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By "Bud" Eutherford
incy uoes in
Clv J.
ile Up Points
Giants Divide With Double
Bill With Quakers While
Brooklyn Lays Off.
ptUtde.pbia, Pa, Aug. JI-PfeBaiel-phi
s ninth Inning rallies .featured both
sea or Tueiy doubt Sato, the -ca
s winninr the second after New Tork
fctu captured th f rat contest In tea la
ssie, a donbt. ainal and aacrlfle fly
u.c-4 th wlDolac run in the first came.
lUnngw Cravaih started his team's vJe
" " "3riv Id tn .second same with a
two bajr. Thr .diigies then won tha
F'rst ram, sun
Kw "Vork 000 879 MO 1 S 1Z 4
Fh"adelphla .. 01J 01 ltl 07 It 1
Batter!; Hew Tork. Tooer. Doafua.
Ea-nes aac 8ayd.tr; PhOadlphla. Riser.
ii-adew, Betta, G Smith and Wheat.
Second Game.
Nw Xor- AB R H TO A B
Bc-aa. It
3Tevre aa. ............. s
tS. Smith i
Balrd b. i
Tooflt rf , 4
Frlseh. Sb-ss. J
Ke'lT, lb 4
Spencer c 4
Xdt1, to. 4
prvfler. o. .... 3
Nehff, p j
0 1
8 1
Totals S3 2 J IS 1
Two out whan winning run soared.
Batted for Ixeferer In fifth.
Philadelphia. ABRHeOAE
Paolatta, lb. 4 1 t 1
CeboorrFan, KL 9 1 2
-Crx-rata 19 19 0
tStenrel 9 10 9 9
Raw-in, lb. 4 9 1 S
W"lrtmi ef. 4 9 1 9 1
Meuatl. rf 4 1 3
J IT . as. 4 9 2 10
R. Miller, tb. 4 9 112
TragTrrear, e. 2 9 9 7 1
Ectbell, p. 2 19 12
TMaia S3 i U n M 1
Batted for Lebeurvean ta ninth.
Ran for Cravata la ninth.
Soor by lanlHg,.
lfr Tork MO MI Ml 8 S 1
ruixieiphlo. M Ml Ml 1 1
Two base hlta. Toonav. Spaor. CraTath.
Tl'M basa bit. Toims. Suritlc. atts. Jfraf.
Fiisch. Snrdar. Iabonrraan. Xtaaftl nlars.
Eovle Prta. Xn? and Snyder. rrtKfa.
Xoyle an4 Kellr; WlJUama aaA B. Molar
Saan on baa, off Hobbell. 1. Strackoot.
b. Nehf. 4, br Hnbban. .
Chicago HL. Aus. It Clndenatl d
fate Cbleaet) la the final gam. of tfia
arlea Tuesday. Zonbles br Sleklac and
A len. after two were out In the BlnQl pot
tine over the wlsnlnar ran. Bobertaon'a
hor'e with on on base tn the elc&th, ner
mltd Chleaan to tie the eonnt.
C-ncIcnnatl. iBUHSil
G-oh. lb. 4 I I 1 1
Daubert. lb. t 1
Jtonb. cf ............. t
TJi.r4'&n. If. ............. S
Kopf. as. S
N.e. rf. 4
Sirklnr. lb 4 1
Allen, c. 4
CJer p. 4 1
1 I
1 s
1 1
Toa!e . . . .
J-ack rf. .
"err as.
Fcbe-tacn If.
"-k.e lb
ra"k-t cf. .
I'M' lb. ...
;---ioe ;b. ..
..XI I T 17 X
1 4
0 IX
' i
VEna-hn. n
Totals .......
Battd for Barxeg
In '.
Score by 1-irf.p
f'-r-ncari . .. IN M Hl-I
Ch cao MX X SM s
Two base bits. Greh. Bonah. Bcberteon.
?"&ck. Slckinc Allen. Home ran. Kobert
nrtn. Stolen baaea. xttneas. Oroh. Danblert.
Bbertaon Sasrlfle kits. Ianbert. Ronsfa.
Herzor. Terry .Bases on belle. BlTer, X;
Vacrhn : Hit by pitcher, by Vanghe
rDoncan) stmnfcont. by Bller. X: br
Veornn. X. Paaaed ban. ABea.
St. Lonla. Xa. lit II Pltlabaux1 de
feated St. Lonla. btttinr Sebnpp hard
Tuesday. The perk flag was flown at half
z?ast 'n memory of Ray Chapman.
Score. K. XL C
T.tsbnrt . . .. 301 659 11910 IS 2
St Ixra! 90S 0OS -M ( 14 X
Batrtffl Plttaborg, Cooper. Carlson and
Haefftier : St. Iota, Scltopp. Ooodwla.
6'r. Glenn aad Dttheefer.
Alamo Has Fast
Team Wheeler
iTrr't Wheeler, formerly first ser
geant of the Xmth engineers, sta
tioned at Camp Conrchesne dnrjng
the war. has returned to Hi Paso
to make his home here. Wheler wae
d schantred abont three months ago at
Eai Antonio and has since been Tisit-:-g
his relatires at Great Barrington
Masa He eays there is no place like
El Paso ard the southwest, however.
and intends making his home here.
On Ms way back to El Paso Wheeler
dropped off at Alamogordo for a brief
visit and saw the baseball team of
t-e Bttle city In action. He asserts
tvat it js one of the fastest he has
seen In the southwest and It will give
te EI Pasqans a run for their money
wnen the Alamogordo players invade
tMs city Sunday afternoon
San Francisco, Califs August 18.
Eddie Mulligan. Salt Lake third base
man, was cleared of all charges of Ir
regularities In connection with Pa
cific Coast ieaa-ue baseball games In
an announcement Tuesday by league
prefldert W. H. McCarthy.
mx line of KODAKS and KODAK
ET-pDes at Oandara'a Adv.
S European Hcsvjrsrtight Gunpkn. H
i vs 1
bH of Sza Franetxco. K
fi Liberty Hall, Friday, Aug. 20, 8:15 P. M.
Good PieUstixurlas. Adnlxslon 10c, SI, $L50. H
H Pbjstdan and Snrgeoa jB
H Specialty: Recta and B
B PMtt Cared Wi&oet Opcratioii. ConHiItation Free. B
B Slrress Brildmg. 206V2 Mesa Avenac 1 Paso, Texas. H
B Write for ay fre book on Rectal Diseases. 5
O Corllnville. ni Ac?. 18.-
This city has a one-armed -O
e wonder. He is Robert H.
Allison. Blackburn college
-up student and athlete.
Allison, who lost his arm
O In a mine explosion, does
tricks with his single arm
that has startled baseball
fandom. He Is an outfielder
and played all last season
without an arror. This rear
- h was elected captain of
the Blackburn college base-
ball team.
s As a batter Allison Is sec-
end on the team. He holds
the elub well np toward the
heavy end smashes hits oat
O all over the field. Last year
O he scored a home ran.
In catching Allison flips
the ball np In the air after
O- he stops it, Jerking off his
glove, and then hurls It all
( speed ahead to the basemen.
8- Boys who play against him
t say hitting a ball Into his
t territory is like dropping it
t Into a well.
tF- TAtf
?Mt WFtl 41 1
Shrvncrt XI M
am mnn ............ xz 11
Wlehils rail, ...... xs
Bunmeat ( ii
Dana 11 i
Houto 11 x
Galveston ........ ... IS 40
Won. Lost.
.4IS .
aerehtnd ..
:::: 15
new Tera: .
St LouU ...
Boston .
Where Ther riar Thnrada-r.
t. Xols at WasMnxtoa.
nilraca at ThUadeiawla.
Detxatt at-Bostan.
-von. ost.
01TlBTtfT ..
Brooklyn ..
Now Tork .
- 47
Ptttebnxj: ..
Chicago . . .
St. Leal ..
No casne sehednlK; tor Thursday.
coast rjunuc
SEaJt. LAka dtv . ya at
Vernon 17 a
san rrasettoo ... w cs
ta Anajslea IT 1
Seattle u r7
Portland I i
Oakland (X 74
Sacramento ...... ....... S7 77
Where They flay Thursday.
Vernon at Seattle.
Oakland at Portland.
San Lake at San rranabco.
SaaraaBento at Loa Ansalea,
Sew Qneatlons
1. What were the most cosseen
ttve games Cy Tonne won in the zna
2. What year did Walter Johnson
wrn nine games xrom Chicago 7
J. How many years did Frank
sejcerpiay in the American lea true?
4. How lone has Emil Meosel been
with Philadelphia. Nationals?
5. Is a man on the ropes In borfes
considered down?
6. What Is the shortest bantam
weight championship boot on record?
T. How many of the American
Davis cap tennis teams have been na
tional champions-
8. What Is the world's trotting
record for the half mile?
S. Kow many former champions
competed In the 1919 national amateur
golf tourney?
10. la Carl Johnson, of the Uni
versity of lilchlgan. on the United
States Olympic team?
Aaiwfjri to TeaterdayB Question
1 The Oiants and Yankees did not
play a city series- last year.
2. Joe Birmingham, the old Cleve
land player, managed the champion
Pitta field team in the Eastern league
last year.
z. speaker aaae eleven hits m
eleven consecutive times at bat. This
is a major leagve record.
4. Back In ISM New Tork stole 17
bases In one game on catcher Wilson.
of the Pirates.
6. Tendler knocked out Hartley In
four rounds In IMS.
. Welsh defeated Vrr Wells for
the English llKfatweljrbt title in No
vember. Ull.
7. on the if It D&vis Cap matches.
England beat South Africa, Franco
beat Belgium. England beat France
and England lost to Australia tn the
challenge round.
8. Norman Brookes. Gerald I. Pat
terson and J. O. Anderson were on the
Australian 191 Davs Cup team.
9. Single G won the free-for-all
pace In the Grand Circuit opener at
North Randall.
10. The dealer in whist mast deal
again in whist if any card is found
face np. Copyright. 19S0 Thompson
Feature Service.
Mobile has taken on Bob Wlckhun
from Nashville and ha has teen tak
ing; Moon Dueote's place In the Mobile
Kodak finishing see Cancan. Ad
"I1 The Days Of
t Mf7:r utwxiMs,. j"i iiwvi . .a7yt-M naw jfssiiM,u.vfM.. r, :ssji.&trrm i r r.xrs-i v. r7tzs.w .o
rtf&twmtWfvL "H& yj te2 -- r"J, xsr
mm&si&mMBgaB5 cap- irrr r'-tt"
m&Jmmmwmgma m -7Wjy - s
f '47 'l ' M"" " , J .S . (
Break Even in Doable Bill;
Yankees and Indians
Honor Chapman.
Boston. Vasa, Anx IS. Boston and Te
trort won and leaf. Boston wlnnlnc Tirst
same In tbe openlnx: iauna" when a triple,
docbie and tare, etnxies scared fr rnna.
Ebanke bad tbe better of Harper In tbe
second contest. Tbe Fenway nark flar
tans at half mast fax s&emarj of Ray Chap
men, First ram. B.H.E.
Detroit M4M3 410 111 X
Beam 4s (M M I IX 1
Batterk.' Detroit. Otdham and Etanace;
Bcetosl. S. Josea and TTaHers.
Second Game.
TOejac Xb. .
Bash. as.
Ci. ef. ..)
Teach. If. ,
HeBiaann, lb. ........
FUtatead, rf.
nneOi. Xb.
Scanace, c. ......sn
EhSake. p. ,,
.XX X 11 IX 1
. 4 0 1 1 I X
Vltt. lb-
Brady. 3b.
. X, S 0 I
. 1 X 0
. 1 X X
. X 0 X X
Fester, lb.
Menosky. If.
Hetear, rr.
1 1
1 IX
1 1
x :
JealanU. lb X 0
Headsyx. cf. 1
Sobasx. c ...... XfX
acou. ar. 1. 1
McKeHr.. as. 1
Harper. . ....: X X
x xx
ITCalters -
tBalley X
Totaia X 1 T XT 14 1
'Batted for Brady- rn aeresth.
fBatted for Harper In math.
SBaa for Walters Is Tilnth.
Scare by innSnsa.
Detroit 1H ttl Hl-1
Boston XM MX 1
Two base bits. Ehsake, Bnsa. Vut. Tkrse
base bits. vttt. Hooper. Hendryx. Sacrl.
nee nits. Tonne JCelnaoa. XTosbl slays.
Xclnsh (anmaabted): Scott ta Vttt: PtotCl
to Toons to Hetlmas. Bases on baris.
Ekake. X: Harper. X. Hit by pltfther. by
Xajsk (Hendryx. Scott). Ctraekcelt. by
Shmke. 4; by Harper. 2. Wild pitch. Har
per. Paaaed ball. Stanaxe.
-tCaebiacton. p. c Asx. IX. .St. LetlU
and Waablnston snttt a doable header
Tnesday. The aece-sd same went 11 tn-rtlrg-i
The ttItiMtic ran wae tb rerait ef
a bit and steal cf seeos-a by sibibks and
atnaie by oharrlty.
First same. R. H. E.
St. Loots 1XX XXt XXX t IX 1
Waar.-ne-tes 1X1 XX X X I X
B I --rler: aX. IdVttB. Sitheron. Bnrwell.
Shocker and Bimaxa: Waamnston. Conrt
rey and Oharrlty.
Second Game.
St. Lemia AB BHFD1C
Crbcr, t. S a 3 S 1
r,ftlm. 2b. S 1 3 S ft
S!rir. lb. f 1 1 1 2
Tacftbsoxt. ft. 4 1 S S
WIlUm-, It I t 3 .0 1 C
fealth. JK 4 1 1 I 1
Tobln, it. 1 S 4 1 fl
SevereU. c 0 1 1 1
Ityaeh, p 3 ft. 0 1 I
Eanrn. p. 1 X 1 1
"ttMllTTil"S ix. ........... ft 0 4 0 ft 0
Austin l 1 0
Van Gilder, p. 3 0 10 0ft
Totilr IT 2
XTMhlscton. AB R H FO A B
JiitUt. lb. 4 1 112 2ft
BUxr-bt. 3b. 3 2 112 1
xBotb, If. 0 ft ft ft ft
Rloe. ct 4 1 ft J ft ft
Brower. tt S 2 1 7 1 ft
Bam, is. l 3 t t 2
Slunks, U-Sb. S 2 3 2 1
o-N-mi . l 3 4 ft
Fielafeh. c 3 ft 1 1 ft
IMIlfca 1 ft ft ft ft
Qlunlty. c. 3 ft 3 ft 1 ft
.Vhaent. & ft ft ft ft ft ft
VCOBlA, p 4 ft 3 ft 0 ft
Zacharr. p 1 ft 1 ft 1 ft
Totalff 4 1ft IS 32 22 2
On oa when wtanlsc ran seortd.
tBatted for WefbQin In 4ehtb.
; Batted for Pldnlch In fifth.
xRan for Qlerbe tn tenth.
Score by lnnteca.
St LoolJ left 121 M3 a
Wahinnoa iftft Sftft lft
Two base bit. Staler. EUerbe. Tobtn. 3,
Smith, Aeocta. Three base hitt. JacobMn.
O'Neill. Stolen bases. Rice. Shanks. Sac
rlflca hits, Williams, Getleon. Jacobson.
Harris, Bmlth. Gerber. DouNs plsys. Ger
ber to Gedeon to Staler; Browtr to Jsdfs
to Ftcinlch ToMn to 6tIer, Smith to Ge
deon to S'fller, Harris to Jcdf. Bases on
bails, off Scbacbt, 1. L-xeB. ?. Acosta. 1.
Borwfj i Weilraan. 1, Zachary. l. Yin
Glide- X. Inmnsi pitchexl. Schacht. (one
on bas none out in seoosd). Acosta. 7
'two rr base none out tn ninth). Lxach.
2 1-8 VanGUfler 4. Burwell 2 1-3. tTeii
msn 1 3 Zachsxr. 3. StracJtout. br Ljnch,
2, nG !er 1. Wild pitch. Lnen
Real Sport
Cleveland Mourns Chapman
Hundreds Assemble At Station
-" Li V BLAND. O- Aue. 1. Hnndreds
s ef adiatrers and friends of Rar
-jnapmas. star shortstop of tne
ClCTeland baseball club gathered to
day to meet the body of their MoL
who died In New York yesterday.
Amone; th-ose aeornpanytaa; the
body -were widowed Chapnuur's bride:
rnanager Trls Speaker and Joe Wood,
of the Clevelaad team. It was taken
In charge by an undertaker pendinj:
funeral arrang-ements-
Tmm Married Last Tear.
Chimnwn'a death oeeurred In a bos
pltal foOowiiur an operation after
be bad been bit on tbe bead by a
pttesed ball la Monday'a game be
tween New York and deTemnd. and
LsnstalBed a fractured sknlL
It -rraa CThapman eacernesa to
aU In x-iTing this city Its first
pennant that Indirectly resulted
In bin death. When be married
Kathleen Daly, one of dcTeland
best feno-irn society women last
October, be was naked lfbe would '
retire from tbe frame and dexote
bla time to a baslneaa In whlcb
be bad aeejulred an lntcreat.
TIJ flay next year, for I -want
to help aire Trla Speaker and tbe
CleTeland fane the first -pennant
GleTcIand erer baa had." 47bap
man replied. Then X vrfll talk
Chapman, arso was a star track
-man and football player 'In com
petition witb hundreds of athletes.
Including many stars of large nnl--rersltles.
Chapman won a place on
the Cle-rela-ad Baval reserve track
team tn HIS.
TTo-a Dasb In Record Time.
In a field meet against Cams Custer
he took first honors In the 100 and
200 yard dashes, bis time for the 100
yards being ten seconds He also
was a raanber of tbe naval reserve
football team, tbe only eleven to de
feat Pittsburg University tn HIS.
Tbe baseball team whlcb Chapman
captained, was undefeated all season.
Members of the Naval Reserve club
asked members of his family that
they be allowed to hold a military
Boston. Maaeu Aug. IS. The ex
planation by Carl Mays of the New
York Americans that the killing of
Ray Chapman, star shortstop of
Cleveland, was due to a rough spot
as tbe ban Mays Ditched, which
caused It to take as unexpected twist.
was the subject of a statement today i
Carter Boxes With Gene Payo
Griffin Confident Of Victory
rtROUlftENT among the visitors at
the Gene Payo camp Tuesday
afternoon was Tommy Carter,
southwestern ILrhtweisrht chamnlon.
who pulled on the gloves for a brief
setto with the fast A. E. F. champ.
Carter's bout with Gene was replete
with clever mixing in which both
boys showed plenty of speed and hit
ting aoiuiy.
lie has the speed of Johnny K1I
bane. Carter declared following the
l tuny expecieo xo see a vasuy
improved boy in Gene, but tbe one I
faced with the stoves on Tuesday
afternoon was certainly a surprise to
me In every mj.
Gne can ait hard. Is one of
the cleverest men 1 have ever
faced, and mere than that he Is
fast. He Is one of the few men I
Griffin Gets
Babe Ruth No. 2
BABE RUTH closest rival for
heme run honors has jttex been
corraled by Clark Griffith for
the Washington team He Is
Frank Brower. first baseman for
the Reading International league
club. According to Reading fans
and their opinion is pretty well
backed up by statistics, he is the
only player entitled to a real
claim to the tile role of "Babe
Ruth II " Brower leads the In
ternational league with a batting
record of .410. he has made 152
hits in 371 chances and is cred
ited with 23 home runs. The fans
greet Brower like Ruth, by shout
ing the number of his next home
r - r ? r ByBriggs
KnpTrleM. I1H, A6V TOTK TTIOCna. I HO. .A.
at ReeusBoBc wiscowin Br
br nraplres William Evaa aad Wil
liam Dlaeen of the American leayae.
TlOxicheiis The Ball.
"No pitcher In the American lea rue
resorted to trickery more than Carl
juts zn attempting: to rough a ball in
order to get a break on It which
would make H more difficult to bit."
the statement sard. "Until tbe new
pitching rales came Into force -which
pat a severe penalty on a pitcher
roisghln sr the ball. Mays constantly
nsed to drag: the ball across the plten
tSeST rubber In order to roughen the
surface. Hundreds of balls were
thrown out every year because of
this aet."
The umpires took, notice of a
remark attributed to 31cyB that
umpire Thomas Connolly, who
irai behind the plate was re
sponsible for the accident because
he permitted avroafa: ball to stay
In the frame. The umpires char
acterized this alleged statement
as an allbr that came with poor
"Short time affo they added,
"the dab owners complained to
president Johnson that too many
balls were beta? thrown out.
President Johnson sent out a bul
letin telling: the umpire to keep
the balls tn, the inane as mueh as
posnfble except those which were
The players of Boston and Detroit
dubs who were at the point yester
day of slgnlnc a petition to bare
Mays banned from the game today
received word from manager Speaker
of the Cleveland club as to his views
on their proposed action. Several as
serted that regardless of any greneral
action, they would not go to bat
against Mara again.
New Tork. Aug. S-WhJIe the
death of Chapman has caused sor
row amonjc baseball maaxates. play
ers and fans, none seemed as deeply
grieved as Carl Hays, the New York
pitcher who delivered the ball that
resulted In Chapman's death. After
the game. Mays went to his room and
denied himself to alL
He paced the floor during the night
and when word came that Chapman
had died, he broke down and said he
desired to give himself up as soon
as possible. On his visit to the dis
trict attorney's ,tff ice. Mays was ac
companied by Charles McManus. busi
ness manager of the Yankees, man
ager Trls Speaker and secretary Wal
ter McXlehols of the Clereland club.
Mars made his statement to assistant
district attorney John P. Joyce,
know -who understand the use ef
their feet. Griffin, clever as he
is, will have a hard bout on his
hands Monday nlxht, and I would
not be surprised to see Gene
more than hold his own.
Kid Mortlo, Battling Dow, a likely
hoy of the motor transport corps at
Port Bliss, and Mike vasques were
on hand to assist ts the training of
Peyo Wednesday afternoon.
Are Fast Men.
These boys also worked Tuesday
and proved of great aid "to the little
boxer in getting into the proper con
dition. Following the workout Geae
announced that he was In splendid
condition and Is ready to box tomor
row if necessary.
Griffin laid off Tuesday and
Wednesday afternoons, but will
be buck on the Job in force tomor
row. The little fellow la in
splendid physical condition aad
his layoff was dee to the fact
that he la In such good shape he
was afraid he might become stale
if hard training was continued.
"J am anticipating one of the hard
est fights of my career when I meet
Payo.' Dick told The Herald sports
editor Wednesday. "However. I am
confident that I can beat htm. I have
the punching power and the speed to
meet Gene at bis own game and I am
figuring myself as a sure winner "
Not since the das of the old Coral
cana team of 190t has any Texas
league aggregation of playing talent
made the record that the Fort Worth
Tigers have bung up for straight
wins in this second half of the Texas
1920 season. What makes It all the
more noteworthy is that the Panth
ers have piled up thqtr straight wins
on the road
Sell Liberty Bonds to CartlsaACo.-Adv
The hot
ffjfWRr fill I fRj
Wins First Money in 2:25
Trot; Shawnee Wins
Three Heats.
Davenport. Is Ass. it. Shawnee
nosed ahead of NIg-btellSon. In tarts
straight heats In the J:17 trot of the
second day's races of ths Great West
ern circuit Tuesday in a race which
ins neck and neck.
After two had starts, Bonnie DUtoa
steadied and took first raoney In the
2:35 trot. Jostsa; tie first two and
winning ths last threa heats. Sem
inaries: 1.17 trot, parse Jlswt Sbawnee,
first; Nlshtefllon. second: Vanity,
third: Lady Flee, fourth. Best time.
2:11 pace, parse s5 Haleenner.
first; John R second: Eva Tan so.
third; P. X. fonrth. Best time. 2:11.
2:2. tret, parse JTSX Bonnie Dillon,
first; BUzaheth Alhlcgren, second;
Dracllo. third; Rnby Todd, fonrtn;
Prlmator. fltth: Grace Csrrenz. sixth.
Best time. ::lfi.
C. A. Valentine
Captures Stake
Philadelphia. Pa- Acr. It It was
"Valentine day" at the start of ths
foorth Grand Circuit meetlnc at Nar
berth Tuesday. C. A. Valentine, of
Colnmbas, Ohio, capturing; three of
the five rao?s on the donhleheader
carried over from Monday becanse of
rain. He won the 1:08 pace with
Gold Qnartz. the "WUllam Penn stake
for I-year-old trotters with Boralnsa
and the JMofl Bellevne-Stratford ho
tel stake with Peter Goley.
.iweaty-uTe oi tne si norses start
inc won a portion of the money. The
2:06 trot was the feature of the card
and brought Peter Coley and Baron
Cetrantle together for the first time
this season. The latter made a dis-
appolntlna; showinc. however, and
Valentine s trotter won the first two
heats handily, beating; Charlie Bex
In the first heat and Selfca In the
second. In tbe third heat Ima Jay
came from behind and beat Charlie
Jtex In a fartoos drive. Best time
T..S 4. .,.
Effie Direct
Circuit Winner
Kankakee, lit. Aug. 18. Great
Western race results at the Interstate
fair here Tuesday follow:
1-10 pace, purse 8S4M) Effie Direct
won; Brownie K. (Dr. Sear), second:
Betty BUcklock (Blacklockl. third.
Best time, 1:12 H-
z:j& trot, purse aaov 513 ijlng
(Blngen). won; Jenny Balance (Bo
real), second: Ben McGreiror (Ben-
Jola), third. Best time, taiU-
Four and a quarter furlongs, purse
3125 Nameless (MeAndree). won:
Wildfire (McCaJey). second; Locomo
tion (NtehoUas). third.
Arizona "Civies"
Win Gun Trophy
Camp Perry.vO., Aug. 1$. Ueut. E.
A. Taney, YonXrs, N. Y- won the
Wimbledon cup match in the Na
tional Rifle association shoot Tuesday
on the 10M-yard range, with a pos
sible 100 plus one bull's eye and a
four. W. R. Stokes. 'WashinztoB. Tl
C was second with a possible plus
one bull's eye and a three; for third
piece tnree scores 01 9 were regis
tered by Capt. CL J. Vansnaburg. small
arms firing school; Capt. E. C Cross
man. Washington. D. C. and H
Chambers. Michigan civilian.
M. C Murom. Jr- 17. Iowa City.
son of Coi- Mumtna, exeouttve ofileer
ox uie maioaea. ana one oz tne young
est of the M competitors, scored s,
S7 All the winners used the army
rifle without telescopic sights.
The Herrlck trophy cup match was
finished last eve nine with 48 teams
of eight men each competing at the
800-yard, the 900-yard and the 1000
yard stages. Tabulation has not yet
been completed.
The Port Clinton trophy, which
ended Monday, went to the Arizona
civilian team with a score of 5? out
of a possible 600
Massachusetts was second with (TS
and Minnesota third with 571. In tbe
championship regimental team match
ths Philippines Infantry first tam
landed it the top with S72 and the
Porto Pit-o infantry second -with 565
New York. Ao& 18
Aaertea.s vtetorieos Davis
cap tennis team Ttetortoos
xo far a preliminary
mxtebes aro eoaeeroed 1
back, and already rxekets
have been dragged out for
competition at home. Hardly
had tba lmperxtor reached
port when William M. John
ston. WUllam ?. TlMen.
Richard Norrla WilUacu aad
Charles S. Oaxlasd roahed to
toomaraests already In
WUttem T. Tildes, sow
holder at the world's eham
ptesxatp. wMch goes with
the British title on the Wlm
Medoa courts, does sot In
tend to let his new laarels
hold forth alone. He already
has forwarded his entry for
the toernaraeat at Kewport.
first of the really big
matches. He will play
through the singles at the
Rhode Island resort and will
team with Charles S. Oar
land for the doubles. Se
also will take Garland as his
partner for the natiosai
doubles ehamploaafaip.
At Ehrevrsert. E.H.E.
Shrsrepert .- Ml 1XX J I I 1
Calveatsn -. XIX 1X4 ft 2 X 1
Batteries: S&reveport. Oleasesi ana vans;
Galveston. Ceraicita and (yBsiea.
At Dallas. S. K. B.
DaDas sex XXX H X X X
Saa Astoaio xxx xex xxe X X 1
Batter): DaOaa. Taylor and Bobertaoa;
Saa Aatoelo. rvnport aad Gibaao.
At Fort Worth. R.H.E.
ran Worth WW 010 4
Hoartos V XXX hj J X X
Batteries: Fart Worth. Waehtel aad
Maere: Heastaa. eh aad Aahwerth.
Beassneat at Wichita Falla, poatponed.
Tsraata. Caav. Abx IX. Th Beaton Na
&ooal Taasoay daUd tn Toronto la
teraatXsaai leasna, Itsltel tan timtrg
Seora. E.H.E.
Tanato WMltM X 1 X 1
Boston XXX XXX Ml I I XX X
and Sands-; Bestea. Scott. Townssnd
aad CXKeSL
At Saa rraaetsea. B-B-E.
Salt Lai City v. X IX X
Saa Franetsso ..... 3 X X
Batteries: Salt La 3tr. Strosd aad
JnUast Saa jTsaseses. Coven, and Ac
aert. At Los Anxctea K.H-E.
Sseracieato .................;... 4 T 1
Las Aaxetea S 11 1
Battarlesc SaerameaXft, Stalls snd Ceok;
Lea Aaralea. AldrMxe, Bashae. Taenia
aad Lapas.
Only two rames played Tuesday.
St. Fanl. X: Indianapolis. 4.
atteaeapasl. U: Lartrrin. T.
Ksassa City. X; OsXambss. X.
afflwaiikee. X; Totttda. 3. (Ten Inatnas).
Blrmiashasa. X: Jtezapaaa. 0
Chattaawca. 1: 3fw Orleans; X.
utti luck, x: Attaata, x.
Nasavm. X: MaMIa. X.
Talaa. 1: OklaMraa dtr. 4.
JepXto. -: WXekrU, 4-11.
Sfcnrx CXty. 1: Dm Mate. X.
Osoaha-SC Joseph played Snsday.
Cubs Are Real
, Mystery in N. L.
Xew Tork, Angi 18- The Cobs are
tno mvatorr of the National leasnie.
Xd by a smart manager, backed by
a weaitny owner ana poasessms m
drrldnsl talent of a high degree, they
are Ilonnaertng in rutn place, xney
have lost more games than they have
won. In fact, they have -been hover
lner around th 304) mark aB season.
There are times when the latent
strength In the Cabs la developed in
to brief winning streaks. Bat they
are only winning sprints. The Cabs
lose in streaks, toe.
One would think that any team ral
lying behind men pitchers as Vaagas
Alexander. Tyler and Henurix ooald
win more than half Hs games, bnt
there are the Cobs with SI won and
51 lost
Charles Herxog and Save Robert
son, ex Giants, are aDceaxins: in the
Cab Hneap dally, bat Fred Merkle
has been replaced at first base by
Turner Barber, who la an ontftelder.
The Cubs apparently suffer from lack
of a panes. They have no heavy
"cleanup hitters.
Umpire Kane Is
Heartily Boosted
Umpire Harry Kane, chief of the
arbiting staff of the Army and Cxty
leagae. Is heartily praised by a local
fan In a letter received by the sports
editor of The Herald. The letter,
which Is unsigned, however, except
that the writer states that he Is a
veteran fan, gives Kane credit for
maintaining onscipune on we oasebau
field and compUments the "amps" on
his correctness of Judgment on balls
and strikes. Kane Is a former major
vague piayer ana w qaaitnea to work
on any of the leading diamonds of
the country In the opinion of the
"vat." who Incidentally makes a plea
for better attendance at the Sunday
Nick Daviscourt
To Arrive Soon
Word has been received by the pro
moters in chara-e of the scheduled
wrestling contest Friday night be
tween Nick Davlseoart and Dan Coff.
the "Balkan Lion." that Davtsconrt
would arrive la the city within the
next few hears from Los Angeles.
Coff has been train! as dally at the
T. M. C A. In Drenaratlon . for the
contest aad Is la excellent condition,
he states. The match will be a finish
affair and the winner will meet Joha
Pesek. or Straagler Lewis at Liberty
hall In the near fature.
Daviscourt will work out at Liberty
hall shortly after his arrival in order
to give tne tans a nne on aia aomty.
Stole Second;
Batter Not Out
They all sail them. Here Is what '
Al Orth did. umpiring a game be
tween Petersburg anu Newport News
recently- Runner on first, who start
ed to steal second as the third strike
was out over on ie batter. C teher
dropped the ball, batter got to first.
Orth called him safe, holding first
base was not occupiec because the
runner there had gone to second. At
least that Is the way It is reported
and Manager Bill Schwartz of New
port News finished out the game un
der protest However. Newport News
won and the protest was forgot en
Want Kodak Finishing? See Gan
dara. AdT.
Crack Cinder md Held
Men Put T7. S. Standing
3?ar in the Lead.
Antwerp, Belgian. Aug. 18. Earl
Thomson. Dartmouth College star.
who is representing Canada In the
Olympic games, today won the final
heat of the 11) meters hurdles, hang
ing op a new world's record of 14 e-S
seconds. H. B. Barron, of the Meadow
brook dab. Philadelphia, was second
and Fred S. Murray, of the New
Tork A. C third.
Foot American; '.rnaJifled for the
final in the I0.XOX meter steplechase
preliminary this morning. They were
Michael Devanney. Millrose A. C Pat
rick Flynn. Panllsta. A. C- R. B. Wat
son. Kansas State college and Ai
Rnlsenbosch. Paulist A. C Others
who qualified were Ambroslni. Italy,
Klssanex Finland: Hedval and Matt
son, Sweden, and Hodge. England.
Ryan 'Wins Hammer Throw.
Hodge cade the best time, ten
minutes and 3 seconds. Patrick J.
Bran, of the Longhlln Lyceum. New
York, easily took first place in the
qualifying round of the lf-pound
hammer throw. Ryan threw the
hammer $1 meters. B. Bennett.
Chicago A. A. was second with a
throw of 4S.lt meters. C Und.
Sweden, was third with 48 meters.
Svensson. - Swedes, fourth. 47.23
meters: M: J. MeGrath. K6w Tork A
a fifth. 4C.ST meters and N. Linda.
Sweden, sixth with 44.88 half meters.
J. M. McBaehern, Olympic club. San
Francisco, who was seventh wUb
44.76 meters, did not qualify.
Italian Wins WaDr.
The final heat of the lo.toe meter
walk was won by Frlgerto of Italy;
J. B. Pearman. New Tork A. CL. sec
ond: C. E. J. Oons. England, third:
McKaster. Socth Africa, fourth: w
Heftier. England, fifth, and T A
Maroney, St. Anseims A. C New York,
The winner's time was 48 tnlnntes.
1 seconds. Frietlon over the un
sdtisfaetory and disappointing show
ing of Swedish athletes culminated
last night in a report that Ernie
HJertberg. trainer of the team, had
requested that he be relieved of fur
ther responsibility. The Swedish
Olympic committee is not expected
to take any action at this late date.
Announcement was made today
that, although the Olympic rules pro
hthtted it. the marathon committee
bad decided to permit runners in that
event Sunday to receive refreshment
en roots. Stations win b estab
lished each five miles.
iT-i.riaa. was represented oy only
two of three qualified -'.rants in the
Anal heat of tte lO.oOO meter walk.
The event was captured by Frtgerio,
Italy, who won by three-quarters of
a lap from J. B. Pearman, New Tort
A. CL. IP 48 annates 1-5 seconds. At
the end of the fifth lap. Pearman wax
setting the pace with Parker of Aus
tralia at his heels. Frtgerio spurted
past Pearman into the lead on thy
tenth bap and at the 15th lap was 9
yards ahead of Pearman.
KUaed By Official.
Frlgerlo won by three-quarters of a
lap. whereupon the excited Italian
official rushed up and kissed the
smiling, dainty but hardy youth.
Pearman finished second Is good
form, beating C. B. J. Gnnn, England,
ny 4. yards. T. A. Maroney. St.
1...1. A. C New Tork. finished
sixth, scoring ons point.
Finland Wins Saotput.
The final of the 18 pound shot put
was won by Porkola of Finland with
J1441 meters. H. B. Liversedge. I., a.
J -was seconn; AiKjaaasr. iim1'.
third; Tanuner, Bathonia. fourth.
Ntlsson.- Sweden, fifth and P. J. Mc
Donald. New Tork A. C sixth.
Athletic advancement was demon
strated hy the wide distribution of
honors In the third day's contests in
the seventh Olympiad.
For the first time American "ath
letes failed to win ose of the six
point scoring places when all four
who qualified for the MOO mater race
failed to r' In an the other
finals and quaBtylng rounds, how
ever, the Americans were placed, tn
several cases after sensational per
formances against strong competition.
New York Giants
Are Dangerous
As a matter of fact the Glints now
look like the most dangerous emb tn
th. tan. am! the one that Is most
likely to come thnwra. writes Jack
Ryder m tne cinctnnexx jsnejuirer. jec
Graw has his teasx working very
smoothly and with, a fine spirit of
confidence. They are playing the
una sort of n that the Beds were
at this time last year when they swept
everything before tnem.
Blatz cf Today i
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de-elcohoUrd 6
Served te&enser drvdss ore sold i
B Distributors.
El Paso, Texas. Bj
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