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Thursday, Aug. 12, 1920.
It looked for awhile Thursday noon
t the club's weekly luncheon at the
Hotel Sheldon that El Paso Rotary
was going to change Its tslod about
appropriating $125 to send a Mexican
boy scout troop to the camp at Cloud
croft Vot that Rotary had any desire to
dery the scouts an outing or was
opposed to spending the money, tor
Kciary is backing the Boy Scout
movement here. It was explained, and
Mrtually every member is a heavy
annual contributor. But, according to
Juhu. Lorentsen, who moved to re
consider the action of the club two
weeni ago when it voted to recom
mend to the boart of directors that
125 be voted to the scout outing and
that the members be assessed $1 each
to pay it, there was a matter of prin
ciple inoled.
Urges Caution.
That was that Rotary should not
vote money too hastily for anything
until stock had been taken of the
treasury's contents and that further
more it was not in the board's power
to assess members. Dr. XL L. Ramey
supported Mr Lorentsen, but Jack
Sheehan. Ed. Lachman, G. A. Martin,
Dr. Fuller Swift and several others
declared in favor of digging down
after the money.
Claiborne Adams moved that every
thing up to now be forgotten and
that everybody pay the dollar and
forget it. With a whoop and a stand
ing ote Mr. Adams's motion went
over Rabbi Martin Zielonfca, made
the suggestion that it was a good
idea for the board of directors of
any club, more especially Rotary, to
let the members know how much
money the treasury had in it from
time to time.
Bequest Accepted
Most of the meeting was given to
business. The bequest of 10 a year
made to Rotary by the will of the
late Robert Krakauer, -one time pres
ident of the club, was accepted by
unanimous vote and his name goes
on the roster permanently without
Charles Andrews, secretary, read
unmunicatiOM, one of them from
district president Lutcher Stark,
prodding up the locals.
G A. Martin had charge of the
stunts. He called on James A. Bor
ders, cashier of the American Trust
rnd Savings bank, to introduce Al-
irea r. Kerr, vice president of the
El Paso Bank and Trust company.
Mr. Kerr has recently joined.
Explained Car Troubles.
Aires Dixon, superintendent of the
street railway company, was given
a few minutes to teU some of the in
side troubles of his company and he
did it interestingly.
Five members paid vlrthday fines
at the rate of S cents a year for each
-vcar ct their lives. They were:
Charles Andrews, $1.80; -E. C. Davis,
JIT., Julius Lorentzen, 32; H. I.
stevena. IS.3S, aad Charles "WooduL
The prize winner was W. a Glenn
and the goat, H. K. Walton. F. X
Teaw and C. R. McN'aUy. Rotarl&ns
from RoswelL K. JrL, were visitors.
Guards, In Month, Save 42 Persons
From Drowning In Swimming Pool
XT WAS a warm, still afternoon and
X omy tne snouts or a score or mors
of bathers disturbed the calm at
the Sunset pooL Then cane a screaft,
different from the other cries In its
note of distress. A whistle shrilled
its warning and four husky life
Boards hurled themselves through
the water at top speed.
It was a woman. Unable to swim,
she had nevertheless walked delib
erately beyond her depth. Presently
she rested her head above water, on
the shonlders of a big: life guard
Then she was taken out. assisted to
the dressing rooms and soon was as
happy a spectator on the bathhouse
veranda as any.
Thus far 42 oersons wttn 11.01.. In
danger of drowning have been taken
from the water by the life troard
crew at the pool while 23 others
I Home Stale Too 'Tight'
1 In Bathing Suit Laws,
I So Girl Will Lice Here
"Walk a Block and Save
H The Difference."
k uoet Uoats
jB Genuine Palsa Beach and Kool
I KKngmade
H Large Apartment. Regular $8
to $12 Taker Special
H 3!sTheRerg,c I A
BMy fffil Qj304
mM yc JLOteblandSt. B
have been given assistance or were 1
rescued after thev hart irin th.
alarm aS & Hake." Th.K. fimraa in- !
dude the time from the pool's open
ing, July u to August 1. Just a
Eight men and one woman con
stitute the regular staff of life sav
ers, while several "extras" work oc
casionally, when the crowd is targe.
Grady Weeks is the chief life guard.
His crew consists of Wagner Dawson.
William Race. Joe Davis. Hal Bnetell,
Slim" Din, Mack Goldman and Leo
Wren, with Mrs. Eleanor Bailey as
the woman guard.
Picked for Ability and Strength.
The guards are picked for their
ability and strength primarily, and 1
are armed In handling the drowning
persons. To aualifv as a mard th.
applicant must bring from the center
of the pool to the ropes in shallow 1
water, a man who gives him no as
sistance. A cool head, watchful eve
and courteous manner are the other
Four of the guards are constantly
on duty. Two are stationed an life
guard stations in the center of the
pool and two constantly patrol the
sides on the watch for tired or dis
tressed swimmers. Ail the men em- 1
ploy the simple overhand stroke in
their rescue work. '
With the soundlnir of the whistle
alarm by the guard' who has located
a distressed swimmer, all the guards
start toward the spot. The guard who
rlrst located the swimmer goes at
once to the rescue, while a second
stands ready with a "doughnut" life
buoy, for use if the swimmer fights
so as to endanger the guards. Thus
far, in the 75 taken from the water,
no need has been found for the buor.
While the nearest guard is rescuing
we swimmer ail tne others, except
one, go to his assistance. The re
maining guard has his attention
directed continually at other swim
mers lest the excitement cause them
to become distressed is the water.
Majority Cannot Swim.
"Nine out of 10 whom we have
taken out of the deep water cannot
swim," said Weeks. They will abso
lutely disregard their own safety and
the deeper water has a fascination
for their venturesomeness. Disregard
of safety is f ne big cause of distress
among the swimmers and non-
swimmers, although cramps and other
things have caund us some work. A
favorite stunt of young .girls is to
Dersuade their escorts to carrv them
across the pool on their backs. Only
the best swimmers can do this. The
man Is confronted with admitting
that he is not a good enough swimmer
or of taking a big chance in carrying
a woman who cannot swim into the
deeper water"
Thus far two rescued persons were
unconscious and were resuscitated by
the "barrel method" that Is, rolling
them so that the water Is expelled
from the stomach and lungs. The
guards, however, are trained In
various other resuscitation methods
A W J - L' I II
"When Folks
Quit Coffee
because of cost to
health or purse, they
naturally drink
'There's a Reason
Gi-OttGIA is wonderful state, in
te opinion of Miss Grace 'Wal
lace, D on jayxwe avenue, ine
fact that she was born there may be
her reason for thinking so. But Miss
Wallace disagrees flatly with the
Georgia legislature in Its attitude
toward bathing suits.
"Georgia thinks a woman's bath
ing suit should consist of a rain coat,
a ehawl and a pair of boots," Miss
Wallace said Saturday. "I think It
should be the simplest and most ab
breviated garment imaginable and
still be in keeping with the moral
Inasmuch as Miss Wallace Is a
swimming expert she can't see much
advantage In staying in Georgia.
She is in El Paso where there is a
little more liberality in the matter
of sea going garb.
Not long ago Miss TYaHa.ee posed
with three other young women at the
chamber of commerce for the junior
hThTV RTiM vnrA th finrHa. 1XCA
type of bathing suit which revealed f
utue but her nose, it was later dis
covered, ont at the Sunset Helehts
swimming pool, that the 3ung wo
man had good reasons, seVeral of
them, for preferring the kind of a
hathinsr rait she wears in th ac
companying photograph. She says the
suit she Is wearing is Just the right
kind. She has bad an offer from
Mack Sennett and may splash In the
Pacific next summer.
Extra Special
SELECTED OAK CHAIR, like cut. up
holstered in brown imitation leather.
Has large slip, full box seat screwed to
frame. A regular $630 value. Extra
special for After Inventory Sale only
The wonderful furniture and house furnishing
values we offer during our After Inventory Sale
bring people from far and near. We have such a
tremendous stock that we must move the goods.
Prices have been cut to the very marrow. Profits
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are looking for real live bargains, heme's where you
will find them. Rogers Sales are always genu
ine value giving events. Observe the splendid of
ferings shown here. Then come early to get first
Solid Oak Extension
Similar to cut Has 42-inch round
top, extends to 6 feet in length.
Heavy round pedestal. Complete
with castors, nicely finished in
fumed oak or golden oak. After
Inventory Sale Pnce
ifej ' kT
Rare Bargains In Old
Ivory BedroomFurniture
This beautiful Colonial Bedroom Suite, similar to cut. in old
ivory, is offered at a sacrifice. Each piece is priced separately
as there are five pieces in the suite and while you may cot
need all of them, every piece is matched.
OLD rVOET DEESSEE aimilar to cat. Eegular $80 AHn
raise. After Inventory Bale pries POO
OLD rVOHY VAHIXT DEESSER Ii not aluwn la pictere, tat
matches perfectly and is a beautiful piece for tne Iot pries
asked. Has 3 large plate mirrors with drawers os both sides.
Will be & revelation to you in value giving; Q7C
Eegnlar price J115. After Inventory Sale price P ' O
OLD rVOEY DEESSEJG TABLE Has three beautiful plate
mirrors, dainty is appearance and particularly appropriate for
the yoang lady's room. Eegnlar price $67.50. JtlC
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OLD IV0EY BED 10 MATCH Eegnlar $8J0 A -J n C
value. After Inventory Sale price P lDO
THE CHDTORETTE has so mirror bat is a mere beautiful
piece than the picture shows. Eegular price $70. w1 7
After Inventory Sale price ij)r
Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture Displayed on 3rd Floor. Take Elevator
BSeHEOBBsataaBBHBiBnHHS '" - "
jmW vg3raft tjjsr 5ftx-3r X&y B
f U gg? V Sip K
H Little Savings Account Sags:
H "Look into this Bank next B
S Saturday and see the people W
mWl wTin are Ravine a nnrf nf triotr H
Kl ;n.n HI
HB r ,-. j--h.; j HI
ivi uc amuugai, uua uuwu mp
Hi each week and you fij
will be successful
1 fmrnw
B HlsoTaiik&TrustCoiiipaiiy I
B Ssvings-OommerclalTTrust
HH v . S
znoro coaspUc&ted. which they csa In
emergency cases.
, tlon to the swimmers or forfeit his
position. No talking: Is permitted by
the sn&rds except in their line of
duty. Neither are they permitted to
reaa or to loncge a arms' tnetr work
hours. At all times each guard most
continually keep his attention on the
"There Is not a chance for a person
to drown If we know they are In
distress," Weeks said. "Oar emards
are all powerful swimmers and all
that is necessary for them Is to see
the person in danger. One coold not
possibly drown In the time it wonld
take a snard to reach them. Of
couae. If a man went under the water
without a sound or without anyone
knowing he was in danger we wonld
be helpless."
SIjuit "Women Rescued.
The majority of those rescued thus
far have been women. One woman.
who prides herself on her ability, has
been rescued twice from the pool.
Bach time she pave the guard who
rescued her & thorough scolding; de
clarinc she "didn't need his halo."
but the slightest evidence of distress
on her part will bring the guard
whether or not she so desires.
Another case reported by the
guards was that of two women who
deliberately walked into deep water.
Neither could swim, they admitted
after their rescue. One life guard
took both women to the shallow
Another interesting rescue was
when the "biggest woman at the
pool" thoncht she was drownine.
screamed for help and was rescued
by the smallest life guard employed
Most of the rescues have occurred
during the rush hours, from 2 p. m.
to 9 p. m.
One thing which the guards have
to contend with Is the giving of fake
alarms by good swimmers. Bach
time a person is found to have given
a fake distress cry to summon the
guards, that person la ordered out of
the pool
Fake Alarms Drop Off.
Becently the guards heard a
scream and all rushed to the center
of the pooL where a woman appeared
to be In a dangerous situation. Just
before the guards reached her she
bobbed her head up in the water and
"Nice swimming hoys," she said, "I
Just wanted to enjoy watching you
fellows make your best speed."
The guards reported the incident
100 beautiful Oriental, Persian and
floral patterns, $75 Axminster
9x12 Eugs offered during this sale
at, each $57.50.
Unrestricted choice of any Ameri
can made or Japanese Grass Bug
in the house at off. All sizes, a
splendid ejection of patterns to
choose from.
207-9-1 1 North Stanton Street
Breakfast Room Funnture
cat, finished is old
ivory or white enam
el. Siee, smooth fin
ish, very strong in
eosstrseUos. Large
size top when opes.
After Inventory Sale
BREAKFAST E00M CHAIE, finished in old ivory and
white enamel. Nice rounded baci, large seat Very
strong and comfortable. Matching in color either table.
Bztra special After Inventory OC
Ssleprlee J)D
bssssH lngsan 'teiS-i
and the yoting woman was ordered
one oi tne pool sue caan't returned
at last reports.
When tne pool first opened several
boys considered it fun to scream in
distress and then lansh at the guards.
Finding that they were barred from
the pool, they coon advised others
and faSe alarms" have reached a
One gnard summed the situation np
in these words:
"Ueo plain horse sense and you're
Phoenix. Arli Aug. It Seven
county jail prisoners who were said
by assistant county attorney Davis
to have confessed they were impli
cated In the attempted Jail delivery of
Aug. 3. which involved the beating
and choking of night Jailer John
Isaacs, were being held today for
trial in the supreme court on charges
of aggravated assault. They warred
preliminary examination late yester
day After IX had been charged with
aggravated assault, several prisoners
sent word to the county attorney's
office they were anxious to clear the
matter op. as they did not "want to
see the Innocent suffer with the
guilty." The seven who were under
charges todsy were: Alberto Sen-
saela. T. O. Long. aRymond Serrano,
Bsteban Tbarro, Jesus Gonzales. Carl
Jacobs and WBUam Beed.
CARFETS CLZatTED tne nest way
by the best deaners. WILSON-MIL-UCAN
Plant 2. Phone Ml- Adv.
spolles at Gandara'a. Adv.
LadiesKeep Your Skin
Clear, Sweet, Healthy
With Cufacura Soap
and Cuticura Talcum
Pains Stop Instantly
Hump vanishes
New. marvelous way to treat bunions.
Steps pain instantly banishes the
ugly hump and tired, achy, swol-
r len. burning con-
aiuon. zou can
i wear a smaller
' shoe with com-
- fort. Test it at
' my risk. First
. trial convinces.
ro clumsy ap-
paratus, no rub
" ber mould or nro-
tector, no un
comfortable leather
shield or felt pad. no
plaster nor mussy ealve
or liquid. It is PEDO
Di. Tou will say It
is wonderful amazing,
so quick, so sure does it
act. Don't waste time
and money on useless
methods. Don't suffer.
Ttt PznorjYWR at mv
risk. Write todav befAr mil do
another thing. Just say, "1 want to
try msdodynk." Address KAT
LABORATORIES. Dent. D-147. 538 3.
jDearboru, JU Chicago, Illinois, AdT.:
waw j
y swz&
Kot everr aative born Si Paso nun
and woman, boy and girl, has at one
time or another been a pupil of Miss
Lola Jones, kindergartner In the El
Paso schools, but nearlv everr oae
has bee. And not only the jnatlve '
corns. ou iota ano jots or utue peo
ple who have come from otber nlaces
and have had their first real happy
days In school under Miss Jones. A
lot of men and women with families
growing up around them now can well
remember when they themselves sat
in the little red chairs and patted
their hands asd sang the morning
songs in Miss Jones's room.
If only those who now remember
gratefully what Miss Jones has done
for them and for El Paso and the
schools all these years will send some
thing to add to the fund which Mrs.
C E. Kelly, assisted by Mrs. J. Y.
Wadlinpton and Mra. H. M. Patterson,
is collecting, things will be made
easier for the faithful kindergartner
in her illness. It is without her
knowledge but at the suggestion of
her friends that this reminder is
printed for the information of her old
anas Jones since tne serious opera
tion she underwent has not rallied
welL The expeness of her illness
have been so heaw that nat nnlv
have all her savings and property
been used but friends have already
contributed quietly to help out. It
win not oe necessary, or course, ich
Mrs. Kelly and her associates to go
around with a subscription papei
after neoDle know abont thin. CAn.
tributions may be sent to this office
or to Mrs. Kelly direct, who will ac
knowledge them.
Phoenix. Ariz- Aoe. 1& Hnndrerin
of people from various parts of the
state were in Florence today for a I
oaroeeue ac the annual San Carlos
day celebration. The celebration was
planned to further the San Carlos
reclamation project for the Irrigation
of many thousands of acres between
Florence and Casa Grande through
construction of the San Carlos dam
In the Gila river. More than IN au
tomobiles filled with Phoenix people
left here for Florence early this
morning, while more than 1M went
by train.
A feature of today's celebration
was to be discussion of means of
bringing the project to completion.
Farmers of the Florence-case, Grande
valley were to discuss organization
of a large central power plant In the
valley to supplement the river flow
and fnrnlsh power for pumping.
Candidates for state office, sub
ject to the primaries, were also to
appear and make brief addresses.
Delegations from various towns in
the Salt River valley went to Flor
ence early today and there was to be
a crowd from Tucson.
Pueblo, Colo, -Aug. It. Ten arrests
for violation of tha nrahlbitlon law
have been made by federal officers
in a series of rains which began Tues
day night and continued all day
Wednesday. Two of those arrested
were women. All but one arrested
have been fined JJ00. The 10th man
has been released on J 100 cash bond.
Gnn repairing, 10 years' experience.
Allen Anns Co, 40 N. Oregcn Adv.
Sell Oil Stock to i-unlis & Co. Adv.
ufmm ,
MM m & m " m m
m .S 1 I I I m - jf 111 m. .11
-1 Wa
0 .
Carnation Milk is pure cows'
milk from America's dairy
farms, evaporated to the consist
ency of cream, then sterilized
to'keep it fresh. Use Carnation
in your home for every milk
purpose. Buy it from your
grocer, the Carnation Milkman.
Write for Free Recipe Book
Carnation MHk Products Co., P. O. Box 276, Tucson
eFrom Contented Cows
Sa6ia25tej Tit laid ami esdwiUt

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