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Ejtjrd TV xas Fee IS Tl - ne
w-i' of t-ie Mat i Oil corporation on , creat. d much addition excitement in
kip b r I,ond ir.Lt .xunls In. h.st this district. The showings were eu
'ard f i I one jnl a i'f miles to the 'roimurra at 1650 feet in the Texas-T-fcff
ti s irtviri, a ca.i produc- Tillmm OH co-npan s well in section
on of r ! r. after bins shot 7- 1, and in the Blue Valley Oil
from 1 m f-ct. The fl n compani s well in section !--14 at a
ii comnK tl " jcu a tn loot bri
Th. a i w nt- a errealir f
n)lf Th hi n cl'-intrd out. Th?
y-md tratt is nu mu a nort"et or
itJ the l. in th- top of the lime
h s e man i an t;t j is mak
jC 4 barrel's V i Ix i I iret. anJ
it i alf mi n-rth of Eastland The
c -npaiv s Peel o 3 half a mJ.
ti - Fa-n"t
inaklncr Un iar
snot iron, ai
ij- atTri -
Tn rath "ojnj the No l r n n-r
rf tl TV-Ms. . l afTp Pnul unH iii
Tells Impoverished
Men and Women
How to Botn Healthy. Slrona;,
lSmerfrrVC Majniette aad
Taree-GrmlD Cadoiaexie Tablets Vd-
vlsed for TfcHr ttoRderfal
Tefe Properties.
73on t enw thr man or woman with
abundant enertrv iality and the
rer prtert smile of cordial inar
netic pe-ponaJitv Resolve to b sh
onr languor, voar tired worn out
feelnp jut at-hs and pains, your
Tienta orry and distress bv e"p
pHing our Fstm ith plenty of
iron phosphor is and veeetable tonics.
t j tha evr-ry orjr'in of your body can
perform is normal functions from
the igorou i ood supply th it
cojrscs through our arteries. Tor1
up thr- Iner "tomach kidneys, art'
r-oTt-' digest jour food better and
T.pTlv our r res -with the vita'
elen nt i Cadoirne Tablets and
oa wont ned to er anvone. Just
-ret rour T)oav a'-d nerves working
r ght a d natt-re wi I help vou do the
r t Ladmiene ""atlets are sold in
sealed rules bv ail good drugp ct
ad re p j iranteed to please you or
n orv "sck Adv
. . - . .... -,. . , -- - .. . . . .... i roftt of tne auOVe well Xiumuie rrs ur tor a.u iiasK in. nifii v ii uu
v . naUny; n Ouo 0( cubic eeks Ano'fer spell of 1 tt JJ"J? ,, mJuiT ii drilllM their sustenan e from the -arm
r-et ot s-" dii.U This well opns jP will further dela. the completion of an '"JS inSTell recently Newspaper changes lone predicted
- ,' - " 'ntori of about 18 the well .., r,i bought from the Phillip. Petroleum will be marked In strani-e r t . u
rn I eiet ard northeast o the In th. ir-nity of the General Oil , """' SrhilTw. Tu i m ill rrutw de- affiliations due to extraordinar dc
has a 4f0 harrf-f pI1 i
K 19 1 Jt -at 3 -M.a. Utu WIMUV6 Va A .
MBaBBBi&BK2Br?sS5BBESm reao v ntporcau roracop-v aov - -
Il!jiipi llN--
i KSsK v Hl
hfPy at, work or. play, i
iEjnr The beneficial J
II J W When you're nervous mviBBm
I till lir atHl tired' see how JiiHBbI
Flavor A mB&yl
T "li'IricorrlrT- iiiBli'PiASTS
'rr.irr.vi uuri' rM
' Good Showings
I, Tillman County
I -Wicr ta Falls. Texas, Feb 1
Showings of oil in two more well In
Tillman counts Oklahoma. has
dephof Isfe4t Thewel-mike
.,xPIls in which showiwaTof oil,
have 1 e-n
amiI n t-hl nirUhnma
siae oi tue i --- " "" i
-eral week
j ... m. ; l. ;
has been completed interest does not
Oklahoma possibilities are not the
onlv one v.hich are attracting the at
tention o operators In the Wichita.
ails ciwict. i'ne Aemp-unger-
district. The Kemp-JCunger-
Alien pool is Demg waicnea aiso. in;
rtav.v. -.-. w . - e. '
Alberta ueu on me rergTison rancn
is setting the casing for wn.cn com
nlpfjon 1 as re n delated for several
ire no enree
new producing well. n that district.
'which oni a si ort time ago were
considered dry territory Several
. to 13 inftTk1 onTth- Evslti
mhich several months a?o a
tests are
I farm on ,
number of dry holes were obtained
Oil Strike in San Juan
County, New Mexico, Js
f.5 T.,TJn-V;lnrth of kanger. .thern part of,
Considered Importantly JSSV. X--.3:
Santa Fe M Feb 16 Late tele
graph reports w hich E. E. Yoong
received Trom an Juan county tend
to show that th- oil strike near Aztec
is reall important. It is said now
the well contains 60 feet of oil and
that five barreli have been drawn
Th driller predicts the we'l will
produce 300 to 500 barrels o oil after
ft has been shot The shooting likely
will be done within the next f ew daya.
The weP is said to be on the dome
of the anticline where gir-bers In the
Mea "Verde formation are predicted
at depth of 25e to 3590 feet.
R. y k. nndere Texas Feb 16 The
xi ,i iD j-iii ond "Riafinincr nnmnanv
has t-mountered an oil bearing sand
in its well in the southeastern part
of Stephens county around a depth
of 31Ao feet This well Is situated
near Tippen switcn ana a'uiougn not,
yet completed it is making approxi- :
mately 2on barrels of crude oil daily
Tle same company has another)
well midwav between Breckenndge
and r-ddo n the sand at 300 feet
The weil is located on the CoHine '
tract surrey anr is gooa ior .uu par
rels dairv in its uncompleted stage.
Ciixtte. i Co. buy libery bonds. Adv to ap,tu-
w. a A.i.mn.f.ihiPi.h Want KodaK Fln'STir
. i rr mi gn m
..,, Texas. Feb, 16 The Gun-
Ranger lexas, f;- " ... r
tested oufdnrW the coming "sunfmer
..n the 25 rusa. which are
now drilling in the field are sunk into I
?h7 sand and the welto completed,
Operators, throughout Ml. co un.r.
and for the rest of TexM lor tnat
matter have '"' thi!
real ui ;- ..,
QlSiriCt Will uivt wt.-
iU prove well worth ue.
"iTaT HV- h twl Tvrrell well
Th. Kpsnwnna una iiimi w:.
Stephens county Ganalsfat
.k.k Mmc. in im time aeo. after
being shot ia makisff 1W barrels
now This well has been purchased
Uv fieorire AL Church, of Fort Worth,
V u . " .- - aaa mkl- -.11
w --1 -- ---- - Tht weU
i JTm J ri-Tn h Caddo lime at
...or .
Holland tract two miles
" "'-
"" -'T, i -.- a-i-i -
I maiiung oper-xao i. , jj-
For several months the Thorp No
tl of the Lammier .Interests produced
1 ea v oil and some eras at 174 feet,
'Thr ell is now dry but will be
drilled daener at once by the Plateau
Oil company
... i
during the part 18 days. The hicks
aim! aMSoeiateH weu in tne raio rinio
pool was brought I
" - . ..
in witn a aaiiy now
of 600 barrels at a depth of 1160 feet.
Thin wii offsets the Satterfleld No
1 of the Mid-Kansas Oil and Gas
company and is situated on a narrow
-tiTf tr i.nri
The second well is a good gassar,
slrlmm lis AAA AAA mKla fabAi' Tt hi
the Ellis N'o 1. a mile trot of the
nearest production in the field. The
well blew in with the above produc-
tion. but settled down to 4 000,00V
cubic feet of gas and 100 barrels of
oil daily The oil production Is in-
creasing daily and U is believed that
the well will be a good producer The
pay was found at S4l feet in the
irrav lime formation, which was a
surprise to operators in the field as
I ma bpIU find it- in th hlftfk lime
Both of the above mentioned wells I
are approximately 17 miles west of
Strawn There are now 17 producing
1 we'l in the rapidly widening pooL .s
LUniiUrt 11MH5 AiKrumt.
London Eng Feb. 10 The air
ministry was advised today of the
arrival at Mongalla. southern Egyp
tian Soudan of the Times airplane
competing in the flight from Cairo
- ee f?an-
Kept i
H0R 0SC0PE ill
TUESDl. IKBItl ART 17. 19 --
ALTHOl'.H Nentun in Urf. ' OUfflUlate I OUT Ulft
! aspect thts is rtad is an unfor inclined to be pale and
tunate da M .etrol . rs wh)'p i"1 are ncunca w w jw
fnd that Mars JuDitei Saturn and 1 pasty looking yon t can ttWp your-
Mercurj are all In mairtic apt
.. A. ,, ,. .--...ri ,k Dfan ,
expU.n chaos of tnV pr'Tnt time , a. ,
due in part to the Inffuemc of a'
strange planet hose existence has
not yet been actuals Covered by
eji -- .,.. rjn,.r ,rt
T .. . n
r Y ,
rt r u1Un. and commer. .ai ana r
On this da. the public prints m.
'conum much that is disturbing to th
I mind for Maw is in sinister aspect
Merchant should be xcevling:lv
v ise in all thir dealings lunn? th
, govrnment of the stars for main
tvnAa.i.. . .11 K. n -,!. tV,-r .!!
cause wide- read suspicion of all who
nili lr ll-xA tiiai " in
, bm h11a 11
, It i not i favorable rule for
..-.. -...
id th
' and executive faculties of man
not in an aspect promiMr tn pr
dential cand.dates. for con .. on
i divisions seem to he enenjud
d b
th planetary rule
l Again the seers prophet t i wo
men will make retirer- d nrf"l.-3t
JEKiSlEj An1" J, ,' Jw1r.1 ?
de?IIo8prn?oawo,mesn"r X5J
i " "" """ "n""s"
-"'-":" ""- ,"-
1 rrlll 1 . a.
i -. vu ..
ical anr
mental development in histon. if th.
stars are read aright
increase of Immig
vj 'arj5 numbers of
Itnited ates dunni
increase oi immigration wip onrt
omen to th
during the month? of!
spring especiallv in Ma the sters I
I Persons whose blrthdate it Is mav
.have a year of Mran. but the. will
not suffer if they ao! I siecilau. n
. an extravagance
, Children born on this dav nay he
inclined to be self willed These sub
Meets of Aquarius with Lranus as
their principal ruler are on the i-usp
nd so partake of Pisces character
I istics. Copvrlght 120 by The Mc
. Clure newspaper syndicate )
ckarx.es) pergler.
' CHARLES PERGLER wan a ,awyer
in me suite oi toira imoat no
body harked back to the fact
that Perffler was an immigrant boy
that he had been born elsewhere than
amona: these same cornfields In
appearance he was no different from
the other men of Iowa, his English
was as pure, his name as common
place. Then came the Great M. ar and new
nations emerged from the chaos of
Europe Professor Masarac with
whom America was n ell acquainted
became the president of a new nation
in the heart of Europe known as
Czeeho-SloTakia- That nation had
had republican ambitions and needed
good men to direct its destinies
President .Masarac reached out to
America for Charles Pertrler Then
,, . vHrf th.t t.. -or,., th- enn
of a Bohemian farmer that when a
young man he had studied three years
, in Prague He was full of the spirit
I of America, and he knew the prob
lems of Czecbo Slovakia. He could
t be useful in creating a nw nation
unaer tne sun.
So Charles Pergler became a com
missioner to the United States from
that land of his birth. He spnt much
time In Europe getting tr-e new
ship of state on an even keel The
other day he came through V ashing
ton bound for Japan, where he will
be minister and chief reliance of this
new state in the Far East.
It is such as Pergler that are gold
from the melting' pot
Hrs. Carl Moler, proprietor of the
Vendome hotel, which was raided last
week, was ordered released from the
city jail on a 9400 appeal bond, fol
lowing a hearing for an application
for a writ of habeas corpus Saturday
afternoon in the 34th district court.
Sirs. Moler was fined (00 in the city
court and her bond set at 3400 pend
ing an appeal of her case, but she
was being held in Jail pending new
char-res to be filed against her
When the case came before judge 4
W. D Howe, of the J4th district court,
no further cases bad been filed
against her so the judge ordered her
released on the $400 pending the
appeal of her case In the city court.
Coleamn, Texas. Feb IS. The i
Masmolia Petroleum company has
1 found oil In Coleman county In its
No it Morris. Oil showings and at
smoxy gas were iouna ai zv leei
in Ttnat is oeiieea to oe a new sana ,
in the field. The six Inch casing is '
being set and the well v. Ill be drilled
in at once
Showintrs of tras have been found
In the Prairie Oil and Gas company's
well oil the Miller tract at a depth
of 14J0 feet. This tract is in the
southwestern part of Coleman county
Muskogee Okie- Feb IS. Joe
Lambert of Denison, Texas engineer
on Missouri. Kansas and Texas
southbound passenger train Xo 7,
was instantly ktileo wnen nis train
crashed into tb rear of a fregiht
train during a heavy fog near Mus
kogee toda No one else was hurt.
Big Spring Te Feb 16. T F
Nabors, a farmer living north of Big
Spring marketed two 18 months old
Sigs that weightd 999 pounds. Mr
abors finds hog raising easy here
and these were only a fair sample of
what other farmers mar do he sa
allTl 1 TTi Tl ianffWTTSSl
rcitx tils.
aSzs?l wVssPVViTr JV
- ges&ffa? -
sen lotl,w' "?"' ;."
x. t.miil&tine the akin bv massages
T hot and cold -iW"-- I
cream .en by a gentle rubbing of
the Km witn in. "" " ,",.,
-nth. case of the sir in the picture
rar, as good as in-ernal ones The
.,n,l.i i .,. nf th nmnlrTlnn is I talv.
l.,ntl,o V.M.O It h anrl tII-a lAIllh
- J"'r . ;-"" "n,, " , , . 5
n rod nt e the dazzlinsr complexion that
, all women long tor, m comu.nanoo
.. . . , ., .,
thej alwas will
I f.ood
meaM ti i
thre I
Maine stimulate, the skin,
plenty of life-giving, pure healthy
blood running through the fine skin
of the face as well as the body And
this means that the elimination
through the skin, which is constantly
going on will be normal. This means
that enough flesh and no more will be
allowed on the face to produce the
contours of perfect health, which we
also call perfect beauty.
It means that the skin will be fine
grained and pink and cream In color
If your circulation is not normal,
or vo.r blood not as vitally healthy
as it might be. yon can produce an I
artificial stimulation by massage. It j
will help wonderfully. And Inci
dentally, if your akin looks tight and
sbrny alter wasnins, yon can n u
gently with the hands and It will
take away all th. hard gloss, leaving
it so yon do not vran naod powder to
gire it a pretty "Bnrface."
(Inefttions and Answers-
The Fire Homely Daddies. Send
letter witn a sen aanaressea
. . - . -- .
?"! ??
Diaccneaa ammamam powuec to w
used In place of so when washing,
tn clear the skla of these black Boresv.
TJse vaseline on the eyefcisiee and
clip them back oace ta a while to
stimulate their growth. -Beddy"- is
just as wtoe ndt to use eves a. Uttle
rouge. She may need a tonic to boOd
her op. perhaps something to stake
blood. Building tip the health is slow
vork. but a .really TieaJthy girt will
usually have rosy cheeks and be well
repaid for her efforts.
I Fill Out With Pencil
.-- .."- T-"S
M-- -. .. A
Can you finish this picture
Draw from oae to two and so on
to the end.
Rupture Kills
7,000 Annually
Sevrejt thtoMad perkose each year arej
laid awaythe btnial eertificate bnc
marked "Beptar.- WhyT Potsuis the
Dafortaaate ones had neglected themselves
or had been raerety taking care of the
ten (sweUing) of the tiHetl and pay
Ins so attention to the eaase. What are
ou Uoine Axa yon necleetlse yoerself
by vearing a treat, appUaace, or what
eer name yem choose to call tt At best,
the trms la only a makeshift a false prep
against a collapsing wall tad cannot be
expected to act as more than a met me
chanical upport The Wading pressure
retards blood circulation thus robbing the
weakened muscles of that which they need
roost noariahment.
But science has found a way and every
trass sufferer In the land is laTlted to,
make a FREE test right in the privacy oft
their own home. The PLAPAO method la
unquestionably the moat scientific, logical
and succssfai self-treatment for rriptm-e
tht. world has ever known.
The PLAPAO FAT whan adhering dose ,
!y to the body carnot possib'y slip or shift
out of place, therefore, cannot chafe or
pinch Soft as velvet easy to apply u j
xptnsiTe. To be used whilst yon work
n 1 whilst you sleep Xo strap bnckies
tpr a attached.
Larn how to close the hernii! openlns
-i i a ore intended so tne rupture ia i
n don Send vour came t ? t
LaPAO CO Block 21 St I oui Mc
f r mE 'rial riapao and tlio inXozua ,
-on n cessary. A4v, I
Hi i. 9
35 ,
.36 .;, 25 .24.S1
3T 7 "w
35 6
3 . .22 f
II .
2, .
. 15 "2o
tz !
Al .
- 4z
a I.
At The WHITE HOUSE Tomorrow
The Blouse Department offers many
Blouses for Spring wear,
blouses, an adaptation of
the style sensations in NewYprk
and are sure to be all the "go"
here. You should see these hand
made overblouses, Beautifully
wool embroidered new and
novel design-ideas you'll like
these overblouses get them first.
The Materials
Ramie Linene
Kumsi Linene
Cotton Crepe
Linene, etc.
7.50, 8.50, HO, 12.50 Up To $20
Shoe Sale C
We all know how expensive leather k how high labor tt and we all know how much we
have to pay for shoes no matter where we go, which makes this offer all the more extraordi
nary for "shoe sales" are going out of date; you should grasp this opportunity for the values
range to $10 all marked to go at 4.98.
These shoes are perfect as to style and workmanship,
made by the leading shoe manufacturers. They come
in solid black and grey and ivory cravenette tops,
black soles, high grade soft kid, lace styles, all sizes,
values to $10. It will pay you to buy at least three
pairs at the mere pin money price of
(We Guarantee a Perfect Fit)
We take this upyuilnsilj to impress upon oar petrous
the fact teat tfcete shoes arc new and desirable not Jeft
wrar or nedesu-akfc all of the past season's high hue shoes
ate rncteded CTery pair absolutely perfect. We could
easily store these shoes entil next season and realise fall
rahae for them but out merchandise policy is nerer to
arry cwr lanUthundMe.
We eaamot urge yon.tso strongly to take advantage of
this Tery exceptional shoe offer.
sit th.e Beauty
Parlor Mez,-
zanme Floor.
U. 5. aliir Ktu rauuninin, i
'DISABLED, TO Bfc iuwtu m
Boston. Haas-. Feb. Is. The ship
ping board steamer Red Mountain.
disabled and adrift tn a neay gate
about 1W miles east of New York,
expected assistance today from the
steamship Elmsport. also a shipping
board -remel. according to radio mes
sages Intercepted here. Capt. Golt
'said the crippled steamer would have
to be towed to Halifax. Sne was
bound from Galveston to Havre.
On Onr Delicious
Braiu Brittle 30c the Lb.
Wednesday Only
Headquarter, for Ceo. Wa.klasT-
tonT. mrtaaay .Aoveme.
The l.l
IIJ . 1tessl
war &b.ef&'m,WF&ar. L-&fe Asrt-ssu
1 treatment 1
is a ample effective remedy for saHerers from rtchanj,
burnmg, stem boobies. Try today, bathmg that ancotnfortable.
lmtated surface whh RESINOL SOAP and warm water After
von have dried it gentry with a soft doth, apply RESINOL
OINTMENT whh the finger tips. Then see if you are not
surprised at the prompt and blessed relief
htful new nC!k, Jtos
but the new Novelty
the Middy Blouse, is
Seattle Wash, Feb. 16 The death
Sunday of P H. Jacobs. carpenter
increased to five the fatalities result
ing from an explosion Saturday in the
steam plant of the Paget Sound
Traction. Light and Power company
Influenza Comes
is the first thought
to relieve pain.
Get a tube today.
Thoj. Leemtol & Co r. Y-
gives a nch lather full of sooth
ing, healing properties which leave
the skm comfortable and refreshed.
Ail 4ruguts carry the Reszncl
Over- .W Vf
one of JSf, , Z y
The Colors
Jade, Green,
Sunset, Rose,
Dawn Blue
TurquoisCf etc.
Visit the Beauty
Parlor Mez
zanine Floor.
This nasi Tear we dlatrlb-
oted over 14Sv00O OIL
MPS wfthont ehanre.
Oar new 1930 OIL DK
PIKLnS are wet ready for
Hstrihatfea. These two
maps w' vh we send tree
are offered by map brokers
at $LrWr ne send them
nltheot ehaixts.
Do not bay a TEXAS or
nltfaont eoosaltlnje these
two seolocIenJ maps.
Seenrlty Bank Bids ,
Bl Iao. Texas.
f J?0 profit iwrmg coapc
XPtU be continued ir iZl
ii shawm; ed devefopaient in H
, H Price 58 cents. H
1 1 Metcalfe Map Co. I
262 San Antoaio Street B
H EI Paso, Texas H
IIEvBt- 1
II 101L V1AP5, I
Kl hi 1 ban aJ-M l
n This past year we dlstrlb 19
I, uted over IWK0 OIL IS
W fll HIPS vrlthoBt ehars-e. '
H I m Our new ISSa Oil, U-
r11- uiy

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