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t routined from pajre t-)
it-h's in great Britain and France
i would be response e to such
a inca
,r iinr wr-i the president nas
- ;uppe! furhifns " the Ft tune
-5HUJ it Is one of the few princi- I
15 not sacnf ted at Paria for tne(
--. i f rxoedif- and the outcry for
t -r on of tl treat itself which ;
- "in(r 'rom - manv quarters isi
a -. ins m rfhinijion a- sense f j
;rr- t-r rtsponsiD.l'ty to stick by the!
i r n. pie now tl-an when the world
Hi all ausorbd in the details of a
n-p e settlement ana nations every-
-h v ere urcinff haste in fretting'
t. r n.prom'Se treaty Ftgned. j
iu -urreuarr on iuc i :uure (--
' n i ohs omethin.r bigger than
"f Trr- -moris For instance in the
nlted aies, if the president did ac-
ot ail the Lrfdge reservations, it
crh f course happen that the con-
p-IUlC" piu iUtU JUJ 111 U1VBV aK.1 - :
r ons would never arise. The!
-ri 'ors aim at hypothetical
tr?"(ies. The Fiume question is
j- fortunate reality a test of
-inf-.D" that will show whether the
partnership of nations is going to.
---ial -m hh trnrorial creed oi
e new libera' i which means self;
''"temiration ad an equal oppo-i
jnity for the weak as well as the!
rons: ir Europe, It is a fact that
ettement was rrac!cally reached j
-t JK-jBt on the Flume problem,
w r- en ran K tr oik w as neaa oi me
irican m'RSion in raris. inen came,
.i nntmvin anvnrlp Th Tfnllan'
.'ato- brushed aide principle and!
irply seized Flume. He applied tne,
finr-p o iolerce and force, some-1
.v,.-,g. that had been repudiate in the'
-c- treatv itself when Germany In-
Tdd Belgium.
Bora of Desire for Force.
The whole document was born of a
ruire to substitute negotiations fori
a'-o trary force- If tha president yields
nr the 'allies bew to expediency, the!
i eigne Itself will not be wortn start-,
cr and rhp treat might as well be
v 'i drawn and America go back to.
- .latlon. That is why the threat to
- uhdraw the treaty on the part of
president is not mere pique ori
i ,f"ilagc but a del.berate weigh-
of the facts in the case, coupled!
n Lre uniorxunaie tendency aurvu
to construe the traction of the senate
. ' the rn ited States on the peace
-eaj as the real desire of the people
n the question of helping Europe
ark to a pece basis. The allies will
mr.k twice before forcing the issue
-- 'h the president But failure of the
-eaty m the sena- may answer their
-inbts for them bejere long and to-
iei prospects of merican ratifica-
t ,n of the treatv are far from
hr M Copyright, 29:o, The El Paso
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for Carpenters, Ma
chinists, Painters,
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chanic. We sell
They are known as
Buenos Aires. Argentina, Feb.
24. Information concerning anar
chistic acUvltiee both for individuals
and for collective action by the reds
and mutual warnings when persons
known to be agitators leave one
country for another, will be furnished
as the result of the adoption of reso
lution a at the South American police
congress nere today. Announcement
was made that information will not
Include data relative to persons ac
cused of political crimes nor anything
concerning legitimate laoor move
ments or the struggle between capital
and labor.
Reserve cors officers in El Paso
want tne privileges ox ine annj wi
missary and to be considered a part of
tne army estaoiisoracnu a - uuv
asking these things was adopted Mon-
chapter of the American officers of
the Great War, at the chamber of
commerce, a copy oi mo iwwmuuu
was forwarded to the grand chapter
Maj. W. R. J amies on, formerly in
fore the society on the history of the
Cincinnati. Maj. W J. Browder
ItrHi n 4r fct uvuwv va.r-tf
in me a- t- r. utw .- " u6t
told of his experiences In supply ork
at Camp Lofran.
The post commander of the former
army officers' order la Lieut. CoL C.
M. Hendricks, a physician. CoL H. E.
Stevenson is adjutant. Lieut. H. E.
isnsnun im mbibuuii wuuuiiu rc"
ings are to be held every two -weeks
at the chamber of commerce.
Paris. France. Feb. 24. Socialists
of the most extreme faction will hold
a large majority of the delegates
sent from the Seine federation to the
national congress to be held at
Strasbourg- this week. Of the 24 dele
gates IS will be under the leadership
of M Loriot, who is in favor of the
immediate seizure of capitalistic
power and its replacement -by Soviets
or something similar to them The
reconstructionist Socialists, led by
Paul Faure. will have nine delegates
while the conservatives will have but
All recruiting parties In the sooth-
west working out of El Paso are to
be concentrated in this city from
March IS to 31. The special recruit
ing campaign ends on the latter date.
Dances, band concerts and other en
tertainment features will fill the two
weeks of intensified campaigning, it
was announced at military headquar
ters Tuesday.
rrhi.f electrician F. D. Richardson.
attached to the local navy recruit
ing station returned to El Paso Mon
day night from Ciovts. N. M, where
ne nas oeen in cnarge ot us n&vy
suhrecrulting station, which has been
closed dows temporarily.
Ueot. John B. Hupp, in cnarge oi
the utt recruDitinc station here, re
turned Monday night from Silver City.
N. 1L. following a tnree aays- in
spection trip throughout the district.
Amsterdam. Holland. Feb. 24.
About 8 percent of the red army in
Russia is not "red" at all but is neu
tral, according to the staff corre
spondent of the Handelsblad. O.
v. .i k & farv rartirnAr) tnft
an extended tour through soviet Rjs-of the London newspaper world to
ia. He savs about percent of the day. which contended the question
officers, who are la.-geiy arawn irom
the trained military men of the old
Great Britain Press Warns Europe
Against Hasty Actions In Expelling
Turks From Constantinople District
LONDON. Bng, Feb. 24. Agitation in
favor of expelling the Turks from
Constantinople, which has been a
conspicuous feature in one section of
the press during the last few days
and which has had the support of re
ligious and philanthropic bodies, met
counteroiasi irom anomer wcuwi
upper class, are "csarist in inclina
tion. This leaves only about 20 pe:
van nne tit OTirh imnortanc that it
could not be settled on sentimental
considerations 1 ut must t4 left to
the matured deliberation of the su
cent of the soldiers and 40 percent , preme allied counc
of the officers thoroughly attached
to the soviet regime, the rest being
neutral or esarist.
Xpels. one of the few neutral ob
servers who was permitted to visit
soviet cities recently, writes in a
series of articles that he was mon
courteously treated by the Bolshevik
than by the Poles, through whose
country he had passea.
In a lencthv argu.ient the Tele
graph asserted that British states
manship has neither the duty nor
interest to expel the sultan from Con
stantinople." and expressed the opin
ion that agitation to this end was
"ill-Inspired and ill-considered."
Wrigh Warnings of Tnrest.
The Dally News, which has always
been a staunch champion of the Ar
menians and supporter of Gladstone's
In general, he observes that "tnere , . , the Turks out of
arc two kinds of boisneviKi. lEnroIM(.- gays the real question Is
first class, he says, are cranks with, f :"IJ-. h, ? b! ,.taehed to warn-
lo.t of, adventures and rascals to.- . or Moslem unrest as a result of
the expulsion of tl.e Turks from their
spiritual capital
Under the caption "A Too Success
ful Agitation," the Morning Pot
lowing them. These people, he says,
are vim but if one knows how to
treat them they are as wax on one's
hands. The second class are the true
theorists, the adherents of Marx's
principles, who are serious, well
meaning people and invariably treat
one fairly.
"They either admit you into then
country and receive you very well, or
don't admit you at all." he declares.
(Continued from page 1.)
"The British government, by raak-Ina-
hastv announcement throughout
India of the decision in favor of the
Blliuui nas urni niwivu v. uii
decision.' '
Brand It "Concession.''
The newspaper seeks to show the
decision was merelv a concession to
political agitators in Hindustan who
may not be temporarily modified
by it.
The recent campaign in favor of
the expulsion of the Turks is said
by the Express to b based on a per
fervid sentiment" and the newspaper
argues there is not a single advan
tage to be obtained in drawing the
sultan away from Constantinople.
London. Eng.. Feb. 24. It is re
ported from Damascus that 40
French troops either have been killed
or captured by Turks and Arabs near
Houran. Palestine, says a Central
News dispatch from Cairo. Egypt.
The correspondent adds that it also
is reported the French are evacuat
ing Baalbek (30 miles north of Da-
. .,! tlia S3 RITr. vallefV. Iv-
'nr between Lebanon and Anti-1
Wednesday And Thursday
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Justice Signs
Order Stopping
Court Enjoins
Texas State
Sale Of Ships j Control Board
ngton. D. C Feb. 24. Asso- Austin. Texas, Feb. 24. Temporarj
ciate Justice Bailey of the district su-
1 preme court, today signed the form
al order of injunction against the
on which the allies can stand until
developments show true conditions.
Poland is said to have been won
The capture of Ice breaking ana snipping uoara to prevent, we bjuc
other naval craft by the red forces of 29 former German liners. The court
which are over-running the Archangel , consented to tl.e request of the ahip
and Mninr ak sections in north pUB board that the ship Suwanee,
Russia, is r .ported in a soviet com-1 which has been sold for J2.00K.0OO.
munique received from Moscow today. . be excluded from the order of injunc
The statement reads: j tion.
Capture Battleship. 1 William Randolph Hearst, who
"According to supplementary in-1 brought the proceeding, furnished a
fnrm.tinn from Arehana-e! oar troooa1 bond of SlO.eOti to indemnity the shtp-
captured a battleship of the Chasma ping board against loss.
river flotilla and two heavy and fivel No notification of an appeal was
light ice breakers. gl'ven by counsel for the shipping
-1 - m . I e - J &.. . .was 0kU Stt- efe ehAfal
"The enemy is bomomraing unenu- ma. " "- -.--- - -
ehesk (sea of Axov) from the sea.
"Fierce fljrhtlnjr is continuing
around Rostov and Nakhltchovan (on
the Don).
"Red troops have captured the
fortifications of Gulitch.
appeal may be taken later.
Carranza Edict Calls
For Passports To Be
Vised Every 3 Months
A decree just issued bv president
Carransa and received early Tuesday
morning by acting consul general Al
berto R. SandovaL at he Mexican
consulate at North Oregon street.
makes it necessary for all Americans
to have their passports for Mexico
vised every three months. Prior to
tbii order the time limit was six
Gnlnnctlnn was aranted today by
Judge George Calhoun. In the S3rd j
district court, in the ease of Atlee B. i
Ayers. et aL, members of the board
of managers of the Southwestern In
sane asylum at San Antonio, restrain
ing the state board of control from
Interfering with the management of
that institution.
The court did not directly pass on
the constitutionality of the board of
ccBtrol act. but held, in effect, that
the members of the board of man
agers of the asylum were elected for
a term of two, four and six years,
and that legislature could not abro
gate these terms by legislative enact
ment. The action of the court does
not in any way affect the board of
control In the operation of the other
Assistant attorney general W. A.
Keeling, on behalf of the board of
control, gave notice of appeal, and
the next move will be either to move
to dissolve the injunction or try the
case on its merits. Judge Calhoun
stated from the bench that the tem
porary injunction did not contemplate
that the board of control should not
buy supplies for the institution.
state constabulary in tne "pp"
neirhmla. and Maj. Dalrymple will
"If 1. n !, InlMt if VI Tnf. 1"" - - ":'"". -- ..
. . iT . zi Americans can come aim bw -"V
ana to keep Cloudcroft going. Everylriji.' throughout the zone limit
this order the time limit was six , r , vegaunee this afternoon
months. This ruling becomes effec- I"1!" riTermpinied by a
live March 1. rnder the new order, for Iron river cmpani r
dollar that is spent there duringthe p without having their passports Ised
on each entry ah nviuno ut -ports
at present must have their
cards revised on March 1. Sfty
have already run a coarse of six
summer season cornea back here.1
This -was the statement of Horace
B. Stevens, who spoke at a luncheon
of the real estate hoard Tuesday
noon. Mr. Stevens spoke of the ad
vantages of CkradcrofU He said in
Variety Of Timber.
"Clondcroft is 112 miles from EI
iaso and its ownership is principally
in the Phelps Dodfe corporation. This
cornoration has nJedfced itself.
through public statements not to cat
the timber from their lands, aad
this insures that there always win oe
wood land there. There is a great
variety of timber. The average alti
tude is about S996 feet. The average
.(Uiitaii, HU.U1UUI5 w av.oiuuiw.w rieui.cu ii iu.i .. -- .- -
IIm 4 . Unhae Tkta !...! aovimlrnral naeiil and DOSS1
sures good vegetation. Many of the i bilities with a view to increasing loou
Rat Hit! BHl.
S Fas.
STethlag like PUIa Bltro-Phosptate
t Put on Firm, Healthy Flesh an
to Increase Strength, Tlgor
and Zferre Force
Judging from the countless prepa
rations and treatments which are con
tinually being advertised lor the pur
pose of making thin people fleshy.
developing arms, seek and bust, and
replacing ugly hollows and ancles by
the soft curved lines et health and
eemtT. there are evidently thous
ands of men and women who kcezly
feel tbelr excessive thlnnesa
Thinness and weakness arc often
due to starved nerves. Our bodies
need more phosphate than is con
tained In modern foods. Physicians
dalm there is nothing that will sup
ply this deficiency so well as the or
ganic phosphate known among drug
gists as bitro-phospfaate, whicn is in
expensive and Is sold by most all
druggists tinder a guarantee of satis
faction or money back. By feeding
the nerves directly and by supplying
the body cells with the necessary
phosphoric food elements, bitro-phoa.
phate 81)01110? produce a welcome
transformation In the appearance,
the Increase in weight frequently be
ing astonishing.
Increase in weight also carries
with it a general Improvement
In the health. Nervousness, steeptese.
oess and lack of energy, which nearly
lwvn areompsiv excessive thnns
should soon disappear, dull eyes
brighten, aad pale cheeks glow with
the bloom of nerfeet health.
CAUTION: While Bttro-Phosphate
is unsurpassed for the renef oi ner
vousness, general debility, etc, those
taking It who do not desire to pot on
flesh should use extra care in avoid
ing fat-producing foods. Adv.
3 Of all the foods bread
ranks the highest in general
use. Hardly a meal is
served but what bread is
included in the menu.
Gin the United States
white bread easily ranks
first in popularity.
Q Cream of Wheat Flour
makes superior white bread
for Cream of Wheal Flour
is quality flour.
Bread is your best Q Do all your balling with
food. Eat more Cream of Wheat Flour.
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out the Entire Southwest
Good Munc m Jmbhc places u a crt'ic asset
vS FLotnt jam
3b mJB w
X QPssaTeue m
Philadelphia. Pa.. Feb. 24. A com
mittee representing the American
Friends service committee, left here
,i.. fn. uvton to make prelimin
ary arrangements for reconstruction
work similar to that carried on b5J
the Friends In Kurope fpr the .est
three vears rthur U Ritchie.
Moorestbwn. K J. who is an exp
,i.nHi fsrmcr and fruit grower, mill
troop xt state police. Tne teoerai
raiders are scheduled to reach Iron
river at 11 oiciock tomgnt.
Okamulgee. Okla. Feb. 24- Sixty
one stills have been seized In this
nnv ilnriiir the last WOOk and
eight alleged moonshiners arrested,
deputy Internal revenue collectors
announced today. Mneh corn whisky
and Mv gallons of sour mash were
A tarn nmsretraUoii attended the
services at the Westminster Presby-
Ham Sale
8 lbs. average Armour Star Sugar Cured Hams,
per lb
Standard Store and Market
. No. 1
Oppoftfle I'oMoflfee.
n -rn- t" -"--
Standard Store and Market
No. 4
Cor. Franklin and X. Oregon.
rm- X85 and S8
Standard Store and Market
No. 2
Cor. Kansas and Boulevard.
Phone tS4B anil 4341. I
Standard Store and Market
No. 3
"Five Point."
Pliowe MSI SC
Standard Store and Market
No. 5
2897 Alameda Ave.
riMiM lag.
Ci.mJ.mI CCam sm4 IvTjipIrer I
No. 6
3339 Fert Boulevard.
Ph.ae ail ana ass.
Important to aH Women
Reader ot ifla raper
Thousands upon thousands of wo
men have kidney or bladder trouble
and never suspect it- j
Women's complaints often prove to
be nothing else but kidney trouble,
or the result of kidney or bladder
If the kidnevs are not In a healthy
condition, tbey may cause the other
organs to become diseased.
You may suffer pain in the bade
headache and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous. Ir
ritable and may be despondent, it
makes any one so.
But hundreds ot women dalm that
Dr. Kllmer'a Swamp-Boot, by restor
ing health to tne moneys. fm
to be just the remedy needed to over
come such conditions.
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Women Is
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trees there are as much as five feet
in diameter. The need some trim
ming out to make room for the new
timber, but there is a great va
riety of beautiful vegetation.
The place is governea ay a ooara
of directors, five of them elected
from among property holders. Re
cently this directorate petitioned Gen.
uowze not to allow tne army to nc
quartered there during the coming
summer, as many tourists will not go
there If this Is the case. They sug
gested that the army contingents be
sent to the Indian reservation 12
miles from Cloudcroft, where there is
every advantage. I think this will
be done.
Lanr scarce.
The E. P. 8. W. has laid off
three addition !c Cloudcroft. and the
lots, 40 by lv leoc Drug irom
to 11 &a aoiMs. X think a eood four
room box house can be built now for
about I75. However, labor is scarce
and one needing carpenters had bet
ter take them from EI Faso.
The real estate board passed a res
olution as follows:
"Resolved that the members of
the El Paso real estate board shall
not divide commissions with any per
son not a member of the board."
There was little discussion of the
Charles R. LeBaron suggested that
the real estate board shall each year
glve a prise for the most beautitui
yard in El Paso and the best kept
farm in the county. The resolution
passed unanimously.
K. M. Roberts, of the chamber of
commerce, spoke at some length on
general conditions here.
Ben ScovelL an BnsTlish actor and
entertainer, was the principal speaker
at tne weeKiy inacneon ox tne i raso
Traffic club Tuesday noon at the
chamber of commerce. CoL Scovell
told of some of his experiences "traf
ficking throusrh life." The sneaker
was introduced by Her. Poller Swift,
rector of St. Clement's ttptscopal
church. Thirty-eight members at
tended ihe Tuesday luncheon, ach
weeks hereafter there will be a
special entertainment of some sort.
E. W. Kayscr. of the First National
bank, has returned to El Paso from
Xexico City where he represented the
El Paso chamber of commerce at the
trade conference. Hr. Kayser will
make a report to the chamber of com
merce of what he saw and what was
accomplished at the conference. He
will speak to the directors of the
chamber of commerce tonight on
what the chambers of commerce of
Mexico are doing.
ater it Is planned to nd several
groups of men and women teachers
for instructions In health and sanita
i-.4.n. vtjvt Fh 24. Federal
cavalry, under CoL Martin Salinas,
returned to OJtaaja today from thm
Palomas country, m. ";
.hara ttiv rAndneted a two weeks'
campaign "aainst the Vill forces.
"r .. T a. tia Mnntrv
driving int-m out ". " ,.-.- .
Three of Villa's men were captured
and brought nere ior in-.
(Continued from page t.
teriaa church Sunday night at which ; to Or. Kilmer Co- Blnghamton. N.
time Dr. R. M. Hall, of Houston. Y. you may receive sample sise bot-
snoke on the subject: "Prepare to tie by Parcel Post- Tou can purchase
Meet Thy ia. sspecnu musical i maa'um and large sue ooiues at an
numbers were rendered by Mrs. I drua- stores Adv.
Christie and Mr. Andrews. The series
of meetings will continue at mis TTciP Hprnlri Want Aflq
l,.J. ivruulnlur of tha vk. USB Cl.eid.lU Hdlll ilUO
--jO. Uddct bsrcfc wrtttbtmr anextxm
. "- A I it Hrarrs
I Sre tsSs la th
tmtment of ITCH. 2CZEMA.
eer Itehiat skm dwesses. Try
a 75 cent box st oar rax.
port Should Diegue get ."F
polntment. Quiroga probably win be
permanent commander In the nortn.
ng. Gen. J. Gonxalo Escobar ac
companied Gen. Quiroga to Chlhua-
nua vity. iuns wi. e,....
in charge of the Juarex garrlson.
The help of American consul E. A
Dow m Juares was requested again
on Monday to aid in the locating of
Herman Hillman. 1 years old. who
w.n fTMn m Paso across the river
sometime during December and never
returned. It is feared by bis friends
that he met with foul play, as he has
not been heard from in that time.
Juares police authorities were still
searching Tuesday for the automobile
who ran down and killed Ernesto
Ramos, a one year old boj. on Sunday
eening on Commercio street. Pn
taleon Rueda. who was arrested fol
lowing the accident as one of the
party in the automobile, has been re
leased by the police, after proving he
was not the driver of the car.
Continued from page l.
Pas favorite
a quick,
to work
71 1 '
y i
D n
a n
ported to have been hauled to caves
In the hills on sleds pulled by men,
women and children or secreted in
wine shafts, tunnels and underbrush.
Quantities of It were reported to have
been poured out.
Martin S. McDonougb. state s at
torney for Iron county, who assumed
responsibility for the lisarming of
Maj. Dalrymple's assistant. Leo J.
Grove, and a small party of state con
stables and taking from them the
wine thev had confiscated today was
ready, he said, to submit peaceably
to any federal arrests.
No Opposition Expected.
While announcing his willingness
to cooperate with the federal officers.
McDonough protested against the
charges of Mat Dalrymple.
Indications last night were that
Maj. Dalrymple's force would meet no
opposition upon lis arrival in Iron
county, but he left Chicago -prepared
to cope with the situation. He said
he was empowered to make arrests
either with or without warrants and
that state's attorney jicuonougn ,
would be the first arrested. Twenty
five rounds of ammunition waa issued
to each man of Maj. Dalrymple's I
party. ;
Marquette, jaicn-. r - . -jv
jv. V. Dalrymple, federal prohibition
director for the central states arrived
in Marquette early today to apply to
nlted States commissioner Hatch
f'.r warrants for the arr;t of six of
ficials of Iron iourtv and the illagre
oi Iron ner chapd witli obstruct
ii tnfurt-em "t of t1' ioc1 ibuion
Trials Free
To Show You What Clean Teeth Mean
AH Statements Approved by High 'Dental Aatheri&s
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pepsin tooth paste which combats the fr?m.
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ing dentists everywhere are sow urging its adoption.
We ask you to prove it by a 10-day test Do this for yosx
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Kim Wrecks the Teeth
That slimy film which you feel oa your teeth causes most
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years dental science has sought a way to combat it
Fflm is what discolors not the teeth. It is the bask of
tartar. It holds food substance which ferments and forms
acid. It holds the acid in contactwith the teeth to cause decay.
MUHons of germs breed in it They, with tartar, are the
chief cause of pyorrhea.
Now science knows a way io combat it The way is em
bodied in a dentifrice called Pepsodent It is now used daily
on mSHons of teeth, largely by dental advice. To those who
don't know it we supply a free tube, so they may sd it out
Old Ways Don't End It
This film is clinging. It enters crevices and stays. The
tooth brush doesn't end it The ordinary tooth paste does
sot dissolve it That's why mOBoas find that weH-brushed
teeth discolor and decay.
Pepsodent is based on pepsin, the digestant of alburaa.
The film is albuminous matter. The object of Pepsodent is
to dissolve it, then to constantly combat it
But pepsin must be activated, and the usual agent is an acid
harmful to the teeth. So this method long seemed barred.
Now science has found a harmless activating method, and
teeth can now be daily cleaned as they never were before.
I Tanks I
H Immediate Sidpment B
S Southwestern
I Wrecking Co. 8
B 506-8 San Francisco St. 9
I p sassHS KBaassssssSSB
Comfort Feet Thatltch
And Burn With Cutkura
Far tfrcsL achsog. irx&ited. lichfeg feet
wuialttas wsh Cautura Seen fcjQtv-aicii
by lesale aposcaaoi-sef Ctsbcura Omt
toeat are roost s-accesrfaL
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Itm-smrinJtart tit JbMMjbM." 14wrr
rx-r-w s-sma-Se. OtstMMstS aad Kc Tibmic.
ssp1Caticnr Soap ibaTM widievt mc
Look Now
See how the teeth's
whiteness is dimmed by
film. Perhaps tartar has
formed in some places.
Itching, Burning
Skin Diseases
Are Caused by Poisoned,
Look Later
See how the teeth have
whitened how the film
has disappeared.
Send the coupon for a 10-Day Tube. Note how clean the
teeth feel after using. Hark the absence oi the slimy film.
See how teeth whiten as the fixed film disappears.
This means more than pretty teeth. Compare your teeth
now with your teeth in ten days and decide what is right for
yourself. Cut out the coupon now.
P. 9BBBBB3smemmamBmmm pat.off.
,5. waMEMaaaa imiiiwiiiii Fwawaa
Aathoxitias sre now of tae own
that many forms of ecaema -ind r.
tive skin diseases are caus -humors
ia tbe bloc4. This scale
the Mood may be due to irre.-a j
habits, improper action of the ;t
kidneys, stomach or some contra
blood disease. Internal treat m
that goes directly to the root of
trouble acts upon or pur'T.es i'
btood m the most dependable niea
of getting real relief.
Such a treatment s Prcri;'
C-ZXXS. a reliable blood ponfie-
plsfljdid medicinal preparation v
wed for years by a successful pi
sldaa in his private practice. It -
duced such satisfactory results :
bis patients and has since rle
so many thousands that it's osir
that it will rive yoa relief.
If you are now suffering- the ir
tures of burning- itching- eczema
i any eruptive skin disease, arfd
: other medicine and doctors is
j failed, go to your drug-grist and .
a 1I.S bottle of Prescription C-:;j
If two bottles do not give yoa su: -j
flcient benefit to Justify your con-
ttnulng the treatment, take
empties back to tse same IrRsri
and get the 85.00 that you paid fo
the prescription.
While taking Prescription C-!;:,
the bowels should act regular! t -1
help throw off the poisons wlucb a-
eauaing your trouble. There '.s ioi
tag better than I22J Uver Pills T' t
have certain tonic effects and do so
sicken or gripe. One is a doe
If your drua-gtswIH no: supply tt
with Prescription C-?S:3 and :::
Liver Pills, both will be se- o
postpsld oa receipt of $1 ?S Supp-
you write the 1SSJ Laborstorj it
Rhls. Tenn. US Sooth Secon.1 St. 'o
terature, 19? Almanac and s
of the Pills. Adv
The New-Day Dentifrice
( -" ftd-ial .ttr nt- lironpl '
t"i c i;r- Milu utf ir'l ot! --r i
ri t't c itrv "ill.'- d -ran '
A scientific filo combatant, bated on activated pepsia,
now advised for daily use by leading den tilt everywhere.
Ten-Day Tube Free
.1H43 Wabash arcCMcaes ffl
Mail 10-Day Tube of Pepso
dent to
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