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Empress Speaks of Plan to Kemove Nicholas and
I Place Her in a Convent. i
1 Urges Czar to SwalW Bottle of Wise From Rasputin's Feast for
I Health and Happiness.
, m,,,,,, By ISAAC DON LEVINIS , -
TH4.T a coop a etat was nlanned at
army headquarters by the friends
of grand duke Nicholas, aiming
o remove the czar and lock the
rzarlna np In a consent. Is disclosed
i-.r the first time m the letter of the
zarina dated January 8 (21), lylfi
I renteln DrnurKosky Orlov, all
ids de camp to the emperor, were
t-plicated In tne plot. The latter
two should hae been exiled to
Liberia immediately according: to the
rari-.a, who writes to her husband
t'-at they had prepared all to hd.e
ou changed and rnc lut np
Aria transmits through the czarina
o the czar a letter with thanks for
a. message of love from him. When
-5,vPd b Anla whether the emperor
nrr 'a be angry to receive a letter
f'om her the czarina replia tnat
Ana "must know better than ire"
whether the czar allowed her to
wi-'te ofen But far more interft
i-tr a little bottle of wine from
- MM - iiiiTnMimW
il:zBllWileLSnissW i i&&l3MtimMM
EseSu MIL 9S1 iMtfl tBBKL3rV .SaBSSSSmu I
ESsSSJPss. SShKx! iaaaaSSSSritKkia vShssbHusS se ;
ffiHBii Tsflpnsi i SsffiTsrltrsSSBSjIrg lirTsrflT TmKWKirrf
7t$Fflfimm mt KaaEMsfflCsMaSl iSla BiS xBXf&VjMBESSc
You Can Buy
Trade-Marked Lumber
Tour -wife probably has fcer favorite line of canned goods. She
knows they're best and rails for and Jcnovra them by -their trade
mark name. The hat. collars, shoes and most of the clothing you
buy bears the trade nark of a manufacturer In whom yon have
confidence. )n are always sure of the same quality by calling
for a particular brand,
tow,' you can have the same assurance in buying lumber prod
uct, fer we handle some Long-Bell, nationally advertised trade
marked lumber. The pennanenc and beauty of your home de
pends upon the durability and uniform good quality of the lumber
you me. The kind of lumber makes a difference.
We offer you nine aad nervice god lumber and other build
ing material. This la our her reason for asking your business-
Rheinheimer Lumber Co.
PHOIfE 498.
At Your Dealers
"Cleans as it
mmm I
For All Furniture
30c to $3 Sizes At AQ Dealers
Channel! Chemical Co., Distributors
Chicago Toronto London Paris
Rasputin's namesday feast which the
csartsa transmits to her husband. She
urges the unwilling czar to swallow
it like medicine for Rasputin's
health, after the example of here If
and Ania.
Plot to Remove Ruler.
"Tsarskoye. Selo, Jan. 8. 1918.
"3ffv Own .Darling
' When you see Dubensky cleverly
draw the question to speak about fat
Orlov and make him tell you things
about him. if he has the couraee to
, . -. -.. .
?Z. V? $?. .." ;!i?S3,,2
the old headquarters. Feodorov I
think knows tt too Me he always
spoke of as ona. and that he was
sure I would no let you come soon
to the headquarters pgaln after they
had forced thir ministers upon you.
Ask abou Drentln too who had the
convent ,ri it for me ultimately
Dzhunoi s Or'ov ougl t straight
is IT?
GoiQPS a
Use Aladdin to dye your blouses,
veils, gloves, stockings, underwear,
corsets, the newest, most fashion-
able colors.
off to have been sent to Siberia, after
the war Is over you ought to have
a. Banishment made. Why should
they go free with good places, when
they had prepared all to have
changed and me shut up. and who
did alt to be nasty to your wife and
they wander about and other people
think they were unjustly cleared
out, as they went scott free. It's
vile to think of the falseness of
humanity, though I long know and
told you my feeling about them.
thanjc uod.
I bless you. kiss you, press yon
tightly to my arms, with Infinite love
and gratitude for SI years perfect
"Oh. how' I long for you and your
tender caresses, x semi you an. an,
all. the same as you did.
"Ever your own old,
Rasputin Approves Sturmer.
Tsarskoye, Selo, Jan. 9, 191$.
"Vv Own Sweetheart
The children went in several times
esterda? to see Anla. and Tatiana
late sill1 after eleaiJng Instruments
ta the hospital. She had people all
day. her father, then our Friend and
nice Zina. then her mother, then
Axel P who has come for three days
and Zhuk. The metropolitan hearing
she is ill wants to see her too.
"She said to kiss you and beg for
your prayers, therefore. X had to
wire and also what our Friend said
I -wire aou aisu wont unt .ruenu
t Stormer not. to. Chans.
name and to take him for a time at
least as he Is such a decided loyal
man and will hold others in nana.
Let one scream If one wishes, they
always will at any nomination.
"Sergei goes to the headquarters.
I hear, better sot keep him there
long, as he is always a gossip, alas,
and then there are very unclear, un
clean stories about him and bribes,
etc which all speak about, and the
artillery is mixed up into It.
"Just got your letter, 12 oclock.
nice and early, such an endless Joy
to have news from too. These senara
I tlons kindle the fire yet more and
Wc say only what,wc
that Schilling Tea will
make 300 or 400 cups to
the pound. That depends
upon how large your cups
are, how strong you like
your tea, how long you let
it stand in the leaves.
Wc do say this, and we
money-back it:
Schilling Tea will make
more cups per pound than
any other tea.
If we make a mistake,
wc like to be caught at it,
so that we shan't . make
it again.
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco
if Gleans"
" M IHT"" 'l.i jM
Beauty Chats -
IT nevar pays to do thins, in a harry.
The othr night I tMgan to make
np my formula for fine cold
cream, and becauM I did It in a
horrr. I spoiled four jMrtecUr good
jars fall, and only rescued some of It
after a lot of work and experiment
ing. When yon make eold cream, heat
your wax and epennacettl In the oil
until it 1. melted. And don't heat
It any longer than that! Otherwise,
your Ingredients will be too hot.
Heat your rose water, separately, bat
do not have this too hot. Then pour
one Into the other, add the borax and
the ttactnre of besoln. and mix and
stir until it has cooked enough to
cloud: then, when it Is ready to
harden, poor off quickly Into Jars.
If you do this pouring when It is
like thick cream, yon will have a cos.
metle that will be delightful to use.
I made the mistake many readers
mftke I let the oil crow too hot.
Then when I poured in the rose
water, the whole mass fuzed up and
spilled over. I drove the wax from
the oil in the mlxtnre, and the result
was lumpy azd unwieldy.
Farther heating melted the wax
lumps, but the cream when cold was
thick, hard to spread on, only good
to massage when I had my skin very
hot from holding a hot wet towel
over It. Then it massaged, as it was
make the great love yet snor In
"Ever your very own unto death.
"HoDe my flowers will arrive fresh
and smelling good.
Puboaky is aPDmrentlr Lieut. Gen. A.
N'. Dabeosky. Oaa U the Busstaa for
"she." The csariaa was sometimes called
"she" instead of her raal same, fer safety's
safa. Axel P. is probably Axel PtstsOtors.
the husband of AUs. Ansa's sister Sergei
is the mnd duke, who wm at the bead
of the artillery department.)
Ilaaputlns rtamesday.
Tzarskoye, Selo, Jan. 1, 1916.
TMy Very Own-
"Warm and snowing again. Our
Friend's namesd&y. I aza so glad,
that thanks to measures having been
taken, all passed quietly In Moscow
and- Petrograd. and the strikers be
haved themselves. Thank goodness
one sees the difference of Beleteky
and Dihankovsky or Obolensky. Z
hope you don't mind X wired about
Ptirim. but he would bo much like
to see you quietly here you never
have time) an dtel you all his Ideas
and Improvements be would like to
Anla thanks you for your love and
sends a letter, asks me whether you
will be angry. I answered, she must
know better than me whether you
allowed her to write often.
"Glad yon will manage to see
troops. Kiss and bless you without
end. press you to my big, aching
heart, yearn for your tender kisses
and caresses, which mean so much
to your very own little woman, your
wife, your rsuWNT."
Aewi From Montenegro.
"Txarskoye, Selo. Jan. 11. 1916.
"My Own Sweetheart.
"A brighter day at last and two
degrees of frost and the dear sun
shines. Ifs a pity you, too, have
such 'dirty weather
"Is the Fngllsh general nice? I
suppose he X-ls sent to you from the
army to welcome you as field mar
anal? But there is nothing yon can
give Georgie In exchange, as he does
not command, and one cannot pxay
with such nominations.
"I dont quite understand what has
been going on in Montenegro. Ic
says the king and Petro left over
Bxindisl for Lyon, where he is to
meet his wife and two youngest
daughters and that Mlrko remained
nsgrlan, Servian and Albanian troops.
Only now Italy has landed ?ft,Ov
men in Albania, an ugly game theirs.
But if the king surrendered, how
about his troops Where are Jutta
and Dan Ho Why does one allow
him to go to France? Anla, was up
an hour on the sofa in the evening
and spoke with quite a strong voice.
she is already dreaming of coming
"few dont think me mad for my
wee bottle, but our Friend sent her
one from his liamesday feast, and we
each took a sip ana x pourea inis oat
for you. I believe ifs Madeira. I
swallowed for his sake (like medi
cine), you do it, too, please, though
you dislike it. Pour It Into a glass
and drink It all up for his health as
we did. The lily of the valley and
wee crust also are from him to you.
my angel sweet. One says heaps of
people came to him and he was beau
tiful. I wired congratulating from
all of us and got this answer: 1n
exprslbly overjoyed. God's light
shines on you, we win fear nothing."
He likes when one is not afraid to
wire to him direct. I know he was
very displeased she did not go. and
it worries her, but X think he goes to
her today
"God bless you, 1646 kisses from
your very, "OWN"
(IM SBfBH Kneru i spparvniv
Geo. Williams, chief of the British mls
ion ta th RuMdao army Klnr Georc be
stowed the raak of field marshal os the
rzu. Th cssrma sanests that the esar
can give nothlac in return to Georgie, "u
& ooes not ooounua. rwre ue
yeuncest sob of the Meatenfru. Wat.
Kirko Is the second sea. Danllo is the
crown prlneo and Jutta la Daallo s wife.)
Montenegro in Question.
Tzarakoye. Selo. Jan. 11, 191C.
My Own Sweetheart
"How dull, poor angel, to sit near
thA old man at the cinema why. it's
to ran up the walls. I am glad the
new Engiisc general is nxce wni
are the stories going on about the
Tu,nittriiTiis? As thouch he had
sold his country to the Austrian,
therefore, one would not receive him
in icome nor in zns. jt ih una ah
gossip He Is capable of anything
for money's sake and his personal
profit, though be loved bis country
I thought, in my case X understand
Now, goodbye, my Sunshine, my
one and alL X bless you and cover
your beloved face with ever auch
tender kisses.
"Tour very own little
Copyright, lte, by Chicago Dally
News company. All rights reserved
in Great Gritatn, Scandanavta,
France, Italy. Spain, South America,
and all other countries. Published
by special arrangement with the Mc
Clue Newspaper Syndicate.
Wliy The Apology f
SOCIETY, fashionable and unfash
ionable, all human encounterings
with humans, would be a thou
sand times more comfortable, easier
and more profitable If ninety-nine
out of a hundred apologies were
omitted. There are rare occasions
when one wants to be apologised to,
not more than three or four times in
a life time. If one be the kind that
generally wants apologies or thinks
them due. that is a matter for apology
Itself. Most apologies as to the piano
not being dusted or the baby's drees
not changed or the newspaper being
all over the floor or why the letter
was not written or the call made or
as to why the smaller car or why the
last year's hat, only serve to make the
one apologized to, squirmy, creepy,
miserable un'll the apology is done
and forgotten
It Is larkspur blossom time and
there never were lovelier blues. Once
In a while over a big porch or by
a little doorwav one sees the perfect
rose-stem af bud and rose all
beautiful and true in line and color
There should be no shabby rosea. Feed
them up, water them, drain them, cut
them down, replace them, thin them
out, straighten them out, gie them
sun or give them shade, let what
ran be done to hearten them up be
done for a shabbv rose is most
forlorn A -o i quen of the
'lowers &r J shujid go 3 a quee-
By Edna Kent Forbes
warmed and softened, and it made
the skin feel as refreshed as though
it had come out all right. Bat it was
hard work getting it to the stage
where it would massage.
As the stuff had spilled over. I
did not know whether I had lost too
much wax or too much olL So I
heated the cream again, by setting
one of the Jars in hot water. I added
a tablespoonful of oil to that, and
stirred it with a fork until it was
readv to congeal.
I experimented with another by
adding a little more wax melting it
in. And with a third by adding more
rose water. The one that came out
hent was the one with oil added. evt
dently I had driven out the oil. and
that was what bad spilled over The
Jar with too much wax, I saved by
aaaing quite a dii oi on anu a uuie
rose water.
So it turned out all right attar all.
But next time I shai no careiaii
The formula is: White wax. 1
ounce; spermacettJ, 1 ounce; oltve or
almond oil. 4 ounces; rose water, 4
ounces, powdered borax, 30 grains;
oil bitter almonds, drops; tincture
benzoin 1 drachm.
Questions and Answers.
A. X. Red hands cometlmea are
caused by tight bands on the cloth
ing, which interfere with the cir
culation. ! HOROSCOPE
rI'HIS should be a lucky day, accord -X
ing to the reading of the stars.
Venus, Saturn and Uranus are all
In benefic aspect.
The theater should benefit during
this rule, for the signs indicate a
phenomenal Increase of Interest In the
spoken drama.
Venus seems to forecast the rise
of a great actress who shall repre
sent the new era In art.
Women should benefit greatly from
this aspect, which is supposed to
give them keenness of Intellect and
great initiative.
There is a sign read as presaging
among women an access of conscien
tiousness where their political duties
are concerned. Surprises In the re
sults of the national election will be
many and contradictory.
This days aspects appear most
favorable for farmers and their in
terests but they are warned against
unaesirania xeaaers.
For several years astrologers have
prophesied interest m psychic phe
nomena. Now they foretell the
classification of a few facts that will
become the foundation for progress
In mental healing, telepathy and sim
ilar experiments.
There is the best possible forecast
for aviation which will receive much
attention following the next national
The Invention of what would cor
respond to bicycles for the air Is
again prophesied.
One of the seers foretells that a
rhyme will ruin the chances of a can
didate for high office.
The partial eclipse of the sun.whieh
will take place this month, falls in
the third decan ox Taurus and is be
lieved to presage pestilence and
famine. A scarcity of fruits Is fore
told from the aspects at this time.
All towns and countries under Leo
are likely to meet many serious
problems. Disturbances of all sorts
are threatened. These will affect
France. Prussia, Italy and Bohemia.
Persons whose birthaate it is hare
the augury of a happy, prosperous
year. The young will court and
Children oorn on tms aay win ne
A4 v ! , irshTfru 4 nsf sfa11 ami-
ducted. They wiu rise rapiaiy in
whatever vocation they choose.
Copyright, 1920, by the McClure News
paper syndicate.
tut. a. s. pt. ot&
eir Qarstloas,
1 WbM-s are the Fill Islan4sT
2 Who was the original Taraaaay
J What is slag?
4 Where is BIc Bn?
What Is U size of tha moon
Whers is the "city of Brotherly
1 What Is an era?
t What is an equivalent?
S Who proved electricity ana
llehtnteg tre the same and how?
IS Who wrote "The Rise of Ellas
Answer, t. Ia.t Mill.
1 The brilliant horse races at Ha
vana. Caba, attract many visitors
there each season.
z Mother Goose was a real person.
Elizabeth Foster, who was born to
18S. and married Isaac Goose of
Boston. Her songs were originally
song to her grandchildren. Some
authorities give the cred't to Queen
Goosefoot. mother of Charlemagne
3 A glazier Is a glass cutler ana
fitter, the name Is i lore generally
applied to those who make windows.
4 A brazier is an open metal con!
holder, usually set upon legs. In the
At The WZlLJT'iriO H"T T
All Cars
Featuring New And Correct Styles In
The growing fool of a child requires expert
shoe filling the child's shoes must be fitted
reasonably snug and at the same time allow
for comfort as the fool grows the shape of
the shoe should conform to the shape of the
child's fool the shoe should be soft and
pliable. ,ln our Children's Shoe Department
We employ only expert fillers, who have
years of successful experience in filling the
feet of children.
A Complete Line
form of a basket, in which coals are
heated. They ar. mwd tn southern and
Oriental countries for charcoal, prin
cipally. The choicest flavored alligator
pars come from the Island of Trini
C Cambric is a fine linen material,
naasod for OambraJ, France, where i
was first made. A oottoa imitation is
sometimes called cambric In this
7 The popular ItaLan author, Sal
vatore Farnia, is called the Italian
Dickens," because of the great variety
of typea of characters in his stories
of Italian life.
I The heath hen is a wild gam.
bird, native of the Island of Martha's
The perfect fit
an elasticity that
keeps them in
shape gives our
gloves the reputa
tion of being the
smartest and most
durable cf silk
3(oti fogd-rirtofJhem
Skin specialists are tracing lewer and
fewer troubles to the blood. Theysaymore
often, skin blemishes can be traced to the
bacteria and parasites that are carried into
the pores of the skin with dust, soot and
grime. To clear your skin of blemishes
caused by this insidious and persistent
enemy, use regularly the following special
Just before retiring, wash in your usual
way with warm water and Woodbury's
Facial Soap; then dry your face. Now dip
the tips ofyour fingers in warm water and
rub them on the cake of Woodbury's until
they are covered with a heavy cream-like
lather. Giver each blemish with a thick
coat of this soap cream and leave it on for
Stop At The White House
Children s Shoes-
This department is located on
the Children's Floor the third
where parents may con
veniently shop for shoes while
selecting other wearables for
the children.
Children's DepL 3d Floor
"The Store Of Service"
Of "Forest Mills"
Vineyard it Is related to the prairie
The English call their policeman
10 The patriotic song "Hall Colum
bia." was first known as "The Presi
dent's March. and was comMaed by
a Philadelphia musk-lap, Phfnp Phile.
tn honor of president Washington.
The words were addd to this com
position at a later date, Thompson
Feature Service.
Eod&K Finishing, s-w Gaadara. Adt
these days call fer ef ficiest read maciiceiy. We're raaJe a Step
(tody of it, aad csn,aw yen hew to cat casta ta the fcese.
LOUIS F. GATES, Manager.
1225 MiHs BaOdlaz. El Pase.
ten minutes. Rinse very carefully with
clear, hot water; then with cold.
In addition to this special treatment, use
Woodbury's regularly in your daily toilet.
This will make your skin firm and active.
It will help the new skin to resist the fre
quent cause of blemishes. Before long your
complexion will take on a new clearness and
Get a cake of Woodbury's Facial Soap and begin
tonight the treatment yoor skin needs. You will
find Woodbury's on safe at any drug store or toilet
goods counter ia tike United States or Canada. A
25 cent cake will kst a swath or six weeks.
The Andrew Jergcns Company, Cincinnati, New
York and Perth, Ontario.
Summer Underv r
Iasovrtas; Nails Painlessly
18 South El Pas. Street,
Phone 330.
Opposite Ataambra,
Use Herald Want Ada
Gardening Time
here agate. Time to took alter
the Lawn or flower bod, time to
do tha acno&l planting of ree
tables. W have erery garden
tDg requisite. Rakes; hoes,
spades, spadins forks, sickles
hedge shears, tree trimmers and
scrapers, edge cutters, laws
mowers, garden hose and all the
other things needed. No need o
search for better or cheaper
There are none.
EI Paso Seed Co.
53 East San Ajtteulo St.
Pkoae 3C3.
Jmt East of Courthouse.
BHSEfjwJEy ffJrnlsssssT
SPsfisssW&v? Hi JbBBBBi
TsBKVySvx4' 5jy HB9

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