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Pane. France. Jan. IS Steps were
taken by the cabinet today to stop
the construction of the Hve dread
naughts of the Normandle class laid
down just before the war hut never
completed Other measures author
ized will direct that the six scout
cruisers provided by the law of U1I.
as well as 12 scout destroyers, shall
be laid down during 1SI.
unalent grades in other services. , 'A "",. ZZLJiXiZrr i.il.
ie bill also would increase the u of dreadna-ghte provided for vessels
displaying :e,zsv tons eacn wim maw
batteries of twelve II 4 Inch gums an i
four 4.S Inch guns. Their construc
tion was suspended not long after
th outbreak of the war and their
iicrautci pnjrioea in me Dill wonia , -,, - , . . . -...-, j tn
effective from. passage until June J" Jm H JrSSJ!
naughts was resumed later.
Two Army Officers
Honorably Discharged
Washington. D. C Jan. li, Orders
transferring CapL Alfred T. Powell.
Infantry, from Oteen, N. C, to Whip
nle barracks, have been revoked.
VaL David M. Speed. Quartermaster
erences or Hawaii. He is sueceeuea corps, has seen nonoraDiy macnargoa
v ashington, D CL, Jan. 1. By a
majority, the house military af-
-irs committee agreed to report
'uvorablv the bill granting: an in
rease of 20 percent In the pay nt
ul officers of tbe army, nary marine
orps, puolic health service and coast
,-j.ird up to and including the ra"fc
.ngadler general in the army ana
"""ie bill also would increase the la
' 'he enlicted personnel of these
nii-es 20 percent in all cases where
r.e present base pay amounts to ?3i
. mnta or more
Increases provided in tbe bill would
-st the government approximately
((K.ono annually
The house naval affairs committee
is agreed to increase in the pay of
rri ers and men of the navy.
CoL Oliver A- Dockenson. formerly
ne supply officer in the El Pa)
vina. ieft here Monday for Hono
ur to be quartermaster of the coast
bis farmer assistant. Col. John
For That CHIMsT KecHnff
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-nc'iinr the Blood. Yon saa soon
-.1 ts treng-tbeoins. Invigorating
f pet. Price &&. Adv.
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All Wool
Slack and Natural Col
or Cassimere and Heavy
Wool, all sizes
150 dozen to sell.
A real 75c value.
Berg Co. price,
3 For $1.00
at Fort Bliss. Cast. George P. Col'
lier. field artillery, has been honor
ably discharge' at Whipple barracks.
Washington. D. C Jan. li. The
war department today rejected a plan
for military road from Sara Fordyce
to Rio Grande City. Texas, suggested
by Judge J. R. Monroe, of Rio Grande
Ulty ana aavocatea oy senator Eaep
pard and other Texas congressmen.
The department reported the road
would he useful and is desirable, tnit
tbe appropriations for the pr
must be confined to essential
quirements of the army.
Crashing into a snow capped moun
tain peak, hidden by a cloud bank,
caused the airplane accident Sunday
near Bernardtoo, Ariz, In which
Lieut. Bruce Strutters, pilot of the
lolth aero squadron, was instantly
killed, and Lieut J. Evans, observer,
received Injuries from which he may
This information has reached El
Paso from Douglas. Lieut. Brans,
though seriously Injured, told how
the dead pilot attempted to escape
the crash as he saw the peak, but
that it was Impossible because of
epglne trouble. Strothers was
thrown clear of the machine head
first against a boulder and was in
stantly killed.
Funeral services for the dead flyer J
will ce neia weanesaay atternooo
from his home at Douglas Bnrial
will be in Calvary cemetery.
Australian General
Pays High Tribute
To American Troops
Melbourne. Australia, Jan. II
Lieut. Gen- Sir John Monasn. com
mander of an Australian army corps
in the Peronne sector during the
final days of the war, paid a high
tribute to Americsn soldiers brigaded
with his men in a speech here today.
"The Australians found the Amer
icans excellent comrades and good
fighters." said the general. "Their
common experiences in the field have
established an undying blood rela
tor the present , tionshlp between Americans and
After consulting specialists
without results finds re
lief by taking Tanlac.
London. Eng Jan. It. A dispatch
to the Exchange Telegraph from
Cairo, dated January 8, says:
"There has been serious fighting
between French and Syrian volun
teers at Margyua, where there were
many casualties on both sides, and
TaiiKsia wnere tne preach sut-
Jr EOtzblanbSt.
"After spending hundreds of dol
lars for medicines and advice that
did me no good, a few bottles of Tan
lac seoa brought me relief and made
a wen woman of me." said Mrs. J. E.
Harnett, Route 1. Box 123. Houston.
"I suffered so much from indiges-
SS , LS Tt nainr " America endorsing the claims
most a nervous wreck. Everything j ., GrM .. .....h. Tkm. ,a
i MtrrrM i - . . ---.. ....
Entertainment for Gen. John J.
Pershing while in El Paso February
1 and 2 will include a military review
at Fort Buss, a military reception, a
banquet, a public reception, a supper
and two luncheons. Plans for the
general's welcome to EI Paso were
completed Monday afternoon at a
conference between mayor Charted
Davis. MaJ. Gen. Robert L. Bowse,
commander of the El Paso military
district, and K. M. Roberts, manager
of the chamber of cotimeroe. Too
meeting was held in the mayor's of
fice. A public reception will be held the
night of the general's arrival ia
Liberty hall. The Orpheus club will
sin the "Star Spaaglea Banner."
Banqnet to be Public
The hannmit- at one of the hotels.
will also be public Mr. Roberts Is
making arrangements for the ban
quet. The official military reception at
Fort Bliss will be for army officers
at the post.
The program as announced oy
mayor Davis, ben. Howze and Mr.
Roberts, follows:
Sunday. February J.
Arrive in El Paso at 7 J a. m.
Leave car. to 3 oclock.
Cttitens' committee at tbe generars
car. to .3 oclock.
Military conference, 9.30 a. m.
Inspection and review of troops at
Fort Bliss. 19 a m to 12 noon. (Pub
lic will be invited.) ,..,.. .
Luncheon at Toltec club. 12:15 to .
Inspection of open display of mili
tary activities st Fort Bliss, 2-15 t
t p. m. (Public will be invited
Official military reception, 4 p. m.
at Fort Bliss. ,
Chamber of Commerce banquet. I
" General reception at Liberty hall
: to 11 p. m. '
Monday. February 3.
As the general may direct unta
noon. . .
Luncheon. Kiwanis-Rotary duos
12:15 to 2.30 p. re.
Entrain US p. m.
Tt.vf.w Tnllle.
The military review and display of j
t . ... W K 1.1 . ffMt
.red ? Te.?lyJfm,...atao ,"S,t,n- Blui tta Sunday GenFershmg is in
Alexandretta and other places on the l PasoT is for the public Gen
demarcation line on the French zone How2e stated Tuesday He urged
B.-E?,,,aBCU.- . . 'that the public attend this review
"The naUonal defence committee nd auvr. as It wTII be the largest
is enforcing compulsion of the mill- thing of its kind ever held in this
tary service and has issued a mani-'iectlon of the United States. War
festo and declarations aeainst for-1 r.MinM.t,r that th nabUc Is nnfa-
eien intervention- Imilar with, will be shown ha action.
Xew York. Jan. 12. Premier Veni
xelos, of Greece, cabled his thanks for
a message recently sent hun by lead
ing clergymen of Protestant churches
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Pape's CoJd Compound"
disarmed with me and I suffered
agonies from gas on my stomach and
would get so nauseated that I would
have to lie down. My nerves were
in such a wretched condition that I
could never sleep more than three or
four hours at night, and my house
work was a burden to me.
"I went to New York to consult
specialists about my trouble, but de
rived no benefit from their treatment.
Hearing so many of my friends prais
ing Tanlac I decided to try it. and
before I had finished my first bottle
I felt It was doing me good. I can
now eat anything 1 want without suf-
I fering afterwards. 1 sleep all night
like a child and am so much stronger
that my housework is a real pleasure
now. I am better in every way than
I ever thought I'd be again and ray
nushand Joins me In praising Tanlac
for my restoration to health."
All druggists sen Tanlac Adv.
favoring the expulsion of the Turk
irom governmental control In Europe
Dyspepsia and
Kome Life
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Dyspepsia, Sew SIsisgs, Gas
iEdfgestica from Break
fast Sausage to Dinner
Miaee Pie.
After mothAr hn. Ktnifffflt (
or three hours over a hot fire to" do !n 'n,ir bo?'
.i . . - - - ' af tjis
me cooKintr ro.- a Hungry ramiiy. it
is real enjoyment when there isn t
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s relief quickly.
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nd snuffling! A 4oe ef "Pape's Cold
m pound" taken every two hours
ntu three doves are taken asvally
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r.jr head ; stops nose running; re-
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hness. sneezing, soreness, stiffness
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e Contains no quinine. Insist on
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c urse, a case of dyspepsia or daily
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It is far more to the point to prevent
weu as to treat sour stomach.
water brash, etc bv such
a valuable means as Stuart's Dyspep
sia laoiets. uoaoung tne stomach
with soft foou and predigested stuff
merely Inine. dluggishnees.
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, oreamasi witnout fears; have a plate
i of beans and a piece of pie with
I cheese for lunch, and end tbe day
with a real dinner, matead of a bowl
of bread and milk. Follow each meal
I lth a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet and
get rig-nt oacs 10 your natural seir.
These tablets dicreet food niul ...
sist the stomach to prepare the con
tent for assimilation in the intestinal
iraci inus you get the practical re
lief and help which Induces a better
appetite and a greater freedom in the
selection of foods. Ton will find
Stuart s Dyspepsia Tablets on sale at
any drug store In the United States
ana tanaaa. as tner ar. considered
one of the stand-bys of the druggist.
rs.n Ttows. stated that the re
eeptlon for Gen. Pershing at Liberty
halL Sunday night Is also tor tae
lug's desire to meet every citisen of
SI raso, it posaioie.
After a conference with MaJ. Gen.
Robert L. Home. Tuesday, mayor
Charles Davis wrote a letter to Gen.
John J. Pershing asking him to speak
to the school children Monday. Fewu-
ary 2, at the high school stadium.
rnilldr-n i See Ceaeral.
At a meeting of the city council
it was orougnt out tnat it tne cnu
dren met the general at the station
or want to the station to see him
leave they could not hear him speak
or get close to htm. A platform will
be built in the center of the stadium
which all school children in the city
will gather about, and the general
will STeak for tea or It minutes.
Parents of the children will be asked
to occupy the seats about tho stadhsns.
Mayor Davis said he hoped that
every citizen would decorate his home
and business house In honor of the
general's visit. Pershing Drive, old
tsiiss street, wtnen was namea m
honor of Gen. Pershing, will be dec
orated with national colors.
"The general's visit will long be
remembered or all of the children
who will later read about the general
in mayor uavis.
ana tor tnis reason we want every
child to see him cloeeup and to hear
mm say a iew woras at least
Superintendent of the city schools
a. Hugnev said he would coouor-
ate with the eity officials and mili
tary iu arranging that part of the
seneral's visit ia which tbe chHdren
are interested and wfU arranere for
i all the children to assemble at the
xtadium In plenty or time to see him.
Kome. Italy, Jan 13 The Gioraale
d'Ua'.ia. says that X P. Pachitch and
M- Trumbltch. representative of
Jugo-Slavia in Paris, Insist on Jugo
slav annexation of eastern Istrla,
Fibme. Dalmatia. the Detmatias is
lands and northern Albania, opposing
even tbe creation of an Independent
state of Flume la view of this situ
atlon tbe newspaper suggests that a
solution of the question be postponed.
declaring that it can wait Just as the
questions of Asia Minor, Constanti
nople and the Straits is waiting.
"We must not sacrifice our alms
and our foreign policy ny coming to
a hurried conclusion by January IS
only because M Clemenceau will be
elected president, of the French re
public on January 17," the Gioraale
d'ltalla adds
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army to nisrnvriNiir p4.pt
with tbe exception of the field
artillery, engineering corps and
chemical organisations, all enlist
ments for one var In tfc. .pmv .p.
discontinued according to informa
tion reaching MaJ. A. A. King, of the
El Paso army recruiting station.
Ten new recruits were signed np
Monday, as follows Marcel Willi -bord.
Sweetwater, tank corps. Sidney
Hohensteln. Gallup. N. V.; John Mc
Donald. EI Paso and Frank 3. An
derson, Raton. N". M quartermaster
corps; Frank E. Morrow. Amarlllo.
coast artillery. Phtlhiplne islands
Artnur hl vt neeier. ei Paso, oru
rance corps: James E. Hill. El Paso I
infantry. Panama: Adlore Jasman. EI ',
Paso, ordnance cores Panama: Fav
Anderson, Raton. N M quartermas
ter corps: Patrick H. Cain. EI Paso,
medical corps.
ur.rr.nutK ur rvu-tL-AMAKA , j
London. En it., Jan 11 Mai Gn.
Charles V. F To nshend. the defender .
of Kat-Kl-Amara. haa tendered Ma1
reaiimaMoii to the war office. Gen.
Townahend was imprisoned by the
Turks when he and his garrison at
Kut. south or Bag-dad, were hemmed
in by tbe Turks in 11 and forced to
surrender He was released at the
tone of tbe armistice, being made the
hearer of the message from the Turks
to the British admiral in the Aesrean
applying- for aeesaatlen of hos
tilities. He returned soon afterward
to London.
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1v 19
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famous singers themselves are the best judges of a
musical instrument to reproduce their art. They
choose the Victrola for its beauty of tone, its truth
to life, its supreme musical quality. Their choice
should be youf choice.
There are Victrolas in great variety of styles
from $25 to $950, Any Victor dealer will gladly
play ny music you wish to hear. New Victor
RecoiJs demonstrated at all dealers on the 1st of
each month.
Victor Talking Machine Co.3
Camden, N Jc
MmmmmmmPiSmi sSsSfia
IN PARIS FRIDAY MORNING ilsueo SaccordaSca4 erSrS.'t.rmS
Washington. D. C Jan. It First of the Verssjlles treaty by preaMeat
meeting of the council of the league Wilson, whom the treaty makers de-
of nations will be held In Paris. Frl- I signated for that duty.
day, beglBlng at 19:M odork in the I The most important business to
earns before the initial meeting of the
council will he that of setting ap the
various commissions upoa which win
derolre the task the carrying oat car
tain provisions of the treaty.
Only one-fourth of Korea Is arable.
OBirr. iirpi to niSBKE.
Ueut. John Brady Hupp, of the El
Paso navy recruiting station, will
leave Tuesday evening for Bisbee
Ariz., on an tnspeetion trip. He will
return to E! Paso In a few days.
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