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Thursday liar 6, 1920.
A S THE primary election returns of
fa parts of the onion are recorded, it
e more radical elements or ue m pwuai panics
couig to be in position to make a strong fight for party
control In the HepubKcan primaries in all states except
those which hart favorite sons in the presidential race, the
contest has narrowed down to Gen. Wood and senator
Johnson, both, of whom are classified as "progressives,"
.he former a moderate progressive, the latter a radical.
Governor Lowdtn and senator Harding, the two leading
candidates of the conservative Republicans, are far behind
' heir two "prgreive" rivals and have shown no strength
oat-side of their own states. This does sot necessarily
eliminate them, bat it shews the temper of the party.
The split of 1912 is too fresh in the minds of the Re
lublican leaders to permit the steam roSer tactics which
cost the party the election that year. The men who con
rol the party's destinies will hardly assume the attitude
they did eight years ago, when they
m ot the people, it is sale te assume
inate a man the rank and file has shown it does net want.
At the same time the conservative wing of tne party most
be respected.
The overwhelming defeat of Hoover in California, his
home state, has probably eliminated "'"
Is the strength developed by Wood and Johnson can be
plainly seen a tribute by a part of the Eepabfican voters to
the memory of Theodore Roosevelt. Both of the leading can
didates were the late president's intimate associates. Gen.
Wood was his companies is arras in the Spanish-Americas
war, and that he steed high in Mr. Roosevelt's esteem was
evidenced time and again. Senator Johnson was Roose
velt's running mate on the Progressive ticket in 1912.
If Theodore Sooeevett were alive today there wooH be
no contest for the Republican nomination. But for bis un
timely death the country weald be turning to bin as its
sanoi His spirit dominates the party still, and the oH
guard win have to consider a compromise candidate.
Arizona's National
ARIZONA has heme rule at last is her miHtary affairs.
As a result of the recent decision of the supreme court
that the governor of Arizona ceaH engage and discharge
the adjutant general, tbe commonwealth has a state guard.
This is as it should be. It is right enough that national
guards be merged wits the federal war making machinery
when we are at war, but to have the state nSKtia under
exclusive independent control of the general staff and the
secretary of war when we are at peace is a form of mili
tarism Americans are sot readj for.
Charles W. Harris, adjutant general snder former gov
ernor Host of Ansesa, took the stand that he could net be
discharged by the state's chief executive. Capt Walter
IagaHs, named by governor Campbell to succeed Harris,
took the matter op in the courts and hence the dedafea
in his favor.
By settling the dispute of who is boss of tne rniWIa in
Arizona the supreme court has settled the same question
for all of the other states. It is fortunate, for a national
military machine is as bad as a national poEtkal machine.
Little Interviews.
Philadelphia Case Is Cited As Usefulness Of Realty Board
Some Movement Needed To Bring Down The Cost Of Shoes
"THE swift and satisfactory results
X obtained by the Philadelphia
real estate board In an action
against the United States shlpoing
Toard illostrates the power of a
thoroughly organized real estate
l card." said George R- Le Baron.
president of the local board. "In this
acc the shipping board had sold 1479
-usea in the Kim wood section of
t hiladolphia. after Inserting a single
id-iertiseraent that the sale would be
"ia.de. The real estate oard man-
ab'cmant, belieTlng that the sale was
consummated wlthent sofflcleat pub-
-n; protested to chairman Payne,
or the shipping board. As a result of
'' protest Sir. Payne set aside the
i t on of the board and toe booses
v c-e again offered for sale
The action of the Philadelphia
board was takes without regard to ;
rne price obtained xor the nooses, ana
t lthcrat regard te any details of the
transaction, but was taken as a mat.
ter of principle, and public policy
The point I am trying to mftke'ts
that in this case a federal authority
was prevailed opto to rerersa its ac
tion involving hundreds of thou
sands of dollars, by an efficient or
ganization of real estate men. This
single case, oocnxiug as it did thou-aa-is
of miles from S3 Paso, should
te an incentive to El Paso real es-
p. i -l8flc$Nt3fr
hi -rwrFcy
Rippling Rhymes
I'D like to be an Eskimo aad is an igloo dwell, and eat fried ice asd strainNed
snow, ana go rateosrs and ytSL Tie finmWe Eskimo is glad, we see him
dance and sing; Us womenfolk don't drive tnn mad by cleasiae home each
spring. He isnt driven out ef doors to hunt for frosen grub, the while tht
omen scrub the Soars there are no floors to scrub. He is not chased, to beat
the band, from out the divers rooms, by dimes with brooms and mops in hand
there are no mops or brooms. Year after year he sits in peace, or hes npen his
back, clothed in Ins wholesome film of grease, and no one cleans the shack. His
treasured goods are not mislaid, as mine are, every year; and he can find his
blubber spade, his corkscrew and his spear. And if he spills a cataract of ashes
on the floor, no woman reads the riot act, no female heart is sore, rn go to
,nm tie Eskimo when next a vessel starts, for I am bred of all the woe that
r leaning house imparts. Vm tired of sitting on the stairs, oppressed by f&ntods
ree, because The couches and tie chairs are hung upon a tTee.
-rt l George Matthew Adams. WALX MASON.
states in different
becomes evident that j
THE SALE of tne
defied the expressed
tney will set nom
shirting views of
tate men to support the local board
thoroughly and loyally.
"The high cost lists shoes among
Its largest items," oald W. Hi Black,
chief deputy collector of internal
revenue, "I should like to see the
overall campaign enlarged to Include
the use of government shoes. In a
lares family, shoes are among the
larger items of expense, especially
when there are several small cbiidren
who wear out their shoes in a
month's time while playing The
overall crusade against the H. C I
is a good thing, if properly managed,
but by using the more safcetazitlal
and cheaper government shoes, one
of the greatest drains on the family
pocket book would be greatly fllnim
iahed." "In an effort to cive the people
their money's worth, the management
of the wrestling boots here are tack
ing on two preliminaries, and with
such men as Jordan and Reetrop as
the main attractions the boats are
too long," said Everett Matthews.
"Recently I attended & boat where
It was quite late before the principals
arrived. Meanwhile some boys
tagged irhd pulled at each other. Then
when the mala event was called two
real wrestlers nterei the ring In
order to see the outcome of this
match I had to stay until after 1
odock in the morning. I heard many
persona sy that they wished the pre
liminaries were abandoned and the
main card the only attractioa
"I predict that inside of r. month
Carranza will flee or abdicte," said
Daniel Rodriguez, of Juarez. I think
be has already seen tbe handwriting
on the walL His efforts at an effec- :
Kewark, Iff. J, May & Andrew
Walker, a Christian Scientist, was
found guilty of manslacghter by a
Jury in the court of common pleas
last Bight for falling to provide medi
cal treatment for his daughter,
Dorothy, 9 years old. who died of
what physicians diagnosed as nasal
diphtheria. The child had been giv
en Christian science treatment. The
Jory made a strong recommendation
for clemency- An appeal will be
Cblearo, I1L, May & Individual
salts aa&lnc that tbe United States
SOTernzaent, through its offlemls be
rerauiM from srosecntiBr the IS
Chicago coal oper-tors recestlT in
dicted at Indianapolis for TioTaUon of
the Lever act. were tiled in the United
States district court here yesterday
TOie suits challenged the constitn
UosaUty of the Lever act. They were
mmuar to suits iiiea Dy tsatetea
operators in St. Louis and other cities.
Washington. D. C, May 6. Resolu
tions ursine; the Delaware legislature
to ratify the suffrage amendment
were adopted last nlKht br the Re
publican congressional committee and
transmitted to tne cpeaKer or the
house at Dover. In view of the action
of the senate, voting to ratify. Re-
peoiiean memoem 01 the house were
requested to fall in line and make the
Mth state to ratify.
Faith In El Paso
Sheldon hotel property for half a million
A dollars illustrates the phenomenal advance is El Paso
real estate values is recent years, in mating tnis invest
ment with a view to building one of the finest hotels in
the southwest, the purchaser demonstrates his faith is EI
Paso and its future. He believes be made a good bargain
and time will show that he is right in his judgment
Half a million dollars seems like a lot of money to in
vest in such a comparatively small piece of ground as tne
Sheldon property is a aty of lees than 100,000 people. In
most dties of this sire the price would be considered exor
bitant. But the ground is worts tne price because of what
EI Paso-is going to be, not because of what it new is. Ten
years hence, when El Paso has a population of a quarter of
a million, people will recall the Sheldon deal and conclude
that tne El Pasoan who bought tne property was a man of
El Paso real estate offers not only a safe investment,
but oportnsity to realize handsomely through advance is
values. Those who invested in the past have pretited im
mensely and the opportunities -are just as great no- as they
ever were.. The Sheldon purchase was made on a basis of
the most careful calculation, by one who desires only a
safe, permanent, and profitable investment
Mexico's Quick Turns.
TITHEN Mexico is annoyed with an administration, dees
she wait four long, tedious and trying years to make a
change? Does she hold primaries and conventions and tol
erate long winded speeches by ranting candidates? And
does she finally wind up with a costly and contested elec
tion and all of the fol-de-rol of electorial colleges and
Mexico simply closes np certain places of pnboc frolic
and gees on a vacation for a day. Some factotum issues a
prennndamento. A few firecrackers explode, the govern
ment changes with the agiHty of a flea, and that's all there
is to it,-whether it be a city, a state, or the vast stretches
of the entire republic
Mexico's method of shifting the gears of her govern
ment is as simple as drinking a glass of water or eating a
peanut Perhaps we conH sot adopt it is these states with
success, but it is a stunner for quick responsiveness to the
the mercurial democracy.
Nobody was much surprised when the Iowa Methodist
west on record against home role is Ireland.
Pomtr, Efce a desolating pesi&ence.
Pollutes Vrhalc'er U touches; and obedience,
Dane of all genius, virtue, freedom, ruth.
Makes slaves of men, and 0 ike human frame
A mechanized automaton.
t Percy Breehe 'Saener.
tive campaign against the llberallsts
are Ineffective. His power is totter
ing. And all lot this Is becan-se the '
people are beolfiC the new moveaaesit.
The leaders are doing their work in
a businesslike manner, withoet sraeh
tronhle. They are using' feree only
where it is a last resorttad they are
gaining in power so fast .that tufas
Carranza stems tbe tide .within a
week or two it will be too late. I
agree with a recent statement of T.
LR. Belt ran, the new charge d'affaires
tn ei I'Aso. tnat tuts J&exteo'a last
revolution This new regime plans
for prohibition and so gambling. It
plans to opei. up ihe agricultural and
conxoiercial resources of Mexico. And
as a result Mexico .s nearer to her
rightful place among other naHons
than aha has ever be?n before.
"Prom what I hear about town,
concerning the opening of an amuse
mesrat park and other such plans for
tbe coming summer, I think El Paso
is beginning to realize that her en
tertaining facilities have been rather
limited in the past and that there is
a real need for clubs and other such
things to provide adequate recreation
for the people of a city this size.
said Carl A. Beers. The country club
membership it? steadily growing, es
peciallv now that our golf course is
in such perfect shape. 3 Paso has
been very busy making monev the
last few years, and we have fallen
behind in other matters. A city this
size should have room for several
country clubs and other organizations
of a social nature. I have heard vis
itors to El Paso comment favorably
on everything here excepting enter
tainment facilities and It Is time EI
Paso awoke to the fact that there are
other things in life besides the im
portant one of making a commercial
and financial success."
Chicago, I1L, May 6. A Chicago
hair factory is closed today by order
of health commissioner Robertson,
after three of the concern's employes
had died of anthrax, believed to have
been contracted from handling hair
imported from Argentina.
I Fill Out With Pencil i
i .S
31 Jo
Now why does Fido run around
He sees a man from the
t pound.
Draw from one to two and so on
) to the end.
mmmmM' so we cot - throats wm TH?eJ?, A
-, X& Boot -l,. GBUrf amo fTOnx
NJT .8 tu was """'.-. - au. OF A SOW" ViWru' A : M
9 smm .-r. Hcmm "" ... -?i fv .-.. -x in
sggiEV WW3B9 ? aw off, so ffr$pga i
'-r riK
"-"-vL SfcrrVT reS 1. uts V-viwrx 5Hafi Ms . a
3KPiI. E-t TiTHrni 1 1 1 fi wsw is&;,-it !
lift w wm ! J
uiLit.iiiB v.Atff. sz-r 'yvvr"v.itvjBcc iitauw-- !
The Young Lady
Across The Way
r'S. young lady across the way says
she -esu't believe in showing any
feeHng and when she gets mad at a
person she merely stops spealdsg te
her when she meets her.
A Line O' Cheer
I Each Day O' The Year
7RB, distance lends enehani-ent to
I .the view.
' The Sage who first said that
ettoke what is true.
And yet I find the l!le mountain
Seen nigh at hand Is more enchant
ing atllL
And flowers near are fairer to my
Than when in gardens far away they
And Love held close hath vastly
Greater thrill
Than any found beyond yon distant
Copyright, 1M. McClure Magazine
The oldest ruin In Borne I a frag
ment of the wall built by Romulus In
Reflections Of A
EVERT friend is a looking glass
and we l0"-e the flattering ones
Why should any mnn have an
aversion ta marrying a flirtf A
girl who has been kissed before
Is much less HLely to wenaer.
after marriage, how OTHER men
make tove.
Marriage is like a fireless-oooker.
The toughest, if they remain in it
long enough, sometimes come out
sweet and tender.
Onee upon a time, you could be
a -eetotaler if you wanted to; but
now, if you decline a man's offer to
lead you to his wine cellar, ho acts
m hSrt as though ou had beaten
his only child.
Marriage Is NOT a failure.
ome husbands and wives may be
failures but so are a l.t of
sculptors and artists and writers
Kabibble Kafoaret
CosrrlXit. loo, iilstMtlcasI mm, seriio. UtJreSIt-. C. s. rttset OCa.
swouuD i Awxty a mw ium GASSS ?
-TE7 cewrues syNfc .
.,.IrJ 3?v??u r tVL WW-VO0 NOW tfs ,
Copyright. u:o. by
McClure Newspaper Syndicate
Questions md AmweTs-
WHAT la the average aalarr of
country aeaool teachers f M. R.
A. The b u r e a n of edtxrmttan
states that 47 states made reports for
ll-lr0. Three counties were se
lected at random from each state and
the teachers included elementary and
high school. The average salary was I
found to be SC33.9S.
Q. Gaftoline is almost 39 cents
now. Can you tell me whet It comt i
before automobiles brgan to use Itt,
L. H. A. I
A. In is, gasoline sold for six
cents a gallon.
L At ho in the richest man In the
vrorW L. B. M.
A. John D. Rockefeller, whose '
wealth la estimated at close to a bil- I
lion dollars. Is rated as the richest
man in the world.
!. When wis the KnElih spar. I
reiv brought to this country; I. 3L i
A. This bird was introduced Into
a few American communities in 1S51. 1
and it has spread throughout the !
L What will be the Increase In J
' pay of enlisted men In the navy and
army under the new lirf J. K. JL
A An agreement whereby enlisted
men in the navy will receive an aver
age pay Increase of n percent, aad
enlisted men in the army, 2, percent.
was i reached by the senate and house
conferees on April ti.
Q- llow murh cold has the United
states In comparison -nlth other coun
tries? C. r. G.
A. In Ills the estimated monetary
stork of gold of this country was
$3 1. soe, which exceeded the
estimated holdings of France. Eng
land. Italy. Russia. Germany and
Japan. France held SM4,0v0.090.
England. lSSC.oM.S,- Italy. t!U.
ee.tea. Russia. 141x,0ti: Ger
many. $7:,o0.0ee, and Japan, sssi.
000.000. -..
) How large was the hone orig
inally, aad how many toes did it have?
R. D.
A. The earliest known ancestors
of tbe horse veer, small animals, not
larger than the domestic cat, with
four complete toes on each fore foot
and three on each hind foot. There
Is reason to believe that still more
ancient ancestors had five toes on
each foot.
Q. At hat is the meaning of S. P.
Q. R. which appears on the Roman
standardf W. T. A.
A. The letters stand for the motto,
Senatus Populusque Romanus (the
senate and the Roman people.)
Q- Why Is Tennessee nicknamed
the volunteer statef X. M. 1.
A. Tennessee furnished the great
est number of volunteers during the
Semlaoie war and the war of 1813.
thus gaining this nickname.
Q- Was there a band of patriots by
the name of "The Liberty Bergf
T. E. L.
A. "The Liberty Boys" was a
familiar name for the "Sons of Lib
erty." This order was found in all
of the It colonies, having come Into
"wiwe as a political organisataion
aeoui net. joan i-atuD and lsaaj
Sears of New York were active mem
oers and also Paul Revere in New
L llow much does It cost to pro
duce a copy of the Saturday Evening
rostf V. S. C.
A. This magazine, which sells for
five cents, is produced at a cost of
Bachelor Girl
and others requiring a highly
specialised genius.
To the average mother, "Leisure"
Is that sweet Interval, in which all
the rest of the family are busy trying
to find something else for her to do.
The thing that has driven more
women to take the train for
Reno nnd more men to take tbe
downward path, than anything
else, is the tendency to substitute
German knltur for French po
liteness, after marriage.
Next to canned herring, the most
quickly and easily "spoiled' thing
on earth Is a husband.
Consult your husband about his
tastes in food and his meal hours,
but never shout your own clothea
If you must consult somebody about
your own personal affairs oh well.
consult an alienist- Copyright, 1920,
by Wheeler Syndicate, Inc.
li Trfyfl
T7VEM at S1.25 an hear a nftssfcer is
r- got too prod V stop w.k talk
tr ac gut a cnaace. ir kMs e' Ur-'
mer Candida tea ia til fwW feat avt
Copyright. Katioaal Xewspaptr service.
Ye Towne Gossip.
Registered U. 8. Patent OfOce.
By K. C B.
I tljlnk some one.
With a ouila board.
Is in communication
With my automobile
And whoever it Is.
I want to ask them
If they'll please lay off.
And leave it alone.
Because the way it is now.
It has a mystery ia it.
Foe the man at the garage.
Says as far as he can see.
There's nothing that alia It.
And there never is.
When he's looking at It.
But for two nights past.
I've been over in Jersey.
Where some friends ot ours.
Have effaced themselves.
By buying a home.
And on the first night.
We were winding around.
On the Jersey roads.
On the way to the ferry.
And In a spooky place.
The headlights went oni.
And I stopped the car.
And right away.
They started burning again.
And I started the car
And the lights flickered.
Like clots and dashes.
And the man who was with me
Understands the Morse code.
And he watched the reflection.
On the road ahead.
And said they said: "Tea."
Which was very silly.
But it was a spooky place
And we hurried on.
And after a while.
They went out again.
And started again.
And flickered some more
And the man who was with roe
Read the dots and dashes.
And said they said: "I will '
And at the next place.
There was a garage.
And we stopped there.
And one of the panders.
Was there In his overalls
And very greasy.
And I asked him.
If hed look at the lights
Which were burning brightly
Vnd I told him how they acted.
nd he felt all around.
And then he said.
"There's nothing the matter.
"Unless they're banted."
I expect be meant haunted.
And so we drove on.
And going down the hilL
To the Port Lee ferry
They started flickering again.
nd the man who was with me
Said they were saying.
"I come, I come."
Which is all very silly.
Xnd maybe he's kidding me
Bui I wouldn't be surprised
If some ouija board nut.
Has got control of my car.
And Is monkeying with it.
I thank you.
Amonr the ancient Egyptians young
girls pjinte-1 their cheeks with rcil
a id -whit- Tht 'IP; ' ertv'i1'.'! .
T Mr i,I t r- 1 r. iu '" t- t i.r
e1o I maii o henna .--jie-uireb
m natls wre gilded, as recov
eretf tnumis-. 3 aiio"
! esrinT lOUK.-,(
,8YTwe - j ore
I Patter And Chatterl
By 5. E. KISBR.
The Empty
uo o Tw4rr rt? there.
It took a K it mlckt be
There sot m. motemn nMr -wkere
Men easy money nee mi
f la anted.
The fiddle and the -J phone
Tint oaee drowned irvrds tx
llchtly poLen
Are alient now the therm Is flown.
The doors are shot, the window
I rruE motr car go whUxinf pnit
"Where onee tne ipell ot irlne
was east
-... aalllia lanrhisiP nAP io
I batintf.
?Co hint ot fayety remains.
The private nooks are all deserted!
The walls are bare and alienee
TTfcere eareless men and women
I Bedtime Stories For The Little (hies I
mmmmmmmmmm. By HOWARD R. G.VKI5.
'.NCLE WIGGILY -went to Mrs. Iit
tl tail's hous- one day and b
wu Quite rmrDrisMKl hn Sammie
Little tail oMned tb door in answer
to his knock.
"Is oar mother in, and why ar
yon home from school, SanunieT
asked Uncle Wiffglly.
"Mother isn't in. and I didn't feel
ery welL so I stayed home today,
answered the boy rabbit. "And. oh.
Uncle Wieffily. I want a pair of roller
skates rex? moch
"Perhaps I can make yon a pair of
roller skates oat of some old spools
for wheels and a piece of wood for
the bottom." proposed the banny.
"Oh. I know where there are a lot
of empty spools in mother workbox."
saia simmie
Uncle Wixrslly fastened some spools '
, on the ends of two sticks, and be i
I fastened the sucks to some flat pieces
of wood. Then he tied the spool skmtss
on Sammle's paws and the rabbit boy
went oat on the kitchen oilcloth
where it was nice and smooth, and
there he skated.
"Whoop la" cried Sammie. "I .
, feel wll enona-h to so to school now.
8ay. Uncle Wlg-gHy," he went on. ,
i "why don't you make yourjelf a pair (
oi weae rouer ssuues; Jiayoe uey
would care yonr rteymatlsm."
i There were mors empty spools in
Mrs. Uttletail's workbasket and soon
I Uncle Wlgffily had made a second
pair of the skates. These he tied on
his own paws
1 "Come on, now" cried Seunmie.
j "We'll have a. race"
Uncle WigffilT started off slowly
. around the kitchen oilcloth, bat soon
he went faster, as it was very smooth.
"See if too can catch me I cried
i Sammie The boy rabbit skated after
him. bat alas I The bunny a;entle
. man s left paw slipped and he
I bunked into a chair and almost fell
into tne sinx.
'.Never mind, try asalnr" imrited
sows xaeter ana taster.
vtselly struck oat again
and this time his rlsrht paw slipped
ana he xeu into the basket of clean
clothes So he wasn't much hurt.
"I don't believe I'm as good a roller
skater as I used to be, Sammie," said
Uncle WiSffily.
"Oh. try once more." begged the
But this time both his paws slipped
ovy rmoDic AJia uncie vriscuy aHL
'i 14 Years Attn TnlnvV
5 "jr
m "'"" f ThU te ieee 1
REPORTS from Pueblo, Colo-, tell
that about 10 strikers gathered
about the smelter and andoavored
to keep other employes from enter
ing the works. The managers called
for aid aad sheriff McMillan, with
2 deputies, went to the scene. One
was killed and several injured by
shots fired. The cause of the dis
turbance was the demand of the aaen
for the same pay for eight hours as
for Iv boors.
Thii movement for Sunday closing
among the bast nose men and estab
lishment of the city is receiving al
most unanimous backing and a num
ber of names have been f freed to
the agreement to close on Saturday
night and remain closed until Mon
day morning.
J. Adam Dieter, brother of J. P.
Dieter. Is critically sick at his home
, in East El Paso.
t Message from Houston announce
that El Paso will be the next meet
i ing place of the Travelers' Protec
tive aasociation.
J c Nardtni. inspector an
I stenographer in the local immigra
uon bureau. wme has been hare for
i a year, has received orders to report
at can rrancisco tor auty, assi vred
C. Shapiey, formerly stationed here
when Lew Adams was inspector, will
take his place here.
Floyd Frisbie. lawyer and late lieu
tenant In the Philippine scouts of
the United States army, was found
dead tn his room at the home of
F W. Campbell. 71s North Campbell
street, this morning. Cause of his
death is unknown.
Mounted detective George Harold
received quite a lot of goods yester
day from Juares. which had been
stolen from the Angelus hotel.
CoL C. F. Hunt has bought the
J. U. Boone property near Washing
ton park, consisting of Mr Boone's
residence and furniture and 2 acres
ot land.
J A. South left last night for San
Antonio to attend a meeting of the
state Republican committee.
The vote for the school election
was very light- Dr. Howard Thomp
son. John H. Harper and Henry
Welsch were reelected to serve two
more eara. The organisation of
the board will hardly be changed.
Capt. T. J. BeaU Is president. Dr.
Thompson, vice president: John
Harper, secretary, and Charles Fas
sett, tressurer.
A hone collar of steel Instead of
leather has come Into use In France.
- r. . ......
e",l. 2?1? ' & eontroHsx owner,
J. C. Wlhnarth Is ssnssu sad ti.
THE .ASSOCIATED PRESS is exclusively entitled te the use for psbllcatlen otuinn,
dispatches eradltedu It or net otherwise credited la ihh psper and also the loa.
news pubnshed nereia.
mmk o- J" tmo ao incis -es, also, br snsorpnoo and succeas o. TH
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Th Advertiser. The Independent. The Journal. The Repabueu. The Buliet'n.
TERMS OF- SUBSCBJPTION Dally Herald la Artsona. Xw Mexico Teiss.
and Old Mexico, per month. 7ec per vear 17 . In en othr ata'- r
I tl in .r -.far Si; 00 W-dn-sday and 1 -rK Eni 1SSJ-S il. b
. Kn 1 i. 1 1 1 b: : 1,1 . -m.. - , - c - e-
news report by Ass-ciated f Leased Wir- and Special Correspon cts .mnEt
Artsona. New Mexico West Texas. Melleo, Washington. D C. and Stir TotZ
Xsured at tht raswtace la Si Tan. Isxsr. as secoiul cu aatui?
Road House.
THE weeds are growing In th
lVhere the men la searek of fan
onee Hc-htly
Turned In. with other people's rrtres.
To Join the crowds that gathered
7Co Jewels gleam on snowy breasts.
No eorks are polled, there Is no
And ardent birds hare bnllt their
On Jnttlns; ledge and handy rafter.
THB yard la strewn with broken
The danelng floor Is -warped and
There's only solitude, alas.
Where onee the haw-haws were so
The seone where many a souse wsa
"Where seandal and dlroree were
The empty road bouse looks forlorn.
And all Its glory has departed.
Ofc, dear me, rneJ IVtesHy she
erfed. Are you tar
and down he went ker-smasb -banco
In tbe middle of the floor, rattling
eTery oisn in ine pantry.
And jest then the door opened and
m came Jlr LitUetaii, the rabb"
""On. dear me. Uncle Wiggrily" she
cried, as she say him sitting ta the
nuaoie or ner zioor looting queer
"Are tod ill?"
"No answered Mr. bong-ears as be
rot np ana tooK on tne spool roller
uaui. "My rneomausm was oocner-
ins; me, but it's all better now 1
rues 1 won't baTe to go to Dr. Pos
sum's." "Well. I'm sted of that " spoke
Sammle's mother. "Then she aiaie
Uncle Wlggily a cap of tea, and after
inai ne oonrnt arse jane tne red
ribbon for the dlshpan. So if the
fire shoel doesn't hide in the icebox
wnen tne tove wants it to play bean
bag, ril tell von nest about Uncle
Wlggily 3.tu Billie's ball. Copyrigh".
1 dicate
9iv. oy i Lie .1
-lcClure rsewspaper 3yn-
TTntfwirllnm T .nrsrlr
f--w-.v& vw-rv w iuww
AXAN wearing a standing oUar was
saakrag hands and actuse friendly
with ear citizess tins week, and sold a
lot of stecs in some sort of a sine
prspesttioa. Atlas Feck, one of the
heavy purchasers, says be prefers stock
to gold bricks every time, as it is not
so bevvy to tote around.
SOe KiMew has a new pair of ssec .
which he bosgat die last time be met
op with tbe tin peddler, and now every
thing and everybody looks as 70od as
new, as bis old ones have bad sonr
cracks across tbe glass for the pas'
Miss Gondola Henstep yesterdav
beard that somebody bad been talking
about her, but tbe eae that started it
denied everything when hemmed np in
a corner.
Ebony Is always soaked from sir -18
months as soon as cut. It com
largely from Ceylon and tie Eas:
niiBlin tU4 &.. U.lV(rV3l
has directed The Herald far SS yean.
A. Martin is msnscbiz editor.
The El Psso Herald wsa established r
gr m J
? IsssssflsL
ft. JL.3
?' "- f
a - .r
ill! HI

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