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ENDORSEMENT of the Wilson ad
ministration, womas suffrage, the
a'irainistratlon ef g-ovemor W P.
'inby a.nd the candidacy of Robert
rwmg Thornaon was flven by the
' visccratic county convention held
n the 34th district court room at 2
rock Tuesday afternoon
Not one dissenting volc was raised
'j endorsement of the candidacy of
Thctnason, and during the entire
' gt, entlon not one dissenting vote
t rast nn any motion.
K M Wn .taker called the conven-
to order and read a list of dele
fiiea ced in each precinct last
.lturday Following the reading of
' ts lirt he announced that each pre-
fntitted to one vote, with
e exception of the Fabens district,
v h.ch ib entitled to three votes.
Ncalon E3ede Cntolmootl
''ir mediately followfng the call for
'om ration for permanent chairman,
S J Isaacks spoke briefly of the
qualifications of Joe NeaJon for the
position and his record as a Demo
.at. and Nealon's election was
u.xnimoua. In his preliminary re
marks. Mr. NeaJon declared that El
Paso county Democrats have 'oleoi
Thfr approval of the ThoTnason can
cflacy and the adraJnitraton. Ha
paid nich tribute to Woodrow WI1
rn and as he spoke of the chief ex
e ut.ve a hundred persons -shouted
'i(:r approvaL As the speaker
turned his attention to the private
And publir hfe of Mr. Tho mason, and
9 his accomplishments fa the state
slturc. a wild demonstration
broke forth in the room, which lasted
;u'!v five muuteg.
Eei M. Strickland was elected see
re ary of the convention.
A committee of five persons was
named to draft an order of business.
These we re R. K. Dudley, J. K.
Qnaid. Frank G. Morns, Mrs. O. A.
Trctiett and Mrs. R. SAL Homan.
This committee reported that the or
aer of business should constat of the
eppointment bv cnainnan Neslon of
a commfttee oa resolutions and a
committee for delegates to the state j
Committees Appolatrd
The committee on resolutions eon- I
sisted of B- F. Barges, chairman 3.
Isaac Ks, z L. Cooo, miss m. winic
w. J. Moron and Mrs. J. G. Me-
The committee to prepare a list of
c l e gates w as composed or: j. js.
Qua. a, cha.Tnaa. D. E. Mulcahy. Mrs.
.i. rownser.Q ana duo. i. a. oocuer.
"Walk a Block and
Save the Difference"
Union 2-piece
Suits Athletic or
At Balbriggan
$1.00 Underwear
$1.50 35C
50 c
$2.00 bUc
Long or ! and
Short j-
Lengths 'oc
Following the report of the reso
lutions committee, S. J. Isaac ks sub
mitted a resolution, which he de
clared Mr. Barges had refused to
place before the convention, and
which was addM to the other reso
lutions. This resolution was an In
struction to the delegates to the
state convention to vote for and . use
all legitimate efforts to obtain the
election of Mr. Burgee as a delegate
from the ICth congressional district
to the San Francisco convention. The
delegation to Dallas will be headed
by R. E Thomason. Joseph Nealon
and R 1 '. Burges.
During the interim, while the com
mittees prepared the reports, short
talks were given by Capt. T. J. Beall.
Dan Jackson, J. A. Bnckler. Mrs. O.
A. Critchctt. Mrs. Porter. Tom Lea
and W. H. Fryer. Each speaker en
dorsed Mr. Thomason's candidacy.
Following the election of the dele
gated. Zach Lamar Cobb gave a brief
talk on Democracy, which was loudly
applauded by those present.
M'omen Well Represented
More than half the persons attend
ing the convention were women, and
all expressed their pleasure at at
tending the first comention to which
women were eligible.
The resolution adopted on the na
tional administration follows:
"The record of our national Demo
cratic administration during the past
seven years win challenge compari
son with anv like period in the his
tory of our republic. For the first
time, (raided bv principles of Democ
racy, the financial pt -ibiems of our
country have been grappled with
statesmanship and patriotism. The
federal reserve banking law has
abolished financial panics, which,
under Republican misrule, have been
manipulated for partisan mi sad vant
age and to the demoraltsataion of
business. Under Democratic row.
however, the American banking sys
tem has been constituted an Impreg
nable xortress or reroge in tne nuost
of & world in storm.
The federal farm loan law has,
for the first time, brought money to
commercial rates ox interest. u toe
farmer and the stockman.
"For a generation the Republican
party. In the interest of private
monopolies, throttled every effort to
establish t&e parcel post system.
Under Democratic administration it
has been extended until the products
of the farm are brought to the door
of every consumer, and the farmer
mar purchase in the city markets
and hv deliver? made at hLs door.
"For the first time the rights of
the laboring population ana tne wel
fare nf wnmn and children have re
ceived adequata consideration at the
nana or tne zeaerai legislature.
Praise For War Record
"Great as have been the achieve
ments of the national administration
in times of peace, they have been
surpassingly great in war. i-ren.
A Saying of 25
dent Wilson rendered an incompar
ahi. ..i-vloA tn hi. conntrv ana to
mankind in marshallns. in defence of
Democratic principles tnroagnout tne
mru th. muni forces of civiliza
tion. Standing against the war until
peace was no lodger consistent with
the safety and honor of America, he
accepted, without fear, the supreme
challenge of statesmanship, mar
shaled the material resources and
fighting strenaw or tne nation, ana
led to victory in the greatest war In
Metnrv. "We uaottaliGedly endorse
oar r-t1""1 administration under
the leadership of president Wilson.-
Tne resolution rawmn we
States senators from Texas in their
support of the peace treaty Another
section expressed satisfaction over
the appearance of women in politics.
The state uniiunniuon en
dorsed in the following terms:
"The Democrats of El Paso county
heartily endorse the administration
of governor W. P. Hobby, and to the
end that their appreciation may find
fitting expression, our delegation to
the state convention is instructed to
vote for governor Hobby as delegate
st large to the national Democratic
Another resolution favored sena
tor a delegation to the national con
vention nnuu-traeted as to candidates
for the presidency and vice presi
dency. Endorsement ef Tsjomason
"In R. E. Thomason. El Paso coun
ty has a candidate for governor of
whom we are Justlyproad." the reso
lution continues. "His years of pub
lic service have been a credit to his
home people, who elected him to of
fice, and have been of untold ad
vantage to the people of the entire
stateT In ability and statesmanship.
Phoenix Man,
Candidate For
Senator, Here
Ralph H- Cameron, of Phoenix,
Aria, candidate for the Republican
nomination for United States senator
from his state, is in EI Paso on a busi- j
u-mu fwiu sj.1 . Lsiuci UU TV aao uvlOB'alv
to congress at the time Arizona was
admitted to the onion, in Mil.
The Arizona prima lies, in which the
candidate for United States senator
will be selected, will net be held un
til September S. so the campaign. Mr.
Cameron said Wednesday, has not yet
opened in earnest. It will, begin to
warm up along in July. The Phoenix
man is seeking the office now held
by senator Mark A. Smith. He Is very
optimistic as to his prospects for
nomination and subsequent election.
The whole of Arizona, said Mr. Cam
eron, is prosperous. The livestock in
dustry is flourishing after a favorable
winter season. While copper mining
is a bit "slow" at present, higher cop
per prices are expected in a few
months to give impetus to this Industry.
Mr. Cameron is -father" of the
project to srenerate electric nower
j from the Colorado river to supply
tne mines ana rauro&as ox tne state
and also to furnish cheap power for
irrigation of some 8, 5 00. 990 acres of
lana in southern Arizona. The South
western Power and Development com
pany is the name of the concern be
hind this great project, for which
complete maps will be completed
within 39 days, so actual operation
soon can b commenced.
Two huge dams are contemplated
one 34 miles from Las Vegas, Nev or
8 miles nrth of Kingman. Ariz., the
other 63 miles north of Williams. Ariz.
isotn King-man and Williams are on
the Santa Fe main line.
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1 Announcement I
The Board of Directors of ihe American Trust &
Savings Bank ake pkatwe in announcing the elec
tion of Fred D. Cibbs, as Assistant Cashier of this
Gibbs as formerly Assistant Cashier of the
Ouachita National Bank, of Monroe, La., later
being identified vM the Guaranty Trust Company,
of New York, and more recently being in business
for himself, as Manufacturer's Agent for El Paso,
Arizona and New Mexico.
The Board of Directors feel that Mr. Gibbs with
fourteen years of bank experience, will make a
valuable addition to the official staff of this Bank,
and be the means of adding to the service Tendered to
its customers.
"Maybe Our BanK Is the Best
BanK For You"
Lei's Talk It Over.
American Trust SL
Saving's BanK
Organized January. 1013).
El Paso, Texas.
Capital and Surplus, $400,000.00.
T. C fterosrs. President,
tieslie W. Cral?. VIoe-Pres. James A. Borders, Cashier.
TV. H. Waggoner. Asst. Cashier. W. U Carre. Asst. Cashier.
Jtobert T. Hoover. Asst. Cashier.
Fred IX Gibbs. Asst. Cashier.
Home Auto Service
Stand 322 Mesa.
he is surpassed by none. His per
sonal character and demeanor is such
that he is universally loved and ad
mired by his neighbors, as well as a
nost or xnenas tnrougnout tne state.
El Paso coanty presents him to the
people of Texas as an ideal candidate
for governor, and pledges to the
state of Texas that if be is elected
governor, he will administer the af
fairs of the state in such a way that
an Texas will be proud of him.
The campaign that he Is conduct
ing is pitched on a high plane, and
El Paso county Democracy pledges
him her loyal support."
The additional resolution reads as
"Resolved, by the Democratic coun
ty convention of El Paso county, that
in Vaj Richard F. Barges we recog
nize one of our ablest men. a patriotic
citizen and soldier; a man whose po
litical service has been of incalcul
able value to the city, county and
state: whose service as a soldier dur
ine the world war has endeared him
to our people; and whose loyal and
efficient sunport of oar Democratic
administration has distinguished him
among ms leuowmen.
"We therefore instruct oar dele
gates to the state convention at Dal
las to vote for and use all legitimate
efforts to secure his election as a
delegate from the 16th congressional
district to the San Francisco con
Delegates to State Conventl.n
The names of the delegates chosen
to attend the convention at Dallas
May are as follows:
Mien. W. W. Tmiwr. J. R. Huor. X. F.
HJssias. A. U. WsnhalL K M. Dedtey.
Aonsa pool, J. E. wujuo. r. St. hnirser
bocker. F. A- Fee. M. c Trfccy. Arthur
Hon. W. J. Xoran. H. X. Walker. A. E.
Barttatt. C K. Banleaaach. SL B. Orn-
dortt, Mr. J. A. Fetter. C H. Fenl9 and
wile, E- C- Bray. Charles Brana. Walur
SoMt. A. R- OrmmbUnc. John Eeressea,
Dam Fmafclla, sei Franklin, Mrs,
CamrlM Braaa. R. EL CfedM, H. A. ftaiei
spencer Bates, K. Q. Jeeves, vt. c jnt-
nus, R. L. Bluer. J. X. Goasin. H. a.
Aitken. T. J. BU, Mrs, Tom Lee, K. a
Martin, J. 3. Kaater. Mrs. W. R. Brown.
Mrs. a J. PenneU. W. 8. Beriuhire. Mm
W. r. Howe. Mn. Zaeh I Cobb. J. A. Bn-
cajeda. Martin Sweeney. W. L. Foxwerth
and wife. Jo. Dona. Goucxo B. Ouvtf. Mr.
O. A. Critehett. Mra Caristm. Oarliek. A
W. DePr, Mra Bebwt Ivvsmoc Mr.
and Mra E. B. Elfem Mra, Lamar Davla,
w. c. Balcer. J. D. Kewtea. w. A. weed.
B. M. Strickland. Charks Badrlekoa. J.
F. Cotes, W. H. iMcatea, M. W. Staatea.
B. B. Barria A. J. w. Schnrtd. Mra J. O.
McGndy, w. R. Orr. Daa X. Jaeluaa. J.
H. Harper. R. L. Mlcaele. BrMdleve Smith.
John R. Strickland, E. X. Whitaker, P. E.
Oardav. J. X. Dediey. J. A. Bucklw. O. C
Coles. Wlp RoUbspo. W. C Beaten. T. L
Peach, W. C Abbott, L. K. Orndorlf. IL
M. Dadler, E. T. Bdwardx, A B. Oiamaoac.
W. C Porter. C H. Jone., Torn Armetreac
Boss Bryan. J. U. Dewtea. Walur Swear
inser. Will Rogers, Mrs. Faal Thomaa E.
A. Shelton, E. E. Perr.no. J. C. Breeke.
R. H. Crews, P. G. Merria W. H. Fryw,
R. Q. Cooke, B. XX Camp. J. X. Ridunond.
W. T. Spralll, R. X. Reed. B. H. Xeaoe.
R. T. Bowie. S. 3. Issaeka. C W. Croem,
Sam Gllton. MUten Shedd, David Xalcahy,
A. F. Iter, John T. HIU. Claud Lawrraee,
Cntx Ortiz. Mra. K. T. Bowie, Zaeh Coba,
Hill X. Winkler. R. F. Peeea. W. W.
Raggett. J. M. Iagferd. Xm 3. E. Qeatd,
Mra Ella CTBar, Paal Thomas, A. P.
Cole. Mra C X. Leavell. J. B. Bowea,
Andy Toans, P. M. Jacobs, Billy Kellr.
Dona Klogel. E. R. UeDaaiel. Ed Schwartz,
Blake Boaca. C. R. reams. Jack Sottori.
w. w. Carpenter. Mr. and Mra Robert
Bowie, G. p. Putnam. J. H. ReEdersea,
Panl Harrey. c. L. EzeU, J. E. Paraer,
Clarenc. S. T. Folsom. J. H. Smith, Craw
ford Barvie, Mra KaU Farnham. W. J.
Band, F. X Mnrehisoa. Mr. and Xra,
Qri. R. IBaron, Mr. and Xra Hone.
Broaddaa Felix Miller, Dr. and Mra R. B.
Homan, Dr. and Mra Hach White. Miss
Emily Kemp, Mr. and Mra. X. A. Warner.
gn LevyW. T. Elm. H. T. Enia J. C
Ballard. W. C Porter. C V. Naia Atves
Dixon. Charles 8. Ward. O. A. Martm.
Geers. Tbelm. W. P. B. McSata.t Miss
Moalca Gallazaer. Mis. Maria OalUcner.
Xra V. C. Wuaea. C. H. Klrkland. W. C
Winkler. Ada MeLean. Mra T. H. Pnreen.
Mrs. H. Acton. F. C. Staadlsh, T. 3. Plan
kett. 8. W. Van Stone, W. T. Grtfrttn. H.
A. Green. Arthur Heme. F. H. Bait R. B.
Crawford. Miss Jezrie Woodward. Sam
Croom, R. E. Roes and wife. R. L. Parker.
Gewan Jones, Thornton Bardie. A. J. Wil
son. Mr. aad Mra W. G. Bee. Mra A. X.
Walthall, W. D. Howe, Ballard CoMweD
and wife, p. R. Price. Itizz Myra Prater.
Victor Moore. Mra, W. T. Lanier. Mr. and
Mra Bart Orndorff. Mr. sad Mra Charles
DeOroff, Dr. aad Mm, L J. Bash. J. W.
Kirkpetrlck. Mra W. W. Tarney, Keel
Leacnemare, Carl Lenruemare. Mra Clara
Dwyer. Miss Locy Harper. Miaees Deua
aed Maud Klefer, Mra Xiefer. Mlas Alma
McCmmmen. Mra Nafe, Mra Abble Pot
ter. Mra D. J. Roberta Mra F. A. RoMte.
Mra J. C Schaler, Mies Jean!. KxbKt,
Mra SaUIe Sazten, MIu Mary Sua ton.
Miss Anal. Tiemey, Mra X. A. TIrnw.
Mra L. H. Tucker. Mra Mande Turner.
Mra E. Von Rhem, Mra W. A. White, Mra
Frank Merria, Mra Maude Sallrran. Mra
Branch Cralr. Mrs. H. D. Ballard. Mra
J. C Ballard. Mln Vera Ballard. Mra
George Beaadett. Mra W. L. CrockMt. Mra
J. N. Hacfcee, Mn. O. A. Daaielaoa, Mra
J. M. Lanzford. Xra T. J. Latner. Mb.
So. Latner. Xra H. A. Lay. Xra C D.
Miller. Mra Inez R. Smith. Mra Jetmtt.
Wrlrht. Xra Xaode Healey. Mra. F. O
Stevenaon, Miss M. E. Haiaea Mra O. P.
Pntaain. Xra E. Arriactoa. Mln E. 8.
Boeae. Mra K. D. Buck. Mtes Oertrsde
Hiscins. Mra Frances Hosrd. Miss Locy
Hoard. Mra S. E Hodsea Mra. F. V.
CDeU, Miss Grace O'Dell. Mra J. X.
Prather. Mra Frank Soot ten. Mate Stella
Smith. Mra. Lillian Tucker. Miss Lee Wal
ton. Xra Madse H. White. Mrs, W. A. B.
Wood. Mra A D. Pea, Mra R. H. Oliver.
Mrs. p. R. Knickerbocker. Xra E. X.
Whitaker. Mra Paal Heermaas, Xlra Mary
Heermana Mra EselL Xra Dedeon TflJsr.
Xlss Bacon. Mies Alice Fltzpatriek. Mtos
Maude Strickland. Miss Maod XeviTlea.
Miss Eva Staptetoa. Xra San White. Xra.
Clarence PIckreU. Mra Harris Walthall.
Xra w. B. Ban. Mra. A L. Hawley. Mra
J. A Bnckler. Xlss Alma Jones, Xra Otis
Celea Xra J. M. Kealoa. Xra R. B. Ho
man. Mra. S. T. Turner. Mra Marzarat
Murray. Mra John Hleka Mra O. H. Palm.
Mra. Alfred Kerr. Mra O. X Cromble. Mra
B. L. Barney. Mra Geert. Cola Mra C. C
Easier. J. D. Newton. A. Martlnea H. O.
Van Haelen, 1. W. Brown. W. C. WUllama
J. W. Davla A. M- Ssadera H. B. Stone.
Xra Edzar Few el. W. H. Matehett. Teddy
Bartlett. W. J. Moran. Mra J. G. Me
Grady, H. O. Wilson, Dave Crockett. E. L.
W. Polk. T. H. Hudspeth. W. C. Harden.
A, L Walthal. A H. Anderson. H. H. Frla
T J McCamant J. B. Gwin. G. W. Smith.
". T. Pelphrey. W. W. Carre. M. Jackson.
Dan M. Jackecc A. W. Bit tick. R. M.
Harrey A. w Price, Mra Dan Jackson.
W T Bush. John Harper. P. J. O' Conner,
Mrs Om Macho. Jr. D H Bailey. Mra.
A r Reenmond W Brjan C H
RliO'isa Mra Florer.'-e Brown, H, W. Flsb-
i cr, J. r. Edgar, J. J. Coleman, lira J. 3.
contention," no mention being made
oi tne .5 uistnct uetegates.
Governor Cox, however, will have
10 of the state's :6 votes. IS of the
delegates having been ordered by
their districts to do so. The other
six are uainstrueted.
Fight on 3ilehlgsn Tnetruellons.
Kalamazoo. Mich., May 5. Chief in
terest tn the Republican state con
vention here today centered in pros
pects of a contest over the tone of
the indorsement expected to be given
senator Hiram W. Johnson as Michi
gan's primary choice for the presi
dential nominal ton.
Four delegates at large to the na
tional convention were to be selected
and two district were to name their
delegates at caucuses during tho day.
The other 11 districts had previously
held conventions.
By reason of his ii.171 plurality In
the primary early in April. Johnson
men were prepared to astc for un
qualified Instructions on his behalf
of the delegates at large, but Wood
backers contended that Inasmuch as
tbelr candidate won eight of the IS
congressional districts in the primary,
the way should be left open for an
expression for him alter the delegates
bad discharged their obligalton to
Johnson on the first ballot.
Senator Johnson was unable to at
tend tho convention.
G. O. P. In Kansas City.
Kansas City. Mo. May i. The Re
publican state convention met here
today to elect four delegates at large
to the national convention In Chicago,
to choose presidential electors, adopt
resolutions outlining the party's
views on dominant political issues
and lay plans for the coming cam
paign G. O. r. Split la Louisiana.
New Orleans. La-. May Louisiana
and Mississippi will send rival dele
gations to the Republican national
When the "regular Republicans'
of Louisiana named nninstructsd dele
gates to Chicago two months ago, it
was announced tnat party differences
had been burled, but it became known
today that the socalled "Lily White
faction met yesterday at Alexandria
and named a new set of delegates.
"Regular Republicans' of Mississip
pi met today at Vicksburg to elect a
set of delegates to contest with those
chosen April 1 at a convention of
"Mississippi Republicans" at Jackson.
Family Food
Price Doubles
Within A Year
Washington. D. C Hay I.-TM
family food budget in February wu
exactly twice the ion expended for
the same articles of food in February
1918, department of labor autiatlea
show. In about tne aame period la
Great Britain the increase was ill
percent, while !n Italy it waa 1ST per
cent. .
Germany outranked all cotrhtriee
enumerated with an increaee of 221
Drina- the year ended last February
in thts country, sugar increased in
price 7C percent. Potatoes went over
the top to the fane of a 27E percent
increase since February 1911.
Toyab. Texas, May S. In order to
be in position to furnish entertain
ment for the hundreds of unattached
men who have been attracted to the
oil fields of the Toyah basin, the
secretary of the Toyah basin cham
ber of commerce has been Instructed
by the board- of directors to get into
communication with W. H. Day, of
El Paso, interstate secretary of the
y. M. C. A. for west Texas, New
Mexico and Arizona, with a request
that a field man be sent to Toyah
to make the necessary surveys and
plans for the tnstalatHm of t T. 11
C A. building with reading and
recreation rooms, and other con
veniences. At a meeting of the directors of
the chamber of commerce, last night,
a number of committees were ap
pointed to make preparations for en
tertainment of the special tralsdoad
of newspapenr-cB and moving pic
ture operators, bow making a tour
of the oil fields of Texas, who will
arrive In Toyah the morning of May
11 to stay all day. It is planned to
take the visitors over the field by
automobile and back to Toyah for
a barbecue, to be followed by a pro
gram of sports.
Coleman. Mra Charles Ward, C. H. Kirk
land. R. L. Nichols, c H. Veale. X L.
BnrlMea. M. E DeBond. J. T. Hills. E. E.
Moaley. Harry Cherry. J. E. Quale. J. R.
Strickland. E. A. Fbelton. L. P. McChes
ney. Charley Eroeckel. Mra R- H- Oliver.
R. C. Sample. Mra. A. B. Pee. H. A Dint-
on ore. Mr. aad Mra J. R. Montgomery. R.
jeoma jar. ana jars. t;. ZL ataunewa
J. Jeaea P. E Gardner. Dr. C H. Huf-
faker. F. C. Blandish. Mra P. E. Gardner.
E. A. Tea cue. Mra Jasper Wooirlda-e. J.
O. Ratdale. J. A. Rawlins. J T. Bathes.
E. Borca Miss Jnlla Pool-. F. P. Jonea
W. P. Shelton, J. X Crawford. R. H.
Crews. Ralph Dimmltt. W. C Dmtee. J.
T. Wadllartea. Mra J. T. Wadllaztea,
Doesiacs Crawford. Mia. Louis. Dietrich.
Miss Emily Grene, Xlss Ella Lindsay. Gas
Sehwarta Xra H. R. Moss. S. L. Alpern.
W. B. Robertson. T. L. Peach. C. A Bash.
V. R. stllea Jack Dawson. Mr. and Mra
Gaud Lavraeee. H. R. Bell. Wllnam
Sacha W. J. Lynch. X. J. McGarn. B. L. ,
Kaufman. H. T. Ponsferd. Leo Hartford. I
John MeGovera, P. W. WUUama C R.
Folk. 8. G. Harless. N. G. Abbott. D. C 1
CrowaO. J. M. Laasford. B. O. Kane. J I
A- Merria C L. Casparr. W. H. Glenn. 1
Max Xore. Mra B. F. Clatter. Mra Mai
More. R. D. Richer. H. C Dunbar. R. H. .
Donley. J. F Patterson, r-ank Simmon a.
O. F. Boatw.lI. J. D. EIMOU. W. R. Walker. I
C. P. Wazener. Frank Turner. Mis. Abble I
Potter. J. C Schaler. Mra Ada MeCIean. I
D. J. Roberta, J. F Knoz. H. T. Ellis. Miss I
Mabel Falvey. Visa Katherine Gorbutt.
Jake Miller. Stella Brick. W. H Fryer.
Mra J. H Praett. R. X Richmond. F. W. I
Norton. W O. Phllllpa L. T. Trotti. J. K.
Stevenson. W. T SprnU. Mra. w. T. Sprall.
R. X Reld. R. D. Brows. A Lammera. P. 1
S Jernlsan. Mra W. T. Baaa C s. Foul. ,
W. X ColdwelL R. R. Jones. Mra. B. R I
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Aoetlc. Texas. May 6. The case of
Jesus s. unuiea. irom m raao coun
ty, was submitted today in the court
of criminal appeals on a brief for the
state, uuuien was given one year in
the penitentiary and fined $2 4 on
conviction of receiving and conceal
ing stolen property.
William Casten. proprietor of the
Chocolate shop, who was arrested
Monday and arraigned before A. J.
W. Schmid, United States commis
sioner, on a charge of willfully evad
ing payment of tax to the government
will be given his preliminary hearing
before the commissioner Friday.
Wash in Eton. P. C May S. Fred
erick O. Cottrell, of California, was
nominated today by president Wilson
to be director of the bnreau of mines.
succeeding Van K. Manning, resigned.
For information aboot Schools and
Colleges write The JSl Paso Herald
Edqcational Bureau.
At present the votlntr as-e for worn.
en in cngiano IS SO.
Pay for it out of your
Happiness Allowance.
We may all divide our budget of expenditures in "alhwences" that for
food, for clothing, for shelter, for happiness. And in the "Happiness Allow
ance" musk should certainly be included.
From the monthly "Happiness Allowance" is the logical and easy way
to pay for your Vklrola. Whether the amount be large or small we can
plan with you to make it cover the monthly Viclrola payments $5, $10,
$15, $20 to sutl your convenience.
Victrolas Brunswicks
"Seid TJs Yonr Mail Orders'
PHONE 1400.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Is Tear Jen-eIi-7 Out of Datet
We will fix it like nw.
Sheldon Jewelry Co -Adv.
Want Kedm.li: TtUrrtfac? Sea G&n-
dara- Adv.
El Paso Seed Co.a 193 CattxlOET sow
redy. WrKo or call for a. copy. A dr.
Kodak Flnl-hlna:.
209 K. OrocoG Sheldon Hotel Bldg.
iRffronlDsr Xalla rlnle?r
216 Sonlk Kl Iaao Street.
Phone 2350.
Opposite allhambra.
WBen Yon Begin Feeling Bad With
FeTeriiunext, Headache, Cold,
or Coubpabon, Give Your
Lirer a Tonic Tale
Candler. X. t "I don't believe
there Is a better BaeeJatse made tham
Black-Draught; I have used it
mr mother's forks used it for colds,
fevecishnees. headache aad de
ranged liver. This statement
easily was made by Mr. C B. Trail,
a weO known farmer on Keate X, this
I have, before now, begns feeling
dull, a headache would come on, and
I would feel all full of cold, and take
a few doses of Black-Draught and
get all right,- adds Mr. Trail.
"Last year my brother
measles, flu aad pneumonia. They
wired us; I went to Camp Jackson
to look him up. Down there dif
ferent ones were using preventa
tives. I stayed with him. The only
thing I used wu BUek-Draaght It
kept my system cleansed and I kept
well and strong.
By keeping your liver and stomach
in good order, yon stand la little dan
ger of catching serious Qls that oc
casionally spread through town and
Get a package of Black-Draught
and have it ready for the first
symptom of a disordered liver.
Most druggist sell Black-Draogat.
On Our Delicious
3flc the Half Pound
not I. trachea from 11x30 to S p. m.
erery dT except Sud.17.
Results From Herald Ada
re- MB III
had I III W I Lki3JL. mW-4r.? VlVo Z '.V'WI -
ill .III
Becasje we are a trifle overstocked on sflg abirts, we have determined ta make seau sacrifice 1 ia the in
terest i ttock-redsetjeii. The stock includes all desirable patterns aad caterings, asd the materials is
dade S6k Crepes, Silk BroaddeUis, Pussy Willow Silks and Jersey Silks.
Regular $18.00 value 5 12 Regular $14X0 value 5 10
Regular $16.50 value Regular $13.50 value
Regular $15.00 value Regular $12.50 value $9
Regular $10.00 value 7
215 East San Antonio.
The A. B. C. Super Electric combines
the tioo leading principles of washing
The cylinder
la a tab of sudsy water, the soiled things are
atfted. dipped, squeezed, and the dirt flushed out,
to settle at the bottom of the tub;
The oscillating
The reversal of the cylinder after each rei .lotion
reeks the nahahte fabrics to and fro, tossing tbem
back aad forth wit the sadaj water to loosen the
dirt. Una individual tea tore of continuous! aMrr
satsag the two best wavs of washing clothes, giv
ing the auiOasia the advantages of both method-
l djsniesion ss to whifh is nrf
arable. Both are effective.
In the A. B. C. Softer Electric You CET BOTH.
All rsecaanlsBi it safely enclotwl. IV motor has 50 per
ceat saee pewer than ataal it it atver overtaxed, se
matter haw air the walk. Yea may have either a white
nvapte or raetal ryHnder is yaa prefer-
Super Riecrtric
Aiaexica Leading "VLshing Machine
Scs A-B-C Jimonitrattd In cot ll or a. A
nwa lint txnirmnt fats ons fn poor home,
HouseHold Hardware Co.
214 N. STANTON ST. TEL. 31 13
Hardaway Hardware Co.
HVfc. TOINTS TEL. 1731

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