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lettts m. HtmnnironD. sportxxg editor.
Tad Doi-ffan, noted, sport pace rartoonlit and
writer San Crane and Brneat 'anlsan, ba.tc-bs.ll expert
and tfepeateni X. S. Andrew, bozlnc erltlci Francis
Onlnaef. one of the .creates! analenr colters of the world i
Jade Veloek and "Orair haseball and boxlns writer,
sreleadl-s eontiihntore to Tae Oerald Sports Department.
All of tae latest news f boxtaC. wrest II ac. football
baseball coif bowline, teanl and otaer athletic cveaU
wire service .n all blje cann' and matekem. Requests
Is fooad In the sport rolamsi of The Herald. Foil leased
for Information on sporting; events clven peelal ttr
tlon by Sports Information Bnrean Telephone 2C50
sraws.wian.sshah.w.we.swha.s.s ww..,..,,.i,rva.(s.rVatJst)s ,,
Oh, Man!
(Copyrlrat. 111!. New Torfc Trlbans Inc
All Four Teams Are Lined
"Dp Strong For City
League Season
PRESEASON prediction rarely pxn
out. Even those of the anaJytleal
and mathematical Huetaey Fallerton.
premier dopester of athletic events,
at times so astray "Which proves that
t is both daacerotts and. delicate to
ittemt to dope evt any given race.
But this much may safely be predicted
of the coming City Basketball league
if the players live tip to their class
the race -will be the greatest In the
history of basketball in El Paso. For,
e City league possesses more sheer
class than any before
Look .Like Fast League.
In makine this statement, fall cos;-
rixance is taken of the fact that 21
Paso bas had some very classy teams.
The old Cactus dnb, several Y. M. C.
teams, the 22nd infantry team, any
Dumber of High school teams, par
ticularly the great "HI" team of 1S17.
are all taken Into consideration.
Granting that all of these, aa well
s others were possessed of high
lss, there has been no season In the
nn when every team In the league
was possessed of class In every po
sition when it might truthfully be
said of each team In the league that
there was not a single- weak spot on
the teair
nd this may be said of the City
league this year. Further, It may
be said wftfeont .the slightest
Qualification as ce cards class
with the only qoallfl cation aa to
the apeed of the league betas? the
one of the players plsylng up to
their ability. Take each of the
four teams and analyse them from
forward to "guard, with a pause
at renter, then back down the field
again and not a single point will
not show
Cleveland, O Jan. IX Con
demnation of the war record of
Jack Dempaey world's champion
heavyweight, was voiced In n res
olution tmanlmomely adopted by
the Menae-Rhlne post of the
American Xeglon here. The res
olution contains an appreciation
f the war record of Georges
Fort Wayne, ImL, Jan. IX
Condemning Jack Dempsey as an
unfit representative f American
athletics, the Fort "Wayne post of
the American Legion nnanlmouly
passed a resolntln-lat night de
claring opposition to hli defend
ing the championship title for
The resolution Is the result of
recent agitation against Pemp
ey for his war record due to the
fact that his service during the
mr was renflned to working In
the shipyards.
uri-tT lM'T -TiVCT BEInC
n&rottRTi op z. tiDimk TVin,"r-
I .'
v . .. . a- a a avuf C ants' rr T
That a Bumch op mem get
..-. ..... . . tf-r . . .
I 5HALL MAVC - ! - nrvc
iihtliai it
Thy mi6mt Just as wsu
ix- ; itvr Kibnr:
be found walea .does
Unexpected strength has been added
to the league In the-form of the dis
bandment of the McDonald and Freu
denberp five, leaving1 but four teams
in the circuit and 7hleh will release
a number of crack players to other
hum. Marry atcKemr, Gcvler Hi
frrader. Errold Upowzkl end Brlce
BeTans will be signed op by other
ouintets of the league and will un
doubtedly contribute greatly to the
strength of the organization as a
whole The reason assigned for the
u.sbandment of the team is that Mc
Kemy and Magraer are members of
the Mines team. while Latwwskl Is
Sunday School Youngster
Knew All About 'Ruth'
Saco, KaJce, Jan. II. A Sunday
school class was In session at the
leading; church in- this city, and
tbe teacher announced that the
subject would be "Rath."
"Now," said the teacher, "what
do yon know about RuthT" Op
went the hands of a youngster.
"Well," said the teacher. wfaat
can you tell ns about RethT
Quick as a flash tha provd be
replied: "He made 29 home rasa
last year
'Which shows how widespread
Is the fame of the Red Sox
pitcher, and how closely the boys
read the sport pages of the newspapers.
employed by the Popular and natur
ally does not feel like playing against
this team. l
Tlsjers Are StronK.
The High school learn, abampion of
last year. Anay conen. jonsny Jticn
ardson. Chevans and Gtllespe, a onar-
tet of players, each of whom has
proved himself to be fast, clever and
splendidly accurate at to-ssteg. even
under trylnconditloas. At center the
Tigers have the redoubtable Manny
Ponsford. a star in every aport be ea
ters, had the eleversJohncy Williams,
either of whom might be shifted to
forward in ease of seed. Both com
bine nnncoal temping ability with all
the requisite of a high class forward.
At the guard positions the Tigers
have Morris Bloomberg. Lonis Spring
er, Tom Talbot and Brlce Shall er. As
have the forwards, these guards have
proved themselves. Together with
ability to guard closely, these
youngsters have unusual speed for
guards, while Soulier comhtnes a no
mean ability as a forward to his
With this array of talent the
Tigers would run away from any
less classy lencne. While It la ,
certain they will go through the
league In a creditable manner
certain, too, that they will win "
most of their school pnn, It re
main to be seen whether or not
they will be able to top the other
teams In the league, or to even
finish, close to the top. The only
thing which Is certain U that they
will be a credit to their school. i
The Texas School of Mines team
3 as more or less an unknown quali
ty until last Saturday, although the
five vas known to possess classy tal
ent. At th forward end of thd floor
the Miners have Phil Cordova. Oscar
Reinbeimer, Concha and Rhew. The
two former men proved their worth
In the Snnday school league, while the
latter pair showed it last Saturday
night. In speed and accuracy these
four rank with any tse league beasts.
State School Strong.
At center the Miners have Gnvler
Magruder and Glenn Brodertck. whose j
anility at basket tossing la equaled
only by their ability in football. At
the guards -there are Sam Marshall
Loose, Harry McKemy and a dark
horse, who is said to be the equal of
any euard In the citv. MeKemv la
probabry the closest guard In El Paso
ana rne otner two 'deserve to -be
ranttea with htm.
Just what the Miners will be able
to accompitsn it lr impossible to fore
tell. But it is certain that the team
beating them will have, all sorts of
a u i lenities. Against the New Mexico
Agricultural college. last Saturday
night, the Miners showed that they
are not only a formidable aggregation
but that they have the same "fight
to the last ditch" spirit which brought
fame to the 1919 football squad.
Tomorrow afternoon the other three
teams in the league will be considered.
i ill iu i i u i . wiA j I L - - ----.. -. jam . -
iaken from yiaiyi ., . y. SWSfeX I home nights
MO'v. -J ?7N0) , V i5t Lle H'S THArJ
,wmiBBr fmmi'-Tt sal
y " spisfi SftME eviCNi4G ;& .a
- - L - s)Jgg I
inn "mm iiibi i nnn
III II I I fl Mi nlllllnnli
t tnfui una
Will Back Carpentier
Against Jack.
T PC-D 1
CoB8idrable action is anticioated
Friday nizhtasu the HiKh school rm- i A JANAQKR Sammy Soble Is deter.-O-
nasurm when the boys' and girls'
Wear and Style
The price of shoes demands that you receive
wear, style, and comfort for your money.
Herman's Army Shoes
answer this requirement. The shoes in which
the U. S. Army traveled to victory. Made on
the famous Munson last. They come in ligljt
and dark tan. We have your size. Priced at
8.00, $9
basketball teams of the school will
meet the Lis Craces High school boys
and girls' teams is the first double
header of the season.
Last week the Tigers Jonrneyed to
Las Craces and defeated the upper
valley boys by the score of 44 to 2.
The New Mexicans hare asked for an
other opportunity, howerer. and con
sequently will be the gmests of the
Tirer team FrMar nlsrht. The men
school girls will Inaugurate the sea
son py meeting tne sins" team of the
i vrooes scnooi.
Some Fsst Itsll.
Manager Carl Schwartz and captain
"""I ronsiora or tee men school
team working- in conjunction with
coach Coblentz haTe arranged an at
tractive schedsle for the team this
Sear which will include a trip to
Arlsona. The Miami team Is strain
expected to win 'the championship of
" " uuc jwr ana in. contest
between this team anrt lh. TlMr. -fil
be for the southwestern championship.
Plana for the season also tnclnde-a
trip to Albuquerque, N. M and later
onngtng or tne New Mexicans
Paris. France, Jan. IX. A French
distance ninner named Guillemot yes
terday ran eight miles in 19 minutes.-)
J3 4-5 seconds, a record for France.!
The course was laid oat from Ver-,
sallies common to Preentalan. in the
Bois de Boulogne, and Guillemot ran
the distance in better time than the'
railroad trains average between
-&ris ana Versailles.
With condiaable. cold leather still in prefect il BwuU be a
fool plan to hot oa oar line of Svealcrt and Auto Robes.
317 facet St
El Paso, Texau
2 Plyper Roll $3.00
3 Ply per Roll $3J0
Certainteed Roofing Product
We Are Open Until 4 p. m. Saturday.
Rheinheimer Lumber Co.
Phone 498.
Piedras, Alameda and Myrtle.
Sioux Falls. S. D, Jan. IS Alexan
der Mellas. Sioux Falls, threw "Kid
Winters of Mankota, Minn. In two
straight falls here MOndav nie-ht
The first fall came in IS minutes, ten
DKQflna wiw a. oooy scissors ana
doable wrist lock, the second in II
minutes, 10 seconds with a foil Kel
son. The men are mlddleweights.
Boise. Idaho. Jan. IS. Ad Santel
champion light-heavyweight wrestler
won two straight falls here Monday
from Sam Clapham. the English
wrestler. The first fall came in one
hour and six minutes and the second
in 24 minutes. Santel weighed IS
and Clapham 15.
New Haven, Conn. Jan. IS. Boxing
was organized as a minor sport at
Yale University at a meeting in the
"T" club Monday night Moses King,
who will be boxing Instructor, an
nounced training will begin at once
and next month matches will be held.
iri mined. The diminutive pilot of
Chris Jordan Is not only saro and
certain that hht protege will win
o-rtr Charlie Rentrop m the retarn
engagement next Tuesday night, but
he Is arranging other matches on the
strength of a victory for r"hris. whom
he considers the world s middle
weight champion
One thing that Sammy Is counting
i pon to contribute to victory more so
than anvthlnv .! I. fit. f,M ...
the bout is without limit He be-1
neves that Jordan will outlast his
huskier rival in an all night session I
and indifferent to whether it lasts
five minutes or until the cold gray I
dawn of the morning after he is sure i
of victory. He asks those fans who I
will be In attendance next Tuesday I
to bring their lunch along, as his
protege does not Intend to leave the
mat until Le wins or is decisively de
feated by the European beltholder. '
Is In Good Shape. I
"Chris, as usual, will be in splendid !
Physical Condition and mora r-nnfi- .
dent than ever as he has seen what
Rentrop can do," said Sammy.
"Rentrop la esse C the toughest
and moat aa-KTeaalve men Chris
has ever met aad we feel that
we are Justified 1. asking for a
big guarantee la thla raateh. I
do not believe that the promoters
' will go in the hole either, as the
fans are going to come out In big
numbers aad show their appre
rlntloa of hlah elasa nr.ktll.p.
Jordan will wla wlthta two hours
la my opialoa, but If he does not
we are prepavrd to stay nay
length of time. I am glad that
(he contest Is unlimited as far
as time Is eoacerned."
The wrestling bugs are showing a
great deal of Interest In the prelim
inary contests which manager John
Mcintosh has arranged. Johns, a
husky boy from the railroad shops. I
will be on hand to battle Paul Gre-
J jsa.s'LeM
Los Angeles, Calif. Jan. IS. Jack t
Kearss. manager for Jack Damp-Mr.
proposs to "forget" all farther talk
raafrrir liatmnet fni n VmnutvUair. t
rxmti r fight either la the United
States 5r Europe until the middle of
SSrZSS- trSSTtSS 'SX British Sporting Fraternity
services held toy Charles Cochrane, t
British fight promoter, expires.
Likes Co f froth Best.
"All the talk m the world from
this or that promoter as to wnat i Tljr A'lT'T'G XT H TXT'n
slxed pars he will give veins noih- lYLfl 1, iO Ul-T J3J.X
5?af. 'flSrli. w'wSh MfooS i T - BtI.B C. HEEVB5.
In Paris, saylnc that Carpentler is T ONDON. Eog, Jan. 11. Bngland
"ff.01 S Cochran until the L, ha, adopted Georges Carpent rr
middle of Pebmary. If such Is the .- ,.,. . -j.m. - w,- .. -?
case, and It seems to be. I am grolng Ud wlth a movement as qu'c
to sit tight until that time, then " the short right arm upperro
Issue an Invitation to all to bid for which sent Joe Beckett to sleep; ad
iccUi-iKtheaDe1st?l,B a" ' " j ""H mman Europe's choice
ASKed IT Jams-S W. COrxrOth, Tla, ' lor "ssbo iwiayocy ior ti' 9
promoter, still had the "is world's champteoshlp.
When Carpentier meets Dempser
p&rtlcslarlr If the meetins Is in Lon
don, is C E Cochran hopes. s
Presch wicanS will hare aJT ,
cheers and support of ths sport -.r
fraternitr of the country. He y i
be. to afi Intents and purposes, t5 v
chosen son of Ehsland. as ve'I as
France, against the American a
Tader. I Beekett 'Was FaTerlte.
England's adoption of s rw and
A Treelc before the flx&t It vraa
said practJeally no bet tins; 'was
belne done, bee-anse there was
vothlna: la the coos try but Befit
4tt money. Two days before the
flsht the situation aad ehanxed
bnt little. Srerybody saw Beck
ett, the winaer. ETerybody
sesraed the ad van ta Be of odds
which were available If they
wished to bet against their own
country. So far as eould be as
certained, bettlaj; cm the French
man Just TrBimt belax; done
Then Paris began to rote and t-
odds disappeared. Bui. on the conn
ing of the fight only one leading
sport writer had the courage to picx
the Frenchman. One suspects tha
certain canny Britishers had by tr- s
time begun to silence national pride
aadjiufetly put money on tha Frenc-
wizard. Otherwise, the bearded
bright eyed visitors from Paris mus
have taken mugh cash out of th-s
country to lift the Pans rate of ex
change a point or two.
Bid Xot TCeed Help.
There was, in fact. a. rumor afloat
in the hotels Just before the fight
that It had an been "fixed- acd tha;
the Frenchman was to win. "JUa?
on, -seep your money or net
Newark. X J. Jan IS Fred Ful
ton, of Uoochester, Minn., outfought
Frank Mo ran, Pittsburg, in an eight
round bout at the first resriment ar
mory Monday night.
Fulton weighed 214 pounds and Mo
ran 194. Meran wore himself out In
tr e first roup J ir an effort to end
the bout oCklr Fulton used a U-ft
Jab with effect and although his op
ponent waa groggy in ine seventn ne
appeared unable to knock him out.
ai tne start, xoran rusceo and met
Fulton in his corner and in a swift
exchange, placed a hard right swing
te the heavier man's head, which
staggered htm. to the ropes. Fulton
recovered quickly and sent several
hard blows to the body. The round
was even.
Mo ran showed the effect of his ef
forts and Fulton had little dlffksltv
Jii outfighting him in the remaining
in the fourth round the fighters
fs((d to hhjir tK KH whit. wtas.
t were In a mixnp. Moran received
considerable punishment about the
face, but kept boring in.
U- .!. . w. w J ..:.. a
umated. Keams said he would like '
to see Coffrotb land the nrath, but
saw no necessity for "patUng down
the bars at this stage fn the game.'
McManus Fights
Fast Draw Bout
A1..K. v4Tv T. w -B .
daTof Sihr,u; N. xTilAi 5" to ba
jicsianns, ei xucson. iought ten
rounds to a draw ah the Pastime Ath
letic club Monday evening. Cordon,
displayed none of his oM time ag
grewtTns3 and allowed MrMaans to
carry the light to him during every
McManus shot his left Into Benny's
midsection almost at will and rocked
the New Mexican's head with rights
and lofts. Benny worked well In the
l lllil lies and disalAveri his rintwM
by dropping nnder MaManss hard
aTa-aa 4safwas adhldlajl In aw.a A S-f
wa cv uwiuwu u US.V017 u. ac
Manas, one Judge decided In favor of
I Cordova and the referee called the
boat a draw. The decision met with
the approval of the fight fans present.
Chicago Bantam
Bests Grifiin
Denver, Colo, Jan. 1J. Jo Bur
man. Chicago bantamweight, knocked
out Dick Griffith, of Fort Worth.
Texas, in the third round of a sched
uled 1! round bout Monday night.
Griffin was caught with'a left to the
Jaw one mlnnte after the round
opened. The first two rounds had
been even. Carpeatler" was the word tea:
Benny Garcia was erven a decision : nassed about. Bnt if the French
over Billy Stearns la the curtain man west to the trouble of "fixing '
raiser oi ten nnses ana earl M.irs
had the best of Spike Doagms In the
j ten round semi-windap.
Urbana. m, Jan. IS. ITUnots de
feated Ohio in as eastern confereaee
basketball game Mmte ntefct, 4, to
I I-
the fight, it was a, nseless nrecai-
tlec. Georges didn't need any help
In dealing with Beckett.
The ramor undoubtedly was
"bunk." bat the fact remains tha
Beckett was still tha "white haired
boy" with sncS of the British spor
p&tbsio as were talking audibly, and
eoBttsmed so right cp to the nlgr
ot the fight.
gorlan, the middleweight faorite of
the fans, in the headliner. Johns
comes well backed and bis money Is
being taken UD bv BUDnorters of Jar.
-dan, who feel that their favorite can
not lose That aggressive scrappea
Scogie Muskopf, will wrestle a finish
maicn wun one Keckord In the open
ing contest of the evening and this
should be a hummer.
NEW TORK. Jan. ij. American , French proposed a revival of the or
boxlng enthusiasts are awaltiniri ganizatlon with the result that th.
Milwaukee. Wis, Jan. IS. Bob
Jloha was given a shade decision oy
newspaper writers Monday night In
a. itm rouna no-aeciston oout wizn
Ted Jamlsonn a 'Milwaukee llght-heavyweighL
the reception accorded the reviseQ
rules which were recently seat
abroad. If they are accepted, fax a
general way, as the basts fat inter
national ring contests the way will
be paved for farther participation of
thla country in international boxing
Amateur Boxing
Tourney Proposed
New York. Jan. IS. An amateur
toxing tournament under the sole
management of women will he held
here next week under the auspices of
the National Lseague for Women's
Service, it was announced Monday
night. The matches will be staged for
the entertainment of wound! At.
dlers. Wealthy women war workers
are among ine promoters or the
tournament, which is sanctioned by
the A A. U Included in the rammit.
tee In t-harge are: Mrs. Charles S.
nniuMu, jbiss Anne Morgan, jots.
Geo rare Barton Fr-nh mt m r..-
dore Roosevelt Pell .
leading professional boxers also '
nave oiierea tneir services.
boxing enthusiasts are awaiting
with interest the outcome of the
meeting of the International Boxing
union, to be held In Paris on Febru
sry S Unless there Is an eleventh
hour shift in sentiment, the United
states will not be represented for-
malty. If at alL As a consequence it
Is doubtful if any of the amateur
organisations of this country or the
pnnnnosu promoters will feel
sbllged to observe regulations or
suggestions which may arise from
such conference.
, Many Couatrirs Rrpreaeaird.
as composed at the present time
in union conaiara nr yii.nii bt. -
llsh. Swiss and Belgian organisations
vr luuivianais wno, under tne initia
tive of t he French, have been work
ing upon an international associa
tion plan since Hie when the French
boxing federation attemnted in ran.
vene an international conference to
discuss the many crude angles of the
glove game Neither the English nor
"Mona auinoniies snowed any en
thusiasm. In 1913 another .meeting was
. held and the following year the
I B. U. was officially organised,
according to the Pro nob, with
the following countries repre
sented, either officially or In
formally France, (Federation
Franealae de Boxetl KoKlnnd.
I National Sporting Clubli United.
States (Stv York Msle Boxing
Commlulon). Belgium, (Federa
tion Beige de Boxelt Switzer
land. (Federation ScU.e de
BoxeM Argratlae Repn&llr, (Box
ing Clnb of nnenos Aires) aad
the Auatrallaa Boxing Federa
tion. During the war there was no fur
ther activity on the part of the in
frns'iona! Itoxlair unini but with
the signing ol iho rmlsUce thsj will depend to a great extent upon out any education.
meeting In Paris .next month was
called to consider new rules, weight
classifications and other details nec
essary to the readjustment and lm-1
nrnrim.ii . .... . . ... '
r.w .,.. v. lub hub aifuri. m mo
meantime, however, the American
army, navy and civilian board f
boxing control had been formed In
this country and a nuit mri. nn.
fared to supercede the Marquis of l
Queensberry rules. J
Awslt Foreign Approval.
This code was sent abroad for sub
mission and suggestions to the Eng
lish and French boxing authorities.
T. I. 1. ... .. ... .
... .a .u. fivic ui inusB woo spent.
weeks upon the revision of the ruies'
mat the new regulations will prove
acceptable as the basis of a univer
sal boxing code. There are eo many
radical differences between the Eng
lish. Franch and American systems
of awarding boxing decisions, how-
over, mat many are skeptical regard
ing the oatcome
A standardised set of boxlag
rules for International use Is
badly needed at this time when
boxlag is experiencing a great
revival In many parts of the
world. An International associa
tion, would also advance the
aport but It la the consensus, of
opinion among, American author
ities that the Iaternatloaal box.
Ing unlea governing laws will
have to be radically changed be
fore the Halted States organiza
tions can accept membership.
Although two-thirds of the recog
nlzed world champions are held oy
American boxers the country would
bate but one vote in such a union
and rules ard ree-ulations. Inimical
to the best Interests of boxing her.
might easily be passed oer the pro
test of American delegate3
Further action on the fntltation of
the I B V . authorities for coopers-'
-gi-s-M- wv-q !
AT the close of tie dTil war thing
.fit nanitlrv an atr. ii.KI
from 16c to 20c a doieg.
Dock Hocks, our bean brnnmiel
blacksmith, is straightening up his
shop by moving the Vld wagon
wheels aronn4 and dusting off the
anvil, as Miss FlnHe Belcher is com
ing by there tomorrow to peep in at
The Wild Onion school teacher sayj j
if he don't get an increase in salary
ngnt soon tne next rising generation '
me x a u, autnonties Tor cooptr?- ' i .. v, .. ... i . ...
'.on on the part of the United States, a oin t0 ,"" t0 Mt down Wlth-
All the .good
of the grape
by ageing and
with the alcohol
extracted after the
quality of the
wine has been
fully developed.
That is
ii t-
igG Wirre
DeHghtfiil plain or mixed as
you would a cocktail, ffigh
ball, cobbler, punch or
Virginia Dare Raznbter
In tag slaw, nil nro ec rhw erlp et
TTanT.lnvrf i I T IfJ111 1 !'lirMinsB,
cobes of ice. cna win. slssa ot Vhsmim
Dzn 71ns. fi& the rUm with smttr sk,
Sold evexyuhere
AUcyour lata, ot wrist ta Una
fat "Tie Art eHosfssslsj" a book
thaz solid Sfte froHcnt of toad
Bush Terminal Bids- No. 10
I Distributors, Empire Bottling Works. El Paso.

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