuisssnui founts;
i!.tenaei for payment of soldiers, tt
as said that done to Toapa the sot
mem compos lor the pnyujaatar'e es-i-ort
killed Roes and the other ot
hers, seized the money an attacked
, dsengera, killing some and forcing;
. i e remainder to go ashore at a de-
-crted point. Anotner account,
liiat pirates were authors of the
American Spy Has German Banished
Into United States Against Which
He Had Been Plotting In Mexico
l.ate "Agent il- tm the Military lateUisenee Department of (he V. S. Army.
SORIANO was lieutenant governor;
or. at least, nla position corre
sponded to that of a lieutenant gov-.--nor
on this aide of the boundary.
Moreover, he was a "Deutecherfress
. r ', L e. a "German eater," or Ger
.an hater, to sp-tk In American ver
nacular, as Schwierta had told me
with a warning to beware of hfca. Aa
: ,ay be imagined, it was with no un
n! ;ig steps that I wended my way
nward the Palacia Goblerno. I waa
that in Soriano I should find a
.Uing ally in ridding Mexico of
awlertx. On the street I almost
l umped into O'Connor, whom I per
il aded to go with me to Soriano, to
horn he unburdened himself
Soriano i.ad done his utmost to
i. rsuade CaUes not to nave wuuai
r. do with
Schwierta. but that the
.ii ernor
B nhartln&te He waa
make an appointment for
. .iger
Cornor sua myswi w iw
i e next day ana prove uii --
i-ht and Calles waa wrong-
it the conference next day Callea
, oucluded that Schwierta was unfit
..- his post; still he would not give
-o-iano the satisfaction of making
i h an admission unequivocally.
I said I wanted to go to ei uwoi
- rwl remove my u.iwbius.
I'Gt place. CO nUKU n.tij kik. w
, third dav after my arrival in Her
i osiUo I returned to Santa Ana on
c train. Schwierta waa waiting
f - me.
I Give a Warning.
fe two went en horseback to El
. aro On the way I warned Schwierta
o be carelul; otherwise he might
,ave ome trouble. I told him Calles
- .11 .hnnt the Ford and the 7
acks of ore and asked him If hia
Looks would pear inspection
Herald Is Only Five,
Cents Anywhere
DURING the past week. The
Herald has received a number
of complaints from its readers, to
the effect that the Week-end Edi
tion has been sold on the streets
by newsboys at 10c per copy.
We will appreciate it greatly if
Herald readers will report to this
office nhenp-.er newsboys demand
lie for The Herald. All editions
of this paper are alvrays sold at 5c,
and readeis should refuse to pay
more than 5c per o p;-, either in
SI Paso or elsewhere.
II efforts are being made
by tke American government to
prevent tie shipment of large
supplies of arms and nmmunl
tfona purehaaed In Europe by the
Mexican government.
One large order for munitions
was placed by Mexico -with the
Fabrtsue Antienale d'Armm, of
I.irce, Belgtam. and It Mas
learned today at the afate depart
ment lhst the American charge
at Brussels had protested against
shipment of the arms on the
ground that It would be In viola
tion of the International
Orders also have been placed in
Spain. . but that country is not a
signatory to the arms convention.
According to Information at the
state department, moat of the Mexican
orders were placed by Candldo Agni
lar, Mexican minister for foreign af-
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Headliners In
Today's Theaters
-The Isle of Conquest." Norma
Tulmadge and Natalie Talmadge.
Varied program.
The World and Its Woman.
Craldlne Fnrrar.
Vaudeville and pictures).
"-heonTbat," Anita. Stewart.
"The Teeth of the Tiger."
"Fair and Wanner," May Alli
"Blg Little Person."
Xae Hur-
did not tell him that Callee had aent
a man on the train with me to take
possession or tnose same oopae. -isia
gave ScbwierU an idea. He quick
ened hie pace; and on arriving at El
Claro rushed into the office and sum
moned Ostermann In haste to enter
the sale of the Ford and the ore tn
the books so that Callea might find
everything all right.
Now these transactions had take a
place in April and the books had been
balanced and the accounta for that
month closed. But a trifle like this
did not worry Schwierta. By his or
ders Ostermann entered the sale be
low the closed account and dated the
entry in September! Be felt Im
mensely satisfied with his cleverness
when the officer aent by ailes turned
np aa boar later with an order for
the books with which be returned
immediately to HennostUa.
Next day came a telegram from
Callee for Schwierta to report to him
tmmedhUely. Schwierta began to have
some misgivings. He asked me to go
wtth him to Hermosillo.
Calles was waiting for us in his of
fice, with Schwlertzs book open on the
desk before him. After a frigid
greeting Calles plunged at oaoe into
the heart of the subject. Drumming
on the open page with his finger he
exclaimed, but not In his company
Cailes Is Angry.
"Major, you
have made a fool of
You made this entry the
day me doctor arrived in sa Claro.
If you had not made it the matter
would not look so bad as it does
now. I dont' want to give Soriano
the satisfaction of firing you. I will
appoint you Jefe de nolieia de la f rou
ters with 21 men. I do not want to
go into any more details of affairs
at El Claro. CoL Altendorf will take
Knowing Schwlertz as I did. his newV
job seemed to be a providential
means of accelerating hia departure
from Mexico. There was a Dr. Ar-1 I
nold von Scheck in Hermoslno who I I
wanted to obtain drugs from the ! J
United States. Incidentally, be was
a German spy. V
Jones had delivered my report and
returned. Late that night I had blm
come to my room where I told him to
go to von Scheck and induce him to
ask Schwlertz to smuggle Bome drugs
across the border for blm. Von Scheck
did as suggested. Schwierta thought
the Idea a fine one. as he waa chief of
border police and could do anything
he wanted. Within 48 hours von
Scheck had made out an Invoice of
drugs wanted, amounting to about
i4000. and had given a copy to Jones
to band to Schwierta along with an
advance payment of $300 for which
Schwierta signed a receipt which
specified the precise service that he
waa to perform. Under the arrange
ment Jones was to go to the United
States and buy the drugs which e
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Among Them Question oj
Russia; No Peace Offer
to Reds, Lloyd G eorge.
Esthonia and Lioonia to
Reds Near Oms.
TJEL8INGFORS, FT liana. Not. II.
il (By the Associated Press.)
Peace negotiations between the Es
thonlana. Livonlans and the Bolshe
Ttkl will begin Saturday, tt waa an
nounced here today. The Lithuan
ians will not participate in the nego
tiations. George Tchitcherin. Bolshevik for
eign minister, has received a message
from M. Pipp, Eethonian foreign min
ister, assuring safe conduct for Bol
shevik representatives to the Dorpat
Premier Denies Peace Move.
London, Eng.. Nov. IS. Premier
Lloyd George declared in the house
of commons today that no person at
any time on his behalf or with his
knowledge had interviewed .Bolshevik
representatives is order to learn
whether negotiations for peace might
be opened and upon what terms.
The premier announced that It
was proposed to call at an early
date an international conference
at which ministers of the asUed
and associated Dowers might con-
aider the varlons problems which
the peace conference st had
mLJtfeif nuMe to vMTfls, and
enjhleh -was the praMasa of
Mr. Lloyd 6u'x afciiltlsa that the
Bolshevik! "were rapidly nTpearoachtrig
Adnstrai TTrtlhSr- stin
tnara. somnr. and. tne fhtS of the
peace would only fee dseilllsd as the near the bridge where the alleged In
resmlt of tke Saltans that might be'dustrtal Worker of the World waa
fought shortly la front of the city. ' lynched Tuesday night. Police, na
Strife Strengthens Germany. I tional guardsmen and former soldiers
The settlement of the Russian searched vainly for seversl hours for
problem, said the presaler. waa most the man who fired the shot. Paxton
essential to the loeunstiuctlo-.' of the was not hit.
world. The conditions in that coun-, County attorney Herman Allen,
try, be declared, ware a. contrlbut-! n a statement made yesterday,
lug cause to tfca prevailing high said be expected to send to Jail
prices. Likewise, he said, the German every man participating in the assas
reactlonarlea were alisaity nshag the slnatlons. Allen declared he had In-
present strue la tcnanm to nrengtnea
their laflneaee.
The interallied commission to the
Baltic states ar tta first sitting in
Koenirsbara. tt is learned here, in
vited CoL AT&loff-Bermondt chief of
staff, and the commanders rt inde
pendent attachments to attend dis
cussions at Tilsit. The' commfsvfon
has promised! the officers safe con
duct. Reds capfnrrd four entire rrsl
acnti ef admiral Kofebak's
troops and two additional aafC,
(Contlnnrd on page 2. celomn 4.)
- f." '1 "wT8 aanaMBaaf riSnavart'MBmarnnsgfsaMnm
Another Ex-Soldier Fired on Near Town; More Than 30
Alleged L W. W. Held Pending Filing of Charges for
Armistice Day Attack; Body of Ernest Everetts,
Lynched Man, Unclaimed; Dragnet Out For Eeds.
C ENTRALIA. Waah.. Nov. It By
the Associated Press). More than
30 alleged Industrial Workers of the
World are In Jail here or at Chehalls,
awaiting today the filing of infor
mation charging them with participa
tion In or having knowledge of the
killing here Tuesday of four mem
bers of the American Legion during
an Armistice day celebration. Herman
Alien, county attorney, announced he
would file the information as soon
as examinations of the prisoners had
been completed.
Everett's Bedy Unclaimed.
The body of Ernest Everetts, al
leged member of the Industrial
Workers, who was lynched, remained
unclaimed today after having been
found floating in a river.
Pettee aaM that in BBgene Bar
nette. who wna arrested at Men
tions, near here, by fenser aer
viee men that they had one of the
ringleaders of the sheothxe. Bar
pette, they elHUged. did not
shoot from a downtown building,
bnt fired front a hillside not far
frem the scene of tke attaeic
Search was being continued by fed
eral, state and county oftfciala for
alleged members of the L W. W. The
search was being made under In
structions of Robert Saunders, United
states district atorney tor western
Washington, who. in giving Instruc
tions said:
"Arrest every L W. W whether
he has a card or Is known to .he
affiliated with that organization and
Isold thtm for faflaenl ISTsatlFSflgn
Saunders said b Intended to file
charges against the Centralis 1 W.
W. at Tacoroa today.
George Paxton Centralla. former
soldier, waa fireti unos before day-
break today aa he waa patrollnsr a
roM between Centralla and Chehalla.
formation which be believed would
result in convictions In all cases. This
information, he asserted, came to him
through alleged confessions of two
young men who are said to have ad
mitted being members of the Indus
trial Workers of the World.
Plan Peaeral ef Victims.
Ten tat ire plans for the funeral of
two of Tuesday's victims. Warren O.
Grimm and A. R. McElfresh, call for
services Friday morn in i? at 10 oclock
The local Grant Hodge post of the
American Legion met here last night
and made plans for a public military
funeral Friday for the four dead as a
result of the shooting
Several stats nd federal officials
have investigated the situation here
since the shoottae; Tuesday and have
conferred wtth Allen. They included
Brig. Gen. Harry J. Moss, adjutant
general of Washington: Henry M.
White. United States immigration
cosaiaisslener; Frank P. ChrtstenseB.
assistant attorney general, and sever
al agents ef the United States depart
ment of Justice.
Prosecution Promised.
Further Indication that federal
prosecution awaited those suspected
ef complicity in the shooting was con
tained in a statement made last night
by Robert L. Saunders, United States
attorney, according to advice received
"In my Judgment the I. W. W.
have gone far enough with their
art to emphasize the truth that
their principle Is the overturning
ef the government. Including the
federal government,' Saadera was
quoted ns aaylng. "If that la ao
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Friday's Meeting Establishes a Precedent Which May
. Lead .tpan.End of thfljiong Standing Friction and
Discontent in the Industry; Miners Bitter
- at the Wilson Administration.
WAgHl.NCTOM, D. Nov. 11.
Chances tat a Mttlesaent of the
issues between coal operators and
miners once and far all are. excellent.
Government, officials are more than
hopeful they are optimistic
Now that the esntroverar over the
injunction prncsssilnua Is at an end,
the government fasts free to turn Its
whole attention to the merits of tbe
grievances and claims of each sMe-
The B-eaeral Mblic. unfortunately.
raav lose lutareat stmnly 'ee the
striKe nas oeen oajiea orr oat ih
tasks of mediation hare are only be
ginning now.
Yet the meetine- on Friday la itself
establishes a big precedent which goes
to the itart of the difficulties be
tween miners and oei-tora Heretto-
rore tae mine owners in Illinois, In
diana. nhUt ah4 wMt.ro PMiiniTitiia
r wna t ic Known in coaj parlance ,
aa "The central competitive fields"
High School Pupils Protest
Expulsion of Stu
dent Leader.
Stormy Mass Meeting Is
Held After Armistice
Holiday Is Refused.
'TUCSON. Aria.. Nor. 11-Three nun-
low ins a stormy mass meeting when
SupL Kims reXa&ott to rtimsute Fen!-
more Cooper. presMeat of the stu-:
deats association, who had been ex
pel led rouowinff him leading: z stu
dents oat on strike Tuesday In pro
test at Nlms's refusal to close tbe
schools on Armistice day. 8npt. Sims
and Prof. Porter, principal of the
btffh school, were denounced by
students before the walkout. Mms,
fearing serious disorder, was pr
tected by members of the Tucson po
lice force dortngr the meeting.
have negotiated a separata agreement
with their employes a ad in other
coal miners In other states have been "u '"L,""111'- uu uauici n
requested to accept the settlement In Jorney W. V. Gregory from Interfer
the cen-ral rojnpetitlve field a bssis 1 'JJ .with the sale of two Louisville
for adjustment iB their own districts. ! distillers of their "floor stock" of
This has resulted is aO aorta of In- J tax paid whisky.
eqojejes and while tbe miners in taj
central district ware ready and will
ing that all wags scales should "be
settled at a national 'convention at
which all operators and miners were
represented, the owners in the afore
said central district fee! that such an
agreement might he disadvantageous
to them. I
Pressure on Operators.
The argument was that becaBse of
Inferior coal in the central district
bringing a lower market price they
might be discriminated against by
high wages if the whole notation were I
handled in a alnxle convention. But j
.i . i- . .w.j n !
oartios to coBr. here.
And while tne
mwtKimij w un. "j w...
make an effort to get the operators
of the central district to abandon
thetr old policy of nagotiaUns a sep
arate agreement in that district as a
basis for other districts, ao time will
be lost by the conciliators of the de
partment of labor in sticking on that
Rather win they urge then the
making of separate agreements con
currently, bnt even this will ho a
great step forward, for all the losses
in time will be eliminated which here
tofore have caused so much discontent
when the miners, say In Kentucky or
even eastern Pennsylvania, were com'
polled to wait the outcome of nego
tiations In the central competitive
field before they could enter into
agreements in their own districts.
Xt so happens that because of tbe
strike of Isat week, the operators ta
outlying districts never got an op
portunity to present any demands to
their men because of the failure of
the principals In the central competi
tive field to reach an agreement.
So. Instead of entering Into a
process that mlfht mean the ne
gro flatten of one agreement tn one
field, then another In seme other
section and so on, it Is to the nd
vantage of the operators In all 1
districts outside of the central
competitive field, as well as Inside
of It, to get a new ware agree
ment or understanding as soon as
The laymen will find difficulty in
following the merlta of the peace
..,Mt,r..m that Wave been inri-!day,
tatod because of the technical char-)
acter of the demands and answers!
tkMn n. bv minora and oner-
atom bnt certain fundamental srin-
elaals ar at tbe bottom of the dis
pute which has threatened the welfare
of millions and which required the
whole Judicial power ox tne govern,
meat to hold at bay.
Railroads To Blame.
1 rtrat With respect to -rasas, the
min s don'i work every day In the
week, nor do they have aa oppor-'
tunity to worjt eigai noura uu fucs
days as they dp wort. This is no
fault of the operators in many cases.
because the latter can't get cars from,
the railroidi and lr tne rt r"anjnuu
doesn't furnish cars, the miners don't , the
ih cars, the miners don't .
work, and the mine operators don't to a point where the blood cells couid
paj the miners a cant for time lost ; destroy the germs,
because of the failure of the railroad ! Pat.ents should go to bed at the
to supply cars. I first warnings of the disease. A few
Second When there is talk of a aix houra of exposure produces the con
hour day It doesn't always mean that geatton which we have been discuss
the miners don't want to work But ing. and the longer the exposure the
It often means that they want to get ; freftfr, congestion. 1 oelleve it
enough money at the end of tbe week s fatal to put inch cases on open
n?anhm'.EChata k???1 ' .dtaY, Kt-SS
,he &&l'tiW"l?Z& tSarS-tT, Ssfs'-wh.ch "in?
possibly no work at all due to car attending to b..sin .rt.r
(Continued ea page 3. column 3.) I
Petition Declared Out of Order in Senate Because it Did
Not Seek to Eestrict Discussion of Treaty as Whole;
Cloture Rule Covering Entire Pact to be Of
fered; Administration Forces Lose Out
WASHINGTON. D. C. Nov. 13. The senate today voted dowa
68 to 4. the proposal by senator Walsh. Democrat, Moatana, to
amplify tne reservation to article 10 of tbe league of natiocs covenant so
that other nations would be under no obligation to aid trie United States in
rxeserrins! its territorial integrity.
Pktaam. Nevada. Democrats, and La Foflette, Wis-
A noboa by senator Thomas. Democrat. Colorado to so amcod the
reseiraboa as to make arbdelO bsK&g for a period of fire years only was
rejected. 46 to 32. the KrpobbcuM
Senator Walsh. Democrat,
adding a proviso for the United States to assume tbe obligations of article
10 for five years as regards Pol snj . Czecho-Slov akia and the Jogo-Slavs.
It was defeated. 44 to 32.
Kentucky Judge Holds the
Law to be Uncon
stitutional. Louisville. Ky.. Nov. 11 Judge
Walter Erasa. la fedoras district
court today, in effect for the neeond
time bald war time prohibition nn
aonatltatlonal sustained an attack
upon the constitutionality of the Vol
stead enforcement act and granted
an Injunction restraining El wood
. uamuion. collector or internal rere-
Kogales, Son., Mct . Nov. 13 No
gales, reputed the 'Wettest spot' on
the border during the past month.
again is "dry" today. Gov. Adolfo Do
La Huerta in a telegram from the
state capital at BermosQlo last night
ordei ed Alberto Figueroa, preside nte
or Sonora, to stop the sale of liquor,
A moath ago a number of saloons
were granted permission to 9eU beer,
percentage of the revenue to be paid
"ward the upkeep of an orphanage ai
Hermosillo. it is now chara-ed that
"-".'," tvlr " """V
and teaulla. and all ware ordered
closed pending a state Investigation.
Washington, D. CL Nov. 13. Tbe
western part of the United States is
divided into the following danarr.
meats under the plan of the commla-
If Feeling III, Don't Keep Going
When You Get Congestion, Go To Bed
DO not give enough attention
to preventative measures ta ear
everyday life. If we did. there would
cot be so much need for the doctor
and medicine.
Children are allowed to go to
school wearing damp clothing, be
cause "they are young and strong
and will not be harmed by a little
Only during the recent rainstorm
I saw four children going to school
in the rain and not one of them had
a storm garment, and one had no
coat at aU. Those children most sit
in school until their clothing drlea
and tnetr bodies become rapidly
cooled tn the process. Such exposures
' aa these occur by the hundred every
and amonar Intelligent and well-
to-do people, too, simply because the
little things don't count, and we sn
apt to dune ourselves Into bellevlns
ma l out uumjtii La 11 kuuu auyioinu,
and, anyway, "we want to harden
It Is a. time for a hardening
proeeaa when we are toeing the
possibility .f aa epidemic, and
unless we nay uttentten to details
In hrirjenle natters we shall rind
ourselves Illy equipped to tight
disease la epidemic F.rm.
I feel sure that thousands of cases
i oz imiuensa oecame serious ror no
(other reason than that the victims
regarded the disease lightly, and re-
fused to give up their dally pursuits
and go to bed for a day or two until
the body vitality could be recruited
on has
Passed. If thi. be logicaU is
they began to feel 111 had to give !
Those voting for the proposal were:
presenting a solid bnenp against xt
Montana, then offered an anwidnient
An attempt sy Demeeratis senaten
to Snvnhs the ehrtune rale s ns to
Hmrt debate en the fereiga relatSssw
eoatmHtee reserve tlo as to the penes
treaty taSed today in the senate.
By a vote of 44 to 3d. wtth an of
the Repabiteaaa present and senators
Heed. Mtasoent. aad Shields. Tennes
see. Democrat Toting la the afflrmf
tlve, the senate adopsed a motSra by
BepaelleBB leader Lodge to table aa
apoeitl faem a rattes that the Oesao
eratfe bmuss tvas oat of order.
Tho P-msrratle petitiea tor etotWf
had been held oat of order by the
ehwtr because !t soosat to limit de
bate only a the reserratSoaa and not
on the whole treaty, at was tor this
Mstsoa. aenalex' Locbxe aaM. that tbe
i eososed the aettve.
Senator HeCsMtr or Karth Dakota.
preaatneat asaeag the mild rescrva
tiantMs on the MepahMean aMe. aa
aeemeed that to a very sheet rinse a
eletare rale eatvesteg the entire treaty
vroaht be presented.
s loner of internal revenue for mae
territorial units under federal s-.er-vialng
agents for enforcement of
wartime and constitutional pronibi
tion: Northwestern : Minnesota, Iowa.
Nebraska, North Dakota, South Da
kota. Montana and Wyoming.
Southwestern : Missouri. Arkansas.
Texas. Oklahoma. Kansas, Colorado
and Now Mexico.
Pacific: Arlsona, California. Ore
gon, Washington, Idaho, Utah
Columbus. O. Nov. 12. Ratification
of the federal prohibition sawn -:::en'.
waa defeated bv Ohio voters bv a ma
jority of St:, according to final offi
cial figures announced today by the
secretary of state. The 3.75 Beer pro
posal was defeated bv a dry maioritv
of the proposal to repeal s al.
prohibition was defeated by a drv n.
orlty of tt.Stt. and the Crab, .t-ite
prohibition enforcement act defeated
by a wet majority of 3M3S.
op later with a serious lung -ondi-tion?
One aathertty hs the east nays
that the beat resorts I. last yearw
epfdemle were obtained to tb.
eos-s that were treated by the .Id
tsghlened method of treat tag;
colas, that of sraktag the feet.
K.fHC ta bed immediately and
stoytoaT there, applying mnatard
poallleca to curat and feet. At
nay rate, the hd ani net suf
fer a ehHttag hs taftoensa any
ntenw than in any dftseaae, and
ti.li-lwa: ease, of tbe dHease carry
thrfar life la their hands.
Aside from preventive hygiene, and
the proper care of the patients by
aursiug and attention to dajigers of
infecting others, our most efficient
weapon In fighting influenza :s
quarantine, personal and municipal.
Influensa has assumed commercial
Importance. It touches the merchant
In a tender spot, and he Is loath to
listen to anything that sounds ilk.
municipal quarantine, bnt unless we
close the places where barge numbers,
or small numbers for that matter, of
persons gather, and do it at the first
signs of disease ta epidemic hrtp.
we shall have a repetition of last
yeara scourge.
ts It better to close places of busi
ness when there are ! 0 eases in town,
and by losing two weeks btisin-ss
early in the season stamp out the
epidemic In Its infancy, or close thetr
when the holiday trade ia on for a
much loager time In obedience to a
municipal or Public Health Ser ice
Friend "la her father the kind ef
man who would pursue you if 3 op
eloped T"
Jack Poors "No, he's the kind of
man who'd move so that you coul Ir-'t
find him when you came back " Bo
ton Transcript.
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