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American Note To Italy Defines Stand
Of U. S.
W Protesting against the partition
of Russia, contemplated by the
allies, while urging tbe political In
tegrity of Poland, the American note
on the present crisis was Issued to
the world through the medium of a
reply to the Italian government's re
quest for a statement of the policy
. the United States.
The note in roll follows:
'Ex!!ency: The agreeable
intimation you have conveyed to
the state department that the
Italian government would wel
come a statement of the views
of this government on the situ
ation presented by the Russian
advance Into Poland, deserves a
i-ompt response and 1 will at
tempt, without delay, a defini
tion of this government's posi
tion, not only a. to the situa
tion arising from Russian mili
tary pressure upon Poland, but
also as to certain cognate ana
inseparable phases of the Rus
sian question viewed more
Poland Most Be Free.
"This government believes In
-. united, free and autonomous
Polish state and the people of
.te United States are raninuf
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On Independence Ot Foles
solicitous for the maintenance of
Poland's political independence
and territorial Integrity. From
this attitude we will not depart,
and the policy of this govern
ment will be directed to the em
ployment of all available means
to render it effectual. The gov
ernment therefore talces no ex
ception to the effort apparently
being made Is some Quarters to
arrange an armistice between
Poland and Russia, but it would
not. at least for the present, par
ticipate In any plan for the ex
pansion of the armistice negotia
tion into a general Buropean
conference which would In all
probability Involve two results,
from both of which this country
strongly recoils, viz: the recogni
tion of the Bolshevik regime and
a settlement of Russian problems
almost itevltably upon the basis
of a dismemberment of Russia.
"Prom the beginning of the
Russian revolution. In March.
1917, to the present time, the
government and the people of the
United States Tiave followed its
development with friendly so
licitude and with profound sym
pathy for the efforts of the Rus
sian people to reconstrnpt their
national life npon the broad basis
of popular self government. The
government of the United States,
reflecting the spirit of its peo
ple, has at all times desired to
help the Russian people. In that
spirit all its relations with Rus
sia and with other nations in
matters affeetlng the hitter's in
terests, have been conceived and
U. S. Tint to Act.
"The government of the United
States was the first government
to acknowledge the validity of.
the revolution and to give rec
nltion to the government of Rus
sia. Almost immediately there
after it became necessary for the
United States to enter the war
against Germany and In that un
dertaking to become closely as
sociated with the allied nations.
Including, of course, Russia. The
war weariness of the masses of
the Russian people was fully
known to this government and
sympathetically comprehended
Prudence, self Interest and loy
alty to our associates made It
desirable that we should give
moral and material support to
the provisional government,
which was struggling to, accom
plish a twofold task, to carry on
the war with vigor and at the
same time tc reorganize the life
of the nation ' and establish a
stable government, based on the
popular sovereignty.
"Quite independent of their
motives, however, was the sin
cere friendship of the govern
ment and the people of the
United States for the great Rus
sian nation. The friendship,
manifested by Russia toward this
nation in time of trial and dis
tress has left us with an im
perishable sense of gratitude. It
was as a grateful friend that we
sent to Russia an expert com
mission to aid in bringing about
such a reorganization of the rail
road transportation system as
would relnvlgorate the wbole of
Its economic life and so add to
the well being ot the Russian
People Not to Blame.
"While deeply regretting with
drawal of Russia from the war at
a critical time and the disastrous
surrender at Brest-LItovsk. the
United States has fully under
stood that the people of Russia
were in no wise responsible
The United States maintains
unimpaired its faith In the Rus
sian people. In their high char
acter and their future. That
they will overcome existing
anarchy, suffering and destitu
tion ne do not entertain the
lightest doufct. The dlstmslne
character of Rnsaia'a transition
has many historical parallels, and
the- United States Is confident
that restored, free and united
Russia trill Spain take a leading
place In the world, Joining with
the other nations In upholding
peace and orderly justice.
"Until that time shall arrive. .
the United States feels that
friendship and honor require that
Russia's interests must be gen
erously protected and that, as far
as possible, all decisions of vital
Importance to it, especially those
concerning Its sovereignty over
the territory of the former Rus
sian empire, be held In abey
ance. Xo Russian Partition.
"By this feeling ot friendship
and honorable obligation to the
great nation whose brave and
heroic self sacrifice contributed
so much- to the successful termi
nation of the war. the govern
ment of the United States was
guided in its reply to the IJthuan
lan national council on October
IS, 13W, and In Its persistent re
fusal to recognize the Baltic
states as separate nations inde
pendent ot Russia. The same
spirit was manifested in the note
ot this government, of March it.
We, In which It was stated, with
reference to certain proposed set
tlements In the Near Bast, that
no final decision- should or can
be nude without the consent of
In line with these Important
declarations ot policy, the United
States withheld its approval from
the decision ot the supreme coun
cil at Paris recognizing the in
dependence of the socalled re
publics of Georgia and Azerbaijan
and so instructed its represent
ative in southern Russia, rear
admiral Newton A. McCully.
Finally, while gladly giving
recognition to the Independence
of Armenia, the government of
the United states has taken the
position that the final determi
nation of its boundaries must not
be made , without Russia's co
operation and agreement. Not
only is Russia concerned because
a considerable part of the terri-tory-of
the new state of Armenia,
when It shall be defined, formerly
belonged to the Russian empire,
equally important is the tact that
Armenia must have the good will
and the prbtecttva friendship of
Russia if it is to remain inde
pendent and free.
varns Hands Off.
"These illustrations show with
what consistency the government
ot the United States has been
guided In Its foreign policy by a
loyal friendship for Russia. We
are unwilling that, while It is
helpless In the grip of a nonrep
resentative government whose
ony sanction is brutal force. Rus
sia shall be weakened still fur
thur by a. policy of dismember
ment, conceived In other than
Russian interests.
"With tbe desire of the allied
powers to bring about a peace
ful solution of the existing diffi
culties in Europe, this govern
ment is. of course, in hearty ac
cord, and will support any Justi
fiable steps to that end. It is un
able to perceive, however, that a
recognition ot the soviet regime
would promote, much less accom
plish, this object, and It la. there
tore averse to any dealings with
the soviet regime beyond the most
narrow boundaries to which a dis
cussion of an armistice can be
Xo Popular Voice
"That the present rulers of
Russia do not rule by the will or
the consent of any considerable
proportion ot the Russian people
is an incontestable faot. Although
nearly two and a half years have
passed since they seized the ma
chinery of government, promising
to protect the constituent as
sembly against alleged conslpra
cles against it, they have not yet
permitted anything In the nature
of a popular election. At the mo
ment when the work of creating
a popular representative govern
ment based upon universal suf
frage was Hearing completion,
the Bolshevlkl although In num
ber an Inconsiderable minority of
the people, by force and cnnnlng
seized the powers and machinery
uf government and have con-
tsed to use them with savage
ppression to maintain them
lves in power.
'Without any desire to Inter
' re in the internal affairs ot the
i.usstan people, or to suggest
vhat kind of government they
-houid have, the government of
i he United States does express
tne hope that they soon will find
a way to set up a government
representing their free will and
purpose. When that time comes,
the United States will consider
the measures of practical assist
ance which can be taken to pro
mote the restoration of Russia,
provided Russia has not taken
itself wholly out of the pale of
ha friendly Interest of other na
tions, by the pillage and oppres
sion of the Poles.
Rule Without Honor.
"It is not possible for the gov-
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eminent of the United States to
recognize the present rulers of
Russia as a government with
which the relations common to
friendly governments can be
maintained. This conviction has
nothing to do with any particu
lar political or social structure
which the Russian people them
selves may see fit to embrace.
It rests upon a wholly different
set of facts. These facts, which
none disputes, have convinced the
government of the United States,
against its will, that the existing
regime in Russia Is based upon
the negation of every principle of
honor and rood faith, and every
usage and convention underlying
me waoie structure ox interna
tional law; the negation, ta short,
of every principle upon which it
is possible to base harmonious
and trustful relations, whether
of nations or of individuals. '
"The responsible leaders of the
regime have frequently and
openly boasted that they are
willing to sign agreements and
undertakings with foreign pow
ers, while not having the slight
est intention of observing such
undertakings or carying oat such
agreements. This attitude of dis
regard of obligations voluntarily
entered into, they base upon the
theory that no compact or agree
ment made with a nonBolsherlst
government can have any moral
force for them. They have not
only avowed this as a doctrine,
but have exemplified it In prac
tice. Indeed, upon numerous oc
casions, the responsible spokes
men of this power, and Its official
agencies, have declared that It Is
their understanding that the very
existence of Bolshevism In Rus
sia, the maintenance of their own
rule, depends, and must continue
to depend, npon the occurrence of
revolutions in all other great
civilised nations, including the
United States which will over
throw and destroy their govern
ments and set up Bolshevist rule
in their stead. They have made
it plain that they intend to use
every means, including, of course,
diplomatic agencies, to promote
such revolutionary movements In
other countries.
lt is true, that they have in
various ways expressed their will
ingness to give aaeurancea and
'guarantees that they will not
abuse the privileges and Immuni
ties of diplomatic agencies by
using them for this purpose. In
view of their own declarations,
already referred to, such assur
ance and guarantees cannot be
very seriously regarded. More
over, it is within the knowledge
of the government of the United
States that the bolshevlst govern
ment is itself subject to the con
trol of a political faction with
extensive international ramifica
tions through the Third Inter
nationale and that this body,
which is heavily subsidised by
the bolshevist government from
the public revenues of Russia, has
for its openly avowed aim the
promotion of bolshevlst revolu
tions throughout the world.
"The leaders of the bolshevlkl
have boasted that their promise
of non-interference with other
nations would in no wise bind
the agents of this body. There Is
no room for reasonable doubt that
such agents would receive the sup
port and protection of any diplo
matic agency the bolshevlkl
might have in other countries.
Inevitably, therefore, the diplo
matic service of the bolshevlst
government would become a
channel for Intrigues and the
propaganda of revolt against the
institutions and laws of countries
with which It was at peace, which
would be an abuse of friendship
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to which enlightened govern-
ments cannot subject themselves.
Xo Faith In Soviets
"In the view of this govern
ment, there cannot be any com
mon ground upon which it can
stand with a power whose con
ceptions of International relations
are so entirely alien to Its own,
so utterly repugnant to Its moral
sense. There can be no mutual
confidence or trust, no respect
even If pledges are to be given
and agreements made with a cyn
ical repudiation of their obliga
tions already in the minds of one
of the parties. We cannot recog
nize, hold official relations with,
or give friendly receptions to the
agents of a government which is
determined and bound to conspire
against our Institutions; whose
diplomats will be the agitators of
dangerous revolt; whose spokes
men say that they sign agree
ments with no intention of keep
ing them.
To summarize the position of
this government I would say
therefore, in response to your ex
cellency ? Inquiry, that it would
retard frith satisfaction n decla
ration by the allied and associated
powers that the territorial In
tegrity and true boundaries of
Tlussla shall be respected. These
boundaries should properly la
elude tbe whole o the former
Russian empire, with the excep
tion of Finland proper. Ethnic
Poland and such territory as may
by agreements form a part of the
Armenian state. The a pi rations
of these nations for Independence
are legitimate. Each was forcibly
annexed and their liberation from
oppressive alien rule Involves no
agcrcsslon agalast Russia's terri
torial rights and has received the
sanction of the public opinion of
all free people. Such a declara
tion presupposes the withdrawal
ot all foreign troops from the
territory embraced by these boun
daries and la the opinion of this
government should be accom
pnnled by the announcement that
no transgression of Poland Fin
land or any other power of the
line so drawn and proclaimed will
be permitted.
"Thus only can the bolshevlst
regime be deprived of its false
but effective appeal to Buss fan
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nationalism and compelled to meet i
the inevitable challenge of reason
and self respect which the Rus
sian people, secure from invasion ,
and territorial violation, are sure
to address to a social philosophy '
that degrades them and a tyranny
that oppresses them.
iPV. .!. Va..U nllnlu -twill
command the support of this gov
ernment. "Accept, excellency, the renewed
assurances of my highest consid
eration. .
(Signed) "BainbrHge Colby."
"His Excellency, Baron Camilio
Romano Avexxana, Ambassador
of Italy."
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