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Wednesday, July 28, 1920. 3
ITTHILE the exporters of the United
VY States apparently si amber and
while our goYernnient remain e
indifferent to the export needs of
these business men, thus in a measure
justifying1 their somnolence, Euro
pean nations are reestablishing their
trade relations witn Mexico on a pre
war basis.
Almost daily the chamber of com-me'-cc
receives appeals from Mexican
bus'neso houses and American con
suls asking it to do what it can to
-emoe the obstacles which so lone
'-ait prevented the tall and complete
business relations between the two
Vmencan republics to which the lo
cation of both and the logic of con
ditions so justly entitle them.
Spanish Language Essential.
In the first Ipace the majority of
American exporters simply will not,
so the Mexicans complain, do business
with the people of Mexico in their
o-RD language. This is not true of
most of the exporters on the border.
But it is trne of the northern and
eastern exporters, particularly those
who do a casual business in Mexico
and do not go to the trouble of em
ploying men who understand Spanish
in an effort to get more business.
It is not merely a courtesy to which
the customer is entitled to talk to
him In his language, bat a business
essential. The Mexican customer is
lender no obligations to buy from the
American exporter. When he does it
is a favor to the American. To get
that business the American not only
should, but must, talk Spanish If he
would compete with French and Ger
man merchants who are coming into
Mexico again and beginning to get
Lack of Credit System.
The Mexicans have another and
equally just complaint against the
American exporter. That is in regard
to credit methods. Letters to the
chamber of commerce say that Amer
ican exporters almost invariably de-
We're Looking 'Em
As we are practically assured
of the nomination (especially
since we've become an editor).
we have spent considerable
thought on the selection of our
"We have kept our eye on J
A. D. As & cotton chopper he's
a bird and as Secretary of La
bor he looks like a first rate bet.
For Secretary of the Navy
we've about decided on (no well
not mention his name). Any
way, he spent a week at Long
Beach once and knows all about
the ocean.
Our choice for Secretary oi
State is well posted on Inter
national delations. In fact, he
makes daily trips across the line
and comes back full of enthusi
asm. Indeed, he's for a free
bridge (lots of 'em) and no
passports. There is no doubt
he'll be a very popular Cabinet
The remainder of our Cabi
net will be announced at a later
Aunt Julia Said It
Ton can't fool Aunt Jnlia. She
says salesmanship consists of
"knowledge, tact, courtesy and
cordiality." Thai's what you
find in our three convenient
Something Wrong
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Washington hasn't had an in
vestigation. Looks as though
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She Wants to Know
As the clerks In the recent
election were mostly women,
one fair teller wants to know
where they get that "the men
who counted the votes" stuff.
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mand cash with the order. This, the
Mexican ordinarily pays.
It is sometimes a matter of months
before the order is received. Poor
shipping facilities, improper packing
or inadequate shipping instructions 1
are usually to Diame. a ma. ice
ican argues, is not fair, a- the Ameri
can Is getting the use of hie money
for sometimes as long as six months,
and then In the end the money may
have to be returned because the or
der can't be delivered oi can't even
be snip pea. some exporters nvei ambassador to tne united states, pre
tried to even the score a bit by pay- siding. The event was widely herald
ing the Mexican customer interest m the British press as further
when he returns bis money or oy pay- i cementing Anglo-American friend
in interest on the money even when 1 shin.
the coods are finally shipped. This
helns. because it convinces the Mexi
can merchant the American wants to
be fair.
The European works differently.
He has hard and fast credit methods.
but it must be admitted he gives
credit. He usually requires the O. K.
of some reliable bank to accompany
an order, or even the bans s guaran
tee. The bank, usually, must be a
corresnondant of some accredited
European bank. Then the French or
German merchant can take the order
with the Mexican or other Bank's
guarantee on it and the bill of lading
and discount tne amount oi tne or
der at his bank. This Is not so
readily done now as it was before the
war and before Mexico's revolution
ary troubles beean. but It is done and
the risk involved is said to be less
than 1 per cent.
Foor Packing and Shipping.
The third complaint against Amerl
can firms is poor packing. Letters
pour Into the chamber of commerce
saying that goods received at Mexi
can destinations are in a broken and
jumbled condition, due to the fact
that they have been improperly pre
pared for shipment. The tendency of
the baggage smasher, marine and
terrestrial, to throw things around
roughly Is admitted to be unprevent
able, so the packing must be done so
well that it can't be undone. The
Mexican has paid, the shipper
Bonn uu rta&. iov ouiicis ua uiiui
and sea can't be held, so the buyer is
Agents from Europe are pouring
into Mexico. Passport restrictions im
posed by this country on the Mexi
can coming' to this country to buy
are sucn mat it is very expensive,
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LONDON. Bng., July 58. Ellhu Root
former American secretary of
state, today formally presented
to the British people the Saint Gar
dens statue of Lincoln in Canning
square, as a gift from America, and
later the statue was unveiled. Pre-
mler Lloyd George abandoned press
ing official business to deliver the
speech of acceptance.
The presentation was made in the
presence of & distinguished audience
In the central hall of Westminster
with viscount Bryce, former British
During his address, Mr. Root de
clared: "It would be difficult to conceive
of a sharper contrast in all the inci
dental and Immaterial things of life
than existed between Lincoln and the
statesmen whose statutes stand in
parliament square.
Later In his address however. Mr.
Root said:
"It is the identical fundamental
conceptions in both countries whleh
make it Impossible that in any great
world emergency Great Britain and
America can be on opposing sides.
These conceptions of justice and lib
erty are the breath of life for both.
when railroad fare and hotel bills
are included. If the European is
willing to come to Mexico with his
samples, why should the Mexican
come to the United States at his own
expense? Is what he asks. The cham
ber of commerce has been asked to
protest against the immigration and
passport fees which penalize foreign
buying in these states.
Those facts, more than revolution
ary conditions, the Mexican say, ex
plain why the United States does not
get more business out of that coun
try, for as one Mexican wrote,
"we are as many as ever and have as
great a consumptive' power."
Two persons were run down by
automobiles Tuesday night. The first
was Buster Stipp, 6 years old. who
was strnck by a car driven by R. De
puy, of the Lewis anto stand. The
accident ocenred at Mesa and Wyom
ing streets. He lives at 700 Mesa ave
nue. H. Fempa was struck as be was
crossing the street in the middle of
the 3100 block on Alameda. The car
was driven by J. H. Rogers. Pempa's
Injuries were slight.
Los Angeles, Califs July 28. Gaso
line has been so scarce here that yes
terday when a train carrying 200,000
gallons arrived from Oklahoma It was
officially welcomed by mayor M. P.
Snyder and officers of the Automo
bile club of Southern California. They
met the train at Alhambra, near here,
and rode baek on it.
Washington. D. C, July 26. State
and city health officers will be given
Instructions in methods of fighting
bubonic plague at Galveston, Texas,
August 2 and 4, under offlcerr of the
public health service, it was an
nounced here today. Most of the of
ficials win be from sea coast states.
Trained officers of. the service have
been assigned to ports where cases of
the disease have recently appeared.
Washington, July 28. Judge C B.
Ames, assistant to the attorney sren-
eral since June 1919, and in charge
of the government's case in the coal
strike Injunction proceedings has
tendered his resignation to president
Wilson, effective August 31. It was
said at his home here that judge
Ames would return to Oklahoma
City to resume his law practice.
Phoenix, Ariz, July 2S. Represen
tative and Mrs. Carl Harden, who
have been here since the Democratic
convention at San Francisco, expect
to leave Friday for a trip through the
northern part of the state, and will
have a cottage at Flagstaff until the
end of summer.
T I THERE Is the "patch," the dear old
YY fashioned patch, the abomina
tion of the illustrious, the pride
of the Industrious? It is gone for
erer? Patches denote Industry, not
indigence. Patches signify thrift,
not poverty.
Only a short time ago the body of
a woman was found floating in East
River, New York. The waters had
washed off the rouge; the bedraggled
finery bad lost Its sheen; the once
curled hair was like a zaass of sea-
"A useless life," said a minister.
"Twere better laid away." But he
was wrong this minister of Christ.
Twas not a useless life at alL It
only needed patching.
Only last Saturday the body of
Julia Montana, habitue of Calle
Diablo, Juarez, was found lifeless.
Penniless, friendless, an outcast; this
woman of the underworld had killed
herself. With society her life was
useless. But society is wrong 'twas
not a useless life at all. It only
needed patching.
Our county Jail and state peni
tentiary have thousands of men con
sidered useless garments. Society can
not use them and they are put away
in musty cells, food for the moths of
corruption, yet all they need Is patch
ing. The idle man. the shiftless, the
casual worker, the hobo, the tramp,
the habitual drunkard the women of
shame are society's useless gar
ments They are shoved aside in un
inviting places, food for bolshevlsm.
Yet, all they need is patching.
ih kind of .breakfast
you eat,often determines
the grade of Vork you will
do Before noon.
Keep fit! For breakfast,eat
The brain and hody-btdldintf
nourishment of wheat and
malted barley.
Grape-Nuts needs no sugar
"There's a Reason"
While they prevail, both nations will
endure; if they perish both nations
will die. These were Lincoln's In
heritance. "We may disregard all life's preju
dices and quarrels that result from
casual friction and pin pricks and
from outside misrepresentation and
detraction, and rest upon Lincoln's
unerring judgment of bis countrymen
and his race. We may be assured
from him that whenever trials come,
whenever there Is need for assurance
of the inherent power, truth and tri
umph of justice, humanity and free
dom then, the peace and friendship
between Great Britain and America
will prove to be as Lincoln desired to
make them perpetual."
In hjs reply, premier Lloyd George
said that on behalf of the people of
the British empire he accepted with
gratitude this statue of a great man.
The premier spoke of the pride and
affection with which Lincoln was re
garded here, and continued:
"He was one of those giant figures
of whom there are so few in history,
who lose their nationality In death;
one of those few who belong to man
kind. Such men are needed now more
than ever in the settlement of the
"May I be permitted to say, added
the premier, "that this torn and bleed
ing earth is calling today for the
help of the America of Abraham Lin
coln days.
Roswell. N. M, July zg. Chaves
conntx will send a doable delegation
to the Democratic state convention at
Las Vegas on August 24. This mat
ter has just been decided here and the
delegation selected to represent
Chaves eonnty at the state convention
is as follows: A. L. Whtteman, Mrs.
T. W. Hayes, Dlllard "Wyatt, J. C.
Gilbert. R. D. Bell Mrs. Sara Johnson.
John Rose. Mrs. Wallace Moore. Cecil
Bonney, Emmett ratton. c. K. Brtce,
I. B. Dunn. J. T. NelL P. H. Adams.
John Rose. Ony Blackwood. R. I
bimtect j. L. Meu, J. I. Gibbany.
Mrs. Grace Bear. C. A. Rector, H. A.
Poorbaugh. Gay Robinson. E. E. Lane,
Edgar Pnryear. A. B. Finley, Mrs.
John W. Hbea. Ben C Davisson, J. E.
Bordeaux. D. P. Grelner. Thos. J.
Halt Tom Rogers. Ed Gibbany. Gay
Herbert. John Knea. Mrs. c K- Mason,
Fred J. Beck. J. S. MassieL Dr. A. P.
Fletcher and J. G-Osborn.
TueumcarL N. ML. July 28. The
Tucumcarl Roundup association,
which will hold its fifth annual re
union at Tucumcarl, August 18. 19. 2d
ana zl. has arranged with Tex Aus
tin to direct their ronndun this year.
Austin has Just finished staging a
cowboy contest In Grant park, Chi-
euro, duritts: the Elks' national con-
urention. Over $25,000 was hunfr up
in cash prizes and nearly au of the
best known riders and ropers 'were
tnere to compete.
K. a Beebe. Austin's publicity H
rector, left Chicago last Saturday for
Tucumcarl and win begin work on
the advertising propaganda, for the
show here.
Austin states that he will use the
same outlaw backing horses used at
Cheyenne last year and also In the
contest at Chicago.
Santa. Fe. N. sC, July 28. The right
of 'a property owner to fence and
Dost hts property throujrh which
streams may run, and thereby to pro
hibit outsiders from fishing' in the
stream so reneed ana postea. is up
held In an opinion furnished here to
day by Harry 8. Bowman, assistant
attorney general, to Thomas F. Gable,
state game warden.
Phoenix, Ariz., July 2. Roy D.
Taylor, 10 years old. has waived ex
tradition and will be brought from
Los Angeles here to answer a chargre
of embezzlement of $1400 from a bank
in Tempo. Ariz, it was stated at the
snerurs orxice.
Taylor left Terape about six weeks
ago. It was stated, and was found
working In a bank In Los Angeles.
W. J. Kingsbury, president of the
bank at Tempo, went to Los Angeles
with Information and a warrant for
Taylor's arrest.
Lt Captain. VL B. A. i
This Is the summer time of the
year. It is .a good time to start.
Perhaps we have not been quite as
honest as we could have been. Per
haps we could have been kinder. Per
haps we have refused to help a
brother In distress. Perhaps we have
slandered an Innocent fellow creature.
Perhaps we have violated the "Golden
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps so with
the needle of honesty, and the silvery
thread of hope, by the undying and
fflnmlnatlng rays of the holy lamp of
repentance, tec us proceea to ziu up
the rents In our torn souls. And some
day we will blossom forth In new
garments. True, they may be com
posed of patches, but they will be
honest patches.
Many of us are made up from .head
to toot, soul and heart, with patches.
To work! It's patching timet
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Francisco C Rodriguez, appraiser
of customs In the Juarez customs
service, has announced his candidacy
for mayor of Juarez at the next elec
tion. Mr. Rodriguez was born In Juarez
and has lived there the greater part
of Ills life, and has held a number of
government and ctvil positions In
juarez ana etsewsere. xus iirst gov- i
eminent position was that of seere- I
tAi-r to tne director eeneral of cus- .
toms la Mexico CHy. after which he
held the post of assistant secretary
of the treasury under Francisco L
VUlareaL He was subsequently sec
ond entef ' ths tax denartment at
Tamplco and held the same position
ai agsa rneia. no was aiao botwh .
ment tax collector In Juarez and in- I
spector of rents for the state of Chi-
(Continued from pasre X.)
will probably be awarded V. S. Ware,
an Bl Paso contractor, on the return
of mayor Gonzalee.
OulUermo Prleto, federal tax stamp
collector at Juarez, will leave soon
for Chihuahua City, where he Is to
assume a similar post. Mr. Prleto's
successor at the Joarez custom house
has not been decided, although It Is
believed the present stamp collector
at the Chihuahua state capital will
come to Juarez. Mr. Prleto Is a
brother of Manuel M. Prleto, newly
appointed collector of customs at
Mexico City. MezL. July It. Pour
thousand miners of the Comnanls
Metalurglca- In San Luis Potosi strnck
yesterday for higher wages, according
to reports received here.
Antonio St.
Hall nnd Phone
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ly an weaves will be repre
sented. Dress blouse, skirt, suit
lengths, in fact, all broken lines
win go in this lot, and will
mark the biggest values we
have ever offered in silks.
Come prepared to savs and
more but do not come after
Saturday they wfH all be
New Fabrics
FOR Thursday, Friday and
Saturday only, we win
make the following extra spe
cial offer: Any $160 or $40
satin, crepe, taffeta, ebarmense
meteor or any other new faU
SLrsar" $2.95
Limit one dress pattern.
Also you have your choice of
any $6.00 or $&50 new fall silk.
This includes some wonderful
tisr1 $4.95
Limit esc dress pattern.
Don't nun this opportnniJ), il
Vill not be repealed. Bdos
are seme of the extra specials
that mS. dote zsith the end of
the month. Better bap the
final three -days.
32.75 washable satin, the yard,
a A K. S1.4.
S3JB0 crepe de chine, the yard,
OAK. $1.59.
$3.00 georgette crepe, the yard,
a 4 K. SL59.
$150 chiffon taffeta in colors,
the yard, O. E. J1S5.
$3X0 chiffon taffeta, navy and
blacks, the yard, O. i. .!..
$100 Jap all silk shirting, the
yard, O. t E. $1.49.
$7.00 Printed Pussy Willow
taffeta, the yard, O. A E. S33S.
$150 printed georgette crepe,
special tbe yard, 0.iE. 519.
Attention, Men
YOU win save money by
buying your silk shirtings
tbe final three days. We offer
over 100 pieces of these heavy.
La Jerae, crepe de chine, broad
cloth, and Radium shirtings,
that were $450 and $5.00 per
yard, for tbe final three days'
specials at, 3 O fl Q
the yard i.V
Silk Department, 3rd Floor.
Phones 319-369,

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