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Wednesday, March 10, 1920.
I P mmWTouristCamp
u. Ui LnllUfU.LLUi Shelter Soon
To Be Ready
Tuar B Larrasolo, & son of governor
-d Mrs O A- Larrazolo ofSantaFe,
Nt-w Mexico, died at Hotel Dleu Tues
tz shortly after noon. He had been
i i from nneumoma for a few dais.
Mr Larrazoio was born in San . '. , . jua .. .n-h
. uno 3 years ago He received a convenience ter overland trmvelers and
eeal education and Dractieed law fori ., .-, d--,.. -K-n.... kii. wm t..
" uJ?'Jn Me?,c0 a'ter which he camel - p,,,., ;n noaor of tBe
- EM PuBn W f vnT nlarlr nf Trio. fA)" 1 ..r. . .
.HfVtr;. H.hlMW w" compieieiy euoippea
any otner tn tne country, xne
Work will begin immediately on the
tourist shelter at Washington Park
for accomodation of antomoblllsts
passing through El Paso, according
to a aecision maae weanewuiy morn
ing by mayor Davis and the city
Only two other cities in Texas, ban
EI Paso
jration court here, for a time
He Is'
survived his parents, his wife and, J S ' sslT?.i th
children An uncle. Juan & fA- it. -.. h. h.
.rrainln r. t n Hmifv onnstfttkl.
Governor and Mrs. Laraxolo arrividj
re from Santa Fe Wednesday morn-'-g
The deatn of their son Juan, is
he third to occur in the governor's
amil m less than 18 months. Shortly
efor hia inauguration as governor
r ew Mexico, tne executive lost nis
oungest son Luis Larraxolo. an-
ther son died soon after the Inaugu--ation
Heliodor Larrasolo. the only
"emaming son, is recovering from a
serious illness in Santa Fe at the ores-
t"t time
tract for its erection has been
awarded to John GoebeL
Will be Modern.
The building will be of brick. 4 feet
long and 20 feet wide. It will con
tain three gas grates where food can
be rooked and half a dozen anto
parties can be accomodated simul
taneously Two kitchens eotiipned
with running water, electric lights!
For Colds Grip or Iafluenaa
and is a Preventative, take LAX
Look for E. W GROVE'S signature
on the box. 8c Adv
To Ileal A Congh
and gas are Included In the plans.
bv city bull
which were designed by
inspector rercy
city building
Jr. A
Charleston. W Va, March Is
State senator Jesse A. Bloch, of
Wheeling, completed his 360 mile
hurried trip across the continent from
California to Charleston early this
morning in order to vpte on the
federal suffrage amendment In the
senate of the West Virginia legisla
ture. Senate forces favoring ratification
anticipated immediate action this
afternoon, and with senator Bloch's
vot hoped to break the deadlock
which has existed between pro and
anti suffrage forces since the special
session of the legislature was called.
iContlnoed from page !)
didates for publlo office who are re-
screened porch with seats for thet ntMi n fn nf nnmnitM laKm-
Ured visitors will extend the whole bore fn.it here today in the opening
wnfeu. yx me toiuuus. iunor7'f a camutucn asalnsc Pennsrl
trays, wherein clothes or dishes can
be washed. Is another feature
It Is stated that the shelter will be1
xeady for occupancy within a month,
by which time the usual summer i
automobile touring parties will be
vania and seven New Jersey members
of the house ox representatives.
In bulletins Issued by the Phila
delphla Camden advisory boards of
the xederation. attention is caned to
Apply few drops then lift sore,
touchy corns off with
Doesn t hurt a bit! Drop a little
i "eexone on an aching corn, instantly
har corn stops hurting, then you lift
right out. Tea. magic!
'-oft com. or corn between the toes.
.rd the calluses, without soreness or
m tat ion
Freexone is the sensational discov
ery of a Cincinnati genius. It is won
A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but
a few cents at anv drug store, bat Is
Efficient to remove every hard corn
SSSS "through' iZtFTStZ nunT- . "" KTS
bers. No chare fo- the s5 of the ,nr" and lF?red- bT. tne Dre-
shelter will be made. G!eai OI " congress-
Miss Boena Gilder, secretary of the 5 voting for it is urged.
El Paso automobile club, said todav, . neither you nor your
that transcontinental automobile traf
fic through El Paso Is constantly in
creasing and the new shelter will be
a great thing for the city. 'Every
night from six to 16 carloads of
travelers are cam nine at thn nrV.
.. ...77' "---
BTen ibis eanv in toe
season. she
TrsTel Is Increasing.
The travel Is constantly Increas
ing1. We have already hMm. fntAr.
ablr known throneh th whinftiin
Park camping grounds, and the new
soeiier wui ana much to the city's
prestlgo as a good place for auto-
mobilises to stop over The park Is
crowded every Saturday and Sunday
night with these tourists, most of
whom are well-to-do people who can
friends, acquaintances, ever again
vote for those wbo gave labor a slap
In the face,' " said the bulletin.
Manchester, N. IL. March ! The
native state of Ma J. Gen. Leonard
Wood will send to Chicago a Repub
lican delegation pledged to vote for
him eo long as he Is a candidate for
the presidency. At Tuesday's pri
maries the Wood pledged ticket for
delegates at large defeated by a big
majority an ttnuLtdged group of four,
and a fifth candidate pledged for sen-;
ator Hiram Jonnson.
The Democrats elected three dis
trict delegates pledged for Herbert
(Continued Irom page l.
Buckley says the "other woman ob
tained a divorce from Canfield In
Phoenix. Arizona, last August, where!
uapt. Doster practiced medicine oe
fore entering the army. He was the:
son of judge Frank Doster. former
chief justice of tne Kansas supreme1
court, who now resides in Pasadena,
The statement follows.
T was enraged to Cant. Wade
Doster. He asked me first to marry
nim tn September, 1918. we would
have been married as soon as be could
have obtained his discharge from the
army and got rid of the women with
whom he lived.
Teachers Ask
Contracts Be
Issued Early
' Are the people of El Psso sincerely
interested in their schools9 was the
-i h 171 VaA Cl
auMtlon raised at the executive meet- Kepreaeraiive. i sL- ;jT-.
-. w m -.. i rvimnanT uneircu wa .. --
ing of the El Par
i "rr"T- " w-k. 9 .9 h
ttn hM -riir.ii.v nftrnnnn at the council WNMWijw - -
" "" . r rzz. r; - . nAn,.nv'a ntiftnn id tne council
Moreneaii txnooi. Jflisa vera i-ooi, rWi"rr' Kr. nntttne into ef-
u .u- ....i.!.- vi.ti in the Drillege or putting imo
s tS; omV w.; srdrsss: t.. -i mb;-
that it realized the importance of woju "nf the ariTrioal Mtltion tor
education waa by raiain, taxee "?!: 'V.iSS Sat mS In!
school board to iasoe contracts in the f'?h11,"K,r0f50' "Sany to iee!
early part of May inatead of later In , ,m"?'bi!. J?l '."lr mk Tthe
the summer when all desirable posl- P preTC"' 'JTi".,?! ..disten
tions elsewhere had been filled, and "'. ',?pr,7,'J!lam.di '
to take up the question of adjusting -' '" whl:h ,he """,- enn,-
salaries made Its report. I Tto ITopoltlon.. ,
Board l Ullllnc. ' The representati . submitted two,
Miss Marr Andrews said all the propositions to the city council wed-
board members except Walter Clayton nes!a They asked that either one
r "hi 2n2i;Ti,rtif1 wSJ w n reason why contracts could of them be endorsed by the council
y-Tff..5 If ?2f,Ir ?,S.V. I not rly date and and that either one of them would
ry Canfield. of Cold water. Kansas. th-. idin.tn.nt. of saiar... was n- mean an ncTeased revenue of about
nil !. ptLt... nSJ22m 1.& i?il tlrely In the bands of Supt A. H. ! ooo a -ar. but added that the eom-V;!d-ln
S,.?S,li5- f?""-1"' U?tIHughey. Miss Andrews said Mr pany really needed an increase of,
sire El Paso much beneficial publicity i Hoover, one In the first district and
rn tbeir borne sections. two in the second. The other Demo-
City officials of Minneapolis nave!cratie delegates elected were un
heard of this shelter and have written I pledged, but are generally considered
to the club asking for details as to
how It is to be built, who is paying for
it and how it i to b. nonrinctM? v.rw
few cities In the country, no mater
what their slxe. -wilt linv. th. h.
of EI Paso Is this particular line. The
roads in this section are being im-
Eoved dally and a constantly increas-
volume of trans-continental travel
can be expected. The shelter will be
a great advertisement for us."
New York. March 10 TTnhn - TjtX
and comnanv announced cnid vain
at 9L1M.M was shipped to the firm
nere toaay xrom London. This Is In
addition to a shipment of Jl,2&,ft
to the same firm a few days ago.
HI Pato Seed Co.s 1920 Catalog now
ready. Write or call for a copy. Adv ;
Lee fmaiiu I
Tenemert Specialist Ph 4604. Adv
favorable for Hoover.
Chicago. HU March 10 The na
tional executive committee of the So
cialist party has decided that the
party will hold its first presidential
nominating convention since 1912, In
New York city. May 8.
Pullman car service was Inaugu
rated March 1 between Tucson and
Maxatlan. cars operating tri -weekly,
leaving Tucson on train No IS at 8.35
a. m. Saturday. Monday and Wednes
day and Nogales at 7 a. m. Sunday.
Tuesday and Thursday. Northbound
cars arrive at Nogales at 7 p. m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday and
leave Nogales for Tucson on train No.
11 at 3 05 p. m. Tuesday. Thursday
and Saturday, according to informa
tion received at Southern Pacific
headquarters here.
Hnrhr wa wnrlclne An th nrnhlein SI 06.000 a car.
at present but needed more help to One of th propositions which the
compile the information needed. Sev- company proposed to increase their
eral of the teachers volunteered to revenue was that the minimum charge ,
work Saturdays and evenings to get to a consumer of 25 cents be raised!
this report finished. i to "o cents and that the discount
Only 910,000 Available. j privilege of 10 percent be eliminated.;
Miss Andrews xald that undr the The other oroDOsitton was that everv
present system of taxation she could customer be charged a 50 cent service
not see that more than 110,000 would tax each month If the 50 cent ser-
be available for increased salaries and ice tax is allowed the company will
expenses, next year and when that not ask that the discount be dlscon-
amount was divided It would hardly nnued.
be enough to make great improve-1 Defend Charges,
roents or to increase teacher's pay to The representatives in defending
meet Increasing costs of living the 50 cent service tax said It cost
Miss Sue Lattner reported that only more than 50 cents a month to keep a
17 fa ahrx firm roMtivlntr tha msTi. customer on the hooks, that malnte-
mum salary of JliOO and declared nance, depreciation, return on the!
ma nw a .h... awl. 1... ...k .J.J M i nVAltmsllf tttllia cr , llanat tn im .aaajl
uuau m tvAuvaa W u NVIftW 1V( i ;." v....aaB, iwinvuHf, -hu
eight years and over are receiving 1 reading meters amounted to more
less than some who have served
mucn snorter period of time.
and I will dose and have this sent to
the office by orderly.
-With love."
MNot Living ith Maude.
-Dear Little Pedro: Your two let
ters of September 10 received today
I know dear I can't write as often as
I should. I am on the go from ntorn-
than this sum for every customer
ery month.
The council did not take any
definite action on the company's peti
tion for relief, but will act on it soon.
She found time to do
Red Cross Work
When she learned that baking' bread was a drudgery
that was nerve-racking, back-breaking and time-wasting
when she learned that drudgery was slavery, and that
brains are worth more than hands when she learned
that efficiency means the most productive use of time.
She learned this when, instead of baking, she bought
and found that she had a delicious loaf for less money
than it had cost her to do her own baking a scienti
fically made loaf with all the nourishing qualities of
good wheat, and without the use of any substitutes.
Every loaf sealed at the oven in dust-proof, germ-proof
wrapper, and every loaf as good as it is possible for bread
to be made. And at night not too tired for a chat with
the husband and maybe a romp with the children.
Bread It Your Best Food Eat More of It
he obtained a divorce from Mr. Can-!
August. With the divorce she was to
resume her maiden name.
"Iaude Sfaiarove never vraa
married to Capt. Doster. In let
ter, to me he repeatedly told me
thl. fact. I refused to marry htm
until lie rid himself of her.
This he promised to do as soon
as be could a-et out of the army. He
did not wish to create a scandal while
be was in the armv.
"His letters, dozens of them, to tne
were filled with loving terms. We
discussed his predicament freely. He
had two children by his first wife,
who died in Coldwater in February.
1917. He wanted me to motfaAr them
ana taKe care or them.
Father Helped Raise M.ney.
-Cant. Doster told me he had been
forced to give Maude 11500 to leave
him. He said they had slaned an
agreement to this effect. My under
standing was Capt. Doster paid her
a lamp sum and the balance was to
be paw at tne rate of its a month,
letter in a letter he told tne hi. f.th.r
had raised the SSS a month to J7S a
month on condition Maude would not
see apt. uoster for a year.
"Maude threatened the life of Capt.
"vi Hw.rmi Limes, fie van taaen
sun from her at least twice. He
told me to stay away from her and If
1 ever saw her to a-et out of her wav
as she had threatened repeatedly to
"When Dr. Doster first asked me to
marry him In Manhattan. Kansas,
even then he was mixed up with
Maude Canfield.
"Hande Gemfleld went to Man
hattan. Kansas 1a live with Dr.
Doster. Then he enlisted and
went to Fort Itiley. She also
went poalnj? as his wife, and from
there they went to Camp Kearny
and last Jnly to Columbus.
"Maude frequently threatened Capt.
Doster with prosecution under the
white slave' laws and he was afraid
to do anything for fear of dishonor
able discharge until he left the army.
It was this fact that kept him with
"Viu .. i .t. yi n - ' . 1 am nennlner so fast. I
the army 1 waa in Colotado. Denver! . Ton aBH L.???: raS . . - . nnt which started soon after the
and Pueblo. I left Pueblo. February of "PSf".' wlu hard "ending lor; ,rmlstice , .ignej, collapsed, tem
18 or 1 to coma to El Paso to learn I- " Dot we n do It, I Know. porarlly at least, when the house of
wnat tne conditions were surroundlnsr ,ou ro BO' "" to try it wim me, i commons early toaay votea its conn-
" jws um j UIUI.U au uiv; i ciuivi irj a, uiajvi 11;
"I would certainly love to see you, i of 34
but I do not let myself think of It toot The vote, taken after an all-night
much, because I know I will be with ' debate, was on the proposal to amend
you before long for good. I Sir Robert's address In reply to the
"As I said a moment ago be as!Bcl1 'rono tha throne.
cheerfnl as vou can under the elr-1 amenaraent was raovea oy
Globe Store News-
a sale
of sailor,
Las Cruces, N. M. March 10 Offi
cials were encaged Wednesday In
ing till night. They are releasing two empaneling a jury for the trial of
of the medical officers today, replac-' Maj. H. M. Scanland, charged with
ing Utem Wltn other men, but 1 am "rsi acgrcn noner in connection
not lucky. I shall take up my case wltb the death of John Hutchings
with senator Curtis if I see that I am , during the Bl Paso-Phoentx road race
not going to get oat soon. i November 3. ISIS.
"Maude is not living with me. I "CluUk Altman te also to be tried
r i ..1- .- ., ., um.f on a chance of first deal ee murder
alright m soon T I caTget oat of tie ln o with HutefaWCs death
tlvJiJi hnfhiw! I Sfifi .i H1 trlal bowever. wHlbe separate
service but wWIe I u la it I am up from Mili scanUaa-g ud heldfter
a tree. I cant afford the riak it ,,- .- rri,.i . trlt
S B?'? aV ""JL.1? J?" "" blEl EmpaielinB of the Jnry started at
klSS o'tore I can beat It. je odock Wedaesday morning. The
"No. little gtrL you mast not get .mire i.v wilt nnh.M h. r.t i.
discouraged, peeved or blue. Ton i selection of Jurors. It is expected
know it would do no good. 1 will be taking of testlmoay will begia
out oi we service oeiore a year, xou inursuay loraing.
are ana nave oeen very paaent aaa
you will of course continue to be so.
As soon as I get out I will come
there. I won't go galivantlng around
the country, you can bet that. I den't
PHONE 5200
the best dressed tootnen in
the stales veer sailors in
one style or another. Because
this style street hat is so um
versalty becoming many are
the modes that go under the
name of sailor.
e are thoxtmg urrtral sidles
m siraai in all white and sev
eral colon and color combma
ttons ihese have pal been re
ceived tomorrow the) are
priced at
$5. 95 -$6.95
eSSKraXX ! acscrv asa '
.. I
"The Store That Sells for Less
Sap mu$temmmm
He Origins!
""??". ".??.Le wriUnK- V.oaTorheUret of '& Hftooert
; Borden s war time coalition govern-
Idea: it Is a good one even if the
work Is hard.
"Vow, little girl yon are a
mighty fine woman even If yen
are l.cllaed t. have a keen tem
per. I won't mind a little of that
from yon because X. expect I
would deserve It-
"Really I have bees so busy that I
did not feel equal to the right kind
of a letter. Mast dose and get this
to the train. Goodby. dearest, from
TVaats To Keep Babies,
"Dearest Lulu: 1 promised I would
write again today, so here goes. Am
pretty tired but must keep my prom
ise to you. This letter will he rather
a sober one. I have been thinking
somewhere else but I have not had t
time as yet to reach a definite conclu
sion. The whole thing in a nutshell
simmers down to when I am going to
get out of the service. I feel that
I may get my discharge any time. X
am looking forward to It by Novem
ber l. I do not know way j teei that
way. but I do. I think it wonld be
the best policy for you to remain ln
ssWT aaSP TVholesale Only aaBBBBar aa?
j JbHaJ oa Tex and Virginia rf5fe rhone 104. Hi Wt
Dr. Doster. I was in Columbus two
uays since tnat time
Talked Over Telephone.
-Sunday night, apparently before
Maude arrived in Columbus, I talked
with Capt. Doster by long distance
.oviHiunc jie seemeo. nappy and de
tain Maude had left him for good.
Today I was sitting in the park, read
ing a newspaper when I suddenly saw
he had been killed.
"Capt. Doater would have been dis
charged this month. He was planning
tj engage in private practice) la New
jsexico- I was to go to him and we
were to be married. ow It can never
MriLi""0' M"taBd why Maude
killed him. I could understand her
killing herself, bat not him.
"She was jealeas of me. Traere-
reality I was engaged t.
him and sa.uld have been the one
to hold the mast bltterne... I am
the greatest loser.
"I wonder If the world will ander-
" fn'frtng and humilistton."
Mrs. Beckley last night made public
some of the letters she had received
from Capt. Doster recently. One writ
ten September 1 said if Capt. Doster
could get away for ten days they
could be married. The letter was
written on T. M. C. A. stationery to
Mrs. Becklev. vKn fh. .. t u
hattaa. Kansas. It said:
-pear Pedro. Mother of God how
glad I am to hear from you again.
The days and Bights have been hell
for a moata. There f m nn.i. t n,.
to say and no way to sav ThinS. tn t'"t Poller for you to remain ln
have been In tTrribte aSss. m?t ale ' K""" TJnU1 yoa near n""''S
slowly stralat.lt?J..tr.e! "ore definite from me. Now. l.ttle
Write as yon did. Address me as you
did In the telegram,
"I am dae to nmt abi fiM,.mK.. .
bat have heard nothing as yet from
my application ior discharge. Neither
have the other medical officers here
who are la my same class. I am stock
all I can get out of the service. You
aaderstand without mv t.ni.c VAn
that I must have my honorable dis
charge and I cannot Ttlck over the
traces' until I get my discharge
mmivv&h. mm x can ana will in
"Torture, of the Damird."
I feel better since hearing from
you. I was suffering the tortures of
the damned with the aaeertalaty of
.... i nmtj
"I want what yoa vraat lost as
badly aa yon do. but we will have
to leave Kansas for some other
place to live In. It won't do to
remain there. I am telling yon
that other party Is a hell eat on
wheels. I know, dear.
"Ton nrost write me often. Tell me
all the news. I didn't get to read
that last letter yoa wrote. Maude
got it- runt I made her burn It and
had to forego reading It myself.
"I love yon, dear, more than ever.
If such Is possible, and I lone for
you. out l most grtn and bear my
troubles till I get out of this mess no
matter how long it Is nor how hard.
I shall never go back on you. Tell
me what you are going to work at.
What did your dad say? What did
you say and how long were you
home? Tell me the news. I never
Ket a paaer any more I shall have
Stanley change the address.
"Be a brave girl, dear, and every
thing win come oat for the best ln
tao aext lew raoatha at the longest.
"If I coald get away from here for
10 days to see you we could get mar
ried and then raring, as yoa say.
would do no good. Now. write often
It 11 PTfl Ml flwT iOVvvV'rnrimri"JJl3L
rfotxrlshlro: 2? Cr" L9 grJa "S .JflKt! W
di!" -Tift - n W f-VvJi-a-SWyB&.
His Original Food-Drink For AH Age
RicJiMilx, Malted Grain Extract fa Powder;
ramstanem- Do the but von can and i M- King, opposition leader, I treated by Dr John Hardy He was I
wK.uf!g "lEesalts From Herald Ada
on doing Don't give up the nursing i t--
Circus Boy Slabbed
When He Prevents Lad
From Slipping In Tenl
White attempting to prevent boys
from crawling beneath the tent of
his father's circus at Sixth and San
Jacinto streets, Heriberto R. Tora
sino, 1 was painfully wounded b a
boy who stabbed him with a pocket
knife The assailant escaped and a
search for him has been instituted
by the police.
Torasina was taken to the police i
emersencr hosoltal. where he vas
Ifc I2rMir' O1 Zl r i? 193 JL M
Most of the cook
ing sister gives us
comes in a red and
yellow box from
the grocer
irirL I have cot said much to you
about a certain subject.
Tou know I have two babies,
dear. They are all the world to
me. I of coarse, will want them
with me as soon as ire get our
feet financially. They have to be
mothered, you know. They are
srood little ones and I would not
think of giving them up,
"Don't you realize what it will
mean to you In the way of added
work and responsibility?
Tt me know Just how you feel
about such a thine: as this. Tou know
kit will mean stern, hard work for
both of us. A man s success in life
Is measured not alone by the dollars
he makes but how he takes care of
and treats his wife and children. Can
and will you mother them Little
Lenore will need lots of good care
and good guidance. She has her dad's
temperament, which Is not the best
kind in the world.
I want to settle dawn some
where Jnst as soon aa I in out of
the service. Gather up my traps
and start up. behave myself, get
70a and face the world with clean
"It Is a Mg undertaking. I wiU
always be good to you. dearest. I
admit that I should have written to
you oftener but I have had little
time to spare. I did an appendectomy
out In an adobe hut in town here.
Did It Just to show these hospital
doctors I could get along without
their hospitals anytime I wanted to
turn the trick.
"I have learned a lot of good points
since coming herepoints which are
of value to me. but of course you are
not interested In that. What you are
Interested In Is when I am coming
back to you.
"Vbout Maude now. I will be
able to make the -riffle all o, 1c
when I get my dlseharge. but not
till then. I am mitlnc ray fences
' ' so built that I will make It. There
Is golne; to he some hell roaring.
j hut I will be able to do It. so do
not worry any more.
"Now little girl, write me often
Keep me Informed as to everything1
concerning yourself I will try and
write more often to you. Do not
imagine that If you do not hear from i
me that something has taken place ,
it won't, lie a good little girl"
Chicago. I1L. March 10 Ninety
per cent of the railways In the United
States will be represented at the
twenty-first annual convention of
the American Railway 32ngineTin.r
association which will be held March
1 16, 17 and 18. association officials
announced today
I Seligman. Arls.. March 10 Ray and
Roy Sorrels are reported to ha
bought of Dr E B Perrin a half of
the 100 000 acre Luis Maria Baca float
pram southwest of this point The i
p.-ant is one of two Jorateil in vr -zona
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