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Monday. Feb. 23, 1920.
Copyright, itll. by
MeClara Newor Smalesta.
TT asn t to be expected that tie mayor and the aty conn-1
I ci! vojii receive kindly tie stab, jeuts regarding jnorai;
The Salesmanship Club.
and d.tc.se conditions here made by Maj. ben. KODert i
R .. ... . . .- i i '
Bnwn: never adds to tnar pepwanty; m ra, uc u
E. L .1 .. AW. V... -....mlsr 4ban 4M The IMlHKCS-1
IWaui ai iucy lie u j . ij, -.- r - - . . . . - j. ... ,,,. ,,h ,,, ... jo
tion o. such statements or their pntabc utterance nararauj --. " -" -"- -:7 "the ;e
haretd with responsi&ility tor tne i" t '" " " --' ---
w 1 n vai A v . ..O- i . a . ...--S. " - - a at IS&sasMaiaaaakajsa,
nd members of bis staff. The truth of such Mate- L, "u w.u .. c .., ,.- ---r
tiinrft,-- cno ior mz ibises. ia uiy n M4 -...
piedocts for salt Th city's reputation for honesty and
Ej; . . u -Vif eVanrt wM-li ranATHribKtv
.UBUica ... t. w-.tr- -..- ,.-,-- ,. t
(conditions attacked. Bnt tne statements mane dv .- -" - - -
EWnwie and other raiHtarv authorities were not made in a
Isjint of ceascre, and the pnbJie knows they were not AIL
I wrong, zd Jraso snooia De tuaiuaui tot me wa..ui"5 fci
One of El Pass's hardest competitors is Kansas City.
The reason is that all Kansas City salesmen pull together. I
. . -i . e x ..Uit. mli!k i xaeaa'-n estater- '
it a merman t astcs ior an aiuuc www v-.-.. ,n-
w.l ZT , ,n rhr th nal dunes orlsun does not sriL he says: -I don't sell that, tut I know ,
think we . m--j25 2J5 iir iT. M S- TD MS X SfdS
m aso Owes I- U we anmary m cwinwic w-j , -- - . . ' -c-i t, .i.w..n
PMDUe totie protection of soWiers from disease. If the firm off to the prospective customer. El Paso salesmen
tr.tuTuorshTv.rlThe"incr tf iS; ?he merchant, of New MexK an d onaUTor H
aWg the ttoops here is a strong indictment. Paso. It is their logical center. But these merchanU are
fcuons here, whatever they are. He should not take per- ho aao tnrow nearness ns. "-"""'" .in
sesal offence. He has, apparently, endeavored to keep El cultivate jt and, last but not least, we mnit DESERVE
Pasc from openly embracing vice and it must De saio tnai " um " "" .y.. .... . . v.
n..VT. '.., .i? .. ,i. .. . rit hnt e Bv tettiae tottther oace a week at a lancheon at the
B,m rn3u ;3 uut.w-tuw hvhv w .. J jr I -
chamber of commerce, every man and woman in El Paso
who has something to sell can profit They can get ac
quainted with each other and thns get new ideas for the
promotion of their basinesses. They can find oat what
the other fellow sells so that when they are ont in the
field they can cooperate. San Antonio and Houston have
foand their salesmenship dabs to be great assets.
Everybody has something to sell, if he is worth while,
goods or ability. Selling is the oldest business. It is the
most essential business, for it is the method of exchange
that keeps the world going. And the salesmanship club
is going to help keep El Paso going in the right direction
The Presidential Illness.
all know the men who have the conduct of the city's af
fairs and those engaged generally in business that we
have a good Sea! of "secret vice" here. Maybe it is no more
than elsewhere, but it is here. Perhaps there is official pro
tection for mnch of it. The Herald does not believe, nor
dee, anyone else believe, that the mayor has guilty knowl
edge of this, but it is not possible for so mnch of it to be
present without SOME official or officials having knowl
edge of it. The fact that it exists and so many people
know it is proof that there must be protection of some
sort. This exists m every aty and always win. We
should find out WHO protects it here. A peace officer
who gets less than $100 a month salary us to nave a
strong will to resist an offer of $25 a week from a room
mg house proprietor or a gambler for protection. Many'
wui nsk tne ii j.. ' w --" JTtUmv DRESIDI!KT WILSON is reported to be highly incensed
Wm'STbXWtiES tif weSd InTmust r because Dr. Hugh H. Yenng. of Johns Hopkins nrr
er?eted ort cououlry It no doubt prevails here, sity, has tiseked to the world the farts about the presi-
And it u no Confined to the police. It is known thatjdentt fflaess. Dr. Cary Grayson and other physra"
a nuhtary provot guard recently Varned a namber of wo-! assisted him in treating the president are said to share Mr
thwlrraitse out for their arrest Gen. Howze Will's resentment over pabhcation of details concerning
wffl have to r" closer attention to his provost guard, if the nature of his ailment They charge violation of pro
fcTwantt the vice stamped out. He can set the civilian ! fessional ethics. The indignation of these doctors is nat--Hw
. rTl. CT raL because Dr. Young's statement reveals their duplicity
AH "he si not confined to the rooming houses, m representing that Mr. Wfbon wai .merely suffering from
Many of these little painted faced girls seen about the I a nervous breakdown and that rest was all he needed to
streets every dav are out "after soldiers," in the ver- fully restore his health.
IS of The police. Many of the provost guards and For four roUthe country was kept rn ignorance on
nTaii of th, noh know these firls. They have to 1 the president's sickness. When senator Moses wrote a
tapl of msodl? Wonrtords tne j constituent that Mr Wilson had suffered a "cerebral
ZL w,ll i tie vice. Mes""" & "Je & "7 Et well he wiH not be any
rait "TooXiTt irtfo
.jf... -a-ilort.
o UJHUtr -i.
..t..u. -tutie.- ."" . ... --ot,
-" . .. tii lb JTOO" " c
on . -h tt oj
off -ww
fr -- - "Uln iTI
7011 COW. JW ,j - ---V
Wft V '-T- ?1 , 1v6 -raos K5
. . ....lOtl J.'-ltC- "" .
- j.l itiiiwt M
-Hrt1:. ..' wtk
'v , a.j. .w., -hw TO"
U SJ &'Z :i bh U& St2tS,
-i rr. rr;;c-
XOliU. -.- - . -jy , j V - r
1 atxtt s." ok 7 ,l1
i -rr nudi -
W "" t s it n
tptia"" j. ft
vn C
, st
ivaros. ?
JL-l -io. p
oftt Pui-- ..
i 1
i i
i i
. .vet I CO
I T; irss.
&&& Base. maM
I Wz3ml
f$t $Ui
e i cP
I Us2?-fi '" t ! I
Vf-vci sTe sKaggflB
Jml )?. vX TIii g 1 -s
&?&'& JFF aS"ia i
rsxK'Jvf-J l m f
I -itX'rfiy svsaU " Jirsitr-IIs
i Jmik 'I I I L - H?
kol ill 1I8sE
MsBsgeB,aaases!aassllS N
' "ll II f
'wrfh. a. -jnaii ,
By DWIG patter And Chatter
TAe Gloom Club.
COME, 1i alt doTTB and rrorrv audi
Jl'ii taHc about oar aardsale
and dliieasai
Lefa cold tap irrathrr. aad TMnala
Determined to l blind to all tkal
Lefa fret about the thlnsw vre are
Let's Blunge Iota a- Tilld debauch
of aorroTT,
Cenvlaeod that every ene for hope
kin Hed
And lookhnc for vrorse thins to
eorae tomorrow.
LET'S count oar former losses. oa
bv one
Reealltas; all the xbanees vie
haTe Trasted.
The things we didn't do, bnt mtsrht
have done.
The sweets we mlsht haje had, hot
never tested,
Let's Brieve about onr follies and
The footfall nets that nerer eaa be
lad feel asaln our fanner palas and
And hsfe the ones br whom we have
been sHgrhted.
T BTJ erltletae our neighbors, and
11 Hfnu . .... . . M
" T.".oT what mar S .'( BrS, LJ"W ' "TT- ,"'' """ ""
their amMtloBSi Lt The other msrhM feeHnss that
7lefd ourselves completely
tb blnPa
And waste our time In ummbUnc
t Mindltloaa.
1 Yon tell me all your troubles. III teH
We'll mateh to see whose luck has
been the meanest,
Ulo has the greatest reasons to re
pine. Whose disappointments may hare
been the keenest.
assail ns.
Expecting; that tomorrow the heavens
aiir fall.
Or that our pur faculties mar
fail ns.
Come on. let'- hare an orsry of regret.
Kefuslng to elalm cheerful expeta
rlons! What matter If no man has ever yet
Koond strength In stewlac In his
The vice at which the army is striking is innerent in
ur ciTihzation and can not be coped with successfully by
merely electing this man or that man to office or by pass
ing this law or that law. It can he curbed only by con
stant vigilance. Only by studious, scientific and constant
attention can the ravages of social diseases be mitigated
or commercialized immorality lessened.
The sensible vay to get at nee is to go alter it naro,
all the t'nt, not spasmodically. Some sensible method of
dealing 'nth "professionals-' should be institutea ana
IMAXNlArNED. Efforts should not be allowed to lapse.
With clinics taking care ef the victims, we would be fairly
ten the wav to recojry from the whole social menace.
The oiiendingjTromen can soon be identified Dy tne
civilian ofncialif they are not already known, and, it
I firmly told dfaort on" out of the aty, they will move.
If everv Vtcok such action, tnese women weoia nave to
sAne legitimate business in a short time. But
Utaans with a pull or lawyers who "stand in"
permitted to bail ot the favorites and cause "police
estimations" every time a woman is arrested who has
enough money to hire a defender, then there is not going
to be anv cleanup. When owners of rooming bouses exert
their "pull with otliaaU because tnese places, rr con
ducted in the interest tf vice and the vicioBS, bring more
money to keep the places from being prosecuted, there will
continue to be complaints from the war department and
its workers regarding laxity in morals.
When the army or nyTotecnmcai reformers rsaxe seen-
occasional accusations and drives against sin, they accom
plish exactly nothing, and when civilian officials "pass the
buck" and dodge the issae and hit hack instead of looking
into the foundation of the charges to see if they may be
true, so more is accomplished.
Wherever there a a large military camp, mere u ge-
Cinr to be a larEe colony of shametess women ana plenty
I of shameful men to serve as go-betweens. It is in the
I verr nature of onr scheme of things that this skoahi be so.
5 A scientific solution is the only solution. That sort of a
Isolation has never been tried by reformers and pnHic e-f-Ittcials
yet. While we are arriving at it, we can at least
i enforce existing laws against crime.
material force or factor in anything," one of the specialists
in attendance en the president described the letter as 1
"nonsensical beyond dmenssion.' Those who repeated
what had leaked oat that there was something wrong with
the president's train were immediately set down as ene
It now appears that the pnbHc has been misinformed
from the start. Common courtesy should have prompted
those in charge of the case to give the country all the
facts. It was a matter in which the cation was vitally in
terested, for the country was passing through one of the
most critical periods of its history.
The president's illness is the country's easiness. We
have a right to know how fit he is to manage our affairs.
When he is incapacitated we do not expect tne government
to stop functioning: we expect others to perform the du
ties, which would fall to him were he capable of looking
after them. This country is mgger than any one man or
group of men. It has lived after greater men than Mr.
Wilson have fallen. And the- nation would be better off
today if .the president had admitted his incapacity and
permitted other willing and more capable hands to carry
en bis work.
The men who build bridges are entitled to good pay, bat
the man who plans the bridge, supervises its construeiiss,
furnishes the money for it and meets the payroll has some
thing coming.
Enemies often boost yu more than friends.
Greeting to EI Pass's congressman: "Pardon me,
Cleanliness moral and otherwise never hurt a city.
Spasmodic cleanups merely enrich the soil ior another
crop of vice and crime. Coatinaal plowing is necessary to
keep Sown the weeds.
One thine about zoing to Jaarez: You learn who else
Steps are beine takes withra the army to provide a' goes to Jaares sometimes with sarprise.
greater variety of wholesome recreation tor soldiers, tnis
will go far toward reducing the demand among soldiers
I tor immoral forms of amusement.
The prozram of eahefatenment which the army is ad
vancing among its soldiers and the better recreational fa
cilities it is providing are going to de mach to abolish the
brutish instinct id the men wearing the uniform. A simi
lar program among the women needing it in civilian life;
a dime for the treatment of those diseased, and a lira
stand by officials will remedy the condition and soon
stamp out much of the cause for complaint.
There is no occasion to resent everything suggested for
I the betterment of a city when we know there is room for
E improvement. Suggestions should be received kindly and
I considered well. Then, public orxuaais with backbone
I enough to take z stand firmly against friend or foe who
I transercsses the laws of decency and right should take
such steps as will impro.e the conditions complained of
land hew to the line, regardless of who is caught.
The military officials have a right to our sympathetie
assistance; they should be told plainly what their part in
the program must be. Then we should ail work together.
SesElta will come. But we need not grew hysterical be
cause somebody wants a rooming hoes: proprietor to fur
nish reference of moral character and we are only hypo
critical when we rear back and say we have no vice, for
we have and so has every dry the sire of El Paso, and
what is more, we KKOW we have.
It is better to be right and hated than wrong and
The man who gambles and wins, lives to gamble an-
I ether day and lose.
A man is never dews until his win is broken.
Ifs all right to prate abeet "constitutional rights," bat
seme people oaght to have to prove their right to censti
tntienal rights.
' o
Camouflage was not an invention of the war. It was
only an adaptation from an age oW-feminine custom.
The only thing we hate about Lansing's dismissal is
that it puts him in the class with W. J. Bryan.
A resnies of the ex-esbinet members of the WSseo
administraties would make quite a bit of business for the
hotel keepers.
Someone has compared fate to a roulette wheeL We
never knew fate was so fickle. V
Talk about constitutional rights, what about paying
two hits to drive across a bridge over the Bio Grande?
o ,
Let the county comsbsteners take all the credit they
can get for that island paving, for they are certainly ge
ing to have to take a let of blame, bye and bye.
Many a man can see things in a woman's eyes that he
never saw hefore. As the gaBey boy remarked: "Ain't
nature wonderful?"
Some people seem to think a visit to church on Sun
day zooming compensates for everything one has dene
daring the week.
o ,
Ah. who can Icll hov herd it it lo climb
The steep stftere Fame proud temple shines afar?
I Seslatsnd C. S. Patent OtOec.
By K. C. B.
I The Young Lady
Across The Way IIJSS5-.S
oaaaaaaai Joaaa all nnB. lOOl
DEAS K. C. B. You seem to he afcie to selve a, lot of problems about newly
married couples and also settle disputes that come from the oH timers who
can't get along, so I want to ask yen. if through your column you will let me
read what yea have to say about tads pair of oldtimers. He was jealous ef
her, and she didn't care fox him, and I tried to make peace between them. Then
they both jumped onto me, and in the end I landed in the station house with
a dtsesiered eye and everything ebe that goes witt it. What's your edvke te
a rellew in my position:'
OXCF. o" a time
WE HAD a dot
AND IX the nelsjhbors boose
THEHE WAS a cat.
VXD orT in the alley
OXB SUNDAY morning
TnEY CAME together.
.VXD OUR Airedale
HAD THE neighbor's cat.
BACKED INTO a corner.
AXD A alee bis dog.
FROM A block away.
COT 1V1XD of the scrap.
a a
UB EDGED his way In.
a a
AXD OCR Airedale dog.
AXD THE neighbor's cat.
a a a
AND LOOKED hhn over.
AND THE last I saw.
9 m
WAS THE nice big dog-.
Little InteroieWs.
Regan Says Influence Of Music Must Reach All People;
American Sailors, Strong and Sturdy, Best In World
I eSfpH influence of music must reach
mBe vital, cixuitr ot Lav pcwuie
bo have not yet come under
its beneficent power, and Its bleas
iairs must be extended to every man.
-tv&man and cMld. whatever be their
nge o- their station in me, it mtuic
u to fulfill its mission as a servant
to aiL said John H. Reran. "This
i the fundamental reason for "Music
W eek ' bjt there are many additional
and subsidiary reasons also. Espe-
!ciaii. : it sought to acquaint the
puttee with the potential value of
. avustc in helpine to solve the prob
I Inns of 'ie period of reconstruction
tt'e wi' uc srrea function was to
I eid if nevips of onr soldiers and
I a!-1 th 'nis a" hoTPe soothinjr p-
ourJE ne, confort rg according to
I tiu red of the ntoniPit
Muse ba much tie s-am duy lo
pfr'oim now and the need for its
r . , s no i-ss urgent
i i '.T"!rg times of reconstruc-
ii t ti fir none racking prob-
nl 1 "w idebprcad discontent.
" ri r r ac-nt Is music JIS
insight to realize It, a moat fruitful
means of bringing about that es
sential of peace time morale social
harmony '
' During my various cruises In
foreign pons," said chief yeoman
K. C. Hanton. of the local navy re
cruiting stations "excellent opportuni
ties arose for observing the American
sailor bv the side pf his foreign
prototype Foreign sailors call our
men 'dudes because they are so clean.
During the Boxer war in China, where
detachments of foreign sailors,
marl ties and soldiers were operating
alongside of ours, a foreign observer
said the best established trait of the
American was that in the morning he
I religiously scrubbed his teeth with a
I little brush Straws show which way
the wind is blowing, and a remark
like that indicates a high standard of
personal Cleanliness among Amerl
! cans. And that in turn is an indica
tion of self respect and health. The
I trainea
MKAJU.Y evertoddy you meet has a
in friend that knows a feUer that's
get an aunt that knows- hew r mate
it so yen cant ten th' cHHereBee. We've
been readia' a lot about matin" shoes
o' shark's skin, out who'll sell 'em it
we kin th shoe dealers?
Cnprrlsnt. aiatlonal Naspaper Semes.
Edward E.
WITH THE neighbor eat.
HALF WAY DP his back.
AND OCR Airedale dos-
WITH A -very rrrm crtp.
a a a
ON TUB hack of his seek.
a a a
AND TUB three of them.
a .
WERB OV their wav-
m m m
TO THE big- doe's BOSK.
AND THEY left aha there
AND BOTH came back.
a a .
THEY WBRE very good friends.
a a a
AND ITB alwars tboeght.
m 9
THAT THE nice Ms &OS-
COULD HE have liatws.
WOULD HAVE been very gbrf.
a a a
THAT HBD broOEht pwee,
a a a
TO JL qaarrettBg pair.
... a
AND FHRHArs after alL
WHB.V YOTJR two frleads.
a a a
GOT THROUGH with yon
AND LIIFT yes safely.
a a a
IN TUB station house,
WITH 10TJR eye rnensed up
a a
THEY MIGHT have felt.
a a a
AS OCR Airedale dog.
a a a
AND OCR neighbor's cat.
AND HAVE trotted away.
a a k
WITH rrtACB In their souls
a a a
AND IF that is true.
a a a
THEN Toe broosht veace
a a a
AS YOC tried to do.
I THANK" you.
Anstia. Texas. Feb. Xl-Followtnc
a fear day session of highway build
ers and other Interested in the con
struction pf good roads an organiza
tion was perfected here Saturday,
which wtTI be known as toe Highway
Builders' association. Purpose of the
association will be to promote build
ing of highways and co-ordinating
various agencies that are directly In
terested. The rganlzatloBS wlM meet semi
annually, the first meeting being
held at Waco.
j . 'i
CrlaSaHTTW ... .;.H ana
V. v i
NVW .,
r fiy
' y - . i
V C l
1 V lv Aml J
-TlmBBBBHBl -Lljj I J lljsnaaa.nW '
Ghosts Are Not Hard To See; Ifs Easy
To Conjure One Up Almost Any Time
pOIXMBlA. Mo. Feb. :3. Hamlet ,wnich hae been accustomed to ti.
w was right. Gbosta can be seen. I m brave v.T9on who approaches a
Prof P. F. Swindle of the psy- j deserted aonse or castle where, he
enology department of th. University j ha. bee- ""JW bspe,
of Xissoarl has written a phampiet ,OOK. ,,,. carefully M the bngh'
to tell bow they may be seen. objects about him Ho wonld also !
Nocturnal ghosts, the kind that are; expected to walk rathw timidly an i
most commonly scon outside of occaslonalhr to stand "erfjftg '
spiritualistic meetings, are caused by ' thereby produces the ?T"f
....i-T. . .fi.r.imn for several conditions for the rlslt or a -spini.
.vw,.... :.- -. - ., . t Mf a Matter or fbct.
Mr Swindle anys there la not rea'H
anv apparent reason why traditio-r
shosts should not be revived, po-i
live, after-tmagee of deceased person'
While observiiis; corpses, people ar
not usuallv making such pronounc
movements as are tnvolvod In tbo at
tivlties of dancing, laughing or
whistling. Even those who do no'
weep often stand before the corpsa
and fixate it carefully, sometimes
very carefully that many" objects 'n
the f'.cld of ision subjectively d
appear. Others, in weeping, shut "in
for a long time the rays of light fron
the eye, take another glance at th
corpse and weep again in the same
way. The weeping la often, at lea.
after several hoars of frequent weep
ing, of rather a silent nature, in ine
sense that no vera- pronounced move
ments sre involved in tt. Those, too.
are ideal conditions to- preparing oss
hones after the illumination of the ret
I raaa. coatings of the eye which re-
celxe the Impression which gives rise
to vision. Ghosts of this -ariety may
I be made while you wait.
l The formula is simple. Given one
i'ratftm darknML a flash or electric
md an object (preferably hu-
look at the object so that tho
ttnan la elearlv fixed in the eye.
tarn oat the light, after a few
minutes flash the light on. look at
the object and turn out the light.
Remain quietly in the dark for a
few anjautea. faintly illuminate the
retlnaa, and hocna. pocus' There Is
the Image of the person at whom yon
just looked!
Yon Ra!ly See It.
This, mod not hard eider, to what
freaueotly ceases people to see the
ara'sa. af ohad or departed friends
1 wae-n cney vsik inrouga a loisai at
nlsrht. flies- usually see the ghost to see ir hosts If the mourner snoura
just after they have passed through. )eae the corpse and pass Immediate i
a glade or the raoon has abone j into darkness, the ltkslfbood of m
through a break in the clouds on a I later seeing a ghost' would be grrate
dark Bight. i than If he should leac and remair .t
I you want to scare away a ghost, while In th davlight where the re:
whlsjtle. It is a sare cure for sjiosts ' Inas would become strongly siimu
because after-Images grow weaker or) iated in a vsn-iety of ways.
vanish console soty shea one, makes a ! Mr. Swindle wan? a research fello-v
I pronounced or sudden motement. The j in psychology at Harvard. He stTidi? '
roaaon ghosts are seen in graveyards t ror some time at tne imve-siiv ".
is simple. Consider the tombstones ) Berlin. His observations about gho-j
and tho solitude' They pixMoce ideal have been reprinted in the Amer-.cai
light and condition for the retinas Journal of Psychology.
H0R 0 SCOPE (I it S2?S I
, i ! ,,......-
ALTHOUGH Jupiter Is In evil place
toda. according to astrology.
Uranus the Sun and Mercury are
all in benefic aspen
It is a sway espet-lallv encouraging
to the making of big plana, especially
those that have to do with newspaper
or magaaine publishing.
unauig tnis rule oi toe stars
IriEPORTS from New York st.:
JV that the singer JSanuiacror'Ti-.-
compaivy filed plans yesterdav
build a structure, which will be t
than iw feet higher than any o-'i -building
in New York City.
Ttenorts from San Francisco "u
that fire early this morning in "
icentrsl station of the San Fran.-
subconscious mind is supposed to be uas and Electric company caused .
cxceedtnKly sensitive and the psychic ; ma mtbnaled at Slo.e. besid
THE yetrar lady across the way says semse unusually alert .criopliinr many commercial ar
V-l ZmZ-T-k-rf i .11 Tbe direction of the stars, te most i maB sctanng establishments,
that in her opinion the best of all auspicious for Initiative in leadership, i ""rrr, ZLZ I!...-- ni, ar- -1
the war books was The FenrH.rsemen ! .inc. resnsivenes. umento. is i ?hV Vue pcSJted m Xc
Of the Anreerynha. ! ". "."'K..i. " U.' ."SSi.t York banks subject to the order
Reg. a 3. Pst. Oft.
nrinp thajn in nrevious
"t months, for conditions favor the con
1 ! tagion of thought, especially that
1 1 which Is destruiti-e rather than con
fl structlve.
j I Thla should be a lucky rule under
t.1,.1. .a u.V anv a,., I rt9 Miinlnr.
I Aaawers to Last Isjue Kwls- ( ment. but It is especially helpful to
i J. The capstan on board ship Is wrUers. accounUnts and secretaries.
!a vertical cleated dram r cylinder The seers declare that the world
revolving on an nprtgbt spindle, upon ' has entered on a period in which the
j which the ship-cordage, hawsers, etc, human mind will draw to Itself su
t are secured. It la operated byf steam , preme powers and many great souls
or eiectriciry. wni oe reveoiea.
2. The automatic brake-coupler, j Acquaintances between men and
employed to comnect railroad cars. Is women, began under this sign are
the Janaey Invention. I likely to be lasting.
X. King Haakon VH is the reign- . There Is a threatening aspect this
ing monarch of Norway. day for certain lines of trade. Mer-
4. A gasetteer is a geographical chants should make use of the fore
dictionary, a list of names and de- sight supposed to be keen at this time,
eriptlou of places In alphabetic , Laws era have rather a dtoconcert
order ing influence to contend with during
5. Thomas a Kemp is wrote "The i this government of the stars. Dlfap
Imltatlon of Christ." polntments come to many who nurse
. Neal Dow sras a temperance high ambitions,
advocate and legislator known as i of the signs of the new era ta
"The father of the Maine Jvr- psased j j?o rr""'1Z . XZ..ZZ. KSwrf
rn issi to prohibit manuiacrare ana ,""-":.'"
sale of Honor s'ender or criticism
1. According to the legssd. Pyg
malion was a sculptor who carved
an Ivory statue of a woman
came to Use as Galatea.
8. It was Daniel, aa related In the
scriptures, who was cast into the
fsAwa'aa slaaaa
lion'a den.
9. Copernicus was the most fa
mous of astronomers of the middle
I ages. He charted the heavens and
Kansas city. Mo, Feb. M. All
world records for the sale of pure
strain sows are eaM to have been
broken here a few days ago when
"Fashion Girl" brought J17.J00 at an
auction at the stock yards here.
The previous record price. Record
ing to hog raisers, was JS100.
Rippling Rhymes
The Funeral
An.er.cin sailor v ith hli
clf-a- 1 ad excellent health and i
f is ""aiuisirj tuett 1 dtrwiiis nii . drn, in a proauci 01
o'moBjihc-'1 and i which tie tountrj shouM 1" proud
'T an Kood w'H can) ?"
cia. acQUire ouff'Cient i 'lopr etors of El Faso a'oea res- j
taurants and cold drink ' stands
ought to g-o to San Francisco and
Lo Ana-eles and other cltlas on the
coast and see how they conduct their
business on such a low scale of prices
and make money at it," said J. Ben
jamin Xabry. federal director of
troop movements with headquarters
at El Paso, who has Just returned
from a 2000 mile trip out that way.
"Everythina; like groceries and
clothes and shoes are much lower
there.' Army shoes sell for J 6,55 in
stead of $8 50. other shoes sell for
bougVSir EH "ion canuy"a!Ana while the clergyman was droninfc and filiinZ all onr sonU with dread, a
gw sun ii ciomes mere, any style
you like, for $25. An ordinary meal
costs bu 25 cents and for 35 cents
you can get an excellent meaL Occa
sionally 1 like a bowl ofchop suey.
In El Paso chop suey costs 50 and
75 cents In cities along the coast
you can get chop suey for 25 cents,
all kinds, and a bowl of rice thrown
in. Tea is 6 cents a pot instead of
lj cents snd coffee eierywher."
is tent instead of Hi and 1".
n'nlp :rocries are correspond mgh
JI?st t 5h see well in the dark.
WHEN Junpson died (we miss him vastly, whose face we ne'er again shall
see!); we made his funeral more ghastly than any hnraan rite should
be. The pastor's talk was long and dismal, and franght with morals stale and
trite; he spoke about tne veiu aoysnau, mtue miu bo syu&c i iu.-s i--.
j i.jf. .i -l. ....,. .sa AraminMr. smt filHnv all onr sonls with dread, a
AJW Taiiir un: iwajr. w. w- . 9, - ... .a
lot of alecks kept on moaning as though they hoped to raise the dead. And
then the choir sang dreary dirges, in voices wet with useless tears, till we
could hear the wailing surges of death's cold river, in our ears. No hope inspir
ing hymns they lilted, hot dirges full of mandlin whines, and women wept and
strong men wilted, and felt pink gooseflesh down their spines. Oh, when I
die, and folks assemble, to see that I am planted right, let no man spiel, with
voice a-tremble, about my sins or virtues bright What man may say will
cut no figure when I have met the common fate, add I step up, with pep and
vigor, to dodge old Peter at the gate. No, let the urbane undertaker get busy,
like a dead game port. and take me to the churchyard acre, with all the bnny
stuff nit shon
' n trig! t 1 C'cc Ma" hew Adaa.s WALT MASON.
made many Important stellar diacov-
eriea He waa a Pole, born 1473; died
10. A non-conductor la a connec- I
tion between electrical power and
terra firma, such as glass on rub- I
ber, through which the fluldic energy ,
will not pass. ,
New Questions.
What is a lintel''
What are lentils 1
3. ho was Constantine the Great? ,
4. Who is Ruth St. Denis? j
... tt D is an aoncaiTe ;
. What is a lesion?
7 Who is Ellen Beach Yaw?
t Where is the Zambesi river?
. What animal to called "the ship
of the desert" and why?
10 In whose honor was the city of
Victoria, in British Columbia, named''
words of
are much more
harmful than ever before.
New Inventions that place automo-
Li. I.,., .k u... ..a .11 ..ul mn
,,,. ones WIU.IU ..ie rcwu -- - '
ln,t cause the need of subterranean high
ways are propaesiea.
Persons whose birthdate it to have
the forecast of a quiet year.
Children born on this day may be
high-strung and original, but tnese
subjects of P'sces usually are very
successful. Copyright l. by
McClure Newspaper tsyouicaie.
Audiences in Russian theater are
forbidden to applaud.
the city and the deal is absolutely
closed It can be stated posithe'.i
that city attorney R. F. Bulges, who
went to New York City fbr the pur
pose of concluding the sale of the
bonds of the Equitable Life Assur
snee society of New York Citj. had
full authority from the council to ax"
The union depot will be opened t
the public February 2. tt to
While playing In the G. H freig1"
yards near the freight station tli
morning. 7 year old Milton Bow. n
the son of J. F Bowen. received -r
juries which may proie fataL
Owing to several accidents whic i
have occurred lately when horses ran
away, having been frightened t,
kites, captain of police W. D. r.w
has instructed the policemen to ar
rest any child flying kites in t
streets. Mrs. W. W. Turnev enterta.n-
yesterday in honor of Mrs. Myers.
J. W. Eckman has returned roi
Los Angeles, where he has been Ma
lting his son. Arthur, for two week
Miss A. Louise Dietrich, supenr
tendeut. and Miss Emily Dana Greer
directress of nurses, at Providence
hospital, have resigned, effective
an early date.
Maryaville. Calif.. Feb. 2J. A Ju
which tried Frank A. McCormick on
charge of murder in connection w.t
the shooting of Charles Brown, a
wealthy sheep raiser, reported Ia
night that it was unable to agree ami
was discharged by the court. It hau
been out 36 hours.
Ivory Cubes" Expett
Names Girl "Natural'
Wabash, Ind.. Feb. 23 Recently a
lsby girl waa born to Joseph Cutn
minfs, whose skill with pairs of
small ivorv aubes is widely known.
The bab weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces
at birth.
Joe named her iaturaL',
Kabibble Kabaret
vaet. 13. IsUrssBosa IVstsr. Senlcs. tsc-Seraieiad V. . ratrst
SVfeU. MKvie VWKX. lOeVjJ K) ri AW WsJSlOCTi?
Council Bluffs, Iowa. Feb .
James Madsen is as instantly killed
when he lost his balance and fell on
a circular saw while a member of a
wood sawing gang near here, a few
da k ago Mudsen's head was sev
ered and hs hod u in two leit-rth-vTisc
hv th shrp tr-Mh of the saw
Mnflen. 1 tars nlil nI a ttran
t -0'I utti i FaicTtn liHf falli n on
the w ss,h-n a snail sticK of uou
turned under his loot.
1L D. Mater, e-Ur aad teatfeltog w-tw, has dlreceed The ; HmM ler 21
J. C Tla-srth ts Msaager and O, A. Martto t Wasitrl-.r laditsi-.
VIATION AND AltHI BsjWl.nj Uf tmt-f.-AsW.-w.
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ha rottofriot til El rxK, Texas, as Second Class lla'ter

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