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Week-End Edition, May 28-30, 1920.
pASMEES in tie heart of rah dairying
T"ore ana more oleomargarine. Farmers who sell large
crantiaes of milk and cream for butter making go to the
rtcps ana buy oleo for their own tables. Sometimes they
'37 iney ao it on account of the excessive cost of batter in
the market, but there is reason to suspect that tie farmers'
preference is due to their inside knowledge of the unsani--ary
methods of the average creamery and butter factory,
an a or xce tanners and middlemen supplying the cream.
In the beginning of the industry
i-j.e largely from mere byproducts of
" omy was inspection ratner loose, but the product -was
made to sell very cheaply and Hs quality was sometimes
doubtful Furthermore it was put out as butter, not as
imitation or substitute butter, but
Dianaea ana arunaauy colored and flavored. That was
many years ago, 30 to 35 years; but the rid prejudice has
remained in spite of the great changes that have taken
place in the industry.
Laws were enacted at the instance of the dairymen,
penaLnng misbranding and Imposing an almost prohibitive
tax on the artificially colored product. Oleomargarinefor
Ttanv years, while used by the very poor or in distant
camps where butter eooH not be shipped or kept sweet,
was almost white as tallow, and had something of the taste
of tallow The cheapest boarding houses and restaurants
and poorest country hotels used the stuff, coloring it them
selves with the usual vegetable pigments. But it had no
vogue among those who could afford to buy butter of even
poor grade.
Commercial butter has not been improving in quality
during these years. Whole libraries of official reports of
national and state health and scientific authorities, pro
ceedings of dairymen's conventions, and court proceedings
carry the unpleasant story of a deteriorated product and
unsanitary methods of handling and manufacture. Only a
small proport en of the brands have maintained high qual
ify lie butter industry has been taken from the farms
to the centers, and careless habits have become the rule,
all the more since science has discovered ways to "neutral
ize" or at least conceal the worst evidences of spoilage.
But while butter, the ordinary butter of commerce, has
been deteriorating, oleomargarine has been transformed into
a heal If ul and palatable product. Oleo is under stricter
goverrment health inspection than butter and the stamp
iarpectea ana passea- on oleo means something. (Heo is
be ng sold under well established trademarked brands, its
qualrv certified, and no longer is it pushed as a substitute
fir butter ox imitation butter to fool the pubBc, but mar
k"ted en its own merits. The eld prejudice is fast disap
pearing, and the sales of oleomargarine are mounting daily.
It is now well understood and generally admitted that
the best oleo is a better, a more healthful food product
than any butter but the best butter; in other words, first
grade oleo is better than second grade butter. So great an
improvement has been made in methods
oieo, not only in this country but in England and ether
European countries, that the public demand for the best
grades is stable and constantly increasing.
Oleomargarine Is mads of oils derived from beef tallow
and leaf lard, into which are churned enriching and flavor
ing substances such as peanut oil, cottonseed oil, other
vegetable oils, and whole milk or cream sufficient to make
a Ijal product containing about 10 percent of bntter far.
Poor oleomargarine and poor butteriae are poor indeed, but
so is peer butter. There is so reason why there should
be any prejudice against good oleomargarine.
With as increasing use of oleomargarine and similar
"bread-spreads" the demand for butter wfll tend to dimin
ish, and there will be more whole milk to dispose of. Whole
Trrlk is an ideal food, for children or adults, when the diet
u properly balanced according to the individual needs of
age and degree of physical activity. The use of so much
Tn.iT; in creameries with the accompanying waste of enor
mous food values is not an economic use of the nation's
food resources.
Every cty, every village community land every farm,
voua do well to adopt and promote every device to ta
; 'uve the purity and increase the quantity of milk avail
ab e is v hole Tnflfr for human consumption. It is easy to
pre'uee, keep, and transport pure fresh dean milk if care
be taken and intelligence be applied, but milk producers, to
make the universal use of pure fresh whole milk possible,
will have to be paid prices proportionate to the cost of
modem plants and modem scientific handling. ,
Little Interviews. s
Enthusiasm For Thomason Marked Democratic Convention
Cooperation Needed To Make Saturday Half Holiday Success
THE state Democratic convention
waj? almost a love feast, said
judgrs S. J Isaacks, who has r-
--ned from Dallas, where the eon
Tirjca met, and where he was elected
r e e' th presidential electors from
TtTj There were bat few contests
o an? fe'nd and the few that occurred
tt--c w thout any bitterness. The
fow Bai'ey delegates that were elected
1 the couctv conventions failed to
show up or If they did. were not In
evidence during the proceeding. Ap
oarert' It wai a McAdoo crowd, but
tve as egates to San Frandeco go nn-
What dT eased ths El Paso county.
as we" as all west Texas delegates
n-Are tan anv other feature was the
etfaa ar c reception and demon
s' ration cien our candidate for gov
ernor E Thomason. All tree
CHEEH up. thex hain't nolmddy erez
buddy likes. Sometimes tV people
git so axonsed they kkk a. feSer up
stairs. Copyrtsht. National Kewcpaper Servlee.
3T circus ltpsmmk
MscoAt. scene Mjlfjr
AEE YOTJ sad and weary hearted, are yon full of prunes? Come and see my
lyre get started, hear my cheer-up tunes. Do you tiifriv you've cornered
aorrow? I have griefs, as well; but I'm banking on tomorrow; hear my blithe
eome yell. I have dose a lot more weeping than I'll do again; I have sown and
seen the reaping done by other men; Pve had spuds and hoped to cook them,
greens I wished to eat; but the sheriff came and took them, in the -rurr.r 0f
Pete. I have lost an aunt so stately that she brit Lenore; even yet I miss her
greatly, but I weep no more. For our tears I mg home no bacon, bring no
fodder in; when we're stricken and forsaken, it Is best to grin. Are you beaten
down and broken, finding life too hard? Come and hear a glad word spoken
by a sxnfe3 bard Single sorrows soon are double if you weep and sigh;
E0-krg scares off Old Man Trouble like a courage high.
Cr-Tr's-'- ty, rQrg Matthew Adams,
regions are baying
oleomargarine was
the packing bouses.
as butter, falsely
against competition.
Retailers all over
modern system is
of manufacture ofl
breaks down, people
When the kaiser
cover that he can't
Now the into
they stretch a point
of other candidates
One secret of
have not revealed
Being president
bothered by life insurance agents.
A month from now we will know who our next presi
dent will be.
o '
The presidency of the United States is not for sale,
Truth crushed to earth shall rise again
The etemd years of Cod are here;
Bui Error, votmdedj vrrilhes vith pah.
And dies among his vorshipcrs.
candidates for governor addressed the
convention, and It was evident, and
so stated by impartial observers, that
the demonstration for Thomason
showed that he had the greatest fol
lowing. Many prominent men from
all over the state do not hesitate to
assert that Thomason Is the best
equipped man in the race for chief
executive and that they believe he
will be elected. One of the most
prominent men In east Texas, and
who has been honored many times by
the votes of the entire state, said:
The man who can carry El Paso
county with the opposition there is
there to the national administration,
and with the only professed Demo
cratic paper in the county actively
opposing him, and who can go into
Joe Bailey's home county of Cooke,
where Bailey has never known seri
ous opposition, and carry the ex
senator's own precinct, where he was
present and actively participating, as
well as the balance of the county,
oturht to ba elected governor, and I
believe he will It is generally rec-
Carlsbad, It M May 29. At the
Eddy county Democratic convention
Friday afternoon, Albert Blake,
banker of Artesla, was enthusiasti
cally indorsed for the office of state
treasurer. Blake has been active In
the party for many years, at present
being state committeeman. I. O.
Ryan and Mrs. H. L Braden both of
Carlsbad, were Indorsed as delegate
ana alternate to ine national con
vention. S. S Jones was indorsed as
national committeeman. Many wom
en were present at the county con
vention and the delegaiton to the
state convention at Ro swell is divid
ed equally between men za& women.
Campaign headquarters will be
opened for Blake at Hoswel and
maintained until June 3, date of the
Austin, Texas, May 2. John T.
Briscoe, of Devine, former member of
the legislature, has announced an ap
plicant for appointment as messenger
from Texas to carry the vote of this
state to the electoral college at
Washington after the general election
next November. The selection of a
messenger is made by the Democratic
presidential electors who will meet at
Austin. The messenger Is allowed
the same per diem and mileage as a
member of congress for the time en
gaged. SIASOJT.
Sims Is Lauded.
HORATIO BOTTOMLY, editor of the London publication
"John Bull," says admiral Sims "is worthy of the best
British stock." In the same breath Bottomry says America
is England's next enemy, that Britain should take no more
nonsense from the United States, and that America must
not be allowed to build ships without the consent of the
It is natural that Bottomly should have fM good
opinion of Sims, as being "worthy of the best British stock"
when he advocated that the American fleet should be an
nexed to the British grand fleet, when he opposed attack
ing German submarines at their bases, and when he said
America needs no fleet because the British win always pro
tect us.
Bottomly has some following in England but he is no
way representative of the British people.
Mexico Express Service.
IT IS a hopeful sign, the proposal to resume express service
on all lines in Mexico after years of suspension. WeUs
Fargo will reopen its Mexican offices. El Paso can presume
on this concern knowing its business, and the news is
cheerful news.
The express company's service will link np El Paso and
the southwest with Mexico in a business way. E. Jt. Jones,
president of the company, assures us that deliveries of ex
pressed goods will now be made on the west coast of
Mexico from El Paso on the same basis on which they are
now made to points in the United States. C. 0. D. ship
ments can be made and the money brought promptly back
to the shipper.
Nothing will speed the resumption of international
friendship more than healthy and uninterrupted business
relations between the United States and Mexico.
Production Still Slack.
T TIfDERPEODUCTION of food keeps prices up. Specula-
live aiiuagc uiuiul Keep jouu pnecs up u pioaacuou
is great enough to make the competition for markets keen.
Food is mostly perishable and has to sell without much
delay. Even the staples can not hold out indefinitely
There is bound to be deterioration.
the south and west are beseeching
El Paso jobbers for groceries of scores of varieties and the
helpless answer is, "We can't get it." Labor is lying down
on the job, and transport inadequate.
Our parents and grandparents were not so utterly de
pendent on trademarked goods in boxes and cans. Our
all right when it works, but when it
are helpless.
learns to be a good tailor he will dis
work at his .trade unless he joins a
o x
rubber workers are on a strike. Can't
and compromise?
"Too much Johnson" is the wail of campaign managers
since the senate began its expenditure
the movies which the syndicate people
is hw a lot of the films get by.
of Mexico has its advantages. He isn't
ognlxed by the leaders of the party
that Thomason was the man who
broke the backbone of Bailey's cam
paign when he challenged Bailey to
submit their candidacies to Cooke
county, and the ex-senator declined.
Cooke had a large delegation present
and they were all carrying large
Thomason banners.
The Saturday half-holiday idea is
a good one, especially in the summer
months," said John Moore, "but the
only way to wort It successfully is to
pass an ordinance or use other means
to compel all merchants to clo a e
their stores, not merely the kind-
hearted ones. Many merchants are
willing to give their employes a
square deal by granting a few extra
hours of rest in the hot weather, hut
others see in the closing idea an op
portunity to work their employes
overtime and get the extra trade. The
nnbllc can tret .accustomed to buying
supplies a few hours earlier.
I Fill Out With Pencil I
Trace around to forty-three.
See the that follows me.
I Draw from one to tiro and so on
to the en
hT'.. 'b &
17 14.
3 25 '76
8 " 2o
43 . "
3 3 31
4o '3&
Sfeg. 55c? Yjoa. ww off 1 $m& ONoeRsrAHoOr
SS l ' ")$ WtCWHtRl Wtf'Jtf
II' Aft SttARPen (cf tM&MffKmwJm
" fS M - - "C1 & IM$$$mn
xS?iM WBml Mmmm
.t.. .., nr s&m'mKf&xtmms
"" " -- u ! iiiii.iiuiMiuiimwHM i .mi mmmm, iBHMnaaaHMamHBMMaHmnaBj(
I Bedtime Stories For The Little Ones
lT7ELLh Noodle' What in the world
W are you doing'" asked Uncle
TFiggily one day. as he passed
the house where Toodle and Noodle
Plat-TaiL the beaver boys, lived near
the duck pond ocean. "What in the
world are you aotngr
Indeed, weU might Uncle Wlggily.
the nice old rabbit gentleman ask
such a question. For Noodlt sat on
top of the half round house, which
stuck ud out of the water of the pond.
and Noodle was taking up gobs of
mud on the end of his broad tail.
And the beaver boy was slapping the
gobs or mud down on top of the roof
of the bouse.
"Are you making mud pies? asked
the bunny rabbit gentleman.
"Oh, nor laughed Noodle. T am
not playing with mud pies, much as
It does look as though I were."
Then what are you doing?" asked
Uncle Wlggily. who stood on shore
and looked across the duck pond
ocean to the beaver house, on top of
which sat Noodle.
"I am plastering up hole in our
root," said the brother of Toodle.
who, as Z told you last week, had
driven away the Crozokjis by splash
ing water on the bad chap. "There
was a hail storm last week," went on
Noodle, "and the hail stones made
holes in our roof. So I am filling
them with mud now. The sun will
dry the mud and our roof will be as
good as ever."
"Well, you are a very smart little
beaver boy to do that," spoke Uncle
Wlggily. "I wish X might come closer
and watch. But I cannot swim so far,
and the pond is too deep to wade."
Til make a little boat for you and
float you over here." offered Noodle.
So he washed the mud of his tail and
with his four orange colored front
teeth, which were so powerful they
could cut down the big trees, the little
beaver boy soon gnawed out a hollow
canoe for the bunny gentleman.
Noodle swam across the pond to
Norr III vrateh you plaster up the
holes In the roof," said Uncle mg-
giir. v
shore, pushing the boat with his nose,
and Uncle Wigglly took his place in
the hollowed out canoe. Then Noodle
pushed him back across the pond, and
Uncle Wlggily hopped up on the roof
of the house, for it was plenty large
enough for the beaver boy and the
rabbit gentleman.
-Now 111 watch you plaster up the
holes in pie roof." said Uncle Wlg-
I Republican Convention
I History of 64 Years
THE tenth Republican national con
vention invaded the northwest
and converged on Minneapolis,
June 7, 189S, with J. Sloat Fassett, of
New York as temporary chairman,
and William UcKlnley as permanent
This was the first convention ever
to be addressed by a woman the
honor falling to Mrs. J. Ellen Foster,
of New York. Nor was this the limit
of feminine activity. Three other
women led a demonstration for Blaine
which caused a tremendous sensation
and which was only checked when
four other women countered in lead
ing a demonstration for Harrison.
Until a few lays prior to the con
vention, Harrison expected automatic
renomlnatlon Then some of his im
placable foes got Blaine to consent
once more to run. It is Interesting
to note that plan, of New York, and
Quay, of Penrsj Ivania, wtrt largely
responsible for this iast Elaine ef
fort; also nf resting o no'e tit
these same two men were principally
responsole, git years later, for
Copyright, 1920, b-r
McCIure Newspaper Synd.cate
iJ nir'V -r- Vu r1 'i r-TsaiaalTTrri i- ' ' nrr lrrTTfiDgiPwi
And there stood the Plpilsevrah.
gily. T want to learn something new
every day, and a lesson in mud
plastering a roof may be very useful
some day."
-All rightr laughed Noodle. "Here
With that he took up another gob
of mud on the broad part of his tail,
and spread it over a hole In the roof.
Uncle Wlggily watching carefully.
"For." said the bunny gentleman,
the roof of my hollow stump bunga
low might get a hole in some day.
and. if I learn how. I can mend K
with mud for Nurse Jane."
Undo Wigglly was watching Noodle
doing the mud plastering, and every
thing was lovely and calm and peace
ful when, all of a sodden, a voice be
hind Uncle Wlggily and Noodle burst
out with:
-Well, I guess it's time for souse
And there stood the Pipsisewah. He
was just getting off a raft he had
made of old sticks and pieces of wood.
All unseen he had floated across the
duck pond on this raft to the roof of
the beaver house, and now he was
ready for mischief.
T smell souse " he cried, looking
at Uncle Wiggilys ears.
"Well, this will stop you from
smelling r qulcklyl cried Noodle, and
he plastered some mud over the Pip's
"Oh, but I can still see the souse r
cried the bad chap.
"Well, this will stop you.- Said
Noodle, and he threw a gob of mud
from his tall at the Pip. The mud
plastered shut the bad animal's eyes.
"But I still have my mouth and I
can nibble souse,- gurgled the Pip.
"Not after thlsr shouted Noodle,
and he threw a large ball of raud,
which completely filled the mouth of
the Pip.
"Oh, wurgle- gurgle- gurgle- globr
mumbled the Pipsisewah and he was
so plastered with mud that Undo
Uncle Wtggily and Noodle easily tum
bled him head over heels on the raft
and shoved him off down stream, and
it took the Pip a week to clean the
mud off his face.
So that's how Noodle saved the
bunny gentleman. Just as you prob
ably knew all along he was going to.
And if the clock doesn't make funny
faces at Itself in the looking glass, so
it laughs In Its sleep and wakes up
the June bug, I'll tell you next about
Uncle Wlggily and Buddy's buzzer.
Copyright, 1320. by the McClure News
paper syndicate.
forcing Theodore Roosevelt into the
Poor Blaine! A creat man who
could never succeed president tally at
me ngnt momenti wnen tne twain e
movement showed obvious weakness.
effort was undertaken to stampede
for McKinley, who was in the chair:
but he stalwartly refused sanction to
the movement. Just as he had done
iour years oeiore.
The first roll call settled the de
cision: Harrison. 636; Blaine. 1SS:
HcKInley, 182; Thomas B. Heed, of
Maine, 4: Robert Lincoln, 1. White
law Held, of New York; was nomi
nated for vice-president by acclama
tion after Thomas B. Reed's friends
said he would ezuse the mace.
Strange always how little strife for
second place, though three vice
presidents moved higher up in a span
of 36 years!
The 1892 platform was void of nov
elty, except in tne zirsc lormai ao
vocacv of an extended postal rural
free delivery; In a declaration for a
Nicaraguan canal, and in pledging
support to the worlds (jommuian
exposition at Chicago.
(Continued tomorrow, with the
mtOT-r of the 11th convention.)
Copyright. The George Matthew
Adams service.
The sleep ng Ariadne in the Vati
can is ttie onbr marble statue with
.jj' ",
DEAR K. C B-In the morning as
I've walked to my office Tve
.1 kn .14. ....fr 19
nouccti v Kmi utwt, ona ubv u
front of a srrocry store. It Is veir
placid, yet somehow it attracts at
tention, and sometimes a many as
three or four persons walk up to It
and scratch its back before continu
ing on their respective waks. The
eat purrs contentment, and 1 fancy
some times that those who have
stopped to pet it look Inst a little
more contented with life as they
journey on.
is tne cat so Diaeia oceance tae n.
C- L. matters not to one free of fam
ily ties or is it lust a matter or ais
nosition? Xn our own human world.
there's the caseVpf Frank MeOlynn.
the actor 'who plays uneoin m jonn
Drinkwaters "Abraham Lincoln."' 3tc
Glynn has raised a family of six chil
dren, keenine his rood nature all the
time, and yet he never knew what
success or a real salary was nam
he sot this chance.
And the best of it all Is. that in
spite of his success after "fifty fame
less years." he la still placid and con
tented. So perhaps it isn't a matter of bow
many mouths one has to feed in
these ILCU days, but just a mat
ter of disposition after alL
Yours cateeorically.
David Wallace.
roi siighty eiai
TO CITE you space.
TO SAY a word.
.VXD FOR the cat.
AiyrnocGH t know.
YOU USB the cat.
nr H'KlTiXfi me.
BBCAirsE YOU know.
THAT I like eats.
YOU BRING the cat.
TO STBAXi my space.
FOR FR.OK MeOlynn.
BUT THAT'S all right.
A.VD IF It be.
THAT WORDS of yours.
OR WORDS of mine.
IX PRAISB of Frank.
JIAY ADD a bit.
ovro tub jr
THAT 3IUST be his.
.AND TO the pride.
THAT HIS six kldj.
AND HIS coed wife.
MUST FBBI. la him.
THEN" I am glad.
AND I'D be glad.
IF I could know. .
THAT THROUGH the years.
THAT SHALT, be his.
TIir.IU-71.1, BC with him.
AS GRBAT content.
AS YOU have found.
tviibrb sits the eat.
AND FOR th cat.
AND FOR MeOlynn.
I GIYB ray thanks.
THAT OSE may purr.
AND ONK may smile.
"0 MATTER what.
X THAXK you.
Tucson, Arit, May 29. Frank
Camubell and Frank Hendricks
pleaded guilty to stealing from the
postoiiice at xoiieson. in tne unuea
States court here yesterday They
were sentenced to fie months in the
I Yavapai county jail The first count
of the indictment, charging trem
with breaking into the postoftice.
was dismissed.
Patter And Chatter
By S. E.
TIME'S forever smoothing: down the
I Jagged hills,
Maklns fair the slopes!
neallnc wounds and soothinj: people s
aches and iils.
Bringlnff later hopes.
IX the dismal places tkst through an
the past
Have beta hatrats of Care,
Joy has brightened faces, banishing
the last
Traces of despair.
BRANCHES still are swaying and
the winds are sweet
TVhere the orchards blooml
Boys and girls are playing In the
narrow mtnU
Driving out the gloom.
now about rrr
Carol Anne writes to ask whether we don't think "Of all sad words or
tongue or pen. the saddest are these. 'Here's how! Say when""" Before
passing judgment we'd like to have the opinion of our fellow toller,
'Bugs" Bar.
Tf the photographers do not succeed in getting satisfactory close-ups
or the present Meviratn revolution, let them remember that there win be
plenty of chances for future practice in that line
The lob. It will not be denied.
Was worth the trouble and expense,
When Daniels hung the Simian hide
Upon the Yankee Doodle fence.
W have heard that there are mansions in the skies, but a lot of people
are anxious to find out whether there are any garages there.
Mr. Hlnes. termer director general of the railroads, says the raila
serviee in this country win be unsatisfactory for several years. What dues
he mean service?
It, six months alnee Pre bonght n collar,
I wear my last year's hat and tle
For shoes I haven't spent a dollar
Since long before the land went dry.
A bout Broadway
BW YORK. Kay M. Cable advices
from London state that winiam
Morris has aeauired the American
and Canadian rights to "Don't Tell."
the new play by Graham Moffat,
author of "Bunty Pulls the Strugs."
He will present "Don't Tell" in New
York during the last week in August
Mr Morris la negotiating for other
successful plays now current in cities
abroad. When "Don't Tell" is played
in America. Mrs. Moffat and her
daughter, who are in the English
company, will be in the cast-
I wonder where she is today.
The girl I left behind!
I woader If a thought of me
Ever comes Into her mind!
X wonder If she strolls along
The brooklet In the wood! !
I wonder, yes, I wonder, but
It docs me Uttle good.
I wonder if her golden hair
Retain. Its drug store hne!
I wonder If she Time rouge.
As once she nsed to dot
I -wonder if she stills attempts
Those mushy songs to sing!
I wonder, yes, I wonder, say
Ain't I the mean old thing t
Win A. Page, oi the Morris Gest
forces sends us a postal card from
Dtablln which reads as follows:
"la Ireland for two days. Went to
the races today at Xjfanerick. There
was a jockey named Dudley. I played
the horse. He ran next to hut Hope
this is not a bad ernes for you in
year race for the presidency on the
Limerick ticket."
We don't want any of our support
ers to be blue about this. We have
investigated the Incident and have
learned that the Dudley mount waa
a sniff horse belonging to an Irish
distiller. It seems that at the seven
eighths post a man exhibited a bottle
of whisky and the horse stopped and
neighed. That was why he did not
finish first. It waa a mean trick and
has set all Limerick talking. There
is much indignation.
Ima Vamp, of this city, has solved
n. D, ebter. edHor and coatroUns owner, has directed The Herald far 22 rears.
J. O. Yitlmarth U manafer and Q. A. Uartln is masaxiag editor.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS is eiclnsiTly entitled to the use tor pebucstlon of ail news
dispatches credited to tt or not otherwise credited In this pspr and also the local
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March. 18SL The SI Paso Herald iaeludea, also, ky absorption and succession. Taa
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THir.TT-NINTH TFR OF" PV BUCATION up- ar exclusive features and t p.eto
news report by AssoctatM Prfss L.eaed Wir and Ssp-'Cial CoTjpond'a's v. tr-uig
Arizona. New Mexico West Texas. Mexico, ft ashinjrlon, D. C. and New XcXK,
Entered at the Postotflc in EI Paso, Texas, ss second class raattep
PRESENTLY forgettlag all your
present pain.
Yon will cease to fear
That yonr son Is setting, and set
forth again
Where the way Is clear.
HAPPIXBSS Is ringing down through
dale and dell.
Where the streams were redl
Lark and thrnsh are singing bravely:
"All U welt,
June is Just ahead.
PRESENTLY the sorrow that besets
yon now
Time will coax awayi
Fearlesslz, tomorrow, yon may wonder
Doubt came yesterday.
Plays And Players
our "Moe" trick rhyme. Her solutioi
oi xt ioiiows:
She mat In the twUIsht -nit Mw.
Who figured that he ini hex beau.
t Ioto Ton. he hissed.
She doubled her tint
And soaked Jtm a terrible flxXk rakr.
Now, todays puzzle limerick neods
a word that means much in the l!f
of John the Barber. Try to solve i
and. if you do, send us a check fo-929-9
and a bottle of olives for th
campaign fund. The rhyme -A
ruler once said to his slaves
The strike of te barbers 1 rave.
My razor 111 hand yon.
And then 111 eommand you
To sire ne a beautiful .. .
"Page Mr. Cupid, with Ernes
Trues featured, will not open moon a
the Shubext theater, after all. I
order to give this attraction the ad
xantage of a preliminary road tour
the Messrs. Shubert will keep it on
several weeks longer Rachel Croh
erss comedy, 33 East, with th
original cast headed by Const an c
Binney and Henry Hull, win plav
return Broadway engagement at th
Up at the Century theater they ar
caliing the chorus the "democracy " v
recent census of the young wozce i
shows that the "Florodora girls ir
clude two artists, six grand opera as
pirants, one lawyer, one Indian. fc
wires of prominent New York r
three members of the Toung Wor
en's Christian association, one R 1
Cross nurse, two dentists and o-.
commuter on the Brie railroad.
The 200th performance of ' M
Lady Friends" win be played at u -Comedy
theater tonight.
F. Ziegfeld. jr., has engaged A
vienne Segal for the cast of the n v
"The Passing Show of 1915" reached
its 390th performance at the Wlnte
Oarden Saturday.
George Xaeonard. well known in
vaudeville, has been engaged for
"Betty, Be Good." at the Casino.
Cecil Lean will leave for his far
at Sucapee Falls. N. EL. after "Loo-.
Who's Here" closes.
F. Ray Comstock has engagea
George Marion to stage The Cae
Girt " Rehearsals began Monday.
Inez Regan, rated as a beauty ou
west, made her Broadway deb-.it i
"An Innocent Idea" at the Fultor
Barney Gerard's "Follies of
Day" will go to San Francisco for .
summer engagement at the Savoy.
Raymond Hitchcock has wired his
wife. Flora Zabelle, of The Girl
From Home," that he will bring three
elephants from California, as gifts :o
her. She's panlcstricken.
RUeen Percy, who used to be a
semiprofessionaJ ice skater, is now
William Fox film star.
Cablegrams from the New Tors
Syiaphoxiy orchestra, which is touring
lnojcate us concerts are
great success.
Paper's so high they're reviving
the custom of Making shoes out of
leather Richard Herndon.
-I think I'll sing. said Henry Bray
Unte the folks at home one day.
When Henry sang, his uneJe Mat
Safds MGosh vfhat awful noise 1
'Do you like duck hunting'"
"No. I always duck hunting wher.
I can.
Andalusian women, when on tti
streets, wear veils instead of hats o
caps. These veils are made of blue
or pink flannel, coauetlshly throw
back to show the "love twist. a
large, thin curt of hair flattens
against each temple.

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