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EI Paso and west Texas, fan; New Mex co, 'air,
warmer in southeast portion. Anions, clonrU, tempera
Mex-can bank notes, state bills, $6 5O34.O0; pesos,
old $103, Mexican gold, $50 50, naaouales, 27c; bar
aiur, H & H. quotation, $1.30; copper, 1919c;
grain, higher, livestocks, steady; stocks, weak.
ture aachanged.
Close Friends of Present Governor Predict He Will
Announce for Eeelection; Hobby Has Advantage of
Organization; R. B. Humphrey, of Dallas, Seeks
Lieutenant Governorship; Henry Quits Eace.
ALLAS, Tex Feb 1 Governor
W P Hobb will .announce for
th office of governor in a few
n ? opposing senator Joseph W.
Mau if Hobbv's friends here and in
Austin are preuicting correctly
ior Hobby will take the Bailey in
louncement as a personal challenge.
one of Hobbv s closest friends sa s
Those who are opposed to Baiiey
w ' rallv to Hobby they say Hobby
ilreadi has s big backing organ txa - ;
i n while Bailev has none.
s . governor Hobby has made t
ir'j-od and can win a second term, his
'-lenda say
R. B. Humphrey, rice commander of
ho merican legion at Dallas, and a
lawyer Thursday announced bis can-
aacy for lieutenant governor of
itb the announcement of Bailey
- tho governorship R. L Henrj ex-
n-rressman from the Waco district.
- withdrawn from the race He sent
message to Bailey at Gainesville to
effect last nierht
in writ his withdrawal from the
-i Mr Henri, gave a tender of bts
unport to Ba'lev
Bailer spoke to about 3v0 persons.
Ft of them citizens of Gamesxille.
a fed store. The crowd included
f hnlk of Baile-r partisans from all
t the state, including delegations
rom Austin San Antonio, Dallas.
Houston, Fort "Worth and Wichita
al s
Two-thirds of the Bailey attendance
"re farmers from Cook Grayson and
W counties and residents of
i.nesville. The others included the
--ua following of ex -officeholders.
Mrs Ida M- Darden and Mrs Ben F
v rii leaders of the fight against
- onx-n. suffrage in Texas were mem
bers of Baileys audience,
Bailey's nnouaeement
noxincing his .candidacy for gov
r?r n2r "Vd "' am fbcedet '
the race or governor b Tom
'-.. member of the nattcna1 Demo
r.tic committee, and others Tho cri
i 5 d m at the recent Dallas meet
r t of the state Democratic com
in ttet at Dallas. '
V'ter the presidential primary in
Mai ailey intends to return to
i as from "Washington and make a
crfh on stare ssues
The ex-senator spoke for two and i
ha'f hours Wednesday
Baiiey said He opposes the eight
roir a dav law because he does not
hi k persons can make a i firing
nuking only eight hours a day
oVahoma City Okla Feb 19
Ke. uninstructed as to the
idcntial nomination wt-s elected
the Republican national conTen
ji ly tne F'rst And Third cong-roa-
district conventions yesterday
H'lh deletrations. howeer, were in
filled to vote for Jake L. Hamon
President THlson today completed
if reply to the allied supreme
jncils sote on the Adriatic ques--n
and sent it to acting secretary
oik who is putting- it In form for
ra frmttal to the council. It is ax-u-
ted to be on the cables before
TT -re was no indication as to the
e s conu nts or i ts length. The i
-resident oesran drafting it early this,
romng and completed it In two)
ours, i
The council's communication was
-r-eived only yesterday and the speed
with which the reply was prepared.
re was said to constitute eome
1 ng- of a record.
Adfaeres To Position.
The pres.dent uent to me stuuy at
nswered the councirs nt1B2. phase of the question was demited
point for point and to have adhered w not ofnciajir disclosed, the of-
o 'he posit on taken In his note of;Ikj gtatement in this respect being
i t-ruarv 10 that the council considered it mad-
It is now pretty well established risable to let the public know what
thai in that communication the presi- feature of the situation was discussed.
nent informed the allied countries. The council also considered the ac
inat if they proceeded to a settlement tlvities of the commissions on the
Lf the Adriatic question without the Turkish appointed by it early In the
.nnt ad participation of the week. ...,.
imencan government, the Cmted The latest developments in the
vi?te. might have to decide whether ' Turkish situation have for the mo-
.t .rtn.rt ii'nmf' a bstl. 10 tne ievl t
Versailles and the Anglo-French-
Vir-erican pact.
Studies e Carefolly.
The note received from the council
Headliners In
Today's Theaters
The Imp " Elsie Jams
BUOl -
Turning the Tables " Dorothv
All Women li'nsirels." 1 V,
C A Girl
Pinto," Mabel Normand.
The Juggernaut. Anita Stewart
and EarU Williama
Other Mer Shoea."
And The Children Pa
H l KM
"Broken Blossoms
(Pcad Amusement Aos on Pake S)
"Be proved efrealatton of
The Kl Paso Herald Is nearly
twice kat or any other El
Paso paper."
; O
Joe Bailey Is Massing Up This Gubernatorial
i for national committeeman from
At the Third district oonventton
a resolution condemned the Wilson
administration and that of governor
R obertson. who "emptied our Jails
and penitentiaries to restore Demo
cratic voters to full .voting citizen
ship" Senator Lodge and his associates
were commended for their stand on
the league of nations and peace
Similar resolutions in retrard to
(senator Lodge, the peace treaty and
ute wusm aammtatration were
adopted at the First district conven
R. Engelking formerly assistant
U S. district attorney in El Paso,
has been selected as Texas campaign
manager for Miles Poindexter in his
campaign for president.
He says be would like to come t
El Paso and address the Republi
cans and old friends upon the merits
of Sir. Poindexter as a candidate.
"His princ pies, as announced by
him. and bis record as V 8. senator
on the league of nations, the Mexi
can question and other issues be
fore that body attract me very
( strongly," says Mr Engelking "The
other candidates are good men; in
fact, the party caa well be proud f
the splendid list of candidates that
are seextng tne nomination. It is a
healthy sign, both for the party and
the country. '
T a .. Utah K O. .' ...
Petiti to place the name of Eugene
V Debs on the oresidential nrefer-
ence primary ballot as a Socialist
candidate for the presidential nomi
nation hare been received at the sec
retarv of state's office here. The
primary will be held April 5
Chicaeo lit, Feb. 19. A school tor
women voters was opened here today
under direction of the League of
Women Voters, which closed its' an
nual convention yesterday.
A PfinsrAsnantc am msila ' 1sa I
tares on -CitUenshin.- with attention
directed tcutarhTto thi dntieTS
greeted particularly to the duties of
school will contlnne for
Washington. I C Feb. 19 Sena
tor Pomerene, Democrat, of Ohio,
withdrew last nia-ht from the contest
for the Democratic presidential nomi
nation yesterday was sent to the white house
immediate after it was decoded and
the president studied it very carefully
during the afternoon and evening.
"Che president was represeiitl as
bring perfectly willing for the ex
change to be given to the public
after he had "completed bis ease,
which was done with the drafting of
the note today However no decision
as to making the communications
public will be reached until the allied
premiers nave been heard from. They
nave oeen approached as to their,
I I Trr. rONM"!! TaVrcjIp
.a. VVw.-wu a. -wi
London, Knjr Feb 19, The allied
"?"ri- 'Tn m " .nJt "
-r ." . : : ..- . -
into the barkgfuund in both public
and official intei-t. The resersa
tions which France and Great Bltain
are said to have made with regard
to the Turkish peace terms, includ
ing the retention of the Turks in
Constantinonle. have aroused strong
feeling in parliament, where the op-
position stronely objects to a settle-
: . -k tv..l w - a ....
out its reference to the commons.
Particular antagonism has been
aroused in opposition quarters to the
decision to permit the Sultan to re
tain sovereignty oer Constantinople.
Winnipeg. Man, Feb. 1 Either
Canada or the United States would
have to step out of the league of na
tions under the Lenroot reservation
proDosed in the United States senate
jiis Canada will tnmst on its ngnt
to a place, Arthur Melghen. minister
lot the interior, asserted In an ad
i dress before the Winnipeg board of
i trade Membership in the league
I without power to vote, he said, would
ibe a sham.
London. Eng. Fet. I Premier
I Joyd George has notified Dr George
- Htamner. tne uerman envoy, mat ine ho is en route to Alntab to investl
4 , date on which Germany's army must I gg tne recent murder of James
e reuucea to w,tw m nas oeen ;
fixed as April 10 while she is al-
. Con tinned on page S, column 5.1
OF 1511
Secretary Wrote M any
Notes President Got
Credit For.
Executive's. Action Puts
Diplomats and Foreign
Heads 'Up Tree'
(This In the third of a series of
artleles on the t Ilson-I.nlng
break, .bowing: the slgnlfiranee
nationally and internationally of
tbe episode and It effect on oar
foreign poller-)
Robert Lansing- was popular as
secretary of state Diplomats
recognized the awkwardness of his
position, particularly his inability
often to sneak for the president be
cause the latter indrridoal would not4ovrr ;o years old that the board had
' take him Into his confidence, bat they
made allowances for this and liked
Mr Lamlnc for such frankness as
he was able to display
He was courteous with foreign rov
eriftnents and although he differed
again and again with Mr 'Wilson as
to the wisest policy to pursae. he
never showed it to a foreign govern
ment. Whenever the president de
cided a question that was enough for
Robert Lansing. Lake aiKambassador
in a foreign country, he fallowed in
structions faithfully.
Exerted Great Influence.
Nevertheless It meat not be imag
ined that Robert Lansing has not ex
erted a great influence on our foreign
Klicy in the last four years. Even
fore he took office he framed the
neutrality policy of the government
as counselor of the department of
state, and is generally credited with
having been the author of the phrase
a strict accountability" which was
used in one of the first Lusitania
notes. He wrote many drafts of notes
that never saw the president's eye
and he wrote many that were pigeon
holed by the president. Bat like a
true counselor he was always ready
with a comprehensive statement of
the alternatives involved.
CsuaJly be gave tne president the
ttattra. Hi I t ITswiflTrii bl best. I
Invariably left It tb tne preatfent -! rt ht tlw federal esvrt to
choose, Bat Robert Lansiaf? kDewPueWa had anthorit to try the ease,
traditional American doctrine and he Judicial Investigation, howerer.
also pat In every note he wrote a I
certain Uberatism and altrnloni that i
" n""" people wosUd promptly say
wa not Wflsojnsui- Kven on the ;
note8 tor whWl tte president reoetved
the highest praise, you could not get
a wora out ox itooert lansmg as to
the part he played. I remember par
ticularly one of the best notes ever
sent out by the United States govern
ment, a communication to the Anstro
Hungarian government about the re
elected embargo on arms.
Solicitor TAeeUey and secretary
LamniBg framed that no4e and the
editorial praise which the presi
dent received for doing what he
did not do had no effect on the
feelings of the men in the depart
ment of state, vtho took: it as a
matter of counte.
Mr Lansing will always be remem
bered for bis clear definition of Pan
Americanism and for his splendid
conception of what our relationships
should be with the nations south of
us It is true that be did not favor
the coupling of the league of nations
with the peace treaty simply because
he thought better consideration could
be given to each separatelv But he
did not press his views, and when the
American raisefon got to Paris pie
worked as hard as anybody to help
realise the ideal which the president
had set before the peace conference.
Did "tot Show Displeasure.
Ue wrote a' plan for a league of
nations and submitted it along with
the rest, but showed no signs of dis
nleasure when it was -not anni-oved.
was ne peevea at tne ireqnent
orominence bestowed upon Col-
House. He took the president's
idiosyncrasies for what they were
worth and like a faithful servant
did all he could do to keep relations
1 harmonious.
But the president, instead or ap
preciating the self-sacrifice of his
secretary of state, oftentimes
forgot he had one. He gave so
mneb lime to CoL House and
placed so much confidence In the
man from Texas that It was a
su bject of public com ment on
every side. Yet Mr. Xanslng hid
his pride and did his Job.
It was when the SLantung settle
ment came up and when the presi
dent became involved in the meshes of
European diplomacy that Mr Lansing
expressed dissenting views on a num
ber of questions, all cf which served
to irritate Wilson who could not
brook dtsasrreemcnt. Presently. Mr
Wilson began to lose confidence in
the Judgment of Col House and when
he failed to consult him he relied
more on Mr Lansing's' advice It
began to look? as if the two men
4 Continued on page X column X
Turks Order
U. S. Citizens
Be Protected
Constantinople. Turkey, Feb 17
Mu staphs Kemal Pasha, leader of the
Turkish nationalists In Asia Minor,
has sriven orders that all Americans
in that region must be respected and
given protection, according to a ais
patch received here, from Angora, the
d resent caoital of Anatolia,
The commander says Americans lot
jturssD were -rvBtwcreu aunns ma rv
cent fighting there and adds.
They are all well, even their poul
try being safe. They are drinking
hnAAlersi oartsf AiavtsCB a, AwnaAlvrskev
Americans who were in the city oN
Marasb, northwest of Aleppo, when
disorders broke out there are s4fe.
nivAnllnr tn s tri.ffnm paaIvaH from
asglRtant high commissioner Kngert,
Perrv and jnu s Jonnson OI the
American Y IS r. A hx hnrtlt Mr.
JEngert wired from Adana.
U aSl Court Stops
Government Sale
Of German Ships
yv temporary injunction to prevent
the sale of the 3v former German
passenger liners recently offered by
the board, was granted today by asso
ciate Justice Bailey, of the district
supreme court.
Justice Bailey said that after a
careful examination of the statutes he
was of the, opinion that they did nq,t
show an intention on the part of the
congress to place in the president or
in the shipping board the power to
sell the shipa.
Application for the injunction was
made last Saturday by William Ran
dolph Hearst and hearings on It were
held last Monday while the snips
were being offered at public auction.
The board announced yesterday that
It bad decided to reject all of the bids
received. At the same time It asked
congress for authority to again offer
the ships at public auction.
Chairman Payne, of the shipping
board, announced that he would
recommend to the department of Jus
tice that an appeal from the tempo
rary injunction order be filed. Mean
time he said, it was expected that Mr
Hearst would be required to furnish
bond to protect the board against toss
bv reason of the ships lylne idle.
Listed "As Valueless."
Bids amounting to IS8819S0O were
received by the shipping board for
seven former German passenger ship
listed "as valueless," commissioner
Raymond B. Stevens, former vice
chairman of the board testified today
before the senate committee investi
gating the proposed sale of the once
German liners. Mr Stevens explained
that the board's policy was to charge
off five percent a year for deprecia
tion and that the board, therefore,
had held that ships 20 years old or
more were worthless.
The matter of fact, he said, the
seven ships referred to were easily
Mexico City. lex Feb 13 As a re
sult of a coatroTersy between the
courts of Puebla a to jurisdiction
the case of W O Jenkins. United
States consular apent in that city is
again before the supreme court. Fol
lowing the arrest of Mr. Jenkins last
Xof-ember on various caargea, ta
in that
suiou u was oecMeo oy uw en
was poshed by Julio Mitchell, state of
Puebla is the criminal court, the
prosecutor In the meantime statins
m several issues that Jenkins was
guilty of crimes charged against him.
It was recently announced that Jen
kins would probably be expelled
from the country if convicted in
Press reports have always men
ttoued the Puebla criminal court as I
uie tribunal investigating the essclvate car afev minutes after his ar-
desolte the fa ft thst th iinrs,nui ' j
r- -- - - --. ,,.,
court, s ruling aeierminea the juris
diction of the federal court.
JVC-UilAOn. AliAflp UUJl
mJf!SSSl E&lJV
state debsffunent wrednesdav in.
tBSL"WS2S 13&IJS13&&S3B. M
that W W Adams.
U1I7 I
Vu1.B-ja - 1
bandits In Zacatecas,
leased today.
Laredo, Tex., Feb 19 Senator A.
B. Fall, chairman of the United States
senate subcommittee Investigating
Mexican affairs, is said by KxceUior
of Mexico City, to have cited several
higher officials of the Carranxa gov
ernment to appear before th com
mittec on the border and testify.M
Field Day for Johnsons
MITCHELL, a D, Feb. l The
house of Johnson formed a
quadruple alliance here ves
terdav when Harvey Johnson, of
Letcher, S. I), married Miss Mary
Johnson, of Mount Vernon, 8. D,
and Jacob Johnson. Miss Mary's
brother, wedded Miss Josle Char
lotte Johnson. Harvey's sister All
the 43 Johnsons in the city direc
tory publicly extended their con
gratulations to the couples.
THAT'S what a Bias saw when a fritnd asked hisi why he pat in an boot
1 every afternoon graobmg away in his backyard with a hoe. The man
might also have tratnfaUy rephed that his garden gave him better vegetables
for lew BOBey, and that chopping np the face of the earth with a nee beats
hver pills for hver ills, and stiranlates the appetite for dinner.
Bat he mentioned the most important thing first the creative joy of
the work. He had takes a bit of hard, dry soil 20 feet square, he had
broken it and pulverised it and fertilized it with leaf meld and manure, and
planted it with 62 cents worth of high grade garden seed. And he, had seen
that bat of sterile earth transformed into a thing of living beauty, where
red tomatoes ripened on their furry vines, and ambitions batter beans grace
fully clambered np long poles, and pale tender green lettuce heads swelled
and opened to the son, and potato vines Uossomed white, and a row of green
and silky com stalk rase np in a row and stood at atteation to salute
their Maker.
This man's success was doe to the fact ebab he followed the directions
in the official flluetrates Garden Book, published by the United States
Department of Agrtcattare. The El Paso Herald Information Bnrean m
Washington has been saving one of these books for yon. Send for it today
It is free.
(Till oat the coupon Write legiUy.)
Frederic J Haskin, Director,
Washington, D. C
I enclose herewith two cent stamp for return postage for a free
copy of the Garden Book.
Street Address
worth ie.090.0M
The bids received
.for them were
Amphion. S5i:.00:
Susquehanna. Jsee.eee. Kansemond.
jww.ooo, Aeolus. ii.4s,oe. rnneess
Matoika. tl.I2S.MS. Antigone. J1.J.
041 and Pocahontas. SI.;..
The alue of the 30 German ships
offered for sale was two to three
times the amount of the bids received.
Mr. Stevens said, their real value be
ing between ICS.wM.ftOO. and S79.000,-
Does Not Represent Value.
Although he asked that the ahlps
be appraised by experts outside the
shipping board and that he be al
lowed to sit with them. Mr. Stevens
said he was not notified when the ex
perts met and knew nothing of tl
appraisal until it appeared in the
committee's record. The appraisal
was made by Frank S. Martin and J
Howlasd Gardner, of New York, both
recognized marine- experts, he said,
but it did not represent the "real
value" ol the vessels.
The fundamental a
The fundamental question Involved
In the sale of the ships. Mr. Stevens
said, was whether they could be oper
ated as cheaply under the American
flag as are foreign ships.
Only One Way to Find Out.
"The onlv wav we can find out is
for the shipping board to refit the
ships and operate them tor a while."
Mr. Stevens said sealed bids received
from foreign companies for tour leads to the expectation that charsws
ships for transfer to other flags are to be made against certain mem
reached double the highest bid by a bers of the Medical society, since It
Cnitd States concern in three cases i has been openly stated by United
and 1S00.00O more than the highest states army officers that certain El
American bid on the fourth vessel. I mm Annr m vmiiiiar th taw
The bias were rejectou oy tne ooaru
in conformity with Its policy not to
transfer Ue ships to other flags, be
"Ships are at a premium in the
world's markets today and I think
this would be the worst possible time
to sell," said Mr. Stevens.
On a trip being made to Impress
upon garrisons of northern Chihua
hua the neoesslty for maintaining
peace during the local elections to be
htrld during the early part of next
month, divisional general Manuel X.
Diegnez, oommander of the northern
military rone of Mexico, and unoffi
cially reported to be slated for the
neat of secretarr
et war ana
arrived tn Juarez
shortly before
-Welcomed At Statl
Gen. IMeenes. who w.
panted by Geo Pablo Qniroga, of the
Capmahisa. City garrison, was wel
comed at the station by Gen. J. Gon
ial Kscobar. commander of the
,jTarez mHary rict, and a nam-
Becllnhig an invitation to remain
fat Juarez tomorrow to attend an
open-air entertainment planned in his
honor. Gen. Dieeuex said In his ri
I "The peaee of the state demands
! that I do net delay my trip. While I
f have no information that the local
defence ufilts In Chihuahua plan any
disturbance-during the coming elec-
tJon. I feel H my duty to remind them
that "wy wt oorve the utmost
umuo - ..?... . -..i.i
?... m u -. in . j -.
"". viVKUfc MW.UIKJ awnu
nf n.,Mn, fmjfmttwa rt n.an. hi.
I " ". ' - - ,w unu.w uuu
secretary of war and marine.
s Rumored Ker Job.
It is generally understood in Juares
military circles, however, that Gen
Diegnex will be appointed to the post,
which has been vacant for the past
four years since the resignation of
Gen. Alvaro Obregon as soon as his
task of eliminating the reber move
ment In Chihuahua is completed.
"Santa Rosalia, one of Francisco
Vnia'c former strongholds, has been
entirely cleared of rebels." Gen
Oieguex said. "There lemain only a
few scattered bands In the southern
part of the state.
Gen. Diegnex and Gen. Qulroga
were the guests at a hanquet given
Thursday by the Juarez chamber of
Douglas, Ariz. Feb. IS. An ener
getic protest has been seut by tbe
Mexican government to the state de-
(Contlnued on page 3, column 4.1
Firm Stand of County Med
ical Society for Enforce
ment of Law the Cause
Openly Charged Thcl El
Paso Doctors Issue Them;
Black Case a Precedent
i. Black, chiropractor, at the instance
of the Bl Paso County Medical so-
' ciety, leads to the expectation about
the courthouse that charges will be
filed against certain other doctors
of the city shortly.
The fact that the County Medical
society and certain of the public of
' flcials have taken such a determined
stand to enforce the law to the letter.
in the case of Dr Black, naturally
bv Issuing certificates of health to
women known to the Officers to be
of immoral character
Information,, On Hand.
The law provides a penalty for the
issuance of such .certificates to be
used by the women to solicit, and it
is known that county physician T. J.
McCamant has proof that local doc
tors have issued such certificates Dr
McCamant ts a member of the
Medical society which has taken such
a firm stand in the prosecution of Dr.
Black. '
Dr, HcCamaat exhibited m bnneh
of these certificates to the meet
ing of the County Medical society
Monday night and said he was
going to turn them over to the of
ficials for legal aetlea. So far
no complaint has been made.
It Is said the fact that these cer
tificates have been Issued is also
known to certain county officials who
hat e been active in the prosecution
of Dr. Black- The result Is that either
grand Jnry indtetmectts or warrants
worn to by some member of the
medical nrofeasfcm r county official
are expected.
It Is no eeret that many girls
now confined In the eownty eHale
for treatment fr noeial dlit-e
have had eertlflates in their
potnesnlon from Bl Pa-t doctors
when arrested, giving them efeaa
tHU of heslth.
. . .
The grand Jury returned an Indict-
ment Wednesday against K R. Jful-
k. . .i.i n. f .. i...,.
.. V . . 7. TTIcompany and Increasing Its capital
ac racinc raiiroaa. enarging mm witn
murder In connection with the death
of W E HilL, a negro soldier.
was 3hqi reDsmary . aainem
the grand Jury to indict him
case against nlm would be
ana many settieo.
According to the evidence presented
to tne grand jury, the special officer
I killed the negro soldier after be had i
fired some snots at a woman who ne
said, it is alleged, would make a
pretty corpse. Mulhera, hearing the
shots ran to the scene of the shoot
ing jnet the negro with a gun and
killed him
The grand jury indicted Martin
Trujillo on a charge of committing a
statutory offence. The complaining'
witness against him is Anita Cortis. I
P.... lllll sill n..rli UrOov u
indicted on charges of theft. They , Socialist leader testified today un
are accused of stealing a sui case drr cru-s examination at the trial
from the Sheldon hotel check room ot the t,. hocmlist assemblymen
which belonged to E. T Gerard The chareed mil- disloialt
alleged theft ts supposed to have! juj countrt right or wrong is a
taken place Friday, Feb. 12 I false doctrine of national patriot-
William Adams and L. & Harrell i ism declared the witness. The true"
were indicted on three counts first. doctrine he said is th ideal of in
theft oer 950. second, theft by bailee ternatlonal norkins clas& solidarity"
and third, conspiracy to commit theft- Make Country Right thrays.
The charges grew out of the alleged "Tru." patriotism he explained in
theft of automobile tires and aet.es- connection with the anti-war conflict,
sories from an abandoned automobile, consists "in nuking our country right
which belonged to E. tl Belton The
men are accused of trying to sell four
Ores valued at lo each for $15
ech The alleged theft is suDoosed
l. h.ve liken nlace January ' It is
said Belton the owner of the car
tolS tnl men tostrTp it but did
The grain. I JurTwiH meet agin1 Tfc "
Tuesday5 morning Although it was, Jh,e a,.n" ?!? wmf,uec
rumored the raid on the Vendome ' JjJJJ tontinue?1 1 hTSuieS -notel
would llnvetisarted bv the jn that ,f na(J h
grand lury at Its last sesafon nothing ouM llot ra,, adoI)tea at the Sl.
ihom.a tha alismAalttnn nf the ttrM
was made public aoout tne aiiair.j Lou,. conention in 11T the war pro- 1
whUh it is said would haie been gram he had aided in framing 1
done, within all prohahilit If any While recognizing the legality of,
serious charge has befn suhstanti i America s deiaratu.i of war and con-.
ated The raid on tbe Vendome was formirg to ur tlire aws the So-J
conducted by city police Since then cialists d d not tomi'der it their duty
the place has temporarily been en-ito accept the declaration as right ori
a... - at. UH.t.m. ...vjl Av imniAf ll hiinion. a-k rt wl i n c -a Vs. Ullleikml !
JOIIirU inilD UCIIIB UOsrAs ava luuuviai
Steel Company
Gets 'Floating
Bar' Steamship
Boston. Muss.. Feb. 19 The steam
ship City of Miami, which has been
called a 'floating bar" because of
her elaborate equipment for liquor
sales In her projected runs between
Florida an Cuba, was today re
turned to tbe possession of the
Bethlehem Ship Building; corporation
b order of the fedesal court.
The action was taken on an at-
AMhAd Ww & Uavdo. Ca, , In
iiyirftfiriitiAiL nvnen of thn slASmaai--
to have her sail from the ship yard 'and was not In favor of this war even
at Fore river, where she had been .after It was declared." asserted Mr
'refitted Hillqait.
' The court ruled that the Bethle- "It rco;nUed Its duty to the Lnued
hero company had a Hen on the1 States as a Socialist party In other
steamshio for the work done and ! words, it recornised its duties pn-
twas entitled to hold her until the
I bill was paid The libel brough by
the Hu. ana Steamship corporation
alleged that the price of the repairs
had been raised from $-00 60 to.
JUtSOOtl and that this was regarded
as excessiv
Race "Something Awfu,
Representatives of Brotherhood Draft Protest Against
Wage Provision of Pending Railroad Bill; American
Federation of Labor Officials Join in Letters to
President and Hines; Employers Promise to Aid.
ASHINGTON. D. C, Feb. 19. A committee of railroad executives to
day ttarkrer! their cooperation to director general Hines m carrying
out the proposal of president WStoo for the creation of a committee of ex
perts to gather data on wage problems. They expressed themselves as
"fully appreciating the desirability of expedition' in handling the wage
To Suggest aates.
The time and method of eonstitut-
lug the committee of experts will be
considered further by Mr. Hines with
the heads of the labor organisations
oeiore ne maxes
to the nresident.
a recommendation
T Dewitt Cuyler. spokesman for
the railroad officials, informed Mr.
Hines that the executives would sug
gest the name of the corporation
representatives on the committee at
the president's request.
The results of the conference be
twen the director general and the
railroad officials was communicated
to thamnion leaders who are here
awaiting the general conference of
Oil good in quality and strong In The chamber of co-nmere- hack
glow has been found in the Archie ing the Bl Paso Music ass. t - nn in
Bell oil well at Dixieland. iZ miles its plans for a great carnival of
north of Pecos, according to W. W.t music in El Paso during m .sic week
Bridgers. who returned Wednesday beginning Feb 21 and ending Fb.-3
..v ,. . . ul weu.
wees ago gas was struck
in the well he says, ana it was suffi
cic-ntly strong to burn wnen lighted.
Drilling was stopped and a eaveln
resulted, "xesterday when an effort
was made to clean out the cuein oil
was found standing several feet deep
in the well and several barrels were
filled with it. Mr Bridgers says
The oil was struck at a di-ptb. of
Ms feet.
Plf.FC rWARTtri? AT AIlCTntf
mm.amav ,A awmui
Austin, Texas. Feb 1. Charter ofi1011- At octock in thu e." n of
the American Union Laundry osm-tne Alfred Carol Dted
pany of 1 Paso was filed today infPrach Pianist will gi e a rec ta at
the state department. Capital stock Is! the club At 4 ocloek In th Ver
$4.900 Jucorporators are Wm. T. noon ot February 2. the ar i-pr-?Hffith
TT a f?rsM u Wm t ment of the Women a cluh w vim
I Moran
I Vn amendment to its charter was
j filed tj Hills. Sutton and Whits Man-
i ufacturing company of El Paso.
I chamring its name to ths Uls Sutton
i ,tock from fSa.W. to T5.ee.
t a. hi , n ci a. ..ri , n
T Feb 13. Socialists
eoun-.rv right or wrong" and
refuse to aciept the stogaa pro -
c'aimed during the war of "Stand be -
,,,,, ...,.,., u . u,..
I '""' ln' iuen -omi. nuiquil.
Mud in.
l j" times
True' pat-iotim be rdded
constant service to th peo
P'a ot ' country and constant eu-
a0 IO "nproe tneir condition
The fa- socialists htsid would not
.'"" th" -d rdiug to the , ,t
I .
"umaui. oa.i.uiiiiiis, iw .mi UUIIU1U
while not cordoning German sub-
i mar re warfare, Mr Hillqait said. So-
laltsts did not co isider It an in- j
, asion actual or threatened, or that I
the iiitrinfreircrt on .Vmerlcan mer-1
canttlc rights a sLfficfent to justify
the satr f u oi li.es that entry into'
ibi ur would entail. I
Mr H hquit said Socialists recogr-1
nutd 'he pr sident s constitutional
right j.. cfHjmandtrinchief ot the
arra and na uid Socialists in s.r '
kt would obey any order he issued
as such nowe.er he said, thty did'
not consider it their dutv to aneQht
liis judRTiienc In all t tunes.
The atfeaspt by Geratany to In- i
eJie trenble between "Hexh-o sad
the I nHed States lras railed by
Mr. Hlllqnlt a rtdlenJt loci-
dent he aet sf sn.e inajiae or
foolish person.
1 never denied the ia.it that the
1 Socialist DArtT
an ant i war party
marily to the people of the United
States and in the first instance to the
working- population of the Umtd
Condemn False Patriotism. j
'We condemn what we call fajse If
patriotism a number of jingle ji.
comitteemen called for nt Monday
Protest against the wage provision
of the contemplated railroad Dill will
be made in letters to preidnt vrn
son and director general Hines wMch
rswnrae- ST-rt-trsM nf fhs mIIpao-I nniM
J organisations and officials of the
American ireaeration or i-a rvj r we re
framing todar at conferen-et a the
federation headquarters.
Honolulu. T li, b iBv th
Associated Press The work or get
out order of the snar plan ers a
t .Continued on page 2. coin ma 4
James G McVary. president of the
Kl Paso Slnsic association hn
out a cal to 3JL members and o
other persons interested n i".sc to
meet at the chamber of oitt--'- at
15 oclxk th's afternoon o asa
plans for the coming wek o Kh
some of tue numbers od - ro
gram for the week, were aT - i
Thursday morning by John i so.
manager of the aasoo. o tr
Bombers are to he aded ard w i in
clude programs- in the scho i
ocloek Monday afternr-n Feb - y S3
a special musical program i be
f 5 .at " women cub r -he
uanjrnters or tho Am
Danarhters of the Amerirn Roti.
! mii' Program and o.
Ulc afternoon of Februarv a
special tnuu.l program be
S".en at the chaaibe- of c -r-rce
?BOr "e auspices of t.t 1 aso
. atusic association at wiiici
iCoatlnneil on page 3 olmii
v I ,svs , v t ,t .. m m m. .
phrases treated aid
. latioa very oftei bv
very o'ten repealea M h
less until tbey hae tote
1 "wf tock 'he dec rL
! F"?'"". 'hat Lt 5. not ."
"r a
un tne uern n Deopie J
I tt e
loo serious v 'ruli the itiin
point ot lew but as a- .t-
rialists are copce-ned -v
Sldercd .t part of th d-
American people to maki. w t-Ge-mar
people OT the peopl- .
cocrtrv or exterminate ar
or anv nation or throw -r
or any nat on into mierv
Austin Texas, Fel) ,( A
rehearing is been nade
i ie"
3 ntv.
? eTJ"
- :oth
- J of Ali, Koy a Wilhar-
tax t-ollextor from 1-a-vei ,
known as te woman s auf r
in major n opinwn tb
- , .ourt receu.H haft the art o
-- . .-.u- ri.ai
grants women the "nviige
in primary elections.
,- Kg
It's Very Simple li You
Observ? This Formula
tj Harke-n to the wait r- j iX.
paer rho has w tr ol
lector of internal revenje r str
ing thus
There need be but . 'v t-Dle
to furore vour nmrp" ti -.
ir nrst place, it mv b -r.
i oat
I s.
oy aigeura as cr on cm r
metr or sntax. and
answer may be coTet i
not. If our inton
ca- and you have a dia" -and
an automobile, anl a
ried to a brunette Kirl -old,
yon take the amount
income and add your pr
property subtran cur rfj
number multipiv by oi' t s
height and di de d o r e
phone number I o . h a
child in our fami.j ou SLt-aa
J2i0 from vour income ar1 he
amount of our perso al or. r
mult:pl bv jour wnt ea f
subtract the :ze ot l our co 'ar
and our child s age mult r
th- amount vou ha g tr
cnurch durtrg the vt-ar a"
iuc hy tht cunber of oir j
mobllf license MR 'f " e
second child on deduc 5 4
vour incoTC dJ the w im
3t-e of the ht d. dl id t
date of your birth. m-itipt t-v
sire of our tiat and s ilt i
wtrighi of our ncht.r
fter o i gt tt all fmur f
ou "T(.fi I ie to na t" t
ot a t n- or r.at rt f--wi.l
oa. o in the t oh
and strapped dow i

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