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Week-End Edition. May 29-30, 1920.
Czarina Is Furious Because The Allies j
Permit Dethronement Of Greek King 1
THE Allied tra-ment o? Tino king
rottant!ne of Greece infuriated
t czarina She suggested that
u-iT requt- te Frereh eoern
to recu 1 Gen SarraiL com
j i-ifr of the a l:d forces in Mace----
. Gen. fcaTail was recalled by
? po-.crnm' t subsequently, but
liii1 sral months after the
f of th-1 RoTianoffa.
" uiplorrats behave shame -'
i cries o -t th czarina, "and if
T ro . kicked oat It will be our
fu't hcrrid an1 unjust." Tino was
e-d out, indeed, but mercifully.
a' i is low In safety in Switzerland,
-a.' the Russian empress with
- ' .i-band was kicked out un-jr11"!-
t - a t Raspuan's military advice
vas tcxfti seriously by the czar ap
r !urs f-om one of the letters pub
-e3 today. Toe czarina writes that
a tonk was worried because
1 - bv did not carry out the wishes
c tfie emperor regarding the
st rat 9T j of the operations of the fall
rf i?lt' What these wishes were is
l cjM out In the correspondence.
1 , t ere Rasputin's repeated conn-
Baraey Balder SeH I
sels to stop the advance into Austria-Hungary.
Rasps!!-. Advier.
"Tzarskoye Selo. Sept. 24,
weet Beloved one
"Lovy, our Friend is much put out
that Brusilov has not listened to
your order to stop the advance, pays
von -n ere Inspired from above to
gi . e that order and the crossing of
the Carpathians before winter and
God would bless It. Xotv he says
again, useless losses
"Hope you still insist, as now all is
not right. One of my wounded Trote
to me in a way for me to understand
that it's utterly in vain just now, the
chiefs themselves not too sure and
useless losses. So you see, something
is not rightly managed, more than
one tells the same story.
"Had Xme. Orjewsky an hour and
a half yesterday, and then Greek
Xlckey. He leaves tomorrow. I
must say our diplomats behave
shamefully, and If Tino is kicked out,
it will be our fault, horrid and un
just. How dare we mix into a coun
try's private politics and force one
government to be sent flying and in
trigue to get a revolutionist back to
his post. I believe if you recall Sar
rail things would at once calm down
there. It's an awful intrigue of free
Masons, of which the French general
and Venlzelos are members, and
many Egyptians, rich Greeks, etc,
who have collected money, and have
even paid the JCovoye Vremya, and
Boy Scout Week Will Give Nation
Chance To Learn More About Boys
AS A part of the tenth birthday an
niversary program of the Boy
Scouts of America, the week com
mencing Memorial day. May 1, and
ending Sunday. June 4. will be ob
served nationally as Boy Scout week.
In 17.000 communities where Scout
troops are established, a program of
outdoor activities wlll.be carried out.
The remarkable growth of the Boy
Scouts of America has given a great
stimulus to the outdoor activities of
American boys
Bo 5 s as Scouts have been taught
to care for forests and to fight forest
fires. They have gathered Informa
tion for numerous departments of
forestry, sometimes collecting data
on the trees of an entire state. They
have engaged in fights against insect
pests and have made notes on differ
ent varieties of birds.
Thousands of American boys who
a year or so ago were absolutely
helpless In the open can now be de
pended upon to find their way about,
to cook their own meals, to choose a
proper camp site and to erect a
comfortable shelter. Thousands of
American boys who formerly knew
little or nothing of nature can now
recognise many different kinds of
trees and give the names of dozens
of wild flowers; can easily recognize
the more common birds and know
enoufth about mushrooms to avoid
being poisoned.
The activities or aoy scout weeic
will include special Scout services In
churches, outdoor rallies, overnight
hikes, barbecues, field days, demon
stratlon camps, and competitions In
outdoor features of all kinds.
Observance In Bl Pao.
In El Paso Boy Scout week will be
gin formally when the scoots will
participate in the Memorial day ex
ercises on Sunday. A feature five reel
film. "Knights of the Square Table,
will be shown free to every boy In El
Paso on Monday and Tuesday morn
ings at the Wigwam theater. The pic
ture shows scouting as it really is
and is said to be the finest boy scout
picture ever filmed. On Wednesday
and Thursday all Boy Scout troops
in the city will be on the lookout to
do a community or personal "good
turn." Several troops will be sta
tioned downtown doing "good turns.
Open house at their new weekend
camp will be held by El Paso scouts
on next Friday and Saturday. The
lodee will be comnleted lnathat time
and parents aid friends and citi
zens of 3 Paso may visit the
camp site. Many churches will de
vote one service on Sunday, June 6.
to the alms and objects and the need
of scouting. All Boy Scout troops
in the city win attend the churches of
their faith in uniform, acting as ush
ers, or otherwise asststlpg.
Glenn O- Everman, scout executive,
returned Friday from a trip through
the Sacramento and White mountains
Inspecting camp sites. The Boy Scout
camp this year will be held near
Stomach Was Oat of Order and Head
Ache:!, So Keflteeky Man Took
Elack-DraBfbt 1t Cwed
Me," He Says.
NiiT. Ky Mr. Marion Holcomb,
r :h s place, sijs "For quite a
1- g- wmle, I suffered with stomach
trouble. I would have pains and a
Waiy feeling after my meals, also
a most disagreeable taste in my
routh If I a:e anything with but
t oil or grease, I would spit it up.
7 tgan to hae regular sick head
a e.
I hid used pills and tablets, but
ti t a course of these I would be
c rtipated. It just seemed to tear
mv etonach up. I found they were
no pood at all for my trouble. A
' I heard Tbedford'a Black-Draught
r-' m minded very highly, so I be
Ean to use It. It cured me. I keep it
'i the house all the time. It is tile
i est liver medicine made. I do not
hae sick headache or stomach
fnjh e -ny more.
' t en suffering from headache,
c - a.ion. stomach or liver troubse,
t- the old and well-recommended;
, ..-:- vegetable, Thedford's Black
I -aug-ot.
Just as Black -Draught brought re
' i to Mr Holcomb, so it also has to
c -sands of others, and should help
. j, too.
I - sist on ha mg the genuine.
IT DOESN'T improve a man's
vocabulary or peace of mind
any to be left out on a
lonely road without an extra
tire. It is an excellent idea to
carry two. One ounce of think
ing before you start out on a
trip is worth more than a ton
of wishing when your engine
goes dead or your tire goes
flat. Whatever your car needs
to make it more comfortable
and attractive Is priced cor
rectly by as. "Whatever advice
you need is given freely and
cheerfully by us.
That Store That Gives Tour
Dollar a Iong Ride
560 Mesa Avenue. Phone 342.
"Right on Your Way Home
other papers to write bad and forbid
gooa articles concerning xino ana
Greece. Vile shamel
"Gold bless you. Very tender
kisses, ffom your very old
This Is ft strictly private letter of
Pahlfh's to Taneyev. One bas made
you no an unjust thing. I honestly
should give htm back his rank, he
undeservedly lost. Gutchkov does far
worse things and is in no way
touched or reprimanded, and Pahlen
has suffered innocently. Give to him
back now. before I come, so as to
show It's you alone who have
done It"
II dm Ian Army' Difficulties.
"Tzarskoye Selo. Sent. 25. 1916.
"My Own Beloved Darling:
-sweetheart, x saw Kutafsov yes
terday, and we had a long talk. Then
I'aui ioia me aoout interesting let
ters from Raupp and Rilsky; and
from others I have heard, and an say
the same thing, that it's a second
eraun. we are sacrificing 1000
lives tor nothing, pure obstinacy. Oh,
give your order again to Brusilov,
All persons who are suffering
from Hay Fever and kindred
diseases and desire immediate
relief, are requested to call at
716 Caples buildin;.
Clears the complexion, re
jcves pimples and un-
sigaiiy sfan blemishes.
""A h-'t wculd you spend if you could
t aur-d that beauty specialists
ujq dc Die to clear your com
7 e.on make ur roujrh. nhnoly.
""cbv fce, hT-ds, rerk and arms
a 'k, siiooth and lovely?
on ago realizing the need of a
I -caratica that vould restore the
c T'eion to its youthful rosy tint
- '-ore unsightly skin blemishes
r -atv and skin specialists were put
wn-i to perfect a home treatment
- c!cr the skin of pimples, liver
s, frckien aid otner imperfec
ts -Vftcr many tesfs and much ex
P"mE"t, Black and White "Ointment
- a offered the public This creamy
application is generally applied before
re-r.rg and w.en used In connection
'i-i B.ack and White Bvuty Soap,
Ej. s'actory results are guaranteed.
o to vo ir nea-et drug store today
e-t fc 27 tt'e con-;lete Treatment of
( -fjp-t and Scap fcr onlv 50c If
j i c-aot find it. accept no substi-
-'-1 out send direct to the manra-far-u-c-s
sample literature and Black and
:e Bi-thday and Dream Book Free
' oj wi i clip this advertisement and
. L ack and White. Box 912,
; Tenri Adv.
, Hie Over Is
These Tires Are
ra Revelation
if the Ever is light the whole system ia
ighi. Carter Littl Uvr PUU
pul gently awakenyocr Aj
sluggish, dogged-
cphver and re-
:eye consupa'
joa, stomach
trouble, inac
tve bowels,
loss of tppe-Mieickhead-
che Ed dzziness. Purely vegetable
Yoa need them.
Small P21 Small Base SfflaHPrta
g-eat tirre and Wood tonic foi
Anemia, HheHmattsB, Nerrosst
Sleeplessness and Female Weakness
Sold On An Unlimited Mileage
Guarantee Basis
400-40Z Texas Street
ITEe Brunswick is franfrry a combinatioa of trie best in tire
fThere is oris tread that'g supreme beyond question. And
iHat is now on Bninswicks.
iThere is one side-wall construction, which, by every test;
holds the summit place or, endurance. And that one was
adopted for Brunswicks.
Fabrics differ - up to 30" per cent in their strength tests
Oa Brunswicks the man'mnn long-fiber is the standard.
dTfaere are certain additions, each one expensive, which add
vastly to tire. niilcageihej Brunswick embodies all these
JThere are no patents', So seaxr, formulas to prevent toy:
maker from building the best It is simply a question of
knowledge and skill cost plus care.
Brunswick standards are known he world over. The very
name certifies an extraordinary tire. Yet Brunswicks cost
no more than, like-type Jires.
Bay ONE Brunswick, It will prove that a better tire can
not be bought regardless of griee,
Dallas Headquarters: 611 Main St.
Telephone 980.
top thl useless .laughter. Why re
peat the madness of the Germans at
Verdun? Tour plan so wise, approved
by our Friend Halles. Carpathians.
Dona Water. Roumanians stick to
1L Yon are head master and all will
thank yon on their knees.
"Our general don't count the lives
any, hardened to losses, and that is
sin. When yon are convinced of suc
cess. It's another thing. God blesses
your idea have it executed: spare
those lives, sweetv. Z know nothtnir.
but is Kaledln the man In the right
place, when things are difficult?
"Well, I am (flad that Brusilov has
sent Kaledln south and given over
all to Gurko. That's far the wisest
thing to do: may he be reasonable
and not obstinate, make hiss ''under
stand that clearly. Oh. I too, yearn
for yon fearfully. Soon, soon God
grant again some happy days to
gether. Babykins, you keep him in
band; see he does not play at table
or put his arms and elbows on the
table, please, and don't let him shy
"Goodbje. sweet one, sun of my
life. Kiss you ever so tenderly. God
bless and protect yon.
"Tour -very own old "WIFT."
"Please pay no attention to what
Anla has written about the raising of
salaries to all poor officials an over
the country. It must come straight
from you. There is always money
had from some capitals; a check to
all revolutionary ideas. Our Friend
says if you agree to Andrlaoov as
provisional chief of police, then no
body will have anything to say
against hUn "
.Behind the Seenea.
"Txarskoye Selo, Sept. :. Ills.
"My Very Own Treasure:
"Protopopov dined with Anla (she
knows him already a year or two)
and he proposed my friend, K. X
Khagandokov. instead of Oboleasky.
i. e V. volkhonsky proposes him. I
have the whole record about him.
though we know him. and that looks
really so good. Bas all military war
aeeorauon tor nis rank, our Friend
says If he likes us, why not take him.
I was much taken aback, never
would of dreamed of him ranking a
major general.
"Things were not very nice in Mos
cow yesterday, so 1jtopopov sent
off Volkhonsky at once and made
Bobrtnsky send off his aid there, toe,
to see Into the affairs. He does not
waste time, I am glad to say. and
they and the military will, let's nope
at once qnlten down all. But it's
sure to begin beret and Ooolensky
will be absolutely no good:
"I send yon the petition of a hos
pital Intern who killed a man. Just
read It through. He begs to he an
attendant out at the war; only yon
can change the judgment by merci
fully letting him go. our Friend gave
It to me and Rostovtsev says only
jou can neip. irotopopov has aekod
to see yon. Won't nn tn hi, ,n
let Sukhomlinov out. he says It of
course can at once be done, he will
tell the minister of justice, write this
aown, to rememoer when yon see
him and also sneak to him fihnn.
Rubinstein to have him quietly sent
to Siberia, not left here to aggravate
the Jews. Protopopov quite agree
with the way our Friend looks upon
this question. Protopopov thinks it
was Gutchkov who must have egged
on the militarv m Mth a. ..
hoping to find evidences against our
Friend. Certainly he had ugly
uivuvj AL&KifB. uui not ne aione.
"He quite cleverly thinks of using
Kurlov In some things of the food
supply system, which is right, not
to waste the man. He got the thing
at once to be printed about the mil
lions the union of cities got and which
the others were daw ling over, only
it's not what I wanted. I did not
want bare facts, they are bad enough
out it was to be cleverly written.
This is too naked for my taste. One
can cry to think of half a milliard
has beej thrown to the union of
cities and Zdmstros, when existing
organisations could have done
marvels with a quarter of the sum.
"Vrey tenderest thanks for your
dear letter just received. So happy
you have given that oofler about
Pnlen. thank you for your justice.
"How lovely it will be to be with
you again soon, sunshine and. sun
beam and old mother sunny. Miss
yon both horribly.
.,"" my angel, goodbye and God
bless and protect yon. Kisses with
out end on every dearly beloved, very
own place, your "OWN "
"Oui Friend worries that one "did
not listen to you (Brusilov) as your
first thought was the right one and
a pity you gave in. your spirit was
right wishing the change. He took
up the Virata's Intn an,t -
you from far and said "Grant that Its
snn rise there.' Obolenakv ir.
whole time bothers our Friends in
tears that husband leaves, beir. for
a good place "
Copyright. 19J0. by Chicago Dally
News companv. All rights reserved
m Great Britain. Scandinavia
France. Italy. Spain. South America,
and all other countries. Published
by special arrangements with the
McCJure Newspaper Syndicate.
Just to Remiedl Ymi
1. That Sterchi Bros. Furniture Co. in EI Paso is one of thirteen
big Sterchi stores.
2. That it is the largest and best Furniture-establishment in the
3. That "It Always Costs Less at Sterchi's." This is practically
a universal fact.
4. That Sterchi has five big floors, basement and warehouse filled
with furniture.
5. That the Sterchi interests operate four big factories which make
thousands of dollars worth of furniture.
See. Sterchi First
The little "tip" we gave you about seeing Sterchi first should always
be kept in mind. It will pay you well to remember it The wonder
ful stock of furniture offered at Sterchi's for your selection, and the
great buying facilities of Sterchi, make range and price always with
out peer.
dipped Ten Can
Last Wednesday we announced-that our Ir. E. Sterchi Kad wired
us: "Have Shipped Ten Cars." We again call your attention to
this fact as evidence of the purchasing power of Sterchi Bros. This
power means reduced cost to you, and the best in El Paso for the
Largest Ex
cSmsiYe Furmture
mrtfc in Southwest
We maintain at all times our claim to being the LARGEST EX
PASO or the SOUTHWEST. In floor space, in quantity, quali
ty and value of furniture, in price, in service, in aM factors that make
for your benefit in the furniture line, Sterchi takes the lead.
Largest Best Equipped Lowest In Price
"It Always Costs Less at Sterchi's1
202-204 San Francisco St. Phone 752
leges and universities in wlAcfa there
will he a period of startling change.
Again motion pictures appear te oe
much in the public consciousness,
owing to new uses to which they
will be applied in disseminating
During this sway there may he a
tendency to distort facts and to play
with the truth, as Neptune Is In a
place supposed to encourage deceit
and misrepresentation.
Cooperation continues to be tore
shadowed bV the stars and through
some organized movement great bene
fits wilt be enjoyed.
While the planetary rule Indicates
many efforts to reduce the high cost
of living, there will be an advance
rather than a decline in many com
modules, astrologers foretell.
Persons whose blrthdate it Is should
not speculate or risk money la any
venture. Women may find their
thoughts turned to romance.
Children born on this dsy may be
Dr. Humphrey s
Dilution with etch Vial la S LsUcues.
rast.oo. urnnwi, ppannn, .lorrarBeta
and French.
sraD.iy, may ae. leie.
NEPTUNE and Jupiter are in sinis
ter sspect this day. according to
There is a sway making for remi
niscence and sad reflections, and for
that reason the mind should be reso
lutely closed against all thoughts that
do not bring serenity.
All the eeers counsel men and
women to cultivate positive mental
attitude, lest the effect of chaotic
conditions in the world be destruc
tive to right ideals and progressive
This is net a favorable day for tor
ward movements of any sort and it
Is wise to delay plans as well as
Travel is not well directed during
this COnflemratlon. Sfnrtna fit ...
may be expected.
Revelations concerning methods of
education may be numerous in the
next few weeks and again sweeping
reforms are predicted.
The seers declare that men In lure.
numbers will become teachers ovine
j to change, lr school policies and in
j crease in financial rewards
Jupiter Is in a place most threat
ening to persons at the head of col-,
1 FeTer. Caneeatldaa lnftanfn.tbMa
Z Worms. Worm rerer, or Worm Disease
? ?" Crvisc aad Waketauess at Iafaats
. vnnura, or uuKiren ana Aamlta
S Drientrrr. Orlplnm Billons CoUo
0 i;notrrm Homus. vonutbic
1 Cosshs. Colds. Bronchitis
S Toothache, Fmeeaehe. NsunJti
9 Headache, Sick Ueadaeb V.rtljo
10 Dyspepsia. Indlcestloa. Weak Stomach
It Suppressed Uenses or Scanty
It lUforrh?e, or Profuse Meases
K Croup. Hoarse Couth. Laryacitls
14 Eczema, Eruptions, BryslpeUs
15 Rhramatlsm, Lumbago
16 Malaria, Fever and Ague
17 Files. Blind or Bleedms. External, la-
IS Ophthalmia, Sore or Inflamed Eyes
1? fiSjarrh. Influsnia. Cold to the Head
to Wbooplnr Couch. Spasmodic Oath
M Asthma, Oppressed. DHOcult Breathing
IS Ear Discharge, Earache
Z3 Swellings and Enlarged Glands
21 General Debility. A Tonie
Ji Dropsy, Fluid Accumulations
to auea. Tomtttn? R..slrn...
IJ Disorders or the ladney and Urinary
IS Xenoss Frostratlon
4 gore Month, Canker, Fever Blisters
JO Crlnary Incontinence. Wetting Bed
St ratnfal Uenses. Pruritus
M Disorders of the tleart. PalpttatJosi
S3 8pasm and Convulsions
a. ore inroas and Quinsy
SI Chronic Congestions. Heaflachs
77 Crip, la Grippe, Orlppe Tonie Tablets
Doctors Book on tie treatment of
"Every living thing" mailed free.
At ail Drug and Country Stores
Humphreys Homeo, Medicine Co. "..I
WUllam Btrsst. Ksw York.
careless abottt money and IneHned to
take risks ia business. They are
likely to be extremely wMty and bril
liant. Copyright. Ii0. by the He
ctare Newspaper Syndicate.
Jupiter rules strongly for good dur
ing the busy hours of this day, ac
cording to astrology. In the evening
Venus is strongly adverse.
The rule Is favorat.e ror business
and commerce, new commodities being
indicated as moat promising.
Rulers of finance as well as rulers
of people have a most auspicious
outlook during this conllgaration.
All the signs point to the rise of
new leaders and the passing of the
old. This applies to labor and to
business as well as to politics.
There Is an aspect that seems to
groralse a coup d'etat by a man high
i the iiational service.
SnrnriseA seem to. be feresbadasrael
in all lines of human endeavor. In
other words, results due to big efforts
In the world of large endeavor will
be astonishing, for sensational events
are, forecast.
The south now oemss under a sway
making for social upheavals and
changes in thought.
Chicago has a rule for June that
seems to presage events that will be
productive of reactionary tendencies
and bitter dissensions, for Uranus and
Saturn will have sinister power to
aisturo and to estrange men and
Astrologers read that while Uranus
and Saturn will wield a strong In
fluence at the Republican convention,
these same stars In aspects that
cause divisions and contests win rule
when the Democrats assemble In San
Women come under a direction of
the planets making for quick changes
As Attatssau ss.es.ss1 ss - . sw ..
swayed by emotions where uelr po
litical views are concerned.
Great develoDment-. Is xaedteal iwti.
nee and announcements that will be
of great moment to the hsman race
are prognosticated.
Again strange crimes are foretold.
Insanity will be prevalent In all
classes of men and women, manias
taking extraordinary forms owing to
malign government of the stars.
Persons whose blrthdate it is may
have a year of rather varied eiDeri-
ences. They should proceed with
great care in all Important changes.
vauurcu wru on mis iay may oe
Inclined to be too cars fr. Thtv
shonld be wisely guided toward ays
tematlc habits of thought and action.
They are likelv to h talntev,
CopyrlRht, 1920. by the McClure News
paper syndicate.
Phoenix. Arix., May . Street car
companies in Arizona are operating
52.89 miles of track, according to a
report of the bureau of eensus of
the department of agriculture. The
report shows New' Mexico has 1 1
miles. Colorado 437 miles, Utah 477
miles, Nevada 11 miles and California
3MS miles.
Cm 1w ftiwuHa. sua Dbtuca,
U SttatMk TrMUttt
i& Sea .JoM.
) in aqnitttvstj wttl.
whan Mill Mtfi
te cm kMaeOtt. as ttmenOj tbaobm cent.
Tiy tbna at oat aad U wiU acatn. Writ
ar tM tor mmxatm. addma TEBSEU.
WELL CO. Saa Jaa. Btxar Otmty, Tana,
IfcwCfNOoa. fattuLic peats, onafe and I'Trr'rt.
AH El Pa?o banks, memoers of the
Kl Paso Pieannp House association,
in observ ance of IVcoration Day,
will be closed Monday, May 3L
Not a. Medical Book. A True Story Simply Told,
Three Months to Live
flTiat Is what the doctors
said. They had tried
every remedy, every cli
mate, but they became
slowly worse.
Tuberculosis had them in
its grasp.
They decided thai they would not die. Today
they have vigorous health. They have happi
ness and prosperity. They toon. Others may
do the same.
The book they Have written ti
absolutely true. The methods they
used are for the public benefit. Get
If not we will send a copy any
where m the U. S. on receipt of P.
O. Order for $3.

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