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Thursday, -.Feb. 12, 1920.
g Board Starts D
If I fC3
DETERMINE1 Minute Movies
(Capyrlght, 11. by Ororta Matthew Adams Trade Mar aclstered U. S. Fta ot Office.)
I V YORK. Feb 12 The special
l committee appointed by the board
of boxfttg control to Investigate
ih chare r that Jack Demoser was a
draft dodger during the war held!
its first meetirg here Wednesday
night. Little was attempted beyond
formation and foundation work. Ac
cording to a statement issued by the
chairman after the meeting the com
mittee confined Its deliberations to
determining the question to be Inves
tigated and the issue to be adjudi
cated. Will Inveatljcate Charges.
I was decided that the scope of the
.-ommittee investigation would be
confined to the question as to whether
I'empsey bad evaded the draft and
merited the charge of beini? a draft
dodger as alleged by certain Ameri--an
Legion posts and conunissioner
Smith of the New Jersey state boxing
No definite date was fixed for
the hoMInc of the second meet
ing f the committee; which
hlnea on receipt of evidence to I
be submitted by Dcmpaey which j
It In understood Is belna; forward- t
-d from California by mall.
All future meetings in connection (
with the case are to be open hearings, i
Those present at last night's confer-!
nce included Maj. Anthony J. JOrexel
Biddle Gution Borglum, Dr. Joseph I
R. Raycrof t P. B- Steele, A I- Maril-
!ey and Adam Empte. f
anaaE "aflsaaa VQSBBjBaa9Bi . - - , I i n T" vm ci .rnauYVV.Kfc DTU lAlPli
I '
tiers Busy
By Wlieelan
New York. Feb. 12 Paris cable dis
patches received here Wednesday
state that Georsres Carpentler. Euro
pean heavyweight champion will sail
for this country on Marcn is ana ex
pects to box Jack Dempsey for the
world's title in the United States dar
ing the month of September In addi
tion to Carpentier and his manager,
rvescamns the party will include two
'Bike" Racers Tuning Up Kentucky Derby Stakes Will iTfYJQ PAC1IPRQ
yf jfy f jr yj y t TTTf F T 1 LbI1U fLfi m U I ntiLl
ror ompeniion in iLvenis e increased inis lear 10
On Feb. 21; Many Entered $60,000;HaveManyEntrants
A "nt J OCISVILLK. Kj. Feb. 12. By rals- t Maryland Jockey clnb to plenty en
, J . Li ln the value of the coming Ken- terprlsing; PoHibly J5.S0O may be
.t .?L?,. tncky derby to e.oi in added pllea on the 25.000 in added money,
"T7NTR1BS are coming In speedily l Scout patrol oily The clai
li and I believe that no leas tban ' will be open to anyone
twice as many youthful racers -elude all entrants orer
i?. itaJEM- Lm wj l5S. S.rt25 -fiiTi .iiVSStJ !" Kentucky Jockey club is which the PreakneM paid last sei-S?'5B-
Febroary " J- RSf.2" podJ"JLl 5? 'd,ed.i in a fair way to make Churchill son. when Sir Barton, fresh from his
V etWtltV W a- KMA vmj.a1.- Y1 'Hfcvn i v . tb -y m a-r ..h .& TAwaa 4 4 a. n dhh m fUk v(l&l I t-vtm!l AWA l lei atahla tnatB m74 1 Ivr
W'""-1 " '"il m"c w .i ei Paso's representative of the i elude boys under 15 year of ag-e. The j-. " v w.w. j-j
Paso baseball fans may be asked 'united Cycle directorate found time ! little fellows nill be graded accord- known and popular spring special for
io :-na laeir covwrniwu m n- i tnnirn ttiik lunnraniv WMinwiv inr t nenr woi?nt nni no on - j , ure a,i(, aa.. . -
tag this city represented in a base-1 afternoon, when asked concerning ln
ball league to include a number of teiest in the bicycle races to be held
southwestern towna on Missouri street on the day before
This is the news emanating from " asningion s oirxnomy
C will be for boys under 12 year of yer pid8 promoted In any English
tnumpn over his stable mate BlMylTTi
Kelly In the Kentucky derby, easily i H
defeated Eternal and Sweep On at tJ"L
Pimlico track, and there Is sure to
French nntrilistS Of lUrhter Classes. th vt ant it h. han tH thn
Charles Ledoux and Gr orges Pap In- 0f a writer in the Tucson Citizen, who '
n Big Contractu. believes such an organisation Is prac-
li is understood that Carpentier basjticable. In his story the writer does
both f.lro and vaudeville contracts not overlook the fact that several af- 1
which will occupy his time lor four: fairs of the kind have been tried be-!
or five montiis after his arrival in"; tore with little success, but believes
menca. Before the expiration or
hese contracts It is expected that
th sensational French pugilist will
hae been formally signed to meet
Dempsey for the title.
Tex Riekard who promoted the
cob teat betweea "WHUrd and
Den-piter last Jnly at Telede, re
faed today to dlscns the report
that arpentler was coming to
ti eoontry under contract vrlth
him. It la aLnoirn, however, that
Tleacampa hn requested Rlckard
to secure matrhe for both Ledoux
nd Pa pin which leeada to the
A-eneral expectation that Rlckard
vt-tft nnnounec the formal match
lac af rpentler aad Dempsey
ahortly after the formera ar-
that there is nothlnsr "to prevent
loose organization along tin can lines
which would furnish a lot of good '
EI rno Mar Be Asked
The races will mark the third
bicycle day to be held In the past
year and it irlll be the XI rat held
Ikta year. This fact and the an
nouncement of the prize Hat have
resulted In considerable Interest
by bicycle rldem of the city, and
Mr. Cheaak anticipate a record
entry llat. BlanLa for entrance
can be obtained at any local bi
cycle dealer' office.
31uch Intereat Shown.
"The amount of Interest shown in
Nothing official has bean received i bicycle racing in this city is really
in case Dempsey Is unavailable for Pru
ai raon Mike O Down or a prora-
n lierht hea weight may be need
-i- r-irpeitipr opponent in th
i xih-r t rin debut in America.
here, but it is thonant that some ex
preasion of opinion will be asked from
1 Paso. The Tucson story follows:
Down at Bisbee they are getting
started good for the baseball season,
and there is some talk of organizing
a "tin pan league along the lines of
the old Cactus league. Of course, the
time is too short and the expenses
might be too heavy to go into a
formal league organisation, but there
is nothing: to prevent a loose oncani
1 zation along the tin pan" lines
wnicu wouia xurnisn a toi oi gooa
verr encoaracina. said Mr Cheaak
"It speaks a great deal, for the ath
letic blood of the city, as this popular
outdoor exercise does much to
Tb scheduled game in the Army
Casketball league Wednesday, re
ilted in a win for the Eighth cav
. irv over the Seventh cavlary The
firal score was 46 to 12. Larson at
forward for the Eighth scored more
noints alone than the Seventh team
combined He made eight field goals.
Lieut Haddocks played an excel-tr-rt
game at guard, he also made S
fields goils. The team work that
the Eighth cavalry displayed was
ome of tne best that has been seen
on the District Service clnb floor
this season. One of the largest crowds
of the season was assembled to wit
ness the contest and the rooting was
intense through out the game.
The score is as follows
Eighth cavalry Larson, rf, field
goals, 8 . Doron If . field goals, 4 ;
fouls, S missed. Dunlap. c field goals.
1 fonis, 6 out of 9 Maddocks, rg.,
field goals. 5, Landis. lg.. Weaver,
?g field goals, 1. Stewart, If-, field
goals. 1: total field goals, 40; total
fi!d goals and fouls, 46.
Seventh cavalry Rosenthal. It,
field goals, 2. Weiss, rf-, RJeckeL C
field goals. 3. Touls. 2 out of 4; Sny
der rg Rosenberg, lg , Collins, yf.;
Kuski. rf . total field goals It;
total field goals and foals, 12.
Referee Showalter. Timekeeper:
O. . French, the Blabee sporta
tnan, la behind the movement
. there, jind Jt Is understood that
the citlacna are ready to come
forward with contributions large
enonffh, to gtve the team a good
atari. It I eatlmated that It will
rcqnlre about 20410 a month to
aapport m team ot a doxen men,
nil profeaalonala who are paid far
their aerrtcci. and have no other
dutie but to play ball and keep
In condition. It la hoped that a
circuit can be arranged between
Blabee, Tucaon. Douslaa. oeaIe.
AMUcox. Miami and El raso.
Oft course the schedule would have
to be a looselv drawn one on ac
count of the distance traveled and
then it is doubtful if many of the
towns would support a long series on
the home ground. There might be
some loafing time, but this could be
well utilised by the team In keepii
ae-e This event is ex Dec ted to at
tract manv of the youthful riders, rh entrance.
point of fact, entries in this race have will
speaking country. Subscriptions, or be a stiff starting fee. But the Mary-
surnaased all others so far
One of la at year ehamplona
who will enter the race thla
month la Patrick noddy, lvho la
14 yeara old and welsha about S2
pound. Snoddy la conaldered
one of the faateat pedal racera In
the Boothweat and be haa already
poated hla entry blank with di
rector Cheaak to atart In the 1BZ0
fees and starting charges
In the derby and
these will certainly swell the purse
to SS5.VM if. indeed, they do not
, make it ,M.00f. No person who has
followed racing in this country has
any doubt of this.
o man wno has a year oia ot
either sex. that haa shown anything '
in the way of speed and edu ranee. (
' whether under silks or In private
gallops, doubts that he is the owner ;
of a potential Sir Barton or another .
Purchase, aad the owner of such a
Sprincfleld. Mass.. Feb 12 Joe i ... . i .mi., ... w.i . .tt.r !
Stecher. of Nebraska, world's Cham- ., .M .. ...aaa in entrance and
5SLt&w"lrSS!.?ra"r a7r,?.ti.?tartiM? fees with a SM.M0 or J60.-
here tonight in two straight falls.
The first fall came in 49 minutes, 49
seconds and the second in IS mtn
uteSrfboth with a body scissors and
arm lock
Sandieiro. Calif Feb 12 Johnny
Kid Mex was given the decision over
Gene Delmont. lightweight, at the
close of ihelr 2 round contest at Tia- '
juana Wednesday Mex had the bet
ter of the going the entire distance r
In the second round he floored his Maryland Jockey clubs great
Kor would he be racing horses if
he could not afford to take such a
chance. The entries for the coming
derby have not yet been made, but f
it is a safe bet that all the first and
second class 2 year olds of the sea
mn of 1919 and many of the third
raters will be found to be eligible j seems to bave been 43.t6 Edmond
when the Kentucky Jockey club ; B lanes Ajax won It the year it paid
publishes its list presently. that substantial sum. 14 Last
Big Money. I year, after five seasons slumber, the
That the coming Preaknesa, the , French derby had a value of Up
land Jockey club is committed
against entrance fees, so there is
small chance that the value of the
Preakness may be swelled grossly
by subscrlptlona. Starting fees will
not suffice to bring it np to the
derby In value
The Kentucky derby will have
aomethtag on the La ton la ennm
plonahlp. whleh paid the owner
f Mad Hatter a matter of 944,
OOOIaat falL It will completely
throw In the a hade aueh races aa
the Brltlah derby, which la re
newed annually at Kpaom Down.
and the St. Leeer, iihlca Is run
nt Doneaater la the autumn. It
will aurpaaa In value even the
Prix du Jockey club, better
known la Ensll-h apcaklacr
eenntrlea aa the Rritlah derby.
The Brltlah derby, unleaa the rec
orda mlalead never paid a
jxrrater ram to tar winner than
320. ar did the St. Lcjcer.
The French derbys highest vmus
"HP.1S JORDAN began -'
i w e-aneaaa-T n.wrnooii iji
matin aith Matty Matsuda W r
day night, at Liberty hall, and fr
wrestling bugs who eagerly aaivi
the appearance of the titular claim..
on the mat were enthusiastic ovr r -showing
with bis sparring partners
la Feeling Good.
Chris announced that he was 1
Ing good himstlf after the match i '
in fact the only ones who did not -i
joy the afternoon were th sparr
partners whom the Greek st -slammed
around the mat during -
Jordan la not a hard man on hla
part n era but the blc fellow mixed
ao rnnrii zeal with hla work 'Wed
nesday that the ahocb absorbers
Tvere sore and tired before It was
half over. BIc Johns, the C II
maefalnlat who made such a bis
hit with the fana about 1w
week ago Is helping Carl in hla
training. John Is to meet Young
Joe Stecher In the semi-final t
the felc battle.
Matsuda. who will endeavor to
Jordan's winning streak here. adi"- i
business manager John Mcintosh o
the El Paso Wrestling associa.t '
Wednesday that he had left eleven" '
and would be here in ample time
the bout. Matty Is bringing a :
roll of money which he inte" Is
wagering on his chances to d?f a
the titular claimant.
Some Good Seats Xow.
Arrangements have been compl l
for the holding of the boat in
center of the house where mar a- -Mcintosh
has constructed a ri
This was in response to requ-
league club owners did bring from numerous ians ana every tn n,
about um reform at thir mid- has be-n a-ranged now so that i
winter meeting In Houston, wben rirc is an equal distance frtm a
they dropped the flag on shine and part of tht- house Those fans w,
emerv ball, but the Southern asaocia- .are a-"oous to obtain ringside s.
tion has gone st'Il farther in an ef- ul have the opportunity ton u -fort
to reinstate hutlng by ruling out I when manager Mcintosh will p'a "
the spit ball method of delivery thm on sale at downtown points
it was nreaicted at the Houston Looey, uvnn. v iKwam aaa
OlSTOX. TVas Feb 12. Texas
opponent three times and had him on
tne oeienaive alter tnat.
anArla.1 for 1 veaUE olds. Will have
value of Se,a)M is improbable. The
i strengthen the luns and heart and is
I good, clean amusement for the boys.
Bicycle riding is coming into its own
all over the country where races are
.being staged under the auspices of
the National Cycle directorate, and
i El Paso is not one whit behind other
; cities in the staging of the races.
Some records were made on a
straightaway track on July 4. 1919.
"Welsh t Bventa Announced.
Mr. Cheeah announced Wednesday
that there will be three separate
events, besides one particular race
for members of the El Paso Boy
Maranville, Boston Midget,
May Be TradedToNew York
spring See
i xne oniy race exclusively xor z
.year olds to be found In the racing
i manuals inai annual ry yieuis
)... .uuu..aJ . una tne same type or ticket in
greater sum than the advanced derby ieKht ball parks of the circuit Th
meeting that if the Southern ruled
out the spttter for 1920 the TeTas
would fall in line In 1921 Now that
the Southern haa aiven the razz to
I the dampened slant. Texas must fol
low in one season or dig up explana
tions. Look far Other Job.
1 s a result of the Southern s de
cided stand in its effort to revive hit
, ting some of the spitbrliers from
t that i irtruit ma soon be search ina:
iur jou8 in teaajues more unerai in
their regulations Quite a few of
the number may seek employment Ir
Texas for the spitter here will be n
use for another rampaign.
While dwelling mm the topic of
reform H aalxht be mentioned that
at the midwinter aacettajr the elah
"fBfin voted to adapt a uniform
type of arrandatand aad bleaeher
ticket. ThU vrftt serrv to -lmpHf7
the eMMthuc p -roeaa after
each game. Fader the old nyitrn
each club itai Urn om. Judarr ot
the type of ticket to be med
ia the future, however, a club
secretary who does the count mp will ,
rind the same type of ticket in all
aid's men s
store on San Art
ins a.
in shape or playing In towns which i
were not on the circuit.
Tneaon Haa Good Team
In Tucson the Ess Pee team Is al
ready aboat organized, bat this or
ganization is to be composed of men
who work for their living and play
ball on off davs or holidays. They
can not, under such conditions, keep
In the condition which will bring out
the beet that is in them, although
they can provide some good sport.
They can not compete with teams
from other towns which would be
composed entirely of professionals
who are making ball playing their
business. It would be the old ques
tion of amateur against professional.
Willcox has already declared that
It will have an all-professional team
in the field, and it looks like Bisbee
will hav one. If that takes place
the two towns will easily capture all
of the baseball honors of the state.
and fans of Tucson would not relish
m.7 bucd occurrence.
Bob Coleman succeeded in -O-
securing three players from
4 the St. Louis Browns for his -O
Mobile team. The players are -a
Tom Lukanovic a pitcher -
whom the Browns got from
Peoria last August and sent to
- Columbus in the deal that sent &
Shovel'n to St. Louis, Harry &
- Hald. another pitcher, who
came to the Browns from Bay -&
- City and ws then shifted o -
- Jersey City, and Ernest Pal- 4
lentine. a catcher picked up -
last year at the San Pedro sub-
marine base and then shifted
to the minors aad later re-
called. Coleman failed to get -
an lnfielder to take the place
of Joe Shepner. whom the
EW YORK, Feb 12 'Rabbit Ma-
of Churchill Downs will pay Is the
Grand Prix de Paris, a race of one
mile and seven furlongs for t ear
olds of all countries. When Houli
won the Grand Prix de Paris for one.
A Pould in 1912 the prize was 572,
909 v hen the. all conquering Sar-
ttckets will be numbered serial lv
jnly one person in 1j onf) i
the age of 100 years
aSaf ATlESr Till
?m osaisa L 4Emk
K71T rS
aaf aal
n7 rua WX
.. . . .l-.'llB..n.1. WA.. In 1.14 i ... CT1 AAA
m.B0'..n.n. . ra np.ti ih rnnmun. i . .. vh ... .... .. n i. .. ..ww
ranville. the fierv little shortslop to their patrons great drawing eardsTbere was no racing at Ingchamps
of the Boston Browns, according! and to tell the troth. It is that sptril oeiween ii- .no i. mi waen oaj-
to manager Hugh Iiorry. 01 tneioi n.airy xna. is mm- ie -rt ..- '-.i- , .-. . . t
Toronto club. Is veVv desirous of be lests of baseball In this cltT. I m?d.ia?,i!? '"if" " "rtr
cotnlng a.GUnt. or. If he .Bot pla . local f.Mar.hopnd to be prorided of the Grand Prtx d. IW h ,
wifn me uvm fny acafs ; .-- . a. t. v. .',- .u. y-
managenaj joogment' Antnony ae noinscaiio. nis Fortunate
under McGraw. wants to be traded to
some other club He feels that he has
been too long with the Braves and is
keen to seek new fields o baseball
endeav or.
Rabbit ta Anxloua.
Manaaer Duff vti at the head
quarters of the Yankees recently and-i
is after an ontxleider or out-stanmng
ability for his Canadian team This
being his first year as leader of Jim
McCoffreys club Duffy is -anxious
to make good with his new employer
and the Toronto baseball public. So
he Is out hot-foot after big" talent.
Owing to the aon-arrlval yea
terday of manager Hugjcin, of
the lankeea, who will be here to
day. Duffy wa unable to "con
nect with an outfielder of the
sinker, but may do ao later.
Dnffy la a creat admirer of Ma
ranvllle aad aald tbe "Rabbit"
would be a wonderful man far the
Giant a. He la Jut the player, in
fact, SlcGraw need a for a colorful
Maranville baa been mentioned sev-
"Better Shoes for Less Money"
Goldof t Shoe Co.
416 South El Paso Street
Must make room for our extensive spring lines.
Saturday, February 16th.
Browns got from hta near the. hnf Gt "?,ibi", i"d
end or last seasoon. 'ZL?'Z:lT.7ZZ k-"7A ' vl- iT
;'?"'" a.o.v-.- .. as "-
I Giant O&mhm DeaL
i President Grant, of the Braves, has!
j stated he could not part with tne
i "Rabbit" under any circumstances.
I but now that it is assured the player
I would welcome a change and that to
' come to New York is his ambition.
i the chances of a deal being made
. for him appear to be improved.
There is no doubt that president
t Stoneham and manager McGraw have
In mind that thev must secure g new
player with drawing power such as
Maranville surely possesses, to offset
the great sensation caused by the
Yankees getting "Babe" Ruth.
While the owners of the Yankees
and Giants are friendly personally
and in their business relations, there
naturally is a worthy desire by both
Packard Shoes
MEN'S BROWN KID in footfonn. EngKsh or
blucher, all sizes; $15 values d T f Qr
BLACK VKI, sae as above, in tf "1 f ylg
all the lalest styles, for J 1 UoTrO
BROWN VKI. in English, foot- tfQ Q.J
fora or bkcher, King brand tj) J t O
BLACK VKI in all Ae latest styles. A splendid
for $,Z45: $9.45
The HMrated THOROGOpO" Shoe in Army last,
alrnakn and flexible sole, d rj C(
worth 4.M, now .. V "1 .
Che same shoe in brawn elk with
soft toe, worth $7.00, now . ..
be secured bv
and monev. i owner Maybe the new dispensation
Rivalry Benefit Cluba fin Kentucky will ultimately meet the
Both the Oew Nationals aad the j Grand Prix de Parts figures and
New York Americans, by reason efix&ake the Kentucky derby a 170.006
their friendly and laudable business to J7S,0W race.
rivalry, are benefitted as well as are I Mad Hatter,
their natrons, and whenever the game The Latonla championship, instl
floarlshes in our big city. It is boom-jtuted last fall and won by Mad j
Ing throughout both circuits. Greater , Hatter. Is the only American race!
New York affords the tip-off on base- j for 3 year lds exclusively that has !
ball to the entire country, althoagh ever approached in value the mark
some of our western sportsmen and 'set for the 19M renewal of the Ken-
baseball men hate to acknowledge It, tncky derby And It is proper to say
and only do so when they pocket here that there will be no recession
their share of the receipts at the Folo1 as regards values ef future Ken-'
grounda 1 tucky derbys. The Kentucky Jockey
Manhattan haa been the "meal 1 club is going forward, not backward. I
lirkri" os mc .aii-nai inenr tor
yeara d urine the tlmea the parent
baaeball body waa In Ita dlreat
at rait a. In the laat few yeara. or
alnce colonels Rnppert and II n
ton acquired the lankeea. the
American league has found the
Polo jrrounda MdIvoyaw quite nice
and big.
Ad Santel Defeats
Wrestler Freburg
Boise. Idaho. Feb. 12 Ad Santel, !fl
iignt-neavwejgnt wrestler, won a
match by forfeit here Wednesdav j
night from John Freburg of Chicago f
Freburg won the first fall In 43
minutes by a head scissors and arm I
lock. Santel in the second part of I
the bout won in S3 minutes f
About five minutes previous to the
fall be had picked Freburg up bodily
and thrown him to the floor of the '
mat 1fi fall nrm1sMl VrAhnpoa t
arm which hung useless. Finally l
Santel won bv a short arm aclaaora. ' I
and Freburgs injury was so serious '
he was not able to go in for the third S
fall. Frebure weighed Z1S and Santel B
185 ,
(When Sheepshead Bay was tbe focus
' nf AmafWn ra-rliur nnlrrM th
! Lawrence Realisation, now a Bel- i
j men'. Park fixture, was the richest
3 year old fixture annually renewed
j in the east
When SaUator defeated Tenny and
Long Dance In the Realisation of
18$i he earned a matter of 334 100
I for the already pecunious James Ben
'all Uoln nnhhln. am.ri til 1AA
when he defeated Hornpipe and Rev ;
el Santa Anita in the Realisation of '
1394 Generally the Realization was i
worth somewhere between $14 000
and 330 000 to the winner Whe i
Vexations won by default (Overthere
finished first, but was diaaaulified
for a foul) for Harry Payne Whitney
laat season she earned 320.S40
The American derby, run at Wash
ington park when racing was popular
about Chicago, paid 349.00 when
Boundless won in 1893. But 1893 was
a worlds fair ear
Beeauae of the Columbian ex
poaltfen the derby of 1S98 at Chi
Cairo was a race of exceptional
value. la iaaat aeaae-na the value
of the m erica n derby was under
10,004,. Hntor raHag had been
permitted to continue at Wash
ington, park It would eventually
have become the rleheat of
ateriean 3 year old raecm. The
Picket won a matter ef 3S7JCS
vthea he defeated Claude and
Bernays la the merican derby
ot IMS. tbe laat but one. 1111.
ball earaed $Za33 when he woa
the derby of IPO, the laat of all.
Eff til ValsS Baaotifal pasfc to
rver UfieredQsaittTatr p t
wtascaiiB, urooca ana mraci -t
waar for draas ar tttJK
I in iiirpultrt iliaT twn i -u
ra?atuafrtcsataarara1'S. i
BACK. taieOtadaxratTlaaa'sae
Ho Extra Charre-Pal Pet "
rnxstmrn errvtti. Blczeat S3
aiaervarcTrdaraeor tm
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1 H
High School Tiger Quintet !
Battles Eighth Cav. Tonight
TIGER speed, that predominating j of the fastest at Fort Bliss and the
note in every game in which the 1 cleancut victory of the former Big
High school basketball quintet Bend regiment stamps It one of the
has participated so far will again re,rvfst in tms section
in evidence tonight when the student j
Open Call
ip. M. to 2 P. li.
7 P. M. to 7:30 P. M.
Beginning Friday,
Feb. 13th.
Owing to
condition oi
fabrics it is
to guarantee
materials ot
GtS E. EM I 0 Ell
Used AntomobHei
120-122 WvSan Antonio St.
Pbese 1591
In snoke, tan Thw is- a very
and btack, but- good school
ton or Iter,
.ims 5 to 8 "boe- K,z" 8"
-pcoial $1.95 t" 11 $25
If yon irant
aI.far4Ion. d.
not Ywnli. IJnj
a liafr of (hr..
mf frr. for
ronr cblldalx..
11 o 2 S2 4-.
five faces the consistent Elfrhth cot
airy team tn the school frvmnastnm
Team I. Well Cnehrd.
Under the able coachlna; of Lather
Coblentz. athletic director of the
school the Tig-er have even improved
their team work to such a decree
that It fa perfect
The little fellovf. are confident
of graining , victory oTer the
ElKkth erack. In splfc of tbe fact
that entertain nvblRh re.pect for
the afctlHy of Meat. JladdorL..
quintet. The Eighth U by no
mean, a vtcalc team being con
sidered the strongest In the dis
trict, and many soldier fans are
expected to accompany the fire
to the gymnanlnm and boost the
proipects af the khaki clad bor
der gnnrdlan..
a. ... u- i. j,. . .
Jby the Ticr tem have be.n in the
City leatru and hu.ineF manacT
Carl 8rhwart7 tar,i r,in1i that
the team would ente. tl -rr. tr.
nlght In the best of phvsical condi
tion rnd confident that it could hM
It. r wn
Flchth Is Strong.
I ifii Mflilook tf tin haf not bfen
def- . .1 i . v. , -d f n T 1Kb'
i "! ' ' !,:, ! x ,r,
Thla paat year we distrib
uted over 140.000 OIL
MIPS without chaixe
Our aew 19SO Oil. DE
FIKL3S are bow ready for
dlatrlhntlon. These two
aaap w -.h we send free
are offered by map brokers
at $1& we send them
without charge
Do not buy a TEXAS or
ntthont consulting these
two geolodcal maps.
Security Baak Bids.
El Paso. Texas.
(1 profit diving coupe
ttU be contained m 192C
rJLETX). O. Feb 12 March 12 was i
the date set for the 12 round no
decision bout between Jimmy
wuae ana iranaie Mason at a meet
ing of the Toledo boxing commission
TVednesday. Ad Thacher. promoter ,
attended the meeting and Jnfomed '
the commission that the bout would
be staged In the Coliseum. whch can
be made to sest JS0O
Thacher had a conference with .
Dave Hughes. Wtldge's manager, as !
the latter passed through here this '
morning on his way to New York
when the date was agreed upon. !
Thacher reported to the commission j
Tirkn will ito on sale within a
nav or ao it aa announced. Tod
prue ia ji' rthr sa;s ranging from1
tiU io i
' 'ajawaiBBBaaaaasgnazy
i ' I
aaaaaaaaa yaamaaau jasaKsaW rsvlf-SX-B-UVTl.. Im 11 n
asT m aaT 1-? 1 MTL 2&m
Maaaw B aaaP7
Portland Ore Feb 12 Bob Mc
cormick I fpht weight champion of
England and ToTrii Gibbons of St
P-uil e'aimi't of thf Amnnn Titl
f r is ci is'- fought a i-n round
lr.iw , in. j1i nii.hr ai Milwaukee
i ' 1 r I . -i i
Odom's Transfer
Two Sessions a Day
11:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m.
4:30 p. m. to 5:30 p. m.
No Night Sessions
100 Slemberahlpa
First National RmiL rm
Capitalization $10,000.00
t cater of OU ctlilttca.
I I -

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