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El Paso and west Texas, fair and colder, Ke Mex
ico, fair, colder in south; Arizona, air, temperature un
Mexican bank notes, state bins, $6.5034 00; pesos,
old, $103; Mexican gold, $50 50; naaonales, 27c; bat
silver, H & H. quotation, J1.30; copper, 1919"4c;
grain, higher; livestocks, weak.
Roy Martin and Associates
A Plant Here
TO COST $15,000
Big Dance Paoilion, Scenic
Railway, Possibly A
'Shoot the Chutes'
EL PASO will have iU first real
amusement park this season. Roy
Martin Is the promoter and be la
to be. the general manager and the
mot ins spirit In the organization. It
nil be called "Sans Souci park,'
after a popular bis; park In Chicago.
He announced Tuesday inoming
that he had organized the El Paao
Amusement company, capital Sloe,.
'OP. and that he had practically ar
ranged for th disposal of all the
stock he does not take himself.
Fifty acres are to be secured for
the park, he says, but the exact lo-
ation has not yet been decided upon.
The possibilities are that he will lo
cate it somewhere near tbe Scenic
drive It la to be on tbe north side
of the city; that is settled.
The park will contain a swimming
pool to cost at least sift,wv. an im
mense dance pavilion, a merry go
rcucd, a scenic railway, possiblv a
shoot tbe chutes, and other uptodate
amusement del ices.
Mr Martin has been making In
vestigations of oarks all over the
Cnited States for some time, and Is
iiow ready to combine the best de
vices, he says, in the park that he
reposes te construct for El Paso
"I aan going to run it on a high
plan.- he said, -for I realize that
tins must be tbe ease to make it pop
ular I know that El Paso needs
amusements, and I am gotng to pro--iide
them, and I believe the people
will patronize them We are so rirm
Iv convinced of tris that we are go
;ar to invest $ lOu 000 in the plan
A cr.ofe .f Phrtomt. who has 6UCA.
a park in that city, said- "1, " sr4
ftp pars win pui w " rr
,,mr El Paso ought to have Jty
rssociaies and I have been operating
, ne at Phoenix, aad the people have
-Mwn bv their patronage frans tna
',r,t that they wanted it .Tie park
-?Je "".wlnSiSg S3
d dance hall oar biggest -
rac tions ,
The grand jury Tuesday returned
fe indictments, one charging burg
lary, and four charging theft over
J5. All of the alleged crimes are
apposed to have been committed
Ithin two days of each other.
Semon Hernandez was indicted on
a charge of burglary, and also of
theft o-ver 50 He is accusedof
.'iitering the tome of his brother.
Bernie Hernandez, on February IS.
and stealing Bernie's personal prop-
" Fernando Sava. Carlos Morino and
Heronlrao Campo were indicted on
-.a'-ges of burglary and theft. They
are accused of barglary m eonnec
' tun with the theft of nine game
roosters from Park Look, on Fehru
.irv 17 The chickens were valued at
$5 each.
Alberto Lopez was indicted on a
cnarge of burglary. In connection
ith the theft of property from a
tore owned by ilefuglo Gonzales.
The burglary is said to have been
ommiued on February 15
Eugene Womeldorf. deputy United
MateF marshal with three special
frnards. left FJ Paso for Ueavenworth.
Kansas, at noon Tuesday, with eight
prisoners who were conSfiiHLS5
resumed October term of federal court
here and sentenced to tbe federal pen
etntiarj The prisoners, with the
charges and sentences, are as fol-
Tony Bermel. conspiracy to induce
uoroen to cross the international
boundary for immoral purposes, two
Jim Murphy. Fred Coldwell and
Frank Johnston, same charge, one
rear and one day-
" Franciaoo Eojas and Daniel Fer
rero, passing forgd money orders.
one 5 ear and one day each.
Andres Alarcon. perjury, one year
and one day . .
Kugenio Carrasco, violation or
liquo- laws, one year and one day
Wild Rose Cocktaills
New Elixir In SL Louis
ST. LOUIS, Mc Feb. 24. They're
camouflaging it in "milady's
perfume" now The police have
discovered nan) substitutes for
"Old Red Eye" since national pro
hibition made this very wet town
drj, but a patrolman on a 12th
street beat found the latest when
be encountered an early morning
home seeker zifij-xaggln: his way
merrily along
TSbere did yes get that load""
queried the custodian of tbe law,
with visions of a good haul of
"Hic-drug-h:c-shtore," answered
the merry n
Then the law's enforcer es.ught
a whiff of the merry one s breath
a whiff of rab'an nights, moon
lit love lanes and wild rosea.
Questioning reveal the inebriate
merry-maker had partaken of a
Wild Rose cocktail, ' concocted of
perfumer with a dash of patent
medicine and a "spike" of wood
Mexico Orders Two U. S.
Aviators Be Freed From
Federal Jail At Sonora
WASHINGTON, D. C. Feb. 24. Sonora state authorities have been in
structed by the Mexican federal government to release G. L. Usher
and M. L. Wolf. American army aviators who have been held since their
forced lauding about two weeks ago, the state department was advised to
day by the American embassy at Mexico City.
Bandits Flee With Women.
Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mex., Feb. 24. Word reached the military here
this morning of a raid early Sunday night of the Los Torres mine, ia the
southern part of the state near the boundary line of Chihuahua. The report
gives the details of a battle with federal soldiers in a pass approaching the
mine arid that the bandits carried off aU the Mexican women in the camp.
Troops have been sent from a southern gamson to intercept the bandits,
who are bdievecLtaJiave recrossed into the state of 'Chihuahua.
Baby Smothers
To Death Wliile
Mother Is Away
CoroBor Clark Wright was in
formed Tuesday morning of the
death by smothering on Saturday, of
Hugh Kirkpatrick, to fan t son of Mr.
and Mrs. a F. Kirkpatrick, 312 Rand
According to the report received by
the coroner, the child was lying on
a bed in the residence and the
mother was oat of the noose for a)
snort tune, mnsg ner ansence roe
baby managed to entangle Itself be
tween the wall against which the bed
stood, and the mattress. When the
mother returned the child was dead.
Funeral services for the baby were
held Sunday afternoon.
A physician's certificate stated
that the child came to its death by
accidental smothering
Spokane. Wash. Feb 34. As a
measure looking toward stabilization
or the lumber market, price reduc
tions which it was declared would
amount to 1 to M per cent under
present prices, were announced here
today by the Wererhauser Sales com
pany, distributing agency for 11 lum
ber mills controlled by the Weyer
hanser interests The reduced prices,
it was declared, would remain effec
tive at least until Jane 1.
a. Feb. H. The nnsranflswi '
the battleshiD Pennsrlmnla.
flagship of the United Stales Atlantic ' Carranza. Gen. Dieguez went fr
float, and the cruiser Columbia jUliB. JS. Cu qaasVjfcJn
Criatshal. because at infrnenra aNiail.'- J.1 US tJWIiiL
was iirteu
T.ai iMinir 1 1 iTn n ii rn w Eb.rU-1 announced that Diegnez was to be ap
abSS thttSaeiSj FtorSn. arrived 'f".5"- ",
today with the Delaware, North Da-,1" DO official confirmation of this re-
French Girls-Shun
Football; Ruins Angles
PS.RIS. France, Feb. S4. French
girls are not taking very well
to football, despite several at
tempts to make it a real feminine
sport. The reason is that the doc
tors will .advise them that it will
spoil their figures.
Every Sunday several football
games are staged between teams
of young girls, but it is noticeable
that the feminine football associa
tions are not gaining recruits. But
the sporting newspaper. I.'Auto.
points out that so long as football
develops large ankles It is not apt
to gain a strong foothold with the
fair sex.
Bailey To Talk
In El Paso And
West Texas Sooji
Dallas, Texas, Feb. 24. Exsenator
Joe Basiey intends to leave Dallas
March 11 for El Paso. Abilene, East
land and Wichita Falls, where he
will deliver addresses, he announced
Monday night before be Wt here for
Washington, D. C
Bailey will deliver a speech at
Dallas March 11. at which he Intends
to answer the speech made Saturday
at Hillsborc by Pat Neff. of Waco,
candidate for governor. Bailey said
some of the statements Neff made
are untrue.
Bailey still says he does not want
to discuss personalities. "I shall con
fine myself to a discussion of the
principles of democracy. If I am let
alone, he said.
Bailey will speak regularly over
all Texas, beginning March 11, until
May 1. He will deal witih national
issues only.
t w. will tallr ahnnr atstn
I LmVST UB Wx tA savvtam, .-
fatsmK ho ftaitL
.n . - M Ta. - CteaavIA tsW
Jieeiana, j rw - oimssmj m
i..Ke thmnrhnnr ih Mflntrv uronose
this year to form a new national
party, accoraing 10 j uhvd a. xvowm
son, Philadelphia, national organiser
r.A An lawdl rltiM anlv will be
the platform framework.
JUT raniliqw1; ivr (jivoiucui una
not been selected, bnt Gen. William
oorgas, me mui wuv vkwism ua vuv
Panama canal cone, is a member of
me PSXXJ SOU WW IM.": lfgwna w arar-
Uee he would run,' Mr. Robinson
ankton. S. D.. Feb. 24 MaJ
Gen. Leonard Wood, majority Repub
lican candidate for president in the
March 3 primaries, arrived here to
day to make the first speech of his
South Dakota campaign tonight. Be
fore leaving the state he will de
liver three addresses.
Washington. T C, Peb. 24 'By
tbe Associated Press) Charles R.
Crane, of Chicago, is understood to
have been selected by president Wil
scn as minister to China to succeed
Dr Paul Reinsch. who recently resigned.
houll Have Had A
'Search Revived
For Man Gone 9
Yrs. In Mexico
Missing since March 1911. aad
with all efforts to find him unavail
ing, Mrs. Mark Dellaha, formerly an
El Paso resident Tuesday morning
through the American consul at Sa
Unacrus requested X. A. Dow, Ameri
can consul at Juarez, to bend an his
energies in tracing her husband to
ascertain If he is still alive,
DeUaha was a railroad engineer
and In 1911 left his home in Waco,
Texas, for Alamos to accent a posi
tion with a railroad. He was beard
from for several months following
his arrival there and then completely
disappeared, all clnes to his where
abouts being obliterated. Two years
sgo it was Indirectly learned by Mrs.
Dellaha that her husband was work
ing in Navajoa, in the state of Sina
loa, along the Southern Pacific lines,
but he was unable to be located.
Since that date many rumors con
cerning his whereabouts have been
heard, but none have proved authen
tic. Consul Dow. has no records on file
in his office concerning the man. but
Tuesday morning commenced the
work of getting in touch with con
suls in the interior with the hopes of
ascertaining the man's whereabouts.
Gen Paolo Qulrogs. who has been
appointed commander of the northern
Mexico military zone and who has
been in Juarez, left Monday nteht for
i Chihnahna City to assume his new
I post, succeedlner Gen. Mangel M. Die-
rues, who has been called to Mexico
City tor a conrerenee wito president
I ataxiefi tntv nwrenunn last wees
iwniuiueu n &?
London. Eng, Feb 21 The allies
will decline to deal with soviet
Russia "until they have arrived at
the conviction that the Bolshevists'
horrors have come to an end," It was
announced after a meeting of tbe
allied supreme council today.
The decision of the supreme coun
cil, it was recognised, precludes dip
lomatic relations between the allied
governments and the Moscow admin
istration in the immediate future.
Lands Labor Hove.
The council expressed itself as
S leased that the International labor
urean had decided to send a delega
tion to Russia to study conditions,
but it stated its belief that super
vision of the delegation should be
under the council of the league of
nations, giving the investigators
greater authority.
The council, it was stated, decided
that the allies could not accept the
responsibility of advising the border
states to continue war against the
If the Bolshevik! attack with
in the territory of the border
tnlnc, however, the allies prom
ise 'every po-nlble support.
Recognition of the Russian, soviet
government by entente nations Is not
contemplated by the supreme allied
council, but trade relations may be
resumed and mutual engagements
relative to aggression agreed upon as
a result of. yesterday's conversations
by the council, according to newspa
pers here.
Fear Serloux Menace.
Premier Millerand, of France is
understood to fear that united Rus
sia might be a serious menace to
western Europe, while premier Lloyc
George and Nitti believe Russia has
been broken up and is not dangerous
Reports, therefore, that premier Mil
lerand has agreed to decisions reached
by the council, are taken to mean
that a middle ground has been found
(Continued on pace 2, column X)
Tombstone. Ariz-. Feb 24 The first
prosecution .--rising out of the depor
tation of 118 striking copper miners
and their sympathizers from Bisbee
in 1917 by an armed posse entered Its
fourth week today when more than
200 talesmen from tbe sixth venire
drawn for jury services reported here
tn 1- aVn m 4 sue. t mi
1 Four Jurors remained to be selected
! before pre-emptory challenges begin
and the actual trial of Henry E.
Wootton Bisbee hardware dealer, ac
cused of kidnaping for his part in the
deportations begins.
There hav been 22X6 names so far
drawn for jury service almost a third
of the total available in the county
and it was considered that perhaps
another venire would be necessar to
complete the jury. Court attaches
said it was certain but one more case
at most could be tried There are
210 defendants accused of kidnaping
and thus the cases against the re
mainder would automatical! die be
raue the state cannot ask for a
change of venue from Cochise county
Allies Hesitate To Cross
President On Fiume
Indifference To Old World
Would Make Treaty
'Scrap Of Paper'
Something indeed critical ia In
volved in the note which the
United States government is prepar
ing to "end to Great Britain, France
and Italy with reference to tbe Flume
creation, it involves more tuan tne
mere controversy over territory onijCJtJiJr' m matiwnii. was r
the Adriatic It involves a definition ed&eraWlikely tTbrSg
of American foreign policy for the Im- gSSl $Tairdnlon the conflict!
medlar, future, it will practically ! 2JSoI aVtbTnXatereird
glve the allies the choice of regard-, in. reservations.
lng the senators or the president as Returning to the rapltal after two
the true representative of American i days' absence, senator Hitchcock,
thought. Democratic leader, said today he had
Not in so many words of course, not been approached with a proposal
but back of the threat which preal- for a party enurm. though Demo
dent Wilson made of withdrawing tbe cratlc senators are endeavoring to
treaty was a recognition of the fact, arrange one.
that the allies were beginning to, Willing to Call (lectins;,
despair of ratifying by America of) "If asry considerable number of
the peace treaty aad membership in i Democrats want such a conference."
the league of nations and were get- he said. "I certainly shall not oppose
Hn. r.ulT tr rmtnm tn n ...tt.m.nt ' tK. uu v ..Hon."
of European affairs in their own way) RepnbUean claims that J2 Denw
and without regard to the principles crats had shown a willingness to ae
on which the armistice with Germany Jcept the Republican reservations
an. Imnrli-Hnnnrr waa haaad. I without change were said by tne
Flume Only nn Incident,
The allies have seen the senate:
flout the president. They have seen Uon during the last few days
both parties in the treaty contain-1 Hndorsed by Underwood,
ingly engaged in a presidential elec- Who initiated the movement for a
tion content, and America has ben' Democratic uet-tegetfcer was not up
more or less indifferent to the heal-; parent, trat the move was understood
lng of sores left open by the peace I to have the endorsement of senator
treaty. Fiume is only of these sores. I Underwood of Alabama, a candidate
Russia Is another. The decision to! for the Democratic leadership, and
rAn.n nmm.ral ..l.tlnna wl.l. th Otlisr Influential SeSBltorS WhO hSVO
soviet was taken without consulting
America and the truth is tbe allies
hare absolutely reversed tbe position
they expected tn their note of Decem
ber 9 on tbe Fiume controversy. Tbev
are ooming to believe that expediency,
reewjres any aura oi a settle nieat uat
wui sausxy iiaiy.
As for the Juso-Brava. well. Ameri
ca isn't giving tbe economic assist -race
aaked for. Congress turned down
president Wilson's request for $1S-
eea.oee to af4 the central European
republics and offered tt,ovMM.
The European governments see
the Cnited Mates drifting back to
iaolatlon, aotwlthitandiair prest.
dent WRson'a assaraneea and the
professions of world partnership
whleb advocates of the league In
beth the Republican and Demo.
cmtle nartfea hare been ntaLInc
So far as can be determined here. , high nmhttwn is the maintenance of
the allies mean no disrespect to presi-; right and Justice, will be a potent
dent Wilton. They would have liked; factor ha the attainment at these
to go along with him hot the practl-, happy results. 1 wish for you an ad
callties of the situation are staring mlnlstratloii of great prosperity, of
them in the face For the moment the! Health and happiness for rourself.
associated powers have been brought IWoodrow Wilson.
to realize that the president might) . . .. .....
withdraw the treatv altogether and,
definite! cut otr American coopera
tion. Old World HesHates.
xnis. ot course, mazes tne allies ....i . i. ai
hesitate. But with the prospect ttot.ggai8K
S?fT anwaV the Eu2u - """ organisation soon, at aland solicitor general King will ap
irlmLtt mlt not 5U af HbTr "wMoa meeting at the chamber of pear before the government. While
ernroents may not be axteced by Mr-' .,--. rvi-.- a mmi. , a. th it viii K hM-d m the-. rrw.t.nn
Wll.nt-.a- ikHet .. .If a- . ., .,, f
note to Great Britain, France and
tVi- W.W..7 -7arv.T --..I iC-ra. Tfc. I
Italy must argue the case before the
p.01 -?mior . In woria UTlm?e!f"Jto W. J. Moran, of the Labor Advo
thre of America's own opportunity tol!-.- " "'" w Wl
be of assistance In Europe The preei- ...
country, but the power of his appeal j j army nVk1 atore received a
on a broad principle of European at- ap.oj.a 0 tomatoes in snail cans,
fairs Is not gone and there are many Thursday. MaJ. Homer Mendenhall,
(Continued en page S, column 1.) superintendent, announced.
TiyfARQUETTE. Mich.. Feb 24 H B
1Y1 Hatch. Cnited States commis
sioner, today refused to issue
federal warrants for the arrest of six
Iron countv officials charged with
conspiracv to obstruct the prohibition
law Hatch declared he could not act
without approval of district attorney
Walker at Grand Rapids Utch fed-
' , i"!Be SeK8ion'!- or attorney
"t.. i ev r.ii ,.a.,
hiSti.. AwBl? ' .h. .. LJi
nutes ? who tasked ftS the wart5n
nSiffed hScSTSSi Sln-'teSSBft
authority to issue the warrants was
received from district attorney
Walker by 2 p. m, he would proceed
to Iron county with a company of his
own men and a squad of Michigan
state police, and make the arrests
without warrants
Follows Instructions
Commissioner Hatch, after confer
ring with MaJ Dalrymple, wired dis
trict attorney Walker at Grand
Bap Ida, asking for instructions re
garding issuance of warrants.
MaJ. Dalrymple said after the con
ference that commissioner Hatch told
him he was willing to issue tbe war
rants, but was following instructions
from district attorney Walker.
MaJ. Dalrymple said he, with bis
How The Country Takes
Lansing's Dismissal
Frieads aad fees of president WiUen alike were shocked by bit wimmary
treatment of secretary Laatdsg. Must pinieai call it a blunder.
But there is another side to- tbe matter. Some think Mr. Wilson was
amply justified.
The Herald will publish tomorrow opirdess from Democratic, Republican
and independent papers in every section of tbe country, giving all sides of
this perplexing question.
For an unbiased view of national opinion on the great issues of tbe
day, read this article tomorrow
D, S, C
Republicans Discredit
Eagerness Of Demo- -cratlc
Senate To Wage Fina,
Battle On Ratification
Of Pact
Uninterrupted aenate considera
tion or tne peace treaty until a
vote is ranched on ratification, will
begin Thfaxsday under a plan an
nounced ia the senate today by sena
tor Lodge, the Republican leader, and
received without objection from the
Democratic side. Decision to keep
I pytJc. iedtr v? .55 JJfcIrl Z
exaggerated." but he added that .he
had ma nade a canvass of the situa
been urging that evrv effort or made
to bring a ratification.
Happy Fulwe Wished
For France By Wilson
- InNolSTo'DescKanel
Washington. D. C Peb. !. Presi-
dent WHnon has sent the fortowtog
president or tne rreacn repuouc, l
extend to your excellency my cordial
felicitatioas. Victorious In the great
est struggle known to tbe world.
France faces a great and glorious fu
ture, and von. Mr. President, aa the
chief executive of tbe people, whose
tKUMltK MUUi 13 RAMb
fV ROY crnilT Pimi.irAHfiN
Th Frontier Scout" was the name
offlcSally adopted by the executive'
hy the
1 Paso :
Hoy .scouts,
CVBDrCe 1-tMfcfMny SI, nMaW. . A-
constitute UM puoiicaxion committee,
Th(. 4trmet tor nrintlna- was ariven
special agents and the state troopers,
win reaie tor iron Kier st ;: ia p.
m . regardless of district attorney
Walkers action.
Boexe Outbreak Subsides.
Chicago, 111. Feb 24. Liquor re-
be 11 ion In Iron county. In the upper
Michigan peninsula today apparently
tP aHh.UJ . vs. at e'.a.jui As tk an.
Ben-,proa.h ot j,aj. j y. Dalryinple, fed-
eral nrohiWUon enforcement chief for
the six central western states, and a
Picked force of 1 armed asaiatants.
.BW Ton, there stated that MaJ.
IMlrrmpie saiu ne was ciotnen wiui ,
fnll nennisslon to handle the aitu-I
ation in his own way. He announced
he would -clean up" tne cquntrr.ar-,
rest the state, county and Iron River
city officials who jad in terf erred
with his lieutenant in the selsure
February 19 of contraband wine, or
give up my Job."
Foreigners Excited.
The foreign born element today
was reported greatly excited over the
possible use of federal troops and tn
numoer ox instances wnua iiags,
made from pillow slips, eU -"1
iuw-;, .-. .,,. ----
vud. aaaaswi ... - -
(Continued on page Z. column -4.)
For That
t m h
Veto Becomes More Urgent
Farmers Urge Veto
On Railroad Bill; Say
It Means High Prices
President WL'son was asked
today by George P. Hampton,
managing director of the Fnrmers
National council, on behalf of farm
organisations affiliated with the
council, to veto the railroad bill
on the "grounds of public policy."
Mr. Hampton asked that the
presldem personally or through
secretary Tumulty receive a dele
gation next Thursday that the
farmers representatives may have
a chance to express more fnllr
their reasons for opposing It.
The president was told that the
return of the railroads would
mean an Increase of "four to five
billion dollars" In the cost of liv
ing, because of the increase in
freight rates and that one billion
dollars of the iacnatse would be
passed on to tbe farmers. This
increase. Mr. Hampton said, could
not be borne, as agriculture new
was in a "precarious position.
Mrs. Ott Says
Not Guilty To
Murder Charge
Dallas. Texas. Feb. SI Testimony
In the trial of Mrs. Ida Yalera Ott.
formerly of El Paso, who shot and
killed her husband here Dec 21, will
begin some time this afternoon.
"Not guilty." Mrs. Ott uttered In a
weak and feeble voice today at noon
after district attorney Flerson had
read the indictment charging her
with murder.
Xa ..- ..1. 1. .. ... ...
Wbra she fired four shots point blank
lnto her nMblul(rs head December U
in the midst of a throng of Christmas
shoppers she thought he was about to
Kin ner. sue saic
Tfae testimony will ten about pistol
duels In 3 Paso and Albuquerque
between Mrs. Ott and her husband,
tbe attorneys, who are defending her.
The "nob squad of attorneys who
recently freed two women here for
killing their husbands were on duty
early with a reqn .t that the trial he
postponed because of absent witnesses
from San Antonio. Judge C A. Pip
pin useiiuara, tne motion.
excused bv tne acnta hacanae he
'squirmed m BL; eHalr wweta district
attorney Plersna naked him at he
vinir-r her husband,
- uie Questions asked by the
-WlSrSnire-en it was
deduced that the state will not ask
the death penaity for Mrs. Ott-
Washington. D. C. Feb. 24. Argu
ments on the government motion to
dismiss the original suit instituted by
Rhode Island to test the constitution-
I " ot " te&ml prohibition con-
stitution amendment will be heard
in tne supreme court on Jtaren a. as
oe arguo. jit. rnerrron sua womj,
and the entire case submitted uoon
its merits to tne court, a aecision at
this term is expected by court orfl
Boston. Mass., Feb. 24. The sinking
of the British schooner Gwendolen
Warren and the rescue of the crew
was reported In a wireless message
from the British steamer Pike Pool
today. The Pike Pool has the mem
bers of the crew on board and will
1 take tnero to Hampton Koaua.
The Gwendolen Warren was bound
1 from. St. Johns, N F for a Brazilian
-, - -
rtx i.ii -ro itv-rinx noADs'
Washington, D C Feb 24. In a I
telegram to regional directors, direc-
tor general of railroads Hmes has in-,
strncted that the names of corporate
, officers be ascertained to whom de-
partment beads will report after fed-,
aw-ssI HtuiHllnii nf lha r-a ilpnuitc -nHet
and appropriate instructions isut.rt to
' off leers These orders prmide for
. formal transfer of authority now ex-1
ierctsedb., railroad administration of-
' f icial. to the J rnorations, which re-
eume control ok tne lines jiarcu i.
IlirflT nininnrrn
inil I I Mil HI 11! I I
ITsshino-lnn T. C WakK 9 A A s-tla
pute between agriculture and interior
departments anu otner interests oer .
imnnnariKt ior iiih uru rsiaan rLxteasaas- .
Ivelt National park in the giant Red
rvooa uismct oi Laiiiornia, was aireu
today before the bouse public iands
Secretaries Meredith and Lane sent
laatttar fstvortner AMtsl,llathnifn f thf
park, but expressing disagreement
lover bonndarv lines fixed in the bill I
i of representative E 1st on. Republican,
California. Mr Meredith objected to
(inclusion in the park of national
i forest lands under his department's
j supervision which are needed, be
said, for timber and grazing pur-;
poees and are not necessary to the
pafks scenic splendors.
Witnesses before the committee, in-
eluding representatives of the i
Fresno. Calif chamber of commerce.
the V-salla. Calif., board of trade. '
and the Sierre olub also recommended '
limitation of boundaries to exclude j
commercial timber and graxing lands. '
Further nearings will be held I
Message He Sent To Mexico
For Presidential
Private Discussions Indicate General Committeemen
Not in Favor of President's Proposal; Threats of
Break Loom in Affiliated Organizations; Object
to Section Providing Tri-Partite Labor Boards.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Feb. 24. Threats of a break in tbe affiliated
railroad employes orgaaizatioas militated today against immediate
sofuttoB of tbe quetios before tbe representatives of tbe 2,000.000 rail
workers coaerring here ob president Wilson's proposal for a settlement of
te wage demands.
May Vet Hold Strength.
Because of the wide divergence of
views held by the committee men
called to Washington to consider the
white house policy, executives of the
organizations admitted that they did
not know whether they could hold the
strength they had gained when it was
agreed ten days ago that tbe organ
izations should affiliate to consider
tbe proposal.
In every conference, it was said.
demands for an appeal to the presi
dent to veto the railroad bill con
tinued to arrow more insistent. The
leaders, therefore, were confronted
with the task of explaining to the
local chairmen the basic reasons for
tneir tentative acceptance or
president s plan.
Must Combat Radicals.
Tbe leaders also were forced to
combat moves of radical elements 11
several directions. They said these
misht take definite form at any time
That the general committeemen are
not all in favor of the president's
proposition was indicated by private
discussions among the executives as
to courses of action in event the plan
is rtjected
K. J. Manton, president of the
Brotherhood of Railroad Telegraphers,
was said to have suggested that the
whole eontroersr be referred to the
1 genera; members This proposal
(Saw gaTo-ed h sTsay assssag tb
oner executives), nt was ssuo bsk n
serves to indicate tbe trend of
tbouaht of the leaders.
Presides t Wilson win not aet im-!
mediately on the
eompromis bin
by the sea -
ate. It was announced at the white
Town Quarrels Over
Raising a Fire Ladder
Welleslev. where pretty col
lege girls abound, is today de
bating the relatively simple ques
tion of how a fire ladder should
be raised. The problem arose at a
fire in the post office building.
when it took the firemen IS min
utes to set a ladder to the top of
the building The chief being ab
sent. ever one gave orders, and
the result was something: like
babeL While the discussion raged
the fire extended itself. Citizens
tried to settle the argument, but
the firemea would not raise the
ladder until they had a majority
rote on the proper method.
i Labor Meeting
Goes On Record
For Clean City
J L. hauswald and F C Stand
ish. of the central labor union, were
nominated deiveates to attend the
State Federation of Iabor meeting n
Cleburne. April J at a meeting of the
orsrsnlzation Mondav nfsrht. one to be
.elected at the next meeting. March 8.
1 in tne open discussion oz tne meet- ,
lng the members present endorsed.
1 the stand taken by the city council 1
im refusing to grant Gen. R. L I
nowxes request lor a arasiic room-
1Wp.. pBfrBTp Th ,, fftY.
Rfv Rufae ?' WDO for"
merly expressed himself as favoring
the legislation, attended the meeting
fter the ordinance was explained to
him he dc!ared that he did not
' blame the city officials for refusing
to pass the ordlrance He said it had
been his understanding that the or-
dlDaUICe TDpr!". IlfOVlflMl tht nf fl.
cials might scan the reBisters of
various i hotels h-r-
Members present expressed them-
selves as faoring a "clean El Paso,"
and fonowlng a nu ruber oj taJto re-
...- . w.. . ,.
orgariiaxtion go on lecord as approv-
'" ln"; fc"on OI " " council in'
, . ,h" .,,,. X. ," T"KZ
a.. - u ua. i cm-.iai.-& uwaa a MlCdl
and conviction of all keepers of
house of ill repute and that "no
f forts should be 'iiart-d in the im
t meuiatt actions or tr. civil and mill
tar. anthont t-. jomtij stamping out
this e il and that a clean city be
maintained .
CAVC T t nil T njiTT CAnr.fr
-- WleUlei O U.Lt tJ.rU IS Ida
O Feb 24 Max S.
' Haes national ihatirnran of the
, Labor party of the Lmted States in a
, telegram to president Wilson pro
tested the proposed Cummins-Each
railroad bilL He denounced the
measure aa let; station to benefit
apecial interests
presidential veto.
and demanded a
Declaring he spoke not only for or-'
! ganised labor, but for the public Mr '
t Hayes assailed those features of the
bill which he said guaranteed rail- (
, road owners revenues.
Adoption of the bill. Mr Hayes
said, would place on the people the I
(burden of another billion dollars tn,
! inr.si r . mi- .-. -ot.
4&4 !-- d O--O
The proved Hreulallei. ot st
The El laio Herald U nearly
t-fl-e that of any other EH a i
Pao paper" j
-O O-O -O-O- O '
house today that the presid-rt had
directed that the measure he refe 5
to the department of justice as scn
as it reached the white house f-ova.
. Thirty-two Repablicans joined vrh
15 Democrats in the senate .n voti-g
for adoption of the conference report.
while three Republicans and . fm-
ocraia comprised the 17 to 33
against it.
Row Senators Toted.
Those reported voting: fo- te ccn
f erence report w ere
Republicans Ball, Brand eg-ee Cal
der. Capper. Colt Cumn-.ra Crt s.
El kins. Ferrald FrelinKhuysen Hale,
Jones (Washington). KelTogp Ken
yon, Key en Lenroot, Lodge MLa,
McJCary. Nelson Vw, Pas r pes.
Poindexter, Smoct. Spencer St it,?,
Sutherland. Townsend. Wad5T.orLi.
' Warren and TTatson. Total .2
v-.uivvtaio tr;v.IUIlU r'tJlCTT,
Gay. Glass, Meyers. Pheian Poan-ere.
Ransdelt Robinson. Shields. Smith
(Georgia). Smith (Maryland tnder
wood. Walsh (Montana) ar-1 Wil
liams. Total. 1 .
Those roting against the report
Republicans Borah, F-ane aad
Gronna. Total Z
Democrats Ashhurst, r-tl (ire.
Hams. Harrison Johnson (5o.ui r,
kota. Jones (New Mex.cuf K a,
McKellar. NugFnt. Overman p - a,
Sheppard and TrammelL Tota. 1
Those paired follow
icn-ad for with Cu wrv
i licConniek for wr- 1 -
SsCaicnt: D4niirharr. 'nf t
swanaon againrt. Pall for w ,i e -driek
againsi. Smmoos for t ..i
lvirbr mmrainjif VTrfnmh. - i k
I LaPollette against. Hard 1- t v -h
I Walsh fVasasfhuittr. aw r - ,-
for with Owen MgvT.st.
Washington. D C, Feb 24 T1 e
' recent 14 percent w-.s'e "--a
awarded coal -niners w'l -(M j . -J
00a annually to the burr o ....
1 Burners m C'nlora'o if coal pT-a n-g
there are iliowed to inc-ta--e pr -?s
to produce an adequate return on
I their investment E. H. Weitzc o' te
-Colorado Fuel and Iron eomparj o
I day told the senate coal in--tiga Tg
.committee The wage mcrea -
said, could not be absorbed zv
company, which operated, m li ac
a lose of 7 4-5 cents a ton
Colorado miners did not. neea ie
wage increase, ne saiu. sone i- i-;rs
under tbe former scale reeeiw.; as
high as $3SO0 a year, whi' the a.---age
was about $1W2. Emp o- 3 of
fcis company had opposed tne --r w
he said. Prior to 1319. he idd a -ployes
of the company o- ac t. 9
automobiles at a cost ot $1. ,c ii
in 1S19 thla increased to :4S a. 3. o -of
SS.S.eov, whi'v dunntr tics:
ix wee as in ij' 7a new a io -
biles were Durciud.
Mr Wcltael said a se 1 -
working day would virtually h s
company mi' of busine) n: tr. .h.
sjpply would not permit tim- to prD-
uu suiiicient coal
.,- .-.
f wr li.iAl.'s KKalGMTtOT
L wr. Colo Peb. 4 T-a O
O Johnson, of Pu-blo, r-mt-
signed as president of dw-c
13 Lmted Mint- Workers of
was solely responsible for tnc
01 the coal ramer-V stntc i
i Colorado fields nn vin,'
and that there was no . drt
support the charges of dcr m -
nn thd nFf as ,. .. .
zjralnst union men. was th- st, .
of a rulin-r handed do.i a i
the state Industrial com-p - ,,
( concluding its inestijw-.,. .
charges bro It .gainst .- .
..uv r uc. .lu ,ivu vumm r .
, unions.
rne commission loun.1 . t
i ,iT"..", "",' "". K.u" l
it luuiug . i vcuitltvi ill I w
walked out on October si i j.
-, to the national strikt ord --
mine unions had altered ih
ing the rescinding of the -1
strike order tht Colorado
Iron company and seven' v
a tors had refused to renc-i i
i miners, who were all-pvd
taken too active oarts
for the strike.
The statewide strike
Jnhnaon. was held to ha r
iolatton of the stat mdus.
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Evangeline '
Poll anna," Mary Pickrrl
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"Live pa"ks J Warren .-ver-rigan.
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