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Continued front pace J.)
success full 7 that la vrlthont paral
lel la Blsforr.
Moit armies, certainly any eontl-
i "UJ a-m when mocked, boycotted.
S-cumaned and outwitted at every
urn wojld hae replied by a re ism
o terror
English Troops Unmolested.
to Irish know the English char-a-
r well enough 10 realise that
Lr tish troops, unless themselves at-ta-Ked,
will not lend themselves to
11 rages against a peaceful good
rs jred population Sinn Fein's dis
i P ne has been so splendid that Eng
ii troops, with few exceptions, have
no ben attacked. Last night I
d red with an English officer, who
put the case humorously, but ac-cu-te
Did vou ever hear of an army be
ing Uced because the other fellow
nont fight' he asked me, Thai's
ou' position If these fellows woujd
on tae the field against us, we
would clean ,eni up in no time, de
pon the survivors, run the country
by mi1 tarr tribunals and have a good
healthy reign of terror But they're
toe clever Thev won't fight us. They
ignore in and run thir old country
n i bout us I'm fed up with it ray-
f " I want to go home and I think
st of te oLvir chaps feel the same
q E- tish government, fully
awakened aft last to the significance
cf Sinn Fein s courts and police force,
p-obab'y spurred on by Sir Edward
Carson s contemptous remark that the
rer unon uaa succeeded in two thirds
of Ire -nd has put through parlia
ment a coercion bill' that is prl
jrarlly intended to enable the British
courts to resume their functions.
Military Rule Soon.
As uro-s won t serve, and lanyers
ana in manv cases judges have been
frightened off the government now
proposes to substitute for the extinct
eiU courts, military courts martial
Sines jurors cannot be obtained, there
are to be no jjrors, and British of
ficers of the resident garrison, will
promulgate judgment.
Sinn Fein's defence against what is
of ciall called the "restoration of
ordr An Irelard" will be to order the
people not to attend the military
coi rj under any circumstances. If
then British officers choose to de
c de cas without hearing evidence,
ard enforce tneir decisions wiUi sol
d era they w U be accused of Injus
tice and outrageous tyranny
If they do not do this, they cannot
decide he cases and the courts znar
tia' v. I prove as futile as the con
st i.ed cii courts have done. Mean
while the Sinn Fein courts will con
tinue No story narrating how Sinn Fein
has triumphed would te complete
wahout mention of the dark side of
the r-(nement the assassinations
and the terror which have been 1m
Secret Political Murder.
There are political murders, or ex-
m"$l0 Artistic (feia
J The selection of jewelry it alwayi a pleasure when the choos- p
f ing is done at Hrxson's. Here yon are sure to find the latest y
HI novelties approved by Fashion's leaders. Each article is selected p
with care to insure correctness, quality and beauty. IB
Mesh lags in gU and sHrer.
Cameo pins and broodies.
Cuff battens an! Tints is many unique designs.
Cigarette and Vanity ,Cases in gold and silver,
plain, engine tnmed and engraved.
Waltham, Elgin, Howard, Gruen and other reliable males of
watches in open face and hunting cases; also in many bracelet
styles. i
It Comet From Hixsont It Is Sore lo Please.
W. T. fiixson Co,
The Hallmark Jewelers
There was a good story in the
mooies the other day about a street
car. The motorman yelled back
through a crowded car: "All right
back there." "No," yelled a female
voice, "wait till I get my clothes
on." Everybody looked back to
where a colored lady was strug
gling with a basket of clothes.
Sometimes we all make mistakes.
Sometimes you may have gotten a
suit that did not suit. You cannot
make such a mistake at my shop.
'A wide assortment of standard
clqlh, one of the best cutlers in the
country and skilled workmen, as
sure satisfaction. New Fall mate
rials and style books now arrived.
Louis Fischbem.
Merchant Tailor,
Cit National Bank Bidding.
Approximately W0 pupils will en
rol In the county schools Monday ac
cording to Miss Myra Wiukler, coun
ty school superintendent. After en
rolment, school will be dismissed on
account of Labor day, and the pupils
will report for classes Tuesday morn
ing. Many Mght Classes.
The following classes hava been
formed at the city night school Is at
the high school: Bookkeeping, high
er accounting, shorthand, shorthand
dictation, typewriting, penmanship,
English and English for foreigners,
spelling; ecpnmercial arithmetic com
mercial law, algebra, geometry, me
chanical drawing and machine shop
practice Other classes will be formed
as needed, according to J. E. Gilkey,
Classes, beginning Wednesday, will
be held on Mondays, Wednesday and
Friday evenings.
ecurJons. ordered after secret trials,
at which the accused Is represented
by counsel, but is not present, does
not even know he Is being tried for
his life.
TbrA are constant? murders of po
licemen, and retaliatory murders by
tne police of Sinn Fein leaders.
"If one Irishman in five." said
Sinn Fein leader to me, "could be
bribed Into acting as juror or police
man or ta-r collector. England with
her genius for propaganda would
make the whole world believe that
she was dealing with a discontented
minority of troublemakers. It Is only
by making southern Ireland practi
cally unanimous, thus stopping all
eovernmant. that we can checkmate
England and make it impossible for
tne casue to conceal teat we are
people determined to be free.
There Is no other way than by
terror to keep our Treat brthren
from backsliding. It Is horrible,
-wicked all It what yon will
bat are the deaths of a few hnn
4 fired men, executed after secret
trial, to be compared with the
bloodshed of an ordlnarr wart
AnJ what people wer emancipated
Itself from a conqueror without
bloodshed, wtihoLt plots and murders
that would be unpardonable m a xree
country, but are the only weapon of
tne oppressed
Have Peoole Frichiened.
There are different opinions in Sinn
Fein about the Terror. Some leaders
condemn.it absolutely and definitely.
and consider that it Is worklnsr 'he
Sinn Fein cause great harm through
out the world. Arthur Griffith,
founder of Sinn Fein, is one of the
opponens of violence. It is difficult
for an outsider to form an opinion as
to motives, character or efficacy of
the Terrorists, as they work in dark
ness and people are so afraid of them
xskzx tne usually voluble irishman
shuts up like a clam If the dreaded
i. k. is. is mentioned.
The most imnortant issue now cb.
Jt jW. ( Tk. .. . .- .-4.I-
'alike, is not the intention of the Brit-
Mils and Mesa on the Plaza
Force Argentine Steamship Com
panies to Pay Tribute or
Lay Up Ships.
Buenos Aires. Argentina. Sept. 4
Unions of laborers connected with
port activities in Buenos Aires and
other ports of Argentina have im
posed upon exporters "their own pri
vate export tax0 as a means of main
taining extensive boycotts now in
force against exporters and shipping
companies, according to a complaint
made by packing house establish
ments here to minister of finance
Salaberry At the present time more
than 100 exporting firms are under
boycott, in addition to the powerful
Mlhanovich company, owner of most
of the river and coastwise shipping
of the country.
A committee representing meat and
hide exporters told the finance min
ister that the dock laborers were re
fusing to load their overseas ship
ments unless the shippers made a con
tribution toward the support of the
union of $7 for each 200 bales of wool
and S3 50 for eaeh 100 casks of tallow
and like products.
The delegation pointed out that
these contributions could be called
"extraofficial export duties." and
that some of them have been de
manded since last May.
Over 00 Vessel, Tied Up.
The boycott of the Mlhanovtch com
pany has held over 200 vessels in port
for six months. Efforts of the gov
ernment to settle the differences be
tween the company 'and the workers
have not met with success. Meantime
the losses to domestic commerce have
been enormous.
Speaking In the chamber of depu
ties, a representative from the prov
ince of Kntre Rlos, largely dependent
upon river transportation, declared
that the apparent object of the marl
time workers was to obtain control
of the country's water transport.
"They publicly announce.' he said,
"that the boycott is not a strike over
wages or hours of labor They talk
about the social movement, especially
that in Germany, and applaud the one
that has taken place in Russia, de
claring that the maritime strike has
nothing less for iu object than the
socialization of the transport ser
vices." During the months of the boycott
the Mlhanovtch company has been
able to return to service a few of its
boats by transferring them to the
Uruguayan or Paraguayan flags.
ish government, which for the pres
ent are minimized or laughed at. The
boycott of Sinn Fein and Catholic
workmen organized at Belfast by the
Orangemen threatens serious results
for the economic life of the country
because the Catholic south is busily
talking reprisals. If the Belfast boy
cott persists, official action by the
Sinn Fein authorities' will follow:
Belfast May Get o Food.
Many of the workers In Belfast
who come under the anti-Catholic
boycott are members of British trade
unions, and these unions are being
appealed to for assistance by their
locked out members. A boycott of the
port of Belfast, excepting for the
transport of foodstnff. is already un
der discussion among labor leaders
in England, who declare they cannot
permit religions or sectional differ
ences In Ireland to deprive their
members of protection.
XTouDie au over tne insn railways
has been getting worse for weeks
past, due to the refusal of railway
men to transport troops or munitions.
This is beginning to spread to Ulster
where local Sinn Felners are wreck
ing trains and kidnaping trainmen,
even in sections where they are in a
small majority, and thus Increasing
the fury of the Orangemen.
Sir Hamar Greenwood, chief secre
tary tor Ireland, the British official
who is responsible to parliament for
the administration of the island,
summed up the situation as follows.
Courts Strut Function.
The "Restoration of Order In Ire
land' bill that has Just passed the
house of commons applies only where
there is disorder The bill is neces
sary, because civilian courts have
failed to function, owing to terror
ism exercised against Jurors and oth
ers in certain areas. The govern
ment's only desire Is to give to those
disturbed parts of Ireland an effi
cient court that will administer the
law fairly and impartially.
"The 71 Sin Fein members for Irish
constituencies refuse to enter the
house of commons, and demand the
secession of the whole of Ireland
from the United Kingdom and setting
up of an independent republic.
"That demand neither this British
government nor any political party In
Great Britain will listen to or con
eider for a moment. Its acceptance
would be fatal to the security of the
empire, and I believe would be fatal
to Ireland.
"There are three fundamentals gov
erning the situation, and they are ac
cepted by every political party In
Great Britain. They are (1) that
Ireland must remain within the em
pire, (2) that questions of defence,
ports and treaties must remain under
the authority of the house of com
mons at fVesmlnster. fl that th si-r
connives of Ulster must not be co
erced. I believe that the majority
of the Irish people would accept these
"The Irish question remains pri
marily a question for Irishmen, and I
am glad the leading business men of
both creeds, and of both Unionist and
Nationalist parties, are now endeav
oring to organize the moderate opin
ion of Ireland.
"There is political trouble in Ire
land of the gravest character, and
the economic ruin of Ireland is threat
ened if the moderate people of that
country do not unite to cave If."
wroriKirc iom, py Jiccinre news
paper Syndicate.
An annual county fair may be the
result of the county farm bureau plc
i.ics, tho second of which is to be
l)'ld at Clint, September 16. The j
..m wuicau ia wurjtiog in mat
J -action, according to Frank Frist.
it that city, who completed arrange
xmts for the second annual farm
jureau picnic in a conference with
a C. Stewart Friday afternoon. Such
lerge crowds are expected this year
that no effort will be made to feed
th TtAnnti, f,
One of the main exhibits at the
Dionlo will be an exhibit of women's
Two trophy cups will bo awarded
as first and second prizes for the
two best floats In the parade that
will open the International exposi
tion and military carnival. One of the
trophy caps Is to bs donated by the
W. T. Hlzson Jewelry company and
the other by ths First Katlonal bank.
Twelve other prizes are to be of
fered for divisional floats.
Ed Sanders, chairman of the Job
bers' committee, has called a meetls'e
of his committee at 4 oclock this af
ternoon at 'the chamber of commerce.
Jndes W. D. Howe, of tho Mth dis
trict court, will Impanel a erand jnry
Monday and deliver his charge. The
Jury will be srtven the option, how
ever, of delaying Its seslsons until
Tuesday In order to observe Xabor
Seventy-five Indictments will be
presented for action against 60 per
sons. Seven or tne cases will charge
murder The dockets for the criminal
courts are heavy. I
COST $130,000
Seventeen modern bungalows valued
in the aggregate at J130.000 are either
In course of construction or work is
planned to begin in the near future,
according to H. P Hadfieid and com
pany. Included in the total are three
bungalows being built of El Paso
county stone, introducing to the
southwest a new type of structure
much in vogue in southern California.
The walls will be 18 inches thick.
twice that of ordinary brick bungalow
with the exterior stuccoed. The
thickness of the walls. In the opinion
of the builder duplicates the sum
mer coolness of the adobe and adds
to warmth In winter
Of the homes, five are situated on
Mesa avenue between Blanchard and
Liowenstein streets, six will be on
North Kansas between New York and
Kerbey streets, and six on Kansas
street between Stanton and Kerbey.
All will embody modern features.
Realty Business Quiet.
Building and selling as a whole,
accordirg to George TeBaron. presi
dent oi the realty board, is lax at
presei t, though he expects a revival
with he coming of fall and winter
Mr lBaron predicted alleviation
from the present tight money situa
tion Many inquiries have been made
during the last two weens he said,
regarding buys In the business dis
trict, prophesying well for fall and
winter activities in uio central sec
tion of the city. Many of the In
quiries are coming from out of town
investors, and prospects for much
building activity downtown, he said,
are unusually good
Most of the deals consummated
during recent weeks, according to Mr
LeBaron, Involved residence property
Thirty-two lights, eight to a block,
will be turned on October 2 along
Texas street, it was announced Fri
day afternoon at a meeting of the
Texas street Business Men's associa
tion. , ,
A committee was appointed to ar
range a celebration
Plans call for two bands to play
and for the street for four blocks to
be staked off for dancing The cele
bration will begin at 8 oclock and last
until midnight. Stores on Texas street
will open their doors for reception
purposes only '
A. Silberberg. president of the Texas
Street Business Men's association, ap
pointed the following committees to
make arrangements
Ways and means M. H. Barraughs
H. Andreas, chairman; W H. Shel
ton and W Shedd. Entertainment
James C Quinn. chairman, N IX Hays.
Will snutes uecoration u oen
chairman, O A. Brandt. E. W King
with L. P. Klein, of the Kialto theater.
In an advisory capacity Publicitj
O Westcott Young, Khalrman, E. M.
Jenkins, J. Booth. ,
Take Horsferd's Acid Phosphate
to build up nervous energy, induce
restful sleep and overcome exhaus
tion. At druggists.
supplies at Gandar&'s. Adv.
Four Percent Paid oh Savicgi
Mesa at Mills.
"The Friendly Bant"
El Paso real estate mortgage enjoy traditions of permanency and
steadiness wkich have strong attractions for the conservative in
vestor who has seen life rake of his seenrities shrink elsewhere.
0or record of years of service without loss to a client is in
accord with the conservatism and stability which surround property
values k 1 Paso.
Oar S perceat first mortgage notes should appeal to you be
came they are safe, offer a liberal return, and are at par every day
in the year.
304 San Antonio Strret
Capitk $500,000.00.
James Marr, Prldnt. "W. K. Mnrr. Vice President.
Fred A. Elliott, Vice President. J. G. McGrady. A Ice President
W. R. Piper Secretary. H. Raynolds, Treasurer.
Gus Hornsea W. E, Robertson Dan White
Bags and Suit Cases I K i
I 218 S. EL PASO STREET. j 1
To ceUbr&rta tho 20th anniversary
of rabbi Martin Ziclonka's work vitb
tempi Mt- Sinai, the Temple sister
hood cave a reception at comminnity
hall Friday night. The reception fol
lowed the regular Friday eveninc
services, which were featured by spe
cial music and an address "Remini
scences, bx Dr Zielonka.
X sedan automobile was presented
to rabbi Zielonka by the members of
his congregation. The speech of pre
sentation was made by Rev. Fuller
Swift and a short speech of apprecia
tion was given by the rabbi. The ret
ception was in charge of a etfmmittee
of which Mrs. Gus Zork president of
the sisterhood, was chairman. A buf
fet supper was served.
The anniversary services also cele
brated the 21st anniversary of the
El Paso temple.
usiness Man
will keep s depost to draw
upon at all times in a secure,
bank. Money draws no inter
est that is kept in your strong
box, but it is constantly at
work, as are the bees, when
entrusted to wise and cautious
financiers like the managing
officers and directors of the
Officers and Directors: 1 H
8 semi-annual interest paid lo purchasers of oar first mortgage
real estate bonds by an institution safeguarded by a conservative
official personate. i
310 Texas Street.
imiHllHmillliiiiimimiiiiiiiii i urn in in Illimmtl If I M j
1 Buying Furniture 1
Rio Crande Furratarc Co.,
109 S. Stanton SU
ljjy i
e Guarantee C0
Capital, $100,000.
Affiliated With
I Paso Bank assd Trust
"Bank of Complete Efficiency"
With- Bell organized Jcparbaeali at follom:
Financial Department.
Comaefad Accounts. Personal Checking Accoadi,
Acceptances and Letters of Credit.
Savings Department.
4 Compound Interest Paid Depositors
I July 1st and January 1st
Trust Department.
Fa& Fiduciary Service.
Mortgage Department.
Purchase azd Sale of High Crade
! Imesbneni Securities.
' Safe Deposit Department
Sitd VatAls of Uaasael Carrtematcc
$3 JO Upwards, Per Xnmm.
It's Cheaper in the
To buy and equip your car with good tires tkes that axe knowa
to stand up tkes that have earned a reputation for long wear
and reliability such a tire as THE HEWITT.
There is so slight a difference between Ac ccst of a HEWITT
TTRE and the selling price of many inferior brands that it
fooEsh to even consider anything but the high grade HEWITT.
The Kttle daeount that you got oa the second rats tire is
not worth the discomfort and lesser raSeage that it will give you.
Any tire dealer must admit that there is ao better tire Bade
than the HEWITT, therefore pwchase quality ia the first place
and forget there is such a thing as tire troubles.
J. B. Wood Hardware & Rubber Co.
Successor to Shears Hardware OoxapaDT.
El Paso, Texas.
Buying merchandise today is e serious problem because of in
creased costs. Furniture of standard qaatxty has not advanced
in cost as much as other commodities. Goad furniture h a good
investment, became it does not war out. Many people wish
good furniture, but do not 'know where lo gel the best at the low
est cost. Store rentals, advertising, overhead costs, all go info
merchandising. When you think of buying furniture think of
the Rio .Grande Furniture Company. We carry only good for
niture. We sell at a verj low figure because low rentals and low
overhead make ihk possible. A visit to the shop will be very
profitable and very instructive. We cut your cost Liberal credit
tS responsible people.
TekpWe 49.

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