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i pcK bowing tennis and other athlete
ou"d jn the sport columns of The Kerald Full
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are leading contributors to The Herald sport Departm-"-
Caroentier Is Signed Up Descamps; Bankers Wallop Meyers Quintet
811 Fll?0 tN
QAKI- Fr-b 25 That a tight be
V twt-tr Lroree Caxpentter and Jack
Dn pfi it r the heavyweight
ch2TrpiciBh p of the world will go
to hat - er promoter succeeds in
Mgnir? jVmpse to a contract is the
pipt o' an interview with M. Des
cimps arpe tiers manager, pub
shed Wpdiesday morning by Sport--"g
a Weekly publication
Signs p fer Bouts.
I J-.a.-vt g Mrn my s'gnatare to C B-""ocnra-
or London Theodore lenne
o ans W luam Fox of New York
and Tex Tickard a 1 shall gie it to
arone wno sall Lnng me sufficient
ruaur'ft1: jlwaj- however with the
provision thar Dempsevs signature be
obta nd said V Descamps
uMr toehran la m personal
friend of mine. That Is why I
Kire hint the preference after
Carpentlrr's match with Beckett.
Bat np to this dale he has been
unable to sernre Dempsey" sig
nature. Meanwhile. I bare re
ceived a telegram from Jack
Reams, manager of Dempirf, '
saying that Dempsey had not
signed with anyone. He also ad
vised me strongly to deal vrith
Tex Richard and asked me to go
to the U nlted States, where he j
said Reams and RIekard were l
awaiting me. Canentler and I j
will leave Mareh 13. '
nu Carpentier Signed.
I a.m rot forgetting that Cochran
I o'us "a-pentier practically bound
u- i - end of the year, bnt inas
much ; he ncs not succeeded in se
iur Kg Dmppfy s signature, and when
ie rejlizt3 'hat this will be impos
sib1 - is too good a nort to stand
r otr ua of pu'ti ,' the fight
through i -uuse should Iempsey
sign ith Miner Rickard or Fox the
cc- rat fothran has with us be-
" lei e the Paris promoter has vir
'nailv 5 en up hope vt holding a
bout between Carpentier and Deinp
e in France owing to the exchange
raL situation and Sporting savs it
s t-t- npron of Descamps and all
spori- men in Paris that if the
ght taks place it will be in the
L" eu tatf-
Champ Stecher
Wins One More
"it J'-g Pa Feb 25 Joe Stecher,
wcr d ca'c! as catch can wrestling
champion threw Tussif Hussane, of
Detroit n o minutes here Tuesday
night, w tn a double wrist lock, while
himself e'-tancled in & body scissors.
Sechr tried frequently to apply his
own bod scis"-", but found Hussane
had TJfe-ted a Rood defence against
Hussane protrsted the referee's
dec's on, but rlngsidera held that the
verdict of the referee William Peet,
a local sporting editor, was correct.
can:t be rubbed away
Deep Seated Disease Is Caad by
Germs in Use Blood.
Rheumatism is a sturdy Joe, and
it never uses gentle methods wrtk its
victims. So if you are afflicted with
the disease, you may as well realize
from the first that ytm have a real
fight on your hands and that you
cannot win unless you can use the
very best methods known.
If the disease was confined to the
surface, there might be some logic in
expecting relief from fa clutches by
local applications applied to the sur
face. But you will soon learn that a
disease that can cause so much pain
and suffering is deep-seated, and
has its source far below the surface
of the skin. The pains may be slight
at first, and that is where the vic
time of rheumatism is often deceived.
He does not feel that the first
Httle twinges of pain amount to
much, and hence" they are sot
promptly heeded. But they grad
ually increase in severity ustfl k has
your entire system m its relentless
grip. The pains that seemed so shght
at first become intensely severe and
teem to take delight in your suf
ferings Of course there has been casei
uhere some slight relief was ex
penenced from the use of Kniroetits
and other local applications, but
No man is st his best or can do bis best who has a weak
or diseased body A strong, vlcorons body means s dear.
sctivdj brain, and Rectal and Chronic Diseases such as 1
treat sod care are the most proline cause of Kervoos-rt-sc
Despondency. Xelancnolla and Jack of energy or
without using the knife, ligature, cautery or strong In
Sections with little, if any psin and no detention from
yoar business My Painless Infiltration Cure leaves the
parts as healthy and normal as ever with the possibility-
of a ralaosa verv remote, to sar the least, while after
a t pe-ation the parts are never normal
ji" i aia iui uluc
jos- p aces Tor oiner inrnor- 10 xorm.
OFFlr HOIKS a a m to 7 it ra uodsys. M a m. to IX in
Sf'vrai Bide Otit Tpi' Bsok A Trtfet
Minute Movies - -,- -
To our patrons i
thee .
Baseball FansEagerly Wait
For Crack Of Bat; TeamsLine
Up Strongly For The Season
EW YORK. Feb 25 Now that the
American leurce factions have
laid down their wax clubs and the
much battered Dove of Peaoeris roost
ing serenely over baseball once aga.in,
the fan is turning his undivided at
tention toward the coming: pennant
Th- squabbles of the magnates have
never been much of a dlsh" for the
fan 4.s a rule he doesn't care a
tinkers rap whether the "mags" pull
eacn otnera noses or not. He s red
up with that kind of baseball gossip
Hence, the com ng of peace was wel
come. Tralaine; Time is Tlere,
With the nr.ng training season I-
witn tne prmg training season -
devounng all of the "advance dope.
-. ,e, . v..c -"".c . ,
?"2Jin p
i-ZZr",!"?. L?"een DI.vr RarrinV nnfr.J 'u
league clubs indicates that the mag
nates In general expect strong op
position in the pathway of any pen
nant aspirations they may have.
The winter of 1B19-20, tne of
the leanest In basebsll nlstory in
the vray of trades and sales aside
from the record -breaking Ruth
deal, shows plainly enonch that
the various cloba are frteslnsr
tlcht to every worthwhile player I
nl fact, there haa-heen no "player
market thl winter.
Looking oer the entrants In the I
coming pennant races the fan Is very
there has never yet been a case that
was actually cured by such treat
ment, and temporary relief is very
far from corafortiflg to a constant
The only sensible treatment from
which you can expect real resuhs is
a remedy that goes deep down into
the blood supply, and k3k the germs
that cause the disease. These tiny
germs multiply by the millions and
scatter by means of the blood circu-
lalioc throughout the entire system.
Whether they attack the muscles, the
joints, limbs or other parts of the
body, thev are still in lie blood, and '
ms uwuuuc to ficnu uicu iuiiui-
iog pains uotH efimiaated thoroughly
from the blood.
S. S. S. is a wonderful blood
remedy, and is the logical treatment
for rheumatism, became it promptly
permeates the entire blood supply,
and searches out and kilts the dis
ease germs. You can take S. S. S,
with the assurance that you are not
experimenting, for this fine old
remedy, and is the logical treatment
more than fifty years, during which
time it has been giving splendid re
sults. So you owe it to yourself to
take S. S. S. without delay, and dis
card the use of local remedies that
can do you so good.
If your case requires any special
advice, it can be obtained without
cost together with valuable literature
if you will write today to Chief Medi
cal Adviser, 138 Swift Laboratory,
Atlanta, Ga Adv.
and it leaves sears to contract and
Writs for my revised took let oa Rctl Dis
eases and their treatment, which will be eent
to yonr address in a plain se)ed envelope free
of '-harce and without sny obligation
A COOH -t,
apt to turn his attention first of all
to the 1919 pennant winners. The
National league and world's cham
pion Cincinnati Reds win present
practically the same line-up that took
the field against the YTbite Sox last
fall Pat Koran proved to the world
at large and the White Sox in par
ticular that he has a ball club with
a terrific punch During the pen
nant race he orovd to John McGraw
and the pennant hungry Giants that
th TeH hiv !
But can the Reds come hack Will
Mo ran s pitchers be able to set the
poce they travelled last year and will
' nts natters Rammer tne old apple
Va nuetion nd VAn'ii ,-- thi
"" ff SlsS?wa.
j , ,.!, .., a.
n Bood shape and" 1 'am looking
in nniMafnr olnhss. I annawB tht i
Moranmen have a good chance to I , J" " piOBe5 at G1"sf'
reeat. 4 i Mr joftIlson das been at the head
Will Have to Strentrtnen. ' of Colombus boxing for several years
The GiaTeunleitresoe "radical " l&ggZ homotTS n?o?J
chana-es ar maA fn thir Knj. m, that place. He has promoted more
wffl "?ot lSkchkntdeS.rH? W?? SlR?-than any other
when the bell rings McGraw s
dent infield has autllved Us useful -
ness. Zimmerman. Doyle and several
other Giant players have let the pro
cession pass them. And McGraw will
find it difficult to nil their shoes
even at that.
The Cubs should look up If
MIfehell pitching staff can do
what will be expected of It. "Vet
the Cubs are not blewvrd with
youth. Merkle. Ilerzog, Deal and
Paskert are about at the erd of
their strings and the other regu
lars aside from the batterymen
are, far the most part, mrdlcore
players. angfan and Alexander
win. no doubt, be depended upon
to do the brunt of the pitching.
If Tyler's rhenmatte arm the re
sult of bad teeth, the doctors told
him--ran be coaxed back Into
shape, he will be a big help. At
this tnld-Pebruary writing, how
ever, the Cub look better than
"New Isrlc
Pittsburgh wfl! bear watching, too,
George Gibson In jrited a ball club
that Is Just about 1W percent better
looking than it was when Horn Tm-
deck took bold, and the Pirates are
younger on the averse than some of
their rivals.
Branch Kickey says that the Cards
can win a nennant now. TTa ritm
Cincinnati's achievement as proof of
what may be expected of his team. '
Branch has some mighty sweet look-'
ing young talent. T&ia. with his ,
regulars may 1e molded into a fast
going combination. But Irs all up
u nicker.
.Bro.klyn Is Strong.
TTncle Wflbert HobfnKnn RpaaItK n
Dodgers cannot be orerlooked this
year. Tour uncle Wllbert is a foxy
old butcher who has hung on to every
player of worth thaty Brookli n has
"n auie 10 pica up zor tne last three
or four years, and when the season
opens rivals of the Dodgers will find
I trlawtTI mwaall llfllaiiosnl eut .latitat a.....
Mn together as though they had
Den Dorn tnat wujr. Robby has
pretty good pitching staff and his
team as a wnoie, can nit
The Phillies and llraven, once
amtln. are not particularly hrll
liant prospects. Yet one can
never forc;et what GeoWEre tal
Ilnss 19H Brjres accomplished.
4ad ItNvIlI he well t. rememter
that Onv-ry Cravnth Is a fanitler
nnd f I enter, and he Is popular
with faU ptnyers. That will helw
the Phillies m lot.
Tho hWlte Sox, with Cicotte. Wil
liams and Dickie Kerr as pitching
mainstay a. and Rav Schalk- t hniti
them op, will be pretty well fixed
IF. The if" baa to do with Cicotte
in particular and with several Sox
veterans who have threatened retire-'
meat chiefly Risberfr and Gandil
Should the Sox be forced to start the
season with their infield comblna-
tion broken up their chances would '
SOU awav DeiOW Dar Kid CSlt-aann ni.
Rrtrita. r'niiiiu w0.ii ..-.a .it ....I- I
baseball wits as manager and captain '
of the South Sidera mkeen aneh enh.
of the South Siders to keep such cubs
as iieveiano ano ?iew York from
running all over them.
Baseball Pilots
To Make Plans
Managers of El Paso baseball teams
will mttt tonlsht at the office of Ha
T J McCamant In the Martin build
ing at 8 oclock for the discussion of
plans preparatory to the organisation
of an El Paso city league this season.
Umpire Harry Kane, the leading
spirit of the organization, will preside
at the meeting nntil the election of
officers It Is proposed to form
either an Army-City leatrne or an EI
Paso league composed of six or eight
teams. More than 12 teams ha.e re
qnested admittance to the league.
Los Angeles Team
To Play Atlanta
Los Angeles. Callt, Feb 25 The
Los Angeles Athletic club basketball
team left here Tuesday night for San
Francisco, on the v.a to Atlanta,
Ga where th not !-. . ..ir.K-ii
t championships will be held March lu
. i. ana 13
On the way to Atlanta games are
to be placed at San Francisco Oak
land Reno St. Joseph, Mo, and Kan- 1
sas On Mo
I - u : Vf I b 2o Sixt en i
lit re , t .1, . . T ..... ...
'i Mir -i l,u 1111 -Xllir 1 Ita I
i! n !..( r
Tnur j i
-mK tr-
New Mexico
l-HOME 1 B
"V. 5SXsTBsUt3hK
Are Busy; Some Fast Bouts
17IIH dnbe flourishing in both Columbus and Last Crnces, southern New!
' Menco boxing fans are witoesatng some fast bouts. Two good cards are
cow scheduled by handlers at -tie above places where the game is on a firm
basis and the promoters are doing their utmost to promote interest in the sport
by the staging of first class matches only. Columbus has long been the scene
of rattling fast boats and promoter C
strnetion of a newjaodem aren capable of seating many hundreds of fans,
M. McHMleB, formerly a member of the crack Eighth engineer baseball team ; the appearance of two Teteran fight
of the El Paso military district, is handline the boats at Xas Crnces nnder ! 5."?rr?inV?an'- ed 40 yean, and
Good Bout at Columbus.
Editor El Paso Herald
k. 2z22
best arenas
"I have recently built one of the
in tne countrv and am
looking for a record crowd on Feb
ruary 38, when Eddie Hanlon of Fort
Bliss and Hard Hitting Wright meet
here for the border welterweight)
championship. Wright Is in fine form
i dei
I understand that Hanlor
nan i on is one or
the El
Paso district In a lone tunX
.raso aisinci in a ions: tune. Me is
or a well matctted battle
"- JOnnSOn.
the auspices of the local p&st of the American Legion.
lyS cock In a three round go The two
, iwI tte fans run Ioriboys are well matched and the bout
In arranging a match between
Hanlon and Wright, who holds
the border welterweight title at
present, Mr. Johnson has one of
the best boot of his entire career
a a promoter. In the opinion of
1 Paso fans. Hanlon recently re
turned from oversea where he
won every bout In which he par
ticipated. The contest will mark the first
championship contest engaged in by
Wright since his defeat of Kid Reyes
of El Paso who held the border title
prior to his meetinc with Wright.
i Reyes won the title from Babe Cabell,
now in El Paso, ana deienaea it ror
some time before losing the belt.
rromoter jonnson nas uao ar-
ranged a snappy card of preliminaries!
to go with the headliner.
Sir Thomas Lipton To Try
Again For America's Cup
A TEW YORK. Feb 25 With the
IM FHnmntinn nf rh Inx-pnatiAnai I
vaht rares for the Americas cup,j
set for Julv 15 over the Sandy Hook I
course, interest in yachting circles is
waxing hot over Sir Thomas uptoniiiwu cvverw wo coun nwura.
next attempt to win the most famous '
trooln In the -.porting world. I
Am..!... H. A.e.n.1 K. f.miM'
AftfjsriH th f am ona
cup with the Resolute or the Vanitle
waves In a -wries of trial contests In
1914, Just b-fore the war resulted In
the callinK off of the historic races.
Resolute Is the Best
Of the two American boats the Res
olute showed to best advantage in
the trials of 1S14 Th Resolute was
built by the famous Herreshoffs and
is one of the trimmest and speediest
yacht that has eer bea entered in
the cup competition. The Vanitle, a
beautiful bronxe sloop, is a worthy
rival of the Resolute however, and
! the last word tv modern construction.
Mr ThoRia-. LlplonV Shamrock.
I I... the ehallensr. U In dry dock.
. at the Jacobs shipyard. City
' Inland, . where her wooden
shies are beins; smoothed down
and polished nnd her roelne rir
put Into shape. She has been In
this country ever ulncc the be
jrlnnlnc; of the world war.
The Jury Tig under which the Sham
rock I came to merica was re
cently sent bck to bnjrland to be
used on the
sailing sloop that Sir Thomas will
use as a trial hone for the challenger
in tuning her up for the big races
Tn 23 metre shamrock is not one
t Lipton s former hallencers. but
was built under P nsjlish or European.
rules iur ratlin; uu nit- uuwi mc
She was chatTiDion
r .! 1
Sh measures about 71 feet on the
water line, being almost as long; as
.- . iL ". tt
me new riiiajnrucii i
waiene irini now
The trial races between he chal
lenger and her r
ner racing iiiu.4. -ii wo :
- in w-1
watched with a great deal of interest,
though Sir Thomas may .be a blt'msrvel runninp before the wind, and
chary about gitng out iniormauon ,
resrardine- htr exact speed under fav- 1
oravle condition Likewise the trials ,
In which the Kesoiute ana van. tie
m compete win arouse unusua. m-
Jack Malone Will Be Next
Middle Champ, Says Pilot
Jack Malone of Minneapolis, is
the coming middleweight cham
pion of the world We have this from
no less an authority than Mike E
Collins, former manager of Fred Ful
ton, and one of the best posted fistic
men of the country
Is Optimistic Anyhow.
Collins who recentK assumed the
management of Malone, declares the
Minneapolis middleweight he re
cently outgrew the welterweight divi
sion is the best bet In the 158 pound
dl ision todaj and that he is Mike
ODowds most dangerous rival
Malone. who like champion
OT)od. la a graduate of the Gib
bons aebool of boxlnc, la only 22
years of nge. lie Is five feet nine
inches tall, and his best fighting
weight Is 1W pounds. "
Malone entered the professional
hnxint: Kim ifier he had graduated
fr m m T m is cr Ilc st Paul
ir re h- ur 1 ir -II Inml of
! . t - I ro -r d 1 Mik
11 ' lTI l ir
d in his gjmnasium
1 lournaim n
-ro - - "
ScmPl Op-
mosT wroovs
Boxing Clubs
H. Johnson has just completed the con-
Bradley at Las Crnces.
Kid Redick of San Antonio, who
enters the ring under the non de
plume of "the San Antonio cyclone."
will meet Battling Brady, the husky
tiegro lightweight, in the main event
at Las Cruces on the night of March 1.
Three preliminaries,, the first
two et three rounds duration and
the semi-final of four, have been
arraigned by promoter 3Ic3I alien
who Intend to give the game a
rousing start by not tine on the beat
material that can be
be obtained.
The bouts will be staged at the
Armory under the auspice of the
Las Oner post of the American
Legion. McMullen being the
matchmaker of the organization.
In the curtain raiser K. O Black ie
Jones will meet "fighting" Ole Pea-
boys are well matched and the bout
should be well worth seeing.
The second preliminary will bring
together "Shifter" Peacock and Slim
Lpex. This bout will also be fast
and snappy, judging from the prom
Is shown by the two by. In the
semi-final "Horshoer" Xontoya will
tangle up with Kid Prhno. '
Albany, X. L.. Feb. 35 The Walker
boxinx bill, designed to oermit 15
round oouts in iNew lors: state. wmtAisTHLU BOEItS MAT
be renorted favorably bv the senate
Judiciary committee, senator J J
Walker announced Tuesday Sena
tor Walker amended the bin b in
creasing from 17 to 18 years the age
nt whleh bAVK ! nKJis- In nnblte
exhibition and Derm it ting exhibitions
Jn state armories.
terest, since both of
these yachts
broke records in 1914.
The Resolute's most enthusiastic
rooters were somewhat taken back
when It was announced that the sloop
minutes and seconds, surpassing
me record mad. By the great yigu
ant against the second Valkyrie, of
3 hours. 24 minutes and 39 seconds.
The Vanitle, though she did not win
a race in the series of If 14. was well
within the old champion s time. The
Resolute is 75 feet long on the water
line and In 114 carried over So
feet of salL Both yachts, however,
will probably he altered to some ex
tent for the comincr race.
British yachtsmen areVenthus
lafttic over the fact that the
Shamrock. I.. Is to have the
chance to lift the America's cop
this summer. But they are not
as optimistic as they were la
1014 over her chance, aecordine
to reports from across the water.
British experts are inclined to be
lieve that the interim has given
Inter) can yachtsmen plenty of
opportunities to devise remrdlen
fer any 'shortcomings the Ilea
Inte and lanltle niay have shown
In their trial races. x In other
words, they have n profound re
spect for Aankee Ingenuity.
One of the things which may prove
a problem of some proportions to the
challenger's handlers is that of time
allowance which the American yacht
that races the Shamrock IV will re
ceive from her British rival If the
Resolute is the defender the problem
will be all the greater, it is said; be
cause Mr Herreshoff planned the
yacht in such a manner that this al
lowance may piay a very important
Drt in deciding
tne issue oetween
me rivals.
AlWathawa. thin that fal MUtlllff that
l" - .." ."V 7Z." -- -
nrittSn to DO SKeptlcai IS toe
hrtnfa that th OTiaiwiawlt TV ahnvaul
1 m iaianlf twtint in v-nvmlnv rkfnrA tha
k noi
. r i. vr. . - " z .. t
The British understand that
the Herreshoff yacht Resolute 1s
they have heard that her
Awntr hnixa
in mak hia raln to windward Th
Shamrock will want some beating in
this department of sailing, as th
sav In dear ole La n nun.
and he Imraediatelr took him under
his wing aad taught him the finer ,
points of the game. j
Manager Collins plans to box
Malone on an average of two or three
times a month ntli the warm t
weather sets in. His first bout was .
with Art Magirl In Milwaukee. I
New York, Feb 25 The New York
Americans Tuesday night announced
the release of third baseman J Car
lisle Smith to the Washington Amer
ican league club outfielder Albert
Wickland to the Toledo lub of the
American association and outfielder
Ueorge Halas to the St Paul club
also of the American associafon
' Sioux Cit. Iowa. Feb 2-. -haddock.
han weiKht wrestler
in straight falls m hi match here J
Tuesday mghi with '.j Kraari (
Caddook w on the firt fall w it t
idramfrlork in 4 mimit - Ht t k
thf ;. con 1 in 16 minutes with a head '
eciEors. I
bv J nrtnno a ASP J
M sea" pWr
-fo-MoeecAO MiSSBoueE
a VAnpJr
Australian Boxers Anxious
To Come ToAmericaTo Box
For Big Purses; English, Too
QYDJJET. Australia. Feb 24 A pe-
D juliar feature of a recent boxing
i condncted by the stadium peDla. was
LGeorge Prentis, aged 36 years The
J latter wae"entered in be bantam class
iienrsrn rTraru
and the former in
the lightweight
M'orks at Dally Trade.
Sullivan is a married man with a
daughter 19 years of age and he is
still dning his daily labor as a brick
layer He has been boxing as a pro
fessional over IS years, but gave it up
some time ago The open tourney
here however, was too much for him
to withstand, and he entered Just to
show the youngsters what an old man
could do with the gloves. In his first
battle with a voungster named Mickey
Flynn he showed his old time speed
and for three rounds made a splendid
showing. Then he began to tire and
was losing ground toward the end.
but had enough to win the verdict.
He won his second match and will
probably get Into the semifinals, but
the chances are against him getting
into the finals, as there are some
pretty husky youngsters among the
30 entries.
- Prentis Is also a clever old
timer and showed hU knowledge
of the game In his first match by
whipping hi opponent In six fast
rounds. PrentU. like Sullivan, Is
married and has a family. lie
was considered one of, the best
IS years ago, and can still travel
the route but ace Is telling on
him now, and the 'chance are
against him getting through the
tonrney Into the final.
It is seldom that Australian boxers
hate given a great deal of attention
to reports of fabulous sums offered in
America and England for fights be
tween the champions of the arena.
but of late the stories about fortunes
offered for the proposed Dempsey -Carpentier
title match has set some
of them thinking. As a result several
Australian fighters are seriously
thinking of imading- the states and
England, expecting to reap some of
the soft money which the Yankees
have so often tried to get 'themselves
in other dimes. There are two or
three who will no doubt make good
in America and England, also Frawe.
but it would be wise for the others
to get return passages before start
ing The money la not hangfntr on
trees as some of them imagine.
either la the state or Europe,
and It Is oaly the very h&h class
matches, and few of them at best,
that wHl draw hie gate. The
managers of the flshters are wise
enough to try and play one pro
moter .and elnh against nnother.
In order to boost the price as high,
as posalble. It sounds great to
have a fighter drawing down
S16O.V00 or mere for a few rounds
f scrapping, bnt whether It doe
the boxing game any good or not
is another question. It often
lenves a bad taste in the month
of the boxing faas and takes time
to wipe out.
There is plenty of publicity given
an affair of that Kind, but not always
of the best.
I Reports from London say that
, Charles Cochrane has offered a cool
.quarter of a million dollars for tne
match, while another one states tfyat
i a French syndicate offers half a mil-
' lion dollars. Another English syndi-
' " H 1HJ&11 &?? JSSS
"kfor "Ytnmg trt that kind and
London via America says that a Mel
iw 'su w . " - v.t.
bourne syndicate baa onerea nan a
million for the match In tustralta.
The offer is safe, however, as the
men would neTr think of coming
here If they could get anywhere near
the same amount In the states or
England, owing to the long travel
here, etc From what I can learn
i ai.i.w .. ,t.w Ualluinma
mere tm nuiuuw w . ....
. wrkatav.r Th amIv taw.nla there '
who might consider such a match
would be John Wren, at the bead ef
the stadiums in Australia, or Sol
Green, the well known bookmaker,
but neither one has even expressed a
desire to mix in It
It would be jnat as safe to say
that either Hugh Mcintosh or
Tabloid Sketches of
New Major Leaguers
ft. in-sirrr. piTCUHn. noTOV.
Born Washington, D. C. March
8. 1897
Bats and throws Right handed.
Weight 2o pounds.
Height feet 2 Inches.
Club in 19 If Baltimore (Md )
Drv Docks
First engagement Washington
Americans, ISIS,
Clubs since then Des Moines,
Iowa. 1917, Waterloo, Iowa. 1917
Chicago Nationals. 1917, Baltimore
(Md Dry Docks. 1919
College record Graduate of
Dean academy, Franklin. Mass
where he played football and bas
ketball as well as baseball and
went in for high jumping
V ar record Ai 'ator in army,
flying instructor at Park Field,
Tenn. injured in accident there
Best baseball feat W inning five
games m ix days for Dry Docks
in l'l" Ditching double header on
sixth day
1919 recoil Victories. 31 (in
cluding one over Cincinnati. l-0
defeat fi tie l
Note Edmund Josi ph Flahertv
is a ni1ii,,pw of Pat Flahert for
ars a i -ful outhpaw piUi
er n th maj rs nd last season
manager at L. utsvillf
" w?Hg -
V" " "
Snowy. Baker had offered sidOv
OM, bvCthe fact 1 they would not
even vjunslder St. The atsdlnm
here, with Jnhn Yi ren at the head,
would offer a legitimate pnrae. of
S1Z5.O00 SieejkOO to the winner
and JZS.v60 to the loser bnt the
manager of the fighter nre not
looking for terms of that klndi
they want a sure thing for them
selves, and the champion demands
his big share, win, lose or draw,
not giving a rap whether the
other fellow gets a penny or not.
It is high time that a stop was pot
to such enormous purses they do the
boxing game no good The public pays
the freight every time, and they do
not have any guaranty that they will
get. a run xor tneir money mat was
demonstrated in the Carpentier-Beckett
match, which lasted 10 seconds
over one minute, manv of the patrons
paying as high as J25 for standing
room. It is time that boxing boards
passed rules limiting the price of
tickets for such matches.
As regards the meeting between
Dempsey and Carpentier, tt is liable
to be another such a match as Beckett
and the Frenchman. Dempsey works
fast, and the fight will never go be
yond the seven-round stage provid
ing the French champion tries to mix
with the world's title holder Demp
se will have every advantage
weight, reach and height, besides age
which. In addition to his bitting
power, should spell victory for him
without a doubt.
GLOBE. Aria., Feb 25 Tommy Car
ter was given a draw decision by
um nrirrre iucwut mgni in nts
fight at Miami with Young Prance '
of IwOs Angeles. However, the de
cision was unpopular with the fans,
most of whom believed France was
entitled to it. Early in the fight
France opened up an old cut on
Tommy's lip. which bled profusely
throughout the battle Prom the
opening gong the fight was furiously
contested, neither appearing to have
much advantage.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Feb 25
Capo Bob Roper Tuesday night
scored a technical knockout over
Ralph Alexander of rtaterloo, in the
fifth round of their scheduled ten
round go at the opening show of the
Cedar Rapids Athletic dub.
Near the end of the fifth round
Roper landed a left hook o the paw
and Alexander went to the floor, but
immediately regained his feet. Roper
charged and Alexander keeled In a
heap on the floor, his manager, Seal
Allison, throwing in the sponge.
Pittsburg Entry
Wins Close Match
Boston, Mass., Feb. 25 Percy
Trunin of Pittsburr defeated Franeia
S Appleby of New York Tuesday in t
the second round of the national class
A IS 2 balk line billiard tournament '
at the Boston Athlete association.
The score was 3 to 253 The match
f west 5 innines.
, Percy Collins of Chicago defeated
Edgar Applebv of New York bv a
ore of 36 to 47 in 9 Innings
Collins high runs were 53 3. and 28
-Pjnnting it with d 27 . A !
ninK was the feature of the match '
I -ouin average was l 10-29 Annie
by"a, t lo-2
Offer An Exceptional Opportunity To
the Small Investor Under Their
Undivided-Part Plan
The pr.perty is n tbe Jornada Valley of New Mexico, 11110111 a com
paratively short datasce of drilling wells. It comprises 240 acres, and
is offered to the pabbe in 250 nndinded parts at $100 per part. A
deep test well is ts be draied next to that property, aad if oil is found
m paying quantities a weB will be drilled on this 240 acre tract free
of cost to the Bodtrided part owners. As reoibaneaaeBt for drilnsg
this well, Reynolds & Huaffl will retain 50 percent of first production.
Dying the period of first production and reimbursement, foods of
the company will be trosteed m any way agreed upon by the tmdi
Tided part owners. After the reimbursement period, ail -profits win
go to the KBdmded part owners, except a yi royalty interest to be
retained by Reynolds & HanuU.
Do it no
304 Trus' Bldg
Phone 432, or see
JIT T 61
Bankers Lessen Lead
Of The High Tigers
Won Lost
High School
.. 1
.. I
..4 3
.. I 4
4 Myers
0 6
Banks. 38 Mverx, 22
First National bank Schu
m&cher center Shea, captain an 1
forward 9 field goals. 1 foul (foal
Friend, fenrard. 3 field goals Kil
burn, eaard. 1 field goal. 1 fou
goal. Carson, guard. 1 field goa
Mjrers compam V Cook center
t field goals. Saner, forward. 1
fonl goal missed Whattley for
ward. field goals Fulton, guard
Iope. guard. Bias, guard.
HITTIXG their old stride from -o
first whistle the fast First
Uooal bank basketball team de
featwi the lowly Myers five Taesda
night at the T M C A: a-ymnaslam in
a speedily contested same tt to s:
Pnt Tp Stronc Fljckt. Vk
Stiff resistance xas made or th
Myers team throng-hout the game but
they were unable to combat t
swifter passing- an more accurj a
basket shooting- of the Bank team
Sas shea's quintet showed all
of Its lod speed and endurance
and had little dlinniKT in puins
' no a lead In both halres. The
came marked the sixth conseen
tlie defeat of the Myers team. It
haTlne played Jnt this number
of fmmem In the City leasne
schedule. It was formerly known
a. the First Methodist team f
the ehnreh leasne and It wen. the
league championship this season.
Two More Games.
The Myers team has two ga-nes
yet to play, both of these beinff -si in
the High school Tigers Ther n
little doobt but that a determined ei
fort will be made to win both bnt s
the Tigers arc gaining strength ui
each gam in Fa erion To wn irrs
pennant of the league there is -oug
sledding ahtd for the cellar b -i .
The big game of this week s sched
ole in the City league will be on t .
nrday nucht when the rejien?
Mins team meets manager Minn
Schwartz's Popular first place io u
ers. This game will undoubtedly u
one of the fastest of the season.
There ts no less than 200 1f trs'cs
mechanics in the United States.
T A. Reynolds and associates at
fl 1 i ft hp ban ,5
j ME, W
flj1 This past year we dlstrfb. S -
Bl nted otr 148.000 OIL B
Si HAPS wltkoat charse. B
f flnr n.w 192, Oil, Ufr B
B FIKL.)S arc now ready for H
9 dlatrihntlon. These two S
9 map w .h we send free 9
m are offered by map brokers
B at 1jW we .end them
vtithout eharge.
B Do not buy a TEXAS or
B without epasnltlng these
m two ceologlcal maps.
H Security- Bank Bids,
9 Bl Paso, Texas.
1 ("' P'of'1 iharwg coupe
B S?m be continued m I92C i
iH Our ablliry to command endnx Q
j 9 Ing confidence. In season and S
B the high standard of service 9
9 rendered to our clients on mat- 9
9 ters of Investment Send ns 9
j 9 ask to have yoor name placed B
m " oar nai'"C Hat. SH"
iff J. E. LINE, Manager. fl
hi lie jjitbi Drvkerace aouse ox ss
m the Southwest. M
9 111 a North Oregon SL 9
9 Kl Paso Texas. 9
1 rrriniinBTnrrjr

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