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"Week-End Edition, May 29-30, 1920.
THE Coles Building and Real Estate
cipipanv haa dedicated to the
c :-. of El Paso a park and drive
In rasrv Heights addition, O. C
Coles president of the company, made
the dedication Friday afternoon, and
the city council will pass upon the
fifi at its next meeting
The park includes lots 7, 8, 9 and
10 in block 8, overlooking Castle
Heights park, owned by the city, and
commandirg a view of the entire
Homes to Face Park.
The park la in the shape of a cir
cle surrounded by a drive paved in
bithuhtic, and plans are being made
for set eral homes which will face the
park Among those pla nning homes
the-e are, S P Skinner, formerly
sta senator, of San Antonio, who
came to iui .Paso witntn the last year,
and hs son, Walter Skinner They
Iiave purchased lots 30 to 39, in
clusive Mr Coles also plans to build
his home there, fronting the park.
A map of the park has been drawn
fcy tre city engineer. The site Is on
tne high lands formerly occupied by
the old federal smelter. A landscape
gardener will be engaged to lay oot
and park all the lots fn the immedi
ate vicinity
The park will he dedicated as
Coles Circle.
Home Sales Reported.
Many homes have been sold In the
last week The Jame L. Marr com
pany reported the following sales:
Mrs. Carrie Freadenstein to W. A.
Wnson. lots 8 and J, block 87, Frank
lin Heights. $7350; W. W. Hnnt to
X F Luf-ero, lots 17, 18 and , block '
S3, Bassett addition, $2750; J. p.;
Bye to C C Easley, lots 28 and 2,
nock ivit. Bassett addition. JS2S0: A.
7. block 27. Government Hill, 34S00;
Estella Benson to W. F. Whittlng
ham. lots 2 to 32, block 100. Frank
lin Heights. 52630; Marr Bros. Invest
ment company to J. L. Stewart, lots
32 to 36. block 3. Bishop sub-division,
$4500; J. R. McKennon to E L Koll,
lots 25 and 26, block 87, East El Paso
addition. 35500; Marr Bros. Invest
ment company to C Eckel, lots 17 to
19. block 80, Bassett addition. $3300:
Marr Bros. Investment company to
A. E. Hayes. lots 30 and east one-half
of 11. block 28. Government Hill.
33850; It. B. Alves to Sam Watkins,
1420 Hawthorne street $12,000.
Although the demand and sale of
homes still maintains a fast pace,
real estate men report a slight
slackening In the business. The de
mand exceeds the supply.
X. Rajnolds to C. G. Cole, lota 6 and course.
The clouded Chamtzal land titles.
a matter of litigation for about 25
years, again have been brought to
attention by the demand on the part
of El Pasoans that the titles be
cleared Derore the United States
recognizes a sew government in
The real estate board appointed a
committee to look Into the matter,
composed of O. C Coles. Floyd
Payne and Dexter MapeL The com
mittee met with mayor CbarlM navi
and Charles N. Bassett president of
tne cnanioer or commerce, and sent a
telegram to the Washington rep
resentative of the chamber, John A.
Happer, requesting him to take up
the matter with congressman Claude
The land titles dispute is the re
sult of the Rio Grande changing: its
Texas Boxing Bill Introduced;
School System Survey Proposed
Large Quantity
Of Sugar Passes
Through Juarez
Sugar, alued at $83,847 and com
prising 493 222 pounds, was invoiced
through the American consulate at
Juarez Saturday This shipment
br.rjrs the total of sugar imported
through Juarez since the embargo
against the exportation of Mexico
sugar was recently luted by the new
revolutionary government to $185,526.
Siraloa cube sugar carries an im
Jon tax of $1.36 per 100 pounds, as
sessed by the United States govern
ment for bringing sugar into the
courtry The 1920 crop of sugar in
Mexico, according to Joseph B. Smith,
an EI Paso exporter, will reach a
total of 115,000 tons.
AUSTIN. Tex., May 29. The boxing
bill which proposes to legalize
boxing in Texas, was submitted
to the legislature today by the gov
ernor. This MIL which Is being ad
vocated by the American Legion, was
introduced in the senate by senators
Bledsoe and Gibson, it authorizes ten
round bouts and provides for the ap
pointment of a commission of three
men by th governor to be known as
the state athletic commission of
Texas. The measure provides for
licensed referees, and such officials
must stop any bout when one man Is
apparently outclassed. In his message
submitting the bill the governor
stated that the necessity for such a
measure has become apparent since
the establishment of the army camps
in Texas.
To Surrey School System.
Senator Aldery, of Ellis. Introduced
a bill in the senate today providing
a survey of the entire educational
system of the state. The bill carries
an appropriation of $30,000 and pro
vides that the survey shall be made
by a commission to be appointed by
the governor. lieutenant governor
and speaker of the house not later
than August l. larw. itepreseniaxives
of agricultural and commercial in
terests, labor, professional people and
public schools shall be on the com
mission, and three members shall be
A concurrent resolution was Intro
duced in the lower house of the legis
lature today by representative Don
Diggers, authorizing the prison com
mission to make a survey of locations
In the centra portion of the state for
the establishment of a branch of the
state penitentiary. The resolution
provides that the prison commission
shall file its report to the governor
before the meetine or the next regu
lar session of the legislature. The
resolution was referred to the house
committee on oenitentiaries.
In the senate was passed finally
today the bill by senator sutor, au
thorizing county school trustees to
fix the salaries of teachers and re
moving present limitations.
"So Boll Worm Compromise
With re lection by the federal hortl
cultural board of the subcommittee
bill which sought to compromise the
controversy over eradication of the
pink boll worm, the legislature now
must aeciae oeiwwn a doh-touou
zone or a federal quarantine.
Maj. R. F. Surges, of El Paso, and
other members of the advisory edu
cational committee for relief of the
state schools appeared yesterday be
fore the senate and house committees
nn mttiMtinn n nrcfl favorable action
on a program of legislation for aid of
the scnoois. xn awuimw w
recommended $6,500,000 appropriation.
Vacation, Boy Scouts' Season Of Joy
Is At Hand; Big Times Are Planned
VTashington. D. C May S9. Sena
tor Sheppard grave oot the following:
statement Friday.
"I ha-ve noted that certain news
papers in Texas are griring; currency
to an erroneous report reg&rdlssr my
recent remarks on the prohibition
brief filed by the state of New Jer
sey before the United States snpreme
court. This report is to the effect
that I was compelled to apologize for
these remarks. Nothing: could be
further from the truth. I was not
compelled to do anything: or to say
anything1 in connection with the mat
te". "Wr-at I did say was on my own
initiative and of my own volition,
solely with a view to clarifying my
meaning and net by way of apolog7
I withdrew a portion of my remarks
on the day after they were made
because I did not want anything 1
hsM said to remain In the record that
nug-ht be susceptible of a construc
tion that reflected In any way on
any state or any senator.
-I wish to add that it Is still my
belief that sovernments derive their
Just power from the consent of the
governed, and that any contention to
the effect that the governed cannot
change, alter, or amend their gov
ernment tends, in the last analysis,
to precipitate anarchy, chaos and
Lost "Specs" Came
Home With Potatoes
Frank Johnson a fanner of
this county, who lost his spec
tacles in a sack of potatoes last
fall, is again in possession of them,
ha-, ing found them in a barrel of
seed potatoes received from a mail
order house Last fall Johnson
sold his entire crop at the prevail
ine irarket price of $2 a bushel.
The -arrel of seed potatoes in
wh t - found his specs cost him
$5 a busbcL
do not worry the investor
who buys high grade listed
stocks and bonds outright
and holds hrm for perma
nent profit
The Kziebel Plan of outright: bo
Inf on convenient pa? taenia win.
xnalce of you a xood Investor. It
-aMe yon to control five tim j
larre a block of ttexxritio a yott
could control on a cash basis, xoa
(ct aH drriicndj while parms.
Oct TnipTiDc, investment,'' w31
keep Toa posted on the vital new
boot the better class of listed ecori
3e. Ask ns to send it to too tee
for six months. Depu 1.
Flu 550 100 San Antonio j
H Let ns handle yonr hooehold
H goods.
H For MoviBsr, Shlpplner Storing,
Paeklas:, Pianos, Bacsrac;e,
m Frelcht HanMna-.
1 PHOSE 787 OB 747.
Odom Transfer
Festival Ends
Term Of School
For Institute
The festival of spring, with which
the International Institute celebrat
ed its first anniversary at the T.
W, C. A. Friday night, marked the
close of a successful -year in the
work of the Institute. The program,
under the direction of Miss Nellie
acuwgnan, isngnsn teacher, was
presented entirely by Mexican girls
and women, many of whom have
been learning- the English language
for only two or three months.
Three one-act plays were present
ed, in which about 40 women and
girls participated. One mother and
daughter were in one play. In an
other was a small Mexican girl who
has learned the English language be
fore she has learned her native one.
"Persephone." with an interlude
of flower verses, was presented from
Greek mythology, -In a Palace Gar
den" from fairy lore, and "An East
er Miracle" from Christian symbol
ism. Miss Bean"s Junior orchestra.
composed of girls under 10 years of
age, gave an interesting musical pro
gram before the program and be
tween the numbers.
me international Institute now i "" ?.-KiTt. w:r ZlTiS."
numbers 559 pupils, those from two re delectable things as griddle
.,.. " r 1 i .t.i-f-- heir. n. Fun rt mVi n-iili-B
coffee, biscuit and hoecake. He
learns how to select a campsite from
the best possible standpoints of water
supply, drainage and shelter, learns
to canoe, row, sail and swim.
Signs, symbols and signaling of use
to htm In finding his way through
woods are taught and mastered. He
learns how to cultivate health and
endurance by eating the proper
things, exercising and observing good
living habits. One of the most vain
able things learned by a scout is
first-aid and life-saving, and many
are the instances of where scouts
have been instrumental In saving
lives endangered by fire or drowning.
Special training in games is em
phasized so that a Boy Scout learns
all that Is best in the way of amuse
ment, learns to play the game and
play It straight, learns to be a good
loser and a generous and courteous
winner. Finally, a Boy Scout Is trained
in patriotism and citizenship.
Is it any wonder that Herbert
Hoover says that if the United States
congress were composed wholly of
Boy Scouts, here would be no Ameri
canization problem?
And how they do enjoy life!
SCOUT motto: Be prepared.
Scout oath: On my honor, I will
do my best to do my duty to God
and my country, and to obey the scout
law: to help other people at all times:
to keep myself physically strong.
mentally awake and morally straight.
Scout law: A scout is trustworthy.
loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous,
kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean and reverent.
vacation time Is at hand. If there
Is any one group of people who can
he said to enjoy vacations more than
another, it must me admitted that the
Boy Scouts compose that group and
for good reasons- they are experts in
all things that make real vacations
The things that a Boy Scout knows
and practices are so many and varied
and so very useful and practical and
valuable that one, other than a scout,
envies him the possession of so much
knowledge. These are & few things
that a scout must and does know:
He can tie at least 16 useful knots,
can box the compass, can tell direc
tions even without the aid of a com
pass, by means of a watch, stars, or
natural signs; can build a log cabin,
measure heights and distances, find
latitude by the stars, can make a
fire without matches, knows archery.
is well Informed in bird craft, knows j
evens tuiu ptnjuies, pmuia buu giiisscs,
trees and campcraft.
A Boy Scout becomes an adept in
campcraft. He learns not only the
theory, bat the practice, for he makes
many overnight and week-end hikes
during the time of his study and
learns to demonstrate what he reads
In his scout manual. He can build a
lean-to. can make a bed, a camp lamp.
build a fireplace and cook therein
Austin. Texas, May 29. In the sec
retary of state's department was filed
a resolution adopted by the American
party, showing compliance with the
Requirements of the Terrell election
law. and disclosing that this new
party In Texas will in due time place
a fall ticket in the field, from gover
nor down. These papers indicate that
former state senator W. P. Sebastian,
of Stephens county, is chairman of the
executive committee of the new party.
Judge William Blakeslee, of Austin,
one of the leading members of the
new party and who filed the papers in
the state department, said the Ameri
can party plans to hold primary con
ventions in every precinct on the same
day that the Democratic party holds
its primaries next July.
Phoenix, Ariz May 29. Dr. Ralph
J. Roper, of Prescott, was elected
president of the state board of den
tal examiners at the close of the
meeting which has been In session
here for several days. It was an
nounced today. He had been secre
tary of the board. Dr. Lewis R.
Brown of Douglas was elected secre
tary. The board announced the following
applicants for licenses to practice In
the state had passed the examina
tions: A. J. Mackey, Flagstaff; A. J. Da
vis, Canton. Ohio; William A. Baker,
Phoenix; Willie B. Anlmous, Sum
merton; Samuel T. Adams. Prescott:
TV V. Phillips, Mesa; Frank M. Se
ville, Phoenix, and D. T. Frye. No-gales.
The fourth degree assembly of the
Knights of Columbus will celebrate
Memorial day Monday with a parade
and solemn pontifical requiem mass
at the Cathedral of SL Patrick. The
parade will form at 8:30 a. m. at the
council home, at Virginia and Myrtle
streets, where all the knights will
gather. Escorted by a military band
and a platoon of police, with Gen.
Howze and staff in the lead, the line
of march will go to the courthouse.
where the mayor and city council
and Judges of the court of civil ap
peals and the district and county j
courts, the GAR. and U. C V. vet-
Spanish War Veterans will fall in.
Proceeding thence by way of San
Antonio street to Mess, and north on
Mesa, the parade will wend its way
to the cathedral.
A pontifical mass will be sung by
Rt Rev. A. J. Schuler, D. D. S. J- and
a sermon fitting the occasion will
be preached by Rev. D. Foulks, S. J.
Mauro's m.ss will be sung by a male
choir composed of Knights of Co
lumbus. After the mass, the ceremony of
absolution will be performed.
DOUG ID if !
Holbrook. Ariz., May M Douglas I
Fairbanks and Mary Pickford arrived
last nig-ht from the Navajo reserva- i
tion. At the reservation they showed j
the Indians the first motion picture
they ever saw and in turn were
presented with a number of beantlfol
blankets by the Navajos as a wedding
gift, and were made members of the
Hopl Tribe with impressive cere
monies on top of the llesa.
Gonzalo Escobar, commander of the
Joarez fiscal guards and a brother of
Gen J. G. Escobar, has been sent to
Palomas, the Mexican town opposite
Columbus. N. tL. by Carlos Felix Diaz,
collector of customs at Jnarez. to In
vestigate smuggling conditions In Pa
lomas. A large amount of smuggling of
whisky and tequila from Palomas to
Columbus Is carried on. according to
Mr. Diaz, as well as the smuggling of
arms and ammunition from Columbus
Into Mexico.
Six new guards have been added to
the Juarez force by Mr. Diaz, in ef
fort to prevent the smuggling of
liquor into El Paso.
12-lnch electric fan for sale less
than half price. Apt. 44. Aracon
Apta, corner Kansas and Rio Grande.
.fn. iv&. AQT.
CRPETS CLEANED the best way
by the best cleaners WILSON-MIL-Ut'AN
Plant 2 Phone 7SS Adv.
intermediate classes and one Ad
vanced English class taking part in
the program. ,
Polo teams of the PHe-hth ravalrv
and Eghty-second artillery regi
ments stationed at Fort Bliss will
clash Sunday afternoon at the nost
at 3.15 oclock. The victorious team
will be presented with a cup of Col.
H. Z. Newbold. of the S2nd artillery.
The game will be of eight periods of
seven and one-half minutes each.
Music will be rendered by the 82nd
regimental band. The probable line
ups of the teams are: Artillery
Capt Qulrke, No. 1: Capt White. No.
2; Lieut. Reynolds. No. 3; Lieut. Argo,
V A tK.l..k .. - O 11-
W. 1. XJlgUUl UHJUJ VtlllU a3IUll.fi.
No. 1: Lieut. Do ton. No. 2: Cant. HL
CL Jones, No. 3: Capt. Laeey, No. 4.
Substitutes: Artillery Lieut. Mer
rill. Capt. Dosher; cavalry Capt.
Kloesfer. Capt. Ochs. Capt. L, Jones.
Officials referee, Capt. Cook, first
cavalry; umpire Lieut. Gay, Seventh
cavalry: timekeeper and scorer
Lieut. H. E. Feath erst one, district
Lieut. J. B. Hupp. TJ. S. N., of the
naval recruiting office, has received
telegraphic Instructions that, until
further notice, enlistments for avia
tion rating will be suspended. This,
it was said at the recruiting office,
shows the early effect of the recent
salary increase on enlistments, which
are Increasing so rapidly that It is
probable the navy will soon have a
waiting list for all branches, as was
true during the war.
Naval recruiting officers are now
empowered to issue individual orders
to eacn cmex peiry ozucer or peity
officer, first class, having dependents,
transferred In a draft to a receiving
ship for general detail or to any
other duty. This makes It possible
for a married man to be with his
Enlistments Saturday at the "El
Paso army recruiting office brought
the total for the week up to 44 men.
Since May 1 the number enlisted was
172 men. The following signed up
Saturday: Frank Farris and Layton
K. Farris. brothers. Memnhis. Tex
supply troop. 14th cavalry. Fort
Ringgold, Tex.; Carl Washburn. In
dianapolis, Indl, tank corps. Camp
Meade. Md.: Claude EL Pope, air serv
ice. Kelly Field. Tex Oliver K. De
Long. Great Falls, Mont-, and Tom
"W. Hopper. White Deer. Tcjl. motor
transport corps. Fort Bliss; Ray C
Barkalow, 104th aero scaadron. Fort
Bliss : Odis u. Peacock. Petersburg
Tex.. Rene Cooper. Plalnview. Tex.
Oeorge A. Rrown, Amarillo. Tex. and
William H. Jlles. Griggs, Ofcla ord
nance department j?ort .miss.
A chance to see one of the wonders
of the world, climb mountains for
a midday sleigh ride after picking
bananas from the trees for break
fast, as well as all the other bene
fits the army offers, is open to young
men in the provisional battalion of
mountain artillery in the Panama
canal zone. In a letter to the El Paso
recruiting office the chief of artil
lery states that special assignments
for this branch will be open for a
time, and calls attention to the tact
that no other field artillery assign
ment outside the United States is
Washlncrton. D. d. May 29. First
Lieut. Archie Lewis, TJ. S. guards. San
Francisco has been transferred to
Nogales, Ariz.
City firemen earlv Saturdav morn
ing answered a call to the home of
U. M. Gillespie. 514 North Kansas
where a fire of unknown origin had I
aamagea tne noose, xne damage is
estimated at $200, by the firemen.
Washington. D. C, May 29. Presi
dent Wilson today has, the water
power bill, which finally was ap
proved in conference yesterday.
Twelve thousand members of the
Congress of Women's Clubs of Pitts
burg district have pledged themselves
to wear only "staple" clothing until
prices of more modish garments drop
and to place a two weeks ban on po
tatoes In a campaign against the
high cost of living.
West Texas Fuel Co.
Phone x. GE0 B Oliver
B. Store Your Winter
Self Eegisteriag Scale Weight Certificate with each load,
You'll Remember I
TTira T.eif-fo-r
John Charles Harris.
Houston, Texas.
Houston, Texas, 25 May, 1920.
Fitk-RamteS Really Company,
AUatfien of Mr, W. K. Ramsey
. Deal St:
This th& acknowledge receipt of your
esteemed favor of the 2 1st instant, Tsith enclosures
as therein slated.
In the last thirty years Be have handled
a good many real estate deals for our clients, but
never have completed one ishich has been con
ducted in a more efficient manner than this present
We desire to both congratulate you and
thank you for your services in this mailer.
Sincerely yours,
John Charles Harris
'Attorney for Mrs. Frieda B. Dieter
t.dS,ML . ' --- -iS ' " ,lL:....Me.-3:
fei .aS5siL " tfannnnmnm V8? ?3!mS?3
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rent troubles and beat
old H. C. of L. Buy a
SUBURBAN' lot on
which you can build a
HOME, have a GAR
DEN, raise a COW and
pigs and CHICKENS.
We offer 22 LARGE
LOTS, on car line, in
oc (commuting.) tare
zone. RICH LAND.
good Tvater available.
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but not always corredt
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ber for a high class job
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going into the conru&ion of
your home should be the besl
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creasing the number of dwellings.
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age of houses. When you move into your new
home you release your flat or apartment for the
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tt IC
;U lu,
M3? A A A A 4aVaT

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