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Mexican bank notes, state bills, $6-5035; pesos, 93;
, Mexican gold, $50.15; aadonales, 24J4c; bat sDrei, H.
& H. quotation, $1.07; copper, 1919c; -grain,
weak; livestock, higher; stocks, firm,
t Paso asd west Texas, fair; Sew Mexico, fair and
warmer; Arisoaa, fair, warmer fa aorta.
Witli Senator's Progress
Maryland ana Indiana, G O. P. Observers Figure He
Is Far Short of Votes Needed to Win Nomination;
Primaries Worth Little as Indicative of Nominee.
2520 precincts out of 138? in Indi
ana, for Republican presidential
preference In yesterday's primary, the
Wood. G4.8SS.
Lowden, 30.014.
Harding; lCOCX
Thus, aa far as the vote has been
counted. Wood crt a ilttl moM limn
half of all the votes cast, Johnson a
iwa u naar ana wow ieaa
is cut from first figures of last night
Tr.ore than 1000 votes.
Johnson supporters' point out that
rr.eir candidate's showing; is a re
markable one In a conservative state
JiKe -Indiana, in view of the fact that
"u ood, Lowden and Harding- are re
garded as equally conservative.
Unless one of the candidates ob
tains a majority of the votes cast,
which, on the face of the returns
seems Improbable. Indiana's delega
tion to Chicago will go without In
structions, unless instructed by the
state convention. The delegates to
the national to which were elected to
day. There were no candidates for the
Democratic presidential preference.
Johnson Sweeps California.
San Francisco. Calif.. May 6. Re
turns from 54 of the 68 counties and
from 505 of a total of G729 precincts
in the state gave Johnson delegates
293.935, Hoover delegates 158.583 In
the presidential primary of yester
day. Hoover carried three of the &4 i
counties represented, on the face of j
the incomplete returns. These in-J
eluded Los Angeles, where be had a
plurality t sg,osr. .
Hoover's home precinct. Stanford
university, gave him a plurality of
.48 over senator Johnson.
One hundred and seventy four pre
cincts in this county. Santa Clara,
Rave Johnson almost a two to one
;Iua.rality. The vote: Johnson 68,
777 Hoover. 2 5,0 IS.
Three hours and a half after the
polls cilajlPbRr
for Hoover, conceded Johneuu's vic
tory. Establishes Vote Becori
H. J. Carnahaa. western campaign
manager for senator Johnson.
statement, saiai
The results of the primary will
be more than 55.090 in excess of any
plurality Johnson ever had in a pri
mary election. It Is the greatest
fcweep in the history of California
politics in a primary election.'
44 Uke Good Sportsman.
Ralph P. Merritt. campaign man
ager of the Hoover Republican dub,
onceded the election of the Johncon
group of delegates.
"Like good sportsmen, we concede
the victory' and congratulate the
winner." he said.
"The issues represented by Hoover
n ill continue to command the at
tention of the coanty and eventually
at the Republican convention Hoover
will be nominated for the pres
idency." Kentucky for Cox.
LouisTill. Ky, May 5. Only Ken
tncky"s delegates at large were In
structed last night by the Democratic
state convention to vote lor govern
or James M Cox. of Ohio, "as long as
his name te mains before the national
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Administration Democrats Certain
To Control State Convention May 25;
Faction For Bailey Calls Conclave
DALLAS. Tex, May 5. With unof
ficial returns Wednesday morning
showing complete counts from
democratic conventions in 1SS of the
2: o counties in Texas, delegates fa-
onng endorsement of the national
administration were assured of con
trol of the state Democratic conven
tion May 25.
The returns from the county con
ventions which met to name delegates
to the state convention, gave the ad
nlnistration forces 147 counties, with
a conTectlon voting strength of 10&4
and the Democratic forces opposed to
T.dorsement of the Wilson admin
istration eight counties with a com-
tned vote of 38. Three counties, with
1:7 votes, selected unlnstructed dele
gates. County convention returns from 10
counties showed Bailey to have car
ried ten and a half counties and two
counties to be doubtful. If Bailey
carried these two counties, his total
' ote will be 6.
The total convention vote is 1400.
Counties for Bailey,
bounties Thtch went for Bailey and,
ported Tuesday night are: Menard.
Burnett, Fort Bend, Newton. Titus.
Fayette, Gillespie, Lavaca and Victoria-
In Comanche county, there is a con
t st, as two conventions were held.
ne by Bailey and the other by anti
Bailey forces. The Fort Bend county
delegates are unlnstructed; they are
favorable to Bailey. Dewitt county's
delegation is half for Bailey and half
for Wilson. Cooke county went
unanimously for Thomason, repudiat
ing Bailey, who formerly lived there.
The county also indorsed Thomases
for governor and Thomas B- Love, of
nallaa. for national committeeman,
jnd approved Hobby's administration.
Fayette and Lavaca counties each
flexed Bailey delegates to the state
onvention. The Dallas county con
vention instructed for McAdoo for
president, as did Matagorda and Mon
tague counties.
Cone Johnson and Mrs. Cone John
son were favored as delegates at
arge by several counties. Postmas
ter general Burleson was instructed
for as delegate at large by Lee, Tra
i is and other counties Hunt county
Indorsed Lonney for governor
Hill county's Wilson delegation to
Ths state convention is headed by !
Mai T. K Nickels, son of Luther
caeis, Kaliejs campaign mauager.
statewide conference of
IS 5663
Checked in New Jersey,
publicans who hone to control
the Chicago convention are elated
at reports raoving wax liirum w.
Johnson fa fled to carry Indiana Tues
day. With Johnson's progress stopped
in New Jersey. Maryland and Indiana,
Republican observers figure, admit
ting that he carried California, that
he is still far short of a sufficient
number of votes te indicate likeli
hood of his nomination.
One feature of the Maryland pri
maries freely commented upon was
the sparseness of the vote. The same
thing happened In Massachusetts. It
is recalled. Politicians deduce from
taese considerations additional sup
port to their contention that the pri
maries will be of little valne as in
dicative of he Domination.
Jiajoriiy to tie uninstruetea.
The jcreat bodv of the convention
will be unlnstrueted. The instructed
delegations will be scattered In in
decisive groups among the candidates
and the convention Is to be given op
portunity to look over the field and
go far afield, if necessary, to find a
It la well understood, of course.
that, at the outset of the nreeonven-
tlon campaign- the managers of gov
ernor Frank O- Lowden. of Illinois,
and senator Warren 6. Harding, of
Ohio, and of senator Johnson pooled
their interests The arrangement was
temporary one: it was the general
understanding that the purpose of the
pact was to hold Wood la check. The
plan succeeded to a considerable extent-
Had It not been in operation, ;
Wood undonbtedlv woo Id have re-1
celved a good many more rotes in ;
some states tnan ne aia receive.
There has been no nubile ex Dia na
tion as to why Lowden and Harding
did not enter the Maryland primaries.
But the general understanding has
been, according to the Washington
Post, that they stayed out because
senator Johnson believed he could
win in a straight fight against Wood
in that state
Poor Showing In Maryland.
But. contrary to his expectations.
senator Johnson made the poorest
showing la the state that he has made
todav that tlia votlnK In tbe ares
uai preference primaries, now prac
tiealiv ai an atuI. has not revealed
senator Johnson as a majority can-
OM&te anrwnsre.
Want tkla TOdae La. reT.aled
Is. It la pointed out. nat the Cali
fornia senator la the choice of a
err agn-reaalre minority in the
Chairman Hays, of the Republican
national committee, has been in
Washington since May day conferring
with prominent Republicans to ascer
tain the drift of sentiment among
them as to the choice of temporary
chairman of the national convention.
Favor Iwdce for Chairman.
It la said Mr. Hays found a strong
sentiment favorable to the selection
of senator Lodge to be temporary
chairman. Senator Borah is the choioe
of progressive Republicans and of
those Republicans who are irrecon-
CUaDly opposed to ine Jeagae 01 na
(Imi biulnr Ixodes, as well known.
la for the league of nations with res
ervations. There are signs of a storm. The
alternative suggestion had been made
that jar. Jlsys, as tne eaairman ui me
national committee. abooM be tem
porary chairman of the convention.
Some Republicans thought today that
the feeling is so strong over the tem
porary chairmanship it may be carried
to the floor of the convention.
Democrats to meet In Dallas May It,
was issued here by the advisory com
mittee of the element of the Texas
Democratic party, which met defeat
at precinct conventions last Saturday
In Its campaign to repudiate the
national administration.
The call asserts that -perhaps not
more than IS percent" of the Demo
cratic voters participated In the pre
cinct meetings, which overwhelmingly
endorsed president Wilson's adminis
tration, and appeals to Democrats
-who understood their duty." and
"have the political courage" to per
form It. to meet and take counsel with
each other with respect to cominc
gubernational campaign.
Former United States senator Jos
eph Bailey, leader of the anti-administration
forces, will continue In the
race for governor, the call said.
Las Angeles. Calif.. May S- Walter
Andrew Watson, alleged confessed
bigamist and murderer, was returned
to bis prison ward in the county hos
pital today after bis trip to El Cen
tre during which be aided officers
to locate the body of Nina Lee De
loney and testified at an Inquest that
he bad killed her. The body of Nina
Lee Delorey probably will be
shipped to her former home in Ken
Boston Mass.. May 6. Profiteering
In meat was charged today against
Armour & Co. and its New England
manager, John E. Wilson, who wis
arrested on a warrant issued by
United States commissioner Hayes,
on evidence transmitted by the 17. S
dlstrict attorney's office that lamb
bought for less than ten cents a
pound, plus freight of about four
cents, had been sold for 25 cents.
Ties Moines. Iowa, May 5. Bishop
E. A- Cooke, of Helena. Mont., ten
dered his resignation to the Methodist
Knlsconal general conference today.
Til health was given as the reason. He
is 5 years old, ana began preaching
,47 years ago.
Profits And A Steady Trade
Properly Sold for $500,000
Most of Which Is
Paid in Cash.
Purchaser Plans to Build
Modern Hotel on Site
Later On.
PROBABLY the largest single cash
real estate transaction ever made
in El Paso was completed late
Tuesday afternoon when A. Math las
purchased the jjotel Sheldon site for
$00,00v, of which practically three
fourths was cash. Xuma G. Buehaz,
of the X. G. Bnchoz Co. who has been
in the realty business here many
years, made the sale.
mans Fine Hotel.
Although be has made no definite
plans. Mr. Mathlas said Wednesday
morning that eventually he will erect
one of the biggest and finest hotels
In the southwest on the site. Tbjs
wfll probably not be nntil the expira
tion of the operating company's lease.
The present ooeratinc comoanv.
headed by R. B. Oradorff. will con
tinue to operate the hotel, according
to present arrangements.
The Sheldon comnany. which sold
ue structure to jtr. Matnias, is com
posed of R. B. Oradorff, James G. Mc
Narv. Julius Krakauer. Mrs. Ada
Krakauer and the J. J. Mundy estate.
Five Lota Trajurerred.
Included in the transactioB was the
transfer to the eneieon company by
Mr. Mathlas of five lots at the south
east corner of Florence and Texas
streets valued at approximately 475,
00s. Structures occupy this property
Another piece which Mr. Mathlas
turned over to the Sheldon corpora
tion was 178 feet on the right hand
side of San Jacinto street Just north
of Second. This was valued at $75,000
"Negotiations on this deal hare been
in progress for two months. said Mr.
Wednesday. ST5Q zar as l
fr taut la 3 Mffrt. ifhn TheTaTtsn
Is one of the best known untfmaVlts
In El Paso and I am rather prood
of being instrumental in Its sale."
There will be no change In the man
agement or policy of the Sheldon, ac
cording to members of the operat
ing company.
Constantinople. May 5. (By the
Associated Press). A bandit chief
tain named Abrabisn. has been ar
rested at Aleppo. Syria, charged with
the marder of James Perry and Frank
Johnson. Ameriean T. SL C A. men,
near Alntab, February 4.
Panama City. Pan, May 6. Gee
John J. FersalsK, after an all day
hunt In which two alligators were
lassoed and captured alive, boarded
the transport Northern Pacific to sail
for New York by way of Porto Rico.
Chfeaso, IU. May t. Chicago bar
bers have decided to keep the price
of haircuts and shaves at the present
standard. Some barbers wanted to
raise the price to T6 cents.
Deming. N M, May 5. Mrs. Mand
Doster. of Columbus, N. H, went to
trial In the district court nere loasy
on a charge of first degree murder,
lint neater was recently Indicted br
the grand jury on thecharge of shoot
ing and killing Capt. Wade Doster. of
Columbus, early last March.
Mrs. Doster. Associated Press re
ports said at the time of the killing,
shot the army officer becaosed stie
accused him of being in love with an
other woman This woman was said
to be Mrs. Lain Beckly of Kl Paso.
On April 21 Mrs. Doster appeared in
court nere and pleaded not guilty to
the charge. She has been in the hos
pital at Columbus much of the time
since the killing, as she shot herself
after Capt. Doster was shot.
Mrs. Dosters attorneys are Fred
Sherman and B. P. Hamilton. The
prosecutor is J. F. Vaught. district
attorney. The trial is before Judge
Raymond R. Ryan.
The entire day was taken up with
the selection of a Jury. Many venire
men were opposed to the death pen
alty for murder, they said.
Phoenix. Ariz., May 6. Black spot
ted trout will be placed in the streams
tributary to the Tonto. according to
word received by Joe V. Prochaska.
state game warden, from Washington.
Prochaska made application for fish
of better grade than mountain trout
and the nureau o; nsnertes recom
mended various species of black spot
ted trout, distribution to be made
from August to October.
Has New Tooth at 96;
Eight Seek to Wed Her
LONDON. Eng. May . Mrs Ra
ven. of Shepherd's Bush is !
years old and has a new tooth
Sue's had eight proposals since she
was 60. she says, and was married
three times before she reached
that age.
&0O "0-0 oo
o ....
l ne provea circulation ot
4 The El raao Herald Is nearly O I
twice that of any other El i
Paao paper."
-o --o-e-o -o
Great Quantities Of Oil
Captured By Bolsheviki
In Drive To Caspian Sea
Wells Continue Work at Full Speed, Declares Moscow
Statement Eeceived in London Following the Eed
Victory Sweeping Forces in Baku, Important Pe
troleum Center of Western Inland Sea Coast.
T ONDO.Y. Eng. May E. Great quan
J, titles of oft fell Into the hands
or the Russian Bolshevik forces
wnen tney captured Baku, the Im
portant petroleum center on the west'
stb coast of the Caspian sea. April 2b.
says an official statement under
Tuesdays date, received today from
The red troops, the statement says,
captured S.0 poods of benzine (a
pood equals SCOT pounds). 2S.Ae.io
poods of kerosene, l.MO.sse poods of
gasoline. lse.OM poods of lubricating
ou. n.ts.soo poods of masont and
s. pooas or crude oil.
The work in the oil wells eon
tinues at full speed." the statement
Looting ITouaes at Kiev.
Warsaw, May &. (By the As
sociated Press). Russian Bolshevik
Soldiers are resorted to be loetlnar
nouses ana stores at Kiev, prepara
tory to abandoning the ctty. Ad
vices Indicate great confusion there.
Polish military authorities plan to
occupy Kiev late this week, it Is be
lieved. The American Red Cross has
chartered a special train to take
supplies there.
Jap Knvoy to England.
Honolulu. T. H- Tuesday Mar
The Japanese government has unof
ficially decided on the appointment
of baron Gonsake Hayasbt. admlois
trtor of the province of Kwantung,
south Manchuria, ss ambassador to
Great Britain, to succeed viscount
Chlnda. according to a Tokk cable
to the Nlppu Jiji, Japanese vernacular
newspaper here.
Chlnda formerly was ambassador
to the United States and Hayaahl to
Ilnngarlan Vote Pies Denied.
Paria. France. May fc The reply of
the conference of ni ha Isadora to the
Hungarian objections to the terms
of the proposed pesos treaty was de
livered today to the secretary of the
Hungarian delegation at Versailles.
It Is learned that the reply denies the
demand for a plebiscite in the terri
tories which the projected treaty de
taches from Hungary.
Washington. D. C. May 6. Further
advances fa print paper prices are to
be made by the International Paner
company, on July 1, said a telegram
from Chester W Lvman. vice Dresl-
dent of the company, which was
e paper sboi
THE city banket for 1930-:i, calling
for $1.1,730.41 an tncreue of
sret wm dlfnad WednftsdaT morn
ror at a joint meeting m tne city nail
of the mayor and coanclL members of
to chamber of commerce, bankers.
merchants and Droxeaalonal men and
women without any actual reductions
beinc made throntrh the ansrsreatlons
oi iddm wno came to consult witn ue
city officials.
Members of the city school board
and teachers representatives were
aseared by mayor Charles Darts and
tne auiermen utat tne city wonid
raise for the schools this
year an increase of ?17fc,(HX oyer last
year's allowance -no matter what
steps In the way of increased prop
eny valuations or nigner taxes naa
to be taken. This will assure the
teachers of the citv a 2s nor cent
raise in salaries and will avert a
scarcity of competent teachers with
which the city has been confronted
zer znontns.
SoDDorta Retention Home.
Tbi support of the ctty in an effort
to rave tne state erect a ?&o.oes de
tention home here for delinquent girls
was assured Mrs. O. A. Critchett. who
appeared before the council as chair
man of a committee of men and
women who are making a strenuous
flght for the establishment of such
a home here. Mayor Davis explained
that the city is in no financial con
dition now to raise funds for the
erection and maintenance of such a
home. County judge E. B. McCllntock
stated that the county, too. is unable
to give financial aid to such a project
now, but pledged the assistances of
the county officials in the fight t be
made before the state legislature for
the erection of the home.
So much time was consumed in dis
cussing the detention home and teach
ers salaries that only about half the
budget was taken op item by Item and
another public meeting to discuss the
remainder of It will b9 held at 10
o clock tomorrow morning at the city
Salaries to be Increased.
Under the terms of the new
budget, practically every employe will
receive an increase In salary ranging
from 10 to 20 percent. None of the
councilmen, nor the mayor and city
attorney, share In the increase, which
is already in effect In all departments.
None of the items tn that portion of
the budget already examined came in
for serious criticism from anyone
present at the meeting.
An increase from $1.96 to Z on the
Finds WinningHerald TripEasy Task
BBnuVasiW 'SBnY
lation manager
New Mexico, Arizona and west Texas, who would like to join the El Paso
boys in camp, write for our generous offer to out-of-town boys.
Society Women Work as Auto
Drivers and Ticket Girls
In French Walkout
PARIS, France. May 6. Many fash
ionable women have offered their
services to break the strike which
began May day and some of them
have been on duty as chauffeurs,
ticket takers. In the subway stations
and at other posts deserted by the
union workmen.
Despite official claims that the
general railroad strike In France was
virtually broken, labor leaders main
tain an optimistic attitude, saytng
the outlook was favorable for utli
mate success of the movement.
Railroad headquarters reported
progress In both freight and pas
senger movement.
The situation as regards the strike
of miners and dock workers appeared
ss changed.
Chicago Meaaengers Threaten.
Chicago, m. May i. Stfll another
strike was threatened here today
when the telegraph messengers de
livery union presented the Western
On lea and Postal Telegraph compan
ies a demand for an eight hour day.
122 a week for day work and 22S for
night work.
Roy Johnson, business agent of
the union, said the managers were
about to reduce from 3 to Z cents a
message the amount paid to mes
sengers. Johnson said a strike meeting had
been called for Saturday night.
Printers' Walkout Ends.
Utica. X T., May i. A walkout of
composing room employes which
caused the two local afternoon news
papers to appear yesterday in great-
SfeWy Pa1eWS,&1
aa usual today.
5100 valuation, and an Increase in the
valuation of property from a 0 per
cent basis to between 6 and 70 is
the plan most favored by the mayor
and council to obtain the addition
revenue that city requires for the
new fiscal year. The mayor said
at Wednesday's meeting that he
understands this will not meet with
the approval of many taxpayers, but
It Is a step that must be taken.
There was a round of applause
.when Jnltus Krakauer said in reply
to this that he, as the representative
of a group of taxpayers, would under
take to convince them how necessary
such a step is, and that he. person
ally, would be glad to pay the in
creased taxes in order to raise money
for the teachers and other city de
partments. Funds Seeded by City.
The total operating fund needed by
the city is mi.731.41. distributed in
the following channels:
Mayor and city council. 90,014.
City clerk. UM40.
City attorney. 90700.
City hall building. J 4830.
Ovil service. Hit.
Corporation court. $3400.
Public library. $54. 400.
Donations, $7000.
Bills payable, $13,000.
Insarane. 1400.
Election expense. $3000.
Police department. $113440.
City prison. UMM
Accounting department. $9729.
Treasurer. $3100.
Assessor and collector. $12,540.
Purchasing department. $3050.
Warehouse, $3430.
Traffic department. $3000.
Weights and measures, $3000.
Employment bureau. $3030.
Miscellaneous, $9v6&.
General parks, 340100.
Washington park, $17,408.
Engineering department. $30,100.
Sewer department. $7t3L
Building department. $7070,
Electrical Inspection. $3830.
Plumbing and meter inspection.
Fire department, $17M7i.
Health department. $43,480.
Isolation hospital. $0040.
Emergency hosp'tal, $3300.
Comfort station. $6420.
Garbage disposal. $28,386
Garbage collection. $02,204.
Street cleaning and sprinkling.
Street repairs, $10,407.
Street lighting. 1 37,007.
Public pound. $1400.
(Continued on page lis column 2.)
HfcKE is ue picture of another boy who has fin
ished his list of 15 new, one-month subscriptions
to The El Paso Herald, and is to receive a two weeks'
vacation at the Mountain Park Y. M. C A. camp in
Jose, at the expense of The Herald.
Samuel Portas, who is 12 years old, lives at 614
North 1 Paso street We asked him if he fosnd it
hard wort, and he said, "I should say not, it was
a wltil easy. Yon see, a friend of my father's helped
me, and it didn't take tmt jnst a little while to get
my list completed." Now this is a good tip for other
boys get yoni parents or your friends to help yon,
and yon will find it just as easy as Samuel did.
Other boys who are interested in the two weeks'
trip to the mountains, call to see H. H. Fris, circu
1 Paso Herald. Boys who live in
Are The Ideal Of Wise Merchandising
Statesman's Hope About to
Be Realized As Result of
San Remo Ruling.
And Nou) Final Task Is To
Regain the Byzantium,
After 6 Centuries.
NHW YORK. May k Amid all the
confusion of San Remo rumors, the
fact detaches Itself that Venizelos
at last Is to have his reward and Greece
to obtain substantial Justice. So far
all reports are in accord that Greece
Is to obtain the whole of Thrace. Bul
garia, as well as Turkish fractions
Included and thus occupy the entire
region between the Bulgarian fron
tier and the bases of the Constanti
nople and Gall I poll peninsulas.
In addition, she Is to receive
Smyrna and a substantial hinterland
and portions of northern Bplrus; what
remains a matter of doubt Is whether
she or Albania win have Koritxa.
Put into figures, this means that
Greece will obtain In Europe new
territories having an area of approxi
mately 12.M square miles a tit tie
less than the combined areas oi
Massachusetts and Connecticut and a
population in round numbers amount
ing to 1 eee.soe at the last census. But
the last census was taken more than
a decade ago, under Turkish rule.
and la notoriously inexact.
Many Changes Made.
In addition, three wars have passed
over this country since this number
ing and swept away large percent
ages of the inhabitants, while changes
ot rulers portions o: xarace nave
been Turkish, Greek. Bulgarian and
are now to be Greek again all in the
span of eight years have produced
much migration voluntary and Invol
untary alike.
In Asia the Syrna grant, despite Its
rather grudging limitations, will give
Greece approximately S0SO square
miles, with a population of much
more than MO.SOO. Hellenic in major
ity. Thus Greece emerges from the
aavrsfr a population or approximately
UHJM. She Is. then, la area more
than half as large as Italy, tn popu
lation somewhat smaller than Bel
gium. In S Tears Struggle.
A quarter of a century ago, when
Veniselos came from Crete to begin
his great work. Greece, just beaten
in a Turkish war. was a state with a
population of less than 2.SM9. liv
ing on a territory ot some 25,9.
square miles. Athens, with the Pi
raeus, was the slnele considerable
city, railway communications were to
tally tnaaeauate. oreeee was Isolated
from the rest of Europe, and order
within the boundaries was entirely
lacking. By the Turkish war Greece
naa lost tne sympathy of Europe and
her dynasty had lost all domestic re
gard. From the moment of hla arrival
and for nearly two decades thereafter
Venizelos applied himself to the task
of domestic reorganisation. Not un
til MIS was he ready to pursue his
larger objectives. But In these years
he had regained for Oreeee the sym
pathy of the world and he had also
scmevea tne impossible in establish'
(Continued on page 14, column 3.)
Washington. D. C. Xay S. Opening
debate oq his resolution to declare
ue state ot war with Germany and
Austria at an end. senator Knox. Re
publican. Pennsylvania, declared in
the senate today that president Wil
son was arbitrarily maintaining that
the nation technically was at war.
to coerce the senate Into ratifying
the peace treaty.
He said congress had voted war
wiin tne inwni government of Ger
many and pointed out that the im
perial government had ceased to ex
ist, therefor. It waa folly to pretend
even a terhnira1 state of war when
tbers was r.o enemy in fact.
"There was no excuse whatsoever
for greatly prolonging the war be
yond the signature of the armistice."
senator Knox said, "and the only ex-
f i la nation for so doing was the de
I be rate aim to retain all those au
tocratic compulsory powers with
which the executive had been en
dowed for the prosecution of the war,
that 'they might be used for other
"The welfare and safety of the na
tion Imperatively demand that we
know we have peace. The whole
world seethes with revolution. Our
own nation Is in ferment and toll.
Force and strife are rampant and
threaten the destruction not only of
our property, but of our free institu
tions and even ot our lives. And yet
we stand, snd have stood for months,
as a rudderless ship."
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TJrbalejo's Forces Arrive From Casas Grandes in Part;
Eemainder May Be On Way; Juarez Quiet, "With Few
Visitors, No Women; First Chief Using Planes to
Bombard Towns Under Control of the Eebels.
retary Xteatols today ordered &
dlrurtoB of destroyers, now at
New York wit the Atlantic fleet,
to ail Immediately for Key West,
where they will be held for possible
daty in Mexican waters.
1e destroyers are eoraraaaded by
Capt- Byron Lose oa the tesder
Black Hawk, which will accompany
the flotilla. Capt. Long was tn con
ference with secretary Daniels here
last night and loft immediately after
ward for Hew York to get his ships
ready to sail today.
The secretary said today that Capt.
Long had been grrfen full instruc
tions as to the policy to be pursued
In the event it becomes necessary to
send the destroyers to Mexican
ports. The vessels shoo id report at
Key West by tomorrow night or Fri
day. ,
Rebels Threaten Cities.
Thus far no reports of any serious
disturbances In Mexican ports have
reached the government, bat revolu
tionists are active not far from the
At the state department today
It was said that reports tans far
received has not Indicated that
the lives of any American eitl
sens had been endangered any
where In Mexico as a result of
the revelation.
Apparently unable to set nnder
way any offensive military ex
pedition against the revolutionists.
president Carransa has begun nstng
airplanes to harass towns bold by
the rebels In the neighborhood of the
Mexican capital, according to ad
vices to revolutionary agents here.
Cuernavaca. capital of Morelos. and
Coaatla, tn the Mae state, are two
of the potnta that have been smartly
bombarded, the reports stated.
The information throoarh official
channels yesterday that Ifablo Gon
zalez, zormeriy an aroenx. supporter
of Cnrranza, had entered the revolu
tion at the head of a detachment of
revolting federal troops, also was
contained in the advtoee.
Torrroa Is Menaced.
Further Indications that Torreon
again is te become the objective of
In the report that Oei
force that had been trying for more
tnan tnree weejes to make its way
through the state of Jalisco north
ward into Nayarit. to check the So
corans on their marsh to the south.
had been turned aboo and is on Its
way to Irapttato, from where it xsay
move northward toward the state of
Six Destroyers Put to Sea.
New York. May S Stx destroyers.
accompanied by the tender Black
Hawk, left their anchorage with the
Atlantic fleet te the Hudson river
at 2 p. zn. today and sailed for Key
Gunboat Turns RebeL
Agua. Prists, Sonera, May . The
Mexican gunboat Blanco, which fled
from Goaymas harbor when Soaora
revolted, has returned to that port
and the officers and crew annoenced
they had Joined the revolution, it is
said at military headquarters here.
Announcement also was made that
Gen. Francisco Amanso had been
named chief of the revolutionary
army Is the state of Sonors. I
Revolt or subjection of the border,
states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and
(Continued en page 3, column 3.)
Gradual Prohibition For Mexico,
No Gambling In Rebel Territory,
Says Statement By De La Huerta
A CO, Sonera, May t. By the As
soctated Press.) Adolfo de la
Huerta in an interview nere ex
tends an invitation for toreien can!
tal to enter Mexico, outlined the fu
ture plans or tne revolutionists and
announced cabinet selections for the
provisional government.
He said thei ultimate aim of the
revolutionary party was prohibition
ana no gamoiing in aiexseo.
Concerning prohibition, governor
oe la Huerta said
"We cannot expect prohibition in a
day nor the end of gambling, but It
la an end toward which we are striv
ing. It will route la Mexico aa It did
in the United State. We have or
dered liquor selling and gambling
stopped tn all territory vre control.
It will be moat rigidly enforced along
the International boundary beeauae
of the dancer of .he traffic to the
relations between jar country and the
isnura states at tnis most critical
"Mexico invites and enfov th
visits or foreigners," ne said, "but
we do not wish to make our conntrv
a place of dissipation."
Governor de la Huerta arrived by
special train from Hermoslllo to con
fer with revolutionary aders who
gatnerea nere to discuss tne situation
During the dav selections for the
caotnet or tne proviaionaj government
were announced in part.
Huerta at the Helm.
De la Huerta Is temnorarv head of
tne revolutionists. lien. p. Ellas
Calles was named minister of war
and Gen. F. M. Serrano as chief of
staff. Serrano will immediately go to
Chihuahua, it was said.
Gen. Salvador Alvarado was nimaH
as minister of finance.
An invitation was telea-rashed Gab.
Pascual Ortiz Rubio. governor of th
: outie oi Aaicnoacan. io oe minister
! of communications with control of
the railroads, telegraph and tele
phones. Another Invitation was seat
governor Enrique Bstrada. constitu
tional governor of Zaeateeas. to be
come minister of agriculture.
Leaders said they contemplated In
viting Alberto Pant. Mexican minister
to France under Carranza, to be min-
later or Industry and commerce, a 1
Ksitlon he formerly held. Pani may I
ve the post, it was said, if he will I
subscribe to the revolution 1
Calles, rebel minister of war. until
recently was a member of president
Carrai Asa's cabinet. Serrano, chief of
staff, held this position under Gen.
Obregon when the latter was secre
tary of war under Carranza. Gen.
Alvarado. minister of finance, former-
r ARRANZA appears to have aban
doned his northern Mexico cam -
paign against Sonora. from indi
cations along the border Wednesday
afternoon. That seems to be the de
emed opinion of the rebel leaders In
Jusres. though no official statement
was Issued on the subject.
A long freight train, carrying ;o9
members of Gen. Francisco Urhai-
Jo's command at Casas Grandes. ar-
nvea in Juarez at a ociock wear.es
dav moraine, followinc an order of
Gen. Escobar for the entire contin
gent at (jasas uranaes to come to
Juarez. The order was given follow
ing the forced agreement of Gen. Cr
balejo to Join the revolutionist move
The arrival of so small a numh-r
of troops oat of the garrison of 139
or more men is causing some concern
in Juarez. Leaders there are unable
to determine the attitude of the re
maining 1106 men. The troops arriv
ing at Juarez rerusec to atscuss tne
attitude of the garrison and declared.
"Our leaders will talk to the gen
eraia. not to the public' It is pos
sible, however, that the rezuiinder of
the troops at Casas Grandes will fol
low the forced move of their leaders
and come to Juarez.
Troops Well Equipped.
The troops arrived fn the u;ual
Mexican fashion, the men tn freight
ears and the women and children
dinging to the train wherever they
coo mi nna a piace to noia. ail or
the men were well armed and well
clothed, although most of them ap
peared to do xauguea rroxo tne jour
ney. They maintained a happy air,
however, and seemed pleased that
their trio was finished and they were
permitted to rest.
rur1ng the morning a contingent
of 2e cavalrymen, well armed and
wen mounted, paraded Dei ore tne
troop train.
The entire state of Morelos is in
the hands of the revolutionists, ac
cording to advices received Wednes
day morningby Artnro Ellas, brother
of Gen. P. Blias Calles. command-r-
tnchlef of the revolutionary armies
of the northwest.
Bombarded by Airplanes.
avasa, the capital, sod Guatis-
Two battalions of federal trooox
stationed along the international
railway line, running from Morelos
to Antigua, Veracruz, on the bay or
Casaaecho, have revolted, it la re
ported. Gen. Manuel M, Dieguez. command
er of the federal armies of the north,
la on his way with troops to Chihua
hua City, frdm Irapuato, Guanajuato,
the reports state.
Aoniuonai zouowers or oen. Joa
quin Amaro. former commander oi
the Carraasa forces at Ojinaga, cp
oosite Presidio, have revolted, ac
cording to the telegraphic reports re
ceived by E3ia&.
Two Generals Cap tn red.
The first intimation of the use of
fere during the blood -ss revolution
of Juarez Monday afternoon waa
given out Tuesday afternoon at
military headquarters when it r-?.a
earned that Gen. Urbalejo aad Gen.
Kdsardo F. Porcayo, of the Casas
Grandes garriees were captured by
federal troops In Juarez. Following
their capture and a heated contro
versy with Gen. J. Gonxalo Escobar,
the two generals agreed to join de
revere tionary movement. In order to
(Continued on. page 3, column 3
lv was srovernor of Yucatan, was pub
lisher of EI Heraldo de Mexico uutU
he was forced to flee the country,
and was the meet prominent publicist
In Mexico to espouse the cause of the
allies in the world war, it was said.
Text et Iluerta Statement.
Governor de la Huerta m his state
ment said:
I have a great and strong desire
to see Mexico an open field for hones'
and legitimate investment. The Lib
eral Constitutionalist party invites
foreign capital to Mexico.
"Banktng interests are especiallv
Invited to Mexico, with all protec
tions, guarantees and facilities of
fered them. Modifications !
changes will be made in banking laws.
unmer we present, aoministratioo in
Mexico there are no banks. The only
banks are pawn shops. Of course,
the public must and will be protected
but the field for bankers is Bn!tmitd
and will offer great opportunities.
both for the canital interested and
the public
On the Oil Situation.
"One of the first duties of conmia
when the revolutionists take control
will be interpretations of the consti
tution that Will Stabilise inrfnnri-v
This will specially affect the oil sit
uation and allow the operators t -
operate without fear of govern men taJ
action or whims.
""tonarrra unit mjkr riftnl at..
eislona concerning the constitution of
twi. wnien apparently took many
power from cirrru and eabodted
supreme power In the president. The
powers of the president must be It-evened
and those of nurrva. mwHrta.
ened until there Is no re a flirt.
t ne revolution is entirely directed
toward democracv. The io!oira.rmr
of the masses must cease and no on
man nor any set or men shall nav?
the power to do their own will "
Those at the conference pointed out
that in al! terrltorv eontroled l. he-
revolution lets there is not one po
litical nrisoner in rhol tail Th.-v
sald military commandars had beu
ordered by governor de la Huerta to
treat all political opponents falrlv
and safeguard t hem. Gen. Em i 1 1 o
Salinas, provisional governor o. Ch'
huahua. they recalled, a brotherini
of president Carraasa, was relead
after his arrest in he revolt at Ch -
huahua Citv. tn line with this noiit
uioioau ui naming aim as costage
against the capture of prominent
revolutionists by Carranclstas.
Governor de la Huerta returned to
Hermoslllo. capital of Sonors, is,--night.
HermostUo temporarily
be the seat of the provisions! go

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