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Hurls Defi at All Bantam
weights; Says He Has
Met Jimmy Wilde.
Harry Xansell, snappy bantam
weight boxer who claims the cham
pionship of England, la oat with a
challenge to Dick Griffin. Gene Payo
or an other cnappy boy scaling
a-ooni 122 pound In this vicinity
Mansell recently fought Ralph Lin
coln in N'ogales and has been signed
o box the Callfornian ta a return
In a letter to The Herald Sports
editor Mansell issues a sweeping
challenge. "
The challenge follows
I understand that the fight game
n El Paso is booming at present and
would like to visit your city and en
gage In a few fights I have been
oing some fighting on the Pacific
-"i wiere i nave met and defeated
the leading bojs of my weight since
i auirai irom cngiana
1 am at present in Nogales. Arts,
where I meet Ralph Lincoln In a
return match Lincoln and I fought
at Bisbee to a sensational draw on
July 4 and Kogales promoters know
ng of the fight thai we put up. re
matched us here and we put up the
best fight that has ever been seen
around these parts, Lincoln earning
the decision but so close that the
fans requested another meeting be
tween us as I was not acclimated. I
ee! sure that I will beat the clever
Lincoln and am ready to come to your
city and meet the best boys my
"I have met and defeated all of the
English fighters in England with the
exception of Jimmy Wilde, whom I
xoagnt to a so round draw.
"Yours very truly,
"Harry Hansen.'
Minute Movies
impulsive ?n
A j&peoaocnoN
(Copyright. 1920. by George Mathew Adams Trademark Registered U. S. Patent Office.)
Creator of "Midget Movies."
off FOfe A Business
"TfelR felDS GOQD-BVE;
C3 o a oo n p racjrjnrjorjtncaarza
r5a"l "HT TAKE CAPfc
ieS?" "33i 1f myself;
Jack meets
, '
v L f'THftT LOOKS. 1
3 (V VJlFE AN' THAT THUriHHH mik & 7
zmw m -Ts&rr m - r
jawnh r xcnk. rn . .-) t, m- -r - j' -dok. at rt joa r m . -eu k.
WIT cHH W iirMliiPL --k
S-asSs Sgg I BsBBBH -zx-elw Su"" -J--.
1:3 E3 E3 C3 CltlC3C3C3C3C3CD3lIC3C3 O C3aC3"l3tlC3C3C3CacgC3C3C3C:
rc ml?
o ca cjg
urn i noc
Fast Events To
Be Held At Poo!
The races which are to be held at
tne Sunset pool Sunday are attract'
mg quite a Dit oi attention among
m women ana dots, vuite a nom
sr have posted their names as start
ers so far and it is expected that
more will enter daring the latter
part of the week. These two events
will be 26 yards each with no pre
liminaries A prize will be given to
the winner of each event.
The usual preliminary for men will
be run off possibly in ene heat and
McKenzie and Hester will have some
ast men to compete with on Labor
Oav This race will be SO yards.
There are quite a number of speedy
swimmers among El Paso's fair sex
and it is the desire of the manage
ment to assemble as many as Is pos
sible tog-ether for competition.
Any information concerning these
eents will be furnished at The pool.
Field Judges Are
Wanted For Meet
Field judges, starters and timers,
who officiated In the recent city
grammar school athletic meets are
wanted by director A. I. Holm of the
Y M C. A. for the nurnoaa of aJdin-r
in the staging of the athletic pro
gram during The Herald picnic Fri
day at Washington park. Director
Holm is in charge or the program and
will have his hands fuM taking care
of the young athletes. All thos- who
feel That they can spare th time Fri
day are asked to communicate with
director Holm.
Southwestern Lightweight
Title Claimant wins 10
Bound Verdict.
r Tommy Carter claimant of the
southwestern lightweight title won. a
ten round decision over Chet Neff, of
Seattle, Tuesday night at Miami, out
boxing the coast mixer in virtually
every round, according to word re
ceived by The Herald sports.
Carter fought a 15 round draw with
Charles Crosier, lightweight champ
ion of the Pacific fleet last Friday
night. Crozier challenged the winner
of the Neff-Cartr engagement at
HiamV&nd it is probable that he will
be given a bout there with Carter in
the near futare.
One of the telegrams received by
Herald snorts concerning: the Tues
day night contest was signed A Fan"
and is run below. The Associated
Press also gives Carter the fight by
a good margin. The special telegram
Llew Edwards Is Real Champ
Shows Class In Lawler Bout
MILWAUKEE, "Wis, Aug. II. There
is little doubt that climatic con
ditions affect fighters as well as
other athletes when they change
from one country to another. That
has been the experience of American
fighters when they have first landed
in Australia and the Astlpodeans have
bad the same experience coming to
the United States.
When Uew Edwardc, Australian
lightweight champion, arrived in
America last spring and fought Hlchie
Mitchell in Milwaukee he plainly
showed the effects of the chance of
climate. Last week he returned from
England to again fight in Milwaukee,
meeting Jack Lewler. the southern
champion, and he performed much
better, but not up to his Australian
form. However, the bout with Law
ler should put Edwards on edge for
any others in the states and no doubt
he will do better from now on.
He worked fast with Lawler. be
ing the aggressor all the way and
winning the newspaper erdict. Law
ler Is a tough lad to fight, being well
covered at all times and only launch-
Tommy Carter, srot the decision ln Ior " wnen an open-
over Chet Nff in on nf th mAe ' inS Oilers.
oruiiazu ten re and bouts ever staged
C'eveland, Ohio. Aug 11 For the
second time in two days the grand
.circuit races at North Randall were
postponed because of rain. Tuesday,
and It is doubtful whether the track
was In condition to race today.
in this locality Tuesday, Carter would
have had the fight by a knockout
in the fourth had it not been for
the slippery mat ' which was rain-
soaked lost nrevious to tha main
event, aot permitting him to follow
up nis smasaes. 1
The zurht was one with brilliant
displays at every moment as both
men had fought twice is this city to
a a raw ana were eacnyeager zor tne
decision. A FAN."
The Associated Press dispatch:
3n one of the best bouts presented
In the district daring the past year.
Tommy Carter, vof Phoenix, was
awarded a well earned decision Tues
day night over Chit Neff. of Los An
geles, in tea rounds of boxing. The
inung was xaei inrougnout, ootn of
the men trying repeatedly for a
knockout. Wildcat Ells knocked out
Holgnin in the second round of the
semiwindup. Toung King knocked
out Young Arkansas In the first
round of a scheduled four round pre
liminary bout.
Harry Frazee. nrincloal nwnf
the Boston Red Sox, has purchased
tne Harris theater in New York- oitv
and will change the name of it to the
r-raiee ineater.
He has a good left when he
wants lo uae it but la altogether
too careful with it aid for that
reason does not show at his best
Jack would do much better by
cultivating hU left hand still
more He is a glutton for mixing
and can take the gaff without
wincing. Edwards was not so
open as when he met Richie
Mitchell and he kept his Jaw
pretty well protected. HI ag
gressive style, however Is what
the fars liked and against a man
of the same kind he would show
to great ndantage. Dundee and
Edwards would sure be a whale
of a fight.
Two other Australians were on. the
card with Edwards and both showed
the effects- of the change of climate.
Vince Blackburn, ex-bantam champ
Ion of the Antipodes, was to have met
Joe Barman, but the latter was taken
hll and Joe Mandell of Rockford. I1L,
substituted and he proved a tartar.
Was Snappy Bout.
Blackburn had the verdict on
points, but the little fellow opposing
him put up a great fight and earned
the plaudits of the crowd. Blackburn
had an advantage of eight pounds in
weight. He started off well, but
Mandell met him with right hand
swings that made him a bit careful.
Toward the seventh round Blackburn
tired, but he finished well in the
ninth and tenth nd had the Rock
ford lad leg weary. It was a wonder
ful battle between little fellows.
Blackburn needs to become better
acclimated be tore tackling Burmail
and Herman. He has the class.
though, and will no doubt come along
Tommy Ryan. Australian J 3
pounder, gave Bud Christlano the
fight of his young life for nine
rounds and then became ex
hausted so much so that the
referee decided it best to stop the
contest while Tommy was sitting
on his knee and laughing at his
position. Like Blackburn he
needs to become more acemated
before tackling tough youngsters
like Christlano.
Cleancut Boxers Most Popular
Attel And Ritchie Examples
IN the early days of Abe Atiell's
career, when a dish of Spanish tripe
was a luxury Abe made his head
quarters around the Harry Corbett
forum In San Francisco, a great resort
for some of the famous horsemen of
America, especially when Emeryville
.was running wild.
Abe was always a great little mixer
and made a host of friends among
the boys that follow the ponies. Sev
eral years later when he became the
f Woman Declares Woman's Suffrage
f Increases Crime and Intemperance
. .and the Workfs Most
Important Truck Hauled Commodity
A GREATER tonnage of milk ihaa of any otter
farm product is haoled to market by motor trnpk.
In this important work, in which speed and depend
ability are so absolutely essential, the Oldsmobile
Economy Truck has long been a leader. On many farms
this truck of unlimited usefulness pays its way on milk
hauling alone ; ererything else it does is surplus profit.
id tadamojinOe ilt cdaplchiBtg to goto- rmri
Sales Co.
Southwestern Distributors
F. A. Barrows, Manager
Fbne SSSS.
JsHIL Oldsmobile
Is Your Skin Ablaze
With Fiery Itchings?
no effect whatever. That is why
salves, ointments, lotions, washes and
other remedies applied to the skin
can do bo more than give merely
temporary relief. Soon the fiery
itching breaks opt again, for sucln
treatment cannot reach the source of
the trouble. '
If you want genuine "relief from the
tortures of skin diseases lose no
time In discarding all local remedies,
and begin taking S. S. S. today and
Ton will be delighted with the re
sults. You can get S. & S. at any drug
store, and If you "Wite to our phy
sician he will gladly give you full In
structions about your own case. Ad
dress Medical Director, 604 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. Adv.
Don't Continue to SnXfer Because of
"Wrens Treatment.
At last science has determined the
real source of an skin diseases, and
with this enlightenment comes the
reason why the prevailing treatment
heretofore used has proven such a
complete failure. It has been proven
tiat impurities In the blood cause mil
lions of tiny disease germs to set up
their attack on the surface of the
skin, and in the form of pimples.
boils, scaly eruptions and itchy.
! jrning irritations, begin their dis
figuring and destructive work.
Ee -g in the blood, these disease
s -an be reached only through
e t - i 'ocal applications have
Fairview. N. M Arnr. 9.
Editor El Paso Herald:
WOMAN suffrage is an evil and an
It is an evil In that it has
wrought a vital Injury to the nation
by changing woman's ideals toward
the home. It has taught her to shift
maternal resnonsitillty to the state.
It underestimated home influences
and substituted legislative enact
ments for them.
For more than a century women
have been strugsUns to secure the
ballot, bellevine that they might
coerce where they had failed to per
suade, and we have our present de
plorable and sociologic conditions
with increase of crime ana Intemper
ance Juvenile crime alarmingly so.
None of the reforms promised by
suffrage advocates have been ful
filled and it is only fair to say that
the strongest argument against
woman suffrage are the conditions
that obtain where it has been the
longest in operation.
Woman suffrage Is an injustice be
cause it Is a minority measure forced
on the majority of women against
their sentiments and wishes.
Mrs. Ella w. Winston.
Van Horn. Texas. Aug. 7.
Editor El Paso Herald:
Please tell me how any woman
can vote for Bailey? He Is against
everything that a woman should
stand for. He tells her he don't want
her vote, by being against the only
means of her obtaining a vote. I cer
tainly would like to hear some of
those who are organizing a Balley-for-governor
club tell why or how
they can support a man of that kind.
"Woman Header.
more rent than formerly because he
can get more.
Or if he did really sell the place
when the man who made a small pay
ment down, finds that there will have
to be a sewer connection made to the
city sewer be finds he made a bad
deal and has to forfeit the money he
has paid, which accounts for so many
places being for sale.
Jake Solomon.
Editor El Paso Herald:
R. V. Pesqulera was the first to
start the campaign against Canto
without any foundation, and now is
saying that Cantu is "exploiting all
sort of vices In Its worst form.
And how about JuarezT I lived In
Mexican where all Americans and
Mexicans have guarantees and it
never happened that in the middle of
the town the bandits beat the Ameri
can people and robbed them like they
do in Juarez. If Mr. Pesqulera will
go to Juarez he will see something
worse than. Baja California.
t An American Friend.
Editor El Paso Herald.
I have read the letter In The Her
ald written by a motorist on the sub
ject of an army truck running down
a spray cart and a couple of Mexicans
driving a team of horses on the coun
ty road.
Perhaps he doesn't realize that a
soldier is Just as liable to make a
mistake as anyone else.
In states other tnan Texas, a ngnt
vehicle elves war to a heavy vehicle
at all times when they meet on the
road, due to the fact that the heavier
vehicle has to stay where the road Is
solid, or in many eases get stuck
where the road Is either sandy as Is
the case on the side of the concrete
roads here, or muddy as is the case
in many other parts of the country at
almost all times of the year.
I have had experience an vine cars
other than army cars around El Paso,
and have had the road hogged almost
every time I met another car, as soon-
as the driver or tne otner car discov
ered that a tnan in uniform was driv
ing my car.
James n. App.egate tsoiaterj.
Caoutillo. Texas. An?. .
Editor El Paso Herald:
There is a state law asatnst navtnc
cesc pools and open toilets In an in
corporated city or addition in Texas.
Owners rent their houses until the
tenant discovers thafthe toilet drains
Into a hole in the ground, maybe two
or three feet deep, and maybo two
or three other joHets empty into ihe
same hole from where there are sick
people living, I know of one uch
Anyone knows that the odor from
decomposing matter causes lung fever
and other sickness, and when the! ,
tenant reports sucn matter to the r"'
owner or city authorities he is t&ld
to move, under the pretense that the
piace is sola or tnat the owner Is
going to make reports, which he does
not ao out gets someore else that is
lookirg for a house, probably a
stranger in town, and charges him
Editor El Paso Herald.
The middle class American Is seeing
red and has been seeing red for years,
due to the unequal conditions of liv
ing in the United States.
Now we are told that coal Is to be
high very soon and that he uses 'for
renting purposes are not to be had.
Why are such conditions allowed to
occur and are we to pay forever for
our Washington administration T That
official bc&y is spending millions to
catch un with the noor devil who
dares to drink one drop of liquor and
therebv harming no one but himself.
whereas not one penny is being spent1
to aia tne Deo Die in zier&untr tne liv
ing conditions nor In eliminating the
ever-present parasite vho Is robbing
iae puuiic wneo ouJi iodu ur rein
ing houses. Food and shelter must be
had, but the American public can be
hanged before any relief or aid Is
given it.
The oil robbery Is over and I am
Just wondering H the rent game is
to taxe its mace, two ox my ac
quaintances whispered one day that
they might bey a house if they could
pioc up a oargain as a specuiauon
and since then they have seen hun
dreds of houses and traveled, thou
sands of miles in the autos of real
estate firms. They say that everyone
In El Paso seems to want to sell a
house and if houses are scarce and
are going to be scarcer why are so
many rushing to sell and where will
they live later on?
Middle Class American.
Editor El Paso Herald:
Everybody seems to acknowledge
that profiteering is humanity's great
est curse. We know it fattens on
the mtserr of the Boor, the degrada
tion of workers and the brutalizing
toll of women and children. Jnst as
firoflteering grows, so grows pauper
sm. anarchy and revolution.
El Paso has only to look across
the Hlo Grande to see what profiteer
ing came to. Only cooperation can
stop profiteering, and I wish the
chamber of commerce and the labor
unions could stop talking about open
and closed shops and find a market
for the wool crop and then find a
way to buy clothing and sugar more
reasonable (and other things and
crops, of course.).
They would have to cut out the
profiteer to do It, but all they would
have to do would be to take a lead
pencil and figure out what waeres.
hours and prices should be. They can
never do it with a bayonet; it has
been tried for thousands of years be-
lore, as well as ior tne last xew.
The profiteer uses the lead pencil
and he always wins until revolution
comes and overthrows him. then the
revolutionists become the profiteers
ana maiory repwu useix.
Cooperation should not create
bloody revolution, for the reason that
it would not injure more than 39.000
millionaires in the United States,
wnue it wouia oenexit iiu.sva.vog
others. S. H. Hughes.
going to the polls and vote against
every man on the Democratic ticket
whose name has been mentioned in
any way in public or in private con
versation In connection with any
movement to further the political
causes of Joseph Weldoa Bailey, of
Washington, D. c
I am a southerner and a Democrat,
but am an American first of aJL
Everybody who knows anything at
au knows tnat itauey has opposed
everything worth while, which has
been accomplished by our present
matchless Democratic administration,
and everything for which 'the party
stands, both state and national.
In order to break the strangle
hold of corrupt ring rule upon their
party, the Democrats of Kentucky
and Tennessee were forced to go Into
the election and tern their state gov
ernments over to the opposition
party. It is regrettable If El Paso
covnty has come to that, but when
a few score of self appointed "lead
ers" attempt to corral and deliver
5000 Democratic voters after hands
are tied by a primary, it is getting
time for the voters themselves to
I would like to sign my name; to
an agreement with any number of
Democrats, be It hundreds or thou
sands, to go to the polls in Novem
ber, and. In a quiet way without any
publicity, retire the present county
ring of self appointed leaders for a
quet rest In the shade of political
This is the only proper fate for a
bunch that has attempted to deliver
us unto the hosts ot booze and
Baileytsm. If other Democrats feel
this way about It, let theza make
themselves heard.
Outraged Democrat.
feather weight of the
world and had gathered a great many
kopecks he met an old Frisco pal one
day at a race meet at Saratoga. This
old sport had dropped the entire bank
roll about the third racf and when
he spied Able he had th same feel
ing around the heart that came to
the lookoac that first discovered
Where Was He Going.
Abe knew that he was booked for
a big touch, but did not know how
much. When the sad news came It
went like this: "Say, Abe. let mo
have a hundred dollar bill, I want to
take my girl to dinner. "Holy
smoae: saia aoe, rnere are you
going to have this dinner1 In St.
Louis r
Chicago Player
Leads Tourney
Toledo, Ol, Aug. 11. Leo DiegeL
Chicago, with par 71. a record for
tha course Tuesday led 254 starters
in the first qualification for the na
tional open golf championship at In
verness club. With more than 64
players scoring under eighty, con
testants predicted 159 would be re
quired for 36 holes to qualify for the
72 hole test on Thursday and Fri
day. Diesel, who was runner no to
James Barnes In the western open
last year, was closely pushed. Jack
Hutchinson, of Chicago, Harry Hamp
ton, of Richmond, and Rudoloh
Knepper. of Sioux City, an amateur.
scored iz, j. lxmgias Edgar, of At
lanta, 71. six other contestants 74.
and nine more including Harry Var
don, British expert, and Bobby Jones,
southern champion, 7S.
eawara Kay, tne other British con
ten den took eighty strokes.
Lexington, Ky, Aug 1L Frankle
Mason. Fort Wayne, Ind claimant
of the flyweight championship title.
knocked out Artie McGovern. Louis
ville flyweight In the sixth round of
a scheduled 12 round bout here Tues
day night.
Miss America, Owned by
Detroit Sportsmen, Wins
Speedy Boat Bace.
Cowes, England, Aug- 11- (By the
Associated Press). With her nearest
competitor at least two and a half
miles behind, the American motor
boat, Mias America, won the first
race for the Harmsworth trophy, the
international motor boat prize, Tues
day. Her average sp4d over the
course of 30 knots was 5 1.4 5 knots an
hour and her fastest lap was 'covered
at 6C.63 knots. Miss America Is owned
by Garfield A. Wood, of Detroit, and
is representing the Detroit Yacht
Maple Leaf VL owned by Sir
Mackay Edgar waa second and Sun
beam Deseajol, belonging to Coat Al
len, third.
Owing to the sinking of the Whip
powilL jr., entered by Albert L. Hud
son, of New York, there were only
two American starters. Miss America
and Miss Detroit V. Sir Mackay Ed
gar had the third British entry, the
Maple Lear v, which was forced to
retire from the race owing to engine
Miss Detroit developed engine trou-
Denver Feather Gets Small
End of Decision in
Short Bout.
Clayton. X- M, .boxlas zas wit
awed several bextas aad nrestUc?
boats darlnc tfis recant roundnD bat
wfalefa were quite a disappointment to
the fans ta geaeral. Jack Reynolds.
welter wrestusg caampton or tne
world coald not wrestle In Clayton.
de to a prevloas engagement and it
was necessary to obtain substitutes.
Writing- to Tne Herald sports editor
L. D. Bes?s. an athletic enthusiast
states the following concerning the
Tne mates between Reynolds and
Doctor fell throasb because of a
faltere to set a contract to Reynolds
In time. He bas appeared here in a
number of bouts and bad promised
the management tbat he would come
down and meet anybody. However,
there was too much delay, and he had
a match on at Bloominffton, m. when
they finally tendered a contract.
Chas. Johnson and Ed Guthrie, raid
dlewelghts finally went on.
"What promised to be a good flsht
between Benny Chavez and Monte
Dale ended In the second round with
Benny losing on a foul. Tog Horn"
Clancy. Roundup announcer, was the
referee, and was eatlrely too hasty
In the Judgment of three-fourths of
the fans. Benny was supposed to
have struck Dale while Dais was
down. Dale himself didn't claim the
foul but eagerly grabbed the oppor
tunlrr to leave the ring. And so
that event was a failure.
"The main event for the last night
was a bout between "Battling" Pied
moat of Oklahoma and Walt McKIn
non, of Dallas. Piedmont was far
too fast for MeKInnon. and the affair
was a sad disappointment also. In
cidentally, that boy Piedmont is a
rugged, clever battler, he has the
goods. The roundup itself, was a M
access. Some of the best perform
ers in the west were here.'"
ble, causing her to fan behind, but
she won fourth place.
The times were: Miss America.
M IT 2-5; Maple Leaf. "ST. 41.39: Sun
beam Deeonjol, U:H; Miss Detroit.
4 II 2-S.
wnxuats SHOWS CLASS.
Bud Williams, a former Wisconsin
featherweight, whose home was at
lacrosse. Is fighting in good style
around New Jersey. Williams has
boxed in Milwaukee. St- Pan I. Hudson
and other places around the west
Now he wants to get a chance against
some of the best 122 pounders and
would like to meet Eddie Debean, of
St. PauL
SeU Oil Stock to CurtUs A Co. Adv.
Editor El Paso Herald
On last Saturday afternoon the
Democratic central committee of 1
Paso county did a thing unparalleled
in Democratic annals of Texas. It
attempted to pledge tbe Democracy
of this county to a candidate when
the question is yet to be decided in
a Democratic primary. Tbey would
not have dared to do this thing be
fore the July primary but since that
is over, and they think they have
the Democrats of this county hog
tied, as far as a county ticket is
concerned, they will dare anything
to get on a band wagon.
When that little coterie of 72 peo-
aixcmpiea to aeuver tne vote of
over 5000 Democrats to Bailer and
his clique, they officially released
every Democrat from his primary
pledge in this county to support the
nominee of the July primary, and
they released me Whether anybody
likes it or no on No ember Z, 1 am.
vi V 'Vim
V I hjL ' N
The busy -world of today pays homage to the motor car. '
like other time and labor savers, it increases the productive efforts
of the human race, making possible the arromplwhrnintof greater
tasks in a shorter period of time.
If you are contemplating the purchase of a motor car as an aid to
timesaving, we ask that you consider especially the five-passenger
Paige GlenbrooL
Here is a car which, in size, speed and power, is especially suited
to the everyday needs of business. And, m beauty, comfort and
mechanical excellence, 'it is juite the equal of higher priced cars.
When you 6ee the light Sir Paige, you will be agreeably snr
prised, we believe, to realize that a car of such outstanding worth
may be had at such a moderate price.
Moratfodurert of Paiie Motor Cart and Motor Trodtt
Paige Sales & Service Co.
311 Montana St. Phone 1766. El Paso, Texas.

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