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wcek-Liid iiditinn, May -y-iu, li)20.
NHS, illlELL MOilWJnnWeUm jo
'Con tinned from pace 1.1
. Tr
i er. and she accosted me
a & np if I had found a hiM for
I t51d her about the adertte-
r -it. V e -walked to a spot neir my
1 rme wbTe she I . me.
AMwered Advertisement.
Tht next day I think it was V"v
1 h came to i y I ouse and askf-d
me to nswrr t a' ertiserrent for
,(-' I did so, H'inc her name at
- reouet It answer, a woman
about -5 or 50 j ars old came to me
and said &he had rer ied my letter
1 told her I wa? not Mrs. Jones, but '
t iat Mr Jones v. .is a (Kent of mine
This woman toM m hr daughter
w a a bchool g.-'i 14 jeara old. and
t lit tne father of thft baby was In
kree :-ants om 15 t.urs old. I
knew ti at Mrs. Jones would make an
dmirabie mother Po tf e grand
mother of the hiby and I agreed to
make arrangements with llrs. Jones.
Vrs. Jones came to my house and
sid s e did not tare to leerallT
adopt 'Lc child- On the next day the
gTaranotner or trie na&y came again
ara aked me if I had made definite
arrangr- merits. I said no, that 1 would
te'ept ore tier.
The grandmother insisted that it
r-ust be legally adopted. I asked her
-v hat she called him and she said It
r a&3 no difference call him John
!Poe So that was the only name I
knew for the babv Mrs Jones re-fust-fi
tn legally adopt the child be
tj'?? she said that a woman who
f ould curse her ituld a month and
ptve it up would not hesitate to take
i wh-ri :t got old enough to give
her pleasure ' Finally Mrs. ColHs
Sreec to give it up without papers,
ghe asked me to call for it and gave
me "0 f-ent3 for taxi fare to come to
) er ome 1 went there at 8:30 p. m.
pud ke bat y was placed in my arms."
JKe-e t!i" witness testified regard-
FiMBW TrHii!i iTTi T Ti 9J'WM$
nsiaKi9 ws?zzbr' wBSBB&SSntrjm
ISE&V11 J&Sff&BKsKr te "aLHaaVtiSflBaBaiBaaBaaaaH
J7IRSI picture to be printed in El Paso of the Wilson ofl well in Tirewster
i- county, 53 miles south of Alpine. This well, from which a quantity of oilj
-. ki iiuj, viu ix oiuicQ m soon, it was reported Friday to b
showing more oil and gas.
After many years of litigation. Ore
Ron street will be opened between
Seenth and the canaL The proper
ty owners on Oregon street have pe
tioned the council three times In the
last 10 years to open Oregon street.
in answering the property owners
when the last petition was presented
some time ago. the council said they
must subscribe 33500. and the city
n ould provide the remainder.
An option on the Wiley estate at
last has been obtained. This prop.
lerty lies directly in the path of Ore
gon street. The option was obtained
i lor 37000. and the DroDertv owners
nave suoscriDed 93900.
All that is necessary now Is to ir
range a few details, open the street
and pave the way for a possible new
bridge over the river at the foot of
Oregon street.
ing the conversation of those in the
automobile. Her testimony was vir
tually the same as that of other wit
nesses on this point.
Girl's Sister Called.
"Later I saw a sister of Bennice
and she said that no one in Santa
itita Knew or Bernice having a baby
here. I told her that a woman from
Santa Rita had called at my house to
see the baby and she told me not to
gi e it back if they tried to get it. As
1 didn't have the baby I shut the door
on her. I thought she was trying
men 10 uiacKea uernice s cnaracter.
Bruce was born Saturday night.
May 3, 1819. Tou were Just convalesc
ing (this to her husband who was
examining her) from a serious Illness.
1 was in good health but badly run
down. On this night I had to give you
an alcohol bath and a massage. I
thought you would not live. After
Country Comfort
City Conveniences
This Hotel is -widely famed
because of its unobstru
sive service and homelike
atmosphere, together -with
prices consistent -with
present day standards.
Bates on Application.
4Wli.',i K JKfS 'S'
Under New Management
We cater only to people of refine
Qcietkxuryand good twte enar
extertze our service.
Our rates are reasonable.
Our location central.
. Oar cafe unexcelled.
T? 044s Motel Co.
New ownership. A high-class family and transient hotel. Wekly Rates,
1 person 310. 2 persons $12, 1 person, with bath, $12 50 to $15; 2 persons.
with bath, ?lo to 17 50; $1.50 to $3 00 per day.
. Clean Hotel. Itnn Clean. Clean Thronsa.9
Str "tTv r-1 -icrn Beantiful lobby and ball room, and sunny, roomy rooms
a'l Buh large closets. Located within a minutes' walk new retail d!s
fict, theaters and banks.
GLORCE BLAKE, Vro. Tate street car at So. Pac Station direct to ' itel
Through Sleeper To San Diego Via
E. P. & S. W., Sonttem Pacific and S. D. & A.
Alio reached by Santa Fe via Los Angeles.
For Information and Reservations see
R. R. BOWIE, Agent
329 First National Bank Building. EI Paso.
Ccronado Beach, California.
that I tried to bathe but could not get
in the tub. I had been in pain all of
the afternoon I had to sit down to
massape you because I could not bend
over. Then I knew I was goingr to be
ill Qft T J 11a A IfATlAdn VhAW A..V
sent him after the negTo woman, Mrs
j ones. She came and an hour later
Bruce was born. I had been In there
praying to the patron saint "of
pregnant women for a safe delivery
After the birth I got up and staggered
into your room and told you we bad
another bor. Then I srot him and
showed him to you and you asked if
ne would live,
I out the baby on vour bed and
then made myself a pallet on the floor
oesiae you so i couia give vou your
medicine. I gare you medicine all
night. Sunday night I tried to crush
some Ice for you and It made me so
sick that I crawled Into bed beside
you. with the baby between us. and
said they would find us all dead. Tou
remarked that I had killed myself in
trying to do things for you."
TelU of Birth of Children.
The witness described at some
length the birth of her various chil
dren and her care for each. She also
gave tbe name of physicians who had
attended her in various towns where
she had lived.
Describing the death of Mary Es
telle. a child which lived only one
month and three days, the witness
said, in answer to her husband s
"She choked in my arms. inen you
took her and niacins your mouth over
her mouth, blew Into her lungs. She
died, however, after you bad revived
her In this manner twice. Tour sick
ness was a result of infection from
this baby. It later developed Into
erysipelas. Within a week I asked
you If you didn't think I was going
to have another baby and you sad no,
silly, we'll be swamped. How many
will we have like thisr
"I never told anyone you were a
rich lawyer. My appearance would
refute that. T have not at any time
deceived you in any way. T did not
tel! you I was expecting a baby and
then adopt a child to make you believe
It. I did not say that you were blind
at any time and I never called you an
old fool." I have not at any time
mentioned your mother to any one of
these witnesses and I nerer remarked
you would turn us out in the street
because I did not doubt my cniidren
were rav own. Thave neer adopted
a child for myself and never said that
I did."
Cross Examination Begun.
The witness left the stand when
court was adjourned at the noon hour
at, 2 p. in. for cross
High Rolls Hotel
High Rolls, New Mexico
Opens June 1st New Management
Cool, Clean and Comfortable
Good Meals Moderate Prices
hart Bros
NjlJtotAuTo tag Mtro Ail Thajc (y
Ooe T
Fku Fercoos
SO rooms at . . .. SI.00 J1.3S
190 rooms at . . . U0 2.00
SSO room,, all with private
toilet :.00 2.30
to 2 JO to 3J0
400 roomf, all vlfh private
bath 2.00 S-00
to U0 to C00
prirate baths, each one furnished
difterentlr and luxuriously, satisfy
ing the most discriminating taste t
Single S4 to SS per day.
JoabIe SO to is per day.
At News Stands
or by mail
Reservations and information re
garding all hotels and resorts.
I ... er" t fftSL
Effective JUNE FIRST, daily train service will
be inaugurated to
On theTollowing Schedule:
Opens June First
Under Management
12:01 p. m. Ir. 1 Paso Ar. 3i40 p. m.
Zi3S p. m. Ar. ...... Alamocordo ...... I. v. lilO p. m.
2i45 p. m. Lt. ...... Alamosordo ......Ar. lZtSO p. m.
5t05 p. m. Ar. Cloud croft Lv. 10x10 p. m.
Si20 p. m. Ar. Lodce Lv. 0t45 a. m.
Round Trip Tickets. Validation Not Required.
Season tickets from 1 Paso. 97.93. Retnm limit Oct. Slat.
Commntatlon tickets eontalnlns Htc round trlp from HI
Paso to CJoaderoft, good for nitof purchaser and tnembera
of hU household, on sale dally. $ZS. Xletnrn limit, Oct 31st.
Week-end tickets on sale Satnrdnrs and Sojidajs, 9LC0.
Itetnrn Limit. 15 day.
GAENETT KING, General Passenger Agent.
El Paso & Southwestern System.
and returned
Mrs. Emma Webster, probation of
ficer, testified regarding a baby for
which she and Mrs. McConnell had
ronnd a home. She said that the
children at the McConnell home
seemea at all times clean and well
cared for.
Mrs. Marv A. Felao. mother of Mrs.
McConnell. testified that her daughter
was a comoinaiion or rTencn, Italian
and Irish, and had not a drop of
Mexican blood In her veins." She al
so save sVfna-teatlmony regarding the
birth of various children and those
of her daughter.
Mrs. W: R. McConnell. of Sanderson,
Texas, related an Instance In 1905
when a cyclone struck Laredo where
they were living. She said that "at
that time Mrs. R. W. McConnell had
a child two days old and that she was
forced to leave her some and carry
the child to the other home to avoid
death in the wrecked house. She said
Mr. McConnell formerly worked as
a machinist In railroad shops at
Nnrse Gives Testimony.
Lieut. Emily Smith, head nurse at
the Salvation Army rescue home, was
the first witness called Friday after
noon. "I remember when' Jternlce Baker
was at the home," sheid. "I cared
for the child and I knew that the
baby was to be given away. BernJces
mother said she would find a home
for the baby. I met Mrs McConnell
before the bab was born, when she
came to our home and got a girl
baby. This was a Mexican baby,
which later died. Bernice always
sand she would not give up her baby
of her own "free will."
Mrs. Harry F. Hare, a chauffeur
living near Mrs. McConnell, testified
to taking Mrs McConnell to the ad
dress at 505 Mesa avenue, to get the
baby. "I drove her up there and an
elderly lady and a girl got into the
car, handing the baby to Mrs. Mc
Connell," she testified. "The elderly
woman then told us to let them out
at a dark place, as she did not want
anyone to see them. I forgot myself
and said. 'Anyone who gives away an
innocent baby ought to be in a dark
place.' I then drove o a point back
of Mrs. McConnelVs house, where she
got out. I live just two doors from
Guadalupe Eatson. 1109 East Over
land street, a small girl, testified to
seeing Mrs. McConnell give away a
baby about a year ago. She said
she and Agnes McConnell and a lit
tle girl named Flossie Racer were
playing together and saw Mrs. Mc
Connell at her own gate with a baby
in her arms. Then, she said, a woman
drove up in a car and Mrs.McCos
nell gave the baby to her. She said
the strange woman then drove awtay.
Flossie Razer, 1108 East San Antonio.
tea tinea to practically the
Testifies to Birth of Child.
Feralee Jones, 921 East Third
street, a negro woman, testified to
attending Mrs. McConnell at the birth
of the child which is the object of
me nil gat ion
"I wash for Mrs. McConnell." she
testified. "On the nieht of May 9.
1919, a messenger came for me and
torn me to go to Mrs. Mcconneirs
house. I went. She was on the floor
m the kitchen by a trunk. A babv
boy was born there. She asked me
to help her out. There was no physi
cian there. I helped her some and
then washed the abv. Mr. McCon
nell was sick in the front room at the
time. Alter tbe baby was born Mrs.
McConnell went to another room aad
went to bed. I am positive that the
cnua was oorn mere.
Speaking of the care given the
children in McConnell's home, Mrs.
Laura J. Cramer. 1014 East Sao An
tonio, the next witness, said that she
could not say they were neglected.
"Mrs McConnell told me her husband
thought the children were his," the
witness said.
Agnes McConnell, 15, was the last
witness called Friday by the de
fence. "When Mrs Collls and th
other women were there after
me nany l told my mother I'd kill
themjf they tried to take the babv."
the little girl said. "I told them they
"o i jrpvcr-n.es. un May my xnotn
er told me Jhe was going to be sick
and must call a messenger. When she
got one she sent him after Mrs.
Jones. They were in our kitchen
for abopt an hour.
Six Children in Tvrn Tran.
"On cross examination the girl de
tmrni iasi mere were live cniiaren
younger than herself.
"The twins are youngest," she said.
"They were both born while 1 was at
school. One was born in December
and the other on January 6. There
were 13 children inour family, and
six of them were born since Febru
ary 11, 1918. My mother never has
adopted a child.
"On May 1, 1919, my mother gave
away a baby. She brought it to our
house in a car and about an hour
later a woman came after it. She
was a Mrs Jones, who lived in Cali
fornia. 1 would not know her now
if I saw her, but she was small. Aunt
js&rjr jane, a negro woman, who is in
New Mexico now, usually attended
mother when the children were born,
but Mrs. Jones attended Tier when
1 The girl gave the dates of birth
and names of the children born since
February 11, 1918, as follows:
"February XI, 1918, Donald Mc
ConneU. This child has since died.
"June 5, 1918, Edward Allen Mc
ConnelL "February 20. 1919, Mary Estelle
McConnell was born. This baby died
March 28. 1919.
"May 8, 1919, Emmett Bruce Mc
Connell. "December 11, 1919, Lawrence
Stewart McCas&elL
"January frH92, John Dyer Mc
ConneU." 5mt
Teacherage Poposed
for School at Ysleia
The establishment of t cache rages
throughout the country Is being con
sidered more and more seriouslx in
El Paso district, according to Miss
Myra Winkler, County superintendent
of schools, who .-tells of tentative
plans suggested $ZJr the purpose of
providing a teachers home in Ysleta
similar to the one- at Canutillo.
The greatest difficulty in obtain, Re
and retaining the seven teachers for
the school at l sleta is the lack of
proper living conditions for them,
making it necessary for them to live
in El Paso and increase their expenses
by the mterurban fares. Miss Winkler
The plans for the home, though ten
tative as ft, provide that it be fur
nished rent free to the teachers who
would then have as their living ex
penses only food and a housekeeper
or servant to cook the meals and do
the housework
Benefit entertainments given
throughout the ar bf the Parent
Tea hers' association of the Ysleta
fcchon' ha1 rt-ttcd ?" trhirh has
tf t rTju ndul t r ilagToind equip-
At The
All Cars Stop At The White House
Charge Purchases Monday Will Appear On June Accts. Payable July 1
New Travel Clothes At Very Low Prices
Full half the enjoyment of your Vacation depends upon
a properly equipped traveling wardrobe not necessarily
an over-supply of clothes, but a crisp, neu),' fashionable
feu) which suggest themselves in accordance to their
adaptability. Whether you will spend your Vacation
East, West or North, We have new, fresh merchandise
that will more than meet your needs. Such things as
good looking, though serviceable, travel suits Wraps
for travel, beach sport and evening Wear highly colored
sportive togs of silk or wool frocks of charm in newest
fabrics and colorings -r- khaki clothes for camping and
overland trips. We mention but a few here all new,
becoming travel clothes, at very low prices.
There is little room for description, so, instead, here's! a
catalog of pricings:
Travel Wrapes Reduced
$100 Sport Coats Reduced to S11.95.
$25.00 Travel Wraps. Reduced to $19 35.
$35.00 Travel Wraps, Reduced to $245.
$50.00 Travel Wraps. Reduced to $3955.
$69.50 Travel Wraps. Reduced to $4955.
$85.00 Travel Wraps. Reduced to $6955.
Travel Suits Reduced .
$45.00 Cloth Travel Suits. Reduced to $27.75.
$59.50 Cloth Travel Suits. Reduced to $37.75.
All Other Traveling Suits Are Reduced, Too.
Vacation Silk Dresses
$29.50 Georget Dresses. Reduced to $25.00.
$39.50 Taffeta Silk Dresses. Reduced to $29.50.
$65.00 Georget Dresses. Reduced to $39.50.
Tub Dresses Are Reduced
$120 and $15.00 VoSe Dresses, at $955.
$25.00 and $30.00 Organdie Dresses, at $1955.
Sport Silk Skirts
$25.00 and $30.00 S3k Skirts. Reduced to $1455.
$32J0 and $35.00 Silk Skirts. Reduced to 1955.
Kifvs tlBm:- aK
VnraSflBfbO K wSvl
VAMaf til KaiiKEi r-J "PSaS
tOgr $ iKst? '-M
Mils -if ' ' - cIHkhS
in? !
Apparel Salon
3nd I
$11.50, $12.50 SILK-PETTICOATS
Main Floor
ti-End S
ill Jk,P
ill jfuBL
Is Un Jb
Monday The-
Last Day Of
Blouse Sale
$6.50 Georget Crepe Blouses, Spe
cial $45 Novelty Crepe and Net
Blouses embroidered and beaded
styles low neck, short sleeves
the biggest value imaginable for the
money. Month- gA QQ
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cial $558 Ideal for summer wear
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colors long or short sleeves; $830
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sport silks the very newest crea
tions both the long and short
sleeve styles are crt rQ
featured. Special $VX)0
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weight, sill: Kle top, sole, heels
aad toes biaek aad brown oaly
SOX, 35c THREE PAIRS $1.00
A woader showing of faaey Hsle
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or the pair...'. OUC
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ble of Teddies, Chemise, Gown
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Travel ,
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