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Thursday, Feb. 12. 1920.
jpKesIons fo- enlargement of the
na-ruter of commerce in 1920 are con-
i nl n a special report made
n'jrwla' by K M. Robert, iran&ser
to the l"-d o directors.
One of tne ftu trees t ions is that the
halrmin. of each department be made
i member of the board f directors
so that intimate touch may be kept
etwen general management and
sectional operation
Chairmen Ire IJoaI..ea. Men.
The chairmen of the various e
larfnenfs are business men of the
-ft for Instance. C M Harvey
-.re dent of the Security Bank and
Trut companj , is chairman of the
auto trades and hljrhway department,
and Claiborne dams is chairman of
-e manufacturers department These
wo under the new plan, would be
ome o" '-actors
no. - thin that is tq be decided
s whether El Pao is to be a conven-
ion cit Mr Roberts visited each
, ,.i.. ,.i... .,, ,
J III' aHt-.lP flTt "XB inamsi. W sail. UID'
t uRed hfs report and the question of
on?n.ions with them If El Piso
. to become a convention cit it Is
fxri lined a fund must be raised to
ji-'na; conventions here and take care
f them when they come
Cowt of Convention".
7ohn Rfon assistant ma racer.
.nd Thursday it would cost J25 MO
tr handle the convention of the As
sociated Adertisinp Clubs of the
orll $10 000 to handle the American!
vir nc tonereis J3000 to handle the
"Baptist convention $10 00 to handle
the National Cattle Men's association
nd $" for the Kiwanis convention.
In addition to the special report of
Mr Uobt rts managers of the cham-
pr ae preparing the annual report
"ti; will contain amonc other things
comiaratie financial statement
'-nm i sit to the nresent time The
nok ""ill conrain 200 nages.
pU Opinion on Wage IaiT.
jeMionnaires are to be sent to
t ! member- of the chamber of eon-
rre to a! tneir opinion on tne,
r i umum trace law for women and I Stamford, Tex., heo, iz The ap-
o a, inp Tor information on the i palling rail congestion of west Texas
h'ect uh as the amount of pay J will be thoroughly probed by the!
- o-en errpioes recele etc . I'nited States railway administra-1
This 'n'ormatlon is to be taken byjtions special representative. Felix j
nwr u nTjinnierf rrirra4'nm i a
Industrial commis-1
:i in effort to prevent
ti .
-it nm wpce and nosaibiv iti
h- 'akon before the legislature
in n effort to effect a repeal
ti e m.- num wage law
tir tptis Feb II The gover
nor h i ucgestfd to the executive
omnitre of the Texas Law Enforce
nnitte of the Texas Law Enforce-
m vocation which -as tcomu .
r,-i.zpl Tor the purpose of bring- " V-S ffJ .J!5 w!S S5 Curley. In challenging Cobb, said
is to justice all automobile thieves Towu te vlsftedU be SouV his challenge was based on the tales
.(i thoju- who traffic m stolen cars ilSLvi wTJL ?v,-I.f-i k.. " , JSi" man's -demeaaor." while answering
,- t,i eom-nlttee meet Februar ' where JJ, wiiS.JS; hSlSSS ..uesttoas as to his QualiflcaUoas.
- cs with the governor and If. VS&-VZ&XZJSSSZl "He showed a fixed purpose to get
a torn1 general recommends-,
ollc which the committee
i drin
i prfh-. (oirt FFIRMS i
rci. Ptso rtSK Jrm.MKXTS.
tin Tei. Feb 12 Tbe snprwne;
.,urt has if firmed Judgments of the!a question In the house of commons
nurt of nnl appeals and district today as to whether viseount Gre
1 1 ai. '
,i n n me case oi me ci i-a aim
i lm extern Rallwa i-ompany vs..ish ambassador and. if not. who
Mrt L. Loiick. from Kl FasVcounty would be his successor, premier '
olr.n. claim, for compensation for; Lloyd Georfe saidhewas nnable to
-oi il injuries. !
Ir affirming these Judements the!
'-r"T rourt overro'M the conten-
uii kPi iii uii-i.rt fe.w4.i ui i i-
niu Lht all suits against raUroads
lid ne continued generally until.
Wa ndminlstration Is term!-1
"a, I
I- irr rt on lo Its size a bet i
zi c is trn-itr p. a horse I
Women In U. S.
Have Freedom,
Says Miss Swift -j
Relation between the freedom of
women and architecture was the
theme of a lecture vfhlch Miss Helen
Hubbard Swift, director of the home
economics bureau gave Thursday
afternoon before the City Feneration
of Women's Clubs at the Khaki club.
3iiss Swift has drawn designs of
homes in various periods of the
world's history She ears that among; (
the Greeks the women never sot out
of doors, consequently ner nome was
virtually a prison, and had to be
built to confine the women of the
houw) old.
Women Had No Kreedomu
Under no circumstances. Miss Swift
said could the women enter the
courts and apartments of the men.
When they wanted to get something
from the store, they sent a slave after
it And only one man, the head of
the household, had access to the
women s quarters.
Among the Romans, a little later
the women had a little more freedom
Consequently there w as a change of
to accommodate the ,
prvnf?.. . irr,i.rt tfc. i.-, ,-.,- I remained to be examined from the
Women in bnglanu. the lecturer I : Bnj - .. on. wiii have to be
Mid. reached the plnnaUe of freedom JfJjH ?s afteraoon. Drwine the
and the houses uere large, airy wd J" it JraV MIA 5TlI make
MLJ'TSS YV'thet nefessarV ad&.rSnentof courTtMa
of liberty to go and come as the aterBOO J until Mondmy mil
piiaaea. ... tj. During the recess, and possibly this
i. aJ!rfh..M m.n tfumnc.. It wo Mltni todge 9ui
In America, she said women re-, . T t..m wonld hear two local
mained home the least "Hew to keep h,ftch"ta",3!ea sTnVtbe
-V"rJ 0"X,wr probIcm- ane d" trial of Wootton was becun and both
dared, jokingly .... . ..i ili,--rlv with the dor-
Miss will ' the ideal home In
thf- Citv had the kitchen in the front
and the main porch ia the back, away
from the noise of the street. The
parlor, she said, is coming back
again - t
ii we ininic we are aavncea wixn
hl'LSSrmirMal!!rtmJS fnr Wt ' the darkness. The' other will be the
home economics expert saw. lor tne h ri . f porter McDonald. Tomb-
-S555. f1o,rd.h?i7SS.i,-"t ,0 their ?nToHcePh7." cta?gewlth,SS
kitchens for their ..arts. i-..i -- t- h-iti-c and soarch-
--- "Tf, ;
illpsf I PTn C nnPPKTinn I
I V Gil 1 eXO VTlgeZUUIl
n ? I r T 1
OH tXailrOaaS IS rWOea
. . .. . I
.,.... -. ... --' - -- -- i
Inspection in connection with the I
V et Tana ihmlur At ihhwiuti1
" 2lt" - -.--- -.-- --.. . t
" '' y"r"""7r """ -.
Stamford toda will be accompanied
n tm? ! bT an official of the W est ,
i Texas chamber of comment He was
,w n.Ji TVh. iSi- .Cl
detailed tjo the Inspection upon the
fnsistnr solicitation of contrreasmen
insistent solicitation of congressmen
Hudspeth. Latham. Jones and Par-
. - ., . ..., llk
r lm" wu?w S- JDLmiflZ iB
filed through the West Texas cham
ber of commerce
It is reported that many towns
n thu I'anhaiulls and itHil wast
'"'ZttuAXZr.UniLT119 T "OK ifi. curiey. as
Texas are filled wthars particularlv f mttoriMy for defence.
lie eposefl to the elements because,
the railroads have declined to handle j
it The situation at other places 11
represented as .equallv as bad. j
" -. "TXZmiZJ, ...- i.
LLUYD ubUKuk KtrUoto
Tn rnMMPNT nw nDFY
London. Enit- Fen II. ReDlyine to
... . . t . ...
wouia return to asninaion as sm-,.
make any statement on the subject.
Paris. France Feb IS Ronl Wr
.al! today elected president of the
chamber of deprtie. bi 372 of ie I
42J votes cast. succeeding Paul '
neschaneL who was recently elected
"resident of the republic
Appealing Flavor
lies in no one thing
'The -white corn of which Toasties
are made, must be the highest grade.
Then only certain parts are selected.
And beyond. that there is further
selection in every step of making so
that only the best and most perfect
is preserved for your taste and table.
Cooking, flaking, toasting, packing nd sealing are
each in charge of experts, so that every step of the
patent process by which Toasties are made insures
absolute perfection in result, and yet
Post Toasties Cost No More
Than Ordinary Corn Flakes
Sold by Grocers Everywhere
cJMado by POSTUM CEREAL COMPANY, Battle Creek, Michigan
French May Be
Relieved In
Kidnaping Case
Tombstone, Art. Feb 12. An out
side attorney to prosecute the 216
defendants In the Blsbee deportation
ases probably will be employed to
relieve county attorney Rob-t N
French, because of his illness. I, be
came known here today. Frrh. it j
said, was suffering xrom
Jrrowth on his tempi
demands immediate attention by a
French, according to reports, is
loath to ask relief from prosecutln -the
cases, one of which that of Harry
E. Weotton. Bisbee hardware dealer,
being now on trial French was to
decide the matter definitely today
Si Talesmen Rxamned.
Examination of talesraea from the
last .enire was progressing rapidly
under French and defence attorneys
today During the first hour of court
28 men were examined and excused.
All declared they had fixed opinions
EST"?,' L. l'2h. M&lMm.n
tMlm cea.
e". U. ft. HfJit.;
One of thesewas the disposition
of two young Tombstone boys who
last saturoay mgm noistea a rea iiae
the courtnouse iiag poie ana
"fiKi--. frt th- t- of th cnnola In
ingfor firearms yesterday the negro
caretaker of the county building.
McDonald had said he would search
niT mn h snsnecteii
or carrying
weapons Sanng the trial to avoid
.7.i.i. fM, . .u. h-.n- Af (.
"l "" tXThifa Mnntv
In ,n oenwe coany
Four Jnrtm Passed W ednenday.
Sixteen jurors had been passed by
th sides subject to preemptory
CilsUlCngC vriuiiu iiii aum iwh .,
tr Harry E. Wootton, charged with
l Klanaping in connecuon wan uw -
KiauDituc in cvwrccuun . uw -.
( deportations, wnen court an
,.urced Ust night. Four jurymen
were passed Wednesday afternoon t
trom 57 ""- ., , f
Botn srosecuuon ana uexeawe were,
overruled in one instance, each on;
I.iA.iwAa fr.w uailira Qamnail T. '
tllIB" J JWJC j.a . -
tee. A, 3. Oobb. proprietor of a soft
drink establishment and pool hall at be would confer with Gens. Obregon
Douglas, was in the Jury box after and Gonzales, active aspirants for
his qualifications had been chal-j the presidency, as well as with of
lenged by Frank B. Curley. assistant, ficials of the government and In
n the Jury for some reason," said
Curley. Cobb disclaimed a fixed opin
ion concerning the case. He sale he
had heard it discussed, but it was not
his 'business" and he had paid little'
attention to remaras concernuig ine
j...ti... I
VT;ii i....i k. u .11
rbb ror further examlnTtioV ule?
l e lof ou? iS"n Ssed Jesterd
ta,. 1 u v luai v;v ne ww wauu 1 nan
yesterday j
,.,. rnifrnn w.. -..i
,-.-J.i,r s unii .T.i. t
inJs?.nJL '"J"? i
.."SSfrteVl&jJ0 " l
L.?I2 J.. CL'?".S:- . ?J?fi
law. n. irnlmal WalnnHT ..
nine; before United States commls-
sioner A. J W Schmid. He waiTed
preliminary heartne; and was held i r
the federal grand jury on bond of
Washington. D C Feb 12 To pre
vent the entry of the pink boll worm
In cotton seed mixed with corn. It
may be necessary to prohibit or re
strict the movement of corn from
Mexico to the United States.
The secretary of agriculture has
gien notice of a hearing to be held
here at the federal horticultural
board, February 17 Persona Inter
ested in the proposed quarantine will
be heard. The quarantine, if placed,
will apply to corn In the raw or man
ufactured state. Nearly all corn
coming from Mexico, It is said, la
likely to have more or less cotton
seed mixed with it,
Juarez Saloons to Cut
Liquor Rations in Effort'
to Save Pmses of Yanks
Juarez has promised to reform.
nd. furthermore, the purity move
ment will bo headed by the saloon
keepers of the city No matter how
great jour thirst may be. if the bar
keep believes yoa hae had enough,
enough It la and you won't be able
to get any more
There is only one consolation. Bar
keepers are friendly folk, and it is
the barkeeper who will act as Judge
of your capacit
11 of this is the result of reteated
robberies and complaints of Ameri
cans that the hae fallen Into the
Pths of thieves, while visiting the
mt-L fh hordor leslnha to
cit across the border Ieslnng to
preserve the friendship and good win
of Americans Rafael Iiaz Mart in ex,
acting mapr, in the absence of J
Trinidad Romero, who is paying
Chihuahua City a visit decided to act
Martinez called a meeting of the
saloon ists Wednesday and told them
of the difficulties, and the promise
to protect Indistreet Yanks was
made In defejee, however, the
saloonkeepers assert many of the
Americans complaining have spent
their money in other wajs. using the
robbery complaint as a pretext.
Washington. D C. Feb l:. Ignacio
Bonillas. Mexican ambassador to the
United States, will leae Washington
next m0nth on leave oX absence, his
purpose being to Investigate the poll-
Ileal situation in Mexico with a view
to decidina- whether ne win accent
the nomination for the presidency
.. ki w K..K. A &
icuuerea IllIO U IIUUIUCI WL Wl-
ganlzationa The ambassador said
fluential private citizens neiore ne
announces whether he himself will
be a candidate He said there was
a distinct movement in .Mexico for a
civilian president
Mr Bonillas also said that as both
Obregon and Gonzalez were good
friends of his and he was convinced
either would make a good president.
if both would agree to abide by the
result of the election and not start
. iewiuuun w "" "" "
cinHiilit aituv h la fhUf rilr lira a I
to retire to nrlv.te life,
j. IOT kpuditiov IX MEXICO
Lima, Pern. Feb. It. (By the As-
ra ntl map inn n-
ruvian consul reneral HujK-naon In
New York to the government here, I
according to El Tiempo. contains
charges that attempts are being-!
made by anti-government Peruvians
In the United States to organise an ex-
luiuwu iii .nc..i.v iui . iviiMHuunui i
attempt In Peru. The alleged plot Is
declared to involve efforts to bring
Chileans and Bolivian Interests into ,
the conspiracy.
Gov. Ortiz Believes Education
Foundation For Permanent Peace
CHIHUAHUA. Mexico, Feb 12
Gov Andreas Ortiz, of Chihuahua,
is fast making friends of the
people by his interest in them and
their welfare.
Since taking his position here. Gov
Ortiz has shown a deep Interest in
everything touching the welfare of
the people. He has made repeated
visits of inspection to various parts
of the state, looking into living and
housing conditions, educational facil
ities, the food situation and other
Mrs. Ortiz has also endeared her
self to the people by her interest in
and service to the poor and the
Gov Ortiz is an educated mj.n and
is in a position to appreciate the
wwuhe Wl ,..- aw. . (i.uK. .
His deep interest in the schools of I
the state is ven noticeable With
coal short in the state, be has made
It his personal business to see that
the schools are given sufficient fuel
to keep the children warm "Indus
tries are necessary." he said, I realize
this, bnt they are no more necessary
than education for the children and
thetr comfort while they are being
educated. I mean to see that the
schools get fuel to keep the children
warm. Education Is the salvation of
(Continued from pase 1.)
fled to this side and money was
brought from the Juarez banks to
E' Paso banks were enumerated by
the witness.
German In Raid.
Some of Thursday's witnesses were
to have been beard in executive
session. Among them are Mexicans
Most of Wednesday's sessions were
executive In character. Late In the
afternoon a public session was held
at which Captu Frederick T. Herman
t least two Germans frere
fighting with the Mexican forces
that attacked Nogales. Art, Aug.
T. 101 according to the cap fain.
Tbe bodies of two Germans, he said,
wene fonnd among the Mexican
killed. CapL Herman, who was a
lteutenan .-colonel commanding at No
gales at the time of tbe fight, denied
the official statement of the Mexican
commander that the Mexican force
was composed of civilians. He said
an Investigation revealed that most
of the fighters were -voldiers, al
though many of them wore civilian
clothes. The American casualties in
this engagement were five killed and
31 Grounded. Three civilians also
were killed and five wounded. The
Mexican losses were never learned,
but army Intelligence reports showed
11& Mexicans were buried after the
Force Mormons to Evacuate
Morn of tbe testimony gives In
executive session Wednesday con
cerned the forced evacuation of the
Mormon colonies in Chihuahua.
iw conumuee aiao learnea tne ae-i, were piaeea in dreniauoa -today,
tails of the efforts made br the! A. W Carlson, of Btemarek. sec
American military authorities tojretary of the North Dakota John
nawe BTongfat to trial Lieut Juan son camoaurn committee, said toda.
Azpettia for the murder of David
Trolb, Dec. It, 1918. an American
soldier. He was klllel on the Mexi
can side of the river near El Paso.
The return of his body to American
side where th autopsy was held, was
MsXlaa tKa Konlaw nf a . as.
i ... r: r r -
Ti.-T .w"""VCr-SE?f r".":
s,vu ut uiBuu. iiecDiniiinM rasni iTn
1 in three examinations of the hoHv
" DJ MexKa" military medical
?L"r ?n? r1 arrl" -"d pnlimlnary
? Djr Mexiea rllltary medical
inn oi Lieut. Aipeltla who con.
fesaed but inshsted that ho acted in
..If fl.r.VW.. 1 a. .kMnM aW
Hit defence. it uj hnon ..
American soldier was unarmed andlj
Mexican witness, tearing. T iw-T
tenant did not aet la stll defence,
The continuance rf the cue waS
I checked upon a technical point aad
; the witnesses have disappeared. The
ueamunt uj at larsc
lnirrr 1U """-"A1H inU
Douglas. Arix, Feb 12 Consular
representative will be named by the
Mexican 'department of foreign af
fairs in the immediate future to such
countries as It was severed from
during the world war. according to
advices rVxived by the local Mexi
can consulate. Tbe countries men
tioned included Great Britain, Ger
many and Switzerland. It has also
been decided br the forelc-n riaiurt.
Iment to maintain two full consuls
Faff siasik .. I.A aaa w.- ..
- "-"-" " wusMHura Kenerai in
the United States. One will attend
to the commercial business orthe
consulate, while the other will handle
political and diplomatic features, ac
cording to consul J. SC. Arredondo.
The double consular rule will affect
New York. San Francisco, KI Paso
and Laredo, Texas.
Max mreeman. believed to be a
citizen of Poland. Is being held for
investigation by the Juarez police
.yuiiiiiun, accoruing 10 Alberto l
KU Sandoval, acting consul general i
for Mexico at El Puul Tti n.
nature of the charges In connection
with which Freeman is held was not
known to Senor SandovaL
H Paso may have a salesmanship ,
J" ln,'ul'' to those of San Antonio
and Houston. John Rogan. manager
of the chamber of commerce, said
J"?. th" W. C. Hepburn, sales
had called a meetinc fnr n. xc-j '
", 'sht at S oclock at the cham
ber of comment n i,i. .,
fjjw o'-fn; sales manager? and
S'SSS, ""1.i5cS"th feasibility
oeawvattoas taken
9 a. m 7Sth
meridian time, Feb. 1
t Ufa 1
KI Paso and vicin
ity Fair tonight
and Friday, little
chance in tempera
tore. New Mexico aad
Arlxona Fair to
night aad probably
Friday: not much
change bi tempera
ture, Wit Texas. To
niffht and Friday
fair, little chanr In
Krlaitve humidity In El Paao at noon )
tHsiniv u i itrrctin: , ieniprsiiare ai
noon Thursday waa M
PredpltaUon iaat 2 ncvura (icchea) 1
SUt of weather 1 I
Lowest Temp. Iaat night...! I I
Hicheat Tamp. Test'dy.l 1 I I
Temp, it I l m... I I I
AbUene S ii 14
Amaniio 24 49
Atlanta 4f M
Chlcaco 2C
OaciaaaU 3S
Deisth 4
KL rA0 31
Oatveeton i
Havre S
Kanaaa City . . . . M
Ltttle Rock 44
Lea Angetea ....48
New Orleans ....tt
New Tork ....14
Clear . .
Clear T
1 2
49 SI
ft u
41 2(
U 41
1 4C
(I u
Rain 1 20
Fheenir 41 S
Kssweil . .. M
St- Lsata St 5 St
Sett Lake City... St 4t SS
Baa Antonio ... 41 S4 44
Baa Framcisco ...4C 62 4
Santa Fe . .24 3 22
Seattle 22 3S 32
Waahlnjrton 39 4S 29
Com pant I re 1 Paw. Precipitation.
Jan. 1 to Feb. 11 inclusive 11 fifi m
Jan. 1 to Feb. 11. Inclusive 1917 3: n
Jan. 1 to Feb. II, lnclnsif 19Jl 1 ;i in
Jan. 1 to Fb II inclualrp 1M 2" in
Jan 1 to Feb 11. InclosH 1S:0 1 tt in
Normal Jan. to 1 eb 11 inclusive. "3 m
Mexico and any other country. I
mean to encourage it,
Iteeue Home for Juarez.
Just at present, the governor has
in mind the establishment of a large
hospital and rescue home for children
and girls In Juarez. A plan was put
up to him to have It built by sub
scription. No " he said. T"hese
things should not be saddled upon a
few business men. They pay taxes
and it is not fair to ask them to
contribute for an institution for the
benefit of all the people. We are
going to erect the building, but It
a ill be built from taxation.
Gov Ortiz Mas evidenced a deep
interest in the welfare of the people
in the mining and smelter communi
ties and has expressed his pleasure
at the modern accomodations many
of the companies have prepared for
their workers-
The way to make a aovernment
stable." be said, "Is to educate the
people, to give them fit places in
which to live, to look after their
health and comfort, A contented
people make for a stable go em
inent." With this idea in view, the gover
nor Is giving as much attention to
sociological conditions as to other
problems confronting his state in its
reconstruction period.
Chicago. Ill, Feb. 12 Gen. Leon
ard Wood, replying to the request of
senator William E. Borah, for views
of Republian presidential candidates
on the league of nations and the peace
treaty, said he believed "that we
should accept the league of nations as
modified and safeguarded by existing
Lodge reservations-'
Gen. Wood declared that in his opin
ion the people at largo had Indicated
they favored the , treaty, provided
America's rights were fully safe
guarded and that he did not believe
it necessary to delay consideration
for a general election. His reply also
"With reference to your question
as to my views on the foreign policy
of this government. I am in favor of
and shall continue to be in favor of
the well established foreign policy of
this government which conserves and
promotes the Interests of oar own
country. X -do not think this treaty
with the reservations impairs that
policy. It does not entangle us. It
leaves us free to exercise our own
Judgment it is temporary if we
choose to have it so, we can retire on
two years notice"
Bismark. Sf D, Feb 12. Petitions
oomlnatlna; Hiram Johnson. United
Statea senator from California, for
preferment for the Republican presi
dential nomination to be voted on In
fh. Vnrth Tteknt. nrimar4 An W.roH
tnat tne petitions will be filed Feb
ruary 15. Heretofore, he says, it has
been popularly supposed that presi
dential preference nomination peti
tions could be filed up to Starch 1,
but he says there is some question
as to the law on that point and the
earlier filing date has been deter
mined upon.
Petitions recently were circulated
at Devil's Lake and elsewhere for
MaJ. Gen. Leonard Wood, bat they
have not been filed.
Dallas. Texas. Feb. 12. Plans to
organise a Dallas county Republican
council were made at a meeting held
y locai itepfmiKaas yesterday. Head-
; quarters are to bo opened in the
i.inx ouiMing. and Clarence Lbmz was
elected chairman of the committee.
Discussing the campaign to be in
augurated here for S0 members,
chairman Lins declared "Dallas is
normally Republican and we pro
pose to do our part toward putting
Texas In the Republican column this
Trenton. N. J Feb. IX. Answering'
William J Bryan's latest attack on
htm by declaring that personal liberty
Is Involved In the question of prohi
bition and not merely the ability of
one to get a drink, governor Edwards
has leaned a statement Intimating
that Bryan's "hysterics" about pro
hibition was simply a mask to cover
an attack on Democratic national
chairman Cummlnga. who. the gover
nor said, waa a "formidable obstacle"
to the Nebraskan's political designs.
nawungton. ti. c, Keb. 11 A re
port orlnted in the Dallas Times-Herald
last Saturday, under an Austin
" 'me mat senator uulaerson
would resign from the senate, waa to-
day vigorously denied bv wniiAr rl.
bersen. who declared he had no in
tention whatever of resigning.
r-Lonint ivim, hve o
Tampa. F!a.. Feb. 10 There will be
'no preference oreaidential nrlmn in
F'orida this year, the Democratic
stste convention having made no
provisions and the Republicans al-
"'ady hawni; named delegates to the
Chicago comention The Republicans
Avoid All
H Blemishes
fri A CLEAR skin is a real
rt ast to anyone. To
aid in maintaining- a clear.
healthy complexion. trj
using; White Cloverin.
Salve regularly
It Is highly recommended ,
for Burns Piles. Tetter
Eczema. Ulcers. Dandruff
Sunburn. Catarrh. Chafes
Ivy Poisoning. Sore Throat
Chapped Hands and Lips
There are so many uses for
this now famous remedy
it has been on the mark t
for twenty-five years thai
it should be kept on hand
reatlv for immediate us
at all times.
Practically every drjrosi
In America has sold WMl
Hovenne Sul for ,u
ur ha 't -or can g i
for ou Or w wi 1 . 1
Tr 'tp-iid ilrt ' ti it. r
iv & rv4
Avoid All I
K-JIiSlI Tots
MMtir Shoes
We have made a greater effort this season
to get that particular kind of good merchan
dise in Utile Tots' Footwear that will be
right in eoery manner. We have the right
kind of last, with that full broad toe
which also carries a broad sole so that
little feel are not crowded and uncomfort
able. Also carried in widths for proper
filling. Buttons for the babies Lace for
the larger babies.
I ir "11 CCTTTW
I frffifc
Cm 1 i--nwlrfc'.
W Mr
Complete Lite of
Hosiers f"
the Little ToU
Look ff CkUreni WeelfEai Spedd Ads.
Abo Hosiers Spedals.
Oklahoma City. Okla.. Feb. 12.
Eight uninstructed delegates at
large with half a vote each were
elected to the Republican national
convention by the Republican state
convention here Wednesday.
Dutch housewives havo suggested
that in view of the distress in German-Austria
and the scarcity of ser
vants at home, a large number of
Austrian servants should be allowed
to come to Holland,
Five million people
use it to Km. COI
cold remedy fer 2d ycra
Met formcafe. sore, so
opiates break op a cold ia 24
nonr rtiiercs pip m 3 dan.
mcx tt it taiic. lbc
cemnne box has a Red
p wit a asr. mat
At AttDnr Stmrmm
Easy to Make This
Pine Cough Remedy
Thousand ef famiHes swear by Us
prMtpt results. lsezpeasTfe.
aad sates about 93.
oa know that pine is used ib
nearly all prescriptions and remedies
for coughs. The reason is that pine
contains several peculiar elements that
have a remarkable effect is soothrafr
and heahas the membranes of the
Pine cough syrups are combinations I
of pine sad svrup To syrup pari
is usually plain sugar syrup
To make the best puw court reatedy
that money can buy. put i ounces
of Pinex in a pint bottle, sad nil up
with home-made sugar syroa. Or yon
can use clarified molasses, haaey, or
corn syrup, instead of sugar syrup.
Either way, you make a full pint more
than you can buy ready-made for three
times the money. It is pare, good
and very pleasant children like it.
You can feel this take hold of a
cough cr cold m a way that means
business. Tie cough may be dnr,
hoarse and tisht, or may e persist
ently loose from the formation of
phlegm. The cane the. same in
flamed membrane. and this Pinex and
Syrup combination rll atoo it
usually in ii hours or less. Splendid,
too, for broach al asthma, hoarseness,
or -tny ordinary throat ailment.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of genuine JJorway pine ex
tract, and 13 fimous tbe world over
lor its prompt enect upon eougns ;
Beware of -.ubstitutes. Ask vour
druggist for "i1; ounces of Pinex"
with directions and don't accept anv- j
thing el- Guaranteed to give abso
lute satisfaction or money refunded. I
The Pinex Co , Ft. Wayne, Ind. 1
.ua -wl.
kv fa ti
I aaaaaaaaaam i (QmHH and yoanelf from tie daager- H
H fsaaaaaaaaHa sJl ' TOsaaan oui z' 0BJe anc H
aaaaariKl0llr r W'ntJW I
H itt6'i e ,ooa ca an ,mr I
ii W iy i Vifltcretnt wiH offer great re- H
H Pitdraj, Alameda and Myrtle. Phone 493 9
? Glazed Kid
$3.75 h $625
'Black Kid
$250 to $350
Kid Top
$250 to $4.00
KOfiTta tt PASQl
SPCATzsT scr jy
Depend Upon Pure, Bed
Of all the diseases that affl'ct -human
body, there are none 90 rer e
rackxns; and destraetlTe as const "
tlonal blood diseases. Persons n
feted wish this disease soon fcMcoTie
o 1 and feeble Life is a Ions d'awn
out and miserable existence.
lt.nj hare been relieved of the -anxiety
and suffering" and are no
enjoying good health from tbe js
of Prescription C-2223 This p-a
blood pnrtfier was originated b
doctor who made a study of at-h
diseases. He knew by experience J.c
what was needed to help nature trro
off the poisons that were andermini-
and endangering the health of
patients. So great has been the 9
cess of this doctor's treatment, know
as Prescription C-2Z2X. that the p-0,
ent manafactnrers guarantee two Jl 0
bottles to give satisfactory relief ?f
ficient to Justify a continuance of t"
treatment if permanent benefit 1- a5
not been received.
To can buy Prescription C .: 2
under this cruarantee from in d.v
store at J 1.50 a bottle, or the 22
Laboratory. 129 Gayoso Ave Mt;--phts.
Tenn, will send postpaid on -ceipt
of $L Write for Utera'---151
Almanac and saisple of 2
Liver Pills, which should be used w K
the treatment. These vegetable ton
liver pills stimulate the action of "
Hver and regulate tbe bowels. Tl
do not sicken or gripe. The- are so d
by all drug stores at 25c Adv
j Prescription
fie Springtime Tonic
For Nervous, Weak Men anil
Women Is
Sold by All Drugcists.
A Ftfss taarlasy ! ttaaWi
"B." xitlainter va aya
tan of racetTtsa tfapealU
py mail. i eon?ont3
-w oa ga Tiara Aeeta,
el Paso Bajsk &tbustCo.
Logan Jt Bryam. thlcasr !seirv
York. Paine. Webber A Co. Bos
ton. Dnlnth.
317 No. Oresoa St. Pa. SiSI
St. Resla Hotel
TJse Herald Want Ads
m w (orsrrtr CjV IiO I
. .
f. a.

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