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Friday, Feb. 6. 1920.
How To Make An
Ad Sell Goods,
Is ToldAdclub
ivertiMPz hola.d amuse and edu
i p it should create In th mind of
h hueT -i desire for the articles
ousrht to be sold; It should b artistic
m att-act and terse to be read and
Thet are ftm of the concraswMtS
.HunciH b ierc Monte-ornery, ex-
rt adertier. before the El Paso
ulrUib at its lun hfen at the chsm--er
of commerce Friday at noon.
T- aaiH in Hart
l wrltinc is difficult. Tht wrlleH
udresses himseii to a group ox mints
md mu't write in a xeneraj way. I
an talk to ou ns man to myo and
u will understand me. I awlouorty
loubt if anv man can write a letter, '
Two centa pr word each dalljt, Insertion.
Three consecutive Insentlons. including
Saturday 4 cents per woitL
Six consecutive lasertloiis. C cents per
The above rate fsybeseo en a minimum
OIL LEASES. SI aero no. IS re.ral nvwin'Orvn irev - -u.-- u.n r-i.s.trs.
(hallow sand field V estern Tennessee, ap- , Silt month. Experience unnecessary For
...... , bcvivL ui imuuiuu ino in- tree particulars examinations, write K.
of . 1 word stent. 314 cantaf nlna-J
tnaa this number of words will bacoapte
as St words.
Ou .dollar and fifty cents- per agate
line per month. MJntmnmf three -Unas
on monthly rate. t
ttold faee nnea. doubt price. L
-Two oents per word tor snook or band,
oO. tajtnlac ar ether promotions! adver-
i' iffiKSSK-3221 3FS' S3aU?KS
most ne in xieraio oxuee seior
day of pabllcaUeiv
open day ana nignt. mHi ijcxaf aw
Ph 132 Private ambulance sendee.
Ma ad raa for' an Indefinite pecfod (T.
P.) taken over the telephone. Orders ts
1 dlscserttooV T. F. ads mast be. made tn
I writing.
Accounts iot eraxxtoau a-a area one sucr
first lusertlon. Not responsible for more
! than one Incorrect Insertion.
In order to Eire time Ter proper etassi-
Ifleatlon It Is necessary to dose TSie Herald
Jcteasifled pace Saturdays at l:St-a. m.
4 ah Atbfr din at iz:zo n. ro. winr-iii
t i received 'after this hour: win -appear ine
natip himself cbeoltebr cleax.
dertisernenf5 Above everything:
, . must Se plainly written the
-trrpler and the shorter written h
cttT I am not speaklns: here of
., rh' fo-m: of advertising. (Valine
it' technical subject or with td
u vu; whore the reader usrtrer-
tintl ihe fine ioints of the thing1
des-ribed but refer to that peneral I
rm of iderttamR us"d b the ar-l
ie.r a isines man
? ri wntrr rrut understand that
fon product adertised concern xhe
rospectne expenditure of money
eparatms; a man from his money Jar
n.r n oAt- tak Each reader, has
i host of reason fcr' keowlaff hiaJ
raonej The first tep !b to "Betee
apon these imrortart objections to
. apenditure and to mprt them with
ir-ramnt. direct or subtle, and de
stro them This a-yonr founda.la
work Ha1n(c done this, Jthe Idea.
propei is put forth in myriad form.
XecessItY for .rt and IlnroSr. ""
Text ooobF aesijii-u i .v upcijt Mpnet riac. iaitlala A. P TL. in
of children are profusel-. illustrated.. so block E. Saa Antonio, raised as keep
causc the ee IeaTS quicklv. A sake. Ji rrvard. ill, East San Antoofo
ctod ad writer mu De capnuie oi ru. vz.
ptoducinsr word pictures, possess tngj ; :
roalitv E en-one HKs to lausrk. Thel pCarirfal
00 And Mining.
Help Wante-Male
tercation! rnatttan
OU Co.. DtckSQo. Tean.
U rite Tennokla
srCLu: )lluv mais.
Oanuaerdal Drafrlnr.
UX1X TRAI1E aw ftJbnal Petroleam
and RefrnlaTx stok. for Ran per Central,
wgwr-w nomer uasan. i-n. stoi.
Terry (former a-orernment examiner). S?2
jontinaatai mir- aanintoa.
CiOQll corac U eontpanr will exebaace
toek toe aereas;e; tod offseu wanted;
aviu pus. u(krtKi rnroiram ton
If VOl HA any idea of dotnc any wild
cattina- let tr knaw yonr wants. We hare
some very deslraMe tracts from 2W acr
ap. P O Bog Mf. Caagon. Texas.
WOO ACRE- tract Hadspetb Ca Tex-, on
atrscUu-e. "caadtttomt Ideal for aceamula-
Maa apd storaa at il' commercial lease
direct from owner f land. Rat as
Aatteae. Zexaa. " - '
FOR S.ILR .APTHiw- Hm mnnil .
WeU dflltinfin Wla Co.- Ail mn n
-wan aas saftotstaJeateTe tfclsXo be the next'EfeitJ
9 a. m. of oil ted is TexaZ".Vrlte JU C ffdyti
- -i 'VBUV TIT 111 . rfc . -. . r
TAKTT (.OLSO to Fort Worth fcy auto
Thursday raorntns; will stop ea noeta for
aaiexmen ta oeip defray expenses. Address
F inr. ear Herald.
Lost and Fonnd
Jav t-ray Persian cat. answers to name
j la-Bw. a csusi pet. uaarai rew;
tO"T tadr'a hh set with I diaslhndJ
and pearu. Btxatn to UK x. OreeTrTI
... -. -- .
""" 1CWM.HJ. JCT . J , - .M-
'KHG -JIAV New -ITenteav. a1 vfWda. am
UsBtamfeat rtcn Sftaiiisur and fenortx m
LtafCHt undeveloped ffceM Jul The worMT
infvstnefit Ca.. 1
IH'ECO It sx.s
Well located sections from 4 to 75c per
acre Why pay moreV
"ICapleaBlda. Phone Jx.
Money loaned on dtamoods. watchei. jew
elry, automobile ,and oil "tcl at the
lowest rate of interest, business strictly
1W S. El Paso. Phone r754.
If ioore broke. Come and aee as.
219 $aa Antonio St
Look for the Big" Gold Clock.
No. 1 (D Ern Hot Cakes. Caffee...SC
No. 2 Ham, Bacon, Effga. Hot Cakes.
Coffee 4e
No S Hot Cakes, Ham or Bacon. Cof
fee . See
No. A Small Weak. 2 Esrcs. Toast.
Cofraa SSc
ro.fr BackwEfaat Cakea Sausage and
soxzta . ,. iK
412' . Saa Antonio
Situations Wanted Male
'Wanted Macellanem
AT IJBERTI Oftie excnUe desires WANTEPJ--To bar awuiilty of used Inm-
connectroa with reliable firm, extenalre ' ber In -anod coadltioa. portabfe ahed or
fxperienca grnerai orilce work, best or caraae, also qaantlty ei lencinr ana posts.
references. AddresvTM W. UlssearL
rui-irii'VT mij v. eM.i jmmi.
ptnt; eollece -cradnale. six years expcrl
eace in South Amrjca, texlco and u. S.;
speaks and writes- Spahlsh. desires posi
tion, saiary izn monuL Aaoreaa x. .
Herald. ( ,
Lph QJW.
RANCHMEN Do yon need tractor or auto
mechanics, or operators or farm or rancn
help of any kind? Can yanr nse a lire
American roana- man who Is here1 ta make
tthe west bis heme? It so, write or phone,
your needs to the T. M. C A. mploymenti
rnarwa. m ro.
L Rooipg and BoartHoM
home cook inc. per meai Sfc; per week.
ft. Mra N A Bone. Snperrtsor. 9l B.
Franklin St.. Ph. lll
Sitaations WantcdFemaIe
NURSE solicits narslnr Ph. (47C
!sTKNO;KAriiKR desires permanent posl-
uou. A-JL. Tfl.
YOUNU LAD1' desires to work In studio.
fralso retonehlnr. Ph. C225. .
jllstrlct mnasjer
Las Crne. tHraisft ar Sltrer City. W. M.
far tBtf cwiajiea aT Sana
Aaa. Grant and
ItWaat also j&ajurar at Roswell. N M.. for
u -recoa -rmmri axs sunrcr at raoon.
axlsu torepreaassXwaa of the larrest old Una
life teaaeancav caaapaalea. Liberal paltdea.
IjOW premiam rates and biff dlvMends.
Shenld be a saleamaa and a worker; mast
be reliable and references reaatreaU ae-
qaalntaaee and experience preferred, bat
not essential. 0aod liberal contract and
nntnaaltlan fast mmrtt ai Anatv t
uiu uil fin. iijUAn rnirai ur fmnii i r ramnin r
The bic Hneco Baatn oil well Is dewnfOndnaaTL K F Lefiaer. reneral manarer
aboar ISM feat. I hare a few claims leas,
tfeanJ miles o Xew IXexico fer 110 far
Jtj-aoea, PaoarrTDli fermatten. T?ie
oi( -wen ia in vine snaie. J & xiTOZier
oora aaa Trastg Hidg . pn zms
Iter N-witexico and Arlsaaa, Albaa.nerqaa,
and second tie
S14 Trnst HMf
lien notes bevajht rr
d .rwer who can tell his story with,.
- little unhine mixed in that story J -piRST
1 -i A-i maT cash,
Tr an experiment when you read ;
(Hi1 paper tonifjnt. Turn to an ad-1
ertlsinB pace and pick out toe ad-j,
f. ""ia.M f ind It .. the one which 1 Ci".KTeAGE LONS-Weal
vMoneyto Loan
contains the erreatept atnoanc oi
irhit snare" This, is because printed
matter lose itself In the surrwiBwIing'
man"- street lamp cannot ne scn
tie un time, at nicht the lamp can
ne een plainn. Advertisers oiten on
i.ct to what thev rail waste space. Of
what aatl tc publHh a page, if this
Tdertisement Is not read We rnut
h-e advrtisinff which looks well It
is an asp it is a seller of goods.
Klndx of Advertising.
canpaicn of advertising must
t Iw a be educational The public
knows itneeds, the advertiser mere-H-
tells the buier that hls.arxicle fits.
the ned It does not mak sny art
fereno1 to the buj er how beautiful
lj TO $3U loaaed uaaesi employes, cbeap-
w rmie csanaenutL' utueic. Satis tact ory
rvlce. Drake. ?1 KoberU- Banner.
BUI loan S2M on first class real estat.
Call Mbi Am tin. Ph. SIllW.
MONEx TO LOAN on diamond a. watches
ancT jewetry. . A
t(jLLAJ-. in J. TAJTOJi ST.
drtmas; la neeco Jasin?pr ea7anji
A. F; GATES. z
2TH WheeBng St. 'EI Paso. Tex.
I have 19 acres southeast of the
biff weua. .XSaJborse Tarlsh. It
aerea on 7r pef-aere.ZweJIs drUi
laff close byXwRh.rapd afaewtnr;
OJOck aaaian naeaasats
Ph. SSt. Rom 9, Jfooreheuse.
-., 1
J a ' "
WEAK COCNT S ear commercial
lsea; 4t acre trasjts, at t per acre: In
tne.xreat neweamatai i
1 grjrt Bide .
Write or wire
M. Phone tta.
DM vmi VikAar that Ihih tin i-t h r .1 aLna-
Red River have ttads'tAs-'purchasers bis I
money' we oirct numoer oi xood leasfsl
on the head waters of Red River near de-H
velopraent. Write aa your wants. P. X).
.Rm SS? Pum Tt (
Wanted Money
Money loaned on diamonds, watches. Jew
letry, automobiles and ell ctofika at the
weat rate of interest; baslness strictly
oonfldeatlal. .
sECTRrrr loan co.
1 S. El Paso. Phone ?7S4.
Of its kind In the southwest. Special de-f
LAKityiruK ititi Jiio- OQLP CLQ4JK. .
IlTtH' 1VNT to oTsinrxe comoanr and
put down a test well, cosamunlcate wUhJ
eta at!oaoa. Have sentc acreace that hasl
been pronoanced rood by the beet reoierist
in tne soain. idii is aituatea on the neaa
waters of Red River. P. p. Box St. Can
JHi aly
hTJtlKB li OIL.
! Loans baaw la larr up m.ii ..
r practical a thlg may be.'unUn el.r cUOei toorwir, eoll.ur.1 wcority i, u . iiT .i Vi.i, ,. .
wjfhe to boy It the Mller mOKEt th. l?tfc on torn, to flt bor-ihT. ,mZ ia .enirc .Iw.trf In th,
TTUIKe 1QV UUCI liuitR. ji- ..auia mc i - itt hu nuun, a a. m. IO
article and then proe to mm tnat ne p- m ano p. m. to s p. ra.
t:s ii I MUM31 TO LOAN.
Thp .lertiori of Illustrative cats MONET loaned on watches. dismnnAa .
r drawinK to accompany, our copy ' clry and automobiles at a low rate of la-
is lmio'tsnt i m2r " utm ixr cwawcit use ieatn-
rreqaenry of AdrertUlnc- i" "TVrv "7 7?? FVSSSs JtPk
. ... in- , .. ' CrrY LOAN JEWELRY CO.
r iZV,;,yt ! " """ w- " A"" "" El po.
..K..na Knnlr rn9taIIV tn fltUl fhA
i urfh. r of a Iran with "whom e con- , Mr IMMdjii dUmoadi, -wattliM. Jew--taAm
o hu-iine'!'. The human mind I flZrM,?Mt' ."" toe at the
..v-nr.T -tiB detalletl facts. The --"--"" .. mnmni irici.i
bus man has no time for niemorvj Errrorrv rr.aw rA
, :?, . h r:,:rr ;. s a "b.. s-t. " " p-- p"" "
iderttsinK field. OpeCUl nODCCS
"Moot of tou believe von can write '''---vw-r-vw
adertiements, Tou can But Vou ' Jj?DrrttI' f1" rrtee at feafs Garage,
wriC as good mliPi'tlspmi nist i19 .fJ-
YKLTON PAINT CO. Patntlne. papeiC
owb-bic. aecoranar. ss . Stanton, PhlZIT
a man who does nothing else Tlu.
arajre man knows he can cure him-
flf a cold by the socalled homc tt'KTAINS LACNDEREIK faaer table
remedif He does nor aeek the ssrv-iamn. lut mwmmAm K. .
'es of a physiclaa until hts coW gets j work gaaranteeA Mrs. Richmond. PsTTt2W:
ine oetter oi mm. men ne turns to MBS. CHON LA Woman's Ex,4ail hand
the medical man and in 39 cases oU tjm.de srrJcies, needle craftreroehet d
o a lrt. is cured offhand because tatttng. orders taken. 121 N Campbelt
the d-Mtor knows hi- business The HEMSTITCHING, pleat work, sccorllan
iraintd aI er:sing- writ, r i i labora- plartfnff. MISS B. CORCM. Modiste.
tor mar. ' j Buckler Block. Ph. mi.
;etu,I,K e rad- 1MIIXLNER1 Ladles and cdren'aHbat
Jihe merfhaot who does no adver-',,. old hat3 aja , nnmtt& nd
tisini? haB for hia customers only peo- remodeled. Mme, SexalL 35 n Kanna.
ie wno ras nis store ana who come
in of nr-irssity. The merchant who
id ertise- has for his easterners
er man. woman ami child wto
-eads his advertisements the srVk i
'its -tore and Increase his sales. If
'.is advertisements are incorrectlv
'n ritten or Inadeonate in anr wav In
ilr1injr pow. r the merchant is wast-'
ins mne if advertising is written j
' an piifn it mere iscf
IS af Xl Ran Jlntnnt. J3f
HEMSTITCHING and picot edce work
done on short notice, any kind of ma
torial Siacer Sewtnc Machine Co. -2BS &
El Pasa St
.-- If your Vtctrala or Grafonola. doe&n't varv
The ad writer is an elw.it.ie. 1,1c the rt. "" "i Stae
president of a railroad, or of t lonkj TKISTATE TA1KC.O JtACHtSE CO. f
-.n4 upen his ability, a. much as nn;'.., .7 " ur""1 st-
th success of the buslnesa which h. ifi'! ""?" f"?,1 ? s""
represents Brnrae. men shmiM nS',te ?"" LVr,,,,f
experiment v. lth advertlsmp cop. IJ It iUrt.71 S5lf"it
It .s improper and disBonorablc S' ji2Sc?runf P 5arcl!t He?:
for a man to .dwrtlse in grrandilo. .,4 BaWteVa p' .iPhViJ?1-
niiAnt T.4nnAp th.f kl. T .m v.a&di. f. T T:TV
aK an, panirnTar thins .SdrtSl to JI?I"?ri?? '
ha e buvers
rood aeredxe altnated In the
aoctaem part of thcAmarUlo field. This
ts aoorat 4 miles', south "xhe blc easser.
P O. Box Ut. Canyon. Texas.
Rooming jfogjfefer'jaalc Llfe1
fOR SALE Elffht room roommc boose,
close In. ffoad .money maker, price SH4
caah, balance J4f. on time. Address S
-4. care Herald.
J'OR SALE HeteL St rooms, located near
oil fields, only eoramerctal hotel In town,
must sell account other buslnesa. Address
T U. care Herald.
FOR SALE By nvner, S rooms, nicely
furnished. housekeeping and aleeplnc
fatness pranasRlon. Ph. SSSSW. 2S
la bmslness district, nine outside rooms.
rent StS.
Phono 2ttt,
That have dean record, wasted
to represent
Room ltl. St. Recta HeteL
Call StM to JljrSw; 2 to 4 o'clock.
LADY Experienced In stenography
sjeneral 'office- work desires position,
dress O 11C. care Herald.
LAHY with 12 fears' experience In nri-
vate switchboard sork desires posttloiw
knowledffe or taklnc orders. Address F.
o. box m.
Wanted Bidj
For Rent- Honscs Jpraigc J
FIVE room, famished house for rent. Wtt
Morenci, Ph. S711 betwean S a. ra. and
t p. m- .
FOR RENT Furnished cottage of S rooms.
rOKdl. $2 month. Take Hlffhlaad car.
laqalre 2111 Piodras.
J A-11'?
FOR SALE Vary fine sideboard, aleetrra
heaer coal heater. lino learn aad shades.
S room buneiluw for rent, chickens for
sale Ph. 1212
WE FAY hlffhest cash prices See Xurnrture
r sowiBff 'machine See as first
, Xt7 South Staatoa. .
for old: will bay second hand seeds; your
credit is soofl. Pn ..zis aai save money.
For Sale MisceSaneooi
m. ,w m-m nanaitkU t mr-m
Hi SI1U4 1.1 c u-uawAA.i.3 "":
and commission farnfture. fresh lots tn
weekly G. D. Hooser. Uphofstcrlcs Co.
TffO Texas: Ph. ito
WILL LEASE for 1 year to resnoAslbTe
people beautfrul rarntaned 7 roan XMsasa.
2 Kuvssed-ln aleonwr Dorahea and carare.
walktrtjr distance. ISIS N. El Paso. Pa.
For Rent Honci ppfagged
FOR RENT Five room etttaffe with aU
conveniences, built m feat area, sjarace.
rood location. Ph. SIttJ. ,
FOR RENT Small aouae. -close la. to man
and wife who ts wains; to do itffht housA
wort, call, his Myrtle.
porch. 23!
next 000"
basealow. ateepiac
Trecaoat Sc. Inqaire Owner,
1-OR RENT New-Mo. Goart." just fin-'l
lshed, two.buaffalows aieft, S and Sft.
frost proof, raraxs W: for adults only.
no pets. Corner Newman- and Missouri.
Apt. No. 1.
SEVEN ROOM tease 1117 Maxefair'aye
SS per month.
Phone 4S5. 24N8aa Antonio SC
Help Wanted Salesmen
WANTED Two experienced men oa com
mission to soUdt and collect tadjastrlal
life Insurance, CaM at StS Herald BSdc
LOCAL NALRSMJLN for manufactorma
company for different porta of New Mex
ico ana ta r-aso. a promaoie and perma
nent proposltloa. Address O IXC. care
Herald. ,
Wants representatives for this state have I
w uuu un cbpk kmoib ib ihuhiii
for Ford ears. aeUs on sot. free demon
stration, affcnts can make from SfttS 10
Slttt per moath. Victory Sales Co, Ia4
Ore sron and Saa Antonio.
Sealed nrorosal far eonstrnetlnsr thl
Capltan-Noral Hill project, located partly
within the Lincoln National Forest. Lin
coln county. New ilexieo. will be received
br the Bureau of Pnbtfe Roads. U S. De
partment ef Arrtcurrurc, at room No. US,
lABia-stnekier oaiwinc; AiDuqueraue, new
Mexico, until 2 dclock p. tn.. February It
lS2t. and wHl then bcepened. The riffht U
reserved to reject any and all bids and
none wrll be considered extent those from L
comractora ascertaineo. to ne experieacea
and -responsible.
Tne Trejeet is- approximately -7z mnesL
n Mnrra. ann xn nnnemaj itvttib at nri
ar Approximately aa follows: lll cubldr
yaraa. rocK excavation. !!,) ctLMC 'yaras
contuaoaxaavatlon. with corrugated -metal
ptpe-aad. o culvarta. sad Incidental Heme'
ino wora us k oe compicteo wrtnia tj 1 . a . , e i .1 .
weathaa working days. The maps, plana. ' f0f Kent Apartments ruTXUSneai
spccKlcatlotts, estimate oC quantities and . -
rOn tract farma nir 1m fiimlnMl at ihn ! ONE modern furnished anartmenL The
above address, proposals must bo made orf ' Jemaner SSt w. Misseari. apply Apt. E.i
formr. and la accordance with instructions NICELY furnished small apartment ts de
remlnff a part of the specifications, sad strabie party. Phono after S p. m. or be
wt be accompanied by a deposit -In n;forrtSf raorntera. 7SJ,
f"1"1 lM,t v.4 .?".' w-fWfmiKW ArT 1 w.. mi, me.
turn oxino amount or tae dw. in accord- "r.Z- -"JZtZ-L "" '" rs-";.
oain. 1 steeptac room. in. isisiv.
This, xeptSoasilx flaa home is
completely fuadakad. It has S
- Isrxc roosaa, servant's room. c
ULSt, basenwnt, boat, etc Locate-!
m restrlcfed dlatsiet. WIR reas
for S12S per month. Reference
required. .
PnONt 8513.
"A LITTLE DOIVN the buyer paya,
a little more hi Thirty dava."
US N. Stanton.
For exoert work on watches at the low
est prices. All work ffusrasteed. For!
correct time Ph. 7SS.
Money loaned on diamonds, watches. Jew
elry, automobiles and oU stocks at the
lowast rate ef Interest: business strictly
wnfldentijlfttTmiTY LOAN CO.
las a Ei Paso. Phone Jf4.
pay cash for your farattsre or we wfll
exehanffe It for new. Came to the star
that seres you money. Fn liiz. cor
nr grsnton sad Overland-
For Sale Pianos
WILL bay s piano or player If cheap for
cash. Address P. O Box tti.
WANTED To purchase for spot cash. Used
pianos or ptaer ptaaoa. srrftahle for rental
purpesea. arr toao nano j&.. ii inn.
Sttis and Flints
NEW crppi fancy alfalfa seed.
Seed Co SS2 EL San Antonio.
E Paat
Ph. Ut
Foil Uao off flower pots.
PLANTfati rye and barley now El rasa
Seed Co US B. San Antonio. PhvSll:
PLANT BARLEY, oata and emsser MW
EL PASO SEED' CO, t2 E. SAo Anteuso.
Ph. StS. E
E.R CORN 3LXIZE and kafflr heads.
threshed roaiae and kafflr busk aaa sacked
car Iota; quick ablpnaeat. Wire or w,rlt
Tw innaiiHTii i-o.. rinrtn, iri.
asee wfth said Instructions.
-"-." . E' WHEELER,
Actlnr m IHstrlet Enfflaeer.
RcalJEttofa :, Wanted
10ft .PERCENT, results from tenements.
WANT to buy from owner. 4 or S roam f
uww, -iiTusL 09 m. carxazn, Eire location
ano price, jiaarems izs. care Herald.
plants, hardy, open neM grow a. and If
killed by frees will reaaaco; Jersey.
Osaretoai aad Flat Dutch: Onion JSaats.
Crystal Wax aad Teilow Beisauta: petcj
iee. e. s, iLre; oe. ,z.o; an paaais
postpaid: orders f Uled promptly vttti rood
plaats sad well packed. M. IX Lancaster;.
Laarvlew, Tax . Pept. 0. -
Bird SnpprJes
4 UIRIl KEEDb Bird Remedies aad Bfrd
XMED oak furniture of two room anorp-'i - eSiS2 2MLJf-f'-w -.
i. l. mat, jrjiij vy, in. xi
ment ' for 'sale: apartment for rent very
reasonable to -parry boy 1st furnHurer ffsabi WE HAVE In stock a, complete Bno of
Tiufiiu, !. ij. m a vuat. lik.n. - - - ... jt aaa.
hoes tlon! close fax Ask 1ST 3. Virginia.
.ApaxtznenU' Unfarnislied
Phils. JM Pood. Remedies and "Sai
s wiles.
FOR RENT4Unfurnished 1 room nart
meat, steam I heated, no CJuldren. Jl Wl
WaNT to -lease S or C room house for yAr tMoari- Pa' "fli-
van pnTiiexw ox BuyiarvresponstDM party;
no exorbltaat-prtee. Ph.-a4SWr " j '
H,n'aNT to buy good 4 or & room house. .
fwtll pay cash for fame If It Is a bargain, f -:
j give Jocatloa and price- Address No. O. L
IS. .ears HeraMi
WANT TO BUY direct frorar owrier en I. t
or It room, two-story dweUlas reasonably
close inl give desrrlatioB price and Iocs-
Aoaress . core Meraia.
WILL BUY restaence oroond SSttt: must
bo bargain, prefer Manhattan Heights wr
Richmond Terraoa, Dr. J. H. Burnett. Tp-J74SW
IFOR RENT A.largo aad a small office
ib toe u era hi omaisff. neat, ngnx ua
janitor service furnished. Rsaseaable
rates. Apply to too Aadttor of The JlerajO.
Baslness Chances.
FOR AVE Grocery. -wrH Invoice.
au anmeoa. a
bMALL cleaning and pressing shop, cheap;
proprietor sick. 421 N. Oregon.
HAVE YOUR Ford overhauled for 2S at
KeaTs Oarage. Sit Texas.
FOR &ALE A good bakery, only bakery
In town doing good business. Address p.
O. Box 4 1, AJo. Aril. t-
1 10 USE AND SIGN FALVTING. tinting,
paper hanging- sad decorating; best work.
fewest prices. Joo Fuentea Ph. MM.
WAN TED To buy, up to date dental
office or would consider partnership, ph.
PARTNER WANTED Kata Mi in ed busi
ness, experience unnecessary, splendid op
portunity for man with small capital. Al
references required. Address T IBS. cars
HIGH class salesmen wanted, preserably
those who have had experience sellinsj
maps, tse new ksm Jteajiy-Bl Paso
Herald map of Europ and the United
States is In great demand: thia la a tre
mendous money saving proposltloa for
salesmen that caa sell aa article which Is
nauiNitij DCiaMiij in Ttry icfliKN, own-
nesa house or office. Apply to H. H.
Frts, El Paso Herald,
HAVE PRACTICALLY new high grad
touring, car to gtve si first payment on
4 to C roei bungalow;" wWl also, pay ISM
ABf tf luMiurr itl.tilm Wav- !
ferret. . Calr at iintait Balldwig.
WANTED Garage In the vteintty of Oo-
ia aao. uouierara. jrn. svv.
WANTED-At once. 2er 4 room furnished!
house nor Woman Stnatorfnm. Ph. M12.-J
jlelp WanUdMaleand Female j
WANTED -Man and wife fer ranch, wo
man to cook, man do chorea; good wages.
Ph Sill.
WANTED Weil qualified doctor aad
curse for service wfth large mlnrag wa
pany in Mexico.- Apply 1112 Mills WMr,
KC&L JYa-EJrrfek
WANTED Engiiah speaking iM fori
housework.. l& Austin.
WANTED English speaklag girl for
housework, fill California,
hsfcSAv vfr.rinir
from maltratrltlon bmve been saved by
swi HiuK. iwi roiut is carure s sub
stitute for mother's milk: best Is not too
I good for the baby, try and be convinced.
I til 1 1 1 T. mm. sa.
i wfc uwu, ! .lativosv we
ome and find his stock
nadequaf it is an untruth to rep
res nx a business as possessing facll
'Up which it does not posses. een
n th sale of a paper of pins Once
oj lose the confidence of a customer jTtvp.. ' g-.'"J -.' -i"- .-r ,
- h,e sown the ed of danger The EST-Jf ,.2 L?5
ntiwl nmrsim. I-. .44I1.. - . . " " ""-M UL .RIITU
disjointed customer, in addition to b"ed: dra rtim ,1.37
ie. using 10 nnv irom you. Will eil line- and altmHnn mm--- n..n .---. S-
cii KicBiwn, worm xasrsnteea. uun
well Hatters and Tairorx, 4 M. OregonJ
Ph. llts.
unc to bnv from von. will tell t- .t .wJL.m ,
mo ierieace to anotaer person ana
1 r jure 5 on. This Is human nature.
AdrcrtJalne: a Neeeaalty.
"It is necessary to advertise- It Is
necessary to have to repeat ader
tising. Most important of all. eery
utord, or copy and every drawiaff. ll-
iastratins: that copy must be aryfer
stood as dealing with the pectdlar
workine-? of tbe burnan mind. Plise
vour reader and oroSivctfve cnxtoarWr
humor him. Iref him "convince sln--
sen racner man convince mm ourseit.
or you win antagonize nts vanry.
and we &rf all rain. Advertising
, should amuse and educate If it does
not do these two tnir.gs. it is a fft.ll-
. 1 -e a
Explosive Exncrt Sneaks.
51 r lontgomer was followed, by
V Col John L. Taylor of the bureav oH apoasibie in nay maaner whatsoever, 'for
jyfcxplosies of the railroad administra-
f'on a ho urged the members t- know
-oroughh the Roods which tbey
fc.-t.rans ported so they could trust in
fxhera but not fooi with them He
,- d that when war broke out ttio
r.-iii'-oacis of the country were called
iior to transport 2,000,000,000 ponn)ds
.of high explosive, and this was aone
with the Ios of only ont life. 11 per-
-.-ns injured and:. -property loss of
$33,000 This was accomplished, he
said, because the railroad men knew
tne daffjera of T. N T. and othr ex
-;lo:1 o and knew the penalties If It
was. o- hand id according to certain
well tVfirKit laws and acted accon-
r'oTlowlne; CoL Taylor's talk, the va
rious committees submitted their re
iort The matter of bringing the ad
'lub romention to El Paso wae ds
' u-sed and reports made thst the ho
( 1" couM hindie the delegates, plentv '
' auditorium snare was AValln.fc.loi
nd better sll around facilities and
amusements could be furnished than
v as done in Jsw Orleans.
Entire state of Texas can oe covered at
'ha lowest possible rats with tn largest,
most tbroaghly distributed circulation
cents per word Sandays
7 cents per word DaRy
A guaranteed circulation xtlLttt Snn-i
dare. :!i.MI daily
. nis u the combined cireaiatioo of The
Dallas Times-Herald. Fort Worth Star
Telegram. The San Antonio LIkoU El Pas
Kcrald and Tha Houston CTeroB4la.
Tcr ad teat. to any of the above papers j
wnn casn win to bandied for vou and
tour ad wfll appear in all of them.
neoneaear noon aoowo see year copy
tn any one of the offices for your ad tc 1
ppear In these papers the following Sun-
Now la the time to prepare your
flower beds aad put thst top
dressing on your lawn. We can
furnish you with well-retfrd fartu-ize-
corral cow manure at S2.SS
per load, prompt dettrertes.
NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the subtle
that wo. either severally or IndivUluanV or
personally, heretofore preorgamxatlea sab
nralbecs to the RIO GRANDE VALLEY
TELEPHONE COMPANY, wfll not be re-
any debts or obligations or contracts of any
wscure suae V A. b BHiTH or FKEID
other individual or tadtviduals far the ac
count of us. or say of as. or for the above
named company, from this the thirty-first
dav of January, lt.
Julius Krakauer
T D. Love
PA. Hazxard
W L. Amoaett
J. M. Daughrety
C. a Flnley
T. C. Mitchell
Frank L. Anderson.
52 Z?iS2-ZZ,; WIL'XJL"?" :i .t . m i-,'
AogeJes iu fx lOlu, I
MUU strceL, good locatlan far barbocuje or
olcSt'fasian; barbecue rt red r esfabrished.
dotgr -good; buatness. CtU at 1ST MIrts st.
WANTED Eagush speaMng gtrl to. care
for 9 year oM baby. Call iei Texas. J
II tl RK f a ifi.Va rnfi..m.nt rltK tiart.
Ounee-an criraltaral dewiopmeiu.! WATEI Kaithiti speakiait sir) ttj
preet whjeh tUI rMOlre durlnt next.) housework. Apptr U E. H.n Antonio.
eiai raonm.' eipealtm-s sr twrtr-nire! VTASTBa UC to cany
Uwanoi oNHlsrs. Saoald return V. &Mr.ntf txr.terfi rrntMi T.l Ql
ALroHlZ" " '" I "JW5 SIlff-kb r, ntei
WANTED To rent, unfurnished house.
or S rooms, centrally located. Address f
in. care Herald.
. jfejk?- y-ff-
FOR BENT Four large pfficea fer rent,
American Rank BAlg, comer El Paso and
Saa Antonio. Apply Dr. J. Hod WQ-
uams. rtaom ,ix.
For Rent Rooms Fnrms&ed
Downstowa. reasonahls ratea. 4254 K.
San Antonio.
LANGDON HOTEL Newly papered, ejeaa
rooms, busiaeso coater. by day. week or
moath. SS1H & Paso
HOTEL WAYNE. 414, Myrtle Are, Pa.
111C. steam- heav hot and'coM running
water, transients, rates by week or mouth.
WANTED By responsible couple with 3
grown children, furnished or unfurnished
apartmeat or house. Ph. 21S. Sir. ShlsdeX.
FOR BENT A frost room with perch;
sievn oni. wits or wncout garage, in
nice, private heme, 17SI Montana.
I LARGE, nicety furnished room, eoavealent
to board, suitable for 2 gentlemen or
couple lltS E. Nevada.
WANTED To rent by couple, small ftre
nfehed apartment with, bath, close In. Ph.
SW4 Ask for Chris Jordan.
WANTED For one rear, unfurnished
hoose, five or six rooms, modern conveni
ence, close in Address Ml Capies Bids
WANTED By healthy couple, with bab
small furnished house, ureter dose M.
answer at once. Addresa E.1S7. care HcraM.
WANTED Br married eeuole small oam-
ploteiy furaiehed house vicinity of Frre
Petnta preferred, but elsewhere censld
eivd. Ph. ITSt . I
LARGE, nice, boated room la quiet home,
fine neighborhood, walking distance, two
mcala If desired: references. Ph. lilt.
CLEAN rooms adjoittiag bath, board If
desired, gentlemen, private home, close
tn. Ph. S41L .
WE OFFER guaranteed stag-tag; canary
birds r fancy, bird tetd, bird csgessad
supplies. EL PASO SEEP CO. Ph. SIS.
And everything far them.
The Haady Corner.
DREMMAKER Will sew by piece or- by
ny m inrname. ro. m.
SEWING aad remodallag done Tessonabtel
ikours S a. m. to i p. ra. Call S N. Camp
beH. Pla sou.
HAVE you a street or hoose dress, smock,
skirts or salt to make or remodelT Prices
are reasonable. SIS Mesa.
ULU CUSTOMERS, also now ones, wis! be
welcome at oar now loeaUoa at HS Mesa.
For Saje -iT&cejaneons
SMALL steam hosier and ataeJ smoke stack
ires Phono int.
FUR S.LE Ope brown satin and oa btue
attk dress. Call 12X7 FedoraJ.
XL p. Army Wool Shuts, used but
washed, dfstefeeted and repaired.
If new would be worth from it
to 7.S each. These shifts are di
vided lata classes, according to
their present coadltioa.
Class Al S&Srta. SSI dexen or. aach .1 lit
Class A Shrrta. Sit St dosea or. each. L?5
Class B Shuts. SIXSt dosanec each. Lit
Class C Shirts, S12.SS doses or, each. Lis
Special lag of sUgattr used, all wool
atfvo, drab army starts, Bmtttd
. qSiAotfty. each ,-,..,... 2-S1
Shirts may be ordereof In aar
alsea front 14 to tS- r
XL S. Army. Overcoats, redred rich.
nmtM, orows, Bsry osuo oc ofaea, new b
buttons sewed on. a frao aE wool . -
overcoat for a small pgfcaa Sits '
per dot -or. each .$ 1US
V. S. Army Russet Shoes, dssiafeet "
, est aad xepotred. by tho-goyernmsat, , -
7 fsr oworseas wear, new soles and i
Oass A.'$lt per dpscn or. per pah:. x.tr
Class B. IS perrexen or.er patrr. Stij:
V. & Army Heavy Fleid aad Hab
v nailed Shoes, worth) ST new. extra
uv wnunwn. mme ox nesx iaa
of leather; ft! dozen or. per parr
V. S. Arrar Trt CadMw.sr. Dh..r
shfrt. ana Drawers, rood repalr
W, tudlUn; f isrraeus, I 1 if
r S. Arrar Tents. II ft x It 11
ft Wth. 1 ft waH. . .one.
stsn4sr4 khaki dock, worth .Mr
SIM. rts4W ssmrdtsK to their
(lui AIL wk . t.9 c,
tttsm AA. sack J...!'!tl!
V S. Arms TmU, ltft.utft.ll
ft Mrtt I ft .wsfl. It4 niK
w&H dock. reA e..trt.. ...1. .7 est
U. -S. Arrar Teats. ft x ft
pyramidal srrhk II ft hlefc. I ft - j
waBs. lit wines standard khaki r
srrar dsric. .ztra the. madfttfrx $
praetSeaBr new. each .
IDS S.tLE Tw. jrear mti rose Imshea
MOT TtwtMct. Ph. TMsW. i
THO mattrnex x; 1 army est, 1 chad's
rocker, bargste. Ph. in.
ma &U: Seend kan asitftisTa
eqnlpment 11 Boekler Bldr.
UPSTAIRS rnrauked tMn, all nuder.
eav.tcaees, prl.st. entrance. SI, H
tOUU issr sniylered desires roommate,
tare, front mn wtb I thesX elas. fat
raasoasfcie. Ph. tiSC
ATI:D To rent. 1 llrht tioaseke.Bt&r
raems whers well behavta children wl&
net ne onjected to. an Itrmlsh refueneea.
Ph. lilt r t $ ;
MCKL.Y fanrtsfce inn sulUM, t.r
IseHes otettemen empeuyel. dos. tnt
sis N Kaasaa.
C R. Army Jfeerts.WaH Tests rise
n.iin.iif cvaee army daek.
CI.S. AAA, each
Class AA. each . !..
Class A. each 5j.
r. S. Armr her Tfiuuntttnl.
Ir new. esptelally fine for Bay
Smts or stay kui lor ehtMren.
. each us
New Zealand e. wttH ( . Array T.nt Files, praettesltr
"rw. ..J ...... ............... 3Q.TSL
IT a. Array Tent rUes. also 1 ft I
TfH ft. fine e,dtflon. ... ti...
V S. Array Tarpanllaa sUndard 11
ana., dask. watManksfed. xlz. II
ft. x 11 ft
Class AA. eaeh mi
CIsss-A. eaeb . ... is.t.
Oe-s: Arrar Tarraaakx, CUss At
eeh Ht-M and It-SS-
yoanff, also buck, at baxgasn. Ph. 73IIW.
ass awrenct.
TRAPS Oct your stee: traps at eeraer
MUls aad Campbell. J R. White. Minion
root nodv llnsi wn.t-m-mt tlj i
break Ph. Mrs. SpUwsu tST. 1SXC SUvena
FOR ti.LE St, feet. txS and ISxlt Urn-
ners. is to feet loag. half price. IStl
FURN IM1ED housekteplac rooms with
private family by aojdler on duty at high
school. S children xnd 2 adults. Address
Jm. JBITTT'. niB aCDSfli,
WANTED Partner with small amount of
state a
stmy nights Ph. ttto
1VTVI1 mrai( s..i.i ..
cm aecnra one. half . lnl.re.f in " Jl-if!? ". J Si-. "" "V
teof Texsslnoneofthe'fJuitesrlHacISB"7l?jy""- "" "" "' " '
..ratio, -e ran-. . ej.. . ..I. tl- a1?
iijWs,II 1j af nurif avar- nlBiokrl jt awtoi I
Agents In other states made SSttt In- IS 'WOMAN to figure laundry lists aad aa
daya Important proposition, must be ' "wr P0. th experience preferred,
handled quickly. Not lecessary to be a 1 Troy Laundry Co.
Proposition strictly lesitlmate
wo Invite wveatlgaUon- Address F-llt,
eate Herald.
I o'clock.
GOOD woman for general ocs work. pro-
Apply Modern
Mills BWg.
Cafe. Saaemest
I desire sto locate in El Paso sad will say
real estate. Insurance, general brokerage
or eoswmtwdea buslnesa. Will pay spot
cash 'H you can show the business to
dustifr investment. I mean business and
- ..s - .. . . . : .wr.vsD iw... w.i.'. .n, i. T.n .
wui Miawer your rePy in absolute con--1 .! oviiVAna uini. ior general
Odeace If consider selling to responsible I housework ; go homo nights; references re-
buslness man. better respond Quick. Ad- iqslred. 271t Wboattag Bt.
dress G 112. care Herald. ' wavtph -... ti c. v -a
WA N TED To rent, -counte wttftout ehlt-
dron first dass references, desires 2 or 4
rooms aad torivate bath, steam heated
apartment, phone Robinson. 2M2. during
business hours.
WANTED Room and board foe lady and
email boy. Ph. SSSSJ
Wanted Fnnutnre
WANTED Amateurs tanlrht at Harden
theater, lXSf E. Boulovaxw. CaM sefsreWE PAY highest cash prices for second
hand furniture and sewing ms chines.
LARGE room, well ventilated, steam beat
sunny side, suits bio fer-1 or 3 men. 134H
Magoffin. Ph. 4 StS.
FRONT bedroom with private entrance,
adjoining bath, in private home, close la.
i-n, iiu alter a p. m.
0, A COCS'XE or business girts, aieely
rsished front room 1a private bora ,-
Jefniag bath, hot water, furnace, heat;
iiHot instance, ro. isisj.
FOR BENT Wall fsralshed. pleasant
front room to business womair or nurse.
bath connecting, private entrance, use of
phone, walking dtstaace. ltt Montana.
Ph. SttTW.
D..E. Hale has taken over the Albert
itoiei. uotn transient an4 permanent
business oHelted. Bates dally, weekly
and monthly.
fer Bngttsb speaking, must stay vatfl 7-SS , SPOT cash paid for secondhand furniture,
or nighta. good wages loll K. Nevada. 1 Ph. 12SX. aad we will can Immediately.
WANTED At once. 2 loach counter wait- ' ""- xurpnure n ais yexaa.
WE WILL TRADE new for your old fur
niture or sewing macninea.
IS7 South Stanton.
WE FAY more for good furniture teas
any xirxn ra tne city. Oet our nrnrea oe
tore you sell. O. D. HOIISE8 lirrlOt
tki(i.mi jti. r&ooe 411.
TO THE PUR I J C I housework, no Uundry. amaM family. Sl
n14li i)i. ti nt - shun tis-kr oer week. fefeTeetces- ran ilmr telrhts tf
dtlver system for El Paso, we Jiavo ea- deeired. Btt W Boulevard fPh. 4S2. ' 4 VYATEX In the next It dsya. ISS-desks.
o-Us-L.ji 1 .t j. n ...- . , ." Z.' -- -. , T ! S1 twit lsu.es Kef. tM eJ T
luelacss district to any part of the attr. who' can speak both Spanish and English.!111 "M?8; t refrigerators. i6t gas
Pukiru an , CM riAnnrl. In walrrit Am ' - ...-u. i. . -.. Z rUCFL ISO electric fSBS and all IrlnSa af
Uvorod to ans part ef the dtv JS cents: runntced wiin bmtv t &r.Mi atJiv furniture, we guarantee the best prices
a. wo onirma outy. naraug delivery r position lor industrious person Apply "- 2a tt7.... - -
lesves downtown at It a. m.: aflernoon Room . Coles $. o Antonio and TEAS FURNITURE CO.. PnONE 409:
loft E. MISSOURI Remodeled, all new,
new managwr, reasonable rent. 2 front bed-
fPh. sstsw.
delivery leavea downtown at 4 n.'m' Give
us a trial, yon will bo satisfied.
MfSKUllAT?.- UCLI.t.l CO.
Phone ttta '
irANTED Fry cook. Plckwlek Cafe
Oregoa SL. over Union Clothing Store.
WE WANT your furniture, any amount:
we pay the highest cash, price. Call ua
Money loaned on diamonds, watches, Jew- P " !. Unlo Furniture Cew, Pa.
airy, automobile and oil stocks at -the
lowest rate of interest; business strietty
confidential. -
Its S. El Paso. Phone III
a v-.rT; .-- T-T-ZHZ--Z -Z- ..-
laTiiii: mn " dl,Iw,er-1 ment eaniTalont of hl( school odncatloB.,
Mil. OoJetHon.qr. 1 M to M t..t. at .... rA tmuE1
ItATEll Three Mexican bass toss. I sad uitled. fr.. t. m Dnrmw
Modern Cata, bassBsont Mllhi md. I fhren to one wh. through misfortune or
1 '&m icJ '
1 VVf' AX 1
-V X fi 74 J -
1 KL) TpflFi-
&&2Sg333ab)& f-zz
iff f f -"tL
(Le-Y &?l N$j"
OIAIBKN e.irs l.
KlrKKIILNCKD male atenosrapher. raiidj ??2SL "Ter" . u nI'l4 enter
wno eseciire asuiiy. permanent cosxri .-.u.. .v,,i. w,iwu um. ... ,t-
salary Address E 1M. esre HeraM. ? qolre prerlons experience or the rarest.
irASTFii i.-w., ,j ji.trfh.,... ZZZa ' mBt ot " money as we pay salary and
lI-rLJtll'j! ","""" " t. MXMM-. POSH.,
. .r "- ,mriopen at-osce ipr quaiuiM sppneaat; pet
Ln.w3U $ k'm1"0 Ga,toplo-l latervlow aecesaary foTcaty aPoU-
iundry Co.. Gaflnp. N. M. I canU: out of town applicants give age.
WANTED- Stenographer, export eace d education and business experience first
aaa eerspeteaf, stable mas. tar out of letter. D E. Ashby. Sheldon Hotel.
plication with full details In first letter
If yon desire consideration. Address T
172. care Herald.
ltt 4.
HIGHEST cash prices paid for secondl
hand furniture of all kind-. Phone 2lt
and we wfll call. BUBGIE FIJBNrTlTRE
CO- 4t2 Texas.
Money loaned on diamonds; watches. ew
airy, automobiles and oil stocks at the
lowest rate of Interest: business strictly
Itff S. Bj Paso. Phone MM.
nsacthly. Experience ' unnecessary. Write J HottL
Sitnations WterMale 1
ECPERTENCED chauffeur wants posttfas
la private family Elmer Hurley. Grant!
&ame OOSitiOfi wanted. Tta ft wav 1 raw4ii. XTARTIr.. llBftmi- ibJ IraiflAit nun da.4
uon. oox is, care aeraia. i sires position, i yoarr expeneacs. roz-
WAXTrn-u.. ,.. ut, k. ... i"- "- ' ' ' -" .---
seu and collect, salary and com., do notl"ORK . ATBD A hUckasnlth. fl,st
apply nnless yon ae car Slarer Sewtac elM : JM!?U$ m"t ?S hrp"
Machine Co- !K Ss B Pom Jit lSner P. O. Box am, Lowen. Arix
I . . UU.a
ARE YOC out of pUce In your present f x repair work or for say kind of
employment or drawing less than your fall f. w -a...! W "
raAO...!....- AAW.A t Y .... . f . 4'
w h.hb, vaiitl vwulMft IWIUU ABIQUCe
will ptaee you In the work tou are natur
ally fitted for. See Mr. Wheeler at the
T. M. C A.
twin Kcbrti-!
OFFICE man desires clerical work or
bookkeepteg with reliable concern, exten
alve expexiance, especially hardware and
implemeats. Room SL Grand HoteL City.
We have secured a new location
and t wfll be "ready for business '
sbout starch 1st.
In the meantime wo ar paylna
the highest cash prices far second
hand furniture orfwttlemake lib
eral allowances, In exchange fer
new furniture. Lets trade.
Temporary Office at Rogers
Furniture Co. ,
Tt7-S-ll North Stanton StreeL
Tet 7Stv. and ask for
. , Sd hand furnttare man.
ForFnj Roonu UnrnULed -
FIVE room bungalow, hardwood fjoora.
large garage, chicken and coat houses.
Alta vista district, .4. permsnth. PU.121I.
Hoosekeeplns Rooms Fumiilied
TO 1IX.LTHY COUPLE, 2 completely
furnished housekeeping room, nothing
fancy, but entirely clean, lit month, don't
phone Sttl Mountain.
FOR HALE ts bee colonies. 2 horses. 140
pounds each, 2 saddle horses, second, hand
binder. D. G Church. Means FarkL K. M.
ONE SMLL VtsiM Barrnugh's adding
raaehiBe, latest model, for J ltt. StS Bey-
noio a JMQg.
KINDLING for sale. 5t ceaU per -sac.
best grade coal St cents per sack delivered.
Pheavo tsS.
VE ARE still Upptag faxatrar ts tho
oft fields, wni pay extra road pries fer
used furniture. G. D. Heuser Uchetatcr-
Isg Cul. Ph. 411. ,
FOR MALE On Imertrpomsx&lno, mos.
A, No. 22S, equipped wfth 3 maffsxraos
and 4tt povsds dt metai. masufactsred: by
Internatieaal Typesettimg Machine Co.
Apply ro 112 IS. Oregon.
ONE beautiful Vtcaas far .rug; would
make a nice coat or view auto i
Navajo rugs, 1 eroeSret bedspread and also.
ome center pieces aaa aoiues. cheap, can
oe jroa. s. es wyasatng. pp. 4I4L.
ELECTRIC SIGN wtth wont "Shoes-'Tl-I
am looted, about S feet loag. artistic de
sign, -best construction 'ebeap beeaase
usrtt-as to present owner. Victor Hat A
Oothing Co.
WE BUY. sell or exehsnre r or seeand
ihsmd fwrattaro and. sewtag macbtnes.
1ST sottta, Ststbtoo.
of unredeemed articles, trunks, bags and
sun cases, see our windows,
tse specified,- sjl roodsa,
been Used by tb Jfnh&
t they aro'm a, sTetee7;
Taleso otherwise specified,- sjl
atsrra aoove nave B
states Army, nut ncy aro'm a set
abte msdTttaa. Detays of several daya
somacm.es msTrinnr orders are eaused bv
o,ar mabfflty to secure sufficient help. --
For Rent Rooms and Board
ROOMS a&d board, strictly 'first dass.
airs. (j. r Leary, si aieaa. xormeriy
in MijeoorL. -j
ARE YOU FIGTRINO oa having a nice,
pretty lawn this summer? Then Ph. 423
and have It done th right way: theo you
ST saro Of srettinr a. Itwa as ear ntar.
saee au our wora.
-A sboea;
waatesV wsHl Heavy p
exchsag good earner. St repeat rifJ
r wiica tor raooits or catcieeas. pa.
TO REFINED aentlemaa In private boa:
lag house. 2 meals, strictly first class
nome cook log. Address O IIS, care Herald.
RO()31. escostsat meals,. private family, in
urandview.awt close ts but yo will en
Joy home osoklng. Ph. ttSt
BOARD AND ROOM tor 2 men. sleeping
porch, no aNectloos to sick. 2. It Altura
IWdc- Hfadslsad Park car .
For Rent MisceDaneous
a.R.EvfSr rem 84 Mess.
f LARGE gae range for sale at bargain.
owner leavang town can .u
OR S.LE Fumitor of S room cottage."
t cottage tor rent 19 party During lurni
lore. Close, la Phone Stt;. '
EXPERIENCED ahippln clerk, must bo
fairly capable an experienced in shipping,
familiar wtth- groceries, EI Paso and sur
rounding territories, first class refer..ea
, required, gtfcd salary to right man do not
.apply If n4t competent. Address F 112
(care Herald.
WANTED Men. any age. to learn the TUl-ldress O II". cure Herald
Wanted Miscellaneous
MR, EMPLOYER Don t fill that lmpor- j 1 TO 1 KARAT diamond wanted; might;
www rviiNi wim a man wno is oununi wy a pair Sll ITUSI titer.
a -300 out get ine rignt man. .'none
Vocational Oqldance Sec y T M. C. A.
WNT seme kind of work mornings nnU
on outside, collecting or something of
tbs.t Trae, have "eest of references. Ad-
ar- f !oi jr u ,u ,F .ie.i k iHAMoii-wei, any age, to learn the vul-i,gress t 11.. cure Herald
Seen lusfi.a and Janan -icanixlng tire trade We teach ymi In lrroMPirrENTcc0Tintnt t
nnJnoth!rllDi!pn )X? Bd, " " "tart hustaeaSoll and bote! experience, .i-o
J n TO 1 ITFnil IT'S PI 7ZI P T" araall amount Send for rlrrular of foreign lanffuages married
V.sT ,d? Jn1? "'T.rVf: nnVul,nR!?. . WestLul.n Mexico ref.rred A.Mr
alicht twde down, in bull Of Vessel jcentral ae. Albaauerg,uc, N m!
leslres po-
AdJrrse T 11
HIGHEST ritUHS paid for second hand
.CAN U.SE eomnlete onlflt of seennd haiut
fixtures, suitable fer first dass nreaf mar-il
Ket or delicatessen star, to In el ode
Large Refrigerator.
Refrigerator Show Cases.
Meat Sllcer.
Meat Scales;
M-at Tflorlc
Adiiress F 111. Care Herald.
fgr SaJig Fsyiaitige
CASH fer secoad hand furniture. Ph. 21-X
Star Furniture Co -
COMPLETE furnlaUac fi rooaa busgstow.
good condition, reasonable, 174 Ootd.
St K. San Antonio St.
FOR StVLE VScbar safe. 2x41xM. asssaai
ooors. aouoM outswr ooor. troa sub-trees-ury,
weight 4IS. like now. price SIM F.
a B. Silver City. N. M. Call John IL
qary Co.. ill MUls Bide.
MOVOT XI- tiliV.
Money loaned oa dlsmoads. watches, jew
elry, automobiles and oil stocks at the
lowest rate of Interest; business strictly
confidential. . .
ltt a El Paso. Phono 27,54.
th payee's name, iswtst tfae data and
number ot your check, pbooo repreoeata-
tive. Mr. TUItaiaa Itlt or witta, Rv
core Herald.
UNITED TATES awverameat.tswts, Ur
IwatSna, sir sties, shoes, O. Utt perfect
wool Manketa. 4 and 4U sounds, aafes.
cash registers, show eases, eta.
mi w. son a:
Tleesft arxtetes are alt of the ery fra- '-u
est qaaltty aad Bavo never been
used la any way. Immediate do
lt very.
Oxfeters extra heavy pars wooL
oerre drab sweaters mads to sell
from 212 SO ta SlLM each. These
sweaters Were made br the Brad
ley KaHtfnr Msfls of Defevua. Wis
consin, and are wonderful values
at our snecial nrieo of aaea !T
OMv Drab Wool Sweaters. Slt.tt
value, alga grad worsted faced
w-Hh cotton back, broad gang
knit, two pockets and etastSe cuffs.
aH sixes from -St to 44. special,
each 4.1s
Officers' heavy waterproof sheep
wool Hoed Tap Coats, all stars.
Our special prtee. each 115
Officers heavy ettv drab all wool
Jasesjsmws. ajnea wtth sort. Beery
wow eMeruwwsjr- large shawl eoi
Ura: a real SS- value. Special,
each TtSS
Officers' khaki waterproof Maekl
nawa, same taste g and collar as
xxs vatue. special, esea is is
pure wooL soft, dowav muf
flers, worthi ner.nalr S and Srift.
Our special najce. pair pair. 12. St 2 0
if. S. Army CanvaaCuff Lerzlnga,
alses 0 to X absolutely brand new.
SC dosea or. per pair. 7 so
V a Army New Spiral Puttees, full
length, per pair .. XS0
U & Array Heavy Folding Canvas
Coats, absotuteey new. 1ST per dos
en or. each I x
Nsttletoa'a and Johnston ft Murphy
st ameers caroevaa Dress Boota
finest boot obtataaste at any price:
s smelt lot of these la sixes from
T to 1L Our ..pedal price, pair
pab. ..., u its
No goods sauSroed without oash with
aartlar Wm Aa ma aiKtn " "t t P
moaey back if not satisfied If you pre
1 pay traasportatioa ctvargea A sufficient
f amount wust b laetuded whea goods aro
ordered So bo shipped by Parcel. Post.
FOR SALKs Uahoxanr dinlnr tabae. Hke
new. base Burner, ruga, linoleum. Jttchen.
caomet. ra. eizx.
tu, ra. xji. Truait morlaff, shipping.
Ught or heavy baattag. Call ua.
: or heavy a
. H.VLI5--Ch
Ihesp. two dlnlnr room seta.
- novo sua oinor araesea.
IILL I'AYa hlShest casn. nrlca far aeeni.
band furniture, or win exchange new tor,
Phono 2SS2. 1C1-11 S. Stantea.
E San Antonio, Ph. SS4S.
Wo have thorn aH aoat wBk is trtsd n
play them for you. You will like the new
one by Art Hickman's -Jaxx" orchestra.
Set N.-Orerontq --
W bav several thousand uatrs rratnhmrrl
govssmBteat shoes thst vers to httiJam
IIIS rL.BLLiao, defnobmEatSoa: wek.sof off arO
'V taae ltaa atuu m U. tt .t I
" - u ma. wasiv POtca; t .
w send subject ts approval: agent waMfi V
ed is towns outside Et Peso. I
F. O.'BOX IS27.
inSiiTa'nd- SSlSt wesv0?.!? oat .all srnxTodo: .Vr-
us BERRYlllLL FURNITURE CO tfrO S-a ranV' IS? .,
serse nsilxWaaa. itxas-
St droea can. IP: SST kholl sHiHs. tiao
IN bhakl mill ta U.tk.. i --!
K KIJ. ft.rnlfB.ra A. ...., -,..i.u I-.-r " JsTT " '. I. T Taas, nit
. 1 . -. " V....H- priw. oi.KTrv oat corns, xe. stall cords.
on easy payments, or will take vour used SOc. mon'y promptly refunded rf not sit-
issisasiusir 1 i'iiiiipi t.u new ISIlCd
TOl X. n RMTl UK ro.
f bontn Stanton.
Houstiin. Tsz.
The Larrest Honse of Its Xtcd .& Esrth.
cKcxvmxK s. a

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