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8 Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1920.
OP coarse, you aren't really super
stitious, but once 1b a while, you
rather wonder Just why Howard
nver answered that last letter and
whether Jerry really means what he
ays or not and what happened to
our trunk key that you used only
j ist Wednesday and now can't find,
hooKh yon have hunted in every
likely and unlikely place yon can
think of
So, clutching a round silver dollar
i one hand and grasping- your be--red
purple parasol In the other, you
make your way to the little house
abound the corner, whereon hangs a
Mgm battered and faded and nearly
ridden by moon vines, but still
sturdily announcing to a waiting'
world that Madame will give readings
at from 1 a. m. to 7 p. m,; walk
right in.
Ton walk right in and back through
a passage way lined with forbidding
looking closed door to a very pro
saic looking dining room, with a
white kitten curled up in a rocking
chair and a very small and Inquisi
tive terrier. Still clutching the dol
lar and the parasol, you seat your
self in a cane chair with an uncom
fortable scroll back effect and wait.
When you called to make your
appointment, you were told that no
appointments were made by the hour
Final CSeaim-Up I
Of Women's "Sranmeir 1
. Shoes I
Tomorrow, Thursday Is The Last Day
o f
This Stupendous Price Reduction
911 D Black and Brown Pumps and Oxford.
OUU JrairS Snort lines and oddi and end.
Values up to $16.00. d Qg I
Clean Up Sale pJ e t9 I
Qdn P WMfe Canvas Pomps and Oxfords. 1
vDU JlQITS Short fines and oddi and end. I '
Values up to $9.00. $9 QC
Clean Up Sale .rrtlfai ctJ '
C;O.D30w;sofJ' Eefunds
Approvals .wf-ff Exchanges I
203 MESA. I
See Display in Center Window. I
m TE tae great pleasure in announcing that
I no clothing or other property of our cus
j tomers Was damaged by the slight fire which oc-
B curred at our plant yesterday afternoon.
j Some mechanical equipment which Was
H slightly damaged has already been replaced, and
H every department of the plant is again working to
fH full capacity.
Plant No. 1-4400 Phones Plant No. 2 786
you Jnst came and took your turn.
You had anticipated a waiting and
eager throng of individuals anxious
to take a forbidden peek Into an un
known and mysterious future, but the
throng fails to materialize unless
you and the dog and the cat and the
purple parasol can be called a throng.
The Seeresa Appears.
Finally the seeress, clairvoyant,
fortune-teller or whatever title by
which she Is known, comes In and
you chat brightly for a. moment or so
about El Paso's bright sun and fall
clothes and whether or not it pays
to attend early sales until you begin
to think you are making a party
call on one of your mother's friends.
Ton had hoped for a crystal ball.
shadowy draperies, deep, impene
trable alienee and awe Inspiring mys
ticism, hut. reluctantly relinquishing
hope of all these, you are just about
to make your departure when you are
asked to come into the next room.
You park your purple parasol In a
corner and follow your guide into the
front room where you find a small
table, two chairs facing one another
and a solitary deck of very antique
looking playing cards cards which
illustrate more potently than any min
ister's sermon, the evil effects of a
worldly life.
The pink checked seeress opposite
The West Texas Military Academy
San Antonio, Texas. (Junior Unit. R. O. T. C
Twenty-eighth year begins September 7, 1920. In
termediate and Academic Climate and location
i-ial Artesian water. Eight buildings used for
bcnool purposes.
The best equipped Military School In the South
s est all equipment furnished by the United States
government. $12S.M0 fireproof barracks steam
-at and electric lighted throughout.
-hower baths, swimming pool, ten-acre athletic
' eld. Graduates enter college, army or business
The only school In San Antonio selected for a unit
' Students' Army Training Corps by the War De
artment. Affiliated with State University.
rite for Illustrated catalog.
J. TOM WILLIAMS. Superintendent.
San Antonio. Texas.
you shuffles the cards and you cat
them three times, according- to di
rections. She lays them down one
by one very slowly, very solemnly,
considering' each card by itself and
in relation to its neighbors.
"1 see a dark man. a very dark
man." she enunciates impressively.
"Do you recognize him?"
"N-n-not y-y-yet," you reply, your
emotions nicely balanced between
eternal hope and something1 akin to
"I see him and a very blonde man.
They will cause you some trouble
They are Jealous of one another, very
jealous." she recictea glibly.
Lacking: In Detail.
You'd like a little more detailed
description of these fascinating men
who are Jealous, very jealous, of one
another, but she regards you sternly
when you hesitatingly voice your
desires, ana proceeds without aeign
incr to answer.
You spend twenty-five minutes lis
tending to your "fortune" as revealed
for a moment by the all-knowing
cards, the cards which "never lie."
You learn that there Is to be 8
death: that you are very much Inter
ested in a "medium" dark man who
Is or has been married and has
small son. You make a mental note
of the son and listen while she tells
you that he Is a very good man. never
win be rich but is "good" ana
"steady" and a fine "catch. He
sounds Interesting even though not
really exciting and you are Just on
the roint of asking- his name and
where he may be located when she
pauses in pleased beenevolence to an
nounce that you win "get your wish.
What wish Why the wish you
wished when you cut the cards'."
you haunt been tola to xntuce a
wish and you regret It deeply inas
much as you might have wished for
a million dollars or something and
obtained It Just as easily. You
mourn the omission but decide to
j em ember that the next time and
make the wish whether you're told to
or not.
A Heal Discovery-
You are also told that your lungs
are weak, which comes as a disttuct
shock. Inasmuch as your apparent
health and strength and size had al
ways been something of an em
barrassment to your old-fashionsd
mother and a real wory, from a fin
ancial standpoint, at least, to your
You also learn that things are go
ing to be better "from now on" and
that 1921 Is going to be a wonderful
building- year all over the world. '
You sit tense on the edge of your
chair thinking that this Is the crux
of the whole thing, but she goes
right on without saying whether it's
to be & Queen Anne cottage or a
Colonial mansion and you are asked
If you know a James. Henry, wunara,
Josenh. Mary. Emma or Ruth. You
bate to admit that you don't know
anyone by any of those names, for It
seems to indicate a woeful lack of
friends On your part, but for the life
of you, you can't remember a single
asqualntance with any of these names.
It develops that they aren't really Im
portant, however, and you are asked
if von remember your grandfather.
the one with a beard. You don't and
never did. having never seen either
of your grandfathers, and are re
lieved to find that this. too. really
doesn't matter and that she can't hear
what he Is saying- anyway.
Discovers ravorife uoior.
Tor the nineteenth time, you hear
that Your future Is really good, very
good, and you gather from the repeti
tion that your dollar Is desired, so
you lay It on the table, where it re
mains as t long as you are in ioe
house, with a truly regal disregard
for mere lucre.
"Come this way. tn seeress reus
you, and you go our rememoer jubi
In time the parsed parasot
"Purple is your favorite color, isn't
it?" you are asked.
"Well, sort o." you reply foolishly.
muVfnr fl.l efforts to catch her
eye with your own and keep It from
wandering to your purple hat and
purple handbag,
Tknow. I klnda felt It." she re
rv Mnvprs&llonallv. "Yes. I could
of sworn that you like purple."
You musingly ponder as you home
ward plod your weary way whether
there Is really "something In it" or
not and decide that there really Is
a dollar every half hour, at least.
Ctldrene Eyesight.
Children's eyesight is very precious
in fact priceless and deserves
careful attention. The most impor
tant factor in getting children reaoy
for school is that the eyesight is nor
mal. The eyes should be watched as
carefully as the teeth and general
.seed u lasses t ask segau.
EI Paso Optical Co.
1M Texas St. 211 San Antonio St.
Let TJa Call Yon.
When you wish to be awakened at
some hour other than your regular
rising time fishing time Is here and
the hunting season Is fast approach
ing can 3frvu. we win. giaaiy can
you at any hour desired. When you
wish to know the time of day ask us.
City Service Co Tel. 3300.
Autos, Taxis. Baggage, Moving. Adv.
Allen Slsten Golden Glint Shampoo.
The Snmmerland Roof Garden
At the Hotel Paso del Xorte
as a special feature to their regular musical entertainment tonight
and Thursday
Miss Mary Gillespie
the little Miss that danced her way to popularity on the Pacific
L tmd sad hnce
5aWT I
lllThursday's Calendar
Of Social Events
WOMAN'S missionary society of As
bury Methodist church, program
at Canutillo central school.
Swimming in Y. W. C. A. pool.
Adults 9 to 12 and S to 8 oclock.
Chlldren, S to 4 oclock.
Women's Aid society of Ysleta
meets at 2:30 oclock at home of Mrs.
Tacky party given by B Y P. TJ. of
the Central Baptist church at home
of Mrs L. W. Roberts, of 11522 Mon
tana street.
Bethany Aid society of the East El
Paso Presbyterian church meets at
home of Mrs. T, N LaRue. 3215 Ri
vera street, at 2 oclock.
El Pasoans Returning.
Mrs. James Harvie has returned
from a visit with Mrs. J. Dabney
Rawlings of Las Crucea.
Mrs Nathan Goidoft. who has been
spending the last month at Ocean
Park. Calif, will return to El Paso
Mr and Mrs X. A. Thompson and
V. I. Bean have returned from a
week's fishing and camping trip near
the Ruldoso
Miss Verne Lee Altman. of 1620
Mesa street, has returned from a
visit of three weeks In Alamo gordo
and Cloudcroft.
Miss Katherine Rodehaver, 3462
Montana street, has returned from an
extended visit in Los Angeles and at
the California beaches.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wright and
daughter, Jane Lucille, of 401 Cali
fornia street, have returned from a1
month's visit in Los Angeles. Santa
ttaroara ani santa Monica, calif.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N Small and son.
Warren, have returned from a eamn.
ing trip near the Ruldoso and In the
White mountains. They visited for
a lew aays Mrs. warren Small and
small son, who are spending the sum
mer at Cloudcroft
El Pasoans Away.
Dr. W. K. Armstrong Is vfaltfne fn
Los Angeles.
Miss Grace Hawkins and Miss Burn-
side are spending the week in Cloud
croft. Rev C K. Camubell has bean called
to Augusta, Ga by the death of hfs
father. Rev. R. L. Campbell.
B. M. G. Williams, of this city, will
occupy the pulpit at St. Luke's chapel
west of Canutillo, Sunday morning.
jsiss itomaine saixora will leave
Saturday for Cloudcroft. where she
win do the truest of Mrs. H. D. Slater
for a few days.
ur. w. s. Worrell has left to loin
his wife In. Los Aneelea. Thev will
spend a month at the beaches before
returning to El Paso.
Mr and Mrs. John L Kane, of 71G
West Boulevard, have left for the
east, where they will spend a month
in New York and Massachusetts.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson and
children, Martha. Paxton and Bar
bara Ann, of 1408 Overland street,
have gone to Cloudcroft for an In
definite period on account of the ill
ness of little Barbara Ana.
Mrs. B. C. Man-ay. 2201 Pittsbnrir
avenue, will leave Saturday for a per
manent residence with her daughter,
Mrs. C C Morris. In San IMe.ro. Calif
Mrs. Morris was formerly Miss Nina
Murray, of Uua city
Oaf of Town Visitors.
Miss Becky Lane, of Cantlllo, Is vis
iting friends in El Paso this week.
H. O. Wooten, of Abilene, Texas, ar
rived today to be the guest of his
sister, Mrs. E. B Altman. of 1620 Mesa
Mrs. E. J. Safford, of Freano, Calif,
Is the guest for a few days of her
aunt. Mrs. H. T. Safford. 1118 East
Rio Grande street.
Mrs. John E. Schmltx, of New York
City. Is the guest for a few days
of Mrs. William B. MeSain and her
father. Dr. E. S. White.
P C. Miller, of Honolulu, was a
guest here of his brother. A. G Mil
ler, on his way to Knoxville. Tenn,
where he will visit his mother.
Auiomobiling and Outings.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Marr are making
a motor trip to Santa Fe.
Judge and Mrs. W. D. Howe and Mr.
and Mrs. Harry S. Potter have re
turned from a motor trip through
New Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Turney and
Robert Holltday are making a motor
trip to the Glorletta mountains of
New Mexico.
Dinners and Luncheons.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wells Brown
will entertain 12 guests Thursday
night, with a dinner party at their
home, 1550 Mesa street. In honor of
Lieut. Col and Mrs. John A. Wagner
and Miss Corinne Wagner, who will
leave this week for a permanent resi
dence In Philadelphia.
There are oeeeaslon when you are
sure to need engraved .social station
ery of some form. Whether It be
wedding invitations, place cards, or
Just visiting cards, we want you to
see us before yon buy. We offer you
an engraving service of the highest
kind and have had years of experience
in this work.
BI Paso Printing Co.
New Address: 108 Chihuahua St. Adv.
jOrange Cake
oca paefctn of rr1 nrhr" with cnt3
of eoe onnca. Pot hoot in ens
nd add eaoosh water to make one cup. Bace in
Lryen, tainr bo3edidc& W 154 caps conf ecaoner's
mtmi" moistened with caovtn ocanse jmoe to maLe
it dude cnoQck to trprcad. Thta shoold bapoton
wfaalo t&o cale is wmxm.
Garland Of Roses Club Entertained
I At Home Of Mrs. Joseph H. Hurxthal
ONE of the most enjoyable parties
of the week was the afternoon
affair given Tuesday by Mrs.
Joseph IL Hurxthal. of 4214 Hueco
street, for the members of the Gar
land of Roses club. The reception
rooms were decorated with American
beauty roses, Shasta daisies, ferns,
asters and marl so Ids. The dining
table was pretty with a Cluny lace
and Madeira embroidered luncheon
cloth and roses, ferns and honey
suckle. An elaborate rancheoa was
served. Mrs. Hurxthal was assisted
by Mrs. Edith C Lane. In a guess
ing contest conducted on the lawn
under the trees, Mrs. Lane won first
prize by guessing the greatest number
of advertisements cut from magazines
and local newspapers. The guests
searched In the garden for the con
solation prize, which was found by
Mrs. Ponder Carter.
The next meeting of the club will
be with Mrs. L. U Mundy, 613 North
Oregon street, Tuesday, September 7.
The usual monthly social meeting
of the Central Baptist church B. Y. P.
TJ. will be held Thursday night at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Roberts,
of 1522 Montana street. It will be a
tacky" party with each of the 50
young people attired in amusing cos
tumes, rases win De given lor ute
most "tackily" dressed couple. A pro
gram of old fashioned games will be
1 Miss Plumb's Engagement Announced
At Pretty Tea In W. J. Quigly Home
THE encasement of Miss Carolina
Plumb to Charles Knoblauch, of
Milan. Texas, is being announced
at a tea this afternoon at tbe home
of Mrs. William J. Qni;ly. S0 West
Boulevard. Mrs. Quigly Is & lifelong
friend of Miss Plumb's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. . S. Plumb, formerly of
Chihuahua, now of 901 Upson avenue.
Miss Plumb and Miss Dorothy Quig
ly are receiving the lOfl guests who
aro calling between 5:30 and 7 oclock.
xne receiving ana aining rooms are
beautifully decorated with a profusion
of pink roses and other blossoms of
the season In the same color which
Is also used as a color scheme for the
dainty refreshments. As the guests
arrive, they are presented with small
pinK envelopes by little uiss Helen
Quigly, each envelope enclosing a
card on which is written the an
nouncement of the engagement. Miss
Martha Cashing is receiving the cards
or tne callers.
An orchestra Is playing throughout
the afternoon and will play this eve
ning, when a group of young men will
drop In for the dancing which will
follow the tea.
Hiss Plumb Is wearing a frock of
pale pink taffeta and silver lace. Miss
University Club Will Give Feature
Dance At Clubrooms Friday Night
0NB of the Jollie&t of the summer
dances given every week or two
br the University club will be the
"Hoodoo Dance" Friday night. Danc
tng will be in the clubrooms but the
roof garden of the club will be used
for various program numbers, which
will Include Charles Andrews's "Black
Cat Quartet" on the "back fence" of
the roof, a "Mldaight Sons Trio" and
several mystery surprise numbers.
Th third of a series of dances will
be given the evening of August 2S at
Odd Fellows- hall by the social club
of the White Shrine oavlerusalem.
The New Social club will give a
dance the night of August it at the
L a O. F. halL
Women's Organizations.
The Women's Aid society of Ysleta
will meet at 2:10 oclock Thursday af
ternoon, with Mrs. C. Thompson, of
Ysleta, as hostess.
The Bethany Am society oi tne sast
JUPITER rules this day with kindly
J intent, according to astrology.
rtepiune is strongly aaFerse.
It is a time for plans and laige
ventures in business, but the judge
ment may not be trustworthy, owtng
to the aspect of Neptune.
Lawyers come under a sway that
seems to promise unusual benefits
and honors.
Educators should profit by condi
tions that are now developing. The
seers declare that great honors are to
be bestowed on teachers whose pro
fession will gain a new status ana
increased rewards.
There is a sizn held to be favor
able for political candidates who may
gain favor at this time By casting
away fear and assuming positive at
titudes on public questions.
Neptune Is In an aspect saM to
Increase the tendency of the human
mind toward suspicion. Duriur this
rule evil will be more readily heard
than good.
All the signs appear to presage ag
Itaion and disturbance of thought
that has hitherto been confined to
conservative channels.
Women are to take a new place la
faculties of universities and schools
of technology. It the stars are right
ly interpreted.
Immense fortunes are to be gained
within the next few years by means
of small Inventions that will con
tribute to the comfort of the home.
the seers declare.
The death of a statesman long re
vered Is prognosticated for next
Sinister aspects of the stars that
govern Greece presage grave trou
bles. Planetary forces that are separa
tive and Inimical to the best interests
of humanity will continue powerful
tor some time, but they are to be
overcome by a cohesive Influence
which will unite all classes In a close
bond of union.
Persons whose birthdate it is
should avoid new enterprises and be
cautions about entrance to a quarrel.
Young women will be much courted.
Children born on this day may have
many ups and downs In life. They
will succeed best when employes.
xnese subjects usually love order and
are exceedingly peaceable. Copyright
1920, by the McOure Neewspaper
City Is Giving Away Rat
Poison; Kills and Embalms
If you have any rats or mice about
your place the city health depart
ment will give you enough rat poison
to kiii them and embalm them, it is
Two kinds of poison are being dis
tributed. One kind kills a rat ln
stantly and embalms him, or de
stroys odor. The other kind causes
a contagious disease which spreads
among rats, killing them and con
tinuing indefinitely its deadly dis
eases among the rodents.
To successfully rid your place of
rats and mice feed the rats two or
three nights to gain their confidence.
said city food and sanitary inspec
tor A. is. warrener, then put a little
poison on it. Meat is best for rats
and oatmeal, or something of the
kind. Is better for mice, he said.
played, and several competitions will
be held for which the winners will he
awarded prises. In keeping with the
entertainment of the evening, the
house will be decorated with sunflow
ers and refreshments of pink lemon
ade, stick candy and ginger snaps will
be served. A committee of young peo
ple In charge of arrangements in
cludes Miss Evelyn McGowan. Miss
Ruth Blair. Hubert Kuhn and. Ber
nard Sanderson. A mock wedding
will be a feature of the evening's en
tertainment. A surprise birthday party in honor
of the 50th birthday anniversary of
Capt. James H. Todd was given by
Mrs. Todd Tuesday night at their
home, 4020 Grand avenue. Mrs. Todd
was assisted by her niece, Mrs. J. O.
Lee. The house was decorated with
American beauty roses, ferns and
Japanese lanterns; An orchestra
played during the evening. Among
the many gifts which were presented
Capt. Todd was a picture of his
mother. Mrs. B. B. Todd of Beaver
Falls. Penn. The guests of the eve
ning Included: Mr. and Mrs. C. G.
Maynard. Mai. and Mrs. T. Early. Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. Bernard and son Allen,
MaJ. Kinney. Mr. and Mrs. a H. Phil
lips and Miss Phillips from Denver,
Mrs. J. O. Lee and small daughters.
Vera and Virginia and MaJ. R.
Quigly is wealing a dainty French
model of pink and blue taffeta. Mrs.
Quigly Is assisted by Mesdames E. S.
Flumb, A. Ik Ealon and Harry Piatt
and Misses Lucille Plumb, Alberta
Baton. Elizabeth Burgee. Jane Barges.
Marion Howe. Mary Caples, Margaret
Piatt, Frances Earle and Marjorlo
Leo A. Trambley. of 110S Bast
Boulevard, was married at S oclock
Tuesday afternoon to Miss Sehna
Leon Kolbo, residing at the same
plaee. The ceremony was performed
by Rev. J. B. Greever In St- PauTs
Lutheran church, at Montana and
Ange streets, at 5 odoek. The groom
is an electrician, employed on one of
the railroads entering El Paso.
The Court of Honor will entertain
at 8 oclock Monday night with a card
and bunco party at Moose HalL Mrs.
Julia A. Sharp is chairman of the
committee en arrangements. She is
assisted by Mrs. Lynn Blake and Mrs.
E. J. Bartholomae and the Misses
Marguerite and Marie Dugan.
El Paso Presbyterian church will
meet at 2 oclock Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. T. N. LaKne. of I21S Ri
vera atreeu v
The regular meeting of the Women's
AM society ei to nrsi netnoauu
church, which was to have been held
Thursday at the ehurch. has been
postponed until August 2fi because of
the absence from the city of many
Members of BI Paso's women's
chorus will meev at 10:10 oclock Fri
day morning In the auditorium of the
Woman's club to make plans for the
fall and winter activities. The regu
lar weekly meetings of the chorus
were temporartry abandoned during
the summer. Friday's meeting will
be the first of regular weekly ones
throughout the winter. C J. Andrews.
director of the chorus, recently
brought back from rfew York many
beautiful chorus selections, which
will be studied by the club.
Dinner for LieaL CoL and Mrs. John
A. Wagner, given by Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Wells Brown.
iyews brevities
Train Bulletin.
All afternoon and sight trains were
reported on time Wednesday.
Dr. Auer, Phys. & Surgeon. (Spec
Disease of Women). Over State Nat
Bank. Ph. 42-. nights. SI40.
ST Pullman Service.
Pullman service betweeea Juarez
and Mexico City win not be main
tained over tbe Mexican Central, ac
cording to officials of the Pullman
company. Sleeping cars to be ope
rated over that route are not the
property of that company, they say.
Dr. Annn Ileum. ZXuckler Bldg. Ph. S
Cavalry To JUVe To Dam.
Tbe second squadron, of the Enghtb
cavalry and the third battalion of the
2nd field artlllsrv will leave Fort
Bllas on a hike to Elephant Butte dam
Saturday morning.
Avoid trouble. Leave Dimes cheeks
at Longwell's. or telephone No. 1.
Dr. X C. Djutl, specialist. Ml Mills
St, El Paso. Texas. Phone 24SX.
Stuart's Sfudlo reonens today after
10 days vacation. We photograph
anything, any time, anywhere.
ITa. BnclUh Dope.
J. C Davis was arralxBed before
United States commissioner A. J. W.
SchmM Tuesday charged by federal
omciais witn having nan an ounce ot
morphine In his possession. Davis
pleaded guilty and was held under a
bond of 2750 for" the federal court.
The drug was an English manufac
ture. Dr. Frank N. Brown, Sr Dr. C Rol
lins Brown. Dr. Frank N. Brown. Jr,
Dentists. Phone 9U.
Fourth Floor, 31111s Bldg.
General In Juares.
Gen. J. J. MadrtgaL newly appointed
chief of the military garrison at
Chihuahua Cltar. is in jHarez tor a
conference with CoL Ciaudio Fox.
chief of the Juarez garrison. Gen.
Madrigal recently came north to take
part In the Villa campaign. After
Villa's surrender he was placed In
charge of military operations at the
uninuanua state capital.
Chicago Begins Roundup
of 212 Draft Evaders
Chicago, Ills, Aoff. 11. A rossdnp
of slackers was Ian itched today wfe en
Eovernment officers started coraWng
Chicago for 212 men Vwho were al
lesed either to have failed to register
for the draft or to answer summons
of their local boards. The list was
received from Washington Tuesday
by district attorney Clyne and was
said to contain the names oi severeai
nrofesstonal and business men.
Secrecy was maintained regarding
uiose nameo.
When 35 and up was -charged for
tickets to the opera in which caruso
made his farewell appeara ee In Ha
vana, music lovers there protested
against this profiteering in a neces
sary of life, and the protest was aft
erward emphasized by the explosion
of a bomb in the theater. Leslie's.
plays a spectacular and altogether fascinating number i
"Introduction and Tarantella"
by PbIo d. Suasats
Siows many new and wondrous phases of Heifetz technique.
Victor Rd Sal Reoocd, 74626
sings "Heaven is My Home"
This s a noble old hymn o. universal favorite.
Victor Red Sol Recced, MM I
Come in and hear these and all the other
Have You Heard
the Latest Dance Hit,
Let "Danderine" save and
glorify your hair.
In a few moments you can trans
form your plain, dull, flat hair. Tea
can have it abundant, soft glossy aad
full of Ufa Just get at any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of "Dan
derine for a few cents. Then moisten
a soft cloth with the Danderine aad
draw this through your hair taking
o-e smsll strand at a time. Instantly.
yes, immediately, you have doubled
the beauty of your hair. It will be a
mass, so soft, lustrous, fluffy and so
easy to do op. All dust, dirt and ex
cessive oil is removed.
Let Danderine put more life, color,
vbxor aad brishtness in vour hair
This stimulating tonic will freshen
your scalp, check dandruff and fall-
lag aair, and neip your bair to grow
long, thick, strong and beautiful
Cuticiira Soap
Clears the Skin
and Keeps it Clear
ixarm,9,wtwryww. BrnxyOm
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California Syrup of Figs5'
For a Child's Liver and Bowels
Mother! Say "California," then you wiH
get genuine "California Syrup of Figs." Full
directions for babies and children of all ages
who are constipated, bilious, feverish, tongue
coated, or full of cold, are plainly printed on
the bottle. Children love this delicious laxative.
Tree Tott Ate-W-M.
One-Half Poanrl OUL
Phone 340.
Office 423 No. Mesa Ave.
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P "Phone TJs" i

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