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Week-End Edition, May 2y-oU, iy20.
I Mrs. Charles Levy Receives At Tea
I For Mrs. Goodman and Miss Mosesl
and Miss Octavi. Moses, of
LfOUls- Hie. kv. mnt of Mm
r i Lafiiman. were honor smests
he dd.rtiest of teas given on Friday
.w'rnooi oy Mrs cnarles Levy.
The reception suite of the Lrevy
1 ome was fragrant with lavender
ig pin. sweet peas in profusion.
Tre cards of the callers were re-
aieci by Anna Gwyn Dear In g and
I : se Hirsch, and I-s Levy and the
nor quests met thp guests In the
raw ng" room The dining; room was
1 i w 'tli 'K corations of lavender
d pinK wl1! Mrs Emily Foster
r marine Mrs arren X Small, Mrs.
1 E, "n emstem and Miss Frances
roster p'-esidirpr at the table where
c cakf" airl corfections were dis-
-rped The tibie lace covered, was
i f-red with vieet peas In butterfly
im nmesei with lavender and
tullA and the encircling- lighted
n and lavender candles were held
j.er noiaers Tne lees and eon
- io"" reflected the lavender and
The house party assisting with the
j - n cs mciaaea Mesaames Gwyn
oster Ed Lachman, Mar Moye, L. H-
-eenberg P. C Haes, of Gal v In. 11L
A. Reinemund. Miss Rebecca Gold-
- pin ana miss jsana Mathlas. Num
I ers of guests were present during
e receiving hours
Mrs. L. Goodman, A Bride
Vr and Mrs. IT. F. Hellwey an-
unce the engagement of their
auhter. Miss Florence Magdalen
Irweg to Alfred Debaqve. of Cfai-
go 111 The wedomg will take
re some time in September.
M-s. H Lnnebring was hostess at
a -en shower given on last Wednes
day- evening in honor of her cousin.
Miss TUUe Brocfcmoller. one of the I
June brides-to-be. The Lune bring I
home was decorated in tints of pink
and white, featured with pink and
white roses and seet peas. A salad
coarse and ices and cake were served
Among the guests present were Mr I
and Mrs. William Moller, Mr and Mrs. i
Fred Miller. Mr. and Mrs O -Uhlic; '
Mrs L. Huttanus, Mr. and Mrs. V t
Dehlinger. Mr. and Mrs. G Brock- '
moller. Mr. and Mrs. William FIt,
Mrs. H. Brockmoller, Mrs. R Ste - j
mann, Mr and Mrs. William BroK
molJer Mrs. W Kienle Mr and Mrs I
H Kienle. Mr. and Mrs. V Lane
Misses Gertrude Miller, Martha TThlip
Alma Olson. Tillie Brockmoller and
Clyde Lansford, Adolph Brockmoll.r
Ray Donohne. Jim Stewart Ter Ol
son, Martin Banman and Eddie Bai-
About El Pbsoans.
Mrs. George W. Newell, who is ill at
Hotel Dien. Is Improving1.
Mr and Mrs. Arthur Andresen are
the parents of a baby daughter,, born
on May 27 at the Andresen home,
1408 Grama street. The small ar
rival's name is Winifred May
Miss Grace Hawkins, daughter of
Mrs. I. W Hawkins, will graduate
from Goncher college, Baltimore, on
Monday, May JL After graduation
Miss Hawkins will go to the eastern
shore of Maryland to attend a house
party for ten days and will then to
to Ohio for a visit to friends. She
will arrive in HI Paso about July L
Judcinsr bv the way neonls are
buying things, luxuries are now the
chief necessaries of life. From Les
! T 208 Texas St.
I 'WfilW-WJ KvJ' IT JLa 1 I
1 V viMttW o a t ri I
vwmsmjL, D1LE
'tti:OEiSC!gPa muiJi-mmBaKaesa I
- "-ffiirnriTrrr" v s
We -will offer during this sale all Silks at greatly
reduced prices, giving our customers the benefit
of the lowest market cost that cash could buy.
Silk for any purpose at prices -within the
reach of all.
Many lots bought for cash, at the lowest im
aginable figures. Our prices are based accord
ingly. Prices quoted below are only a sugges
tion of many other values. Come and see for
Sport Skirtings
Xew novel effcetc, 0 in. wide,
values to $10.00. fiJC QQ
Sale price $UiOt
(An exceptional Taloe).
Georgette Crepe
40 inches wide, in all colors, ac
tual Talae tZM apt
yd. Sale price.... pJL.
Crepe De Chine
Underwear crepe de chine, 40
in. wide, colon torqneise, old
roe, pink, white,, black and
ery special jli 0 f
Tlowered and figured mate
rials in beautiul effects, 40 in.
wide. Sold everywhere $45
yd. Sale ?JO Q7
price &&.) I
Silk Shirtings
Our entire stock of silk shirt
ings reduced. Values to $4.50
yd. Sale &n q
price yd.ZJij
Genuine Foo Chow Pongee. 33
in. wide. Worth $2.00 yard.
price- t)l mtJ
For The June Bride
Next week rubers in the wedding month, and
as usual the Sflberbeig establishment has made
advance preparation on a truly metropolitan
scale. Special mention is made of
Wedding Rings
More sentiment centers around the wedding ring
than any article of jewelry the'bride wears. Our
stock is ample, and embraces everything new
and beaotifal, as well as the always favored
phia gold band.
We mentiea plain gold band wedding rings in
14, 13 and 22 karats.
Red EflH and green goM wedding rings ar
tistically carved In the orange blossom design.
Platinum wedding rings are shown in cn
ssaal beanty and variety.
The Very Newest
We have just received, and are showing for the
first tune in EI Paso white gold wedding rings,
which are an exaot counterpart of the platinum
" wedding rings.
Special Attention o Mall Orders.
Silberberg. Brothers
e Jb " ve at Texas SL $
rtSwf The xaere taoucat of bnylnfir m dla- fikfjZf
JmJA mond should snjest Sliberbersfa. -. y&la
mrJ' ' ' II3IL III I Mil - I I
pjsBHKsS(ss9ssssBSEf jiSuik 8IHsisih3f3BhSiBs8bh
HlBssssss8HissleiBHB x9slasiaiH
HalssssssBssSSSBiSessS''' L ..- ' H
imiiiii rnirr r: v m
Photo t7 Xeldman Stodla
MRS. LEONARD GOODMAIf, who recently came here to reside, a bride, her
wedding to Mr. Goodman having taken place in Hew Orleans May 10. Mrs.
Goodman, who is an interesting addition to society, was formerly Miss Evelyn
Pearlstine, of Charleston, S. CL, and Hew Orleans. Mrs. Goodman is a beau
tiful southern girL She and Mr. Goodman are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karl
Goodman at the Goodman home on Pershing Enve.
! (pilk EmpdriumT
I Mr. and Mrs. Wingo Entertain Bank
I Employes At Outdoor Dancing Party
yHB beaatifui preen
lawn o2 the
X home of Mr and Sirs. T.' M. Wlnso
was toe scene 01 & party and aance
eiven on Friday evening: for the of
ficers and employes of the City Nat
ional bank. Multicolored lights awnng
In the trees and about the shrubbery
and a baffet supper -was s erred dnr
iner the even Ins. Miss Mabel Moody's
orchestra furnished music for the
dancing', -which was enjoyed on a pa
vilion erected on the grounds for the
Those who eniored the even In c at
the 'Wingo home were Mr. and Mrs.
W. Cooley. J. F. "Williams. Mr. and
Mrs. T M. Wingo, Mr. and Mrs. H.
M. Andreas, Mr. .and Mrs. C H.
Teague, Mr and Mrs. TV. E. O'Brien.
Mr and Mrs. S. M. Aguierre. E. I
Heath, J. A. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. White, Mr. and Mrs. "W. H. Wool
drldge, Mr. and Mrs. F. "W. Cook. Mr.
and Mrs. E. M. Bray. Mr. and Mrs.
J. Frank Coles, Mr. and Mrs. John
May, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ormsbee, G.
Zorfc, J. Lk Andreas, B. B. Kim
brough, Smith Wftham, Charles Dreh
ner, G. J. Levin gston, "W. S. "Warnock,
Fred I. Coney, Roland G. Kemp, Mrs.
Maude Healy. C B. Gardner, Mr. and
Mrs. S. L. Tooke, Miss Kell Turner,
Miss Bertha Turner. Jack Donohne,
Pan! Horcasltas. John 0Nefl. Miss
Helen Jackson. EL J. Dittmer. Miss
Julia Crisp, John Lelghton, Mrs. Ma
rie Held. Miss Mildred Betsel. Paul
Harris, Miss Vera Brown, Alfred
Buchanan, Miss Grace Manvflle, Robt.
A. Schellhoee.
1 Paso review No. 42 of the Mac-
i -benefit
dance on
June 4, at
cabees will give
tha evening of Friday,
UDerty fiaiL
Army Affairs.
On Friday evening at the Bed Cross
house at Fort Bliss the convalescent
patients from the base hospital were
entertained by the Sammies dub of
the T. W. C. A. with an old-fashioned
party. Games played were many and
varied so that even the men on
crutches were able to take part in
the evening's amusement. Mies Mary
Hodgkinson was game director. Dur
ing' me evening- iron punca was
served by Pvts. William Stonberger
and John Carmody. The Sammies
were chaperoned by their leaders.
Miss Edna Harman and Miss Hods-kinaon.
Police Headquarters
Mecca for All Persons
Who Have Grievances
Versatility is a necessity to some
officers of the police department,
particularly those who answer the
telephones. Nowhere in the city are
there as many peculiar requests and
questions from the public as there.
All classes bring to the police their
woes, the beggar, the housewife
whose neighbor's chickens annoy her,
the confidential man whose friend is
in jail, the good natured and the
sour, all believe Implicitly In the
ability of the police to solve their
problems, of whatever kind.
Here are a few samples of what
the captains hear over the telenhone
"What time is it please? (This at
least low times a aay.
"Will you send a policeman out to
clean my lawn? (Sounds nrenoster-
ous, but one woman asked this small
favor )
"There a man here trying to sell
me produce and I think he's & profi
teer Send out a policeman.'
"Can you tell me what I ought to
have to pay for a sack of sugar?"
(This from the cautious thrifty)
"Where is the best grocery store
here 7"
2s It against the law for me to
poison a dog- that killed my little
"Please send out an officer. Im
trying to sleep late and a man
stopped his car here. Now he's rac
ing the englne.( Not so rare a re
quest as you might suppose.)
"Some children are roller skating
on my sidewalk and I want it
That's enough. To recite one ex
ample of each would -require a vol
ume. And the strange part of it all
is that the officers keep their good
nature and try to satisfy the miscel
laneous needs of SO.000 people with
out becoming discourteous.
Bones of Deceased
Celestials to China
COLUSBUS, O-. May 39 In ac
cordance with an ancient cus
tom, over 300 boxes of bones of
deceased Chinamen are being
shipped from this country to China
for final burial.
Chinese residents here, together
with their fellow countrymen in
all parts of the United States, are
observing the custom which calls
for disinterment of their dead
brothers every 26 years and the
sending of the bones to China.
Upon arriving at Hongkong the
ooxes win oe aisirtDUtea tnrougn-
out China to their
final resting
Masons Reveal
Hidden Chapter
Of War History
Masonic displeasure with the presi
dent and the administration is grow
ing as the story of the government's
refusal to permit the Masonic fra
ternity to do overseas work during
the war is being gradually revealed,
according to a report published in the
1 Paso Bulletin of the Scottish Rite,
just issued. The Masons had asked
permission to establish a mission In
France and do social and relief work
as the T. M. C. A. and Knishts of
Columbus were doing. ,
Permission to do this, according to
a report, was granted April S3, lvlS,
by Raymond B. Fosdlck, chairman
of the commission on training camp
AVere Denied Passports.
The report says that after the nec
essary funds had been raised by the
fraternity to finance the undertaking
and after all arrangements had ben
made for their departure for France
by members of the Masonic overseas
mission, a clerk in the passport bu
reau peremptorily denied passports to
the members -of the mission. Later
the state department officially notified
three of the five members of the mis
sion by letter that their passports
were refused, the report says, but
cua not bo naniy lao outer two mem- a
hwrn. nn of TOhnm vss rhslrman of Wi
tne mission ana past grand master
or the order in tne state or lsew xorx.
That was Townsend Scudder, judge
of the supreme court of New York.
All Pressure Failed.
Fallinc to obtain nassnorts for its
official mission the Masonic fraternity
then tooK tne matter upjwitn various
government officials ana finally with
Joseph Tumulty and with president
Wilson himself. President Wilson,
the statement says, in two letters,
one of which was written before the
armistice and the other after, refused
to allow the mission to go overseas
for welfare work.
When the president refused the
lodge's request, the matter was taken
up by the highest Masonic officials
with all grand jurisdictions in the
Lotted States in order to bring pres
sure to bear on Mr. Wilson from the
entire order. But tJrat failed and the
Masons never got across, although
there were dozens of lodges organ
ized among the soldiers and one of
them on the site of the birth of the
Knight Templar organization at Bure-les-Templlers.
All Masons were urged to Join with
the ctneral citizen bodv in the ob
servance of flag day, June 14. by
Gen. Robert I Howze, who Friday
night addressed the pastmasters'
meeting of 1 Paso lodge No. 130. A.
F. & A. M. The benefit of the ob
servance as a stimulant to patriot
ism was pointed out by the district
The Frldar nltrht meetinir was the
last pastmasters' night of the offlelal
year, aji ox tne cnairs were xiueo
by former masters of the lodge. Two
candidates were given the first de
gree. O. J. Allen, master, and tne
other officials of the lodge, go out
of office June 24.
A special entertainment program
was provided for the Friday night
me tins by Joseph M. Evans. The
following persons gave musical num
bers: Miss Elena Talips. pianist; Mrs.
H. M. Zjong, soprano; Mrs. Ralph E.
Henderson, violinst, Mrs. J. A. Dean,
soprano; Mrs. J. W. Christie, soprano,
and Mrs. Charles J. Andrews, con
tralto. Accompanists for the evening
included Mr. Evans, Mrs. Andrews.
Mrs. W. R. Brown, and Miss Mary
Other numbers included a sketch.
"Two Lunatics," given by Misses
Hilda Hess and Gladys Sehatskev.
and a dance by Mrs. C. E. Working.
Take All Your Pretty Clothes
To Wear During
Your Vacation
With the vacation season sear at hand, you are no doubt'
making preparatioas for yor summer trip. All those pretty
dresses that you prize so higUv-. and your fine lingerie, will
have to be laasdered. You kaaw from past experiences
that the oely oee to whom you can trust these fine, delicate
garaKBts is the
Male up your entire list of
everything that you will
tale with you on the trip
it males no difference what
k is, send it along with the
fam3y wash.
PHONE 2176-2177
And, lest you forget, maybe your shoes need mending. Tell hubby wh3e you're away he can leave
HIS laundry bundles at one of our Branches.
8 The
Xo. 1-
Kx. 3, Jek
3 Branches Hi
8 Xeu Jtveaue
X. Orteon St.
e. 3 :3 JII1U Street
Bristol. R. I.. Ma? 2. Troocs of
cavalry and coast artillery patroled
tlie streets of Bristol todav to ore-
vent a repetition of the rioting of
yesterday when striking employes of
the National India. Rubber company
soneht to prevent other workers from
entering the plant. Last night guards
dispersed groups of strikers near the
Washington. D. C. Hit 2 Census
figures Include Bay City. Mjctu.
4T.&54. increase 23SS. or s.3 percent.
Bartlesvllle. Ofcla-. HJ17. increase
82JS, or 133.2 percent; Iola, Kan,
8513. decrease 519. or S.7 nercent.
Bethlehem, Pa 50.3SS. increase J7.S21.
or 39ZJ percent; Chester. Pa, 18,03.
increase 13.191, or w.6 percent.
Tou can spend a very pleasant eve-
nine at the Modern Cafe. In pleasant
surroundings you may dance to the
entrancing music of Bobby Levlne's
jazz fiano. .uanciner every nignt
xrom 9 to iz p. m.
Modern Cafe.
Downstairs in the Mills Bldg Adv.
Letters To The Herald
May W. ISM.
Editor Bl Paso Herald:
It Is with much interest that I
notice that the Bl Paso public library
is addlag a research department, and
thus extending the usefulness of the
technical books and Journals to the
surrounding mining and metallurgical
communities. During the past couple
of years it has been necessary rsr
me to go frequently to the Engineer
ing Societies library. In New York,
and I have noticed the growing ap
preciation with which such a research
department is being made use of.
Undoubtedly considerable of this
work comes from your own Immediate
territory, so that when It becomes
known that such work can be done so
much nearer, this saviBg a week or
ten days possibly In time you will
find that you nave entered upon a
new field of usefulness.
R. C. Canby.
Walltngford, Conn.
Editor Bl Paso Herald:
It is snrarislnGf to me that health
authorities do not put s stop to the
practice barbers Indulge In of using the
same hot towel on the faces of their
customers. I was startled while In
the army to learn that army barbers
Indulged in the above practice and
noon entering civil life again to learn
that other barbers do the same thing.
Imagine having a towel slapped over
your face which a few moments be
fore was used on the face of an In
dividual with wnora you woutun t
even shake hands. Disease finds in
the hot towel evil a harbor and a
means of rapidly spreading its germs.
A .Header.
Tha political gossip of the time
adds dally to the uncertainty of the
presidential campaign, but Caauneey
M. Depew, la the glad confidence of
a youth of 8. predicts victory for Ms
own party. Froei Leslie's.
Results From Herald Ada
Lcose-Leai Devices
and Sseets.
IfKag Eqatpraent
xsd Sffppiies.
Telephone 1064.
108 Mesa Avenue. El Paso, Texas.
tShelsA Talented Musician
S The
boys all say
kind of shy
Of everything bnt clothes
Oh, myl
WOMEN and men, toe,
Iile to keep their
appearance up to the
quality mark. The prop
er amount of cleanin;
snd dyeing will accom
plish this result. You
ill be told that we are
accomplished in cur line
kM A vv? y4j ! iSJAsf-iH I
IsWSsiSniklsHBsS'sHBKk lap .3g5
sHB wBEBESB miBS?iwVfi&- " ' " ?
xmvUB " -'fHm- v ; 'H 111
BsfsasasasBsassssI isWHbsP 'SrllSsajBjBlsfK
bbHsssLIIbssbB. x;'Ssi3sttjE - 'iiSaBSmiM
1 BssBSSelKktHJm ,BBsaBWeBm,8tt. glpMHsmHI
j Photo by E"Tier
RS. J J KASTER one of the city's most talintei musicians, who is a di
rector cf the Woman's dab. Mrs. Kaster has a beautiful sonrano voice
and is prominent in mnsal affairs of the aty, appearing often in concerts and
j recitals. She is the mother of two interesting i-nan EOns.
g Fluffy Sumrqsr CIotHes, Palm BeacEes, Flannels, i:3
T5J I Filmy Dresses, White Gloves the Entire Wardrobe jl $&,
tI -ii r i l!"tl
Zr??m i ivill rare best at m x
PHI I , I mm
vj&& 1 There is an excellence, a tidiness and a touch of ele- liit
K I gance about an article of clothing cleaned or dyed at HP??!)
iP I Wright's, you could not get elsewhere. ' llMliP
P Wright's Cleaning Works B
P PHONES 3717 3718-343 B

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