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Monday, Feb. 23, 1920.
I Invitations Out For
Wedding, First Baptist Church, Mar. 6 1
1IOF.EHEAD haf issued invita-iW'U
tions to the w.dding or their
Miss Mary Cit.s lUdmond. ana i
Ma: James Raymond
Aiionie, jdp:ot
military awator. infantry, U S. army.
Tht w-'ldin, one 01 the raost im-po-tart
aiiairs of the season, will
take p'are at hiprh noon at the First
Baptist church on Saturday, March 6.
A larcf wedding party will attend
th1 co j pie.
Numerous and lovely have been the
part-es gi.en in honor of the bride-to-be
since the announcement of her
engajrtmnt was made. Many of the
social affairs cf the present week
will be piven in her honor, including
th hndee Dartv to De civen on wea
nesday afternoon at the Mapel home
on McKmley avenue by Mrs, Dexter
Mapel, and a buffet supper on Friday
Some people say that tea
bad for the
They're right.
rWltA -- : AM-fA
UtnerS Say It IS a gentiC
stimulant, and good for the
nerves. They're right too.
It all depends upon the
kind of tea you drink.
Common tea, with
. C :
large percentage 01 tannin, I
- L r i .i t 1
1S narilUUl lO VUC Siomata
and nerves.
Very little
tannin in
rriaf fV not ceeflinc the tf
Uldf. uy UUl steeping U1C ICU.
too long. Then you get a
pleasant, gently invigorating
drink, that cheers and rests.
Cheer and rest that is
good for the nerves.
There are four flavors of Scnnnag
Tea japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong
Inrfish Brsaifast. All one auafitv. In
tsarchmvri-linedmoistTneprcof packages, i
Ar rrire evervwhere. i
o j- - la.
& 'Schilling cf Co San Franctsa.
The toast is not good with
out good coffee use
Republic Coffee Co.
Give tnc'i
to musu
Music Weft
3 tO
rca 3
;Sl Ask Year Grocer for B
J Tip Top I
-B H
- KkkAl
U Made bj B
: Purity Baking Go. m
bssssssBsuS BsSssBHr ' 3
bsssbssbbbV 1mBB m
BsssBaBsaV mHtr?E?dRkL''t9Bk
HIShBSs&s 'llwSSaVassB
The World Renowned French Pianist, who appears in recital at
the Woman's Club Auditorium Tuesday eve, February 24, uses the
"Steraway" Piaao exclusively.
Through the universal preference for the Steinway by the greatest
musicians, the Stan way lends dignity indoor home and denotes culture.
The Piano to be used at Mr. Certot's recital will be returned to
our warerooms. Ton are welcome to come in aad play on it.
Redmond-Alfonte i
mjiag. at which Mrs. M. O. Wright
be Hostess.
' ne w " "' ,"" Ji ?
!"' ? "" ; . "" """
M"""" iB - .-. -..
Mrs. Stephen Heffield. the former
Miss Elsie Brown, a bride of the past
week, was given numbers of pretty
girts on Saturday axieraoon wnea a
group of her friends tendered her a
shower of miscellaneous articles at
the home of her parents. Dr. and Mr.
. K Brown. 'The recentkm rooms
were decorated for the affair with
carnations and ferns, and a menu of
two courses was served. Those who
tendered the courtesy to Mrs. Heffield
included. Miss Loraine Lacey. who
had charge of the arrangements; and
Miss Marian Putnam, Miss Cora Scott,
Mies Emma iMin. Miss uorotny
Clark. Miss Alice- Jonea. Mrs. Jones,
Miss Maria Romany, Miss Janice StilL
Mrs. P H. Brown. Miss Eva Steven
son, Mrs. A. M. Heffield. Mrs- Henry
Pea body. Mrs. E- M. Rumsey and Mrs.
A. M. Scott.
El Pasoans A way
Mm. R. E. Thomascn is leavimr In
a short time for a visit in Gainesville,
! Texas.
Mrs. B. M. worsham is enjoying a
motor trip with Mr. and Mrs. S. P.
I s Kroner to jupine ana me surroana-
; ipp country.
Mm ?eore Booth. Mrs. Binr
TTa-don and Miss Wanda Gibson left
1 Mond&r rooming for Las Grace for
1 a visit to Mrs. Hagedon's motlierfn
I law. Mrs. B. S. Hagedon.
Mrs. H. C. Ivey and her daughter.
Mrs. V. V. Boone, and Mr. Boone left
Sunday afternoon for San Marcos.
,.,.. .. . ii lk. I III II Af
the later Mr. Ivey. whose Interment
will take place at the old family
home, where the mother of the de
ceased lives.
Mrs. S. W. Dowda and her son. Cecil
Brown, left Sunday for their home In
Richmond Springs. Texas. Mrs.
Dowda came to the city to attend ber
son. who has been ill with pneumonia
at the hotae of his uncle and aunt.
Rev. and Mrs. Hubert Smith. Ho was
a pupii in the high school. Mr. Brown
is convalescent, but not able to re-
some his school duties.
About El Pasoans.
Dorothv Whftalcer. daughter of M.r
I ..; I-mv a? C Ufklfelav sat AAArp.
- ecgjuness.; gator
' underwent an operation at Hotel
Dlec toT ippeadicitis. is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Flanniaan are
the oarents of a daughter, born Wed
nesday at their home. 1S12 Wyoming
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund D. Lachman
are the happy parents of a baby gtrl.
born on February SO at Hotel Dleu.
The baby's name is Emily Louise.
A son was born on Saturday morn-ing-
to Mr. and Mrs. Seal Harris at
their borne. 1104 East Nevada stseet
The little arrival's name is iarton
Helen Ouiclv. dauahter of Mr. aad
Mrs. W. J. Qulgly. is recovering from
an attack of inflnenaa. Mr. Qnicly.
who cajne up from Mexico a few days
J1?- Tl leaT .onnextSn?dr. t0T
Duslness trip to wow xora caty.
Genuine Imported olive oil is easy
to get if you ask for Pompelan Olive
OiL Adv.
Millinery Mme. Segal, 105 N. Kan
sas. New hats made, old renovated.
Check ugly dandruff! Stop
hair coming out and
double its beauty.
A little "Danderme" cools, cleanses
aad makes the feveriab. itchy scalp
soft and pliable: then fals sOranlatlng
tonic penetrates to tne xanusoed nair
.n.,.. ..vita 11.1. ..4 ln.lm. ill..
' vrw knl. In th. ll..t fl..l. alnnnlnv
the hair falling out or getting tain,
dry or fading.
After a few aDDllcations of "Dan-
derlne" you seldom find a fallen hair
or a particle of dandruff, besides
every hair shows new life, viiror.
brightness, more color and thickness.
A few cents buys a bottle of de
Hghtfal "Danderine" at any drug or
fniet counter Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. Seth
At Dinner For Miss Estelle Proctor
gave one of the largest and most
aeilBHUU.JV U1BUBOW uiuHuiB -
the season on Friday evening- at their
home In Kern Place in honor of- their
charm in k voting kinswoman. Hiss
Estelle Porcher. of Rossellville, Ken
tucky. In keeping with the birthday
anniversary of George Washington.
the season's motif was otiliaed in
decoration for the affair.
Receiving with Mr. and Mrs. Orn
dorff were their honor gnest. Miss
Proctor and Mrs. T. "W. Lanier and
Mrs. H. I. Cregor.
The reception rooms were decorated
with spring flowers and the flowers
employed in decoration at the tables
In the dining room were in shades of
red. white and blue. Baskets In the
center of the fifteen tables, at which
the guests were seated, ware filled
with the flowers and there were the
cleverest of place favors including,
hats, hatchets and cherries. A de
lightful musical program was a fea
ture of the evening's hospitality at
the Orndorff home.
A very delightful affair of the past
week was the dinner given at the
auarters of Cant. L. Cabstt. of the
82nd Field artillery, to a group of
society girls and to officers stationed
at the post. The girls were attired
in gingham frocks, the men in fatigue
uniforms and the truest served them-
.selves at the dining hour, taking their
I Mrs. V. C. Wilson
For Mrs. A. E. Pool,
AC&AP.MINQ affair of tha week
end was the musical tea given
on Saturday afternoon at the W.
R. Brown home on Los Angeles street,
when Mrs Van C Wilson was hostess
in compliment to Mrs. A. S. Pool, of
Big Spring, Texas, a guest In the city.
The music room of the Brown home,
most attractive in appointment, was
decorated with spring flowers and
spring flowers were also employed
in decorative arrangement in the en
tire reception suite of the home.
Mrs. Wilson, with her honor guest
and Mrs. William R. Brown, Mrs.
Adrian Poo and Mrs. Sidney Moore
received the guests. A very delight
ful group of numbers vai given, in
cluding: Piano solo, The .Shadow Dance,1
Miss Julia Pool: waltz song from
Romeo and Juliet. Mrs. A. K. Pool;
Mrs. Quigly Gives Bridge Party
In Honor Of Mrs. P. C. Bu&ngton
XTRSL W. J. QOTGLT was hostess
ill at a charming' bridge party on
Saturday in honor of Mrs. P. C
Bnfflneton. a much feted truest of
her sister, Mrs. W. X. Fink. The
Quigly reception rooms were deco
rated with spring flowers for the
party and the motif of decoration
was in keeping with the birthday an
niversary of George Washington. As
sisting the hostess in receiving the
gests were Misses Blanche Roe. Mary
le. Mary Glnther. Carolyn Plumb
and Marjorie Gooch.
Mrs. Buffington was given thel
guest prize, an olive spoon of ham
mered stiver. Prises of hand sainted
candles were given at each of the
ten tables and these were won by
sdames w. Q. Roe. s. S. Flamb.
William p. B. McSain. W. N. Fink.
Paul H. Lockett. A. X Katon. c
Lowenberc, Will T. Owen, John Dono
hue and Victor Roberta. Mrs. W. E.
Boest won -th cut urixa.-
At the close of the games a, dainty
menu was served at the dining table
with Mrs. W. E. Ward and Mrs. W. P.
Miller pouring tea. The appointments
for the tea table were lovely. Red.
white and blue tulle was crossed over
its polished surface and caugnt in
Sale and Tea At Red
f Building Fund Of
JLANS for the sale to be heia at tha.
Red Cross shoo next Friday and
Saturday are well under way and
the women tn charge are meeting
with enthusiastic assistance In ar
rangements, for the atxatr. which is
given In benefit of the baBd4ng fund
of the Woman's club.
A partial Hat -at -committees for
the sale and tea, which is to bo served
during both afternoons Includes:
Kitchen committee: Mrs.- J. W.
Lorentxeo, Mrs. 8. H. Satkerland, Mrs.
Burt Orndorff, Mrs. A. W. Foster,
Mrs. Stephen Agnirre, and Mrs. C
Garllek: committee for the frijoles:
Mrs. J. E. Qaaid; coffee, Mrs.
Charles Stevens; cakes, Mrs. Bruno
Friese; home cooking and candy.
Mrs. John Grant; Easter booth and
fancy work, Mrs. Aabcroft, Mrs. W.
P. B. McSain. Mrs. U a Franken
burger, and Mrs. CL H. Tletsort; tea
table, Mrs. Win T. Owen and Mrs.
David V. Fenaesay; mystery booth,
Mrs. B. F. Clutter: dining room, Mrs.
Hal Christie and Mrs. F. W. Seward:
teiepnoning, Mrs. J. D. Love
V.MAM tnr t.. .wtA. uM t.. i
Pickett; soliciting. Mrs. J. C Schul- I
ler and Mrs. Frank Jones; cashiers. 1
Mrs. M. A. Warner and Mrs. Rrn..7
A complete list of committees will
be announced later.
A very enjoyable affair was the
George Washington party given by
the Eula Harper missionary society
of Asbury Methodist church in the
church parlors on Friday evening.
Mrs. W. T. Bush and Mrs. L N.
Wlnans. who are m charge of the
young people's work of the church,
received the guests at the door. Mrs.
Bush and Mrs. Wlnans were attired
in artractive colonial costumes.
The church Darters were riernraMl!Avant as hostess: church circle with
with steamers of red. white and blue.
suspended from festoons of red eren I
paper. Supper was served to se'Hatchell. 180S Nevada; Five Points
...... ,- .,. , . .
jn vopie, uw place caras marK-
lng covers being decorated with
sprays of red cherries, painted by
Miss Jeaaette Faller. Vases of ferns
and red sweet peas decorated the
tables for the supper service.
Miss Emma Nation, president of the
society, gave a short history of the
society -which six months after or
ganisation numbers a meuLbershlp of
IS. Miss Ladle Watson, treasurer,
gave a report of the finances, shew
ing the work of the society in helping
More and More
are drlrvlclTt6
Instead of caffize.
Health value. & WgTx
standard of flavor
and reoter con.
TCitlerice retake -the
thana popular-aacf
The Price Is The
Saxrve As Before
The "War
SoMby Grocers rerywhers-
li gBAiJuiHi..t....ti..,1.T.,
Orndorff Entertain
mess kits to the serving; table in true
soldier fashion.
Old-fashioned games were played
and the evening was pleasantly spent.
the features of entertainment Includ
ing various ideas in keeping with the
spirit of merry Informality.
Capt. W. J. White, of the 8 J Field
artillery, and Mrs. White were chape
rons for the occasion and the others
enjoying the party included: Miss
Dorcas Anne Payne. Miss Harriott
Howie, Miss Dorothy Smith. -Miss
Beatrice Stiles. Miss Frances Smith,
Val Sta.Ti.PV Ration. Mft1 H. C Jones.
Lieut. J. C Brakenrldge. Lieut. H. E.
r eainersivne ina ine noou
On Saturday at 1 oclock the of
ficers and leaders of the Girls' reserve
corps enjoyed a luncheon at the
Young Women's Christian association
clubhouse. The leaders present were
Mrs. David W. Cathcart. Mrs. J.
Robert Martin. Miss Margaret Wood
side. Miss .Errnen Margraff, and the
officers of tbe Junior hixh girl re
serves present were Miss Norms, Hef
ner. Leila Amonett and Sarah Hardle.
The officers of the grade school girls
reserves present were Anna Douglas
Evans, Nellie May Berry and Ida
Lerner. Plans were made at the lun
cheon to Invite the mothers to a pro
gram meeting of the uin Reserves
to be held on March . The program
will consist of a pageant, "Ready for
Service,' which is a story of the
girl reserves.
Gives Musical Tea I
Of Big Spring, Tex. I
song. "Mr Dear" (Treharne)
and "Little David" (Negro Spiritual).
Charles Andrews: aona. "That Sweet
Little 'Woman of Mine (Bartlett), Mrs.
Victor Moore: violin solo, "Romance"
(Priml). Mrs.' Ralph Henderson; aosg.
"TTe Crying of Water" (Campbell
Tipton). Mrs. A. EPooL
The accompanists for the songs
were Mrs. Brown and Miss Pool.
A dainty menu was served following
the program.
The appearance of Alfred Cortot.
the pianist, in concert, to have taken
place this evening at S oclock at the
woman's clubhouse, has been post
poned until Tuesday evening at the
same nonr. Tha poatpoaement was
made on account or the fact that Mr.
Cortot missed his train connections
aad will not arrive in the city until
this evening at 10 oclock.
butterfly bows at the table's
Centering the table was a great silver
vase or cherry blossoms and the lights
shed over the dainty arrangements
were from red and blue candles burn
ing in silver holders. Confections
were mints of red, white and bine
molded in hatchet shape. The ises
following the salad were molded In
replica of the American shield, flags
and other ideas of the patriotic motif.
Those present were Mesdames Bnf
ftngton, W. E. Soest. C Lowenberg.
R. B. Twyman. E. R. Herdage. Victor
Roberts. James A. Hearn. McHugh. V.
L. Watson. Arthur Fnllan. Frank
Jones. W. E. Miller, Johnson Hale.
W. E. Bevell, Will Owen. David Fen
nessy. P. Humphreys, H. C Butler.
Al Kraft, P. H. Lockett. J. J. Piatt.
Max Ber linger. A. Schwarts. Paul
Ginthar. C C Coringtoa. A. J. Fraser,
W. B. McKenna, Frank Turner. A. X.
PUsbury. Batelle White. E. P. Ryan.
John Donahue. W. N. K-ink, H. K.
Stevenson. W. G. Roe. W. Pi B. Mc
Sain. Adine Stafford. F. E. Stevenson,
Edgar Kayser, Jake Miller, C L.
Baker. Kuno Doerr. Branch Craig.
W E. Kohiberr. Zach Cobb. A.
Eaton, H. C Piatt C E Waterhouae,
W. E. Ward. E. S. Plumb and Miss
Mary Straxier.
Cross Shop To Aid
Woman's Club Here I
to clothe a Mexican girl who is beiirg
educated to become a missionary to
her own people. She la a pupil in
Bine UMaington institute. Kev.
Hubert Smith, pastor of the church.
nroDosed a toast to Miss sola Harper.
missionary In Braall. and her health
was drunk by all present as they
Orchestral maaie was furnished
throughout the evening by a sestet
of yourur men from Fort Bliss. There
were also two piano selections by
Mrs. G. H. Pohlmeyer.
The party waa in charge of Misses
Emma Nation. Louise Wells and
Isabel Smith. A substantial sum waa
realised for the treasury of the so
The various circles auxiliary to the
First Baptist cnurcn will meet on
Tuesday afternoon at 1:10 oclock la
the following homes: Eaatslde circle
with Mrs. W. E. Gambrell. 200S Mon
tana street: WestsMe circle with Mrs,
Fred Wockerle. 18 Randolob street
Southside circle with Mrs. Howard
2on,?,on' VS.V?1' S.Tennf: Vo?&l
aide circle with Mrs. Tom Les. 1400
Bast Nevada.
Splendid programs have been ar
ranged for each of these meetings,
refreshments win be served aad an
enjoyable afternoon Is anticipated.
The savings banks that were issued
last lau win De opened at the meet
ings. Tbe circles of the women's auxil
iary of the Central Baptist church
will meet aurins- the week as follows:
Central circle with Mrs. F. E. Bull.
ltOS North Kansas street Lamar cir
cle at the residence of Mrs. C A.
iBusb. 812 North Virginia, with Mrs.
Mrs. F. T. Turner. 1301 Montana:
Mountain circle with Mrs. w. F.
nt.Mi. wi.i, v.. r u T
circle with Mrs. O. H. Palm, SOU Coo
per, i
On account of sickness no meetings
win oe neia oy Aica v ista, sunset ana
Fort Bliss circles.
There will be a meeting of all of
the members of St- Clement's Episco
pal church guild on Tuesday after
noon at t oclock In the parish house.
The meeting Is for the purpose of
discussing bulsness matters.
On Tuesday morning at ten oclock
Dr. D wight Bradley will give a book
review at the Community Service
club. The book to be reviewed is "The
Great Hunger." by Johan Bojer.
Beginning on next Saturday even-
lna: the dances at the Toltec clubhouse
J will be given as weekly affairs. Tbe
t Toltec clubhouse Is one of the most
I pleasant places in the city and the
j members nave been with their friends
, enjoying a delightful season of social
events there. The announcement of
the weekend dances will meet with
! enthusiasm by society.
The first dance given at the Com-
munlty Service club, formerly the
i Khaki club, since taken over by the
; military regime, took place on Sat-
urday evening and was a most suc
cessful and delightful affair. The
Seventh Cavalry band played for the
dancing hours. MaJ. Oen. and Mrs
' Robert Howie were present during
the evening and 400 guests enjoyed
the evening. The hostesses of the
club. Miss Virginia Cogswell. Mrs. W.
M. Crofton and Miss Olive Mason re
ceived the eu'-sts Many pleasant
parties are to be jrivrn for the men of
the military serviie and their friends I
i at the c!ub from time to time. I
--. -, pp jsiigTr T jjsrTmCXaElsrDaJg-'1 " nirrn i . mvm "m i " "" Jt4
Great music that is I
really great I
St B
H " ' 1
ji ALDA - I
1 BESANZONI jffjjfeg8- "Ttimti 1
: calve lmmiWsM 1
: CARUSO KGSillaMsl I '
: clement ffijSEWmW&wmmMk johnson 1
i h ELMAN s' iriii I ialilf melba i
! :- FARRAR 1K:: M& JBSmaUi nrRPHV I
0 GALLi-uuKuj H.ii - mmr BafM paderewski 1
i gllly MBBjmmkiWm. i.nM sammarco g
s gluck iKSSCwmBtkilmKmi schumann-heink I
. HEIFETZ JKixgP&jf- iMiiinH J HHFW scotti I !
- : - homer mjMM&K BW sembrich
1 XZgSzZj? a werrenrath Jt
. ZZl Vktro!aXVn,S300 ZANELU . I!
I VteroUJStccaf'$36S zimbalist I
Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N J '
NewRed Cross Field Man Introduced
At Convalescent House Entertainment
THE first entertainment given at the
X Red Cross convalescent honse
since lifting of the quarantine
among the soldiers against inflcenza
woe ptace on satnraay evening.
The partv was a Georce w&sfalnir-
ton affair and served also to Intro
dace the new field director of the Red
Cross, H. H. Jofanson. and to bid fare
well to me retiring IleM director, W.
A. Tncker.
About 175 men from the post, and
a number of guests from the 'city
were present.
rne recreation room of the conval
escent noose was appropriately deco
rated for the occasion by Sergt. W. C
Terrtng. Branches of cherry bloi-
some, reaae By several groaps of con
valescent patients, were utilized In
decoration and everyone la attend
ance received a mlniatnre hatchet as
First on the program was a mnsical
game. In which 3ir. Tucker hooted
for his especial souvenir. Sergt. Ed
win Gower. at the rrlano. slaved
while Mr. Tueker hunted the souvenir,
softly when he was far away from
the spot where, it was hidden, loudly
when he was near the hiding place. A
George Washington reading was
given by little Miss Barbara Gosllne
and was enthusiastically received.
Miss Julia Crisp gave two whistling
solos. Hiss Crisp Is one of the favor
ite entertainers at Fort Rltaa. MIm
Gwendoline Jones's reading was also
After the nrotrram dancincr belnip
furnished by Sergt. Gower at the
piano. Refreshments of cherry
nuneh was' served bv Pvt. Carl
Schneider, assisted by Pvt. Laws. The
chaperons were Mrs. J. A. Hunt. Mrs.
A. Aronson. Mrs. Otis Jones and Mrs.
A. H. Faller. Guests were received
by the Red Cross hostess. Mrs. J. G.
A number of other entertainments
are in the planning for the week and
a party wiu oe given on jroaay even
ing at me convalescent nouse.
El Pasoans Reluming.
airs. w. 1 Gaines has returned from
is great music interpreted by the KaUy great artists of
the world. Such artists without exception make
records for the Victor, but to secure for yourself the
full measure of their artistic excellence their records
must be played on the Victrola the one instrument
made for that specific purpose.
Only through the combined use of one with the
other is it possible for you to hear in your own.home.
all the subtle shades of color, tone, interpretation, upon
which the world-wide reputation of that artist has
been built.
Any Victor dealer will gladly play your favorite
music for you. Victrolas $25 to $1500. New Victor
Records demonstrated at all dealers on thelst of each
, Independence. Missouri, whese she
wn tn MiTitntnv .K rwiD.lBa nf Hjw
lat hnab.nd She waa aeeomnanled !
home by her sister. Mrs. W. R.
Chandler, of New York City, who will
remain with her for several weeks
Mrs. Gaines will later go with her
sister for a stav in New York Cltv
and will spend some time with her
daughter, Mrs. Alexander Day Series,
who lives at West Point. MaJ. Surlss's
station. Mrs. Surles was ill from the
shock of the announcement of her
fathers death, but Is able to be up
Bayer Company, wno introduced
Aspirin in 1900, give
proper direction.
The Bayer Company, who Intro
duced Aspirin tell In their careful di
rections la each package of geauiae
-oarer ibbjou ot Aspinn that to
get beat results one or two glasses
of water should be drank after Mak
ing tablets.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" to be
genuine must be marked with the
safety -Bayer Cross." Then you are
getting ihe genuine, world famous
Aspirin, prescribed by physicians tor
over eighteen years.
Ea?h unbroken "Baver" narlrio
contains proper directions for Colds,
Headache, Toothache. Earache. Neu
ralgia. Lumbago. Rheumatism. Neu
ritis, and Pain generally.
Handy tin boxes of tweiv. tahita
cost but a few cents Druggists also
sell larser CB-yer" packages Aspirin
is ine iraae raarK or Kayer llanufac- !
ture of Monoacetlcacldestpr nf sll.lvr fr.n.i i .,.. T..-.k- -i....
cylicacid. Adv.
Tuesday's Calendar
Of Social Evenlsl
THE woman's auxiliary to Westmin
ister Presbyterian churcB will
meet at I oclock p. m. at the
Bridge luncheon at 1 oclock with
Mrs. Orvllle McConnell as hostess In
compliment to Mrs. Norman Forst,
nt New Tork citv.
The mission study class of the
First Presbyterian church will meet
at !: oclock p. m.. with Mrs. N. B.
Herron, 1?5 North Florence street.
Tha Security Benefit association
will entertain with a leap year dance
in the evening at Knights of Pythias
T. W. C A. gymnasium classes
from 10 to 11 ociock.
T. W. C. A. gymnasium rliset for
business girls from 7:4. to .: oelock
p m.
T. W. C A. esthetic dancing claas
for business girls from 7:4 to 84
p. m.
I. W. C A. Spanish classes from
7 to t oclock d. m.
Book review at ! oclock. a. m. at
community Service dub By Dr.
Dwlght Bradley.
The Guild of St. Clement's Bptseo-
Kl church will meet at the pariah
use at i oclock p. m.
Concert In the evaing at ocloek
at the Woman's clubhouse given by
Alfred Cortot.
Out of Town Visitors.
Rev. J. J. Richards, of Tolaroaa.
New Mexico, who haa been in at Bal
aton hospital, has returned, to his
Rev. A. c Searcy, or La Mesa. Jfew
Mexico, la ill with pneumonia at Rea
son hospital. Mrs. Searcy Is tbe guest
of Mrs. C K. Campbell, of this city,
during her husband's stay la the hos
Budapest. Hungary. Feb. 23. The
murder of the Jewish editor Semoxyi.
of the newspaper N'epexava. and two
of his employes, a sub-editor and a
poet named Adalbert asco. has
created a sonsatlon her. Th h,wll...
iwttlghted with rocks.
Yes, Girk
Everybody is osisc and talking; about
DBRWILJO tbo liquid tint, a in
stantly bsaatlflas the complexion,
makes a. soft rosy-wait skin every
one "Jnst loves to toocn." Over five
hnndred thousand eiris and women
are ustog It- It's a real beaut mer.
that's what It to. Try Jt today At
toilet counters everywhere. Tour
mosey back if yon don rt like It. Adv
Use more raflk. It is better for
you has more food value than
any article ol food you can use.
But remember, you should
drink clean, pure m3t and
it's worth your while to investi
gate the source of your milk
supply. We would be pleased
to have you visit our dairy.
El Paso Dairy Co.
Phone 348
Office: 423 N. Oregon Street
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