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By "Bud" Rutherford
ismantled; DempseyTo
Box Miske
New York Yacht Club An
nounces That It Will Not
Defend Honors Again.
New York, July M. Resolete,
which decisively defeated Shamrock
JV in the deciding yacht race in e-'f-ce
of the America's cup Tester -
ay. probably will not run another
race, said a. de B Fir sons, a mobr
r- the race committee of the New
"i otk Tacht club, today The de
fender, which cost thousands of dol
lars, will be dismantled at the Herre
toff yards at Bristol, R. L
WHI Hot Celebrate.
There will be so special celebra
tion of the Yletory by the New York
"iacM club. Yachtsmen, today highly
praised the handling of the Resolute
by Charles Francis Adams, JX in all
the races off Sandy Hook.
Th Resc!ntes crew cf 12 Nor
wegians, seven Swedes and one Dane
a I American c.tlzens, also came in
for unstinted praise.
Sir Thomas Upton who hid bis bit
ter d'sappointment behind his cordial
congratulations to the ResoluM and
her crew, saying that the better boat
won. will soon leave for a visit to
Canada. He will Issue another chal
lenge in 1922 and will name the
ch&l'enger Shamrock V, he said.
Sfcsjnroelt Gets Drubbing:.
T b g green sloop probably will
be tewed up the Hudson within a few
davt and anchored, to allow visitors
b carce to inspect her
The Resolute gave the Shamrock
r-e worst drubbing of the regatta
Tjes-'av when it won. boat for boat
ty 13 minutes, 45 seconds.
Overcoming a 40 second lead and
tve advantage of a windward berth
'ch Shamrock had taken at the
hULt he defender held a lead of fonr
r- it-s and eight seconds at the half
way stake, and finished IS ruinates
Cj 5 sreonds ahead. Including her
radicap of six minutes and 40 sec
ond. Resolute won by 19 minutes and
5 seconds
In capturing the series. Resolute
nme from behind after Shamrock
ad taken two races, and won out
by three straight victories.
"Best Boat Won."
Sir Thomas Lipton, owner of the1
challenger, voiced what appeared to
t ire unanimous verdict of yachts-r-en
when he declared that the best
boat won.'
Nature provided a rare setting for
te historic finish. The son a great
I erv ball was last cropping uroogn
a red and nurnle base, when Reso
lute clipping swiftly through the
green water, with billowy white sails
piihouettea against tne naxe, pwb
oown on the mark.
a moment later, she flashed across
the golden finish Use, that the setting
fun lad lam oown on ine water Be
tween Ambrose channel lightship and
the committee boat, Barryton.
a mile or more behind, her own
great sails embellying. Shamrock IV
was coming about for the run to the
trark when the white signal ball of
i-e Barryton dropped and the shriek -rg
of wHst.es and sirens from spee
ttr craft proclaimed Resolute vic
tory. Hurtinp; season opens Sept. 1. Have
tc guns repaired now. Allen Ami
jt Cycle cew 404 K. Oregon. Adv.
Get Priam Pro tlt-sha rise
t oTT?ni Exchangeable for S.
S. U. jreen Trading Stamps or
Renovated and Made to Order.
DnSasg & WrJftora
WHY 30
i BrS
Three hundred thousand babies die
yearly in the United State most of
them from dtffestlre disorders.
Careless overfeeding;, disregard of
tne first dangerous symptoms, and
the little one is soon in distress.
If it gets well It Is fortunate.
Bat what of the thre hundred
thousand Nature intended that
tnese little ones should live Ions
lives of usefulness and happiness.
And there is no reason why tb
most of them should not, if we use
watchful care In the light of proven
For more than thirty years Ware's
Baby Powdei has been saving
Vm. oies Uvea
It is not a soothing syrup, filled
with dangerous narcotics. Nor Is It
a purgative. Purgatives disturb the
entire system b their violence, and
cause the baby pain and discomfort.
It is an antiseptic remedv which
e'eanses and parifie- the little one's
stomach and bowels, and brings it
1 afk to health.
"rt art 6 Baby Powder Is safe If
- contents of an entire bottle were
r baby m stomach at ones it
Pat Moran's Cracks Take
First Game of Eastern
Series; Giants Win.
Brooklyn, N. Y. July 3- Cincinnati
opened It, series with Brooklyn by defeat
ing the home team Tuesday. The visiter,
secured a three run lead In the flnt In;
nine Marquard was knocked from the box
in the sixth. Ruether vu hatted hard hut
was saved by brailant support. Brooklyn
released Dnt Balrd to the New Tork
(Hants Taesday by the waiver route.
Brooklyn. AB RHPOiE
Olson, ss. t 1 1 1 1
Johnston, lb. (00110
Ijets. rf. , 4 0 14 0 0
Wheat. If. (1110
Myers, cf. 4 0 1110
Keaotehy. lb, 4 0 14 10
KiMsfX, lb. 2 0 1110
BlUett. c 4 0 1 C 1 0
Xsrouard, . 2 1110 0
Mazeanx, p. ..... 0 0 0 0 10
HHofceU. p. 00000
xfehart. p. 0 0 0 11
Kreajer ........... 0 0 0 0 0 0
tafcCabe 0 0 0 0 0 0
XMBIer 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals t 11 3? 1
Batted fr Uastsx la seventh. .
tRan for Ercerer In seventh,
t Batted for llhtiiftir in eighth.
Gran, 3b. 1 1 4 1 0
Rath. 20. .............. s l d a 2 2.
n&abert. lb. 4 2 J 4 1 0
Reosa. cf. ,. 4 13 5 8 0
Deaean. IX. 4 3 14 9 0
Kept ss. 4 13 0X0
Ncale. rf.- X 0 1 3 0 0
Alien, c. a o e o i o
Wtsco. c. ....... Z 0 1 E 0 S
Rnetner, p. ...... ....v. 4 0 0 0 0 0
Totals S 19 37 Z 1
Seor br Innings.
Gtaciaaatl SfiO 103 100
Breoklya 041 QIC 010 I
two oass mo. is-opr, j; wdni jurors.
Three bass bit, Kela. Ssertfic. hit. Rath.
Doable pay. Kept to Rath to Danbert.
Base en balls, off MarqwArd, X; off Ma
maox. 1. Xn&iUus Ditched. Maranard. 5:
Uamatxx. 3; MttefaeH. 1; If chart, 1. Strnek
out. by Xarqaard. 4: by Rnether. 3.
Neir Tork. Jalr 3L The Ner Tork
Giants celebrated their return home by
dtfaatinr St Treats TnesdaT. Barnes heM
the Tistters to three hits whBe New Tork
batted rear . Leoms pitchers tor IT hits.
Hornsor " eiirhtly bnrt In a play at
second in the first inning and retired
from the raxae.
St. Lotjls. ABRHPOAB
J. Smith, cf. 4 0 0 0 10
FPqmler. lb. .......... 2 0 10 3 0
Stock. Jb. 2 0 113 1
Horasey. 3b. ............ 0 0 9 0 0 1
Knode. 3b. ......... 3 0 0 4 10
Isaran. ss. ............. 4 0 0 5 11
CIssmoBS. e ............ 201110
Dilboeffer. c- .......... 2 0 0 0 2 1
Heathcotc, rt, S 10 13 0
IfcHeary. If. X 0 0 S 0 2
Haines, p. .............. 0 0 0 0 0 0
Korth. p. 3 0 0 0 0 0
Klme. p. ............... 0 0 0 0 0 0
Scbnlte 0 0 0 0 0 0
Glees, p. ............... 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kew York.
Burns, If.
Bancroft, ss.
.19 1 1 H 14 (
(1110 0
... s
... 2
... 1
2 2 2
3 2 IS
Tonus, rf.
FTtSca. IB. .....
EeJy. lb.
Speiwser. cf. ....
Kteff. ef.
Doyle. 2b.
Xoeevre, 3b. ....
E. Smith, c ....
Gonsala c ....
Barnes, p. ......
i"rrr" 2
I 11
0 1
Totals 22 I 1'
27 17 1
Batted for Klme la eighth.
Seore by lanfcBSs.
St. Loufa et m (101
New Tork 10 111 " 1
Two base hits. Fonrnler. Kelly. Stolen
base. Trlseh, Sacrifice hits. Doyle, Sehnltz.
Double plays. Barnes to SaKh to Kelly:
Doyl to Bancroft to KeDy; Frlsch to
Kelly: foamier, nnassisted. Base on balls,
off Barnes. 1; off North. 2; off Klme. 2.
Innlnn pitched. Haines, 0: North. (; KIne.
71 (Been. 1. Hit by ptteher. by Barnes
(Foamier). Strncknat, by Barnes, 2.
PalladelpMa. Pa, jnjT jj. Philadelphia
was herpless befero Hamilton In the first
National learae rame hero etsce June 21
TMsday. PttUbare; htt M eadows hard.
Soere. w. tt t
Kttsbarr 2 Oil 507 1 1
rnuaaalphla 00 0 011 4 1
Batteries: Plttsbarfi Hamilton and
Baetfaer; PhOadelphis. Keadows. GatfU
and Trafeeser.
Boston. Mass, July 5t FflUntlm was
Ineffeetrve and Chicago had tittle txoable
wlanlnt- Tneeday. It was ChJcacn'e fifth
stralcht victory here, the home team hav
tnr failed to defeat the Cabs ones this
.eason la Boston.
Score. B.H.E.
Chleagn 012 M t 10 It 1
Boston 1 01 2 7 1
Batteries: Chfcaco, Tyler and Daly; Bos
ton. FtlUagim. Badolph and O-Netll.
Ex-Champ Takes
Drink On House
Joltet, m, Jnly 28. JacS Johnson,
negro, former heavyweiernt who Is
beint: held In Jan here pending action
by federal authorities remarked to
sheriff Newkirk Taesday he needed
exercise and asked to be taken auto
mobile riding.
Accompanied by the sheriff and
several deputies, he toured the city,
being taken to Manhattan, a. suburb,
where they visited a soda fountain.
Johnson and his guardians took a seat
table and ordered strawberry
sodas. The drinks were on the house.
would not hurt it.
It Is tasteless. When mixed with
sweetened water, baby really likes
to take IL
Its effects are pleasant, for Its tex
tore is as soft as talcum powder and
it cannot Irritate Ji tender stomach.
Read what one grateful mother
says about Ware's Baby Powder:
. Tcxia, Tax, July 21, 19.
Dear Sir: I have five children and
do believe If it had not been for
Ware's Baby Powder, four of them
woold have died. I have used it for
fourteen years and found tt to be
one of the best remedies for bad
bowels and disordered stomach.
Mrs. R. G. Ayers.
Ware's Black Powder and Ware's
Red Powder for adult Intestinal
Ware's Powders are for sale at
your druggist is $.00, IU, and 60e
sixes, or mailed direct If he is not
stocked. Handled by largett whole
sale houses. The Ware Chemical Co,
Ial las. Texas. W H. Patterson.
President and General Manager.
Then Court
) oo BimC3o the Poor. I jjueS vo"u J fa-S- THe
asaalHa,aaHaaBlaPvW issaksSiiassHsS- V-
SwO.IIIWIW wBEStBm -v . .
' - togcti ( cw-SI-.
f TS Al-1- SO "GARS OLD ) V gH y j OH NO- I KNOV X R?J0Py
fl Dime a -J01" .-""""!. ( w rWrE 301W' fa "'
li:;l;.-:: J k-.U':-, 1
"Cyclone" Bill Is Confi
dent of Victory Over the
Japanese Champion.
"Cyclone Bill" Flodln. Swedish wel
terweight wrestllne; champion ar
rived in Bi Paso Tneeday chsok fall
of confidence in his ability to defeat
Hatty Matsoda next Taesday night
la their catch as catch can finish
Flodln has met the best boys of his
weight In the game. Some of them
are: Waino Ketoaen. recognized mid
dleweight champion; Johnny Myers.
Walter Miller. John Mackey. Peter
Glllett, Dave Barns and others. He
will start training Saturday after
noon at 4:30 oclock, jnst one honr
Jeter testa sfa'mtrta vie varies at
J:. Beth are in ajxaaOut trim.
Here Is Caallens;e.
Bddle (TConneil. a coast . wrestler.
is aaxSona to met ammM nf il.
"weight in this section and lasses an
open onaiienge. wonnexrs en sent
to The HeraM sports editor reads as
"I nee by yonr sport page that
Matsnda claims the welter and mid
dleweight championshlD of America
at wrestling. I am willing to wrestle
any welter or middleweight. Matsnda
preferred. I have never been beaten
by any wrestler nnder 1S5 pounds and
have beaten Jack Reynolds twlee in
eleven minutes, also Braest Plnean,
Con Albright. Bagene Trernhlay.
Charley Raiser. John Klllonm and a
great many otners.
"I weighed 14z pounds rlnsaUe and
beat Xatsuda in 7 mlnntes. also beat
Charley Rentrap twice, each time in
straight falls. I have wrestled prac
tically every welterweight and mid
dleweight wrestler in America.
-i coacnea wrestling at vale univer
sity for four years, at Cornell one
year and am at present with the
Multnomah club of Portland. Ore,
which has a membership of Mo.
T wrn wrestle Mntsoda on his own
Favorites Are
Beaten on Circuit
Columbus. Ohio. July S8. Favorites
did not fare well Tuesday on the sec
ond afternoon's card of the Grand
Circuit meet- There also was some
woe connected with the "upsets" In
the Shepard and Swisher 211 trot,
purse 16040, the feature event.
Royal Paha, heavy favorite In the
auctions, once selling for $400 tn a
ticket totaling $1115. made a break
at the half mile in the first beat and
was distanced, smile Irwin, a third
choice won the heat from the fifteen
starters. AHa Donovan won the sec
ond heat. As she slacked up after
passing the wire she cut her tendons
In the left front leg severely and had
to be drawn. XllUe Irwin then won
the third heat and the race, Alta
Donovan will be unable to race again
this year.
Favonian won the 1:20 trot for 2
year olds In straight heats. Jane Volo.
second choice defeated a good field in
the 2:30 pace in straight heats in
cluding Haxel Kuerstner. a well
played favorite. ,
Charley Rex made one of his wlerd
breaks In the first heat of the 2-05
tret, the Nell house stake. Hs fin
ished last. Don de Lopes winning the
"Y" Wrestlers To
Entrants In the annual wrestling
tournament of the Y. M- C A. will
clash tonight In the big gymnasium,
where director A. I Holm has erected
a big ring; and supervised the laying
of the mat. Those who survive the
preliminary contests tonight will
clash In the finals on Saturday night
and much rivalry is expected to fea
ture the contests between the fast
amateur wrigglers Particular inter
est Is be In focused on -he heavy
weight division, two of the entrants,
Chester Wright and Jack Vowell.
being considered among the foremost
wrestlers of the1 city. An added fea
ture to the tourney will be the ap
pearance and competition of a number
of star catch as catch can and jlu
Jitsu wrestlers from the Mexican T.
Antwerp. Holland, July 28 Ameri
can trap shooters today received their
Olympic medals. At the ceremony
Incident to the presentation there was
no hint of a protest against the
Americans on the ground of profes
sionalism, which It was stated in
Etofl Beige yesterday m!ght be
Copyrlsht. 10M. by Interna
Wilcott, Erne,
Famous 'Vets'
ETV TORK. July SS--They pulled
a party that was a dude. There
was no tip-off. It was Just an
Invitation to stlek the old feet under
the mahegany and listen to speeches.
As we sat" there lleklng up the
oysters, etc vre spotted a twenty-four
foot ring In the center of the banquet
Suddenly, with on t a vrord of vrarn
1ns;. Joe Humphreys announced that
there would be a three-round bout.
WeH, there was a pause and then
without his dinner coat up came Bat
Xelsen. After Bat came Freddie
Welsh, the ether ex-Hghtwelaht
champion of the world. Shocked J The
boys fell over backward as Kid Mo
Parfand announced them. The two
ex-champions, two blokes whose
names will IItc for years! They
boxed three rounds.
HoM tight, man. were comlnc to
a tnrnt
The next parr were Joe 'Walcott.
the "Barbadees Demon, and Kid
Grlffo, the Australian marvel- 'What
a bout that was! Both tn dinner
clothes, tee. 'Walcott. who fought
heavies, and Grlffo who fought the
best and was never harmed.
I : !
At Beaumont. R. H. E.
Seaantoat til 010 4 11 2
Wichita Falls 100 tit Ml 7 IS 1
Batteries- Bsaamoat. Jacobus. James,
Bailey aad 8taasbury; Wichita Palls, Wet
sel and Kitchens.
At Houston. R. K. E.
Houston tot set ooi ill :
Port Worth 1CS 060 MO IS 10 1
Batteries Houston. Kreca and Moves:
rort Worth. Whittaasr and Haworth.
At Baa Antonio. R. H. E.
6aa Antonio .... 104 001 00 10 0
Shreveport 010 010 001 I S 1
Battens San Antonio. Joansen and
Gibson. Shreveport. Bono and Vaaa.
At Galveston. . R. H. E.
Galveston 000 000 1H C S 1
Dallas 001 000 4010 11 1
Batteries: Galveston. Wilson aad O'Brien:
Delia. Hinton and Harktas.
At Los Anseles. r R. H. E.
Salt Lake City 4 S 1
Vernon $ 10 0
Batteries. Salt Lake CJtv. Canon and
Brier; Salt Laks City, Shell enbaefc. Small
wood and Devonner.
At Portland. R. H. E.
San Praaclsco 10 1
Portland 4 0 1
Batteries: San Francisco. Lewis. Mc-
Qnald and Telle, Agnew; Portland, Bcooks
sad Tobtn.
At San Fraaclaee. R. H. E.
Sacramento . 0 17 0
Oakland 3 C 1
Batteries: Sacramento, Penner and Cook;
Oakland. Allen. Kramer and Ifrtse.
Los Angeles-Seattle same postponed,
teams traveling.
Tita Ifolnee. 6. Oklahoma City. 7
Omaha. 7; Wichita. .
St. Joeeph. 1. Joplln. L
Sioux City. 5, Tulsa, 0.
Xew Orleans, 1. Little Rock. 1,
Mfmph's. 1. Birmingham. S
NashvIITe. 3. Atlanta 7.
Mobile. 2, Chattanooga, t,
Columbus. 2; Minneapolis, 7.
Toledo. 5. Kansas City. 9.
Indianapolis. 3: Ullwankee. 1.
Ixmlsville, 3, St, Paul. S.
Champion Ross
Becomes Benedict
San Francisco. Calif.. Jnly 28
Norman Ross, holder of several
swimming: championships. Is to be
married to Miss Beatrice Pnalkalani
Doweett o' Hawaii, it was announced
here recently.
Miss Lowsett, it was said. Is re
lated to the last royal Hawaiian
She is the daughter of a Hawaiian
planter and holds a number of island
s immlns records At present she
Is attending a girls' school In Palo
The wedding- rrohably will take
place when His returns this fall
from Antwerp, where he expects to
compete in the Olympic eames
EddicCoIllns is an Elk and belongs
to the Philadelphia lodge When the
Elks had their national meeting: in
Chicago last week the Phlly delega
tion presented Eddie with a big lov
ing cup Eddies first question was
well, what would a man ak hat
am I go.ns to fill it with" asked the
White Sox second baseman.
Want Kodak Finishing" See G
dara Av
j Sell O.l Stock to Curt ims & lo-Ad-.
tlonal Feature Service. Inc.
Ryan, All Meet
Box At Smoker
Xext we had FrankJe Erne, of
Buffalo, who beat Cans In his prime,
and Jack McAnliffe. who retired as
lightweight champion of the world.
It was the prettiest bout of the night.
Next came Young Corbett the boy
who knocked out HcGovern and 3Hke
Leonard, the Bean Brummel of the
Ah, ha! Then vre saw SttTC 0Don
nell and Billy Rodenback. 1e best
amateur that New Tork ever turned
out. That was a pip of a go
Tommy Ryan and Kid McCoy, the
old rivals, entertained with three
rounds, and every second vre expected
a double cross, but It didnf happen.
The finish of the show was a bout
between Joe Choynskl and "Phil
Jack" O'Brien. Jim Corbett referecd.
They demanded a speech from Gentle
man Jim
lie responded s "Boys, this Is from
the bottom if say heart I was sitting
la the rear a few moments ago and
thinking what a wonderful thing It
vronld be If only old John I. Sullivan
and Bob Fltxstmmons were here to
look over this array of old timers.
Vm glad that Pvc lived long enough
to see these old timers together once
Won. Lost.
Zrt Worth If ,
Saa Aateaio ............ 21 11
Be.aa.nt It IS
Wichita Falls IT It
Shnremrt 11 If
OsJUs If It
HHita 11 XI
OalTtea 11 II
Won. IjomL
OereULnd .........
t! M .Mi
New Tort
S2 .CM
41 41 .fM
42 4T .4TI
4 41 .iti
CBiCto ......
wasuagtan ......
Detnet 11 IT .111
PhtUOstefela 2T f .It
Where Ther Play Thnrsdar. ,
TTsshtas'tui at Detract.
FhBiaelBbia at Ctnte.
Mir T.rk at St. ImIs.
Bftstao at OeTetsa.
'arte. iasc.
Brooktro ......14 4
f3aelaesll .. ' 41 St
Plttstmrc 41 41
mw Tone 4 41
Chleax .:............... 4f 41
St. Loots 44 4T
BeMOB U 4f
Pallafelpala It IX
IVhere Ther Flay- Thursday.
Pltbtare at Philadelphia.
Ctactanati at BrMtiya,
ChleasTO st Bsscoa.
St. Loots at New Terk.
Won. Luc.
Vernon IS 4t
Salt Lake City fl 44
Le. Aafeles ............ ft fl
San Francisco .......... 17 Sf
Portland fl f5
Seattle fl SC
Sacramento 41 fS
Oakland 4t fl
tinere aey fisy insrsoay.
San Francisco at Portland.
I Sacrasieato at Oakland.
I Bait Lali. at Turn
Le, Aacsiee t Seattle.
Frankie Fowser
Ready For Bout
Frankie Fowser, star light middle
weight boxer, of El Paso is on the
trail of all men of his weight in this
section and hap notified matchmaker
Jim Erwin of the Fort Bliss athletic
association that he Is ready at any
time to box at the punch bowl arena.
Fowser8 last appearance In the ring
was against Cliff Jordan, of San
Francisco, at Phoenix, about two
weeks ago. Frankie outpointed Jor
dan who is considered one of the best
men of the coast, although the referee
rendered a draw decision in the con
test, the verdict was highly unpopular
Matchmaker Erwin Is considering
Jordan here to meet Fowser tn a re
turn engagement and thus definitely
settle the question of supremacy be
tween them.
If it interests anybody. Lee Magee
Is reported as having engaged himself
to play hall with an industrial team
in Kenosha. Wis., and Hal Chase has
mad safe his Job with an independ
ent team In California by purchasing
a third interest in the club for which
he plaj s
Catcher Jack Ashworth, a young-
' stcr picked up by the St Louis Car
, d'nals on tnelr recent trip east, has
been sent o th Houston club tor ?r-
ercife and development
By Tad
Scrappy lightweight Mixer
Is in Fane Trim for
Carter Bout.
Charles ("Dutch") Cruller eater
talned a larce number of his frleods
at a speedy workout Tuesday after
noon tn which the craelc coast light
weight showed his real speed and
ability aad Incidentally gave his sup
porters renewed confidence In his
cleverness and hitting powers.
much is to meet Tommy Carter,
the soathwestern champion. Ang 6.
Carter Is not In the city at present
baring a nnmber of matches ar
ranged In Arizona, but will arrtre
on Angttst 3 and tone down his train
ing for Crosier. Ha Is tafctnir no
chances on defeat tn tlte contest as
he recognizes Crozler as one of the
fastest men ef the glove game.
Cnmltr Is Very Fast
And he has good cause to do so.
Crozler has ths cleverness of a Fred
die Welsh, the speed of a Dundee and
the hitting ability of a. Fowser. judg
ing from his workouts. The sailor
champion is probably the fastest
thing on two feet when he has the
mitts tied on that has exhibited
aronnd here in a, long time. He has
an able sparring partner m the ag
gressive Shapiro who is to bat
tle Eddie Hanlen Is the semi-final
and the two go at it nip and tack
from the first bell. Utile "battling"
Twyxoan. who has hon matched with
Kid Refold In the special event,
will also box "Dutch" soon. This
Refold, by the way. has consider
able record and will make an able
showing against the southern fly
weight title border, judging from
past appearances.
j What Do You
Know About Sport?
Xevr Questions.
No. 1 Bow many varslt7 crew
races have Tale and Harvard won
from cesch other?
No. 1 How long after 1S9 did the
famous Cincinnati Stockings go on
beaten! No. X Is a thrown bail which bits
a coacher in play?
No- 4. How long was Dave Ban
croft with the Phillies?
No. S What American tennis play
er eliminated A. R. F. KIngscote.
leading British player, tn the British
tennis csuunpronshipT
No. 6 Which Cincinnati Beds play
er was recently elected a deacon?
No. T Who won the national clay ,
oven rrtn mpiononip urr weraeB
No. 8 Had the winner ever won
the national clay court title before.
No. 9 Did Billy Miske ever knock
out Willie Meehan?
No. It What was Ted Lewis' last
fight before returning to England,
last year?
Answers to Testerday's Questions.
No. 1 Jose R. Capablanea is now
world's chess champion, having been
ceded the title by Dr. Emanuel
No. S Olympic track and field try
outs were hedd Jane SS at Philadel
phia, Chicago, New Orleans and Pasa
dena. No. 1 In the 1919 golf open. Fran
cis Outmet had a score of 119.
No. 4 Hages and Brady tied at 101
In the 1919 open golf tournament and
then on tne piayou itagen won. ;
No. S -Billy Miske is IS years old.
No. S In 191S Les Darcy knocked!
out Sadie Mcaoorty tn the 10th
round in & so-called world's cham
pionship middleweight bout.
No. T Vaughn was last in the
American league with Washington.
going then to Kansas City and to the ,
Chicago Cobs.
No. 8 The Yankees bought Bob
Meuae from Vernon, of the Pacific
Coast leasue.
No. 9 The Yankees got Rip Collins
from Dallas of the Texas league. I
No. 10 If the ball is foul, it mat
ters not whether the fielder Is on
fair or foul territory when he touches
it. The same when it is fair. Copy,
right. 1910. Thompson Feature Serv
ice.) VETERAN llUrtLEllS tttJlT.
Within a few days sf each other.
Christ? Mathewson and Mordeeal
Brown, great pitching rivals of olden
dajs, quit baseball, for good, they
say. Hatty resigned as coach of the
Giants and Broun gave up his job
a manager of the Terr. Haute team
of te Thret--! league
Charley Pick, of the Boston Brav
suffering from an Injured foot w aa
allowed to go west ahead of me Ka.
that h misht stop owr in Peca i-
III. for a feu dajs and sis.t his folks.
Senators Break Even With
Leaders; White Sox
Wallop Tigers.
deveUsd. O.. Jaty It. Gereland aad
Wasal9fta divided a desbl. header,
demand wtanlatr th. Orst. after Wash
Immm Mmi ta first rams tn the nifitb
Ctevetaa. wo. tt on a stad. by S. OTOefU.
Bumr sacnae. aaa caanEcan-s tufte.
Pine nBM. B. H. E.
WllAlKUn it ! 1M I It 1
OOTwlaaa v. ss ei s .
Batteries: Wassnnctan, Zaessry, Cwrt
aey aad Oharrtty; OewecaBd. Morten aad
8. OT4.11L
seeaoa lame
Jdc. IK I 4
4 f
4 4 1 t
1 X a t
t t t t
1 X t t
1 1 0 1
WUn, If. ....
Meo. of.
Roth, rt
Bllerte, Xb. ..
.. 4
.. 1
.. f
.. f
.. 4
.. 1
Harris. Xo. ...
Shanks. Xk-r.
Oharrtty. e. . -
Fldaleh. c. ..
MeBrM. ss. .
SfieasoB. iv ...
Totals ..'
JirnlUMl. li-tt. .
Chapnaaa. ss. ....
Speaker, er.
Oraaoy. IT.
Smith, rf.
OftMnor. lb.
Wambscaasa, Xb.
Johastoa. lev
S. O'Neal, a. ....
rTvaamaher.. ...
Caldwell, zw .....
..41 19
.. f 1
.. 4
J. X
..4 1
.. 4 I
.. t t
.. t t
:x 17 f
1 X t I
1 X X 1
1 1 t t
t t t t
t t t I
1 t 1
1 f t t
1 f 1
X t 1 1
t t t t
t t t t
t t 1 t
t t t t
1 t t f
IThlo. p.
Patch, p. ..
Jlyera p.
Totals llin T 4
Batted for Feed in etfhth.
Svor. oy Ifintasti
Wajhlacten XM 111 144 H
Cleveland tit ttt 4t
Two has. alts. Milan. Both. Johastoa.
S. CrXeBi. Jasateeoa. Stolen bases. Bice.
Roth. Harris. Sacrtfloe. Harris. DoBhte
plays. Wambsamnso. tmaaaUted: Jinan aad
Harris. Base on balls. Brteksea. T: Old
well. 1: Uhle. 1: Faoth. 4. Innlsss s4tehed.
Caldwell. 11-t: Ohio, 1-X; Faeth, fl-X:
lllyer. 1. Stmckont, Brteksoa. X: Cald-
W .. TTl. . W.t. 4. T . TtmA
niteh. ra.ta.
Cetrolt. JflclL. Jaly XL Bxcedsat ptteh-
lnr by Paber. who allows oaty five Hts
aad etrcekeot nine mea. won for Chleaco
Chlcasjo. AB It H PO A B
Lelbold. rf. I 1 X 1 t
MeKullen. Jh. X 1 t X 1 t
Weaver, so. z o o o s v
Jaekson. If. 4 0 1 1 t t
False, ct X 1 1 1 t t
J. Collins, lb. 4 t 1 X 1 t
Rtob.nL ss. 10 0 3 4 1
Seaalk. e. X t t It t t
Faber, p. X t t t I t
Totals Xt X T 17 11 1
Detroit. AB B H PO A B
Tooitg. lb. X t I X I t
Bosh. ss. X I t 1 1 t
Shorten, ef. X t t X 1 t
Veai-h. If. "4 t 1 t t t
HeOmaaa. lb. X t t X 1 t
Fiacstead. rf. 4 t t 4 t I
Jones. Xb 4 t t 1 1 t
Woodaa. c X t 1 f 1 t
Leonard, p. 1 t t X t t
Ayvrs. p. t t 0 1 0
Halo 1 o t t t t
tAtnsmiLh X t t t t
tPmelll t t t t t t
Totals It 1 111 I 1
Batted for Leonard tn sevoath.
tBatted tor Ayars la ninth.
tRan for WooasH la ninth.
Chleaco Xt tit tM 1
Detract ........ ro swe Bwi l
Tve base hits. J Comss. 7el.es. Sacrl
flc bits. Weaver. Shorten. rUsherr. Don
ble nlaja. Bleserr to MeMaOea to J. Col
lins: Toang to Holhaann J. Coluas. OBas
ststed. Base o. bal'a off Leonard, f: off
Paher. f. Zsflatas, pitched Leonard. 7.
Ayors. 1. Strsekswt, by Faber. 9: by Leon
ard. X.
"Y" Campers Call
Off Outing Plan
The annua) summer camp of T. M.
C A. members at Mountain Tzrlc baa
been called off temporarily, accord
tog1 to as announcement of physical
director A. I. Holm Taesday after
noon. The Mexican T boys will
leave for the camp on August 14 and
will remain for about two weeks, but
the visit of the regulars was post
poned dve to the fact that many of
them could not not set away from
their business at this time. The an
nual ontln? of the T. M. C A. classes
have been held for many seasons and
the camps as a rule are crowded.
IgsstssgarrsrsrejCK pf . Y ttn C'ioH''R'H; 9bSb. w SfSawflUssnesao
gss?73ltitiin &r& MpfS5SJBL MESS
Ks that's trafli
HR JRSJHk "Tfoa say yoaVo Jast bad a bot- Sjl
sssssHsPWrVSI tJ 'aCz tbs "arns ojd fiavort SB
BstSjSH tss ssno deb boiji H
aBln Jr9 leaf
IHsKaf. fHssSsB "Tell me, boaest docs it recal! Hi
SSnPSKjHsBa' olddarsZ jB
sssssPK iafSRHs "Say if It does. Old Kan taka H
sssssWlflsTsEr'y'ssI ono on me itoay thanks for caB- aQ
RssssSVI sCssssB.UsH lnS Se DP" BsB
sssssl-ilassssssBSSsssI "There was never another beer Sta H
Issssi II BEIssi rood old Btifcr." sssl
WFjy.zi BIatz of 'Today
BBW" Brewed the Same Old Way H
Kx ,lv3i i Choicest Heps anil Mlhest Orsd, Matt
Kv & r. -do-akohoBsed H
- V Served wherever driats arc said H
MaCs,.. if HH
! HB'fsssssssssssRssi I TVOODLA.WS BOTTLING CO. 1 B
1 HRuSBHB I Fl Paso. IMstrlhatora. Texas. I gt
Champion to Eeceive $150,
000 for Services in De
fending Title.
Chicago. JJL, Jnly 38. For the first
time since his memorable engagement
with Jess Wlllard. heavyweight
champion Jack Dempsey will crawl
through the ropes at Benton Harbor,
Mich, Labor day. and defend his title
against Billy Mlslce. or at- raw.
Dempsey Is bow In New York,
where he went after attending the
wnis-Fnltan fiasco In Newark Mon
day night. He and his manager. Jack
Kearns, nave a nnmoer ox matcnes
in view for the next year, including
a ivruuilM anesanter with Georges
Carpentier. French UUeholder. for the
woners true. crpeniier leu ew
York for Franet shortly before the
arrival of Dempsey and Kearss.
Xlske a Hard San.
Miske Is considered to be one of
the best men of the light heavyweigat
division. He has fonght Dempsey on
two other occasions, both boots going
the limit. In the latter contest many
followers of Miske maintain that he
ontboxed Dempsey, then challenger
for the title, and cling to this straw
In the hope that he will repeat on
Labor day.
. Champ Gets Big Gnarantee.
The champion, according to an
nouncement by promoter Fltzslm
mons has been guaranteed S50.000
with a privilege of accepting a percentage-of
the receipts; while Mist a
has, Beta gBarasteed a flat sum of
txY.vwa Miske has promised to es
tablish training quarters in Benton
Harbor four weeks in advance of the
contest and also agreed to call off
two sehednled matches.
The contest will be staged in the
open sir arena, which will 4e greatly
Dubuque. Iowa. July IV Tony Ca
proni of Rock Island was given the
newspaper decision over Sapo Mc-
Kenns. of St. rani in a 10-ronna oox
inr match nnder the auspices at the
American Legion here Tuesday. The
men are featherweights.
Charles B. Mlllfken. Prop.
la tie Heart of tLe city,
a hotel of quality and
ia&ricraality, catering to
a class of people whose
personal comfort is im
portant. Headquarter!
for the tired tourist or
traveling man.
Convenient Garage Service m
New Location
E. W. King & Co. !
Jewelers, Watchmakers
Formerly CURTIS & KING

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