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I Mrs. dievenson noszess at. mmge
1 For Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Bu&ngton
thi- .
t I
I -crin
s is eiler- nufoiircq. Mrs TV H Gafton. lira. R. I
nson home v (iraham. Mrs l' acoit jonnson,
lh sctunJ ! Mrs Will T Owra. Sirs. J. H. Harper,
she is ei- Mrs. A. K. Street Mrs Simpson. Mrs.
Mothers9 Class To Join Primary In
M. E. Sunday School Entertainment
VEl Pasoans A way
STh J ni
at the Mt
f rnoon v- ith
OUrt-BV WMi i
I I ntfington and Mrs. . G W. Newel, Mrs. John Don oh a ft.
i ' "k, isiiors in the nty Mrs J. J. Piatt, Mrs J. E. Bowen, Mrs.
U'Dtn- notif of George C X. L man. Mm W. W. Fink. Mr.
r birttdiv annjersar J Adinf1 Stafford Mrs Rov Davis. Mrs.
- i pre'ty dfc orations and , E W M'-Kenzie Mrs F R. Bryant,
.iid vhite r.trnatins make' Mr J R. "Voodul Miss Louise San-
pt on rooms of the har-i Mr- Ti. A Cnrtis. Mrs. V. .
; t"u --r-i onif The tally cardf toest. Mrs V. S. Peatross Mrs. Harold
bear ( t rs uf hitri ets and a cherry t ourtice Mrs. Paul H. Luckett, Mrs.
icf v '1 I ' Tcd io1 ow.ng the salad James MKepYie, Mrs. Harry Piatt,
eour ' Mrs W C Tiaum. Mrs. H J. Baron,
v-c ct ir I jt and a bevy of Mrs J N Fanburn, Mrs. A. M. Pilla-cl-Trriiric
jrirN including Misses ; bnrv. Mrs M F Baurhert. Mrs K. P.
Ktht a d Liiv v Mifhei Florenc i lijan. Mrs Oeorpe Ferguson, Mrs. C
I and T a st-enson L-om;t Kerr and A. Perkin.s and Mrs. Deason.
Btri'u "V. at&on t ill assist with tht
j fi-rni- s hospital1 it I ton" ring- Mrs Clabe Johrson who.
Tj re pj inp bridge at the Steen- -with ner Tamiiv. win leave oon ior
O'. i tr- -K; afte-roo-i iT'uie i Shreveport. Louisiana, to reside. Mrs
M- J uff.ngton Mrs Cook Mrs C M Wilchar was hostess to a
PrjiK '..rr-hison Mrs. Hmmett Lock- brinsre party on Tnursaa aiternoon
Fink Mrs Al G
MiiLhtll. Mr R. G
I at the Wilchar homp The George
".N ;
J 5 otlock the mothers class of the
First Methodist church will join
the primary department in entertain
ing: the teachers of the Sunday school,
the mothers and the new members
The children of the primary depart
ment will be given a Washington's
birthday anniversary party in tne
H. Rhodes
discussed varion phase of the book.
A ocal solo was git en oy jirs. toe
bastion. Three new members were added to
the list. Including Mrs. J. B. McKenna.
Mrs. C. C. McCroskey and Mrs. A. E.
xrortng tne social meeting: a snower
basement while, beginning at 3 3",of kitUien articles was given with
?!?!?n.":0ll' V?,Sm?i,.i" church met on Thursday .tteTnoon at
the following interesting program will
be giten for the mothers and others
in the women's parlors: Duet, se
lected. Misses Glen ore and Josephine
Fisk. topic for discussion, "Your
Child's Merital Development and the
New Democracy: a) "The Mental
Education of Your Children, Prof.
H. r. Taylor, b). "The Mental Edu
cation and Development of Your
Children and Its Relation to Oar Na
tional Future" Miss Myra "Winkler;
song. "America.
soUal half hour will follow.
Th mission studv class of the mis
sionary society of Asbury Methodist
Yes, Girls
Ee-ioodv is using and talking about
DEKW ILLO th liquid tint It in
star tl beautifies the complexion.
makes a soft rosy-white skin every
one 'Jus loves to touch" Over five
hundred thousand girls and women
i are using it It 3 a real beautlfler.
j that's what it ie. Try It today At
I toilet coue'ts everywhere. Your
! tBon? back if yon don't like it. Adv
Mother's Friend
oth mg T.mollifint
mi MM VU1'''
launnnp aecomToa ca tt.J. AnaT.t3L
lecoration and the faors and other
appointments featured the idea
A daintv guest prize was presented
to Mrs Johnson and Mrs Charles
Vollertsen won high s ore and the
firt prise
The guest list included Mesdame
Johnson. Douglas Gifford, Young
blood. T A Darling. John Fleming.
R. F Ebert, H E. Christie. Walter
Christie. Barry Hacedon. J H Baron.
Chas Vollertsen. E B Rogers, C R
Smith and Miss Gilbert.
A dainty salad course was served at
the conclusion of the games at tea
The social club which has been
holding dances at the Toltec club
Saturday evenings will continue fts
dances at the Woman's club, 14 GO
Mesa, beginning Saturday, Feb. 21st.
Music will be 'furnished by Gut ache's
Popular Jazx Orchestra. Adv.
Use more milk. It is belter for
yon has more food varae titan
any article of food yon can ut
But remember, you shooM
drink dean, pure milk and
it's worth your whfle to investi
gzte the source of your milk
supply. We would be pleated
to hae you visit our dairy.
El Paso Dairy Co.
Plume 349
Office: 423 N. Oregon Street
The lalue ef Fmb Air.
Th alue of fresh air is" increased
when It is accouinanied by enjoyable
recreation. In this beautiful weather. ' on
3 oclock at the church. Mrs. V. L.
Sullivan presided at the meeting, the
topic for which was "The Battalion
of Life." from the book. The Crusade
of Compassion." Mrs. W. T. Bush, Mrs.
Mrs. B D Brantlev in charge of the
arrange men!" The refreshments
were sandwich? and punch, and a
contest wai enjoyed during the social
hour. Twenty f n e guests were pres
ent. The T E class of the Sunday
school of the First Methodist church
held a business meeting on Thursday
evening at 7 30 oclock at the home
of Mrs. J. M. Tillotaon. After the
business session a social hour was
enjoyed and refreshments were
The Mission Study class of the
First Presbyterian church will meet
Tuesday, February 24 at 2:30 p. m.
with Mrs. X B He iron. 1205 North
Florence. The lesson for the after
noon will be Chapter 4 of A Crusade
df Compassion."
Mr. and Mrs. R- E. Dun lap hare
moved from 3101 Idalia street to a
ranch near Canutillo, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hadley and
their guest. Mrs. Lora Ktelosorge.
sister of Mrs. Hadley, will spend the
weekend in Las Crucem, guests at the
Campbell hotel.
Mrs. E. P. Rankin. Jr., leaves this
afternoon for a month's visit with
relatives in California. She will at
tend, early In March, the wedding of
her sisterinlaw. Miss Eunice Rankin,
at Monrovia. Calif.. to Herbert
Freund. of Chicago.
: j What causes j
j Activites Will Begin At Community
j Service Club Under Regime Of Army I
picnicking is a method of securing
relaxation and enjoyment in the open
The country is beginning to take on
the beautiful coloring of spring.
Make a trip by auto and enjoy it.
Our autos are comfortable and
charges reasonable. Why not go pic
nicking Sunday?
City Service Co-Tel. 339.
Autos. Taxis. Baggage, Moving Adv.
OW that the military quarantine
against influenza is lifted, ac
tivities will begin ai EI Paso
Community Service club, to be run
under the army regime, taking the
place of the Kkahi club, which wis
under the supervision of the War
Camp Community service. Miss
Virginia Cogswell, of New York
city, is here to take charge of the
club, being district hostess, and her
assistants are Mrs. W. M. Crofton
and Miss Olive Mason. The dances
Saturday evenings will be
Special Candy Sale
45c per lb.
25c per y2 lb.
Pacific Ocean
sumed, beginning on Saturday even
ing of this week. and. just as for
merly, the members of various
women's organisations will be chaperons.
On Tuesday evening of each week
club and on Wednesday or Thurs
day evening the club will be open
to the soldiers and their friends. ,
who will enjoy card games and other
recreational features there.
The girls who have cards from the
War Camp Community service for ad
mission to the club are expected to
bring them to the dance on Saturday
evening and those who have not ad
mission cards may obtain them by ap
plying to the hostess at the club dur
ing the evenings from until 7
This club is a center whereby a
pleasant relationship may be culti
vated between the community and
soldiers and the hostesses are foster
ing this spirit.
Tne womans club win be chaperons
a dancing class will be held at the for the Saturday evening dance.
TTT T Tl W . TV Tt
1 women in Meeting vote 1 o Loonerate 1
I In Work Of Eradicating Social Evil
'A X enthusiastic mass meeting of the desirable characters and through
A women of the city was held on them the danger to the youth of the
Thursday afternoon at the1 city and camps He asked that a
womans clubhouse to discuss the resolution be made by the membere
social evil In the dtr. talks at the I of the Woman's clubs and br all etabs
j meeting being made by CoL F. W.land organisations of the city and br
Mary McDearmon. social worker;
Mrs. Georgia M. Rnss, departmental
social worker in the states or Arkan
sas, Oklahoma, Texas. Arizona and paper was passed to the women to
New Mexico with headquarters In San
Antonio, and chaplain W. B. Zim
merman. CoL Weed told the women of the
part the military authorities are tak
ing in the fight against the alarming
ment of the city to cooperate with
the authorities in stamping oat the
evfL This resolution was made and a
petition the city to assist In the
eradication of the dangers. This
petition was signed by a large num
ber of women. The petition is to be
sent over the entire city.
Mrs. suss made a talk on the need
growth of social disease in the city,, of the city for an industrial home for
pointing out the danger to the civilian delinquent girls, of the good It might
youth as well as to the soldiers, and 1 accomplish in helping the gir!s re
ask ing the cooperation of the women gain their health and wholeso out
and, through them, the assistance of: look on life. She spoke of tit cel-
the"men of their homes to help with! lent work the men and worn- the
the fieht- He told of the geosrraDhl-i atv are doing in preparation f r the
J cal location of the city, so close tol fight against vice and said tha she
Mexico netng responsible m large: wonid take tne message 01 their en-
1 measure fo- the coming here of un-
i" t
An excess of acid in the stomach
sours tb. food and Marts fermenta
tion. Distressing frases form. Your
meals don't digest, bnt lay like lumps
of lead. Then you have heartburn,
flatulence, fBUaess, belching, head
ache, and real misery In the stomach
and Intestines.
A few tablets of Tape's Diapepadn'
bring; relief almost as soon as they
reach the stomach. "Fane's Dlapep
sln" costs little at drag stores. AdT.
Fanes Dyeing
a Specialty
4 3 0 0
Writ todsy for Bookitt
"B." plaining oar x
ctza ef racairlns deposit
fry Mfl, 4 eoiapirand
fflttfttt on garlay JLccts.
iff 1
and welcome for three splendid rea
sons, especially in these days of soaring d)sts
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reduction of living expense.
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i The fVremoriia! club nul meet on
(Saturdav a.fw rnoon at 3 oilock at No
lit I'alms (.nurt to prepare for the
pJaxitlnK of trees on block 49 High-
j land Iir t e ite f the home and
I hospital 1 r a-"J K"n!tfo'l
to b
f t j b.
piw n
c J.X. the i:iks
this evening
delightful af-
" t tlip oclal
You should be Very particular about such
an important Hem of diet as BREAD.
Buy good, wholesome and jresh bread
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Bread-Pies-Pastiy-Cakes .
1 0 1 8 E. Boulevard. Phoae. 1 63
A Sale of Envelope
Chemise at $4.95
Materials of good quality ail silk crepe de
chine and wash satin, trimmed with beautiful
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r styles, embroidered and
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convince job. They JiH he
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hens ve advise easts
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&r i n r
If JdOOr77jML
Silk Lingerie
Saceesien to
217-19 MESA
I Odom'sTransfer
j PHONE 707
X4can A Bryan. ChJeaco. TeTf
York. Paine, Webber A Co. Bos
ton. Dnlnth.
SIT So. Oresea St. P- M51
St. Rests Hatel
A . ,
thvsiann to San Antonio, where she
is stationed.
Kiss McDearmon made a talk on
the work of uplift among delinquent
girls of the city, of the need f
hospital to care for them, and of
what ed 1 cation and preparation for
vocation mvani to inem. one iohi ox
, how many of the girls. If given
chance, would lead apright lives and
! pointed out examples coming under
1 her persona notice. She asked the
t cooperation of the women of the city!
in ner worx: ana sooKe 01 ner as-
' proval of the attitude of The El Paso
Herald in its editorials on the cJeane
i ng of the city.
t Chaplain W. B. Zimmerman spoke
to the assembiv of preventive zneas
1 ures 'in minimizing ice among the
soldiers by means .of supplying them
with wholesome amusement and la
I tcar-ning them vocational training. He
told of the excellent educational work
; itng done among the soldiers sta
tioned about t.1 Paso and Fort Buss.
'We are not afraid." said chaplain
Zimmerman." that Mexico may send
'-oops to take EI Paso, bnt we are
-if raid of the dangers to our youth of
-uo:mng evils brought by undeeir-a.bl-
characters who are coming here
0 be near the Mexican border." He
pointed to the necessity of preventing
'he spread of social disease and that
o' keeping of the race clean.
Various women's organisations
. iere represented at the meeting and
ill of these representatives were re
quested by Mrs. J TV. Lorentzen,
' president of the Woman's club, to
1 take the message to their organlza
, tions concerning the request and
; (.ed of tleir cooperation in the fight
I against social disease.
' Mrs. O. A. Cntrhett made a motion.
1 which was enthusiastically received,
to ask the city to start work in the
building of a home tor the delinquent
j girls. This motion was carried. 1
Dr. Alice Merchant spoke of her
approval of the work and mentioned .
the offer of Charles Basset t or a
few years ago to assist with the j
movement. j
t ttsk moAtlnir nf tliA VA Psan lT,sulafc.. I E
'ration of Women's clubs, whieh was j 1
held on Thurs4a afternoon at the I
i Community Service club with Mrs. 1
' Julia A. Sharp, first vice president of ,
the club presiding during the elec- ;
1 tion, the result of which follows. i
1 President. Mrs Ponder S. Carter, (
relected) . first vice president. Miss
Jessie E. F McDonald, second vice I
-U.n It.. T tl tl...k.1 1
'rdinc pr-rarv. Mm TUith C. 3
Laje. corresponding secretary, Mrs.
H.tny Greer, treasurer. Mrs. R H
Harrington, and auditor. Mrs. T. M '
!Rjan The directors elected were:!
Mrs. S J. Fennel!. Mrs. U T. Kibler.
I Mr Julia A Sharp. Mrs. Frank H.
Bait, and Mrs George Davis Weeks.
; It was oted to take up the work
A SAilllPlflo' n HiemA.IsI It h . 1.
thj Rav Kcautv hrtnfi9itirsi fr ' 9
Jefferson Ti Smith vrill be chairman '
7 of the committee and excellent plans i
hae been made for the forwarding ti
or tne movement. s
1 The federation endorsed the Shep- ' i
f pard maternity bill and the president ' m
will appoint a committee to petition i M
j congress for passage of the bllL S
I The federation voted to have a S
I committee confer with county of- 1 W
flcials in regard to checking rooms I s
1 in Liberty hall and a favorable re- s
I port was gien from the ommirtee's
I on the plans for completion for the M
Evarts silver cup awarded to a court
1 house each year in Teas b; th state
federation of Women s club for s
civic sanitation The federation will
j make inspection eaeh month and the 2
i court house officials will cooperat s
with them in the contest . S
The federation will meet again on
next Thursday. The officers elected E
at the meeting will be installed dur-1 S
ling the month of la (1
Mail Orders recebe prompt alien- i
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