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Friday, Feb. 13, 1920.
LeapYear Dance to Be Given Saturday j Mrs. M. A. Warner Heads Y. W. C. A.;
Evening at El Paso Country Clubhouse jit Club Federation Holds Program Meet
ALEP Ti:K danc with all
sorts of In erestmg features is to
be gi en at ilie Country club
house on Sa.tjrda' m ening;
For this dance th' men must come
chaperoned, ih must be wall flow
ers untess te trams and matrons
present ask 'or their dances, and in
tu-n the sir's wll :?e that they are
served at tab e and will attend them
with all of the lit:e cm-rtesies which
ne men are accustomed to bestowing;
Je Cn the fair eex
- T'S dance riromiKPs much merri-
T--it ana a la"ge number of ooth the
ourger t-et and the married set are
! -ing to be present.
?-ur J-undred and fifty or five
-nd-ed people attended the dance
aden bv the Switchmen's onion In
Liberty hail Thursday evening. The
THE board of directors of the Young
Women's Christian association
met on Thursday morning at the
T. W. O A. clubhouse and the annual
election of officers were held. Mrs.
Henry T. Bowie, who has been pres
ident of the board for the past nine
, years, declined Tsnaratnatlon and the
I following officers were eieciecu
nroceeds will Im naed for the As
sociated Charities and the Rescue
Rome, eacfi receiving about J 200.
Everybody had a good time and com
plimented the switchmen and their
committee workers upon the success
of the affair.
at HcIhTin ThSSav evening: A. Rawling fh-st vice president;
"i-S-ftSf"? ISjfiaUISf St Mrs Henry t Bowie, second vice
nished the music All the guests and KS'lfiVwJS? vJt
many Invited friends participated in If r2JSenlv.l3.
th. - in.M. .in- Th. fourth vice president:
dnM rfr. h.w .rr two weeks for Pjcksls, recording secretary;
the guests of the hotel.
The Calamus club will entertain
with another of a series of delightful
dances which they are giving during
the season on Tuesday evening at the
Country clubhouse.
The Women's auxiliary of the post-
iffice clerks of Bl Paso are g!
Washington's birthday ball
Liberty hall
ruary 28.
Monday evening.
1 In
A St. Valentine's ball Is to be given
Saturday evening at the West Tslata
Country club.
School Notes.
On Our Delfefeas
Red and Write VafesSse Hearti
20c &: Half Posad
The Elite Csif ectisnery Cs.
Headquarters for Valentine
The cudIIs of Tsleta hitch school
will give an enchilada supper in the
ciool auditorium on Saturday, eD
ruarv li, beginning at 8:10. The pro
ceeds from the supper will be used
to purchase new books for the school
El Pasoans Away
i Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Fitz Patrick, of
' EI Paso, have Joined southern Cali
; fornix's Texas colony at the U. S.
, Grant hotel. San Diego. J S. Morris-
son and F. H. Lazenby, of El Paso.
i were all there recently, also.
I What is your health and strength
worth a day to you 7 How ranch
1 would yougive to prevent losing that
income? Write and ask me how loss
from sickness or accident can be pre
vented. Seegers, Box 76. El Paso,
Texas. Adv.
New Spring Suits !!
Specially Priced
sWhI Good vrorsted Spring Suit, extra quality.
Plain gray worsted, nice business men's
suite, regular price 6jJf fi(
$33; special " '"
Elegant young men's suits with belt all
arouod .fancy satin lining; regular
price $35.00; rQ rx
special ffUZmXjJ
Extra heavy brown worsted suit; regu
lar price $35.00; - ? Q Q fA
special at JO.OU
3Iue serge. QOfZ Cft
extra speaal i)dJ xJXJ
AI! sizes, from
30 to 44 waist,
blue serge, regalar
price $7.50, spe
cial $5.25
Gray stripe cuff
bottom trousere,
regular price $6-59,
special at
Gray and black
stripe, tjDcd worst
ed, extra-special
Extra! Extra!
We are showing a large ariety of
for SPRING just arrived.
Here's a jk .stsSlal
large-grained, -rZs" t'gaSsSSnB
fluffy, white rice! T. EsaSllHf
wiP; C-3IFeHIsssssm
1 can tomato; 2 tAa&sjtooaa batter;
ult and pepjier to tastcj 1 cap Comet
Riee. Stew tk tomaton with 1 cap
waster, and ctraln. Add nee. uk. and
pvppez. a wmiio 2saa,aa4t
spoon soda. Coor ssnctr ontfl coiU
drr- MUoecaainaSTv)tl8rfc. Keep
nee cnsrolcen. Add mora water U
neceaamry- When riea la cooked add
to better and aerr.
Ever try Rice this Way?
nET a pactage of Comet White Rice from your
,' grocer today, and have this delicious Pilaf for
dinner. You will like it so well that you'll find your
self using Comet Rice in all kinds of other delicious
You willlike the big, akiu, unbroken grains. And
the sanitary package in which it comes.
Comet Rice is wicaated that is, without the arti
ficial coating used on "polished" rice. It is naturally
white and appetizing.
Don't forget to order a package.
Horaan, third
J. A- Potter.
Mrs. Florence
Horace B. Stevens, corresponding- sec
retary, and Mrs. Frank Spence. treas
urer. Mrs. James Graham McKary
was elected a member at large of
the executive committee
Mrs. Bowie, the retiring president,
spoke In appreciation of the work of
the board members who have worked
under her direction during the past
a pleasant social hour was spent
and a guessing contest was enjoyed.
The hostess served a buffet luncheon.
Members present were. Mrs. J. I.
Patterson, Mrs. E. W. Bryan, Mrs U.
a Devore, Mrs. R. H. McXeice. Mrs.
Utnnla 11 nnsitii TOT v
us- -K. . . " i :Lthon"?,e of aJSJ"!
ia. a n ruier, jars, a tf. oearas-
with Mrs C H Rhodes, the president.
presiding;. After the opening hymn
Miss Alice Carre led in prajer. Mrs.
I. X. Wlnans gave the Bible lesson.
Reports of officers were read and dis
cussed and the enurcn Duuettn
(riven by Mrs- Vernon I Sullivan. On
next Thursday afternoon the mission
study class will be held. It was de
cided at the meeting that the society
should hold a kitchen shower in the
near future.
The "Wodesa" club met this week
ley, Mro B. B. Beautle Mrs. D. H.
Woods. Mrs. C H. Brown, Mrs. J. P.
A delightful meeting: of the "Gar
land of Roses" club was held during:
the week at the residence of Mrs
O. A. Critenett. Sweet peas and
freeslas made fragrant the drawing:
room in the Critchett home and a two
course menu was served during the
afternoon from a Quaint old china
service from Scotland, given to Mrs.
Critchett by her mother. Mrs.
Critchett sans; during the afternoon
two Scotch songs, "Bonnie Doon" and all
'Whistle and I'll Come to Ton. My
Lad. Mrs. Is. 7u Mundy also sang
and Mrs Edith X Lane played Span
ish numbers at Che piano. These
present for the afternoon were- Mrs.
Joseph EL HurxthaUMrs. Martha Phe
lan, Mrs. Xohn F. Weeks, Mrs. Ponder
Carter. Mrs. L. L. Mundy. Mrs. J. H.
Hlrt, Mrs. Horace A. Lay and Mrs.
Edith C. Lane and the hoeteas.
The Woman's Miwlonary society of
Asburv Method Ut church met on
Thursday afternoon at the church!
t few years and bespoke for the incom
ing president ue same loyalty a&o
TX&tlrlnc: devotion.
Mrs. J. A. Hawllnes, -who as chalr-
l man of the finance department, has
t worked more closely with Mrs.
Bowie than any other member of the
' board, spoke with feeling of the work
( which Jtrs. Bowie has done and asked
I a vote of appreciation for her.
I Mrs. Bowie has given practically
. all her time for nine years to the
! worK oz ue association.
Here's to yonr health 1
Fine tea brings you eniov-
jVment, cheer, and comfort.
But be sure it's fine tea.
Steer clear of common tea
which has so much tannin
in it tannin you know is
bad for both stomach and
Schilling Tea is the fine
practical tea for the econom-
work of the association. It wis , 1 A .-.-: C "l
tinder her regime that the Y. W. C. A. ! ICal iimcriCan lamilV.
boarding aoise.am West' Missouri' J
from the Seaboard Rice Milling Co., Galrean, Texaa
street was erected: also thai the pre- I
sent handsome TT. r,"C. ATbolldisg '
on East Franklin street "was erected,
famished and put into successful op
eration. During the war she traveled
extensively for the association, mak
ing talks to keep up the morale f
tne gins and women left at home.
&ie also found time to engage in
other war work activities. nArtlm-
1 lariy those connected with Liberty
loans ana tne raising of funds for
war work activities among the troops
and their dependants at home.
Ifra Worn,, In an,nHni. fha nr
t Mency. expressed a desire to carry
xorwara tne worx or tne organization
In the same cpirj as always mani
fested by Mr& Bowie ama-asked for
the cooperation' of every member of
the board.
Reports given at the meeting by
the chairman of the various standing
committees showed increased activi
ties In the physical department, en
rolment and in gymnasium classes. A
new class for Mexican girls was or
ganised on Monday evening and this
class will meet twice each week In
the central T. W. C A. building.
Members of the Business Women's
crab and the "Sammies' will give an
other all-women minstrel show
Thursday evtBtag-. February 1J, at
the Crawford theater.
Mrs. Rawlings, chairman of the fi
nance committee, reported a total of
!17.S6 raised in the recent budget
campaign and said that the finan.
commmKtee felt the necessity of rais
ing in some way the balance of !:,
M. the goal in the recent drive
Sickness among the workers inter-
, icrea seriously witn the work of the
v w.j w mi. iwjijpsngn. Airs, itaw
llngs praised the work of the teams
during the campaign especially that
of the two teams of business girls,
who brought la over (1600 given by
business girls of the city.
The International Institute reported
a gradual increase in enrolment In
English and other classes for Mexi
can girls The T. St n A hn.in-
residence on West Missouri street has
ucc mitru mi winter ana there Is a
waiting list. All transient rooms In
the central T. W. C A. building have
been occupied during the manth and
19 women and girls have to find lodg
ng in the rest room over night.
Girls from the Popular store organ
ized a baseball team and will practice
every week In the T. W. C A. irvm.
nas urn. On Monday evenings theJ
.UEB. nuuwua maoor Daseoall
team played the secretaries of the T.
to S3 th secretaries -winning, 27
The work of the travelers' aid sec
retaries at the union station has been
heavy during the past month, owing
tothe large number of visitors in the
This evening the members of the
SL.tre cl.UD " be " hne to their
mothers In a mothers' and daughters'
!5W & rlvea '" tl" ' room
of the r. W. a A. clubhouse.
n E..?a" F.?ratlon of Women's
" T. "" "iwrausB open pro
Haeraj&iS5 cfub?""1117 ""'"oon
cfL Jhn W. Moss played -The
" opangiea Banner- as the opening
SSfi." wlt the members XltSf
the song In chorus. In honor of Atra
ham Uncoln,whose birthday anni-
gtS-T8 "r. the members
ive sayings from Lincoln. Dr. Ida
tehop read an entertaining Daner on
epruary historical events and gave
"The Legend or the Ground Hog." his
tory of Mardi Qras an: St. Valentine.
and also famous February birthday
anniversaries, among them the an
niversaries of Susan B. Anthony and
Tnomas A. Edlion. Ph.r.t.ri.t((. r,
Prjons born In this month were also
.. t. iwouuii. AQis provea to 1
an amusing feature. aB a number
w. .uvo. u, eoniL ceieorate ueir mrtn
day anniversaries in February. Sirs. '
.usui n. auss, wno ic organizing
"n oi leaeration memoirs, sang
"Love's Old Sweet Song." Owing to
the absence of Mrs. Robert Townsend
from the city, Mrs. Harry Greer read
"" "! ox tne mue Bonnets."
which was to have been given bv Mrs.
Townsend. Miss Helen Hubbard
? . . .ettT? very mteresung and
helpful talk' on -Planning the Home
She Illustrated a. nart nf ,. ttallr h
drawing floor plans of the ancient
names oi me ureeks and Romans,
Showing that the women livrt In thn
Tear of the homes and that men had
wr uens just as tney ao today.
During the meeting a number of
laieresung matters of state federa
tion sews were discussed.
The regular monthly business meet
ing of the Susana Wesley Bible class,
of Asbory Methodist church, was held
at the home of Mrs. D. H. Woods, 151z
Manle street. Thera r is mrnhon
I now enroled In the class. Sixty calls
I on the sick were reported. The mem-
j bers of the class decided to present
the asbury Methodist cnurca with
two 1 anil embroidered raimmnrtnn
cloths. After the buiisesa meeting,
There axe four flavors oi ScbSssg
Tea Japan, Ccjkm-Iodfa, Ootoeg,
Engfisa Breakfast. AUoneqeaSty. In
At grocers evexywherc
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
El Pasoans Reluming.
Mrs. A. H. Key returned Wednes-1
day from a visit to revaiives ana
friends in Gordonvllle and Nashville.
T'nn- .
Miss Marjorie Gooen. daughter of
Mr and Mra J. B. Gooch. has returned
from a three months' visit with rela
tives and friends in Kentucky, Miss
Gooch was the recipient of msray de
lightful social courtesies during her
C V. Harvey and his son, PauL ar
rived in the city on Wednesday even
ing Paul is recovering from a re
cent attack of pneumonia at the
Harvey home. C. M. Harvey left
for Princeton, New Jersey, in respoaee
to a message telling of the lllnees
of his son and remained with him un
til he was able to travel.
Out of Town Visitors.
Mr and Mrs. Albert Mercer nave
as their guest J. S. Challeagar, of
Los Angeles.
Mrs. W. J. Garrod and sister, Vise
M. Sherwood, of Holland. Michigan,
are spending a few days as tne guests
of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Gilbert at Mil
Clifton street. They will leave Sun
day for Pasadena.- Callt, to spend the
realnder of the winter,
jb . .
Lodges and Clubs.
The social meeting or the White
Shrine of Jerusalem, which was to
haw hn h.M hf vnlnr thj
afternoon at the Woman's club and ' apartments of Dr Ida B. Bishop m
at this meeting a dfeeassion of three i the Herald building, has been post-
hAAlr Kv TW TVuIjU T1uJ1. nil ' -j . - in -J .
".." "' xMwpiojr wmi ddiicq on account oi nioesa ttou mo
7 oe giw
and Joanita Anderson on Fort
Boulevard. The club has decided to
.rive a tneater party at the Rialto
on February 2S. Flans also are In
the making- for a party to be given
soor After the business meeting
refreshments were served by the
hostess. Those present were Misses
Mabel Weston, Helen Madiera, Ruby
QUliey. Mere Smith. Marguerite Paul!.
Bethel Osborne, Fearlle Robinson,
Myrle Panebera. SkUIern Anderson
and Juanlta Anderson.
The women's auxlllarv tn xcmt.
minster Presbytertaa church held an
meeting at the church
dav i
Thursdav and at noas a InnrhMn
served In cafeteria style. A program
was given both afternoon and even
ing. Miss Mary Heensaas being in
charge of the musical numbers.
The College Woman's club will
meet at 3 oclock p. m. on Saturday
compose the program to
given. ' Influenza situation.
Nothing BtH give a howe&ifc the "blues
quicker than to work hard on a "batch" of
bread and have it "falL" If $eu tely on Po&ell
you never have such misfortune.
1 0 18 E. Boofevari Pirae 1 63
In a basketball gaxae between the
XA class and the IB class at the high
school, tne former we by a score of
M to 4.
The IB basketball team practiced
Friday morning In the boys' gym
The SA and the 4B elasses met Frl
day morning in outness sessions.
February 14th
We can plan, a fjoral Valentine for you from a simple exquisite
bunch of Violets, a more elaborate corsage bouquet, a large clus
ter or group of cut flowers, or a made up floral piece of special de
sign to suit your fancy.
And we deliver your floral Valentine to any part of the United
States or Canada the same day you order.
t Somebody's Waffle Appetite hd
Most every normal human being has a jBO
natural-born taste for waffles and MB
Syrup 1 And after all, isn't it the syrup j-LJ
that makes the waffles? m
Dunbar's Southern Syrup is just OB
naturally a waffle syrup and that's not alll It WLJ
makes hot biscuits and cakes "easy to take" tool Lsfi
LJB nr-wr ?,j JlT.. mellow! The fresh cane flavor distinguishes it. HJ
taJ Wild hones and xoild biUy goats - o H
Ml I Can't held me back riant tunc l
eertAerelloelJtinbar-satmiffiatt-- An economical,' wnOlCSOmC tOOd nealtWUl HI
LJ dolly dunbar for the whole family. I JW
Tj ratleJiasisfli Order the checkered can atyour grocer's today. JBJ
L 1) yTBBSBs9mPN.BkawXAU. -T-jvt t. iiiM mt7f mZmhu a t&jirum ia fAtf llml om tXs da39 rssBS
sal I (4SiKSSaSKii!feky menu so tcUI thev monfuUv en jtKe various delieiausjlavtrs I BB
I IJQ BBBBBsPiStSSsSlk! in Dunbar's Syrups. Slack is guaranteed highest quality. Du- BB
I BB sLjsssSrl.VtiiVajijfcT&Tffln lvrm .Quwn nr msljai nndr sAtwroi noZorefl ekeekerta labels. BsbL-J
a W Dunbar's i
Irl M &tik m& Southern Svruo py
rBSssl MIAXAlf Tas??' X VSV . "-" " '. - w m SB i, i I
-tnMso m py
rMBmX(J t n'ml dunbar molasses a Syrup Co. kn
I mm I iii i i iii Ct,'..;jj ntw Orleans, la. tern i
issL 1 inJSiHXBfiafs8Elm rroK UWW LW
FUiBeufTax r -- - - Jk
UbkhWV .tf" - RlWa v- ii i mill . JT BK I
sa mv "y?m s v ffs - ascg3Li!MisLJj j ga nasi
jmsAi wr4 wmamwsBsikmmm sn
Lj&r iy im a nEy x-srsmmmmSLiai m
QliM X Xx VtmmmMM be
BsssLIJfar IffV 3 L--J&?f M f 33S JSMcSYHueowisrSSiA I BSJ
raafS! I I xhil, s56E4ja2li rpawflfecSf unSsssu.9K9sszsatBBBK LJS
i JM&iiKS (' SJri VvSi. -3SSJr cAi5pfTTrfT.l JTsMaWPBsKff .VAjiMWsbbbsI h fm I
jr w-n xm (pPPw i&mmMmtimmth
I v. ti B IffB W KsSKKSSR?iSBrt
. m. ft s. co, s fcs. cssasgfs' irUSrjg,J0s2TOyTlp'
iiaxnona jjyes xaroca raoco, .
Shabby Apparel Into, New. t
Don't -worry abaat perfeet resnlta.
Use "Diamond Dyes. gaaracteed tc
Eive a new. rich, fadeless color to
any fabric, whether it be wool. silk.
lines, eottoa or mixed roods.
dresees. Moasee, steektaie skirts.
caOdrefl's coats, feathers, draperies,
The Direction Book with each
package tells so plainly now to dla
numd dye over any color that yos
can not raalce a mistake.
To match any material, hays 3rugr
Sist show yon "Diamond Dye" Color
CareV-Ad. j
"SW OF FI65"
Look at tongue! Eemove
poisons from stomach,
liver and bowels
Accept -CaUferala" Syrnp of Pisa
only look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure yonr
child Is h&vtnff the best and most
harmless laxative or pirclc for the
little stomach. Itrer and oowela Chil
dren love tts delicious frolty caste.
Pn!l directions for child's dose on
each bottle. Give It without tear
Mother' Ton crost say -tajiromia.-
Texas Lady, In Pretty Bad
Fix, Heard of Cardtd,
Tried It, And Now Says
It Saved Her Life.
Chilton, Texas, Mrs. Mary Heese.
of this place, statesr "Sometime ag-o
I was quite stek and saffered a great
deal. I had been suffering quite
awhile . . At times I had such
severe pains in my back, across my
hips and Is my aides, I was la a
pretty bad fix . . . was ao rest
less I dreaded fer night to come.
Eavlntr heard -of Cards!, I thought
rd try K . . . I commenced to
get better with my first bottle. I
took six bottles of Cardnl, and will
tell any woman what this Cardu!
Home Treatment can and wfl do if
takes accordiag to directions. We not
only feel It cared hot . . . most
likely saved sty Hfe. I am able to do
my work with ease and know Cardnl
did It"
Cardnl has been found to relieve
many womanly palss and ailments,
and thousands of woen have written
to teB of the benefit it has been to
them. 'In eases of female troubles and
Cardal Is prepared from mad. me
dicinal Ingredients, which act as a
tonic and help build op health and
strength in a natural manner
Try CardnL At drngglsts. AST.
When jcti fed aotrae-fiat
ev-s tbo sky locfa yellow, yea seed
Ataifah Ever sod poorly scnss-MAws
UH to descoy food poeom, which aSectQM
cad as wcB as the body.
tcte ii&sMgffYiB wot.
lata IsbSssbMNB tabes.
Use Herald Want Ada

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