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IN G i T Y
Constantinople, Turkey, July 2.
By the Associated Press.) The bol
st fvik army advancing: from Baku
through Armenia, took Coucha. 264
miles southwest of Baku, virtually
unopposed, as well as Gerousy, 24
miles southwest of Coucha, the next
important town on the nagon route
to ttie Tabriz railway. In Baku, the
bolshevik! are training a larce Ar
mpiar communist army to assist In
th oerthrow of the Armenian re
pnbl" I rnish warsh'ps have seized a Rus
sian ship from Nlkolaiev at Treblzond,
carrying bolshevik arms and ammuni
tion for the nationalists.
Life preservers are to be placed at
the Sunset Heights swimminR pool
and at the municipal beach at Waah
; ig-ton park when completed, aa re
ejJt of arrang-ements made by the
o'xx- council Wednesday The pre-bT-Pr;
mil be doughnut shape and
-ii inched to Ions ropes. They will be
piied to the city without cost.
" .'ejsffVv Dctt.lM
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Phoenix, Ariz., July 28. Range
conditions showed a, marked Improve
ment during the week ending yester
day, according' to the weekly range
report of the United States weather
bureau, issued today. Light to heavy
rains have fallen over practically all
of the more elevated portions of the
state, bringing relief from drouth
conditions which in soaie localities
were becoming threatening, the re
port said.
One of the Immediate results of the
rain was the extinguishing of forest
fires which had been doing great
damage to both timber and range in
the north central portion of the state
and also across the International
boundary in Mexico.
Oinedale reports summer grass
starting. Advices from Douglas,
where the rainfall was slightly less
than half an inch, stated that more
showers were badly needed In the
mountains near that city. Cattle In
all sections are reported from "fair"
to "excellent" and "fat."
The croD report also issued today.
said inroads on the crops in Cchle
county had been made by birds and
insects, while over the state rabbits
had been more of a pest this summer
than for years past. Moderate dry
temperatures and warm nights have
favored cotton and the plants are
fruiting heavily, the report stated.
(Continued from pafre 1.)
Probable establishment of a plant
of the Uvalde Rock Asphalt company
in 1 Paso was indicated in a letter
received by acting mayor R. C Sam
pie from officials of the company
Wednesday. The company. Mr. Sam
ple says, is a 1600,00 concern.
The letter made inquiries regarding
paving cc-n tracts, and declared an in
tention of entering bids for such con
tracts with the establishment of a
plant to follow.
"". , jtfc-ri.r;!'
Save $1000
Beautiful new Bungalows in Rich
mood Terrace are now priced from
$4500 to $6500.
Would cost $1000 more each to
build them than when they were con
tracted for last winter. See one of
our talesmen.
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and Company
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lUi ...I
vationists" and the Zodee resera
tionists. Senator Harding tried in his
speecu ox acceptance 10 avoid me de
tails of a program, rather being con
tent to state a dead policy of pre
served nationality on the one band
wiui assurea Keeping oz tne American
conscience for ourselves, which, he
believes, inspired all the opposition
in the senate, and, on the other hand,
"to assure the world of American
readiness to do our part in promoting
international peace through justice
rather than foree."
Really there might be as much em
barrassment to senator Harding in
coming out flatly for the Lodge reser
vations as there would be in saying
at this time that no part of the treaty
of Versailles could be utilized to carry
ont the platform pledgee of the Re
publican nartv which favor "A" league
of nations of certain principles. The
iime may come wnen tne certain saie
guards and amendments accepted by
Europe that The league of nations
may satisfy all the requirements set
forth in the olatform DroDosal of "A"
league of nations.
Stand Now Might Prove Awkward,
Senator Harding would find it nec
essary to deal concretely with the
treaty of Versailles, as all but four
nations, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and
the United States, are either parties
to the treaty or members of the pres
ent ieague oz nations, ao say now
that he would stand on the Lodge
reservations would be to commit him
self to a program of restrictions on
the oower of a nreaident to conduct
foreign policy which might prove
awkward for even a Republican presi
dent. The original set of Lodge reser
vations voted on In November. 191.
were much less difficult than those
adopted in the following spring. In
the effort to circumscribe the power
of Wpodrow Wilson some of the sena
tors forgot for the moment that a
Republican president might some day
be charged with the responsibility of
foreign policy and would find him
self powerless, especially If congress
were not In session.
Now at heart senator Harding
would be found demanding changes
in the league covenant very similar
to those which he voted for in the
senate and he feels strongly that ar
ticle 3i in Its present form can be
eliminated without "breaking the
heart of Europe." Moreover, he
doesn't anticipate serious objection
to the equalisation of voting power
in the assembly of the league.
Will Try for Concert of Nations.
However, details are not being pub
lished at this time. The Important
thing is that ultimately the treaty of
Versailles would be the basis for ne
gotiations of the understanding and
relationship with Europe to which
Harding referred in his speech of ac
ceptance. It will be noted also that
go ernor Coolidge, the Republican
canutaate tor vice-president, shews
the way toward the ratification of
the present treaty with proper reser
vations. This speech must have been
made with the knowledge and ap
proval of the Republican candidate
for the presidency.
senator j on n sons aestructive criti
cism has been heeded, but senator
Harding plainly intends to offer a
constructive substitute and fulfil the
Phoenix. Aril- July St. Examina
tion of a number of roads in northern
Arisona to decide whether they shall
be recommended as federal aid pro
jects is a part of the purpose of gov
ernor Campbell in visiting' the north
ern part of the state at this time, it
became knon today. The governor
and his party spent yesterday in
specting a portion of the Ashfork
Kingman road near Kingman. Both
Yavapai and Mohave counties have
voted bonds for the construction of
this road as a real highway awr fed
eral aid for it has been suggested.
The governor today was to Inspect
28 miles of road from Oatman to
Topek to decide whether Ic should be
recommended for federal aid.
Ad-vices from Prescott today were1
that the governor plans to go from
Chloride to Searchlight Crossing.
where be will enter Nevada. Accom
panied by the state engineer of Ne
vada, he will go to Las Vegas, and
St. Thomas In Nevada, and from there
to St. George, in Utah. Prom St.
George he will go to Hurricane and
Littlefield In the strip of Arizona
north- of the Grand Canyon.
According to the Information from
Prescott. the governor and his party
will look into the proposed reclama
tion of 40 000 acres of land in the
strip In connection with a proposal by
a syndicate to establish a S4.6oO.90s
irrigation system if It could nurchase
the land. Representatives of the
state engineer's office are understood
to have investigated the plans te
some extent.
pledge to civilisation which America
made during the war to participate
In a serious effort to form a concert
of nations to maintain the peace of
the world. Copyright. 1920, by David
July 31, at 8 p. m.
Hall No. 1, at 223 S.
Oregon St
Neff Club
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Thursday Friday Saturday
The Final 3 Days of the First
Foutz-Moore Pathe Club
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Initial Payment Of
Austin. Tex July 28 Failure of
R- E Thompson, of El Paso, to be Id
the run-off In the race for the gov
ernorshlp of Texas. Droved a sad
disappointment to quite a large per
centage of the attaches of various
state departments, as the election of
either Bailer or Neff means virtually
a complete change in the personnel
of the departments, where the heads
of such departments are appointive.
Thomason was credited as being the
favorite in dministration circles and
his election would more than likely
have perpetuated many officeholders
in office for another four years.
As it now Is to be either Bailey
or Neff. many are carefully survey
ing the situation to determine which
one of the two candidates to support.
Even to pick out the winner may
avail very little, as Neff Is credited
with having declared that he will
make a clean sweep In certain of the
departments and senators Bailey is
said to favor abolishing "useless of
fices" In the interest of economy.
While It had been generally con
ceded that senator Bailey would be In
the rnn-off. it was not generally be
lieved in administration circles that
he would lead the ticket. There is
now much speculation as to which
one of the two candidates Neff or
Bailey will get the bulk of the
Thomason and Loeney votes.
The election of state senator Lon
A. Smith, of Henderson, to the offioa
of controler will also mean a change
In the personnel of the coatroler's
department, although Mr. Wlgiaton.
the encumbent, has not as yet given
up the contest, despite the fact that
he is Still several thousand vat. K.-
Vhind on the face of the returns.
Saratoga Springs, N. Y, July 28.
Denouncing the Democratic adminis
tration of governor Alfred B. Smith
as marked by "quackery, opportun
ism and lack of vision," chairman
William Ha j ward. In the unofficial
Republican state convention today
called upon his party colleagues to
emulate the example of tha national
convention at Chicago and adopt a
platform and select leaders that "will
command the confidence of the voters
and insure a Republican victory at
the polls this falL"
Colonel Hayward declared that In
New York stato the disagreements
had gone even further "until every
Tammany official damns every other
Tammany official and Is damned by
them In return."
"And with state and Bation re
deemed," he added, "we propose to
eject Tammany entirely from eity and
country government and Install dig
nity, efficiency economy and honesty
In its place."
Small Weekly or Monthly Payments Thereafter.
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splendid CLUB OFFER the TIME to choose is RIGHT
Foutz-filoore Furniture Co.
A convention of 1 Paso county
Republicans will be held at 10 a. m.
Saturday in the county court house.
according to an announcement of Re
publican leaders. Party leaders de
clare that a complete ticket will be
placed in the field.
Frank 8. Stuart Is chairman of the
Republican county committee.
Names of Republicans in this
county are bains Hated and It Is said
that more than 2000 names have been
Although no definite Information
as to the candidates of the Republi
cans ia available as yet, it is rumored
that Scott White will be a candidate
for sheriff; J. J Ormsbee for county
tax collector, Julius Alberts for tax
assessor and Walter Case for county
g "Walk a Block and Save
The Difference."
Straw Mats
1 Toy Panama
I $2.40
B These are regular crackerjack
Berg Co. bargains. Get yours,
jfl Try Oar Mail Order Dep'fc-
Vinton Tex Ju'y 28 A demand
for hous s has arisen again and
numerous Inquiries are made in this
part of the valley by persona wishing
to locate here.
Perry Schobe, of El Paso, has
leased the W. W. Threads 111 place
consisting of a small acreage with a
home, modern bams for dairy pur
noses, feedinc sheds and other con
veniences and will move his herd of
dairy stock to Vinton, August 1.
Three car loads of box materials
have been unloaded And taken to the
west side for the melon crop.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Belk were in Fl
Paso Wednesday to see their sister,
Mrs. Craig Belk and baby from Hous
ton, who were on their way to Cali
fornia to spend six weeks.
Miss Adeline Miller Is home from
Silver City, where she attended the
summer normal. Miss Miller will be
one of the teachers in the La Union
school this term.
The thresher and crew managed by
Will Pierce has finished on the
Brandt farm and moved to the Os
borne ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Dees, of Reno,
Ok la, recently returned from East
land, Tex, and are visiting their
niece, Mrs. Henry Vecle. They may
locate In the valley.
Business Women Tell '
Own Success Stories
St. Paul Man, July "My story"
was tho general topic for stories of
saccesses by womea In business ano
professions told by speakers at to
day's sessions of tbe National Federa
tion of Business and Professional
Women's dobs. In annual convention
A move to have the national head
quarters la San Francisco instead
of New York has been started by Miss
Oail Langulln. president of the fed
eration. Miss Lauehlin contends na
tional headquarters should be where-
tne president resides.
Agltatfsn for legislation to raise
tho school age Is urged as a measure
to Improve business schools.
All luncheons of tho Traffic club
hereafter will begin promptly at
1S:18 oclock. p. in, and adjourn at
12:55. as result of action taken at the
weekly luncheon of the organization
at the chamber of commerce, as a
means of stimulating attendance.
O. I Dane, of the Texas & Pacific,
contrasted modern shipping in oeet
and general rules with that of ISiZ.
as shown by a copy of the freight
tarrrlffs Issued by the New York
and Brie railroads in that year. Cost
then was nearly IS percent higher
than today, while at that time, rail
roads assumed no responsibilities for
damages to shipments, and there were
no demurrage rules.
Discussion of the proposed plan to
hold an early luncheon in Juarez in
the near future was postponed until
next week.
City firemen at noon answered an
alarm te 71S North Campbell street.
They extinguished a small blase in a
Clean-Up Sale
Of Drapery Materials
and Grass Rugs
There remain only three more days to secure
the great price concessions we have made in
this Clean-Up Sale. There are a number of
choice 'selections and the indications are that
the lots will not last long at these unusually
low prices.
Nets, Scrims, Etc., Price Bordered Scrim, yard 29c
We are closing out all remnanU of Neta. Scriat, 36-aeli serin vnth colored border. WeS woven,
elc All thi ieaon'$ stock in many desirable pat- fe thread quality. Especialfy statable for bed-
tern. All offered for this Oeaa-LV Sale at ONE- rooms. Clean-up Sale Fnce. the OA
Cretonnes, the yard 39c Printed Marquisette 49c
Clean-Up of odd pieces aad short length of ere
Iobbcs jn many colon and desigas. Regular prices
range from 60c to $1 the yard. Clean- OA
Up Sale Price, the yard OiC
36-inch tainted raarqaitte in a wide range of
popular designs and color cot&bwa&ow. A very
special value for Clean-Up Sale at, AGs t
the yard ; TT C
Japanese Grass Rugs
These rugs are mads of tough -wire grass firmly bound together with
strong cotton- threads. Special prices for this sale.
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Size 9x12 feet, Clean-Up Sale. . $11.85
gers Furniture Company
207-9-1 1 North Stanton Street.
Fort Dodge. Ia.. July JS. Twentj
ieht Mexican laborers arrested In
this vlclnltv recently were taken yes
terday to eDs Moines, whence it is
understood they will be taken back
to Mexico for having violated the
immigration contract labor law. They
came to work in the Iowa sagar beet
fields, bnt on arival refused to work
and were arrested when they sought
work elselwhere.
Qaeen Alexandra is devotedly fead i
of dogs and has had all sorts, sixes,
and breeds. She possesses mnch skill
in training them, and many of her
pets are capable of wonderfal tricks, i
CARPETS CLEANED the oest wav
by the best eleaaers. WILSON-MLr
LICAN Plant f Phone 71 1 Adv.
Olive OU
In enriches a sated try to deHcate
flavor and many notrttrre
Sell Liberty Bonds to CortlC.-Aav.
Famous For Its Marvelous Motor
abgbst2j.hu BPpff1yii"ygP j Arsn,.u
graPRISESi.v,c STIlJaPi5llTT 'iM A 'Ot'lfmMm fTrtec,u.el
w tllck aid futuacawi KfcSS2 e-3gP- v II It5,11 -i.5 ' '! WBgW FrmETOl duxfler Six vu
too llellvcrr cf oor rTTTTT TB . i ... ' ' , ? i rrnTirfP'l tBlMeMt& beanie I lire tkeidy
QtadUr Sx. It AU. tSlkllL- . Jp 9 Klliil " tiresCaxaota.
pcUyxadti.Maio. IIf? -E-JHifB, W OCT CilsaSlTSsSS
ofuo.wbo baYdriTta BXfoSaocJJW Jffi -v-rJ3rwgtMytftJJJg'I5g I.Earfcd5i.JrlMB8"' mS B csmmeBtBpoatetattnj-
It It tiat tic Chandler ggggSygggSjWM BBS laBBMWJMWMftfe Jjtji form u?iiom vdtpend
rut motor rw put & ESB5s"xjSa5ri - aEEaB",rqHg to mbbS B85JJE5Hifi3 " u f ii 7
mn automobile. F t KSSVj - - -" avtbV'y 71 r TOE BB JMCTc BfiJ!nlHWHnTM' CHAadicrcin.
Very trolr roan. WwSgSSaSSgTagSMBaj . wSi - -sfiS S aKansBBBBBBBBB UsssH RctpcctfuJIrreen,
W.L.OTO. HKn i fiji t Ig MMBaWBj BSlSi c giuuHiu.
Soot Bent, Ixau PjfT ft cSaLLfe. "lE SHsaxSeTC wHsl K-"". T"-
lllllliil M P "imSHl fCt3Ija j
The Motor of Seven Years Ag'o
and the Motor of Today
The Chandler Six of 1920 Is a refinement of
that first Chandler Six of 1913. Seven years of
devotion on the part of the Chandler organi
zation to this one Chandler motor has placed
It in the position of distinction which it holds
Seven years of service in the hands of
thousands of owners, seven years of skillful
application by Chandler engineers, has
The Chandler Is the Most Fairly Priced Fine Car
Seven-Pastenter Touring. U99S Four-Passenger Roadster, Jt99S Four-Passanger Dispatch, 3267S
oeven-rassenger sedan, J 2995
brought the Chandler motor and the one
standard Chandler chassis to approximate
In these seven years many motors of many
makes have come and gone. Chandler con
tinues a leader among fine cars, because of the
excellence of its performance.
On the one Chandler chassis are mounted
six handsome types of body.
Four-Passeneer Couoe. SM9S
iAU fricti J. o. b. antlend, Ohio)
limousine, S3S
601 Texas St.
Telephone 335
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