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By "Bud" Rutherford
on's Hit Wins
raves Livioe
T 1
Reds And
Maintain Relative Position
in League Column; St.
Louis Cards Win.
Boston Ida. Au lL Botoll and Cln--
nDit dltlded a double header Tneadar.
Boston winning first came 4 to 3 to 11
i r nines while the visitors too the sec
ond IS to If, three pitchers betas used
hr each side. Baether was ejected troai
he first contest for disputing- decisions
on balls aad strikes. Watson made It frre
straight victories In winning the first
game which was deeldod after two wore
out In the 11th bv doubles by Boeckd sad
First Game.
Cincinnati- AB K H PO A E
Groh. b Still
rath. lb. 4111
Daobert, lb. S I
Konsh. cf. i I
Duncan If. i 1 1
Kopf. aa SI 4 '2
JTeale rf. S 1 I 4
TVIngo. c 1 1 S
Rnether. p. 101
Sallee. p 1 1
Totals It
Two out when winning; n
Boston. AB
Powell, cf. t
Haranvnie 1
Earrea, cf. 1
Pick. lb. 4
Mann. If. S
SnHlvan. rf. S
HsTge. lb. S
Jtas-kel. lb. 4
trd sa S
O'Neill, c. 4
'Watson, p. 1
1 1111 11 3
m scored.
12 10
t 1
0 0
1 0
I O'Rourke, Toronto Star, Is
I Coming Back To Senators
f stopping for the Toronto Maple
Leafs now and destined to short
stop lor the Washington Nationals
after the season of the new Inter
national league closes, made half as
many hits in two sames this year as
he did in CI contests in the National
league eight years back. And in
these two games he might have had
a trifle more than half as many hits
if he hadn't retired from the second
before it was finished.
The new Washington lnflelder is
thA nni (YRonrke who played in SI
games with the Boston Nationals dur-J
log the season oz isis. Deing iao tucw
eceseor of Walter J. Maranvllle as
shortstop of the Bfi team. Hitting,
in MIS. was not O'Kourke's strong
point, for the averages calculated by
John Arnold, then secretary mow
president) of the National league
awarded him a mark of .122.
Could Not Slake Good.
Frank wasn't quite as geod a batter
as Lurid Lew Ritchie, but he was a
better sticker than Albert Peter Lei
fteM, who still sticks round the fast
time circuits, and than Johnny Dodge.
Ed Reulbach. Earl Moore. Art Fromme,
Don Carlos. Patrick Hagen and Gene
Woodrrarn. . ,--
O'Rourke got his average of J!J
by making 24 hits In 196 times at
bat three of the blows being for
extra distance. Two were doubles,
one was a triple.
That was in 1912.
In 1S2 Frank James, who is a
native of the same state as James ;
Cox and Warren G. Harding, showed
early that two doien blows lor a
Totals u 4 lU 1
Batted for PoweO la eighth.
Score by Innings.
Cincinnati ! H U 1
Boston 1 (1 1 11 i
Two base hlta, BoeekeU Ford. Three base
hits. Danbert. Jtottah. Stolen base. Neale.
Sacrifice hits. Wlngo. 2. Rath. SsUtTan.
Double plays, Groh to Rath to Danbert.
Bases on bans, off Reether. 1; off BaDee,
l off Watson. 1. Strockont, by Rvether.
1 by Sallee. 2: by Watson. 1.
Second game. E. H. E.
Cincinnati 42 2 Me 13 1C 2
Br. ion jit ee tin 1 13 1
Batteries Cincinnati, Ring. KUer. Brees
ler and Wlngo. Boston. Rsdorph. McQuil
lan, Oeschger and Oovdy, O'Neill.
Philadelphia. Pa.. Aug. 11. Doak'r fail
ure to cover first base on Williams's smash
between Hornaby and Fournler In the aev-
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enth robbed him of no-hit Jte lis
Tday to 1 St. Loulsvlctory over
Philadelphia. Hornaby stopped the Ban
andeould easily have retired Williams at
"ST Louts. AB K H PO A. E
J. Smith, cf. '
'.'.'.'. 4
Fonmier. lb. ...
Stock, lb. ....
Hornaby, 2b. ....
Shotten, If. .....
Lavan. fa.
Heatheote, rf. ..
ClemoBS. c
Dosk. p.
Paillette, lb. ....
Leboarveas, If.
BavUazs. 2b. ..
WuUarai, cf. ..
Hansel. Tf.
Ftetcherss. ....
R. Miller. 3b. ..
Wheat, c. ...:..
HnbbeH. p.
Wrlchtstone ...
Betta. p.
3 3
1 II
13 S 1 27 II
3 1
I t
U 1
Totals ...IS 1 i 2'
Batted for HubbeU In sixth.
Score by inntegs.
St- Less Ml etl ai
PMladdphla ? "f-1
Two base nrca, fosrmer, .. jmnm. u
run. demons. Stolen base. Snellen. Sae
riflee hits. Foamier, Leoenrveau, MeoseL
Double plays, Fletcher to Pauletto to
Meusel; Paulette to HUDoeu. Ae vu
bases. Fhfladolphla. 3: St- Louis. . Baaea
on bans, off Doak. 2; off HobbelL 3: oft
Betta, 1. Stmekeut. by Doak. 2: ty Hub
ban. 1: by Betta, 1. Loslsg pitcher, Hnb
Pittsburg at New Tork. both games, rain.
Chicago at Brooklyn, wet grounds.
A contract has been, consummated "with, the
Fisher Merger Oil Company whereby this com
pany has taken a 50-50 drilling contract on all
the leases of the Texas Homer and Fisher Oil
Corporation. This does not include the present
well of the Texas Homer 13-acre lease in Section
3-12-12, De Soto Parish, Louisiana, now nearing
completion, nor the No. 2 well of the Fisher Oil
Corporation 15-acre lease, also in Section 3-12-12,
on which derrick has been erected and drilling
will commence as soon as possible after the pres
ent joint well now being drilled by Texas Homer
and Fisher companies in Section 3-12-12 is com
pleted. This well should be drilled in within the
next 10 or 15 days, and good production is ex
pected as it is in proven territory.
A 25 stock dividend of Fisher Merger stock
to holders of Texas Homer and Fisher Oil Cor
poration stock will be payable on August 31, 1920,
as part consideration for the 50-50 drilling con
tract. This dividend will be paid to all stock
holders on record in the Texas Homer and Fisher
companies on or before August 31, and in order
to participate in this stock dividend stock should
be recorded in owner's name on or before the
time specified.
The Fisher Merger Company has already ac
quired 1,000 acres of excellently located leases
near Mansfield, La., in De Soto Parish, two 112
foot standard derricks having already been
erected and drilling on same will be begun as
soon as the necessary equipment can be assem
bled on the ground.
Pull details of the above are now being
mailed to stockholders on record in the Texas
Homer and Fisher companies. Transfers of stock
can be made at the office of Dunbar & Company,
226 Mesa Ave., El Paso, Texas.
season was not point? to be enough
for him.
On the day the champions.. lp lid
of the new International league
season Iran lifted this year
Thursday, April 22 (Jnplter rin
vfcia saw to It that motit of the
team couldn't set away front
the barrier the day before)
OTtonrke helped himself to six
saftles, half of these belnfr for
extra dljtanee.
Prank James eonldnt fret more
than Mix hits the first day, be
eanse he only batted six times.
On Saturday. July 3. tn Toronto,
OTloorkrv. making: six hits again,
this time against Rochester, would
have had seven trips to the plate had
he stuck to the combat all the -way
along. This the new National dldnt
do, for after the seventh inning was
completed Prank retired to hare his
leg bandaged In time to catch the
train for Rochester. He was re
placed In the batting order by Bader.
w.h went to center field. In the
eighth O'Roarke's successor got a
chance to hit, popping to Allie
White, former Catholic University
boy and property of the Giants, for
the third and last out of the Inning.
Hit Pitchers Hard.
O'Rourke, the day ho was beating
up the Rochester pitchers, did no
popping. His harvest for the after
noon was three singles, one doubl
and two homers. The two bagger and
one of the four baggers were pro
pelled In the same frame the seventh.
If any minor or major leaguer ever
before made sir hits twice In a sea
son as O'Rourke has done this year,
none of the dope hounds knows any
thing about the matter.
Another thing out of the ordinary
accomplished by the new Griffman
this year is to score from second on
a sacrifice fly.
Frank did this In the ninth nt
Toronto on Wednesday, May IS, In
n irame with the Syracuse clnb.
John Etuminn pitching. The
seore iras knotted -when the
Leafs took their last tnrn at the
hat and Enzmann, now with the
Phillies, retired the first two men.
0Iloarle then doubled. Vernon
31. Spencer, who now Is with the
Giants, hit a lone fly to Howard
M. Graner, a pitcher, who was cov
ering center for the Starless Stars.
The moment the ball was caught
O'Rourke hit out for third at his
fastest clip.
Experts in the press coop pre
dicted that O'Rourke waan t going
to tarry at third, for the ball wa
hit so far out Frank could have
walked from third to the hot corner.
For once said experts were right.
He kept on going and beat the Telay
to the plate. McGraner pulling some
thing new In the pastime and making
the return to the Infield via left the
long way home. In other words.
O'Rourke has been a bear cat In
the International this year. He Is
credited with having a week arm and
a pair of legs that are not up to par,
yet no shortstopper outside of Boley
of Baltimore, who really Is a better
prospect than O'Rourke (better, be
cause younger), has turned as many
sensational plays.
Spencer An Expensive Rookie I
Proved Costly To N. Y. Giants
"EN the Giants bouitht outfielder
Vernon M. Snancer from the To
ronto internationals they landed
a man who. when be started to play
professional ball, went into the pas
time with the intention of eventually
landing in the major leagues.. That
was his ambition. It took him seven
years to realize said ambition, for It
was in 1913 that Vernon M, who
doesn't need to play ball, but wants
to, deserted the farm for the diamond.
lias some cars, too.
It was his own farm he deserted.
Spencer being a landed proprietor at
Wlxom, Mich. He not only owns a
farm, but he owns a couple of automo
biles and he owns a nying macnine.
too, getting Interested and Involved
In aeronautics when he was identi
fied with Uncle Sam's air service dur
ing the world's greatest war.
spencer's xirsi proiraitonai en
gncrentent was with the Pontlae
club of the Border lea cue In 1913.
lie then iras a pitcher, as well ns
an outfielder, but his manager
didn't use hlra in the box much,
for Spencer name Is not found In
the pitching records of the Class
D organisation In whleh he was
employed. Urban Shocker's Is.
though. The man who fanned
Babe Rnth three times and who
ran up a string of 14 strikeouts
against the Yankees this year
then was with Windsor, which
was the only club that finished
below Pontlae.
Battini? against Shocker and others.
Spencer hit .184.
Vernon M. still drew salary from
a club In his native state in 1914,
but his rating was higher and prob
ably his stipend was, too. In the
spring of that year he Joined the
Lansing club of the Class C Michigan
laasme and went with it to Mount
Clemens when It was transferred.
There were some pretty iair oaii
players in the South Michigan league
in 1914. the leading hitter being Joe
Harris, whose decision to play Inde
pendent ball last winter probably robs
him of a chance to figure in a world's
series this year.
Another of Spencer's 1914 rivals
was Pat Duncan, outfielder of the
Cincinnati Reds.
Spencer nit the Ball.
Harris rolled un a battlnc average
of .386. Spencer bit .308 and Duncan
clouted .286. One of the pitchers these
men had to bat against was Jesse
Jacob Haines of the Cardinals, whose
postoffice address then was Saginaw.
Uduouiqs to aavance, spencer sot.
with the Denver club In the Class A
Western league In IS 15. He played In
.very Inning of every game for the
Grizzlies, who were managed by Jack
Coffee: hit .38 and his reward was a
berth in 1316 with a club In the Cen
tral league, said club being Terra
Haute. He later was with Springfield.
In the Central Spencer batted for JSlt,
The new Giant outfielder re
turned to the AVeatem league la
1S17 as a member of the Pes
Moines club, bnt his work was not
sensational, for at the end of the
season hi average was .253.
Spencer, however was not with the
2 o wans when the campaign closed,
having Quit them in July to do his
bit toward abating the n un.
When Uncle Sam asked for waivers
on hfm. the landed proprietor of
.Wixom. Mich- found that minor
league managers baa forgotten all
about the pitcher-outfielder who had
batted for .30 S in the South Michigan
league In 1914, and for .335 in the
Western league In 1915. but by perse
vering he managed to catch on with
the Bay City club of the Michigan
Ontario league, of which one Cristall
was the manager. That was in the
spring of 1919.
Did Ttot Finish season.
Once again Snencer did not finish
the season with the club with which
he started. Some kind of trouble de
veloped between the owner and the
manager of the Bay City club and
Spencer left it, under the Impression
he was a free agent or that his mana
ger had a right to sell his services.
Spencer ate a few meals with the
Jersey City club and Bill Donovan.
manager of the Skeeters, was all
ready to bur SDencers release from
Cristall for 3340 when word came
zrom jonn n. jrarreii. secretary oz me
National association, that Bay City
and not Bay City's former manager
had title to the player. Consequently
Donovan did not buy for J 300 the man
for whom McGraw this year gave
Benny Kauff and a flock of money.
Spencer went out and bought his
own release after the Jersey City in
cident and joined the Toronto club.
He hit .32: In the International In
1919 and was batting about 335 this
years when sold to the Giants.
The Michigan-Ontario league had a
statistician of Its own last year, but
for some reason he failed to make
public Spencer's achievements with
the Bay City club, thereby doing that
ambitious athlete considerable injus
For unofficial record keepers say
that SDencer. in 45 fames with Bay
City last year, batted .393 and stole
60 Dases.
Scouts looked Spencer over care
fuly this year and found he could
do about everything. He throws
well, hits well and thinks well.
For a time the Yankees seemed
to be the club for which Spencer
was headed, bnt when the Giants
proffered Kauff and coin to To
ronto for Vernon's release, nil the
other offers were sidetracked and
Spencer was shipped on to
Gotham. He made a hit the first
time he batted in the National
league and made a hit with the
fans In his first same.
Spencer Is a left-handed batter
and a right-handed thrower,
welsh 160 pounds and is five feet
seven Inches in height. He was
born in Wlxom, Mich, on Feb
ruary 4. 1S95.
Vernon M. is the kind of ball player
raanaeers like to have around men
who want to learn and who want to
They are the kina wno ao aavance.
Sell Oil Stock to rurtiu Jt Co Adv
At Wichita Fall. B. H. E.
Su Antonio 011 002 1M t IS Z
Wichita Falls HO 041 M 0 f 0
Butteries: San Antonio. Flnchor and
Gleason; Wichita. Falls, Wetzel and Kitch
ens. At DaUaz. R.H.E-
Hocston 000 110 010 S 14 4
Dallas 0 050 001 S 7 1
Batteries: Houston. Matteson and Ash
worth. Dallas, Landry and Robertson.
At ShrerecorL. R. H. E.
Beaumont 100 000 Ml I 14 1
Shrsreport .. 0W 000 0400 7 X
Batteries: Beaumont. Bauey ana Xt-eney;
Shreveport. Hlnton. Elbel and Vaan.
At Salt Lai. R.H.E.
Sacramento 11 II 2
Salt Lako City II IS 1
uruenea: sacramento, lattery, itHnzaoa
Cadr: Salt Laze, Gould, Thurston and
At Los Acralea, R.H.E.
Oakland - ISO
Vernon 4 0 2
Batteries: Oakland. Boehllne, Krauss and
Mltze; Vernon, Houck and Devormer, Al
cock." At Saattl. R.H.E.
Portland s 11 0
Seattle . S 7 3
Batteries: Portland. Poison and Eoehler,
ToMn; Seattle, Selbold. Geary and Adams.
Only three, Coast learna fames Tuesday.
Omaha, 4: Des Molses, 2,
Wlehlta, S; Joplln, 7.
Oklahoma City. 4-4; TnUa. S-t.
Sioux City, 4; SL Joseph, 1.
Loulsrllle, 0; Minneapolis, 4.
Toledo, 1; Milwaukee. 0.
Indianapolis, S; Kansas City, X.
St. Paul at Columbus, rats.
Mobllft, 4-3; Memphis, 3-Z.
Atlanta. 10-0; Little Bock, 1-3.
New Orleans, 2; Nashnil. 4.
Chattanooga at Birmingham, rain.
1 Know A bout Sport? I
Xevr Qneationa,
I In aoccer Is a player penalized
If he trips Ms opponent when the
ball has crossed the poal llneT
2 Ir what score did S. Davidson
Herron beat Bobby Jones In winning
tne 1919 amateur ROir uue7
3 Did Geonra Chaner ever fleht
Abe Attell for the featherweight
4 How old Is Charlie TVhlteT
5 TVhlch championships did Jim
Barnes win in 1919?
6 What are the chances In the
draw In poker In Improving a fonr
card straight flush, open In the middle
7 Has Bnrt Shotton ever trotted
300 In the majors?
S With how manr xnalor lume
dabs has Morris Rath played?
9 How long has Dodo Paskert
been in the blc leagues?
10 How many shutout games were
played July i In the American
Answers to Yesterday. Questions.
1 William Tllden. the tennis star.
is 27 years old.
Z Tllden Is the first American to
win the British tennis title.
3 Golf balls are not standardised
as to size and weight.
xenoie. ana Jackson first met
in a IS round bout in 1918, Tendler
winning. '
5 On August 11. 1918. at Philadel
phia. Tendler was almost oat in the
first round, but after being doused
with water badly defeated Jackson In
the next five rounds.
6 Tllden beat 'Pfttt.rnn for th
British tennis title by scores of 2-6.
D-J, D-Z, O-f.
7 Olson IS almost A VMr nldpr
than Luderus, being 55.
8 The Cardinals got Heathecote
from Houston. Tel. In June, IBM.
3 i-iitsourg played a series of
Won. Ixst. Pet
Port Warth J7 II .711
San Antonio It IS .U3
Saravtport IS 10 -'
Wichita Fan. 11 13 JJ1
Beaumont it IS .411
Dallas 11 It .111
Boaatftn 17 It .III
Qarratoa 13 33 .373
Was. Lwt. Pet.
CSaveland M IS .HJ
Ctdeac t 1 .(II
New Tart 41 .111
St. LOTlis SI K tM
Waahtestan ........ 41 SS .411
BoaUn 4C S7 .447
XXtraU 4t (3 .US
FaOaCetabta It 74 .343
Where They Play Thursday.
WaafclBXtaa at CMeac..
FhlteMpHa at Detnlt.
BMt at St. LmMs.
2f.w T.rk at Cleveland.
Won. Lost. Pet.
BnMHm 4S .531
dBdmBaU M 44 ,tH
Haw Tork SS 4 .545
Ftttkavs S3 47 .its
Cttoag. S3 St .(It
St. Lr!l 47 56 .(M
Btltos 44 St .411
PfeOaMphU 4 11 .ill
Where They Play Thursday.
Plttatmrs at New T.rk.
ClfwtnniU at Boatan.
Chteaa. at Bretidyn.
St. LOTlj at PMrad.rr.nli.
Wan, Xst. Pet.
Vernon - 7S St .513
Salt Lana CUT 70 S3 .Mi
Portland It S9 .513
Ijos Anzelas (4 tl .stt
Seattle 14 13 .413
San Franetaao ...... S3 64 .413
Oakland 57 73 .411
Sacramento Si 73 .435
Where They Play Tbnrfday,
Portland at Seattle
Sacrament, at Salt Lake.
Ijos Aazelea at San VTanelseo.
Oakland at Verae.
games with the Almendares team at
Havana last season.
10 Carey took nart In CK cram.a
last season Copyright. 1S2, by
iwiaiinH KiaTe service.
British Tennis
Team Is Victor
Newport, R. L, Aug. 11- Victory of
N. W. Nlles and A. S. Dabney over W.
M. Washburn and H. & Voshell In the
doubles at the Newport Casino lawn
tennis tournament was the feature
match Tuesday. The Boston pair won
6-3. 6-3. In the forenoon Washburn
defeated C S. Garland, of the Davis
cup team, in straight sets.
U B. Mahan, defeated with C. C
Oni in the first round of doubles, was
allowed to team up with F. C Inman
for the second round. It was an
nounced that Craig Biddle, also de
feated with his partner in the first
round, would be permitted tomorrow
to team np with Garland in the sec
ond round, replacing W. T. Tllden.
who withdraw.
Tommy Nelson
To Box In Oct.
Tommy Nelson. 151 Paso Hc-ht-
woisjrht boxer, has undergone an ope
ration on hi nose and will be ready
to reenter the boxing ring in Oc
tober. according1 to word received by
The Herald sports editor from the
local boxer In 1918 Nelson made good
in the boxing game in Los Angeles
and he hopes to get into popalar
favor through the medium of a. raw
of knockouts. Tommy Is working at
the Harold Lloyd studio in Los An
geles, his resemblance to the famous
comedian making him a valuable as- I
slatant when a "movie" ftght Is in I
piugress i
Gene Payo Likes Italians;
Says They Boost Boxing
AMERICA. England and France are
not the only countries which are
fostering boxing as a medtnm of
athletic training.
Gene Payo says so. He accumulated
this knowledge during his travels
through various European countries
as a member of the American epedl
tlonary force boxing team along with
Mike ffDowi Bob Martin. Gene Del-
mont. and a score of others who de
lighted the foreign fans Dy tne clever
use of their mitts.
Itallana Like the Game.
Italy, in particular Is putting forth
every effort to boost the glove game,
according to Gene, and the efforts of
the Italian athletic boosters Is appar
ent in the development of several
snappy mitt men. The sport is not
adopted along such general lines as In
America. England and France, but Is
gaining a foothold all of the time.
Gene vrbo la at present train
lnjr for his meeting with Dlelc
Griffin on Angnat 3, entertained
quite n lartre andlenee daring his
workout Wednesday while dis
coursing on the popularity of
boxing abroad. Both hla title of
American expecmonary lorre
champion and that of Griffin, ns
feather tltleholder of the aonth
will be at atake In the contest and
he Is sparing no energy in hla
efforts to get Into proper condi
tion for the contest with the hard
hitting Fort Worth mixer.
"We met with much enthusiasm
all through France but our greatest
surprise was Italy where men and
women of high degree attended all of
the contests." asserted Gene. "They
were ao much enthused that boxing
has been adopted as a national sport
In Italy and they are taking It np
in the schools. The visit of the Ameri
can trope certainly made a strong
impression upon them."
Griffin Also Works.
Griffin also worked out Wednesday
and he. too, showed considerable
speed and hitting power. "Dandy
Dick" is determined to hold on to his
title when he faces the aggressive
Payo, and while he realises that Gene
is faster and more clever than hla
hard hitting brother he is confident
that he will be returned the victor.
German Athletes Now Boxing
U: S. Scrappers Start Game
By TOM- S.
MILWAUKEE. Mis, Aug. 11. As a
result of American and British
mingling with the Germans in
Berlin the boxing game is getting a
foothold in the German metropolis
and the Indications atre It vrlll con
tinue. The German .National Boxing
club has been formed in Berlin and
a series of boxlnjr shows hare been
held at Lvos park., trlth very good
attendance. A big show was put on a
lew weeks ago In whleh Bngllah and
German boxers participated with
Herr Knrt Doerry and Richard
Schnnsel ns Judges.
There were three contests of fifteen
rounds each. In the first George
Groves met Richard Xanjancks of
Berlin and It went the fall limit.
Groves getting the decision. Charles
Donoghne met Frederick Dubois and
for six rounds had all the best of it
bnt be exhausted himself trying to
stop his opponent aad had to give up
himself, Dubois getting the verdict.
Otto Flint of TIambarg and Bill Cock
ayne put np a sushing fight for 15
rounds, tt being an even break. Cock-
ayne gave away fifteen pounds In
weight but was there at the finish.
The German lads are taking kindly
to the game of flat cuffs and they
are getting some good Instructions
from the American and English
fighters. They are apt pupils and
seem to like the game. The people
who have been attending the shows
have also shown a lot of interest in
the game and It speaks well for the
future of the sport In Berlin and
other big cities of the .new republic.
It wil mean more international
matches, with Germany included. In
the next few years.
Chicago. lit, Aug. 11. Charging
that big losses in baseball ventures
had made him Insolvent, creditors of
Charles Weeghman. former owner of
the Chicago Cubs, and proprietor of a
chain of restaurants here, filed a
petition for Involuntary bankruptcy
supplies at Oandara's. Adv.
Mistake of Joe Acosta Re
sults in Grass Cutter and
Defeat of Senators.
Chlcaco. 111.. Ave. 11- Jose Acosta. of
Waahlactos. nxada a mlatake In pllch'BC
t. Jackson la tha tenth tanlnc Tuaadar.
and Jackaoa sfnsied. aendtns Weaver. wh
had doubled, with the nn that cava ChJ
eac. a 4 to I wlvctory. The Walt. Sox had
taken a lead by hlttlac opportmMlv, bot
when Fsbor weakened. Waehlactea ttad
the acere la the eight, with Milan's homar,
while Jndc. was oa beaa.
WaeaJnfton. AB R K PO A 3
Jnde. lb. I 1 111 I I
Milan. If. S 1 2 X 0
Rice, cf. I 1 s 1
Slerbe. lb. 4 I l 0
Harris, lb. 41111
Shaaks. rf. 4 t 1 1 1
O-rtelll. aa. 4 t t 1 4
Qbarrttv. c 4 S 1 1
Acoeta. a. I 1 1
Tstals 1 fltTt I
Chlcaco- AB IHFOA1
Leibold. rf. Sill,
S. Cotllaa. lb. S 1 l 4
Weaver, lb. S 1 1 1 l e
Jecxeoo. If. 4 1 1 a
Streak, cf. 4 1 1 s a a
J. Cslllas. lb. . I 1 ill 1 I
Rlsbacs, aa. X I 1 4 t
SchaJk. c. 2141,
Faber. p. I 0 1
Totals 4 11X15 t
Oaa oat when Winstar ran seared.
Seore by lanlng.
Wasktactea 44 944 154 1
Cnlcajo lltUlim l i
Tw bar. hits. K. GsUas. Ittoaerr. Wea
ver. Three baa. Mr, streak. Hosm ran.
Mllaa. Sacrifice hfts, Klsherx; Faber
Denbl. Blars. Jadsa t. trNeOl: CTOeM to
Harris t Jadca: J. Gsfttsa te Rlsberc :o
J. Colllaa. Ieft oa eases, WeakfBzton. S,
CMeace. t. Bases oa Delta, off Acosta, 1.
off Faber. L Strackwet. by Acosta, 1: sr
Faber. X.
St. Leale, Mo., i.e. ItExtra baa.
attttEr .eaahlad ST. Louis to wta Tseadav
from Boatea, to 4. Staler cm his third
becao nut tn tare, daya and hla lltb of
the aeaaen with Qerber oa baa. la the
Seora. B. H. E.
Sostoa 1M 1 tia I 7 :
St- Loate US 39 I 11 1
Batteries: Bootee. Bash, Karr and Wol
tera. Sckaact St. Lewis, Lmch sad Sev.
Tfew Terk at Oevetaud called end see
ead laatac; rain. 2fw- Tork. 1, Geve
laad. .
PhBadetpH at Detroit, rata.
ineSlow difama &
Ired Business man
ACT ONE. OsilhSa.
WALKS IN his slwp.
AND IDLY rtroiTtag.
IS TOUCHED t? a. ainaric.
see f
ACI TWO, Oct Iiero,
LEARNS FROM Ue tjnxser.
LT0 MAKE sraer.
AND HE nates lota cf It.
Bid BALES c it,
. .
AND THE cartels IaHV
ON SCENES 2 bxarr.-
ACT THREE. CtotertV,
AND THE plot t&leksac,
AND THE dart,
GOES OUT ot hla mv
AND ONE Cna a&
OUR HERO Is c&srb
s e
,. . .
ACT FOUR. Onr hero Trakes.
AND TELLS the worM,
OF HIS Atlanta csIL
THAT UNCLE Sam's raoaer,
13 LIKE tha Mead,
OF THOSE cigarettes,
e e
IX CANT ha cojjled,
s a
THE Turkish tobacco Jn ChesterSelds
is mil Tnrklsli, not counterfeit. The
Domestic is the best leaf Eoney caa.
buy. And the blend is a secret it'
can't be copied. Chesterfields are"good'
anywhere. and you'll aerer tire of
i 1

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