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Fridav. FeTi. 20, 1920.
3 uords and tree wis were those winds Taints
" Ferry Thomas, Bntish labor leader, spoke when he
ju 'c uieis ux jus own ana 01 an ouiez cwusutes iv
f i orK and prodnce more than they ever bad produced
- es wore than profiteermg is voluntary reduction of
procjeacn. Sasv of the things profiteered m we do sot
are to buv We can do without or use surtabJe snbeti-
tes E'-'. vhea proonction is deliberately cot by workers
seek thereby to gain a selfish advantage for thera-
ehes, food is being taken from the months of babies and
ties from the backs of the poor.
AI- Th-na has told his brother workers la Britain they
iiTLs; v. oik a quarter harder than before the war. Ee says
French must work twice as hard as they formerly dad
ad -iL Germany must work 18 times harder in order to
itch '-p He sets no figure for America, bat twice as hard,
a'der-32 we must supply the world for low years to
wo-id not be too fast a pace to set and still saia-
tiain a fair standard of efficiency.
Suppose the workers of America prefaced jest twice as
nc.cn What oaJd be the result, to both the workers and
to the general public? By producing twice as much in the
me and that it can be dcae has been demonstrated
, rranv iac.or.es recently and by charging no more for a
st ' or k. our workers would enable their employers to
goods at a considerably reduced cost. For instance, if
110,000 shoemakers produced 20,000 pairs of shoes in a
rive-i time instead of 10,000, the only additional coot to
manufacturer would be the cost of his materials. There
ax -13 be no additional overhead. This woeld mean that
ic Jid eel! each pair of those 20,000 pairs of shoes at 50
erctr.t or more less than he charged per pair for his 10.-
pairs of shoes. This would reduce the coat of bring
Why Not A "Texas Tech"?
j TJITHY not a Texas Tech in El Paso? Why not a-great
1 1 university of the southwest, one of these days, which
students from west Texas, Arizona, Hew Menco and old
Mexico can attend?
Such a university we now have in embryonic form at
the School of Mines and the College of the City of 1
Paso. Here, in these two departments, technical and
classical, we have the foundation for a great school. Pos
sibly it should be taken under the wing of the state uni
versity, at least for a time. That is a matter for later
determination. But we can an agree that an institution
of higher education that win keep El Paso's seekers after
knowledge and El Paso's mosey at home as long as possi
ble and also bring here students from all over the south
west is most desirable.
Rabbi Martin Zielenka says most of the students of
most of the universities tome from within a radius of 50
milts of the schools. Itjia illogical, inconvenient and ex
pensive for EI Paso students who desire something more
than the high school offers to go to Austin. Some of the
students can go that far; many of them might, in fact.
But not all of the students who -want higher education can
or care to go so far away as that. Those who can go so
far away may prefer to go even farther to the larger
schools of the east. It costs at least $1000 a year to send
one student to college. That $1000 a year per student
can be kept here. Moreover, hundreds of students can be
brought here from elsewhere, each to spend his $1000 a
year or more in El Paso, if we build here a school that win
attract them.
Greater, though, than the mosey El Paso might make
re workers who made those shoes in the factory. If from a university would be the educational advantages
hnVure a-nH crarmenr wrerVeT. yili all Ataer 1awTi?i(T ! such a KfJlAAl wnnM eiv tft the e?Hr. 7?w pnftitinff P.l '
.w... .. .. q. . ............ .. .... vw w.,to , ft-'- -- -J J ---- fc
n u-lio Tirofliire necerciriea would kwm sm witfcnnr Hie-1 aso dots and trcrls cere we could -nrodsce tie sand fit
ef naency, they could continue to get the same wages ! leaders, teachers and business men we want and not the .
CopjTirfct, Hi, by
UeClnrs Newspaper Syndicate,
(d yet reduce their living costs very materially. In
svrer to the argument that the manufactorer might sot
di.ee his prices even though his costs were reduced, it
light be said that the excess profits tax and competition
rould probably tase care of that.
v, caith can t be increased by increasing the volume of
oner If it could be we could torn the pristine presses
Eoos nalrrng paper money as Russia ma. Kasata made a
discovery. She found that the buying power of the
total volume of her currency remained the same no mat-
: bow much she increased it The oaly way in the world
to c-xate wealth is to produce it from the earth, the air
83 the water by means of the application of labor. What
world needs is not more mosey, but more actual
calji more goods that satisfy human wants. The only
v to get that in sufficient quantities and at fair prices!
for everybody ts produce whatever he is able in some1
seni.aJ line.
Centuries before Christ Egypt had a king named
This king promulgated a law which required
every etixen of the country to appear before his governor
stated occasions ana tell what he md for a living, u
- ctnen could not tree a satisfactory account of himself
was sot workmr at some worm white accusation he
Evas put to death. That was a little harsh-bat it got rid
the drones. Today we might protitabiy resort to some
means of ferreting oat the workers is the nonessential
lines After we had them segregated we- might do weB to
St them to work at something useful, suiting the aUrtty
to the job as near as possible.
when the day comes again that the markets of the
I world are glutted with goods we caw let down on volume
aid direct our energies toward increasing quality. Mean
time, deliberate restriction of output should be penalized.
-o I
Lots of people keep out of jail through innocence, some
ouzo DUii, but a lot of others because they are luticr
orgh not to be caught.
' Whenever the president really wants congress to doi
e thing, he should write a message opposing it,
o 1
iT-Adoo has decided that being the president's ges-is-
it is too much to overcome.
kind some distant board of evecntfve. dwldwl we ronta
have. EI aso has problems in education and sociology,
due to our Mexican population, which few if any of the
northern cities have. These problems could be solved with
comparative ease if Mexicans and Americans alike could
be educated at the same university and sent out better
acquainted with each other to teach their respective
peoples the things they seed to know in the interest of
progress and harmony is the southwest.
A very small sum of money is being asked of EI Paso
for the support of the College of the City of El Paso for
the coming year. Hen asd women who realize what the
possibilities of this school are, connected with the School
of Mines as it is, win not hesitate to contribute, accord
ing to their means, to that support.
The next man to announce his candidacy for presi
dent en the Democratic ticket could make a hit by de-1
daring that if elected he wfll immediately make Mr.
Lansing secretary cf state.
Whenever we can get WHsen to beEeve he has won a
victory over Xedge asd convinced Lodge he has bees vte-
tencos over Wilson, ratiflcaties wul be easy.
( The sale of drugs containing alcohol may be prohibited.
bat they havent found a way to prohibit sugar from fer
menting in the alimentary canal.
Prospective presidential candidates should remember
that they wfll have to get on Borah's correspondents fist
"He kept us out of jail" might be a good slogan for the
supporters of EI Paso's congressman next time.
Germany's verdict on her war criminals will sot change
the wotH's verdict
The president acta like he was principal of a high school
seme where.
TVTir Tlttt it aril , ssV. and
s "" 5et 'SIT. tW
m MM UssLe o els 7- e
LI ' 11 11 I
II a 11 t&i 1 mm ' .-,
IKInl Pfll 1 MP vTtk1, W : fs
V&X??Jl. CsHser !aSlioajc(a-SS X JfV&UB!Ss
y Mxic-a .jgigpMggSsPj
1 Ve tDwne gossip 1 tSosa3flBca
If 3sV Btdtttrrd U. & Pucnt Otnce. I a a I H
i- By K. C. D. Twf , y. (B f
I Patter And Chatter
fmmmm a Bj S. B. K1SK1L '
The Wa Of The Caseys.
The steamship Cassr. Basaed la honor at tbw Xaicmtt c Colambfts. aa ocataa
all pravto records for fralaiitara m croaslna tba AtLmatSs.)
T0ST leave it to the Caseys when there's heavy werk to do,
J Asd yes want effective action right away;
i They've a style of going to it and a way of buekteg through
i Without undue pretension or display.
YoVH never hear the Caseys ask how hard the job may be.
II irs up to utm to it, sacs eneuga;
Ifs "Ceae acroaa, yon Caseys! Never mmd the toast or tea;
Who's fearing that the going may be rough?"
THEY'VE a way of breakrog records, sot for profit or applause.
And set to satisfy conceit or pride;
But through their ready service when they see the worthy eaute,
And by totting needkss hindrances aside.
The Caseys never falter, when the call of duty's heard,
To ask about the credit they may win;
But ifs "Come across, yes Caseys!" and the Caseys, at the wmS,
Find the way to be beginning and begin.
YOU needn't thank the Caseys for the wetk that they have dene,
Your praise is net a thing that they would ask;
They have all the satitf actses that may worthily he was,
For they've cleaned up a record breaking task.
It was "Come across, you Caseys," asd the Caseys went across;
"Point out the job we've cot to da," they said.
They found their werk and U& it, thinking set rf gain or less
Then watchword always being, "Smash ahead!"
THE good ship Casey's broken all the records in her class,
And she's not is need of patching or repairs;
Let her pennants blow tut proudly, te be sees where ethers pass
She has proved that the deserve the name the. hears.
yi gttBjgr S5?SSgi
No one can accuse Leonard Wood of beating about the!
o -
Teach hen to to lire
L Etbl" ZIrakil "I!?8 U&i " of laTiB2 im't tort" And. oh still harder lam! hov to die
zeg the matrimony market 1
'BaUbr FwrtMis.
Little Interviews.
ISays Men In The East Better Workers Since Nation Is "Dry"
Bl Paso Not Hit As Hard By Influenza As The Missouri Area
)I0 Dusiness men of the east ere
delighted with, tbe effects of na
tional prohibition,'' said C S. T.
fclsom. who has Just returned from
'business trip to Philadelphia and
few York riiese men declare that
pTorifcition has made the average
prying- man Better, jjor example.
iri2-a pointed rat In his office
force several men who, as he said.
h$ Lecn drunk for nine years.'
kese r-n, he said, vere sober and
fa1- more desirable workmen.
i ner out more work In lees 4ime.
od ZaT more satisfied with them-
3?3 and their work. These men
Iftythe- showed me that on the
u-v-t -w rkingiren were making In
vst:rer small, of course, btit of
vpt :; had not formerlv nat-
Brhized the sTock mark eta This.
thfe cec ired had so disarranged" the
BrorK'ie of the street that none con Id
Ipnedict bjj cr bear movements, hot
added a s.ahi,t to the business. AH
of them said they would hate to see
a return of wh.Eky."
SI Paso Is lortsBato In her llsht
lnflueESa. eptdemie now," said George
H. Wllllamit, of Kansas City. In
Wseonti. Kansas, and other states
through which I have traveled re
cantlr. there is a hard epidemic of In
fraenza and many deaths. As a re
sult, many of the towns have again
cloeed churches and seitools and for
bidden public gatherings and theater
going. Tbe flu' seems to be taking
a heavr toll, while the west seems to
have far less trouble with K - this
Tear. Doctors In the east are worked
overtime and cannot handle all of
their work, according to reports I
have heard. It seems to be even
more vicious in Its effects this year.
I know of many cases which have re
sulted in deaths within a very few
days, and nearly all who have It are
reporting- themselves incapacitated
for work weeks after. I think also
that the influenza epidemic back
there will leave many with tuberculosis."
'Arizona has a solenoid system of
good roads," said mayor Charles
Davisi "1 drove to Phoenix and drove
baek in my car, and I found splendid
roads ail the wax across Artcesa. In
only a few places are the principal
and best roads not connected. In
New Mexico the roads are net so
"It Is funny about my chickens,"
said city councilman Park Pitman.
"When eggs were $0 cents a dozen
my hens never laid. There was abso
lutely nothing doing. Now that eggs
for the chamber of commerce. The
First National bank there has 11.-
0S2.M0 la deposits. At the banquet
everynoery wore rail areas suits,
which snows that country Is up to
any other In the matter of style and
DEAR K. C. B.: I have a beautiful daughter by the same of Delmar, 8 years
old. She is considered by strangers to be good looking and rather smart
for her age, but she has ose fault, and that is she is wild. She has had a lot
of sickness, even the fin, and it hat left her with a leakage of the' heart. The
doctors tell me that the only cure is for her to be quiet. But I can't keep her
qtaec sae is tan ot me as ail euiaren should be, asd I don t know what to
do with her.
I Itve her at a father should, and I wast yea please to advise rae. She
loves to read your writings, and I thought perhaps yoa could write something
that would make her sit up and take notice. Truly yours. 1 S. B.
"Heavy purchases of farm macWn
ery, especially tractors, have been
made by farmers of the EI Paso val
ley this season and every day truck
loads of machinery are being sent
aown iste vaiiey, saia ztoiano Har
well, county farm agent. "Planting
of spring grains such as wheat Is
firactieally completed and work now
s practically confined to preparing
the land for water erops such as
cotton, corn and truck produce. The
condition of winter wheat is first
class. Work is being rushed irA or
der to get water as soon as possible.
Water was turned on at the dam Feb.
1 i
are getting cheaper; that is. have. JfJ SS"??4,
satcrday, FErmirAirr si. ieio
STARS that are sinister rule this
day, according to astrology. Sat
urn, urimsi azw jupsier are ail in
malefic aspect, while Venus alone Is
It is a sway meet auspicious for
theatrical Interests. Lartre returns
ana success tor aew plays are sore-
told, young players of great premise
BBCAUSB TOrrrt Caddie.
ASKED 3TB to do It.
rx "WnrriSG this letter.
Btrx I'VE so Idea.
W'liAT M going to say.
EXCEPT TO ten you.
THAT TOT ought to be be good.
AM) VBRY quiet.
AXD GBT all well
SO THAT your Daddje.
WOJfT HAVE to worry;
ATTD TOO must remember
THAT IX an the world.
THERE ISNT a thing.
m w
THAT IS quite so grand.
AS A little glrL
on A little boy.
IX S0XBB0DX73 home.
ASD TinmE Isn't a gTlat
IX ALT. the world.
THAT IS quite f deep.
AS 1FHBX something happens.
The Young Lady
Across The Way
dropped to (0 or si cents a dozen, my
hens have started to laying. I guess
everybody's hens started the same
time mine did and were on a strike
when mine were."
"There is an Eden in the southern
extremity of Texas which I did not
dream existed." said H. C Swearteg-
en, sales manager for the Southwest
ern poruana cement Co. "I have
just returned from a visit around
KcAllen and I can hardly believe
what I saw there. My salesmen had
been telling me about it, so I went to
see for myself. I found citrus fruit
growing in ammdanct 1 saw onions
producing as high as 490 bushels an
acre. Land around there Is selling
as high as KM an acre and it is
nothing to find Band selUng far cat
an acre. The population of.atcAllen
is about 4M. Tet the other night
Jts.000 was raised at a banquet there
Rippling Rhymes
TODAY there is an icy glare upon the walks and everywhere; and as I jour
l neyed sadly home, I slipped and landed on my dome. I cracked an acre of
cemsnt, and in nry head there is a dent. I sprained my neck and spoiled my
face, my works were )olted out of place. And there were many people near
who saw me sliding on my ear. They must have longed to laugh, all right,
for I was an amusing tight, but no one shed a single smile; they all rushed
up, in sprinter style, and lifted me upon my feet, asd from my whiskers combed
the sleet, reclaimed my hat, which was a wreck, unwound mv ceattaili frnm
my neck, and voiced the hope, in anxious tones, that I had waned no eotrhr
hones. Perhaps they cnoxtled m their glee, when they were where I couldn't
. , ar"-r- ..7 j. . ., ium. .uwfn as uiuuu icey nsa no
sense, hat n roy presence they displayed the finest sympathy that's made.
Then I re'-crned mv journey home, to write tira realistic pome, and murmured
as I wer- ra ay, "These human beings are O. E!c
Cr -, . iT George Matthew Adams. WALT HASOTf.
Aecordizuc to ancient lore this
should be a lucky rale under which
to wear new garments. Hodlete and
miuiners snouia oe&eni oy tnis poet
lion of the stars.
Changes in fashtens will be ex
treme in the next few months, it Is
propnesiea, ror Meals in dress .will be
improved. '
Again Uranus, threatens the hap
piness ot mankind, for the planet Is
in a olace that bodes ill to all who
hold enviable positions. Jealousy Is
neu to be fomented by the planetary
government which also makes decen-
tlon and misrepresentation easier
tnan usuaL
It is a meet unfavorable govern
ment for persons who have passed
middle age Many deaths from
apoplexy and heart disease are fore
shadowed. Thrift Is most necessary at this
time. He who does not save now will
sorrow later.
Bankers and merchants should be
exceedingly cautious during the re
mainder of the year.
Food problems and those who
handle them will now come much to
the fore. Novel experiments will be
tried in the effort to solve domestic:
Farmers should safee-nard their best
interests at this time, but they are
warned against false or ill-advised
political moves.
In the workina- of the l.v nf .y-
tremes a wldeeoreajf f.H fm h.m.-
maklng will be apparent this year,
at the time when women have the
right to vote.
Persons whoa, hlrthriat. t, i. h..
the augury of a year of much activi
ty. Thev should beware of false
friends who utter slanders.
Children born on thl. dsv r. liir.iv
to be artistic and affeytlnnat. Th.
subjects of Pisces may encounter dlf-
uciuues in tneir careers, but they will
overcome all obstacles. (Copyright,
!, by Tho McCIure Newspaper
Syndicate )
TO THE Utile glrL
OR THE Httle boy.
AXD BBCAUSn of that.
THAT'arou love your Daddte.
... ,,
DI GOIXG to .ask you.
. . .
TO u KITE me a letter.
... N
THAT TO cio. take his hand.
AXD CROSS your heart.
THAT tVHATErXTR he says.
TOO" OUGHT to do.
AXD ,1 een remember.
THAiroXCE on a time.
WB HAD a happy boy.
AXD ItB broke his leg.
AXD THE doctor pnt It
IX A plaster cast.
AXD TIED it all up.
WITH A lot of sticks.
BUT HE wouldn't be quiet.
AXD WE had to take him.
AXD HAXC him up.
IX A sort of swing.
WHBRE HIS little legs. -
... ,
COnLDXT TOCCn the ground.
AXD 1U3 had to stay there.
TILL 1HS lee got well.
AXD TOUT) best be careful.
OR FIRST thing -yon know.
THEY'LL HAXQ you up.
I THAXK you.
I Short Snatches
i -rri rri .7. ,.
i j? rum Ejueryuanvi e i
Wild oats will now be mixed with
rye Wall Street JournaL
The German mark Is now barelv
visible Minneapolis JournaL
The dove of oeace must be a bine
bird a very blue bird. Greenville
(S. C.) Piedmont.
A woman's tears are the greatest
water power known to man. Atchi
son County Mail.
Our "melting pot" is like others; it
can not convert refractory ore.
Wall Street JournaL
We know we are big enough to
lick Mexico: but are we. big enough
not tot Brooklyn Eagle.
The only thing that could make a
labor party popular In this country
is a little labor. Philadelphia North
It the government ever decides to
hang the Reds, the senate will be
able to furnish plenty of "red" tape.
Texas Legionnaire.
Girls of an m1.tii er.11.i-. rl..!. .
THE young lady acroa. the way giS '5f twar!tamu.8tnbe pTJtty
J- it's hard to tell one nationality from;un-ColnnibHs Citizen.
CXeanraran Irrha '& ""'Sl' & g
just been reading an article by a take over the railroads for a few
prominent Egyptologist, who writes ;wka New Tort Evening Poet
jurt a. goon Eaghah as-asybody. I JJL "H?" ??LJ. i
t I ' ! - i v
. vv j&r Vecws Hr S
U i
WJEES a sew mffliaei eases f town
' ,-Ui' eieitemeat is aB araosgst th'
beysl "Bnsiseas it so good 111 have f
make an assignment if we dent' have
a panic party seen," said Tell Bink-
ley, t'day.
CapyrKht. Mstteual Newspaser Serrtt.
own internal affairs, seelnsr that thev
twere gainx to anyhow. Dallas News.
no sentence passed upon tne kaiser
lould be allowed to Interfere with
hit writing of memoirs for the waru-
o uiiaersiiMies. ifoston Herald.
Inklings and Thinkings.
Film actor's death fatal Headline. Marvelons, Sbedecke, raarveleMr
Presumably the hotel chef win ieauswed to taste the brandy before pat
ting it in the mince pie. And then, presumably, there'll be so susee pie.
If the kaiser sheuH be interned is Java that island would have as entirely
new kind of bean.
Western surgeon it grafting monkey glands on prize fighters, wfcfca stems
very unfair to the
Beauty Chats By Edna Kent Forbes
Simple Corn Cures.
r frequently happens that some of
the best remedies are the simplest
things often the old fashioned
remedies mothers make at home are
the test- I doabt whether anyon e
has invented a better spring ton c
than dandelion tea, or sulphur and
or whether anything has
found mere effective than the
good old mustard plaster, or than the
famows "bread and milk" poultice
Is treating corns. I usually adIse
some of these simple, old time for
mulas. Of course. I never have ad- i
Tocated the corn plaaters and com
oads that come ready made, for half I
a dosen reasons one of which Is that
home made oads and home txeatmen s
are usually easier
II you nave trouo'esome corns, soak
the feet in hot water for ten or Ij
minutes. Dry and moisten the corns
with spirits of ammonia. Bf t - is
time ther will be so soft that at least
a portion can be removed with a corn i
anne. kud tne spots witn a neaiirg-salve-
sine or car bo la ted vaseline u-
aarve will do and, bind gently with
old linen. If the corns trouble jc,
after this. Mad over them a slice of
lemon at nurht. and next day yon
will orobably be abie to remoe the
entire calloua
Badlv inflamed, nainrai corns should
be poulticed with flaxseed, slip per v
elm or bread and milk. These good
old fashioned poultices almost alwavs
so soften and loosen the ha-d skin (
that it can be picked off with a dull I
corn knife. 'Then a "washer" should i
be made of thin felt or chamois, a
piece large enough to cover the spot. ,
with an air hole cut out of the center j
Pta-ca. walaa nrhara Visa A.n h si ab.A1Pl
could mxlet a fptniMi liv I k!Z.i j w. ertiie n. .(. v..i.. 1. i
going Into business to sell those I and the "washer1 worn over It for a'
moderate priced goods which dealers
mj- u. people oo not wane Albany
nch la aald thnnt .n -" - 1..1.
in the supreme court, but wets do
not believe anything as dry as that
Westervin. (Ohio)
The lllaalllml Tn.tn,.lm. w. 1..
wtll ffgkt fer the league of nations
to the bitter end. At least he realties
Smt-a,d ta soing to be hitter.
JUalla Bulletin.
-rue convention win be San r..
00 a moat IstarMfhi. niMti..ti..
to hlatorv ShU-A the Mrthnmb. vt..
deareeoi difference is yet to develop.
Springfield Republican.
Possibly the census-takers' Job
would have been simplified If they
had first tabulated the nreandeatud
mnoiDiiiuM ana men counted what
few; of us remain. Chicago DahVy
Questions and Answers.
Mary Rub your arms with cocoa
butter or with oliare oil. Continue to
do your arm development exercises
and you will see a great Improvement.
If you axe too thin all over, you may
i .SwHl.tlliHulllllllillllll.
auluK CsllBUfesululalBHHvP9tRuBBululaQH
ultuiutututluK " 1 N "
Home rcnetftra are good for foot
'Hordes of Autos now reminds us
We should build our roads to ti
neea a. special ouet to latten you up.; wnen departing leave behind us
. k-p. hapfrt.!- e. -viijtfr
4lsI . I Sr3
1 . vi
Kstelle The same advice given to
Mary applies to yourself If the arms
and legs are too thin, it is usually be
cause the entire body is too thin. The
best way to develop either arms or
legs is by exercise. A little can be
accomplished by massaging with
warm olive oil or cocoa butter
Kinds that rains don t wash awat
When our children pay the mortgage
Father's made, to haul their loads,
Do not let them raise the.questioa.
'Here's the bonds but whore's the
roads r Bxehage.
Cattle in the Yemen district of
Arabia eat driea fish in drouth times.
A Guide ToMatrimony--In One Lesson
GRHST him with that "Oh. aren't 1 Tell him he "ought to write a bock
you wonderful!" smile. about his life!
Say nothing until he haa run Tell him he la too kind hearted for
out of platitudes. J his own good. t
Then ask him If he plays golf. FJ9, gjjf th ehaf tag dish and
Gradually lead him to tell you all 1 During"tne process try to look cute
about -that wonderful shot- he made and awfully domestic
four years ago (Too wont under-1 m.,, hlra ttat -moti-r" is teachlnr
hnl nn .. n IMIB amaiMI'l r ... .. Z .CT
TWrioT,, . -.. you bow 10 coosstsH you are uread
stand It-
Seientiats are discussing the po-sl-biiin
ot using oil shale deposits as
a so-rce of liquid fuel ,
I T7-li-l-i mri T
juuioDie iiaoarer
aw vMice kpt ns wwte fortiuo wurs.
an ). aajaaa . .a est .
o urV 1 JJ.Si-SS.vi OT " lao-acttOTd V. s. fnat OSte.
vvrvp (nic . isfoiDotc,
FUSBY HANCOCK, says he used to
hear a heap about whisky being
aged in wood; new he reads about it
being aged in the weeds.
The debate at the Wild Onion school
house Saturday nijht was largely at-
"""i ." w.u epoaaci nasojea bis
subject in a masterly manner, notwith
standing H was a ooc-sidea affair from
the start. The subject was "Would I
Bryan San Agsjm?" I
Sile Kildew claims to have the
smartest dog in this community as it '
has got so it knows an insurance agent
as soon as he gets out his armload of
statistics. 1
iS.,K,SLF.?SH.'. .. --., . k. " ". fashioned.- you.guoas: that
lTr; -?..-. Si. .C;..riiir " J m your own ciotftes
,kfmmhow1lhe"war1nn?affected L! .S "HXS. KS?5!!-
his buUness. .r" " ' ",anl
trifJHJ? ?, ,'h. ??," "ZvSlZIZ ? -"r while, suggest that the !M9
SiX thJUi, fi'.S -5.7. hnrt yur eyes and let him turn out
reasonable tne doss la a ad wnat a lot -n fl -- . .. f,i-. j t.n .
of "dubs' the rest of the office forca fii ".PI.H "'o"" ImD "
jjj. 1 aUB vaaa fuuu.
. I Pleiur all 1 Hi Stl ss 111 si saet,w seaaut lie, J
Mnrmnr svmnatheticalir. Call htm .. . ' """" " "" """ "
"Poor bov'" sao.
Ask him what he thinks of th. I fj,; JnJl'?! JL,ML8cn' Sta,a
Russian situation, what he thinks ofi10 on , Phonograph,
the administration, what ha thinks 'n utu-. . .
ne f.mint.. 1 Oiance no wlta a look or coasterna-
AGRKE with him ab-so-lute-ly! "?"" ,h e'ock- 211 P.hV"2I"v
Let him tell you AU he knows MST run along Ton didn't DREAM
about women." Encourage him to il was so late! How time files
-confide" in you. (Ton know where Insist ea heMlag his overcoat for
these Platonic heart to heart talks 1 him Ask him why he didn't wear a
lead') Inspire him to confess nisi muffler
"sentimental affaira" Pat his shoulder with thst mother-
Ask him to let ou read his palm. "v. impersonal, "you-poor-neglected-Tell
him what a wonderfully keen, f boy air
reasoning faculty he possesses; what If this doesn't briug something def-
marvelous judgment! inite. within a week
Tell him he should have been a I Try another man!
lawyer. Ho ia immune!
II. D. Stater, editor asd cMraBnc owser, has db-eeted The IltraH fr SI jean
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